Shocking Body Language of A Dead Michael Jackson On A Gurney

Michael Jackson’s dead body language on a gurney was beyond  shocking as the  prosecution presented it’s case  on the first day of the  Conrad Murray trial. Devastating and painful are not enough to describe this photo which shows a helpless Michael lying on a gurney covered with a sheet on the lower half of his body. The photo clearly reveals  results of the actions of an irresponsible negligent physician who administered the lethal drug propofol when he knew better than to give it to his patient. Now it is all about wasting everyone’s time and tax dollars as the blame game begins.

So what if was reported  Michael demanded to have  the drug.  So what of Michael allegedly had a drug problem and drug addiction issues. It was not Michael’s call. Michael was  merely the patient and not the doctor. But unfortunately as we see here,  there are doctors who will do whatever a patient wants   only because they are a star and can pay big money  Unfortunately this  goes on all the time in Los Angeles where  doctors  cater to the Hollywood community. There is even  a vulgar name for these type of doctors – “STAR F***ERS.

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8 thoughts on “Shocking Body Language of A Dead Michael Jackson On A Gurney

  1. So sorry about your brother. I can not imagine lossing a sibling- so awful.

    I was a medical social worker in hospitals for 20 years and physicians kill patients every day- and do tons of damage that is non-lethal- they are dangerous becoz they are so arrogant and really do have a god-complex. Physicians are “trained” not educated and are treated in such a way they become the monsters that most do- I used to tell nurses- “stop treating them that way” (letting them get away with MURDER- both psychologically- to them- and literally to patients). I warn people not to accept “opinions” from physicians if it’s outside their exact speciality- becoz they throw false and biased info around like crazy- and know less than than the typical educated person that’s done a little research.

    I’m not saying there aren’t some good ones- but its not many-


  2. I was deeply touched by your sharing your own personal experience with your much loved brother Manny. Thank you for posting this. I too, have a long history with incompetent physicians. One, two decades ago, did experimental surgery on my Father, and crippled him from the neck down. He was only 45 years old, and had to spend the rest of his young life in a nursing home. He could not move, except to turn his head.

    When my Mother attempted to sue the doctor, the Good-Old-Boys club circled this monster, and protected him. She did get a very small award, which went to support my Father’s. He continued practicing in a major, Northeastern city, however. My poor Father lived until he turned 68, when due to the poor condition of his body, and muscular strain, his head began to move backward, and continued to interfere with his breathing. Thankfully, and due to God’s mercy, he did not suffocate, but passed from kidney failure. I have lived with this nightmare since I was a teen, and I am now a young-retiree.

    It haunts me that these incompetent physicians are allowed to return to practice.

    Watching this trial, it breaks my heart what happened to poor Michael. He gave us so much, and I do not believe that he molested those boys. I say that, after reviewing his life. He ended up a sad, hopeless, man. If not for his children, I do not think he would have lived long anyway. However, the doctors today pass out medications like it’s Halloween. Unfortunately, the trick is paid on the patients.

    I wonder Dr. Glass, do you get the impression that Dr. Murry believes his statement made in August, 2009, that he did everything possible to save Michael’s life? I saw a re-run on television today, and it was obviously scripted, but Dr. Murry seemed so sincere. Yet, when I see him sitting in the courtroom, I get the distinct impression that he did not care, at all, about Michael Jackson. In my opinion, Michael was a cash-cow to Dr. Murray. What struck me about that is, if Dr. Murray viewed Michael in this manner, why was he not more careful?

    I don’t know the licensing laws for physicians, however, I do know that when choosing a doctor, I pick ones who are associated with a reputable hospital, which I believe that Dr. Murray was not.

    If Michael had not been so wealthy, would he have survived? What I mean is, because he could pick and chose, any doctor to treat him, and had extreme wealth, that means that he could also demand certain treatments. I believe that many, if not most, doctors would give in, and provide anything that Michael requested.

    I noticed that the defense is treating each witness as a hostile witness, without leave of court, or objections by the prosecution. This concerns me. It raises memories of the trial involving my Father. The defense and prosecution seemed to be working together, rather than adversaries, as they should be. I feel that, at times, during this trial, they are doing the same thing.

    Am I projecting, or is it possible that the State, and the Defense are working some sort of deal, behind the scenes?

