Casey Anthony latest Baby Voiced Video Focuses On Her New Piercings Not Caylee


In the second video that has just been released on Casey Anthony, we no longer see a blond Casey with a  hair style and color resembling her mother Cindy. Now we see her in a a short  brunette cropped hair do.  The glasses she is now sporting are very oversized as opposed to the last video and look rather comical on her face. Also if Casey was in such need of glasses, why wasn’t she wearing them in the courtroom where she really needed to see things closely and read materials.The glasses obviously seem to be put on for effect.

Casey  still does not mention Caylee , just as she did not mention her in her previous video. In her first video she was concerned where to look . But now she seems to have the hang of it as she is looking directly at herself on video ,where she can examine her newly pieced nose ring and ear piercing at the top of her ear.

While she says he is very excited about her piercings by stating “I just pierced my nose last night, very excited and top of my ear” you would never know she was excited in any way until she spoke those words. Her voice says the opposite. It is in a  dull emotionless uninflected monotone.

Casey also begins the new video with a higher pitched baby girl like voice  To Read more click link below


9 thoughts on “Casey Anthony latest Baby Voiced Video Focuses On Her New Piercings Not Caylee

    1. Kitt – January 8, 2012 at 5:03 pm
      And to me,can’t bear to even click the link to watch it..Now thats bad… a female who can’t gossip about the latest? I can’t stomach the bitch!


  1. I totally agree Cath, and Kitt. I won’t watch it either. She nauseates me. I actually feel sick when I see her face, or hear her voice. Talk about conditioning. I hope it’s happening to everybody. That way shunning this biotch, will be easy.

    The only thing I can say positive about the nose piercing and her videos of her current appearance, is that she is now very identifiable. ;). She is such a media ho, she can’t even stay away from the public to save her own sorry life (as if we care)….


  2. Your description of her body language in this 2nd video again just highlights her raging narcissism.

    According to Eonline Dorothy Sims & Baez both quit!

    “A source familiar with the situation tells E! News that Anthony remains unwilling to undergo psychotherapy.”

    “Dorothy and Jose have been trying to get Casey to go into therapy, but she refused to do it,” the source said. “Jose has become a parental figure in her life and she doesn’t want to be told what to do. And he’s done with it. The big issue is the therapy issue. He believes very strongly that if she doesn’t get help she can’t truly move on.”

    Read more:

    I have never believed that this superficial and shallow psychopath was ever interested in reviewing any of her heinous actions. I’m also not convinced that the reason for Baez’ exit is solely due to her adamant refusal to participate in intensive therapy but it is very interesting that they are now admitting this.

    I firmly believe that Casey would NOT benefit from any therapy. She remains and always will a dangerous person.

    I do wish that the Fl. DoC -Probation Dept would investigate a few of her newest lies. I wish that that they would explain why CA’s monthly stipulation that she has not worked or earned any income hasn’t now been proven to be a bold faced lie since she states on her video that she purchased the computer with her own funds.

    If that is the case then she lied when filing her indigent status with the state or has failed to update them regarding her financial status. Shouldn’t restitution to Fl taxpayers for the monthly costs of her probation supercede the purchase of non essential items that are solely used for her own entertainment? (That is not even counting the $68,000 that she still owes the IRS plus accrued interest or the $97,000 that she was mandated to repay the county for the wild goose chases and lies during the investigation of Caylee’s disappearance/death. Judge Munyon hopefully will order a forensic financial audit – enough already. I also forgot that Judge Perry imposed a fine of $4000.00 ($1000.00 for each First Degree Misdemeanor counts of Lying to a Law Enforcement Officer during the course of an Investigation).

    This probation dept should just fold if they are too incompetent and negligent to hold this probationer accountable for the multiple parole violations that she is flaunting in all of our faces. Pitiful.

    Probation officers have the legal authority to require those under their supervision to report truthfully. Violation of any requirements can result in the reincarceration of the person on probation.

    A violation of probation proceeding is much different than being charged with a new crime. Because you have already been sentenced to probation, you have less protection than if you were charged with a new crime.

    Some examples are:
    No statute of limitations; Can’t wait out the VOP,
    No right to a bond while awaiting a hearing,
    No possibility of bond if you fall under Florida’s Anti-Murder Act,
    No right to jury trial in a violation hearing,
    Hearsay is admissible against you,
    You can be forced to testify against yourself, and
    Guilt does not have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

    As you can see it is much easier for the State to prove a violation.

