Is Casey Anthony At the Menninger Clinic in Houston?

Cheney Mason in a recent talk said that Casey was somewhere that Casey  was getting therapy and where she was protected with a great deal of security. He also said that he was not sure how that security could be maintained for the rest of Casey’s life. Jose essentially said the same thing when he was asked about Casey’s whereabouts.

Before Casey was released from jail an alleged second cousin of Cindy’s named Dana, was on the air  on a radio show in Houston and said Casey would be in Houston.Here is the link to her interview.

Is it true? One thing for sure is that it is odd that Houston was mentioned.

Now we learned that Cindy and George,  after frolicking with Dolphins in the Caribbean, got on a plane and few first class to Houston.

So I wonder if Casey is in Houston getting treatment at Houston’s famed Menninger Clinic and whether George and Cindy are visiting her in Houston.

After all the cousin  mentioned that Casey would  be Houston and Jose and Cheney said she is at a mental health facility that has great security. Finally, George and Cindy allegedly went to Houston according to Orlando’s WFTV who said they were spotted flying first class t Houston with their attorney Mark Lippman.

If they are in Houston and visiting their precious daughter Casey under armed guard where no one can get to them at the Menninger Clinic then I believe we have all been HAD!

Wouldn’t most parents wash their hands of Casey for allegedly killing their grandchild either on purpose or not  and putting them through hell and lying and accusing them of sexual molestation and causing all of this hell?  I think most parents would do so  unless they were perhaps involved in this cover up as well.

Was all of Cindy’s screaming  at evreyone and carrying on the result of  a “though dost protest too much” cover up? Was her talk of the woods when no woods were even a thought, along with  the call to Sargeant Allen where she insisted Casey got help moving the body reflecting that she already knew all along what happened? Was Cindy’s washing the clothes and doll and the  car the result of their being no smell in the first place?  After all who said there was a smell like a dead body? George and Cindy said it!  And who can believe them? No one else smelled it apparently.

And was George’s almost hitting a protester simply because the protestor said that Caylee was dead, also the result of “thou dost protest too much?”. Was George’s non involvement in the questioning phase when Cindy and Lee allegedly  interrogated Casey  as to what happened to Caylee the result of his knowing what happened? And who talked about the interrogation phase anyway? Lee and Cindy? Did this even happen?

If all is well and  hunk dory now and mommy and daddy are going to visit  their poor mentally stressed baby daughter at the Menninger clinic I feel like vomiting. There is a strong possibility that this is true and if it is, then you and me and all of the world has been DUPED!!!!!!  With all the time and energy we as a society has put into caring about this case, to find this out would be  SHOCKING!

I hope this is not the case but in putting all the pieces together especially with the Anthony’s trip to Houston it makes sense to me. Why Houston? They could have gone to Austin or Dallas, but Houston? Also the weather in unbearable in Houston in August. Why would you take a vacation there in the summer? What business could they have there?

What is there to do  in Houston? There is the Houston Holocaust Museum and  the National Museum of Funeral History, The Czech Center Museum,  Police Officer’s Museum,  the Beer Can House and  the Cockerell Butterfly Center  I can’t imagine the Anthony’s wanting to any of those places  or  even to the famed Space Museum.

But I can imagine them going to the Menninger Clinic. The Menniger Clinic according to it’s website it  ”  provides quality psychiatric and behavioral healthcare with specialty programs of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. They say they admit patients day and night and on weekends to fit the needs of patients and families.
They also say the following:
  • We specialize in treating individuals with complex co-occurring disorders
    or dual diagnoses.
  • Psychoeducation groups, mentalizing, family therapy and skills coaching are essential facets of our treatment programs.

The operative words to me  here are family therapy.  Did George and Cindy go to Houston for some family therapy or to check themselves into the clinic along with daughter Casey. Is this one happy safe and paparazzi free family vacation?

