George Anthony Severs Ties With Casey, Cindy Says He’s No Molestor, And Offers Wimpy Opinion About Casey Babysitting

Dr. Phil’s last installment of the Anthony interview was  exceptional in terms of revealing who George and Cindy really are as people. George Anthony essentially

divorced Casey He said that he   believes it is impossible to reconnect with Casey. Those are very powerful words, especially from George who has displayed  wimp-like communication  all along,

He said her was shocked by the verdict and shook when he heard it. This means  his body language reflected  so much anger,  he physically could no longer  control  his body movements.

He also said   he  believes Casey  should be held responsible for Caylee’s death, indicating  George has finally taken off his blinders. But all his power was

quickly lost when he spoke about Casey babysitting  his future grand baby Cindy spins and spins the molestation allegations against George.But her verbal spin do not coincide with her body language tells. To read more click  the link below







63 thoughts on “George Anthony Severs Ties With Casey, Cindy Says He’s No Molestor, And Offers Wimpy Opinion About Casey Babysitting

  1. Dr. Glass, These people have lied so much it has become their way of life. I wonder what their church members think.I know you have to love the sinner and hate the sin but good grief! Do they believe it is alright to lie out of one side of their mouth and act all holey out of the other side. I really know what 2- faced means now. I try to love all of God’s people but if my spirit came closed to them I would uncontiously back away from them. I ‘m sorry , but before I could hug them I would have to pray and ask God to help me not to spit in their 4 faces. That is just George and Cindy I’m talking about. God Help me if I ever met up w/ Casey. Newspaper headlines:” Little old lady smashes into Casey Anthony like a Max truck.” Lee, as in Lee who? Don’t want to waist space w/ him….


  2. These people need to be ignored. They have become used to the spotlight and it’s difficult to believe anything out of their mouths. The case was handled badly from the beginning. Cindy using “febreze” in the car trunk, and George driving the car anywhere! He knew better. That car should have been turned over to the police the minute they suspected there had been a “dead body in the damn car.” So sickening, really. That poor baby didn’t have a chance, did she? Whoever said, “follow the money” is on to something. Good thing for Casey that I wasn’t one of the main characters in this mess or on that jury. Things would have turned out very, very differently.


    1. her body language verified the sexual abuse- i don’t know if Dr. Glass said so- article won’t open- but body lango guy on Dr. Drew said so- she “closed her eyes” as she answered Dr. Phil’s question as to whether or not she believed George molested Casey- it was pretty classic.


  3. Why do Cindy and George feel the need to continue to fill the air w/ their lies. Making excuse after excuse . Just shut-up already! Your murdering daughter got off! What! You want to retrial her also? It can’t be done, thanks to all your lies on the stand! We the people of the world do not want to hear your shabby excuses anymore,, GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!! Leave us in peace. Your daughter killed your granddaughter! Caylee is Dead, thanks to Casey… GET IT? GOT IT!!! Crawl back in your hole on hopeless dr. and rot! You liers!


  4. I read Dr. Glass’ blog regarding George and Cindy’s interview with Dr. Phil. I still say that George did not molest Casey, nor did Lee.

    Body language is telling, but it is not the ultimate lie detector. Unless you know the people involved, and are aware of different affectations of that individual, under many different circumstances, anybody could be profiled in anyway the expert interprets it.

    To me, George looked sad, and embarrassed. I see that as completely in line with a man from his generation, as well as any man who loves his family, and has struggled to support them. In my opinion, George was emasculated when he was unable to financially support his family, when they were forced to move from Ohio, to Florida, looking for work. I remember that time period. I live in the Northeast, and it was no picnic. There were no jobs. Nothing that you could raise a family on. The mills were gone, and all of the jobs were gone. It almost happened overnight. If you stayed, you starved. If you left, you felt you had a chance to find work.

    I saw nothing in the interviews that indicated that George was a pedophile. What I do know, is what we all saw during the trial. Jose Baez was make claims, in his opening statement, that he never answered. He threw everything, and everybody, into some ridiculous conspiracy to hurt Casey,…therefore, she was the victim. Nonsense. All was unproven. It’s a defense attorney’s tact, especially when they have no case. I worked with trial attorneys, and the defense attorney is the epitome of ‘telling tales’. It’s ridiculous, and outlandish, but sometimes, it actually works, as we saw.

