Queen Elizabeth’s Body Language Showed Anger and Humiliation At Olympics Opening Ceremonies

With her tight lips pursed together and  furrowed  brow and clenched jaw, there was no question that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was  very angry about something the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics.

No doubt it had something to do with her entrance into the  Olympic stadium. The Queen is a woman who is all about protocol and pomp and circumstance. She has taken her Queenly duties and her Queenly image very seriously for the past six decades. She is not used to being laughed  at or  being the brunt of a joke or  even used to making fun of herself. She is used to taking herself  and her position very seriously.

But on opening night of the Olympics, she was reduced to not following protocol in terms of how a Queen enters an room or an arena. For the first time people were laughing at her entrance and she  let it be known that she was not

amused at all.

Apparently she  or her handlers agreed to having film  shot of her with James Bond actor Daniel Craig at the Royal Palace. She may have thought that all she had to so was walk down the hallway followed by Daniel Craig and her precious Corgis and that would be the end of it.


There is no doubt that someone did not inform her that a likeness of her would be seated in a helicopter next to actor Daniel Craig.


And that the likeness would be a man


who would be dressed in the same outfit that she wore  and who would be

leaving the helicopter she was in with Daniel Craig and


parachuting into the stadium, only

for her- The real Queen, to make an entrance into the  Royal Box at the Olympic Stadium  and to only   hear the French language as she arrived. This was England and she needed to be be hearing English not French , even though French is  supposedly the official language of the Olympics.

The parachute stunt  clearly did not amuse  the 86 year old at all, who had a dour expression the rest of the evening. In essence she clearly felt that her dignity was  insulted.

Then she had to endure watching nurses on hospital beds with sick children which was to depict Health Care int he UK. She was not amused. In fact, she was angry at had to keep it all in and contain herself as any Royal has been taught to do.


Her eyes had a steely gaze and her lips were pursed as she continued to hold back her anger. When the  athletes  from the UK marched past her, she couldn’t even crack a smile


The Queen was in her own thoughts- thoughts of feeling anger and humiliation. She even resorted to picking at her fingernails and focusing on them as a means of self soothing. She was clearly upset and could not focus on anything else so she picked her nails as a means of  comforting herself.

No doubt she must have felt like sticking her finger nails into the organizer Danny Boyle,  producer of Slumdog Millionaire, and whomever else came up with the lame brained plan of her entrance into the stadium. In another century no doubt he  and the others who were responsible for this would have been sent to The Tower of London to be tortured.

But in this century it was the Queen who was tortured by having to watch an Opening Ceremony that many  UK observers believed had a political slant to it.

This is  a Queen who represents  the values and style of her ancient ancestors. Things are done in a proper way  and form and there is no room for digression or humor in her role as Queen. That is in stark contrast to Prince William who would probably have parachuted into the stadium himself and who doesn’t seem to take himself seriously, thanks to the upbringing by his late  mother Diana.

But the Queen is of a different era and her sensitivities were clearly not considered. There is no doubt that she felt like a buffoon with billions of people around the world looking on. Thus one can understand why she wasn’t amused and couldn’t shake her feelings of  anger humiliation which she endured throughout  the entire evening,

No doubt she probably wanted to leave but felt that it was her Queenly obligation to stay and suffer through it all.


Katherine Jackson’s Monotone and Body Language As She Reads Speech And Rebbe, Jermain’s and Janet’s Body Language Says It All

Perhaps one of the most disturbing videos I have seen involve the one just released where  Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson assuring everyone that she is OK.

But based on her body language and tone of voice and the content of what she read, in my view she doesn’t seem OK. She seems robotic and stiff and disconnected in what she is saying. The first clue that something is amiss is that she is reading a written script. If a person is OK, they look into a camera, sans script and speak from their heart. This is not what has happened here.

Her monotone unemotional voice was disconcerting. Here she is talking about emotional issues where her guardianship has been revoked and she speaks in  a monotone devoid of emotion. There is no hint of sadness or despair or anger.

The fact that she is also defensive and says that it is crazy for people to think she was abducted and that her family would never do that speaks volumes. Blaming the public for thinking she was abducted and then using the term “crazy” in my view says there is more than meets the eye.


