Self Absorbed Manipulative Body Language of Casey Anthony’s Latest Self Video

A  video blog made three months ago was just released  of Casey Anthony discussing her favorite topic- herself!  As repulsive as it is for me to watch, I managed to sit through it and analyzed her body language,  voice and communication patterns.

In general we see Casey with her new image which mirrors her mother Cindy’s  image complete with  short bleached blond hair that resembles her mother Cindy”s outdated do-  the very person she detests and the cause of all of her troubles.

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24 thoughts on “Self Absorbed Manipulative Body Language of Casey Anthony’s Latest Self Video

  1. Spot on Dr. Glass. I almost threw up in my mouth watching this video. It’s sick and makes me very angry. It is so sad that Caylee was born into this demented family and to think this @#$%^& is profitting is enough to get the public’s anger boiling all over again. I hope she’s miserable for the rest of her pathetic life.


  2. I agree with you Dr. Glass……on all aspects of this report, however we must be thankful that she adopted a dog…..and not a child as she wanted to while in jail.
    I pity the animal too because she no doubt will beat on him/her and who will protect it from this Momster Killer.
    Putting out this video is a test….’teaser’ if you will… generate how it is perceived by the public…..and I think it had the ‘blessings’ from her bevy of lawyers. I don’t believe it was leaked or hacked in any way. If there are any MONIES to be made from this or any book deals, interviews or movies, you can almost be certain that her crooked lawyers will find a way to hide her monies in an account under another name, if they haven’t done it already. They will make ssure the money never, ever gets to anyone but KILLER KC. Her lawyers know the ropes as to how this is done….to her advantage.
    She is completely self-absorbed…..loves herself…..(as we always knew) and now doing the ‘pity me’ act.
    So……now we have a complete viewing of her BELLA VITA……which isn’t going the way she had planned.
    Report has it that she is studying Spanish on the internet……so perhaps her plan is to move to Jose’s Puerto Rico….when she get out of HIDING…..because she and her family know SHE IS THE MOST HATED WOMAN IN THE USA.
    I’m certain if the 12 pinheads actually listened to all the evidence that was presented in court…….and not had been coerced by Judge Perry, with promises of ‘desserts’ and promises of a short trial so they could resume their home duties……and used their common senses….the outcome of the trial may have been a GUILTY VERDICT…..
    Caylee will never get the Justice she deserves because they set a KILLER free.
    IMO……since she’s in hiding……her FREEDOM is a flop and she will forever be looking over her shoulder…..because of the target on her back.


    1. Christine, I don’t know if her attorneys will be looking out for her or for themselves. After the agent gets his cut for selling the interview, video, or book and Jose gets his cut, will there be anything left for Casey to live on? And for how long? I can’t imagine anyone ever hiring her to do a real job. She should have taken the Penthouse spread or whatever, and gotten into porn. Who else would have her?


    2. Are you serious the dog will end up in a black bag tied in little piggy blanket knots dead and poisened like the others. Then they can have a family get together and barbecue like they allways do.


  3. Thank you Dr. Glass, another fine assessment…like mother, like daughter…I could have predicted her handlers would say her account was hacked into. just as momma said when they were investigating Caylee’s alleged disappearance. I believe, you can’t believe a word that comes out of that camp’s mouth…or from the most prolific and proven liar…she is truly in a world all her own…

    As I sat and watched this video, I was amazed how the former prisoner claimed her life isn’t any different from three years ago…meaning she is still in a virtual prison of her own doing. NO friends, no real family and now has adopted a pet. I truly hope someone checks in on this pet for in 34 months, she might grow tired of the responsiblity of caring for it..I certainly hope this pet doesn’t go missing…

    I believe this former prisoner is very lonely, which is why she did that video, still talking to herself, as she states, she has no one to talk to…I wonder if she tried to hook up with those former friends, like Annie Dowling who she told when this is said and done, I’ve got something to tell you…

    I also believe, she was testing the waters to see if she is still the most hated woman in America…will we see an interview next? None of the networks are willing to pay out the $750,000 asking price for an exclusive..Thank you Lord!

    I wish she would just vanish into obscurity…I believe she will always have the stigma of being a baby killer who got away with murder attached to her for the rest of her sorry life…JMHO

    No justice came for Caylee Marie but Karma will get it for her..I await the karma train to get justice for this precious child, Caylee…One might escape the laws of the land but one doesn’t escape the law of the universe…Karma kicks in when all else fails…

    Rest Peacefully, Caylee….


  4. I can’t even watch the video as she disgusts me so much. I do have to respectfully disagree with what Dr. Glass says about Jeff Ashton. Yes, he is arrogant, but if jurors with just half a brain each were to be picked, I think she would have been found guilty of something. You are supposed to be impartial as a juror. Even if you don’t like one of the lawyers you should review the evidence (which they sadly didn’t do) and use that to make your decision. That is where Ashton failed, not choosing the right jurors for the case and setting the counts too high.