    When George abdicated his position, in his family, as the provider, he saw himself as a complete and utter failure. Cindy’s personality is the type to step in, take control (as we have seen), and step all over her loving husband while do so. I am positive that Cindy never thought that she was doing anything wrong. Even she shows pity toward George, when explaining the molestation charge, and stands by him that Casey is not welcome home. That is because she knows, deep down, that she is the reason that George is a wimp, and she is the one who emasculated him. To her, I believe it does not matter, and that she would do it again, without hesitation.

    After Cindy got control, and in essence she stepped into the dominant, controlling position in that family. That is when Casey realized how easy it was to play one parent against the other. She did not want her father in control, because she would have to explain her every move. With Cindy, all she had to do was threaten, carry on, and walk out, and she wins every time. With Cindy as the boss, Casey had a very easy life, money, car, men, and parties. With George in charge, he would have demanded respect, and in-depth information regarding her personal life. Casey did not want that. She did not want George to come home, when the Anthony’s separated. In fact, I still say that Casey was the motivational factor for George leaving in the first place.

    Cindy always backs her daughter, even over the wants of her husband. George was, suddenly, a man without a family. He either towed the line, or he could get out. That is what he did. With George out of the way Casey could cajole and further mollify Cindy. Cindy’s problem is that she allowed it, all in the name of keeping the baby Casey was carrying, safe.

    I do not care what happened, if anything, between George and River. It was ancient history, and from his history with Cindy, who could blame him if it did happen? Cindy is a shrew, a liar, and heartless, just like Casey.

    Do not try to paint George or Lee as the catalyst for Casey’s behavior. Casey is exactly the way she chose to be, and with Cindy as a role-model, it’s not wonder she turned out to be so selfish, and self-centered. Lying is just an added bonus done so easily by Cindy, and so well, that Casey, decided to adopt it. It’s not brain surgery…

    I believe George. I think he has lived under the thumb of a shrew, and now, because he failed to step-up, and demand his rights as a father, he is the father of a murderer. That’s what happens folks, when you give a kid everything they want,…including too much freedom, with no checks or balances. Casey ran wild, with Cindy at the helm, and Cindy lied to George, in order to buffer Casey. Period.

    Casey chose to rid herself of her daughter. The opportunity presented itself, and she chose it. She did it, not George, not Cindy, not Lee. Nobody helped her. Caley is dead because Casey wanted her dead.

    As far as George’s response to Dr. Phil, about Lee and Mallory’s baby. He answered correctly. He does not tell his son what to do. His son is a man, and his daughter-in-law has a say in it as well. That child is his grandchild, not his child. Cindy, on the other hand, jumped right in and again, placed herself in Casey’s shoes, and trod all over her family’s wants, and desires. Just like she did to George. No big surprise there!

    George should leave, but I don’t know if he will. As I have said in prior posts, he is older now. His life is coming to a close, and starting over is almost impossible for those approaching their golden years. It’s really sad. I think he married Cindy, partly for what he saw as strength. It wasn’t until Caley died, that he realized that what he formerly saw as strength, was heavy-handed, control. Cindy wants to be in the drivers seat, and God help anybody who tries to take the wheel away from her!


      1. as long as you guys are basing your “opinion” on a “professional’s synopsis” of the information. If your basing your “opinions” on nonprofessionals- then you can take it to the bank that you are wrong. Remember thoses that were sure the world was flat- they screamed and kicked for decades- I think one of the View women were still under that impression just a few years back. That is the problem with lack of education- its not that you don’t know- its that you don’t “get” the fact that you must consult the professionals in the particiular field of study- to know- or even have an opinion. And, it’s so EASY now, with the internet and “google”.


      2. Thanks Sarah, but I still see way too many who believe otherwise. Either they are not elightened, poor judges of character, and/or trolls.

        I hate saying this because, I want to believe that people are capable of discerning the truth all by themselves. However, I see that many still struggle with it. They make excuses, point fingers, based upon false perceptions. I would like them to “think outside the box”, that they live in.

        Hence, I post. Hoping that I can provide some insight into this disfunctional family. Their problems are almost solely based in buffering children from life, to the extent that they never learn how to live correctly, and of course, the lies.

