Rep.Gabriel Giffords- Testimony That Love Heals Brain Injury

When I saw this photo of Gabriel Giffords and watched the video of her I cried. They were tears of joy. They were tears that reaffirmed to me that even though someone is in pretty bad shape physically, when they know they are loved and supported they can move through it.

Even though she may have problems formulating her words and thoughts correctly at this point, I believe she will succeed and make it back to the House of Prepresentatives full time in the future.

After six months of physical and mental torture during her healing process where “lone wolf terrorist” and mental case  Jarod Laughner shot her in the head, she walked into the House of Representatives  to a standing ovation.

There is no question that hearing that thunderous applause will add to her healing process in an  exponential way.

Even though Giffords made the appearance to personally cast her vote in favor of the debt ceiling bill which passed, I believe she will be there every day in the near future to cast her vote on many bills.

While she may always have some residual effects of the horrific tragic event there, is no doubt  in my mind that she will flourish.

The brain is an amazing organ.Over time other areas of the brain may take over to  compensate for damaged structures. I have seen this in my work with patients early on in my career. I worked with a famous conductors  wife who was brain-damaged and couldn’t speak at all, only to watch her have lovely communication with her husband. I saw firsthand  how it was the beautiful love that this couple had between one another and her husbands committed support and love that helped in her rehabilitation process.

I worked with legendary  actor Kirk Douglas  both before an after his stroke.  As he even talks about in his book, Kirk was despondent after his stroke. He couldn’t speak well and was terribly  frustrated by this . But I knew he could succeed and I knew everyone in the world wanted him to succeed. So  I encouraged him  to do a film . He looked at me like I was crazy. I told him he needed to have something to look forward to and that his career was far from over and that he had a lot to do. I told him the best thing would be to get Michael involved and to do a movie together. He took  my advice and did a movie with Michael and his grandson Cameron called It Runs in the Family which was released in 2003. story line. I  cry whenever I see that movie, I cry. I don’t cry because of the movie’s content. I cry because it is a testimony to  Kirk’s strength and courage and the  love  and support towards him  from so many.

Kirk did a fabulous job in the film and has been speaking ever since . He has been on countless book tours, speaking engagements,  received countless awards and honors. He has been amazingly charitable with supporting various organizations and causes.  And it is still not over for this  beloved 95 year old.This purpose in live along with so much support and love from others  is what has helped him heal and continued to help him heal.

The same will hold true for Gabby. She has her fabulous astronaut husbands patience and support, her mom’s and  her kids support and the support of her colleagues  and the world. How can she not  continue to get better and better each moment! Attending the House of Representatives  and voting showed her first hand how much she is wanted and loved and needed.  It motivated her to keep on improving and never give up.

Newscaster Bob Woodruff from ABC News had a massive brain injury where her could barely speak words or remember anything. Now he has given some of the most historical interviews like the John Edward’s lying interview. Watching footage of Woodruff’s rehabilitation process shows us how the love of his wife and kids and colleagues made the difference in terms of his being able to function.

The same thing holds true for  Gabriel Giffords. We must keep sending her our love . As we do we must always be aware that or love towards her does heal.


5 thoughts on “Rep.Gabriel Giffords- Testimony That Love Heals Brain Injury

  1. Beautiful observations, Dr. Glass. Love and the right things in the right order minimizes stress and maximizes healing. New neuropathways can be laid, even though it is hard work (and takes time / patience / perseverence). A testimony to the fact that choices and nurture can override nature. (The works of Drs. Gabor Mate, James Fallon, and many others, concur.)


  2. What a wonderful testimony; very uplifting. Hours, maybe even minutes after the injury she was doing things that shocked the doctors, and I knew then that this woman knows that she has a lot to live for, a purpose, and is very,very well loved. You’re right, love heals.


  3. To sum it up,…I am always amazed, and deeply moved by the indomitable human spirit! Everybody experiences those ‘mountains to climb’, in their lives, and I thank you Dr. Glass for giving us another piton to hammer, solidly, into that hard rock :).


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