Jermain’s body language is downright disturbing if not scary as he looms over his mother in his sunglasses and tight fitting tee, displaying his man boobs . His facial expresions  appears cocky and  arrogant as he leans to the side and then

hovers over his mother, as we see int he photo above as  he appears to look  her script .


Janet who was considered by man as the most normal one in the family,  just lost a lot of points in my eyes.

She is the one who was seen on the surveillance video trying to grab Paris’ cellphone and allegedly calling her a spoiled bitch. Throughout her mother’s presser, Janet kept a stoic facial expression.  She alsolooked over her mother’s shoulder as we can see above as her mother read the script  provided t her.

Janet did not look like the charismatic happy Janet we have always seen, but rather a somber and angry Janet.

Now Prince’s tweet reveals that Janet may have been  behind the lack of contact between Katherine and her Grandkids as she writes “Don’t let them pls.” in response to Prince’s plea “This is enough so I am texting you for the simple fact that WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMA NOW!!!”


Rebbe appeared was cocky and had an inappropriate smirk on her face  and nodded when the mother named her assistant by name “Ms. Smith”  saying that her assistant was calling the household to check up on the kids.  In a non verbal way, it was a though Rebbe was saying That’s right” See we were in contact with the grandkids all along”. It was as though she was covering her tracts and may have possibly even written those words for her other to say. She seemed too proud of herself as these words were read.

But it is ridiculous to have any assistant calling the household to check up on the kids. The kids neded to speak to their grandmother directly during those ten days.

Katherine Jackson seemed very passive during her speech. It was reminiscent of someone with Stockholm Syndrome, who is kidnapped and then sides with the enemy.

There was even a marketing director from the Tuscon Spa in the room to prove that Katherine was at the Spa on  a vacation. It was obviously set up to eliminate any suspicions that there was foul play and that she was kidnapped.


Katherine is between a rock and a hard place. She does not want to incriminate her own kids as they can get into a lot of trouble for elder abuse in causing her emotional distress and for kidnapping her and taking her across state lines. Then she also loves her grandkids dearly. So she said that it was only because of lie that she lost the guardianship.

Now brother and sister are pitted against one another and many believe it was masterminded by Randy who was not conveniently  present as Katherine read her written script. Randy is the brother with whom Michael was said to be at odds with the most. Perhaps there was more jealousy and competition due to their closeness of age and due to Michael’s enormous success.

So now it is Janet, Rebbe, Randy, and Jermain versus Jackie, Marlon, and Tito. They have put their mother in the middle of this mess and now she is the victim of all of the fallout as  she has  now lost guardianship of her grandkids.

Latoya usually he most outspoken of all the Jackson’s was conveniently or purposely  not present as not to get herself mixed up into the mire of this Toxic Family.

In her private moments when she is alone without the influence of Rebbe, Randy and Janet, there is no doubt that she will suffer the emotional pain of not seeing her grandkids on a daily basis and watching them continue to grow. This may be a death knell for her.

Now we can finally understand why Michael wanted to distance himself from all of these Toxic People.

Why did all of this take place? There is  only one reason- money. Four of the siblings wanted more money to be given to Katherine so that she could  then dole it out to them. Their plot to turn their mother against the estate backfired as Katherine  so she could receive more money in her lifetime has now lost the  $840,000 in annual child support but has also lost her grandkids .

James Holmes Courtroom Body Language and PhD Program Pressures

I recently appeared on Entertainment Tonight where I discussed the body language of the Colorado Shooter James Holmes. For those of you who may think he may have been faking his strange  and contorted facial expressions, the answer is “no” . The reason I say this is because his behaviors were too consistent.



 He struggled to keep his eyes open an to pay attention to what was going on, but he could not do so. He was either medicated or sleep deprived.

While it is not common to medicate someone during a court proceeding such as this because the person needs all of their faculties present to comprehend what is going on around them, it is not unheard of to medicate someone who is a danger to themselves and to others. If someone has been on medication, they will often let the person continue taking their prescribed meds. It was reported that Holmes was acting violent in his jail cell as he allegedly spit at guards. Perhaps he was medicated to avoid this  type of behavior  in the courtroom.