        Intellectual dishonesty ruins lives. Cindy is the epitome of this. The truth is the only way to live. Even when it hurts. I know this sounds judgmental, and superior, but I also know that every lie you tell, will come back someday, and bite you hard. I have seen people destroyed by their lies, and the lies of those they love.

        It doubles the guilt when it hurts innocents. Working in the field of law, divorce, family law,…I’ve seen everything. I also worked for years as a social worker and did in-the-field interviews of the poor and elderly. It was extremely enlightening…take it with a grain of salt. I’ve seen a lot…


    1. I agree, Katsie. Keep telling it like it is. George is sad. Casey is evil. Cindy is delusional and a proven liar. Caylee is an angel in the arms of Jesus.


      1. Thank you Karen. That poor little girl…birth control, adoption, custody,…any of these options were available to Casey, yet she chose murder. My fear is that other parents, those who refuse to face the truth that they do not love their children, for whatever reason, will do as Casey did. That frightens me more than anything I can imagine.

        We need stronger laws to protect our children. They are the most beautiful, and guileless beings on the earth, next to our sweet animals….yes, I said it. We need to protect the innocent a lot better than we do.



    Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court for Lying to the FBI Investigators
    If any case in our lifetime cries out for prosecution by the Federal Government it is this one.

    It is imperative to restore our faith in the justice system and our government as a whole.

    The federal interest in this case is that a conviction will ensure the safety of the children of our nation. It will show people that seek to harm children that you cannot murder a child, remain quiet and lie to government officials and suffer no consequences.

    Show us the Federal Government is serious about enforcing laws designed to more adequately and sufficiently protect our country’s children. Povide proof that the Eric Holder’s statement was true when he stated

    “We are signaling that, when it comes to keeping our children from harm, a new era of collaboration has begun”


    We The People

    Created: Sep 22, 2011


    1. so…do you ALSO think the jury was wrong about the millionaire who shot his wife in the face? For some relief you might want to follow legal cases in other countrys that have legal systems more in line with personal preferences. You might also benefit from educating your self on our system- maybe if you understood what was going on it would help you deal with decisions that don’t go the way you personally want them to.


      1. Deb, who are you posting to? It would help if you hit reply, or named the poster. It’s difficult to know who you want to dress-down, and elicit a response from, if you don’t say who you are chiding.


    1. Barbara- maybe your time would better spent joing Big Brothers Big Sisters – or other social community organization and helping a child in need.


  6. As much as I hate spineless George (and the rest of the Anthonys), I still don’t think George molested Casey. At least I’m not 100% convinced. When you read about the traits of a sociopath, and I have no doubt Casey is one, promiscuous behavior is one of them.

    Thank you Dr. Glass for watching the Dr. Phil interviews so I don’t have to waste any more time on this useless family and give them any viewer ratings that they don’t deserve.


    1. TA with you on all counts. Psychopaths and manipulators use sex as power. Casey is all about control, getting what she wants, and gives little to no forethought about the consequences of her actions. Why would she worry about consequences when mommy dearest Cindy never held Casey accountable. In fact Sindy aided her daughter in her lies, deceit and evil actions. Cindy was all to willing to throw innocent people under the bus to protect Casey rotten skin.


      1. Agree Singhphat, 100%!!!

        Casey is not a victim, she is a willing participant in Cindy’s lies. Casey knows right from wrong, but it was just easier, and more effective to lie, and get your own way, than tell the truth, and suffer the consequences. Cindy buffered Casey, and taught her well. Be careful how far you go to ‘help’ your adult child. Do not encourage lying to protect a child from consequences that you know are right, and morally correct, otherwise, you might be raising a Casey Anthony, and I doubt any parent wants that.


      1. It sure is her to a “T.” And George and Cindy just catered to her genetic mutation (the sociopathy/ASPD). I believe that the blueprints for Casey’s behavior were always there. I don’t know if George or Cindy could have done anything to stop it, but they certainly did not help curtail it by pandering to her in various ways.

        I don’t want to sound like I’m defending them, because I think they are both scum, but I’ve never come across the path of a sociopath, and I’d imagine fear might cause one to bow down to them. I’m pretty sure they’re both scared of her (Casey). If I were one of them, a free Casey would scare the s**t out of me!


