Joran van Der Sloot’s Body Language During Sentencing in Peruvian Court

A very different looking Joran Van der Sloot can be seen than when he was first  arrested and looked  frightened after being arrested for killing Stephanie Flores in Peru as he was paraded around.  Then we saw a wide eyed frightened Joran. Today we see a heavier and more cocky Joran. The cocked head to the side and the tight lipped appearance indicate his insincerity.

His shoulder shrugs as you can see int his photo when he spoke the words  Yes I want to plead guilty. I wanted  from the first moment to confess sincerely. As he states these words you can see many signals of deception. The statement analysis indicates deception as well based on the words he chose. It is not true that Joran wanted to plead guilty from the first moment to confess.He was adamant from the beginning that he was innocent and then claimed he was coerced into a confession by the Peruvian authorities. Also the word sincerely is also significant as there eis nothing sincere about his confession.


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5 thoughts on “Joran van Der Sloot’s Body Language During Sentencing in Peruvian Court

  1. Dr. Glass, I agree with your insightful comments in regard to this monstrosity. Do you see any correlation between his anti-social behavior, and anything physical? I don’t know if you have any expertise in this area, but years ago, a friend who deals with criminal types like Joran, commented that he noticed a relationship between the placement of a man’s ears, low on the head, and criminal behavior. I know is sounds ridiculous, but could it be some type of birth defect, that manifests itself in anti-social behavior? Something undiagnosed? I know many who have this ear placement, who are not murders, or criminals, but I have to admit that I have begun to notice a relationship between those who have been arrested for these types of crimes, and some do have this ear placement.

    I guess, it’s just grasping at straws. We all want to have ‘signifiers’ to indicate anti-social behavior. That’s why most of us are here. We are looking for insight into the makeup of criminals. Thank you Dr. Glass.


  2. This guy was convicted by the so-called media and poor little wimps which are unable to think for themselves. Police work that is primarily incompetent characterizes this “conviction”


    1. Richard, you should stop defending the criminal and start caring about the victim. Imagine if she was your sister, or your daughter, or your wife. Imagine how badly you will feel if this happened to a woman you cared about.


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