Here is what else the Menniger Clinic says:

  • For most of our programs, our costs are lower than similar treatment providers.
    In fact, for some patients, an inpatient stay at Menninger can shorten the time
    they spend in step-down treatment after discharge.
  • We work with all insurance companies, whether we are in or out of their network

So what this means is that George and Cindy won’t have to pay that much. Maybe Cindy’s  insurance at work still can kick in if she still has it. Otherwise their cost is lower than most. But  with all the millions they will make they can afford it.

Let’s see what the Anthony vacation might be like at the Menninger Clinic. The photos you will see are featured  on their website. Whether or not Casey is there with George and Cindy, the photos you are about to see will give you a glimpse of her life at the Menninger Clinic if she is there.

The Clinic prides itself on commissioned security guards. Perhaps George can pay off his treatment by bartering his services as one of the security officers, in case the insurance doesn’t cover him. So this is what Cheney and Jose may have been talking about when they said she was at a mental health facility with strict security. Maybe they hired a lot of commissioned officers instead of their normal few , now that Casey might possibly be in house.

Casey may live in a colorful form like room as you see here. Unlike her prison cell this is a lot more colorful and also has a window. This is a single room but there are doubles with two bed in them for George and Cindy if they are admitted. They may not be able to share a room based on the rules of the clinic.

If Casey is there she will be eating in this clean looking cafeteria where she can choose her own food and not have it chosen for her like prison staff  did for her for three years. If mommy and daddy merely visit they can break bread here with their precious daughter. If they stay there the three of the can all have their  three squares a day.

She and pappa can shoot hoops if they like or she can shoot hoops with the other residents if mommy and daddy aren’t staying there.

We have all learned how much the Anthony  family seems to gravitate towards swimming pools. So if Casey is there with Cindy,  they can go swimming. Maybe that is not such a good idea in case one of them “accidently drowns.”

Maybe a better idea if the two are there is for Casey and Cindy to play a game of tennis.But then there is the risk of one  “accidentally “hitting the other in the head with a tennis ball and causing a cerebral hemorrhage and death. So that is not a good idea after all.

Actually a volleyball game would be much safer. Also the whole family could participate now if they were all there. They could even videotape all the family fun and send it to Lee and Mallory with a note- Having so much fun. Wish you were here!

Since Casey alledgedly  has aspirations of entering the legal field  in some capacity, it would be nice if she at least had a high school diploma. But if she is at the Menninger Clinic she can accomplish her goal. They have an academic tutoring program for high school students so they can help tutor her to get her GED.

So Casey will have all of her needs met if she is there. If she is there, she may even meet a “hottie” fellow patient there – either male or female. Since we have discovered that she may go both ways , she won’t be discriminating  as it will be a transitional relationship anyway.

This whole scenario is pretty sickening of it is the case. If her parents visit her if she is there, which is a good possibility with controlling Cindy at the helm, Casey will NEVER get helped.

TOXIC Cindy is the root of her problems. So is George, especially if he molested her in any way. Casey needs to be a million miles away from her TOXIC PARENTS and from Lee if she is to have any semblance of being able to function in the world in my view. She needs to be reprogrammed and re raised and re  educated. 


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  1. IF she’s even in a rehab, it won’t be long before an employee or fellow patient ‘leaks’ her whereabouts to the press…and by ‘press’ I mean tabloids. There’s big $$$ in it for the person who finds this monster and let’s the world know where she’s at.

    Rehab for being in jail for 3 years and dealing with her daughter’s death??? Hardly. Try rehab to teach her to never kill again. Lots of luck there. She’s a monster, period.

    Isn’t the timing of her rehab interesting? The same time we learn last week Judge S was ordering her to Orlando she’s suddenly in rehab.

    1. I actually do not think anyone there on staff will ltell becuase the consequences are way to high. There are HIPPA and privacy laws.People can go to jail for doing that and they can be fined extensively and lose their jobs and positions. Look at what happened at UCLA when confidentialities were broken. Now it may be another story as far as other patients who are there or their families. I have no dount they make everyone check their cameras at the door.

