“Toddlers and Tiaras” Toxic Parents Help Create Speech and Voice Disorders, Jaw Abnormalities and Selfish Entitled Children

Watching the show “Todlers and Tiaras” is l much like watching a  very bad car accident. You are shocked at  what you have just witnessed. The most disturbing of all the characters  I have ever seen on the show is a child named Mackinzie Myers. There is absolutely NOTHING  whatsoever adorable  or precious about this  Toxic child.  In my view she is an ugly child both inside and outside (Yes I called a child ugly) created by  very ugly parenting.

Her  sparking dresses, elaborate hair do,  masacared eyes and  glossed  lips can never mask her Toxic demanding selfish, mouthy behavior where she rudely demands and shouts to her mother. She  orders her mom  around like an unpaid  servant and in a demanding tone asks  “Where’s my drink” There is no   please or  thank you.  Worse of all, her passive  mother accepts this Toxic behavior.

Mackenzie  is even seen  on camera with her angry puss as you can see in the photo  telling her mother  not to speak to her and go away as she waits her turn to go on stage to compete for a beauty title. She actually says to her mother  “I’m not doing what you tell me” “Go way.”

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10 thoughts on ““Toddlers and Tiaras” Toxic Parents Help Create Speech and Voice Disorders, Jaw Abnormalities and Selfish Entitled Children

  1. I have hated this show since it first aired. It’s base, and abusive! I would like to see it taken off the air, and these abusive parents charged with child abuse/neglect.

    Dr. Glass is correct. These little girls are being destroyed, and abused by mothers who are living vicariously through their little girls. How sick!

    Perhaps, if the mother of this toxic child were actually charged with child abuse, the show would end, and these disgusting pageants would end. This abuse is akin to slavery, and extremely unhealthy for the child, mentally.

    Who will ever love this child? Nobody. She will never ‘fit-in’ with other children, and more than likely, will find herself attracted to people who will manipulate her for their own ends, for the rest of her life. This is so disgusting that it makes me feel physically ill!


    1. I am Very professional to let everyone int he world know that if you allow a pacifier in a child’s mouth at crucial stages of jaw development they will develop an open bite jaw deformity with a concomitant speech disorder like Mackenzie.No little cild was attacked. Take your hatred and put it where it belongs- on the parents who have allowed this child to develop so poorly, not me my dear Joe.


    1. What a TOXIC jerk you are Katsie aka Kate! No one is attacking children with deformities especially not me — a person who has spent much of her professional life treating children with severe craniofacial deformities and who has done research in the area including discoving a specific craniofacial syndrome that is published in the medical literature.

      You nmissed the whole point of the article with your uglycontentiousness. The child’s parents created the oral deformity of the child’s jaw by allowing a pacifier to be in the mouth during crucial jaw development. As a result she has an anterior open bite, a tongue thrust and a lisp- all which dio not add to her aestheics. Since her beauty seems to be the parents major concern, they did not help her beauty by allowing her to suck on the pacifier for so long which created abberant jaw structure and function.

      Parents need to be aware of this so they don’t make the same mistake as Mrs. Myers did in indulging her child with the pacifier for so long. Also the girl has deformed values in my view as she is ugly and rude to her mother and is too self centered as we have seen on the show. Pretty is as pretty does and ugly is as ugly does. That is the lesson she needs to learn in life.It is not simply about physical beauty.

      So put you Bully Goat Gruff animosity elsewhere Katsie a/k/a Kate and not on me. Put it on the parents who have essentially overindulged and ruined this child by not providing any boundaries and allowing such horrific behavior and mouthiness which will not do her well in life.


  2. I have seen kids like this when they become adults and they are often the types to walk all over other people without regard for them because they think that they are entitled. She will grow up without respect for others and most especially for her mother. I hope this mother gets a clue from your article here and does something to correct this but by the look on the mother’s face, I would say she is in a trance. You are SO right, Dr Glass. This child is FAR from being pretty. Ugly is as UGLY does.


  3. The joke is on the parents… they are the fuel for the fire… paying thousands for dresses, props, hair, makeup, blah blah blah… for what? For someone to say your child is beautiful? For someone to say your child isn’t as GOOD as another child? The importance that the parents place on these pagents is as stunning as it is sickening. Those little girls (and boys) are being exploited for their parent’s (usually Mom’s) glory. How does the child feel when she doesn’t win? How do they feel when they KNOW MOMMY IS UPSET with them for not winning? I would love to see a college psych class dissect the dysfunctional relationships shown on this show. And the women that say ‘oh i had a girl just so she would be in pagents’ should be locked up. They really take the cake…or in this case, the cheap .40 tiara with fake jewels.


  4. I agree! NOW PLEASE DR GLASS write about that beast of a so called Dance Teacher on Dance Moms and her manipulative and verbally abusive behavior. I say this show is 30 times worse than Toddlers and Tiaras.

    Please write on that crazy woman Abby Lee Miller.



  5. Those people let the girls grow up too fast. Take Sally DeWeese for example, she had a baby at (no joke, 10 years old)!


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