  5. Well, she certainly is fully self-absorbed. To me, she seems sad and depressed to a degree. What on Earth she plans to gain by showing her new hairdo, color, glasses, and so on, eludes me. How about when the leaves ‘this place’? Has she no concern about being recognized behind her disguise, and dealt with in a way that many people feel she deserves? I do not understand her ignoring Caylee; she could at least say she misses her. Guess that beautiful little child is not on her radar. Mother from hell, in my view….. She does seem far more thoughtful than in the past – she speaks slowly and, it appears, has been giving her life a lot of thought. I see this as a good thing. Casey, use this graced time to really look inward and be honest with yourself about what you did and who you are. You will be glad you did.


  6. Right on Dr. Glass! Heard Dr. Drew again say that Cindy is in denial, what a lie! Such BS! Why don’t these media people believe that they lied and covered? Much different than denial! Casey learned from birth how to lie and cover following in Cindy’s footsteps.


    1. I agree with you Susan. Cindy knows exactly what is going on and is just like Casey. She loves the media. She lied through her teeth on the stand and why she is not behind bars for doing so is beyond me It is not denial. It is lying to protect Casey because she may very well know deep down that she is why this all happened int he first place.


  7. Excellent observations, again, Dr. Glass! I agree with everything in your article, Dr. Glass, and particularly noted the part about CA’s desire to be in front of the camera. I agree that this will be her undoing. She is so needy, and narcissistic, that she cannot stay away from the public. How stupid can anybody be? She is the most hated person in the U.S., and I would assume that she knows it, however, her desire to live like a diva, is stronger than her genetic predisposition to survive.

    Truth is, I don’t care what happens to her. Anything bad that happens to CA, as a result of her horrendous ego, in my opinion, she deserves.

    Not one word about Caley. Not one mention of her daughter, but she mentioned that she adopted a pet. It hit me so hard, when I heard that. It was as if she views this poor dog, the same way she viewed poor Caley. They are nothing more than pets to her, and we know what she does with her pets….the pet cemetery when they become cumbersome.

    I am hoping that if Jeff Ashton, Esq., wins the State’s Attorney bid, he will continue to ‘monitor’ CA. My guess is that if he can, he will lock her up, for anything he can substantiate, and throw away the key!

    I am also hoping, that Zenida wins her law suit against CA. My reasoning is that though CA cannot be retried for the murder of her daughter, she can be criminally charged with defamation. Since the civil suit is currently being litigated, the criminal charges may follow, especially if ZG wins.

    Just continue shunning CA people! Do not watch her pay-per-views, or read books, watch movies, etc. Do not reward this twisted monster for murder. Not only does it send the wrong message to others who are attempting to follow in her footsteps, but it provides this leach with a lifestyle she obviously feels she is entitled to. I say,..let her starve!


  8. great as much as I don’t like it enough already have to let her live her life and as far as out dated hair do’s People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones


    1. Haylee I certainly don’t live in a Glass house and my hair is not outdated not did I say Casey;s hair was outdated.those are your words so please take you contentiousness elsewhere, not out on me but on the alleged person who’s baby died under her watch- Casey Anthony..


  9. never said you said casey was. i know you said “short bleached blond hair that resembles her mother Cindy”s outdated do” so you used outdated do on her mother. and yes your hair is not outdated for the early 90’s


  10. first let me say I am sorry for taking a shot a you
    about your hair, it was uncalled for but I felt when you
    said Casey’s hair mirrored her mothers outdated do I felt
    you should have left out the outdated part. otherwise I
    have no problem with anything else you said.
    so again I want to say I am very sorry.


    1. Pay attention to the forest not a tree.Look at the point of the story- not about her hair which is outdated as this is a style from the early 70’s just for your information. It is a fact, not an opinion. LOOK At the focus of the blog which is not about hair but about a self absorbed vapid person who’s concern is only her look and not her daughter who is never mentioned.


  11. dr lillian glass i have to ask when you say she never got to call caylee hers becuz of her mother would that explain why she was so disconnected from her when whatever happened to caylee to cause caylee’s death is that why she didnt feel anything… it doesnt matter what i think of what happened to caylee becuz nothing shouldve happened to caylee. she should still be here laughing, enjoying school, etc.. the one thing i never got about casey is she didnt like the fact that cindy and caylee had a special bond.. my daughter and my mom are like attached at the hip as caylee and cindy was and i love it. i think its awesome. i though got to bond with my daughter… but i think her not feeling like caylee was hers speaks loudly.


  12. In response to a portion of ‘haylee’s reply’ that CA should be allowed to live her life. That is entirely up to you, and you are entitled to your opinions, however, I do not agree at all.

    CA got away with murder, and if you can find any consolation in that, good for you, but I cannot.

    If everybody took the attitude of being apathetic, we would be living in a nation full of criminals, and we are getting close to that now. I hate apathy. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons CA walked. Nobody really cared, not one way or the other, and an innocent person paid the price! That is not acceptable to me in any shape, or form!


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