Rush Limbaugh’s Insincere Apology Reflected By His Body Language, Voice,and Facial Expression

While Rush Limbaugh’s words may have said he was sorry for calling  the 30 year old law student a “slut” his body language said something completely  different. As you can see in the photo above he is looking down and reading his apology. When you give a heartfelt apology you don’t look down and read it. Instead, you speak it form your heart.

Next his voice was monotone and devoid of emotion. When you apologize there is the sound of contrition in your tones. There was none here. Then as we see in the photo above there was a lot of lip pursing. This means that Rush was angry that he had to apologize at all.

Now look at Rush’ hand as he apologizes. The palm is down and fingers are splayed. This body language gesture means that he is not being sincere.

As he continues we really see his anger through his body language a he makes a fist when he apologizes. When someone makes a fist as they speak to you, they are angry. Rush was angry that he was forced to apologize. No doubt he meant every word he said about the young woman. He just was angry that the advertisers were pulling out and that he had to succumb to an apology.

When Rush said that the advertisers no longer wanted to advertise on hisshow, while he indicated he didn’t mind through his matter of fact  intonation, his  body language said the opposite as he pursed his lips and swallowed hard.

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