Casey Anthony Dad Gets Cold Body Language Reception from Jeff Ashton At Victory Party

After looking at the video footage of George Anthony , who had the unmitigated gall to insert himself into the news once again by purposely showing up as an unwelcome guest  at Jeff Aston’s victory party in his race for State Attorney for Orange and Osceola counties, it was apparent that Ashton was not happy about Anthony’s presence.

George was not invited and  based on the body language of Jeff Ashton, George was clearly not welcome.  This was Ashton’s night, not George’s. A nice thank you note would have sufficed. George did not need to show up.

George clearly  did it for his ego as he no doubt misses all the press attention on im and playing “Mr. Golly Gee Poor Me Victim.”  His ego, no doubt became fulfilled everyday when he was in the news. He defended his daughter Casey and did interview after interview claiming her innocence at allegedly killing her daughter Caylee until  the tables turned and he was  being accused of molesting Casey , was  subsequently found not guilty. George’s presence was also a statement  to Casey that he was siding with prosecutors and that he is not happy that Casey  was not found guilty and is now free. It also says that he is still angry at Casey for throwing him under the bus and accusing him of molesting and sexually abusing her.

George showed up at  the victory party at Friendly Confines in  Winter Park shortly after the media announced it was a win for Ashton. George no doubt showed up to let everyone know that the reason Ashton won was because of the Anthony case and that he is still relevant.

Well truth be told, George is not relevant and Ashton won the election despite losing the Casey Anthony case, not because of it.

Body language wise Ashton was not thrilled to see George. Ashton did not smile  a wide smile or do the eyebrow flash one does when they are genuinely happy to see someone. Instead he had a look of surprise on his face reflecting that he didn’t want George to be a part of this.

He di not embrace George or hug George. Instead there was a very distanced handshake. That means that their hands and arms were extended far away during the greeting as they shook hands. This indicated  that Ashton was trying to keep George as far away as possible form him.

The handshake was short  and there was  no lingering on either side  . Ashton quickly broke away and turned his back on George as George then awkwardly tuned away.

George clearly felt the embarrassment based on  the sheepish expression in his face,

Ashton’s subsequent  intriew to the press was also telling as he was monotone and guarded in his tones . He stammered through the interview as he said “ When I  was informed that George Anthony was there I , I , I was surprised”.

Look at his facial expression as he sais this. Does this look like a man who is talking about being happy that he saw someone at his victory party? The answer is a resounding NO! Look at the down turned  lips and look of disgust as though he just smelled something bad as he recalls the incident.

HE then says “I was surprised” yet he shows no look of surprise. Instead he leaks out anger as he makes this statement with a clenched jaw.

I wasn’t expecting him to to appear. But but…. ( look at Ashton’s look of revulsion once  again as though he is going to throw up as he continues

by saying “   I was pleasantly surprised ) as he shakes his head NO and has no smile) as I had not seen him “ (as he turns  away his head) in a long time. I shook his hand uh and he uh congratulated me. “

Ashton turn his head as he says this because he wants to literally turn away from this interview and not discuss George Anthony. He was obviously annoyed George showed up and it showed in Ashtons tone of voice and in his signals of deception,

His stammering and eye blinking all reflect that he is not saying what he really wanted to say which most likely was “ I wish this jerk would not have shown up to my party as he had no business being there.”

Ashton’s body language showed clear evidence thathe didn’t want George there. He does not like George as indicated by his body language. The faced George to the side. He did not face George directly and his toes were not pointing directly in front of George which would have indicated that he liked him.

He had his shoulder up towards George and in essence gave him the cold shoulder  as you can see.The handshake was short and there was a lot of physical distance between he and George which is a signal that he wanted to keep his distance from George.

After they shake hands and Ashton breaks away he turn away and has a tense smile and literally moves away from George.

Then Ashton abruptly and  immediately turns away from George and looks down as if to break any contact ot associatation with him. Ashton clearly knew what George’s motive was. It was no doubt in Ashton’s view to put attention on George and to take away from Ashton’s moment . Ashton clearly he was having none of it and that is why he spent so little time with George. he wanted no part of the association at his party.


George defienatly got he message as she sheepishly turned away and looked down in embarrassment with no place to go. He wasn;t smiling as he clearly got that he was not welcome there.

Ashton ends the interview my saying :It was nce to see him: but his body language says something elese as he leaks out a slight head shake that indicated  no he a not glad to see him and he continues to frown as he makes this statement in a monotone unenthusiastic voice. He also immediately purses his lips as you can see which indicates he has nothing more to say on the topic.


Prince Harry’s Naked Body Language Moves

Before Prince Harry remved his clothing we can see that he has showing very confident body language as he definitely had ” game “with the ladies. His body language shows that he is attracted to a several of them as his feet are pointing directly in front of one of he ladies while he blatantly checks out  another  female- a tall one  donning sunglasses on top of her head.

As this voluptuous blond walks away fromt he group. Harry turns a well develpoped  muscular shoulder in her direction and smiles  and proceedes to leave the group to follow her .

As he follows he, continues to check her out her assets  as he has a  smug cheshire cat knowing smile on his face. His body language is confident  with  his straight shoulders  and confident swagger  as he has  yet to approach the woman.

In contrast Harry is suddently not that confident when he removes his clothing in a game of strip pool and is completely naked.

