Dr. Lillian Glass Shares Views on Baby Lisa Case From Body Language and Communication Perspective

Countless readers  and fans of my work have asked my opinion  on the body language of  missing Baby Lisa’s parents. After my detailed and comprehensive  analysis of the  Casey Anthony case , only to see a child killer go free and see her  obnoxious  parents exploit the media and  make millions off of  baby’s death, the last  thing I wanted to do was to get involved in reporting another  story of a disturbed mother and he mysteriously  But  missing child.

But I have done so. I see so many similarities and patterns in this case ……..




Toxic Man Omar Sharif’s Body Language As He Abuses A Woman in Public


There is nothing that sickened me more than seeing , Omar Sharif of Dr. Zhivago fame  a one time heartthrob to many women back in the day, physcially abuse a woman in public. It was shocking and appalling.  He severely slapped  a woman simply because she wanted to have her photo taken with him.Apparently   she was overzealous and did not wait her turn to be photographed. nued to  . He let her know she did wrong in his eyes, not only by his physical slap but by his verbal slap as he continued to berate her .

 What was more appalling was looking at the video frame by frame and seeing how he gets enraged, slaps her, goes off on her, feels guilty about it, tries and  to make nice, Now  he  becomes   angry at her for making him angry. Below  is a frame by frame analysis of  whathe did to her.

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Message from Dr. Lillian Glass to All Her Blog Readers

To all my wonderful Body Language Blog Readers:

I just  wanted to let you know why  you haven’t seen a lot of my  posts  lately, It is  because I have been focused  on my  new books and doing TV show pilots. In fact, I just finished the final touches on my upcoming book called, See Something, Hear Something, Say Something! Guide to Identifying Body Language of Terrorist. My co-author is, a  former Special Agent with the FBI and former member of the Joint Terrorist Task Force named Vincent Sulivan. We are so proud of this book is with a lot of original research and new data  how to recognize terrorists as we are certain It will help save a lot of lives.





Surprise! Surprise! Casey Anthony’s Jail Video Released By Judge Perry Screams Anxiety and Guilt

Casey Anthony’s  body language  during the recently released  videotape which Judge Perry  finally allowed to be made public says it all. It shows Casey’s reaction when she  became aware Caylee’s remains were found. It  shows someone   n and extreme state of anxiety and screams guilt to me!

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