Kate Gosselin’s Self Pity Party on Dr. Drew With Non Tears and Jon Issues

Kate Gosslin  has resurfaced on Dr. Drew, complete with her fake alligator tears.t has nothing to say except that she is lonely and crys about it as she pities herself. She also is still charged up about ex husband  Jon and reluctantly
admits  he is doing a better job of fathering. Her tone of voice says she still harbors bitterness towards him and hasn’t let go of it.

She says she feels sorry for self saying “The odd are against me- one mom 8 kids. Well this former maternity nurse should have thought of that before she started abusing Jon and before she took it upon herself to pop fertility pills and have 8 kids.

To read more  click http://drlillianglass.com/body-language-blog/2012/02/24/kate-gosslin-continues-self-pitying-body-language-non-tears-on-dr-drew-and-still-has-issues-with-jon/


5 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Self Pity Party on Dr. Drew With Non Tears and Jon Issues

  1. Very good advice, Dr. Glass! I hope Kate reads your article.

    That she is back on television, via Dr. Drew, speaks volumes about who she really is down deep. I think that Kate only sees herself, and her family, as commodities. A commodity is an item that can be bought, or sold, commercially. In other words, the kids are the moneymakers, and Kate needs them to feel of value. In that regard, Kate knows who butters her bread, and it’s not her, or Jon.

    I’ve always felt sorry for the kids. Living their lives in a fishbowl. That’s not healthy for adults, let alone children, who have no emotional boundaries. Jon and Kate have subjected their children to a form of abuse, for the sake of financial independence. Not good parents, in my opinion.

    As far as the whole Jon and Kate debacle. They deserve each other. I do agree that she is harboring ill will toward Jon, but he’s a big boy, and he appears to be dealing with it, quite well. However, again, the toxicity of Kate’s resentment toward Jon, is and will, continue to affect their children in a negative manner, which will manifest itself in a myriad of ways in their adult lives.

    Right now, it’s expulsion from school, and back-talking. Dr. Glass is absolutely correct,…wait until they hit those teen years, and really start to make Kate’s life a living hell. I don’t feel one bit sorry for her, or Jon. They created those children, and sadly, they will reap the penalties therefrom.

    Kate needs counseling on how to be a decent human being. How to behave with her children, how to instill moral compass’ into them. Not how to make money, and act like a fool for the world to see.

    If Kate cannot do the job,…the children have another parent, who could attempt to do so. Just turn the kids over to her former husband. That way, she would have all the time in the world to troll for a new man. I agree with Dr. Glass that no man,..not a decent man, would want this train wreck of a woman. She is self-centered, and egotistical, and the kids reflect her own actions. She caused it,..live with it,or let Jon take parental control of them.

    It frightens me that, in this day and age, the innocence of children is easily spent. It is not a commodity to be sold, or traded, but protected and honed into a compassionate, intelligent, self-sustaining adult person. It is not to be squandered and traded for money, love, or any of other selfish need. Personally, I cannot stand Kate, and Matty is her twin, Poor child.

    Now’s the time for Jon to take parental control of the kids, and hopefully, do a better job than his narcissistic former wife, Kate.


  2. Although I am not a fan of Kate’s, I think it is rude and selfish to make such statements about someones personal choice whether they should use fertility treatments or not. That is no different than someone bashing gays, or interracial relationships. It just shouldn’t happen because it is a personal choice that she and HER HUSBAND JON chose. I agree that it shouldn’t have become a tv show and made such a parade out of their (the children’s lives), but in the end bashing fertility treatments is not the way to go because it is a personal choice and all about how you handle the choice.


    1. It is not rude at all Tarasideis 30 (Maddmama). If Kate made the personal choice to have 8 children then she needs to deal with her choices and stop the pity party. No one forced get to take fertility pills. She knew the risks would be multiples and now has to deal with the choices she made. I did not say it was a good or bad choice. I said it was a choice and if she made it then she needs to stop her bellyaching.
      Tarasideis30 Madmama how dare you compare this to bashing gays. You are clearly a very disturbed person in my view if you could manage to correlate anything said in this blog to gay bashing or interracial relationships. How dare you! That is NOT what I am about nor is it what this blog is about. Just by your bringing this up it obviously shows you clearly have your own homophobia and racism issues. Do not bring them here as they are NOT welcome! No one is bashing fertility treatments and you are ignorant if you think so. Your chosen moniker name certainly reflects the chip on your shoulder- Mad Mama. Go Take you madness and hate and animosity out on where it really belongs- on Kate Gosselin and her abusive behavior towards Jon and towards her kids and not towards me.


  3. She is a mess- the most unselfactualized person I’ve ever seen. If she had some good therapy- psychotherapy since she comes from problematic background- sounds like she could have attachment issues- she could sort her own self out- which is required before she can be a healthy parent. The amount of pent up anger in those kids is scary- she bullies them just like she did Jon- she will need two body guards by their teens.


  4. I agree that Kate needs closed door therapy sessions for herself. Correct the mother and it will benefit the children. We saw this family up close and personal on that joke of a show and it was not pretty. Became downright uncomfortable, really. I consider Jon and Kate as “greedy grifters” who expected the public to financially support their large family. Well, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Jon may have awakened to the fact sooner than Kate, but he was still a part of all the mess. Not a fan of either one of them. Appreciate what Dr. Glass has to say on this subject.


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