Dolphin Body Language Helps US Military

The Straight of Hormuz may be closed by Iran. As a result, the  US military will send in their very best allies, They will send in dolphins who have been trained to detect mines with their unique communication skills and body language .

All dolphins  have sonar , so advanced that  they can differentiate specific coins from hundreds of  feet away . The  US Navy have many  b dolphins who are taught to hunt for mines and drop acoustic transponders nearby.In the above photo you can see dolphins with a  tracking deviceattached to its fin.

The the dolphins only detect the mines, they don’t destroy them and they are unharmed according to the military.

These  US dolphins are being  trained and used for peace purposes unlike the Iranian dolphins which were purchased 12 years ago from the Soviets who’s navy initially trained them  kill and attack warships and frogmen. All of these killing dolphins who were  trained to attack enemy frogmen with harpoons attached to their backs, or to drag them to the surface to be taken into captivity were sold to Iran, because the trainer could no longer feed them after they were sent to an aquatic attraction in Sevastopol.

Many of these killer dolphins are capable of undertaking  kamikaze strikes against enemy carrying mines that would explode a ship on contact with its hull. In fact the dolphins were allegedly trained to  distinguish foreign and Soviet submarines  use just by the sound of their propeller. Dolphins were allegedly trained to  distinguish foreign and Soviet submarines  use just by the sound of their propeller.

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One thought on “Dolphin Body Language Helps US Military

  1. This is a very important article that you have posted. I remember when this sale of the dolphins happened in 2000. For many months prior to the sale I was horrified to see the conditions of the dolphins and their habitat severely deteriorate and I kept wondering why the US did not make this purchase before they were sold to Iran of all places.

    I live in San Diego and when the several years when the govt conducts their training with the military pods ALL the wild dolphin pods have experienced many deleterious effects which have troubled me but I now have a new appreciation for the necessity of this US military dolphin pod.

    This next part is a heart felt rant:

    Every dolphin is a self-aware individual with a unique personality, so it’s no surprise that these animals are perceptive to their surroundings and susceptible to stress-related illnesses. If they’re so intensely affected by the mere presence of humans, just imagine the kind of irreparable trauma they suffer when they are brutally pulled from the ocean and placed in Sea World’s chemically treated prisons.

    Sea World keeps these marine mammals as prisoners in barren concrete chemically treated tanks. They reside in a pool the size, to them, of a sink for dolphins and a bathtub for the orcas. These mammals would naturally swim up to 100 miles daily in the wild. Sea World wants you to believe it’s OK to take animals like dolphins and whales out of their natural habitats, where they socialize with their families and imprison them for “entertainment” and profit. I think that there should be a permanent ban on issuing permits allowing dolphins to be brutally captured and used as attractions at theme parks and resort hotels. They really are like our cognitive cousins.

    At Sea World, orcas & dolphins perform circus-type tricks for food; swim in endless circles and live decades short of their 60 & 50 year maximum life spans in the wild. The vast majority of dolphins held captive in marine mammal parks, die a few decades short of their natural life expectancy. These ocean animals inhabit vast, fascinating and complex worlds. Dolphins and orcas share intricate relationships.

    Dolphins think, plan, and communicate with one another. In the wild, they spend their entire lives in large family groups. Removing them from their natural communities is very traumatizing and often results in stress-related illness and very premature death. Marine animals are literally dying to entertain us. No captive orcas or dolphins die of old age.
    Dozens of bottlenosed dolphins have died at Sea World. Only through a whistleblower did it get reported that at Sea World’s Discovery Cove “swim with dolphins” attraction a dolphin named Dixie gave birth to a stillborn infant. What’s more, even though Sea World knew that Dixie was due to give birth; the park apparently did not have a veterinarian available for Dixie at any point during or after her labor. She was forced to endure this traumatic experience—and its aftermath—without proper care.