  7. I am not 100% sure George did not molest Casey. There, I said it. As much as I don’t want to give Killer-Casey one IOTA of an excuse, I think there may have been something very wrong in that family, and molestation (even a small amount) may have played a part. I am basing this on several things (1) George’s answer to Jeff Ashton on the stand when asked if he had ever molested his daughter; I thought his response was very WEAK, and it just didn’t sit right…it didn’t ring true (2) his answer to Dr. Phil was the same, to me it lacked conviction and the anger/frustration of being charged with something that he did not do (3) Cindy’s body language when asked the same question, it just seemed OFF or WEAK to me, and I did notice that she closed her eyes.

    And you’re right, for those of you that say ‘Well Casey left Caylee in George’s care many times’…. yes she did, but maybe the sociopath in her was just only concerned with HER (Casey’s) needs and she just didn’t care enough about her daughter safety (which in the end, she proved by murdering her!). Caylee was a fun ‘phase’ that Casey seemed to have grown tired of, and wanted to get rid of, so that she could continue to be the STAR/PRINCESS/QUEEN BEE and get her own needs met…go be a carefree 20-yr old partying and drinking and gettin’ the guys.

    Also that part in the jailhouse interview where Casey says ‘don’t worry I haven’t said anything’… that has DRIVEN ME NUTS! What was she referring to? After all is said and done…. going back to review it now, after we know more about the situation… I do think she could have been referring to being molested.

    Again, not 100% convinced, but I think that could be the missing piece that starts to explain WHY Casey had the run of the house with no consequences for so long…. they knew she could/would say something about being molested, so they catered to her, coddled her, told her she was ‘beautiful’ all the time…. let her get away with anything she wanted.

    I still think she’s 100% guilty though. No excuse for what she did to Caylee.


    1. Thanks for bring THAt up- it drives me NUTS too and I agree- it points to molestation more than anything else (e.g. where the body is hidden-?)- and the rest of your conclusions are correct- which is why CSA professionals KNOW the abuse claims are very probably true- we know it is the explaination for ALL the pieces fitting together in this almighty puzzel. AND I also think she killed her- and NOT by accident- it was a CSA victims ultimate revenge against the mother that forsaked her for a man.


      1. I disagree deb. If Casey was being molested, it would have been known by friends (if she had any), school teachers, and of course, Cindy. Cindy is not stupid. She would have seen something, and jumped the offender, before he had a chance take another breath.

        Baez made it up. Molestation of minors is highly prevalent in our society, and disgusting to the inth degree. Don’t you think Baez knew which button to push? He did, and he used it.

        In working for the state, I had to report possible child molesters, and sadly there were a lot of them. Too many in my opinion. Whether it was sexual abuse, or physical, and/or mental, it was so prevalent that it made me physically ill. Those poor children. Sometimes, they would actually show me a burn, bruise, etc., and I did not hesitate to report the family. These families lived near other people, usually in city, and do not tell me that neighbors heard nothing, or saw nothing! They just did not want to get involved!

        Hence, that’s why I say the molestation never happened. Casey never exhibited anything but an overactive libido. Promiscuity is another sign of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, together with lying, skirting the law (bad checks, and stealing), etc. Nobody in her family molested her, and I doubt anybody touched her, without her wanting it. That’s how she got pregnant. I’ll bet she doesn’t even know who Caley’s father is. Hence the family lies,…. it was time for the Anthony’s to circle the wagons. Unfortunately, they went too far with lying about it, and forcing Casey to be a parent. She didn’t know the father, and did not love Caley. The Anthony’s are delusional, liars, and very highly stupid people!!!


    2. Do you have a link NCResident? I’d love to read that interview, or watch it. Context is important here, so I would like to review it too.

      I still say that if George, or Lee, were molesting Casey, Cindy would have kicked George out. Lee would have been taken, immediately, to a psychiatrist, and medicated. The reason the family was the way it was is because Cindy wielded the power, i.e. money. She ruled the roost, and proved it by protecting and buffering Casey from George and Lee, while Casey was pregnant.

