Herman Cain’s Accuser Sharon Bialick’s Body Language, Speech and Voice Pattern Show Signs of Lying

As you know by now I cannot stand SPIN, fakeness, phoniness, lies and manipulation. I hate  it when people think that the public is dumb and will buy any story put in front of them.

As someone with no  political agenda I am able to see things objectively and clearly . So no matter who the candidate is,  I don’t like what is being done to them.  That is the case with candidate Herman Cain and his latest accuser  Sharon Bialeck. Her accusations were made at the side of  strong Demoratic supporter Gloria Allred, who made sure she stood breast to breast with Sharon, to insure she got  into every photo op shot of the two of them together.

So what is wrong with this picture (besides the fact Gloria Allred is in it)? What is wrong with the picture is that

  1. Bialek’s  body language , speech and voice scream multiple signals of deception and
  2.  her  story makes NO sense whatsoever as she inadvertently ends up painting herself as the aggressor  and not the victim


 Body language wise, as I watched her over the top recitation at the presser,  it wasobvious  to me that she was  most likely in my view making this stuff up. If she is telling some truth then she is disgruntled because

  1. she hit Cain up for a job when she was fired and he didn’t come through for her,
  2.  and or someone put her up to this (like perhaps Gloria Allred who may possibly have solicited her as a client) ,
  3. and or she is desperate for her 15 minutes of fame in hopes that it will help her career.

The fact that this allegedly happened 14 years ago is suspect in itself . Why did she not come forward then? And don’t tell me she  is a victim of sexual harassment who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

She didn’t look much like she had PTSS when she smiled and showed the most incongruent elated facial expression at the end of her speech as she  implored Cain to make things right. Then she gives a political speech about the times we are in and the leaders we need. People with PTTS don’t talk like that. There is clearly an agenda here in my view.

Look at Gloria, who can’t even look at her client.  In fact, she  doesn’t look at Bialeck throughout the whole presser. Allred clearly  knows the drill and has obviously orchestrated all of this public zoo like drama as looks down making  sure Sharon is following the script she most likely  wrote for her.

Bialeck Initiates and Instigates By  Flirting and Flattering Cain

 Bialeck  begins by saying  how she met Cain and how he sat next to her at the National Restaurant Association convention . She slips up by saying’ During the conversation” and then corrects her self by saying “ the convention “ rather. When someone stumbles like this it is usually a signal of deception. She is reading words which are not heartfelt and most likely not from her directly.

Then she  relays she thought  that Cain was an inspirational  speaker. She said to him “When are you running for President?” As she relays this, she shakes her head “No “ and purses her lips and looks down which most likely means that she did not say that. So there is another signal of deception here.

If this occurred 14 years ago as she said, the thought of a Black man running for President was not even a consideration as it is now. So that means if it did happen she was merely flattering him, toying,  and flirting with him becuase she knew quite well that during those days,  a decade and a half ago, a considering a Black man for President was not a reality.

She then says he invited her and her boyfriend to attend an exclusive party and says she felt “honored to be included.” That means she didn’t deserve to be included  and knew deep down she didn’t belong there, but felt grateful  she could attend. Also the use of the word honored means that she allegedly held Cain in high esteem.

Fired From Her  Organization, Allegedly  Manipulates Head of Organization , Cain To Get Her  Job Back

Then she said she was let go (FIRED) by the Foundation and was  devastated. WHY was she let go? That is the burning question. She said she was devastated. Why was she devastated ?

She then puts blame on the organization by stating that she felt she was doing well in the short time she was there in terms of fundraising. Well maybe her definition of well and her bosses deinition of  “doing well “well were two different things.

As she describes her personal story of being” let go” FIRED , there is a marked difference in her delivery. She is fluid and fluent and isn’t reading from the script. So it rings true she was  indeed fired and that she was indeed upset by it.

Allegedly her “boyfriend”  said for her to reach out to Cain, as she, he  said Herman seems to think kindly of you. WHY would he think so kindly of her after sitting next to her at dinner for a few moments?  Is it  because she was flirting and flattering him to death. Most likely.! It’s called kissing up to the head of the organization- the  boss.

