Bobbi Kristina Is Not Doing As Well As She Says She Is Doing On Oprah’s Interview

The other day  I appeared on Entertainment Tonight and talked about  Bobbi Kristina’s body language after her interview with Oprah Winfrey. In my view  the interview was disturbing. Even though Bobbi  Kristina admits she is doing “just fine” her body language said just the opposite  to me.

For one thing, Bobbi Kristina did the entire  10 minute interview standing up.  Who does an interview standing up unless they are planning to hightail it out of there …TO READ MORE CLICK THE LINK BELOW


3 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Is Not Doing As Well As She Says She Is Doing On Oprah’s Interview

  1. What no one is saying is that Bobby Kristina was raised in a crack house by drug addicted parents in a drug-fueled dysfunctional relationship. She only had a few years of some degree of a “normal” life- but since her mother never really stopped using she was only able to partially benefit from it. She needs intensive psychotherapy- to allow her to see and acknowledge what she has been thru and to understand the impact it has on her understanding of what constitutes “normal healthy” relationships and coping, and to figure out who she is in the middle of the chaos that has been her life. She will then be able to seperate herself from her poor mom- and if she gets very good treatment and is very lucky- she might be OK- but the odds are stacked so very high against her- infact if she makes it- she needs to be studied becoz it would fly in the face of all we know in psychology.


  2. She needs constant counseling and someone she can trust when she talks to them. Alot of her family and friends will just use her up if she is not careful. She is just a young girl and it’s easy for them to manipulate her.


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