Suddenly his body language does not reflect all the self confidence and swagger he had earlier. Now he displays embarrassment as he  cups his to hands over his genitals and as he raises his shoulders and hunches over his upper chest. No doubt with a woman’s naked body  pressed against his buttocks he may very well we aroused and his feeling vulnerable in not wanting to reveal all.

Here we see Prince Harry hiding his privates behind the buttocks of  this naked young lady . With his legas spread wide and feet pointing forward it l and the muscle tension in his naked buttock it looks like Prince Harry is highly aroused and  ready for action.

While this type of behavior may be no big deal for a single twenty something male in Los Vegas where” what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but it is a big deal for a royal who’s antics obviously did not stay in Vegas but were posted around the world.

There is no doubt that his grandmother, the Queen  who prides herself on what is proper, will not be too thrilled about this, just as she hasn’t been too thrilled with Harry’s  public drunkeness throughout  the years and his donning a Nazi uniform complete with swastika in the past.

But then again, maybe the Queen has come  to expect this type of unroyal behavior when it comes to Harry. After all his mother Diana was  allegedly seen in a very uncompromising position in the bushes with Major James Hewitt with whom she was smitten

and with whom many still believe may be the true biological father of  Harry based on their uncanny physical resemblance

No matter what the case, Harry obviously had  a lot of fun in Vegas where he sowed his wild oats. He obviously doesn’t care too much about Royal protocol as he knows he wil never take the throne in his lifetime. So  in the future we can continue to expect see Harry ‘s name in the headlines  publicly doing what is considered very unroyal behavior and continuing to make his grandmother the Queen cringe.



Prince Willliam Doesn’t Need Justin Beiber’s Toxic Advice on Propecia Where Side Effects Include Impotence and Man Breasts


Justin Bieber clearly needs a reality check. The  cheeky teenager had the audacity to insult the Royals by his Toxic statement that  Prince William’s thinning hairline is downright embarrassing. 

Beiber  obviously doesn’t believe that  “bald is beautiful .“ But when he hits his late 20’ or early 30’s we may hear him singing a different tune (no pun intended).

Bieber told UK’s  Rollercoaster magazine. “I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia,” Bieber said.

He added, “I don’t know why he doesn’t just get those things, those products. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?”

 Justin expressed is naivety and ignorance on several levels. On one level, there are those who  gladly accept themselves and their thinning hairline and don’t care  about it. They believe there is a lot more to them than the way they look and how many hairs they have on their head.

 Besides many women like myself  think men who are bald are sexy , just as men who have thinning hair, or a lot of hair, or greying hair ,or any colored hair are sexy. For these women a man’s hair is irrelevant when it comes to his looks and attraction.

Next,  the Prince as  with many men, would  no doubt much prefer having a few less stands of hair than suffer the side effects ofPropecia (like erectile dysfunctionimpotence, low libido and gynecomestica (man breasts).

 These men who don’t share Beiber’s Propecia  sharing advice know that the devastating truth for many men who take the drug is that the side effects did not disappear after they stopped taking Proecia and that years later still suffering in silence with a seriously reduced quality of life due to erectile dysfunction and impotence.

The purpose of this site is to spread the word  to others considering using Propecia and also to provide as an informational exchange and gathering place for those who are already suffering.

So  here is a message to uneducated Justin. Justin before you make ignorant statements like recommending that the Prince or anyone else begin using Propecia when they see a few less hairs on their head, know what you are talking about.

 Believe it or not, because of the enormous stage Beiber has and the number of males he can reach through his music, he has a lot of people’s ears-both males and females. The last thing  any male teenager or young adult (or  man at any age) would want to do would be to heed Beiber’s advice without knowing the risks that the drug could potentially change their life forever- and not in a good way.

Drew Peterson’s Cocky And Laughing Body Language May Change As His Trial Begins

Seeing Drew Peterson, the Illinois policeman who was accused of killing his third wife Kathleen Savio, laugh and joke and take things so lightly as he stepped into the courtroom for his trial, was disconcerting. He acted as though this is just an amusement and a waste of his time because there is “no evidence.”

There is no doubt a jury will pick up on his cockiness and smirks and be turned off.  Even though the jury has been warned by the judge to be dispassionate, how can one be dispassionate if someone is sitting in front of them, smirking and looking at this like it is a big joke.


Perhaps one of the reasons Drew has been so cocky is that his attorney may have convinced him that there would be a mistrial  But that turned out to not be the case. In fact   Judge  Edward Burmila decided against declaring a mistrial in Drew Peterson’s murder case yesterday . The did criticize prosecutors for entering inadmissible evidence and even seriously entertained the possibility to canceling the trial. But in the end the judge  conclude that Peterson can still can get indeed  a fair trial.

Before he made his ruling that ending the trial would be unnecessary, Judge Burmila wondered aloud whether the testimony made Peterson “appear menacing in jurors’ eyes and undermined his shot at a fair trial.”

What makes Peterson menacing may not be the testimony but his own demeanor and how he handles himself in the courtroom. There is no doubt that Drew was not one to listen to the advice go his attorneys or their consultants when it came to Jury Preparation for the simple fact that he never intended for the trial to take place due to a mistrial.

Now it may be too late to prepare him in terms of how to handle himself in the courtroom. So what you see will be Drew Peterson going through all of his stages of  tried. He will be in denial and continue with his cockiness. You may begin to see his anger surface, especially if he sees things aren’t looking too good for him as the trial progresses.

There is no doubt that Drew thought he would be home by now, doing the TV show circuit and perhaps victimizing other women.