    I would like your opinion Dr. Glass, based upon your expertise. I have suspected this type of behavior for decades, not only due to my own personal experience, with my Father, but also as a paralegal. I’ve been involved in many trials, and have wondered if I might be missing a nefarious dynamic, or if I am only projecting from my past?

    I hate saying the above, but I have seen too many cases, of late especially, which do not go the way I know, legally, they should go. Unfortunately, many are based in California, i.e. Robert Blake, Phil Spector (who was convicted ultimately convicted), O.J., and the most recent, not a California trial, but Florida, Casey Anthony.

    I feel that money and celebrity are affecting our legal system in an unequal, and prejudicial manner leaning toward the celebrities, and/or wealthy. I would just like to have some insight from your point of view, Dr. Glass. Are you aware of any ‘tells’, etc., which may support some, if not all, of what I have proposed? Thank you for posting about the MJ trial.


    1. Thanks Drake for the link to the Casey Anthony video! All I can say is,….”HOLY MOLEY!”

      Casey was viewing the news broadcast, on the day that Caley’s body was discovered. It looks so obvious, from her paniced reaction, that Casey knew that they had found her daughter’s remains.

      Casey is seen rocking forward, head down, deep breathing, holding her hands across her body, as if in an attempt to self-soothe. She knows it’s Caley. I have no doubt.

      This video would have solidified the question of guilt, as far as I can see. Casey has given us what I call, “baseline” behavior, from watching her arrest, questioning, etc. by the police. She remained cool as a cucumber, and that alone is odd, if you were at all inclined to believe that she had nothing to do with her daughter’s disappearance. I specifically recall a police interview, prior to her arrest, wherein Casey was completely unconcerned as to the whereabouts of Caley, she was cool, calm and collected during questioning.

      This video, shows me that she knew that the police had found her daughter’s remains. In her mind, I believe she knew that the “jig was up”, other words, it was all over for her.

      I cannot understand why this video was not shown in Court. Baez filed a Motion to Suppress, though I can only guess that it was granted by the Judge. In the Motion, Baez, no doubt, used the fact that the video was obtained while Casey was in the infirmary. Therefore, it was privileged pursuant to the HIPPA act.

      However, under the provisions of HIPPA, a health care provider,
      and/or facility “must disclose PHI (personal health information), when required to do so by law, such as reporting suspected child abuse to state child welfare agencies.”


      Specifically: Title ll, Privacy Rule.

      Therefore, if I had been on the Prosecution team, I would have prepared a reply and include that this ‘rule’ would have precluded any perceived, or implied right to privacy, based upon “suspected child abuse”, and the video would have come into evidence during the trial.

      What astounds me is, if I am able to see the above, being a lowly paralegal, why did the State (Prosecution) fail to advance it before the Court, and strike Baez’s Motion???

      I still say, something insidious was happening in regard to this entire fiasco. It cannot be dismissed. Firstly, the Judge disallows fair, and proper challenges by the Prosecution, to prospective jurors. Secondly, the Prosecution did not completely fail to make their case, they refused to make the proper charge against the Defendant, i.e. Second Degree Manslaughter involving a minor child. This would have guaranteed a life sentence, in my opinion. Thirdly, the jury needs to be investigated based upon lack of participation, i.e. examination of evidence, etc., during deliberation.

      I am sure I could find more, but at this point in time, I do not see any recourse but for a potential finding of jury tampering, or jurors failure to deliberate.

      The whole trial, when said and done, was a fiasco. One that needs to be investigated thoroughly by the District Attorney, and/or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Penalties should have been issued against Cindy Anthony, for perjury, as well as summons, and hopefully charges, against the jurors for failing to deliberate. The whole thing stinks!

      Nobody as guilty as Casey Anthony, should have had as many irregularities, and mistakes, resulting in a not-guilty verdict. In my opinion, it is highly improbably, and impossible. I do not believe in coincidence(s). I believe, firmly, that something nefarious, underhanded, and unprofessional happened in that Court, and I would like to see a Federal Investigation of all parties involved.

      I doubt it will ever happen. It takes a great deal of money to pursue, what many consider to be a dead end. I would reply, watch the video, couple it with Casey’s behavior, as well as the lack of professionalism in the Courtroom, and tell me that you do not agree.


  3. Dr. Glass – I would fascinated to have your “read” on the body language of the parents of the 10-month old missing in Missouri – Lisa Irwin. Thank you.


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