Jerry Sandusky’s Voice and Speech Content Show Signals of Deception Guilt In Costas Interview

Bob Costas asked Jerry Sandusky if he ever touched the genitals of any boy. As Sandusky replied  that he didn’t,   his voice quality sounded shaky and tentative.

Then Costas said if this is not so,  then you must be the unluckiest man and most persecuted man we have ever heard of.

Jerry pauses for several seconds and then chuckles. This reaction is contrary to anyone who was not guilty. An innocent person  would immediately jump in with no pause time ans say YES, I AM,  using a very formidable  and unwavering tone.

Costas then says it again and Sandusky pasues for five seconds and chuckles a nervous laugh and  immediately releases a burst of air. Needless to say this question has taken literally taken the wind or the air out of him as you literally hear it in the audio.

Then Sandusky says in a weak tone, I don’t know what you want me to say WHAT????? Want you to say????  This is a signal of guilt. He is now depending on what others want him to say and does not relay what he needs to say. In essence he    nothing  to say except that he is guilty.

You can believe that his attorney is helping him to spin what to say. Also why is this man doing interviews if he has an attorney? Is he defying his attorney? Is he defying his attorney? What kind of attorney wiuld allow his client to speak out at this point?

Sandusky’s voice quality and speech behaviors alone are incriminating him in my view.

Then he says  I don’t think theses have been the best days of my life as he burst out air . This air  burst indicates that he is having a hard time coordinating his breathing with his talking which is a HUGE indicator of nervousness and deception. His statement also minimizes the serious of what is happening to him which indicates that he is in the initial shock phases and in a state of denial.

Costas then asks him a great question. Costas asks  how would you define the part you played?  What are you willing to concede  that was wrong and   and you wish you hadn’t done it?

Sandusky once again takes a gulp of audible air indicating that this question has once agin knocked the wind out fo him. He then practically wispers and mumbles his answer , which is an  indicator guilt and shame . He says   I  I  should have   (long pause) showered with those kids. The telling part here vocally speaking is that he goes up at the end of the sentence on the words  kids  as though he was asking a question.  The empahasis on the world kids means  that deep down he really didn’t think it was wrong to shower with those kids.    It’s only wong because he got busted.Also the hesitation is a signal of extreme distress.

Then he mumbles a guilty sounding you know so . In essence , he is trying to minimize his actions and seeking reassurance with the words you know . He ends his statement on the word so because he has nothing else to say .

 Here is the give away “tell” or signal  that says it all.  Costas asks him if he is a pedophile. Sandusky  immediately replies  No! Then Costs rephrases the question ands says Are you sexually attracted to young boys?  Just so you are aware, this is how sociopaths often respond to questions. You may ask them a direct question and get a completely different answer than when you rephrase the question.  Sandusky also  parrots the question and repeats Am I sexually attracted to young boys?

When someone answers a question with a question or repeats your question, they are  usually GUILTY!!! That is one of the biggest tells of deception.

Then Sandusky further inceiminates himself verbally by  contimuing on and saying  sexually attracted.  I I enjoy young people.’

 His repetion of the words sexually attracted thrown out there  without a pronoun or a verb speaks volumes, Singling these two words out as a phrase in itself ndicates that  he very well may be  sexually attracted to them.

Then he says I I love to be around them . But no I’m not sexually attracted to young boys. He dies off at the end of his statement which is very significant in my view. As he in essence is swallowing his words and swallowing the truth. Note how he calls young boys them . It illustrates how he has objectified his victims.

Jerry Sandusky shows us that no matter who a person is or what their position is, it in possible to find pedophiles in any walk of life  and in any socioeconomic group or social strata. Even pillars of society who do charity work can be sexual deviants. We need to stop playing The Emperor Has New Clothes when he in fact is not wearing any. We need to see what is,  not what we want to see. As soon as we see this behavior we need to make sure the person is held accountable for their actions.

There is no question in my mind that he is acting like a person who has a lot of guilt , shame, and embarrassment  at being exposed and who most likely is guilty.

After reading the Grand Jury transcript I felt like throwing up. This is an extremely deviant and sick man.  True they are just allegations and he has not yet been found guilty by a court of law at this time. But in reading these allegations , it appears that they all have a pattern to them that is both shocking and sickening. He is either wrestling, showering,  or cracking some young boy’s back. Like most predators he has followed a similar ritual in abusing  his victims.

