Body Language of Whitney Houston Night Before Death Speaks Volumes

Whitney was in Los Angeles to celebrate the Grammy’s when police at the Beverly Hilton Hotel called paramedics who  rushed to the  to revive an unconscious Whitney . It was too late. After countless attempts to revive  the 48 year old singer , she was pronounced Dead.

The night before there were numerous  photos of her emerging from a club where she did not appear to be sober. In fact reports confirmed confirmed this. If you look at her body language of that night it speaks volumes.
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9 thoughts on “Body Language of Whitney Houston Night Before Death Speaks Volumes

    1. Deborah Sletten
      I am no ambulance chaser, I merely report what I see when it comes to a person’s body language. In Whitney’s case we see that she was definitely NOT OK before she died. take you hate out where it belongs not on me but instead on the drugs and alcohol that people take which ravage their bodies. Honestly woman!


  1. I will only say that it’s rude and completely irrelevant to attach Dr. Glass, regarding her posts. She is a professional, who’s career is to study human behavior, and interactions. Why would anybody feel it necessary to attack somebody for doing their jobs? How inane.

    On another note, back to Whitney, most are concerned about her early demise. Whitney’s only mistake was marrying Bobby Brown, and staying in that caustic relationship. What boggles my mind is why did she stay at all? The obvious answer is that the relationship was co-dependent. Also, Bobby introduced Whitney to drugs (cocaine, etc.). In essence, Bobby had a insidious hold on Whitney, that denigrated into a sham of a marriage, and ruined Whitney’s career.

    The thing that concerns me most, is their daughter, who is only 19 yrs. old. It was reported on CNN, the day that Whitney’s body was discovered, that Bobby Christina (sp.), had been seen in a night club, snorting cocaine. How sad that girls life has been. Being raised in that hellish environment, where drug abuse, and physical abuse reigned. Their daughter had little choice in life, but to emulate her parents behavior. She knows nothing else.

    Whitney is dead because she let a very bad man take control of her life. I believe she was still abusing drugs, and alcohol, since she was found with medication (xanax, and more), and alcohol, near her body.

    Drugs do kill, and the long term ramifications are evident. I never expected her to die in any other manner. After watching her come-back on the Oprah Show, she looked like a coke-head, who was evidently still struggling with the effects of that caustic, toxic relationship with Bobby Brown.

    I remember Whitney, early in her career, as a lady of class, with a voice that was unmatched by any. Today, sadly, I remember her as a woman broken by an abusive man, but what bothers me the most is that she stayed with him, until it was too late to break away. The damage was already done by the time they divorced.

    Whitney should have entered rehabilitation, as many times, as necessary, to break her addiction to drugs, alcohol, and Bobby Brown. However, she chose to stay with him. There is no excuse for this. She was a financially independent woman, but yoked by the evil that Bobby Brown brought into her life. She was weakened by the drugs, etc.,..that’s why she is dead. How sad for us, and for her daughter, who will, more than likely, follow in her parents footsteps, and wind up dead at an early age from drugs, alcohol, and/or an abusive relationship. Bobby Christina needs intervention desperately, or she is doomed to repeat the learned behavior she witnessed daily, between her parents.

    Dr. Glass points out what we all saw. Whitney had been in trouble for a long time, and was still in great peril, however, nobody stepped into help her. I feel sorry for these ‘stars’ who have become so isolated by their fame, and ‘yes’ people. Unfortunately, for Whitney, and her daughter, the people surrounding them are emotional vampires, who will suck the life out of them, and move on to their next victim.

    The only person responsible for Whitney’s death, is Whitney. I will miss her voice, and the memory of a woman who was so classy, and elegant, prior to her marriage. I will not miss the wreck of a human being she allowed herself to become. Nor will I forgive those who watched her pull the trigger, and let her die.


    1. We don’t know whether or not anyone tried to help her. My experience with addicts is that they are in deep and total denial about their addiction, and if anyone tries to intervene, they will push that person out of their life. Only an addict can make the decision to stop using drugs; she can reach out for help, but nobody can make her stop using.


  2. That’s true Barbara. I have a friend who is a prescription drug addict…xanax. She also drinks wine, in the evenings, and take an anti-depressant. We have been friends since childhood, and these dangerous habits did not develop until she got older.

    We are all a part of a group who have know each other since elementary school, but when we tried an intervention, she was very angry at us all. Though she did not cut us out of her life, she continually complains to each of us, over the telephone, that the other one said this and that about the medication and alcohol abuse.

    No matter what we say, she brushes it off. She makes excuses for her addiction, i.e. her dead husband, her children ignore her, etc., but she is the reason that she is so sick from this continual abuse.

    I doubt anything will stop her on her path to destruction. That’s absolutely true Barbara. We have all tried, and do so everyday by talking to her, but she will not change.

    I almost feel like there is no hope, unless she wants it, and I know she will not go there. Her excuse for not going into rehab is that she cannot smoke a cigarette in the hospital. Always,..tons of excuses. They offer patches, nicotine gum,etc., but she still insists on using these false statements as a shield.

    I think most of us realize that we will get ‘that’ call one day, and maybe soon. No matter what we say, one-on-one, or in a group, it makes, absolutely, no difference to her. She is flushing her life, and none of us really understands why, except that she is an addict. She is hooked, and cannot stop herself. It’s a vicious cycle, and a horrible way to live.


  3. I truly believe that whitney houston was god sent to share her true love for our savior with the world. I believe that god had a higher calling for, she was his and he knew her best and he.called her home even though so young, she had fullfilled the mission god had set for her. I first heard and saw ms.huston in huston texas she was opening for luther vandross this was before she became the star she was that i have followered her music for years i am now sixty one years old and i felt in love with her music and her then. God has really taken an angle from us but he knew best. No matter where life takes us good or bad as long as we trust in god he will never leave you. I turly believe ms houston remained faithful to him in spite of. Ms huston is with who meant more to her than life itself, all i can say is rest my sister you are in the arms of your loving heavenly father. You will be missed but god knows best. My love goes out to the entire houston family just a fan.


  4. I believe that Whitney, “The Voice”, was given a gift. A gift that nobody else in the world had. She used it to bring joy, and to entertain, which was her path, however, Bobbie Brown, and the drugs, destroyed the good in her,…and she let them.

    I will never understand why those who have so much, squander it for so little. I see it over and over, time and again, and cannot understand it.

    I know that, personally, I will always remember her voice, as beautiful, and unmatched. She was an icon to be admired,..once. We all learned something from Whitley’s early demise,..I hope. Drugs, and toxic people are a reality. When you allow them into your life, you are playing with fire, and those who do, always, always get burned!


  5. Witney was finished and she made a lethal cocktail filling the tub with water , so she could not be saved . She knew people checked on her in the bathroom , so her time was limited to get the job done. We all loved her to death she was my favorite in the 80’s and 90′ . I still love her today , but come on people she was broke with serious medical problems and she felt old and out of time. She got it over with and made herself the center of attention at the awards putting herself back on top . Suicides usally pick hotels to commit suicide . She picked her favorite place all her famous friends where their including Clyde Davis .


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