    2. Dr. Glass, the Anthony attorney, Mr. Lippman was on televisision and said they do not have any relatives in the Houston area. That phone in to the radio station was a hoax…probably by someone who needs to be in therapy.

  2. Dr. Glass, please help me understand why you go so far into this speculation of what could be??? In MHO, giving so much attention to Casey and her family is exactly what they want. If we truly want them to go away and leave us alone (and I do), why give them so much focus? I really appreciate your keen body language observation abilities and would like to see more of that in your blog.

    Thank you for considering my request.

    1. how could someone interested in human behavior (i assume thats why ppl read this blog) not be interested in this saga? Nothing is more interesting than figuring out what happened here- for its own sake and because i have invested so much time and energy watching it all play out.I am so freaking curious to know the answers to Dr. Glasses last two anthony-family blog enteries….can’t wait for the next one!

  3. I think working there is like working for Barbra Streisand; it’ll cost you if you so much as breathe a syllable about the place.
    Can sociopaths really be cured?

  4. Dr. G not only are you bright, intelligent you are soooooooo funny. This blog made me laugh out loud.

    I think George could make a hoimcide look like a sucide.

    I consider you a female Sherlock Holmes.

    Thanks for your insights.

  5. Lillian…I have been saying the whole “Daddy’s been stickin’ his thaang in my mouth since I was 8 yrs old bullsh!t defense” was all for show, not to mention the cold shoulder acts from the skank to her mommy dearest in court. They are a family of evil! None of them can survive without the others. Cindy knows exactly where her killer daughter is. I’m just surprised it took them 3 weeks to finally have their evil family reunion. The psych center must have stipulated no visitors for 3 weeks or something similar.

    1. except- that george looks and acts like every single pediphile i ever known- he is a classic compulsive sex guy- and if he’s into what we KNOW he’s into by his computer history- then, it would follow that Casey is a CSA victim.

      1. And you are a lunatic. I didn’t know a pediphile had a certain look. You as dumb as the jurors. Leave George alone.

      2. chris- no need to resort to namecaling and insults- you can just disagree……perhaps exercise with help with your projected hate.

  6. No, I was never duped, but I have been posting all over on bloggs that the entire Anthony family and Baez’s team were in cahoots from the beginning. The entire defense strategy was concocted by the Anthony’s and Baez with Cindy being the director. They planned and rehearshed before taking the stand. Why did the defense have their table turned in the direction for the jurors to view Casey during the trial? The defense wanted the jury to see Casey cry, shake her head, give dirty looks, and so on. George did a great job acting, he made it seem like he was being dishonest. Yes, It was all an act. He did not molest Casey,but he purposely gave the non-verbal reaction that he did when Ashton asked him the question. He did this through out the trial. There was no suicide, that was faked, and part of their plan. Everyone needs to go back and watch the trial again. At least, the testimony when Baez and George are going at it. They used a lot of reverse psychology. It was all planned folks. Even the visits that Casey refused her mother, which occured twice. Once before Mother’s day, and second, after the trial. If anyone is in doubt, go back and look at the hearing video’s. This plan was concocted back in 2008, it first started with Dom Casey and Hoover, the letters Casey wrote to the inmate, then the River Cruz thing was a set up, they found a sucker, then the suicide, then the letter George sent Casey, (the why, why).

    George had nothing to do with Caylee’s death or dumping her, It was Casey and Casey alone that killed Caylee and place in her car and then the woods. George and Lee never molested Casey. They (Baez, Cindy, George, Casey, Lee) all came up with this theory to create doubt. They put on a made-for-TV show.

    Lippman is part of their game too! He’s out there saying that Casey is not allowed back home. Ha! That’s BS! He also stated they have not spoke with Casey since 2008, that’s BS. Everyone knows that an attorney can take in a cell phone inside the jail during attorney visits.

    Why is it that Mark Nejame and Brad Conway stopped representing George and Cindy? They saw the writting on the wall, and did not want to be a part of it. And if Najame and Conway could talk, they would not hesitate to tell us. But, It’s a law due to attorney/client privacy

    Every Anthony and Baez should be setting in prison for what they have done. All of them are disgusting and should be shamed for the rest of their lives.