      I doubt it was the first time that Cindy protected Casey from ‘consequences’, nor the last. Remember the lying statements Cindy stated, under oath, at trial? Cindy would do anything to protect her children. She even sacrificed Caley, in a lame attempt to make Casey act like a good mother, and take responsibility for her child,…just like Cindy did (cough, cough). How sick is that??? You don’t use children as guinea pigs!


      1. I wanted to post that I searched for Casey Anthony’s first jailhouse interview, after her first arrest, and found only one location on However, when I used the link, I found that it had been removed!

        I used to have a link to the document dump site, but cannot locate it now. If anybody has a link to this interview, I would really like to read it. I want to see what was the ‘context’ of Casey’s statement about, “….don’t worry, I haven’t said a thing.” I’d love to read it. Ty.


    3. NCR, I would believe that Cindy was the molester more than George was. Unless Cindy told him to , of course. Remember her with her hand on Lee’s thigh? IMO, Cindy is the ruler in ALL matters in that house. Everytime I see her touch one of them it seems off to me. Just the way she patted Lee’s back during the “memorial” service sent creeps thro. me. You are right about there being secrets in that family but my radar goes off w/ Cindy, not George. He creeps me out enough anyway but she makes me cringe! love your posts..


      1. I don’t agree hwill, that Cindy was the molester. She was, however, the abuser. She threw her power around, and ruled the roost. I don’t think she physically molested anybody, except for when she threatened to hit protestors with a baseball bat ;)…that’s the only physical molestation she is capable of.


  8. I wish people were doing petitions for getting the sealed documents from the trial unsealed. Who is Caylee’s father, why didn’t the FBI test George’s DNA?…or did they?


    1. I doubt it would give us Caley’s father’s identity deb. All the DNA testing did, was to eliminate possible parentage. It could not determine who the father was, since the FBI had no DNA from the father to test.

      I’d like to know who he is, as well. It’s a shame that he, and/or his family, never knew their daughter/granddaughter. Casey and her family, are despicable, truly immoral people. How dare any of them decide whether the father, and his family, know about Caley, let alone decide whether they get to know the child or not.

      The Anthony’s, Casey in particular, deliberately, and selfishly, took it upon herself, to deny the father, and his family, their familial rights to Casey! How low, base, of Casey. Again, Casey proved that she does not have a moral compass, by violating the father’s rights, and the basic accepted principals of
      right and wrong! And, her family helped her lie…how disgusting.

      If Caley’s father was a criminal, a druggie, I could understand protecting the child, but to totally disregard parental rights is taking the law into your own hands, and that’s a job for the courts, not us.


  9. I believe George is only parroting what he has learned he SHOULD say and do. George is responsible for his family’s finances just as much as Cindy. He continues to lead a parasitic lifestyle off his grandollar Caylee. Our society needs to determine what to do with people like Cindy and George who decide to breed without any concern for raising children. This “family” is a sad statement on life in these times.


    1. I wish it was that easy Sally, i.e.. legislating behavior in regard to rearing children the ‘correct’ way. We have laws that protect minors, but most middle-class families believe that they are doing the best that they can.

      The only way to stop this abuse is for the family to actually recognize it, and not be stigmatized by the consequences of voluntary guardianship, or custody. How do you explain that the child, in question is no longer living in your home? Lie??? That’s what got the Anthony’s into hot water in the first place, and I doubt any family would want to admit that they were unfit to raise their own children.

      I don’t have an answer…but I do like Caley’s Law. At least it puts the onus on the custodial parent, or caregiver. They have no choice but to report a missing child within a certain time period. I think it should be a shorter time period, but that’s just me.


    2. I have seen worse Sally. Sorry to say, but there are a lot of people who should not be parents. Just because you can breed, does not mean that you should. Birth control should be free, or extremely low cost, so that young people, if they are involved physically, can avoid bring another unwanted child into this world.

      Things are tough enough for those who are loved, let alone those who are not.


  10. One last comment, for those who think only professionals know better. The behavior we all witnessed with the Anthony’s did not require a ‘professional’ to discern that something was wrong.

    Do not think that you need to run to professionals to learn how to breathe. It’s referred to as ‘instinct’, and common sense, and we all have it, to some extent or another.