She said she called Cain and he took her call and she told him she was let go and he said he was not aware if it. Don’t you think that if the head of the organization heard their employee was let go, they would want to know WHY that person was  let go?

Don’t you think that after he found out  what she allegedly did, he would want nothing to do with her?  Cain was a political person back then, so why would he make waves in the politics of his own organization and re hire a fired person? It does not make sense. Also it is suspect to me to call someone for  a job and just happen  tell them the name of the hotel you are staying at.

SHE Instigated The Alleged Meeting- NOT Cain And Shows Many Signals of Deception.

SHE  then explains since she was unemployed,  her boyfriend booked a room for her at the capital Hilton. Isn’t that a bit piggy of her? If you are unemployed and have no money and someone else pays for you to stay at the most expensive hotel in DC, wouldn’t you  let them know you couldn’t accept it because it was too pricey and

Relaying to the public that she took the room so freely sounds like she feels entitled to it and smacks of  a “gimmie gimmie  “gold digging” mentality

She asked where they should meet,  another aggressive act. She relays he said they meet at the hotel lobby bar. This means that he was not having hanky panky  or ulterior motives on his mind as he allegedly suggested   an open  public place.

When she discusses the suite  that she was arranged by Cain she shows deception as she explains that she thought it was her boyfriend trying to surpsise her That is too much information and indicative of deception.

Body language wise she he looks down and lip purses, further indicating signals of deception.’

Being in the restaurant hotel business, herself,  she could have finagled an upgrade all by herself. What would be the motivation of a man whom you met once upgrading you when he allegedly doesn’t know what you want or why you are coming to see him.

She says he  took her to dinner  and  he promptly said WHY ARE YOU HERE? Isn’t that odd that someone would ask you why you are there when you yourself set up an appointment to meet them and they meet you for a drink? Also if HE asked why  she was there, it indicates that he did not have any ulterior motive with her. He had no idea what she wanted from him.

Thus, we have seen  yet  another aggressive pattern by Bialeck. Did  she finagle him to buy her a dinner saying how hungry she was?  Did she flatter and flirt. Was she flattering and flirting  so much at dinner that he had to say WHY ATRE YOU HERE ?  Was he thinking, what in goodness sakes do you want from me? Are you a hooker or something?

If she wanted a job all she had to do was call his office, meet with him in his office and ask him for a job in his office.  The operative word here is office .Done and  completed!  But her drink and dinner BS may have been leading him on to make him question her as to why she was really there.



Then she says she asks him to help her get her old job back  or get a job in a different department as she allegedly hits him up for a job.

So did he say, yes or no or maybe? The fact that she doesn’t relay what he said is suspect in itself.

She then reports he  allegedly takes her in his car and drives her to the National Restaurant Association and sexually harasses her WHAT ??????????

If he allegedly upgraded her to a suite  as she said earlier, don’t you think he would harass her in her upgraded suite he allegedly secured and NOT in a car.

She described what she wore and said he had a suit with his shirt open. WHAT??? What happened to his tie? And why was his shirt open? Did did she open it? Was she flattering and flirting  and unbuttoning his shirt?  This sounds like BS to me. If a man is interested in having sex with you, he di going to unbutton his PANTS not his SHIRT? And did he do this when he was driving her around DC when they were stopped  at traffic lights ?

She does NOT say he parked in front of such and such building and attacked me. This is nonsense.

This  most likely NEVER happened as she stutters  on her words while she relates he had with his shirt with his shirt open ,, When people repeat  significant words they are usually lying .

She looks down as she said he was going to show me around the offices . She touches her nose just like she did in the above photo when discussing the hotel drinks they most likely did NOT have.  Look at Gloria flowing the script along with her client.

As  Bialek describes  what she wore , she interjected UM’s  ( a huge signal of deception. As she said  instead of going in the office he reached over and…..   she SWALLOWS HARD- another huge signal of deception . As she says that he reached over and he put his hand on my leg , she has a shoulder shrug which screams LIE!

Also as she discusses how they met for a drink, she covers up her mouth as you can see in the photo. That is a signal of deception. Cain claims he never met the woman, let alone met her for a drink. Her tell certainly  may indicate this.

Also her response to Cain’s allegedly putting her hand up his crotch sounds bogus.