    No, there is no duping me. I followed this case from day one.

    And G & C may be in Texas with Casey during her counseling because that is part of their plan. Next we will be hearing how they have had family meetings working out their issues, and things are getting better, and Casey is getting betting, and how they have learned to be a family again. Which is ALL BS. They were a family to begin with, that put together a planned to set Casey free. Karma will be knocking at their door.

    1. If that is all true, then none of those crumbs cared about Caylee at all. They are all for Team Casey. Gosh, poor Caylee. She was expendable to the Anthonys. They all are heartless then. But I do agree on one thing, hag Cindy was the ring leader. She should be behind bars. Hope they get what’s coming to them.

    2. Well said….They all are ficken liars..they all in some way helped kill Caylee..morally…But it was Casey ALONE who killed her sweet baby because she rather have a man to _uck than a sweet little hand to hold.

      1. I can’t believe that Cindy’s work hasn’t fired her yet. Then she gets SSI. Her home is refinanced quickly and efficently. The photos of the dolphin swim was sold to Splash News for big bucks. Also, SSI is based on your income. George and Cindy got money for the photos and maybe her check this month or next will be zero. Love your blog, Dr. Glass. I am a 48 yr. old divorced (not my choice), mother of 3 beautiful boys ages 25 to 28. I am in chronic renal failure and I live in a nursing home, bedridden and I have to travel by ambulance to dialysis 3 days a week and I run 5 hours each time. Today, I had to come in and do an extra treatment. Now, this is DISABILITY! The nursing home takes my check and gives me 30 dollars a month. For her to be able to suit up in a wet suit, very difficult and get into the water and frolic with the dolphins, she can work a JOB!
        Poor Caylee! I bought the song, She’s going places by Cletus T. Judd because he said every plug nickel was going to, I believe he said, It is to protect children. I am praying and twittering him to not meet with the Scamanthonys. They are vile and will spew their toxic poision if given the chance.

        Keep up the good work, Dr. Glass!

    3. Well said….They all are ficken liars..they all in some way helped kill Caylee..morally…But it was Casey ALONE who killed her sweet baby because she rather have a man to _uck, than a sweet little hand to hold. Casey is probably getting her FRANKENSTEIN head redo!

    4. Tami…I totally agree…….especially with your “Karma” statement. They will be visited by Karma; that is a fact that they will not be able to deny; and can come none too soon. A sweet child murdered; nobody made accountable; God does not play that!!

    5. Tami, I’ve been saying this too. I think that shortly after Casey reappeared without Caylee, the plot was hatched. I also think that it was Cindy’s idea. She’s diabolical. When George was asked if he ever molested Casey, he looked down and didn’t answer for a few seconds. Then he raised his head and said, “No.” The whole thing was rehearsed to make him look guilty. And pussycat Lee was well rehearsed too. Poor little guy wasn’t invited to the baby shower. What a bunch of cr*p by the whole family. Remember, he said at that so-called memorial that so-called memorial, “This family is united. No one understood at that time, to what extent they were united. And that idiot jury bought it.

    6. Tami – I do believe Mark Nejame left the Anthonys behind for ethical reasons. Bless him. I’m not familiar with Brad Conway.

      Only the lowest of the low like a Baez would work with this group, and I believe he did before the trial. They worked a plan like you say to purposely confuse the jurors (and to boot, the jurors were too lazy to review everything).

      I like your post, and yes, like you I see karma knocking on their collective door. mho

    7. its like other conspiracy theories- some of which are true- but they just arn;t THAT good- no way- george is dumb as a rock- never could have pulled that off- now i belive cindy was aligned with Baez- and i think that was payment for having let her be sexually abused by father and son- and River- was not acting…and if parents at clinic to participate in HER therapy- then its just coz Casey can’t heal from the CSA without them- which she can’t- or at least it will help her- to nail them- … i think all these latest schnanagans are becoz a sex-trafficing investigation is looming and they are working on Casey’s insanity plea for potential charges- as fun as your theory is- i think mine is more plausable….

