Bobby Brown’s Toxic Body Language in 2002 Sawyer Interview Reflects His Current Toxic Behavior

In a few weeks my book TOXIC MEN will be out in both the paperback and the ebook edition The book can also apply to women as well s there are  indeed TOXIC WOMEN.  In fact the book should have been called TOXIC MEN AND TOXIC WOMEN but the publishers decided on Toxic Men which I am not thrilled about as the focus of the book discusses TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.

recently, no better example of a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP  is Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston’s realtonship. This woman had not been in her grave more than 24 hours when we learned that  her ex husband Bobby Brown is ready to release a tell all book about their relationship  in order to make money on her death and to make himself relevant. That is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the same man who did NOT immediately  get on a plane to see  daughter  Bobbi Kristina as soon as he got word that Whitney had died. Instead he proceeded with his concert in Mississippi   ….  TO READ MORE click the link  


6 thoughts on “Bobby Brown’s Toxic Body Language in 2002 Sawyer Interview Reflects His Current Toxic Behavior

  1. If i were him, I’d crawl back into the whole he crawled out of, Disgusting to me that I haven’t heard his name in yrs,maybe because I didn’ want too but all of a sudden, BOOM! I’m no celebrity, not even known but I have been a widow since 2003 & I can’t imagine sharing what I do have left of our lives for every stranger in the world


  2. I cannot wait to read Dr. Glass’ book on Toxic Men. I’ve always admired Dr. Glass, and her ability to ‘read’ people’s reactions to uncomfortable situations, in such an insightful, and educated manner. Her blog discusses this matter in detail, and though I am not on the same level, educationally speaking, as Dr. Glass, I agree wholeheartedly!

    I have read, and heard a lot of discussions regarding co-dependency, but I still cannot fully comprehend why Whitney stayed with Bobbie. She had nothing to lose, in leaving him. Then again, considering that she was the talent, and he was a mooch, and basically, an unknown, with no longevity career-wise,…maybe she did not want to be forced to pay him for her freedom. I am sure, in a divorce scenario, that Bobbie would have requested large sums of money to settle same. The sad part, is that he probably would have been awarded it, by the courts, in a divorce action.

    I could expound on the above, but won’t. I will say this. Many courts recognize a lifestyle, such as Whitney and Bobbie’s, as one that is maintained, and funded by one party, more than the other party, to a divorce. Hence, Whitney being the majority breadwinner, she would be responsible for ‘keeping Bobbie in a way he is accustomed, by virtue of the marriage”. Does anybody know what the courts awarded, and to who, when the parties split up? I don’t have any reliable, or documented proof to comment here.

    It’s just my guess, but I believe that Whitney loved, and hated Bobbie Brown, and that the feeling was mutual. Dr. Glass’ article, on her blog which is a hotlink above, clearly shows, and reviews this highly virulent relationship.

    What I do not condone, or understand is why would Whitney stay with this toxic man, and subject her child to such an unhealthy relationship? I get it, that she was high, and they were codependent, but at some point, you would think that the reality of the damage that their relationship was inflicting upon their child, would have become obvious to Whitney. Sadly, it appears that Whitney acted too late, and the damage was already done to their daughter.

    Dr. Glass said it all in regard to this insalubrious relationship. It’s one thing to be an adult, and allow yourself to be a party to this type of emotional, and physical destruction, but to allow an innocent child to suffer similarily,….there is NO excuse for that, whatsoever!


    1. OK, this is a bit off topic, but Rhianna and Chris Brown have the same sort of thing going on. Why would you want to return to the man that busted your face open? Unlike Whitney, Rhianna is not married and has a child with the creep. She’s independently wealthy so why go back to such a loser? Does she have a death wish? Dr. Glass, I’d like to know what you think about them.


  3. I would like to know “Why women stay with toxic men”,…as well, ShellyShocked.

    I saw a squib on television, last week, that Rhianna and Chris Brown are back together! WHY????

    Why would she, (or any woman), allow this man anywhere near her??? That old axiom is very true….”if he hits you once, he will do it again, and worse.”

    What is it, in these women, that make them feel that they need the approval of their abuser? Or that they need to be punished? What is lacking in women who allow abusive men to remain in their lives. Do they have a secret death wish? I don’t get it. I would, also, like to read what Dr. Glass thinks is going on here.


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