Toxic Man Omar Sharif’s Body Language As He Abuses A Woman in Public


There is nothing that sickened me more than seeing , Omar Sharif of Dr. Zhivago fame  a one time heartthrob to many women back in the day, physcially abuse a woman in public. It was shocking and appalling.  He severely slapped  a woman simply because she wanted to have her photo taken with him.Apparently   she was overzealous and did not wait her turn to be photographed. nued to  . He let her know she did wrong in his eyes, not only by his physical slap but by his verbal slap as he continued to berate her .

 What was more appalling was looking at the video frame by frame and seeing how he gets enraged, slaps her, goes off on her, feels guilty about it, tries and  to make nice, Now  he  becomes   angry at her for making him angry. Below  is a frame by frame analysis of  whathe did to her.

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3 thoughts on “Toxic Man Omar Sharif’s Body Language As He Abuses A Woman in Public

  1. Very interesting Dr. Glass. I saw Omar Sharif in “Dr. Z”, and he was great, but about ten years later, I heard about his ‘temper’, which was focused upon women only. That totally turned me off on this actor.

    It’s notable that many men, who portray the ‘tough guy’ are, in fact, whimps. This low-life is worse. Not only does he argue with almost everybody, but, as you posted, he attacks women, physically. What a coward, with ‘mommy’ problems. All I can say about his is one big “YULK!” He needs to go to jail.


  2. I love this new post. Thank you Lillian , and do know, all of the USA is waiting for your body language on the Baby Lisa Irwin parents.


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