Kim Kardashian’s Lack of Facial Expression May Turn Off Fans

Look at Kim  Kardashiasn’s facial expression.  She is sitting on Santa’s lap and is supposed to be happy. But her facial expression says something entirely different. While her lips are parted and teeth are  teeth showing to indicate a  smile, there is something odd about the lip area as there is  no muscle movement seen. When you smile, there is muscle  movement in the lower jaw and at the side of the lips



6 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s Lack of Facial Expression May Turn Off Fans

  1. I wondered if anybody else noticed that Kim’s mouth does not seem to move! I hate to say it, but occasionally, I watch these phoney, ‘famous-for-doing-nothing’ persona’s. The K show is outrageous, and obviously staged to raise eyebrows. However, I saw a repeat of one of the shows, wherein Kim’s mom starts picking on Kim, about her face, and that she should look into a face lift! Yeah, every 30 yr. old needs a face lift, …not.

    Anyway, I watched the latest show about Kim’s poor hubby, and Kim’s making a mountain out of a mole hill, so she could justify her divorce. I noticed then that her mouth was not moving normally. Immediately, I thought she did what her mom told her to do, and got a tuck, or two. She should tuck that bottom of hers,…it looks like she’s hauling around a trailer.

    That family is utterly fake, phony, no-talent, puppets, but I do get a laugh from the show, occasionally. Mostly, however, I watch ten minutes, now and again, then switch to the weather channel which is much more interesting!


  2. Truth is….. if Kim were to REALLY smile, she would eventually get “smile” lines and then she would have to get surgery to remove them so she could look a smooth plastic doll again.
    I do not watch her show. I tried it once for two minutes.
    I felt this sense of ……….BORE-DUMB.


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