    The videos have been up since Oct – at $3.00 a hit even if she’s gotten 500 hits – it infuriates me that she has gotten even a dollar! And we all know that she has – she also got $ from TMZ for the Ohio pictures & now other media outlets. Gah.

    She beat the system. I know that sucks but there it is. And in these videos, looks like some trailer, and no matter how secluded and delusional she is in it, continues to show her beating the system. And she knows it.


  3. Very interesting post NancyB. After reading it, I decided to find a copy of the Probation Agreement, filed with the Court.

    I’ve never worked with probation officers, but it’s my assumption that it’s at their discretion, as to whether the Defendant has violated any portion thereof. However, after reading the Probation Agreement, she is in violation of the provisions of same, i.e. No. 7 and 8 of the agreement.

    Under No. 7 of the agreement CA is to “work diligently at a lawful occupation…” From the Intake forms, CA indicates that she is unemployed. Her probation officer wrote on the forms that CA is “trying to relax”. I assume that is to interpreted that CA is attempting to relax after her ordeal in Court. From the PO’s notation, we can assume that this is not a big deal, in their eyes. However, the Court Ordered it, and since the Agreement can be amended, extended, or terminated, at the discretion of the Court, she should be rearrested.

    Under No. 8 of the agreement CA is to “promptly and truthfully answer all inquiries directed to you by the Court, or the Probation Officer, and allow the Officer to visit you at home, your employment site, or elsewhere, and you will comply with all instructions that he may give you.” Again, evidently the Probation Officer has the discretion to determine a violation, and has failed to do so.

    Couple the above, in regard to truthfulness, one of the questions on the Intake form is in regard to ‘seeking therapy’. Up until December, CA answered no to this question. It’s my guess that she read all of the hub-bub on the net, regarding this, and in December, decided to check-mark the box, amending her prior statement. It has been reported, that she now states on the form, that she is in therapy. We are receiving conflicting information on the above therapy question. Baez says she is not in therapy, but may have already been dismissed as her counsel of record. Therefore, it holds little weight. I would like to see what C. Mason has to say about it. I would like to see the December, 2011 intake form, but cannot find it.

    It appears that the Probation Officer is taking it very easy on CA. This gives us, as well as the Court, an appearance of privilege granted by the PO. Perhaps this PO is a male, and he is susceptible to her wiles. The Court needs to review the Probation Agreement, Intake Forms, and notes of the PO, and perhaps, advise him to enforce the agreement, or remove him all together.

    I want to say that I too am very angry that CA is making any money from those ridiculous videos! Only a moron would pay to listen to her continual lies, and frivolity. If anybody thinks she will talk about her crime of the murder of her innocent child, Caley, they are delusional. Casey will never discuss Caley, because her new life, her Bella Vida, represents freedom, and Caley represents an anchor, and murder. Do not waste your money on this murdering liar. She will never give any insight into what she did, nor will she slip, and say anything that would point the finger back at her.

    I wonder if she is permitted to collect welfare, while on probation? If so, and she is collecting same, while at the same time, making money from the videos, she ‘should’ lose her welfare benefits, because she is gainfully working.

    I would like to know exactly what her income is. According to NancyB, she purchased a computer, and in her videos she evidently commented that she got two piercings. Not to mention the ‘snappy’ new hairdo, and phoney glasses. Also, in one of the videos I believe she said something about “Joh…..(the name was bleeped), who gave her a cell phone. Who is paying her cellular bill?

    I have read that CA is in contact with Lee, and that he is giving messages to Cindy. We have all heard about how angry she is that Baez is getting all the big bucks for interviews, and that is why she discharged him, because she wanted the interviews, and the money. Is Cindy supporting her? Is she on welfare?

    One last thing, the Probation Agreement states that she may leave the County jurisdiction, with approval of Court. I tried to find any Amendments thereto, but could not locate them. If the Court grants her permission to move out of the County, she may not be where we believe her to be.

    I am still very upset over this whole thing, but my one and only consolation is that Casey will screw-up again. An old ho doesn’t change her ways! I just hope no more innocents will suffer at her hands.


  4. Casey Parole officer is a lady named Priscillla,cannot think of her last name right now so Casey is not batting her eyelashes in order to get special treatment.I wrote my complaints to her office about a week ago and now it seems that she has closeddown her E-mail acct. due to everyone screaming about how Killsey is getting away with all of this BS and is lying about her income.PPL are demanding that something be done.We’ll see what happens but it just seems like noone will stand up to this monster of a bitch.


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