His actions could also be a sort of withdrawal reaction from alleged medications he may have been taking as well.

While he opened his eyes widely and often  quickly nodded out. It showed that he was clearly struggling to stay awake.

There were times where he had an obvious  reality check as his facial expressions leaked out fear ,  with the whites of his eyes showing all around. He also leaked  out sadness. His sadness was depicted by his furrowed forehead, knitted brow, and his frowning down tuned mouth.

There were times where he appeared to stare into space while there were other times he stared downwards. His nodding out may have also been a coping mechanism to deal with the reality of his actions in not being able to face them.

My thoughts are that he may have very well had a psychotic episode which caused his horrific “lone wolf terrorist behavior.” Oftentimes such psychotic breaks  can occur in a person’s 20’s.



It has been reported that James Holmes, who was adopted by his parents  was a very shy child. It is also reported that his mother had some concern that he was an isolated child and didn’t have a lot of friends.

James managed to occupy his time with video games according to reports and with academics.



He excelled in science and wanted to become a neuroscientist. He even worked at the prestigious Salk Institute.

There is videotape of an 18 year old fresh faced dark haired young man discussing his future plans as a scientist. He was able to live out his dream by being accepted into the PhD Program at the University of Colorado in neuroscience.


 Apparently, he took his first year oral exams and then abruptly dropped out. While the University isn’t revealing much due to student privacy issues, it has been suggested in the media that he di not pass his exams and or the program was going to terminate him so he quit instead.

Having received a PhD myself I can assure you that it is one of the most difficult things one can do. Besides the actual academic pressures and research requirements, and  grueling oral and  lengthy written examinations, there is  often the departmental politics to contend with. Most students aren’t prepared for this, but it does exist.

While his PhD student status is pure speculation on my part at this point, it may be possible that James was able to cut through the program academically,  but he may have fallen victim to  departmental politics. Maybe professors noticed his odd behavior and reacted negatively and gave him a hard time. Maybe they just didn’t like him for whatever reason and looked for reasons out get him out of the program.

Whatever the case, James Holmes saw his lifelong dream of becoming a scientist some to an end. His entire identity was caught up in this now shattered  dream, so he  may have felt he had nothing to live for.

No doubt anger brewed inside of him as he lost his academic standing and his hopes for a promising career. His anger must have escalated when he found out that he would now have to vacate his apartment because the management did not rent to those who were not U of Colorado students.

Being an alleged isolate, James apparently did not have anyone with whom to vent his frustrations and anxieties. He obviously felt he had nothing to live for as his world was closing in on him, so he retreated into his Batman like fantasies of  acting out his rage at his plight  though the persona of The Joker. Allegedly , after he was apprehended, he told police that he was The Joker.

He knew what he was going to do and set up an elaborate death trap in his apartment which would kill anyone who entered it- law enforcement or the apartment manager or  the owner who was forcing him to vacate his dwelling.

After seeing the film the Dark Knight, it is clear where his ideas about the use of gas and gunning down innocent people came from.  There is a chilling  scene in the film where innocent people are shot at the Stock Exchange. It was reminiscent of what James Holmes did at the Colorado theatre.



 James Holmes  will undergo a battery of  psychiatric evaluations to see if he is competent to stand trial. If not, he will most likely be spending a good portion of  his life  in a mental institution like John Hinkley or Mark David Chapman. If he is not found guilty by reason of insanity, then he will be spending the rest of his life in a prison cell or on death row.

No matter what happens, the horror of this story is that innocent lives of young people  were taken for absolutely no reason at all.


 It is impressive that Warner Brothers said they will be donating a substantial amount to victims of the shooting and to their families. But even though this is the right thing to do, it still can never bring back these promising lives due to Holme’s horrific actions. Those who survived will also have to deal with a lifetime of post traumatic stress and all of it’s complex related symptoms and  complications.