    This information was revealed only a few short weeks after another dolphin, Scarlet, and her unborn fetus died at Discovery Cove. In that case marine scientists were notified by the whistleblower that the necropsy revealed that Scarlet’s uterus had ruptured while she was pregnant, causing the calf to be released into her body cavity. The scientists immediately contacted the USDA and requested that they investigate. They also asked them to determine whether Scarlet’s prenatal care was adequate and whether pain relief and appropriate veterinary care were provided during the one week period after Scarlet went into labor without giving birth that ended with her death. The USDA is notoriously negligently slow, IMO, in taking any significant action with these parks, attractions, zoos etc. Just look at their deplorable record in the protection of horrendously abused elephants.

    Sea World doesn’t want you to know that these highly intelligent, social animals are denied everything that is natural and important to them. They don’t want you to know that captured dolphins suffer from depression and physical diseases. In addition to the criminal lack of exercise and mental stimulation, marine scientists have proven that many of them are being driven mad by the sound of their sonar, which constantly bounces off the tank walls.

    Marine scientists also maintain that the study of dolphin behavior in captivity is an unsound way to learn about how dolphins live in the wild. Dolphins are forced to perform stupid stunts & tricks that are as unnatural to them as they are inhumane. Their worlds have been reduced from fathoms to gallons. Is it any wonder that they are being driven insane by their diminished and cruel lives?

    Dolphins really are geniuses, second only to humans, according to a new study that was completed in Dec 09. Scientists studying dolphin behavior suggested dolphins could be the most intelligent creatures on Earth after humans. This discovery displaced the Chimp to the #2 spot and elephants remain in 3rd place. They determined that dolphin behavior and brain size suggests very complex intelligence. Several scientists even said that dolphins should therefore be treated as “non-human persons” and granted rights as individuals.
    In the 28 years that I have been a frequent & avid scuba diver, I have had only several magical experiences where wild dolphins made the decision to interact and came to play. IMO these should be the only people/dolphin interactions that occur.

    What happens to the dolphins if they decide that they don’t want to perform? Dolphins in captivity are not given the option to end interactions or performances when they would like to. They are trained through ‘operant conditioning’. This means that satisfaction of hunger is dependent on performing tricks. Hunger is deliberately induced so the trainer will be effective and please the crowds. Though a complete food portion is ultimately provided each day, the use of food for doing tricks reduces these animals to little more than beggars who perform in exchange for food.

    Do dolphins have to perform all the time or do they have ‘holidays’? Captive dolphins often work 12-hour days without a break. Whether it is performing for the public or participating in dolphin pool encounters, dolphins are forced to participate. During performances or petting sessions, their ears are assaulted by blaring music and the noise of people splashing water or slapping the sides of the tank to get their attention.

    Kids have never seen real dinosaurs yet they have mastered their importance through many venues. Walking with Dinosaurs features “live” dinosaurs roaring and stomping around the arena, chasing each other, foraging, and protecting their young. The life-size T. Rex towers over you. Using animatronics, lighting, and sound effects, the show is thrilling family-packed audiences.

    Thanks to Animal Makers, kids with cerebral palsy, autism, head injuries, Down syndrome, and other developmental disorders, are getting the chance to interact with “TADs” (therapeutic animatronic dolphins) that move and even make squeaky dolphin noises at a state of the art program in Key Largo, Fl. Kids get to play with really cool life-like robots, dolphins get a break. It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Hollywood is expert in animatronics and other state-of-the-art virtual reality exhibits. These could be used in place of the current live-animal shows to provide park visitors with an exciting, educational experience. In fact, showing visitors a more realistic version of what life is like for real marine mammals. To continue to display this unnatural captive animals’ chemically controlled prisons with their repetitive behavior patterns—which are linked to their oppressive environment—this alternative is actually more educational, with no risk to human life. The only way to get Sea World’s abusement park’s attention is with our wallets. I urge everyone we know to say “No Tanks” to cruelty by boycotting Sea World.


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