Kim Kardashian’s Lack of Facial Expression May Turn Off Fans

Look at Kim  Kardashiasn’s facial expression.  She is sitting on Santa’s lap and is supposed to be happy. But her facial expression says something entirely different. While her lips are parted and teeth are  teeth showing to indicate a  smile, there is something odd about the lip area as there is  no muscle movement seen. When you smile, there is muscle  movement in the lower jaw and at the side of the lips



Dr. Lillian Glass Annual Tp ten Favorite Gifts And Number One Body Language Gift

Dr. Lillian Glass Annual Top Ten Favorite Gift Ideas for 2011 Including the BEST Body Language Gift

Each year around this holiday time I like to share my thoughts on what special gifts to get yourself, your  family, friends,  loved ones and even those whom you may not know personally ,who  could benefit from your love and kindness.  You can give or get these gifts all year round as well.


Scott Sternberg Peddles Casey Anthony for 3/4 of a Million Dolllars

Nothing  repulses me more  than hearing anything out of  liar Casey Anthony’s mouth, aside from producer Scott Stenberg trying to cash in on the action and make a quick  buck off her back and the back of a dead baby. If he sells it I am boycotting it and him to boot.

No one deserves to make money off of  a dead baby- CayleeMarie Anthony. We have wasted enough time  dissecting this case. We have heard ALL that Casey Anthony has to say with her body language and repeated verbal and vocal  lies.

We have  even heard her  liar mother  Cindy lie repeatedly  on the stand and in the media. We have heard the same lies from her father and brother Lee .  It is over! Let this precious baby rest in peace.

If Scott  Sternberg whom I happen to know personally sells this sleeze for the  three quarters of a million dollars….


Herman Cain’s Alleged Mistress Ginger White’ Body Language Says She’s Truthful and Still Has Feelings

As I said previously , my blogs have no political or any other agenda. I just report objectively what I see and hear. This blog confirms   my lack of showing favoritism towards any candidate.

When Sharon Bialeck  came forward with Gloria Allred in tow as she who claimed  Herman Cain sexually harassed her, I observed many signals of deception and a story that made absolutely  no sense to me when she told of how Cain allegedly put his hand up her skirt and her mere reply was “You know I have a boyfriend.”

Most people would say something like  ”Stop it” or What do you think you are doing?”  They wouldn’t bring up their boyfriend as an excuse.

Then when I saw the interview that Cain’s wife did with  Greta Van Sustern  as she  who “stood by her man”  I saw  a  sweet and well meaning  woman with  down to earth demeanor as she vehemently insisted her husband was innocent and the Herman Cain she knew was not the one portrayed by thesewomen. She strongly claimed that the Herman Cain described is not the one she knows for all these years and that she is not one of the wives who is the last to know.

Well unfortunately after hearing what Ginger White had to say and studying her body language, poor Mrs. Cain is indeed the last to know.

I observed that body language wise, Ginger White was forthright in her admission that she had an affair based on her body language Ginger was pained as she spoke. She was telling he truth……..To Read More Click On The Link Below