Shocking Body Language of A Dead Michael Jackson On A Gurney

Michael Jackson’s dead body language on a gurney was beyond  shocking as the  prosecution presented it’s case  on the first day of the  Conrad Murray trial. Devastating and painful are not enough to describe this photo which shows a helpless Michael lying on a gurney covered with a sheet on the lower half of his body. The photo clearly reveals  results of the actions of an irresponsible negligent physician who administered the lethal drug propofol when he knew better than to give it to his patient. Now it is all about wasting everyone’s time and tax dollars as the blame game begins.

So what if was reported  Michael demanded to have  the drug.  So what of Michael allegedly had a drug problem and drug addiction issues. It was not Michael’s call. Michael was  merely the patient and not the doctor. But unfortunately as we see here,  there are doctors who will do whatever a patient wants   only because they are a star and can pay big money  Unfortunately this  goes on all the time in Los Angeles where  doctors  cater to the Hollywood community. There is even  a vulgar name for these type of doctors – “STAR F***ERS.

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George Anthony Severs Ties With Casey, Cindy Says He’s No Molestor, And Offers Wimpy Opinion About Casey Babysitting

Dr. Phil’s last installment of the Anthony interview was  exceptional in terms of revealing who George and Cindy really are as people. George Anthony essentially

divorced Casey He said that he   believes it is impossible to reconnect with Casey. Those are very powerful words, especially from George who has displayed  wimp-like communication  all along,

He said her was shocked by the verdict and shook when he heard it. This means  his body language reflected  so much anger,  he physically could no longer  control  his body movements.

He also said   he  believes Casey  should be held responsible for Caylee’s death, indicating  George has finally taken off his blinders. But all his power was

quickly lost when he spoke about Casey babysitting  his future grand baby Cindy spins and spins the molestation allegations against George.But her verbal spin do not coincide with her body language tells. To read more click  the link below






How Can George and Cindy Anthony’s Marriage Last When They Disagree About What Really Happened to Caylee?


As George Anthony appeared on Part 2 of his interview on  the Dr. Phil Show,  once again,  he was a liar when it came to discussing  his relationship with River Cruz . In fact Dr. Phil asked him Did you have a romantic relationship with River Cruz?

George  says No sir  and smiles his goofy fake Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame smile. He  swallows hard,  which is a major signal of deception, especially  in the context of what was asked.

Dr. Phil then told him that he didn’t want to play the semantics game.   He asked George if he had an intimate relationship with River. Once again George swallowed hard and blinked repeatedly which  indicated deception.

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The Anthony’s Hate Eliciting Lie Filled Perfomance on Dr. Phil

As a body language expert I found that  watching Cindy and George Anthony;s performance on Dr. Phil where they told  so many lies, including a major one about a brain tumor made me very upset. It is no wonder that Casey is the way she is and that  Caylee is dead  not only  because of  Casey, but because of   George and Cindy as well. After watching these two  liars I believe that poor  Caylee would never have stood  a chance in that family.They have completely dishonored this baby as they continue to defend Casey at all costs.

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The Anthony’s Upcoming Interview on Dr. Phil- Will They Continue to Lie?

 I detest  manipulation, lies and  spin. On Monday afternoon  Cindy and George Anthony will be  on the Dr. Phil Show to reveal “the truth” about Casey  and what really happened in Caylee’s death. But why now? Why didn’t they reveal it earlier? Is because there was no half a million dollar donation to their “charity” when they spoke on the stand?
 Cindy  who lied on the stand ,  manipulated the press, and mislead law enforcement by destroying evidence has now asserted Casey suffered from an epileptic seizure while Caylee was drowning. Somehow I find this hard to believe and insulting that they could come up with this nonsense at this point in time.
If  this  was the case why didn’t it come out immediately? Why didn’t Jose Baez or Cheney Mason  mention it during opening or closing arguments? And why was Casey seizing? Was she on illegal drugs ? If she  seized why wasn’t rushed to the hospital and  given a brain scan and subsequently monitored   or put on anti seizure medication like Depacote, which she should have been on during the trial and should be on to this day? 
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Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Way Too Happy Over Kate Plus 8 Cancellation

Several months ago I shared with you that I believed Kate Plus 8 would be cancelled because there would be very few eyeballs watching the show. People are not interested in seeing grown children and tweens , who  do not possess any outstanding talent being exposed on TV. People also do not want to see train wreck in the making. Paul Peterson , President of A Minor Consideration and former child actor has made us all aware of what often happens to child performers when they grow up and it often  isn’t pleasant.

Jon Gosselin was not being petty or playing ” tit for tat” during and after his divorce from Kate on this issue. Instead he was being a very responsible father  by loudly vocalizing that he did not think  it was good for the kid’s emotional and physical well being  to be on TV at this point.

But as we know Kate saw it differently. She even had the audacity to say publicly that the show was good for them emotionally. She insisted the kids were fine and lied on national TV interviews that the kids had any emotional problems. She  was adamant that Colin and Alexis were  not having any problems when in fact they showed violence at school.  So now that the show has been cancelled,Kate Gosselin’s body language  is way too’… To Read More Click Link