    I am not saying that professionals are useless, but they are not always required. You see a specialist when things are beyond your common knowledge. And, sometimes, some of us have as much common sense, as professionals. That’s all I am saying. Trust your instincts! If it smells like a skunk, it’s probably a skunk!


    1. I agree w/ you. What happened to good ol’ common sense? Have you ever meet someone you instandly back away from? That is your inter spirit tell you something, listen to it.


      1. I agree completely hwill. I’ve noticed, when I listen to that ‘inner voice’, a/k/a conscience, common sense,….things turn out well. However, when I deny it,….the complete adverse happens..and I chide myself for not listening, in the first place.


  11. WHO CARES ABOUT THESE TWO, Please blog about the Conrad Murray trial. I am depressed after the first day of opening statements. Poor MJ, I miss him so much.


  12. I don’t care about the Anthony’s, and I doubt anybody here cares either. The only reason I post, and I think most would agree, is because we are frustrated with the ‘not guilty’ verdict. We’re upset that the legal system did not work this time, and as I’ve noticed, in my opinion, it has not worked on prior high-profile criminal cases.

    It’s just a way to let off steam, and get some insight.

    As far as the Murry trial, he’s guilty. If he is, indeed, a licensed medical doctor, I’l like to know where? The onus for MJ’s death fell, entirely, upon Dr. Murray. He needs to accept that, by his actions or lack thereof, he caused MJ’s untimely death.

    If he is not a medical doctor, then he is in for a heap of hurt.

    Maybe, after this trial, physicians will think twice before doing whatever they are asked to do, just because somebody is a celebrity, and/or rich. Murry is not the only doctor writing scripts for the wealthy, and influential, without doing medical testing, i.e. urine analysis, and blood tests, to see if the patient has any other problems, or if there is the presence of any other drugs in their system.

    MJ seemed beaten down, to me. Eventually with the state of the medical system in this country, he would have found another doctor to do the same thing that Dr. Murry did for him, and to him. However, that does not make it right. Doctors hold life in their hands, and should be able to say ‘no’, without regard for their 15 minutes of fame, or the financial gain.

    A lot of doctors are writing scripts for their wealthy clients, because of pressure from the patient. These doctors are deplorable, have broken their medical oaths, and deserve to lose their licenses, pay a heavy fine, and serve time in jail. .


  13. Thanks ShellyShocked. I often wondered if Cindy or George have the Anti-Social Personality Disorder, and/or were aware that Casey was not alright. We don’t know a thing about Casey’s school years. It made me wonder if a teacher, along the way, reported something negative about Casey?

    If so, I don’t know that anything would have changed. Cindy lives in denial, and so, she would just do the same thing we have seen her do, over the years. She would deny, lie, and obfuscate till the cats came home,…again.

    I do get the ‘feeling’ that Cindy and George, and maybe even Lee, knew that there was something ‘off’ about Casey. That perhaps, she was a misfit, or more. A parent cannot raise a child, and not know if something is out of line with that child.

    What shocks me is, why didn’t they seek professional help long before this happened? If they even suspected something amiss, why not take Casey to a psychiatrist, or psychologist, for testing? Look at her history. Casey never had friends, for any length of time. She stole from her family, and her own child. She probably still does not know, for sure, who Caley’s father is, she never got her G.E.D., making her a high school drop out.

    Casey promised to go back to get her G.E.D., lie. She said she was working, lie. She talked continually about non-existent friends. She manipulated everybody, who was under her influence. And,…ultimately, murdered Caley. This girl is not right. She is not mentally ill, but from what I have read, ASPD can be treated.

    I don’t believe that she is in counseling today. She’s not the type to see herself as odd, cold, etc. She was found ‘not guilty’, not innocent. Therefore, it only served to bolster her opinion of being a good liar, and confirmed to her that she did the right thing, ridding herself of her little girl. Casey will not seek help, nor will she ever change. So far, everything she ever wanted is within her grasp. She can now party, live a much better life than she used to at home with her parents, does not have to raise a child, and may have money to burn.