  7. I dont believe Casey is in therapy either in Houston or any other area. I think this is a ploy to offset the crowds of protesters when she returns to Orlando on Thursday. Why would she gladly want to meet with her parents? Wouldnt this be bad for her therapy, I would think ? She hates her parents, no way she is going to meet them now or any time down the road. This is just to generate media attention so that WE dont know the exact whereabouts of where Casey is staying.

  8. Dr. Lillian, THIS INFURIATES ME AND MAKES ME ILL!!! It’s funny that you said if it’s all true, we’ve all been duped because my husband said the same thing when the trial was over!! He said “if they all get together like one big happy family after all of this, I’ll (he) know that something is up!” And you’re so right….why would they go to Houston – and who is paying for the FIRST CLASS flight??!! I am so over this family of GRIFTERS – I swear if I didn’t know better, I’d swear the entire 3 years has been a HOAX just so they can cash in!! God forgive me for even thinking this, but I wish ALL of them NOTHING GOOD in the future!

    1. we will eventually know- which is all i want- somewhere to the right or left of everyones theories is the truth….they are not good enought to get away with this… way…can’t be- not possible……but i’ve been wrong before….. (my husband said exactly same thing by the way- men!- I will just hate it if my husband is right).

  9. well we have been duped all along in my opinion….the Anthony’s went to court knowing that lying was the only way to get Casey off the hook…i’ve suspected this from the beginning…watching everything that went on in the courtroom…so much drama, and i really believe Baez expected to get her off the death penalty…but not find her not guilty, and he’s left to protect her…so i guess the lesson of the day is….be careful what you wish for!

    1. Absolutely, Tammy. But I think he WANTS to protect her, she is his lottery ticket, cash cow, boy oh boy did this ever turn out to be waayyy more lucrative than he ever thought. He wont let her out of his sight!

  10. this is so SAD someone murders their daughter and gets speacial treatment. where is the speacial treatment she should have been showing little caylee. i really dont think people want to forget how she threw her away like trash. i know i dont because we need to keep it out there so she cannot benefit off her killing her own daughter. i for one will NEVER let her or her SCUMBAG family forget……. and bozo needs to be barred for all the bs lies the defence team told. the evil never has to pay any consiqences for their actions. [HELL HERE ON EARTH.] and twelve IDIOT jurors.. i ALWAYS said THEY [FAMILY, BOZO, MASON, and anyone else that was on her team were ALL in on it together.

    1. so true! i bet nobody’s even trying to find out anything else about that baby. she’s in a better place than being with that. lying, scheming bunch. all of them, lawyers, jurors, everybody. makes me sick!

  11. I can’t believe that Cindy’s work hasn’t fired her yet. Then she gets SSI. Her home is refinanced quickly and efficently. The photos of the dolphin swim was sold to Splash News for big bucks. Also, SSI is based on your income. George and Cindy got money for the photos and maybe her check this month or next will be zero. Love your blog, Dr. Glass. I am a 48 yr. old divorced (not my choice), mother of 3 beautiful boys ages 25 to 28. I am in chronic renal failure and I live in a nursing home, bedridden and I have to travel by ambulance to dialysis 3 days a week and I run 5 hours each time. Today, I had to come in and do an extra treatment. Now, this is DISABILITY! The nursing home takes my check and gives me 30 dollars a month. For her to be able to suit up in a wet suit, very difficult and get into the water and frolic with the dolphins, she can work a JOB!
    Poor Caylee! I bought the song, She’s going places by Cletus T. Judd because he said every plug nickel was going to, I believe he said, It is to protect children. I am praying and twittering him to not meet with the Scamanthonys. They are vile and will spew their toxic poision if given the chance.

    Keep up the good work, Dr. Glass!