Katie Holmes Appears To be More Interested In Photo Ops Than Suri’s Misery

There are no photos more heartbreaking than seeing a child fearing a little innocent puppy. Katie Holmes has been parading little  Suri around  NY like a show  pony to show how much better off Suri is now that Tom is out of the picture and to show what a great mother she is. Well, she is NOT a great mother in my view. She is using little Suri for photo ops and it is sickening.  Every single day Suri has been paraded in front of the paparazzi and there is no doubt that she and or her PR flaks are setting up where and when to shoot the photos.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Paparazzi are not on every street corner in NYC or in LA waiting for a celebrity to make their next move so they can take photos to be placed in a magazine on on an internet site. While the papps may be at certain hangouts stars frequent like Mr.Chows,  Spago, or at a specific celebrity function, or at 435 N. Bedford Drive Medical Office Building or nail salon or eyebrow waxing place in Beverly Hills,   if you see them  at a park with they children or  at the zoo, or at a pet store you can rest assured that the celebrity or the celebrity’s PR person called the papps to tell them where the celebrity will be and what time they will be there. That is why you are seeing Katie and Suri everyday in  so many photo ops doing different things. Do you really think that the papps hang out in pet shops waiting for a celeb? Of course not!

And besides,  Katie has an underground  garage (remember that is the reason she gave Tom as to why she wanted to move there). So if  she didnt want to be noticed all she had to do was get into her  car with tinted windows in her private property underground garage where no one would see her. But she wants to be seen and it is obvious.

In essence she is thumbing up her nose at Tom and saying “Nya nya nya nya nya , Suri and I are happy without you, so there”!) But the truth is Suri is absolutely miserable and horribly unhappy based on her body language. In fact Suri is even more miserable than she was when Tom was in the picture.

Most recently Suri was dragged to a pet shop. It is obvious that this child has not been around a lot of animals as she was absolutely petrified . She was in terror of the little puppy. If Katie gets her the puppy it will be a cruel thing to do to Suri and an even crueler thing to do to the puppy.

Suri is obviously frightened in the pet shop but her mother is doing nothing to comfort her. She does’t even take the little girl’s hand to let her know everything will be OK. Instead, she ignores Suri and her feelings.

Here precious Suri is panic stricken in the pet store. She looks as if she is about to burst into tears any second. Is there anyone there to comfort her? NO! Look at her hands, She is wringing her hands with anxiety and worry. If Katie is so concerned about Suri, she needed to be there at this exact moment to address Suri’s fears.

Suri can’t even look at the puppy she is so terrified. No doubt, this is the first time she was ever in a pet store with all it’s strange smells and animals in cages.She is holding her hands in front of her  showing she is feeling very vulnerable body language wise. Now her lips are turned down and she looks like she is ready to cry.  Now is the time Katie needs to be bending down to comfort her,not below for the photo op the next day.

Katie is all smiles but it is all for show. Look how much physical distance there is between her and and Suri. Suri looks miserable. She is clearly unhappy. When two people in a  photo have such mismatching facial expressions, rest assured that something is wrong and the photo is contrived. Suri had hunched shoulders, something we NEVER saw when Tom was int he picture. She is feeling vulnerable and sad. Her self esteem is suffering based on her body posture.

While Katie does have a bigger smile on her face and now shows her teeth in photos (something she never did with Tom) and wears more casual youthful  and colorful clothing, seeing her in the press each day indicates that she is trying very hard to make a point.

Katie can certainly get one of her six to eight body guards to discretely pick up some ice cream and a cup of coffee for her. She doesn’t need to be photographed getting these things unless she wants to be photographed.And she desperately wants to be photographed with Suri as a prop.

While Katie shows off her smiles, her prop-  little Suri still looks miserable. The only smiling photo of her was at the zoo, while looking at an animal. But when she stopped looking at the animal she was her usual sourpuss self.

Each day Katie has put Suri in the news engaged in different activities. Since Katie apparently spent so much time with Suri in the past, why wasn’t she doing these things with Suri earlier? In one week Suri has been photographed looking

miserable at the zoo

miserable eating ice cream

miserable doing gymnastics at Chelsea Piers

miserable going to the Children’s Museum

and completely miserable on play dates with children to whom she cannot relate.