She asks him “What are you Doing ? You know I have a boyfriend? WHAT???????? Does that mean if she didn’t have a boyfriend it would be fine to touch her crotch?  Her response sounds very off. One would say STOP, DON’T , NO! One would not give the reason to not continue  as to their having a boyfriend. It makes no sense .

She also showed no anger or upset as she relayed this moment and in essence relived it.  That is another HUGE signal of deception.

She said she told her “boyfriend” and  a mentor and that she was embarrassed. Of course she didn’t tell them the details because nothing probably happened because she told them nothing.  If  something sexually inappropriate  really happened and your alleged boyfriend was the one who supposedly suggested you set up the meeting, don’t you think you would tell him everything?  And who is this “boyfriend”?

Then she leaks out the above facial expression which is inconsistent with what she is saying. Her eyes needed to be open wide and eyebrows raised as she spoke of ‘surprise”. Instead she makes a closed off disgusted look with head cocked to the side which is another huge signal of deception.  Also she minimizes what she says by saying  “kind of normal”.

Bialeck  Beams and Smiles At Her ALLEGED  “Harasser” 14 Years Later?

Her face literally   lights up whens he said she saw him again. She said in an upbeat voice  as she said you remember me?   He obviously didn’t remember  her  among the  hundreds of thousands he has met over the past 14 years.

As she describes his speech, he says as he spoke he had the same infectious presence when she first heard him. She lights up and  beams a huge smile as she says this. Here is a HUGE clue of deception in my book. When  you have been sexually harassed by someone,  he last thing you do is flatter them publically or even go to see them.

The last thing you would do is light up and beam a smile. Instead your brow would furrow and you would have a look of disgust and anger on your face. Bialeck had a beaming smile instead.

Does This Smack of  A Political Agenda  or Setup? 

She said that when she asked if he remembered her,  she wanted him to come clean for HIS SAKE AND FOR HIS CANDIDACY When someone is harassed they are not thinking of the other person’s sake or their candidacy. She also self corrects which is another signal of deception.

Then she gives some altrusitc BS by saying she is the face  and voice behind women who are afraid to come forward voice.  Puhleeeze!!!!!!  Now I am convinced that this must have been written by  by Gloria  or her minions as the rhetoric sounds way too familiar. It sounds like what  many of her other clients have all said in their pressers as she sttod breast to breast with them in front of the microphones.

When she starts her final statement with a political message of  how America is in turmoil and what kind of leader we need, I am even more  convinced someone put her up to this. If you are harassed you are not thinking about your country in turmoil.  She  also smiled as she said this. This is incongruent behavior with someone who was harassed.

In the above photo she scratches her face and looks down at significant points in the speech. This usually indicates deception.

She claims it happened 14 years ago . Why come out NOW when he is running for office? It is because she and those who most like likely wrote this speech want to smear up his candidacy.

Based on her body language, voice and speech tells this is NO shrinking violet. She seems like a strong willed aggressive woman who speaks her mind.  She is no shrinking violet or some little victim.

On the contrary, she is a woman who LOVE, LOVES, LOVES the media attention!!!  She was beaming on all the morning talk shows

In these above photos this look like a sexually harassed woman who was traumatized by what Cain did to her 14 years ago. To me she is the voice and face of someone who finally got her 15 minutes of fame or infamy. www.drlillianglass.com


10 thoughts on “Herman Cain’s Accuser Sharon Bialick’s Body Language, Speech and Voice Pattern Show Signs of Lying

  1. You are full of crap. I am white and blonde . I was raped twice in the 1970s. Not reported. If that man would announce he is running for the highest office in the USA, I would be the first to come out. I also have PTSD. I wake up nitely screaming from nitemares. I also am able to smile and laugh during the day. Cain is a fricking pig and has no chance of being elected dog catcher, much less president of anything. How about you do HIS body language, if you are so insightful? A 5 year old kid could tell you he is nuts. How about referring to himself in the 3rd person constantly, for starters. DOC, YOU ARE WAY OFF TARGET. Go back to pushing your tv pilots. Shame on you. Gloria and Sharon are both Republicans. The Dems have nothing to do with this crap. HE IS OUR DREAM CANDIDATE.