  12. Linda, When I listened to the interview in which you posted after casey was released- Cindy’s cousin was very negative towards George and kept ranting about how it will all come out and yes the story about George was in fact, true! Why would this family take George in! I agree with Leonard P! Even the cousins are needing to join in so they can have their chance of fame! I really learned a lot by reading your blog! This story dreamed up by the dreamteam was all a scam! The parents went along with it and would not put it past all of them to have been coached on a day by day basis! I wish Nancy Grace would stop talking about Casey’s poor parents! Jesse Grund’s father tried very hard to tell her what these people were really like a few weeks ago but she continuously cut him off and would not let him speak out of line about the Anthony’s!
    Parent weekends are usually 4 weeks after admitting a patient into an addiction facility! They last for about 1 month and or up to three months and then go into an aftercare program for where they stay on up to 18 months!
    Why is Cindy and George’s attorney always by their side? Are they his only client?

    1. Why is Cindy and George’s attorney always by their side? Are they his only client?
      jamie perkins – August 2, 2011 at 8:54 pm
      ROFLMAO,Now that’s hilarious as heck!

    2. I agree. Why do they need a attorney talking for them. They both like talking in the beginning of the charade. Now, all of a sudden they are silent. Yeah right. I like Nancy Grace. But I have to admit she treats the grandparents like they’re so innocent. They are con artist. Especially Cindy. But she won’t change her opinion.

      1. Agree, Cindy is a con artist & likely now has lawyer speaking on their behalf because she knows the public doesn’t “like” her. “Like” is too mild of a word but I’m trying to be civil. 😉

        This ghastly ScamAnthony and the now lawyers turned “public relations” crew remind me of the long ago movie, “The Grifters” with John Cusack and Angelica Huston. Excellent film.

  13. OKay , so since Casey and her team have sponged over a half million dolllars from the state of Florida, I am SOOOOO curious who is funding the bill for her ” treatment” , 6 months of care 24 hours a day in a spa therapy enviorment can run upwards of 500K , who is paying… I really am dying to know since I doubt Mason and Baez are dipping into their 401K , since Casey is NOT the cash cow they thought she may be.. a cow yes.. cash NEVER !!

      1. LOL. I know these lawyers go to bed DREAMING of the Millions that they believe the cow and her monkey parents will suck up from the duped public. None here are duped!!! lol

  14. i live in orlando n wen casey was found not guilty cindy said our life is at a new chapter weve been blesssed lol yea sore family

  15. In my opinion, George is just a follower in Cindy’s world!! I was raised in a very disfunctional family and saw this/lived this first hand! Cindy runs the show and George basically sits back and shuts up to avoid any and all problems that his speaking up would cause! Even if George wants nothing else to do with his “ill” daughter, he has to if Cindy wants to. It was not George trying to visit her before and after the trial, it was Cindy! It was not George leaving hundreds of dollars even after being denied a visit, it was Cindy! So if any of this is true and if they do take part in any theropy, I truely believe that it is ALL Cindy’s choice and George is merely there because Cindy says!!! I know for many people it is very difficult to understand dis-function unless you have experienced it first hand and believe me this is a TRUELY dis-functional family!!

    1. From where I sit, it has always seemed to me that George behaves like a p888y wh888ed man. Ok, that’s what the xhusband referred to it as…. iho. 🙂 George comes across as a pathetically weak man.

    2. Kaylene, that is what I believed all along too. George is the goat, and actually the scape”goat” in this whole thing. He’s the Eeyore and the one who gets yelled at, blamed for stuff, etc. Cindy and Casey ruled the roost, with Lee and George sitting in the shadows.

      Also, the entertainment reporter (Mike Evans) on the radio this morning reported that the earlier rumor that Casey was in Columbus, OH turned out to be true, that there have been photos of her there.

  16. They are all planning on getting rich off Caylee’s death. I wouldn’t donate a penny to the fund George and Cindy are creating. I thought they were all in cohoots with each other when the trial was going on. I think the accusation of molestation was planned by all of them just to insert a “reasonable doubt”.

    1. I think most of us did! except the dummies for jury!
      Makes me believe they helped kill her at times as money hungry
      as this family is!