There is no rehabilitation for a pedophile because they are imprinted with this sexual perversion forever.He needs to be locked up forever with no possibility of parole. He has essentially  murdered the souls and the psyches of these young boys, many who have now grown  into  young  men.

All the millions of dollars he has earned during his coaching years needs to go for psychological treatment for these boys because after he got his hands on them, they were never the same. What makes matters even worse is that he took full advantage of young boys who were troubled and/or disadvantaged. That makes his crime even more egregious.

I say lock him up and throw away the key and make him do some hard labor in prison instead of  his sitting around doing nothing on the taxpayers money. I say get as much use out of him, whether it be  making license plates or some other item that is made in prisons.

He needs to be released into the general population so he can see what it feels like to be helpless and victimized. No doubt  if this is the case, he will not  survive long which may actually  be a blessing to all.


9 thoughts on “Jerry Sandusky’s Voice and Speech Content Show Signals of Deception Guilt In Costas Interview

  1. This guy is creepy. I think 8 young boys are just the beginning. Disgusting how this could go on so long. I bet there will be a plea deal in the future.

    My prayers are with all the brave young men who came forward.


  2. What also disturbs me, is that Joe Paterno, who coached the PSU football team, successfully, for decades, apparently knew about the alleged abuses.

    Are we witnessing the “Good Old Boy’s Club”, in effect? My guess, is yes. Protect the guilty party, because he is ‘in the club.’ If Paterno knew, he should have reported his suspicions. How sad for PSU.


    1. Lisa: Who??? Paterno??? I do not think Paterno is a pedophile, but he did keep the ‘secret’.

      Today, it was reported that Paterno deeded his home to his wife for a dollar. That’s a legal tactic to protect the real estate from civil suits. However, if the courts determine it was done with intent to avoid this, it can be nullified.

      I still do not believe Joe Paterno is a pedophile. That will have to be proved. His crime is that he said nothing, and thereby protected that scum Sandusky. The entire administration at PSU needs removed. Every one of them!


  3. I hope Dr. G won’t take offense, but I wanted to post that we started a new blog, independent of this one, only because the majority of our group felt that we were imposing on Dr. G, in that we wanted to discuss the cases, i.e. Casey Anthony, Baby Lisa, etc., in more depth. Chatty Cathy established the blog, and she fixed the posting problems that happened earlier. Please come on over, we have a lot to talk about! Here’s the link:

    To read our post, just click “Comments”, and don’t be shy! However,..nobody needs to be mean, it’s a choice, and in my mind, a simple one. Just don’t do it. It turns everybody off, but that may be the intention, sorry to say.

    Dr. Glass’ post in regard to Jerry S, was insightful. The man is a pirana, and has destroyed a fine institution. Since this all came to light, more cases of pedophilia have been reported at the university. Yesterday, the news reported that another “known individual” committed a criminal act, at the university’s swimming pool, years ago. It has not been released whether or not it was Jerry S.

    I don’t know if Joe Paterno has given any statements, but if so, would Dr. G be able to analyze them? I can guess why Joe would not report Jerry, but I would like to see Dr. G’s analysis of anything he has said to date.


  4. Please comment on the NBC interview with Frankie Probst on the show “Rock Center”. He had a relationship with Jerry Sandusky.
    Thank you!


  5. TruTV is a great source for following the developments in this case. I’ve been listening all afternoon.

    In my opinion, at this point in time, Jerry Sandusky believes that he will get away with his crimes on children. His lying wife is, evidently, supportive of his behavior, from what I have learned, during his pedophilia rampage, which occurred in his own home, and elsewhere.

    It saddens me to say this because I am a PSU alum, but PSU will never recover from the damage done by this child molester, and the complacency, and collusive behavior of his peers. Not only did they not do the right thing, by calling the police, the FBI, etc., but the administration also turned a blind eye. Unfortunately for PSU, because they all chose to ignore JS’s reprehensible behavior, PSU will forever carry a black eye, one that will never heal.

    Fire them all, from the coaches, to the administration, and board of directors. Kick their football-lovin’ butts to the curb, and do not look back. Let the law deal with them, and pray that by divesting PSU of this pedophile and his voyeurs, the university will be in a position to start over again, and build a decent reputation, as it once was known for.

    I am deeply disturbed that Joe Paterno, evidently knew of JS’s behavior, and because of his own self-interest as a coach, and a winning football legacy, chose to remain complicit. It is collusive, criminal, debase, and perverted. PSU is finished, in my opinion.


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