    1. Do you want to know who is responsible for most of your troubles? You may want to take a look in the mirror. If you could kick the person responsible for most of your problems, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for three weeks. This may sound harsh, but isn’t it finally time for us to stay out of our own way?

      “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” (Sir Edmond Hillary). Self-image sets the boundaries and limits of each of our individual accomplishments. Stop looking only at where you are and start looking at what you can be. Be careful of where your mind wanders; your words and actions follow it.

      You carry with you the world in which you must live. Know this: when you have a great dream, your mind will be your biggest enemy. Facing major obstacles in life? James Allen answered, “You are the handicap you must face. You are the one who must choose your place.” Remember you are your own doctor when it comes to curing cold feet, a hot head and a stuffy attitude. Zig Ziglar observes, “What you picture in your mind, your mind will go to work to accomplish. When you change your pictures you automatically change your performance.”


    2. As an abuse survivor myself, I appreciate your candor. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments and am sorry for the suffering you go through. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. My husband is a 20 year Active Duty Army Veteran, so I am very familiar with PTSD and I hope and pray you are one day relieved of your horrors. My heart aches for you. Sincerely, Lisa


    3. Josy you clearly don;t know what you are talking about. Gloria Allred is a huge Democraic supporter not a Republican.I am sorry you were raped and have ptsd and how you identify with Bileck as a tall white blond as you state. This ia about Bialecks body language and commentry not Cains so place your vitriol somewhere else. Bialeks story did not make sense and she showed tells of deception in my view.

      Pushing my pilots have nothing to do with this blog and it show your huge animostiy and contentiousness Jody Mah.


  2. Bialick thought she could get something out of Cain 14 yrs ago, and now she is trying it again. Having Alred by her side just makes her look more like the gold-digger that she is. And Jody, I’m not a big Cain fan, just hate seeing people used as a ladder by people to lazy to work for a living. I think the upset on Cain’s face makes him look more credible than this smiling hoochie mama.


  3. Thanks Dr. Glass for your latest article. I enjoy reading your blog.

    I have found it safe to assume the person standing next to Gloria Allred is always lying….LOL


  4. I had the impression the story was made up, and by the way well played, from the very beginning. Written by a novelist or something like that. Like all novels, full of contradictions.

    I just add another sign of deception:

    The woman said she did not tell her boyfriend about details because she felt embarassed. Of course, her boyfriend did not care, did not want to know… (What sort of boyfriend is this?) 14 years later she did not feel embarassed to tell the whole world about those same details… Laughable…

    Whom do you think you are kidding, ma’am?


  5. Now that her ex-boyfriend Dr. Victor Zuckerman has come forth on CNN and told exactly what happened 14 years ago, do you care to change your tune?

    I was raped 24 years ago and 20 years ago TWICE and still have never come forth about the circumstances or attacks. You can bet your last dollar that if either of these attackers were running for office I would come forth to back up others claims. Yes I have been embarrassed and ashamed. I also struggled throughout my teenage years wondering if I had to count them “as my first” and was I really a virgin. I chose to only tell one person (My husband) right before I was married and that was after 15 years of other relationships! Unless you have been sexually assualted or raped, you cannot even begin to judged another person’s actions, mannerisms or thought process. I myself have used the “I have a boyfriend” line to deflect unwanted attention while working in the resturant industry whenever someone got too grabby and it is a common deflector amongst young women who naively think it will stop someone from touching them, so you are way off base in your anyalsis of her conversation with him. You can say that you read body language, but many found her story to be convincing and rings true. Her Ex-Boyfriend who is a respected Dr. coming forth only lends crescence to her story. Making a mokery of what a sexually abused woman would or would not do is sad. We would never presume to assume how we would feel if we suffered a family tragedy as you have, so please offer us abuse victims the same respect.


    1. I stick to my view basked on what I saw and it still does;t make sense to me. She could have sat near Herman Cain many times and still nothing could have happened. She is loving her fifteen minutes which has now
      turned into thirty minutes of fame. I am terribly sorry about your ordeal and what you went through Lisa but your ordeal is not Bialleks’s “situation”. As she described her story it makes no sense boyfriend or not.


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