  17. I think that you maybe correct as to Casey’s location. To my way of thinking this is just more crapola that Baez & Cheney have cooked up to assist in the makeover.Just one part of re-framing her narrative for their big display once she is ready for prime time. I hold no belief that any amount of reprogramming and re raising and re education would be even remotely successful with this psychopath. I always admire your positive slant in out I even share such an optimistic and humanistic outlook but I am too cynical about who Casey really is to believe that she is even capable of any real change. If this is a “family reunion” it is contemptible on all of their parts. They are all evil and batshit crazy. Here is a fine article that updates the probation fiasco.

    The Great Probation Debate
    Aug 2nd, 2011 by Richard Hornsby.

    The Check Fraud Case

    On Monday, January 25, 2010 Casey Anthony pleaded guilty Monday to 13 counts of check fraud. At the time of her plea, she was also being held in jail without bond on charges of murder, manslaughter, and lying to police.

    Judge Strickland or Judge Solomon

    In what can only be described as recognition of the chess game the State was playing with Ms. Anthony’s life by demanding the check fraud case go to trial first, Judge Strickland did not formally convict her on all 13 check fraud counts and instead threw her a lifeline by withholding the adjudication of guilt on 7 of the counts. (As I had predicted he would prior to the sentencing.)

    By withholding guilt on 7 of the counts, Casey Anthony was only considered a six-time convicted felony; as opposed to a 13 time convicted felon. At the time, the felony convictions were extremely valuable to the State Attorney for impeachment purposes should Casey Anthony testify or her self-serving statements somehow be admitted (which Jose Baez almost opened the door too).

    The “Catch”

    But by withholding adjudication there was a legal catch. Under Florida Statute 948.01, a judge cannot withhold adjudication of guilt on a felony UNLESS they also place the person on probation.

    And that is exactly what Judge Strickland did, even though everyone knew she was being held in jail on No Bond for the murder case, Judge Strickland ORALLY pronounced that she was sentenced to the 412 days she already spent in jail on the check fraud charges, but for each count he Withheld Adjudication of Guilt on, he also placed her on One Year of Supervised Probation to be served “once released.”

    An Indefinite Sentence?

    Almost immediately after Judge Strickland explained his sentence, Assistant State Attorney Frank George raised his concerns that such a sentence would be considered an “indefinite” sentence under Florida law (which is illegal) because Ms. Anthony would obviously be held in jail and therefore could not begin her probation for the foreseeable future.

    Judge Strickland stuck with his original pronouncement and stated that if the State could think of a better idea, they should file a motion seeking the better idea. They never did.

    The Confusion

    While Judge Strickland’s intentions were clear, there seems to have been some confusion because the sentencing minutes that were generated after the hearing, and which Judge Strickland signed, simply stated credit for 412 days jail followed by one year of supervised probation. Notably, the sentencing minutes never contained the magical words “upon release” at the end of the sentence – not that they needed to.

    And because the sentencing minutes lacked the magical words “upon release,” the Florida Department of Corrections unilaterally decided that her probation began running while she was in jail and her probation ended on January 24, 2011.

    Presumably, the reason they interpreted it this way is that she was in jail awaiting sentence, as opposed to serving a sentence. (Never mind she was ultimately sentenced to all the time spent awaiting trial and then some.) Thus by giving her credit for the time she spent in jail towards her probation she was allowed to double dip and essentially get a two for one.

    And since nobody brought the Department of Corrections oversight to the court, no clarification was ever provided from Judge Strickland’s office.

    Which brings us to the heart of the matter, was there a discrepancy between Judge Strickland’s oral sentence and the sentencing minutes in the first place. If so, did it even need to be clarified?

    The Legality of Judge Strickland’s Sentence

    To begin, the Florida Supreme Court has held time and time again that “a court’s oral pronouncement of sentence controls over the written document.” State v. Jones, 753 So. 2d 1276 (Fla. 2000) This principal was recently reaffirmed by the Florida Supreme Court in State v. Akins, 36 Fla. L. Weekly S215a (Fla. May 26, 2011) (“when there is a discrepancy between the written sentence and ‘the oral pronouncement, the oral pronouncement prevails.’)

