“Toddlers and Tiaras” Toxic Parents Help Create Speech and Voice Disorders, Jaw Abnormalities and Selfish Entitled Children

Watching the show “Todlers and Tiaras” is l much like watching a  very bad car accident. You are shocked at  what you have just witnessed. The most disturbing of all the characters  I have ever seen on the show is a child named Mackinzie Myers. There is absolutely NOTHING  whatsoever adorable  or precious about this  Toxic child.  In my view she is an ugly child both inside and outside (Yes I called a child ugly) created by  very ugly parenting.

Her  sparking dresses, elaborate hair do,  masacared eyes and  glossed  lips can never mask her Toxic demanding selfish, mouthy behavior where she rudely demands and shouts to her mother. She  orders her mom  around like an unpaid  servant and in a demanding tone asks  “Where’s my drink” There is no   please or  thank you.  Worse of all, her passive  mother accepts this Toxic behavior.

Mackenzie  is even seen  on camera with her angry puss as you can see in the photo  telling her mother  not to speak to her and go away as she waits her turn to go on stage to compete for a beauty title. She actually says to her mother  “I’m not doing what you tell me” “Go way.”

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Dolphin Body Language Helps US Military

The Straight of Hormuz may be closed by Iran. As a result, the  US military will send in their very best allies, They will send in dolphins who have been trained to detect mines with their unique communication skills and body language .

All dolphins  have sonar , so advanced that  they can differentiate specific coins from hundreds of  feet away . The  US Navy have many  b dolphins who are taught to hunt for mines and drop acoustic transponders nearby.In the above photo you can see dolphins with a  tracking deviceattached to its fin.

The the dolphins only detect the mines, they don’t destroy them and they are unharmed according to the military.

These  US dolphins are being  trained and used for peace purposes unlike the Iranian dolphins which were purchased 12 years ago from the Soviets who’s navy initially trained them  kill and attack warships and frogmen. All of these killing dolphins who were  trained to attack enemy frogmen with harpoons attached to their backs, or to drag them to the surface to be taken into captivity were sold to Iran, because the trainer could no longer feed them after they were sent to an aquatic attraction in Sevastopol.

Many of these killer dolphins are capable of undertaking  kamikaze strikes against enemy carrying mines that would explode a ship on contact with its hull. In fact the dolphins were allegedly trained to  distinguish foreign and Soviet submarines  use just by the sound of their propeller. Dolphins were allegedly trained to  distinguish foreign and Soviet submarines  use just by the sound of their propeller.

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Joran van Der Sloot’s Body Language During Sentencing in Peruvian Court

A very different looking Joran Van der Sloot can be seen than when he was first  arrested and looked  frightened after being arrested for killing Stephanie Flores in Peru as he was paraded around.  Then we saw a wide eyed frightened Joran. Today we see a heavier and more cocky Joran. The cocked head to the side and the tight lipped appearance indicate his insincerity.

His shoulder shrugs as you can see int his photo when he spoke the words  Yes I want to plead guilty. I wanted  from the first moment to confess sincerely. As he states these words you can see many signals of deception. The statement analysis indicates deception as well based on the words he chose. It is not true that Joran wanted to plead guilty from the first moment to confess.He was adamant from the beginning that he was innocent and then claimed he was coerced into a confession by the Peruvian authorities. Also the word sincerely is also significant as there eis nothing sincere about his confession.


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Casey Anthony latest Baby Voiced Video Focuses On Her New Piercings Not Caylee


In the second video that has just been released on Casey Anthony, we no longer see a blond Casey with a  hair style and color resembling her mother Cindy. Now we see her in a a short  brunette cropped hair do.  The glasses she is now sporting are very oversized as opposed to the last video and look rather comical on her face. Also if Casey was in such need of glasses, why wasn’t she wearing them in the courtroom where she really needed to see things closely and read materials.The glasses obviously seem to be put on for effect.

Casey  still does not mention Caylee , just as she did not mention her in her previous video. In her first video she was concerned where to look . But now she seems to have the hang of it as she is looking directly at herself on video ,where she can examine her newly pieced nose ring and ear piercing at the top of her ear.

While she says he is very excited about her piercings by stating “I just pierced my nose last night, very excited and top of my ear” you would never know she was excited in any way until she spoke those words. Her voice says the opposite. It is in a  dull emotionless uninflected monotone.

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Self Absorbed Manipulative Body Language of Casey Anthony’s Latest Self Video

A  video blog made three months ago was just released  of Casey Anthony discussing her favorite topic- herself!  As repulsive as it is for me to watch, I managed to sit through it and analyzed her body language,  voice and communication patterns.

In general we see Casey with her new image which mirrors her mother Cindy’s  image complete with  short bleached blond hair that resembles her mother Cindy”s outdated do-  the very person she detests and the cause of all of her troubles.

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