    I really hope she falls flat on her face. Broke, busted, and alone. That would help ease the pain of this legal fiasco. I think we would all feel better then. However, nothing can every replace little Caley. Maybe, someday, Casey will pay the piper his due. I hope…


  14. you’re welcome, katsie. and i have yet to see any replies to what you said about “not needing a professional’s opinion to breathe” in context to those of us who aren’t professionals who are analyzing the anthonys. i wonder if it was just too good of a point 🙂 . keep on with that posting katsie!! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much sarah! I’ve noticed, over the past few years, from television commercials alone, that we are becoming a nation of over-credentialization, i.e. Phoenix, Sandford-Brown, etc.

      It’s subtly insidious, and expensive, to raise false hope for jobs that used to be learned on the job, or via apprentiseships. It is akin to McDonald University. Teaching people how to flip a burger. It’s ridiculous.

      If the economy were in better financial condition, you would see these fly-by-night bogus, carpet-bagging, degree programs evaporate completely.

      In the same vein, it’s time for people to realize that most of us have what we need in order to make good judgments. You do not need to run to an doctor for a paper cut. Thank you again Sarah!


  15. @hwill”

    SPINdy amd George are NOT God’s people. They are direct descendants of satan, personified! I truly believe if you see them on the street, run, don’t walk, to the other side of the street. I’ve watched for three years – everyone they come in contact with is practically destroyed OR winds up being liars just like them. EVIL does exist – and if you believe in God, then you know there is a ‘satan’!


    1. I agree w/ you . There is something with them that helps them to get by w/ lying, breaking the law and never called on it! If we did half the things they do we would be setting in jail, but not them … they go on t.v. ??? Something is very wrong with this picture.


  16. I’m not sure I would call them satan Jenna01, but I do believe that there is evil in this world. I’m also not sure that Cindy and George are evil, but for sure, Casey is malevolent.

    I have been considering posting to another blog, because the posts here on Casey Anthony, have been declining greatly. I really enjoy Dr. Glass’ input, but I may start a blog in regard to this matter. There are a lot of other sites which post on missing children, current crime stories, etc., but I think I’d like to focus on this issue alone.

    I would like to dissect the trials, including Prosecution and Defense, Defendant, police issues, evidence, etc. There are many ways to change the law, but until we can quantify the problems, nothing will change. I’d like to discuss the problems inherent in these types of criminal cases, but I need your input. I would like to hit the issues hard, prepare a statement, and push our lawmakers to address them.

    I have a strong background in this type of fact-gathering, as well as preparation of written material, for the courts consideration, and review. It’s not a big stretch for me to prepare a dossier, written consensus, and a mission statement, requests to Congress for review, to be proposed in regard to changing the law. However, without input, I cannot do it alone. I want to know if you all agree that this could be a possibility, and how much input I might get from our posters? If not, then the issue is moot, and we will all have to live with more fiasco’s like the Anthony trial, and verdict. Ty.


  17. Kate: The author of ALL LIES is satan — eiether you are a child of God, where if you lie,without asking for forgiveness & repenting, you will be cast into the lake of fire — To me, if you lie, you are satan’s! It’s simple, Child of God, or demon seed of satan!

    Cindy & George lie sooo easily – I truly think they just don’t care anymore! Please believe me when I tell you, as hard as it is, I HAVE prayed for G&C to repent and save their souls. I feel in my spirit, time is VERY SHORT!


  18. I agree w/ you . There is something with them that helps them to get by w/ lying, breaking the law and never called on it! If we did half the things they do we would be setting in jail, but not them … they go on t.v. ??? Something is very wrong with this picture.

    hwill – October 5, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Thanks Hwill — I just responded with what I thought was a good post about G&C in response to you & Kate, I clicked submit and it ‘vanished’! (I think it was because I was quoting Biblical Scripture about Lying… Oh well, I think you both get my drift!

    You’re so right, if WE did half of was G&C did/do — we’d been locked up long ago!


  19. Hey guys,
    What ever happened to SINdy’s cousin from Houston, Texas? You remember, the one who (on tape yet) stated SINdy’s ‘side of the family’ knew what really happened to Caylee, and Georgie Marie was involved?


  20. O.K maybe this is off base but did anyone see the 2nd. part of casey’s melt down in med. center. The one w/ Basez . It looks like he is hearing the truth. Watch how he wripes his face.. like ,Oh shat, think of a lie, think of a lie, think of a lie. I think right than is when he knew for sure that she was guilty.


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