While Katie wants to show that now that Tom is not around, Suri is a normal child playing with another children. But that is not the case. Since Suri has never had a lot of little friends her age with whom to socialize and since she has been isolated in her formative years, it is very hard for her to relate to other children.

Apparently,  she has been treated like a little adult and not a child according to reports. She allegedly has been raised to do whatever she wants. That won’t cut it when she interacts with another child. There has to be a give and a take. Clearly this is not happening with the other children as you can see in these photos.

She ignores the other children. There are no smiles and no interaction.Suri could care less about her new friend(s). Her body language shows she is completely disinterested.

In fact, she so disliked being around one of her new playmates (an older Asian girl) who was as equally not responsive to her, that Suri reverted to a toddler and demanded her mother pick her up and carry her. Katie obliged.

Most six year olds don’t act like that. Thy don’t want to be a baby and be carried around unless there is something wrong with them emotionally. They want to show they are big girls and boys as they assert their independence and walk by themselves.

If Suri hasn’t had much contact with other children she will have a miserable time at school where other children will be forced upon her.

Also her teachers will definitely not be treating her like a little adult but as a child. Suri will also not get her way all the time. If she doesn’t want to do something that is required of her, she will no doubt be punished . Her permissive upbringing of doing whatever she likes will not work now that she is away from Tom. This will all be foreign to her and highly distressing. I would not be surprised if she acted out as a result.

Going to a strict Catholic school may be a rude awakening for her as she never had any discipline. She was never told “No” that she could not do whatever she wanted. No doubt, her classmates will have had this type structure in their lives which makes them easier to handle. Suri will be like a fish out of water. It will be a shock to her going to a Catholic school which is full of structure and discipline. Because her personality and habits are already formed (we all are by the time we are 5 years old according to Gessel Child Development) she will be even more miserable.

Suri was groomed to go to a Scientology school since she was a toddler and like it or nor, she would probably do much better there in my view than she will in a very structured Catholic  school environment.  The die has already been cast and it will be difficult to transform  the  early values and ideas that have been instilled in her and that are now a part of her.

Suri appears to be very insecure and very needy and very immature for her age with her insisting that she be carried like a baby and holding on to her blanket and her favorite stuffed animal. While it is acceptable for a toddler and a for a four year old, it is not acceptable for a six year old. There is something wrong with a child who can’t leave the house at that age without something to pacify them.

With a reported six to eight  strange body guards around her at all times how could this child not feel insecure and uncomfortable? At least she gre up with her Scientology body guards and feels more secure around them.

Since Katie and Tom are so diametrically opposed to the way they believe in raising child, Suri will no doubt go through additional stress when she is with Katie and  then when she visits her father, who will treat her  the complete opposite  of Katie.

I believe that Suri will suffer emotionally. It shows already. She may need a child psychologist help her cope with her stress, especially as she goes to school and if she begins to act out.

If she did see a child therapist, which she may very well need, rest assured that her father will be furious since Scientologists don’t believe in or respect therapists. Heaven forbid if the therapist recommends ritalin or some other medication for Suri. Remember how vehemently Tom reacted to Matt Lauer when they discussed children being on medication during their infamous Today Show interview where he put Brooke Shields down for needing meds dring her post partum depression? It would certainly be ironic if Tom’s own daughter Suri ended up on medication to help her.

Since Katie has full custody, Katie has full say in what is best for Suri, which may very well include medication if needed.

It is so sad that Suri is now having and will most likely continue to have a hard time adjusting to her new life.. It shows in her body language.

She has a lot of catching up to do in terms of learning to be disciplined and in terms of her social interaction in her upcoming environment. My only hope is that Katie worries less about her own image and photo ops in her desire to  let the world know how well she is doing without Tom, and instead focuses on Suri’s major issues.

The bottom line is that Suri looks miserable as we can all see. Her miserable look is not based on a few photos. It is based on all her photos. This is not a happy child. At 6 years old,  a child needs to be happy.  They need to laugh and smile most of the time. She is clearly not happy being paraded around every day and having the papps shoot her photos. There  also seems to be a lot of tension between her and Katie.  Perhaps a visit from her dad would be a welcoming site and bring the smile she so desperately needs to her face.