Toxic Men: School Shooter in Ohio Caused By ” Silent But Deadly Erupting Volcano” Who Was Bullied

As the author of the best selling book Toxic People  

as well as my latest book Toxic Men has just been released in paperback, I came up with the category of Silent But Deadly Erupting Volcano. This category says it all when it comes to 17 year old T.J. Lane who shot and killed fellow classmates and injured others in his Ohio high school.

Many of his fellow students said  he was “quiet”. Others  said he was sweet. One student who played basketball with him after school several years ago said he seemed happy when he was around him and that he was shocked because he wasn’t a violent kid. Another student at his church group said that he was  “a nice boy.”

But others said had a “simmering temper”. And  my view is that “simmering temper’ was fueled by inner rage that was not verbally expressed.

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Kate Gosselin’s Self Pity Party on Dr. Drew With Non Tears and Jon Issues

Kate Gosslin  has resurfaced on Dr. Drew, complete with her fake alligator tears.t has nothing to say except that she is lonely and crys about it as she pities herself. She also is still charged up about ex husband  Jon and reluctantly
admits  he is doing a better job of fathering. Her tone of voice says she still harbors bitterness towards him and hasn’t let go of it.

She says she feels sorry for self saying “The odd are against me- one mom 8 kids. Well this former maternity nurse should have thought of that before she started abusing Jon and before she took it upon herself to pop fertility pills and have 8 kids.

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Bobby Brown’s Toxic Body Language in 2002 Sawyer Interview Reflects His Current Toxic Behavior

In a few weeks my book TOXIC MEN will be out in both the paperback and the ebook edition The book can also apply to women as well s there are  indeed TOXIC WOMEN.  In fact the book should have been called TOXIC MEN AND TOXIC WOMEN but the publishers decided on Toxic Men which I am not thrilled about as the focus of the book discusses TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.

recently, no better example of a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP  is Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston’s realtonship. This woman had not been in her grave more than 24 hours when we learned that  her ex husband Bobby Brown is ready to release a tell all book about their relationship  in order to make money on her death and to make himself relevant. That is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the same man who did NOT immediately  get on a plane to see  daughter  Bobbi Kristina as soon as he got word that Whitney had died. Instead he proceeded with his concert in Mississippi   ….  TO READ MORE click the link  

Body Language of Whitney Houston Night Before Death Speaks Volumes

Whitney was in Los Angeles to celebrate the Grammy’s when police at the Beverly Hilton Hotel called paramedics who  rushed to the  to revive an unconscious Whitney . It was too late. After countless attempts to revive  the 48 year old singer , she was pronounced Dead.

The night before there were numerous  photos of her emerging from a club where she did not appear to be sober. In fact reports confirmed confirmed this. If you look at her body language of that night it speaks volumes.
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Baby Lisa’s Parents on Dr.Phil- Body Language Tells

Baby Lisa’s mom  looks up and away as she  immediately begins to show a crying face when asked about the Kansas police Department. But what is really wrong with the picture is that there are no tears as she transitions to a non crying facial expresion within milliseconds.

She gets defensive and says in a harsh and defensive tone  “It’s not a circus. It’s not a joke. ”  No one said it was a circus  or  joke? Her choice of words give us  a lot of insight as to what is going on inside her mind. When someone volunteers extraneous and tangential information  it often indicates a signal of deception.

She goes on to say “This is not a game. This is my baby.” Once again the word she chose -“game”  may be very revealing.  In analyzing her statement, when someone is playing games, they are usually the first to bring up the term “game” . It may very well indicate that they are indeed playing a game. In Deborah, Bradley’s case it may very well be the “cat and mouse game” she has allegedly been playing with police …..

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