    As a result, even if there was a discrepancy between Judge Strickland’s oral pronouncement of sentence, where he said the probation was to begin “once released” and the written minutes that omitted these “magical words,” the oral sentence still controls – irrespective of how the defense or the Department of Corrections wants to interpret it.

    Did Written Order Actually Conflict with Oral Sentence?

    Nonetheless, even if the written sentencing minutes did not contain the magical words “upon release,” Judge Strickland did not legally have to even include them in his oral pronouncement for Casey Anthony’s probation to have begun “once released.”

    This is because the general rule is that when a person is sentenced to incarceration followed by probation and the person completes the custodial portion of the sentence, but nonetheless remains incarcerated on another offense, the probationary portion is tolled (meaning does not begin) until the person is released from incarceration in the other case being held on. See Brooks v. State, 762 So. 2d 1011 (Fla. 5th DCA 2000). This means that absent specific language stating that Casey Anthony’s probation was to run while she remained in jail, her probation was tolled by operation of law – Judge Strickland was not required to include any magical language stating “upon release.”

    Does the Defense have a Legitimate Double Jeopardy Argument?

    Actually, the defense has TWO legitimate Double Jeopardy arguments.

    Argument 1: Being Supervised Twice

    The first argument is that requiring Casey Anthony to report to probation now amounts to double jeopardy since the Department of Corrections already “supervised” her for one year while she was in jail.

    The problem with this argument is that Casey Anthony never actually did anything; a probation officer visited her at least one time and then verified her continued incarceration for the next twelve months (thus accounting for the “contacts” DOC references – read look her up online). My gut feeling is that a Court of appeals would not be to sympathetic to Ms. Anthony, because she was not actually reporting to probation and there was no impediment placed on her liberty.

    I think an appellate court would say that one that the Department of Corrections actions did not amount to supervision and two, they could not supervise someone without lawful authority. And as explained earlier, a person cannot serve probation while in jail (unless the jail is made a specific condition of probation).

    Argument 2: “Clarification Order” is Void

    The second argument is that Judge Strickland’s Clarification Order amounts to double jeopardy because Casey Anthony had already served her sentence and the Judge’s jurisdiction to clarify the sentence had long since expired. Therefore, once a sentence has been imposed and the person begins to serve the sentence, that sentence may not be increased without running afoul of double jeopardy principles. Ashley v. State, 850 So. 2d 1265 (Fla. 2003)

    Scrivener’s Error

    On its face, this argument is correct. As a Judge only has 60 days from the date of a sentence to correct a scrivener’s error, which refers to a mistake in the written sentence that is at variance with the oral pronouncement of sentence or the record but not those errors that are the result of a judicial determination or error. Rule 3.800 Fla.R.Crim.Pro.

    In Ms. Anthony’s case, the judge’s 60 days of jurisdiction expired on March 26, 2010. As a result, the “Clarification Order” entered by Judge Strickland is void, illegal, and unenforceable. Stang v. State, 24 So. 3d 566 (Fla. 2d DCA 2009); rev. denied. State v. Stang, 41 So. 3d 206 (Fla. 2010).

    Warren Stang and Casey Anthony Sitting in a Tree, Dou-ble Jeop-ar-dy

    Stang is an important case because on its face it is very similar to Ms. Anthony’s case. In Stang’s case, he was sentenced to consecutively for multiple charges in violation of probation and given a total of 27 years in prison. Notably, the written sentencing order intended for him to get credit for 1,915 days towards the 27 years; meaning he would have about 23 more years to do.

    However, his sentencing minutes appeared to give him 1,915 days credit towards each count. The net result was that he only had 2 more months on his sentence, not 23 years. The Department of Corrections noticed this and asked the judge to clarify his sentence. So 67 days after the sentence was imposed, the court entered a “Clarification Order” (sound familiar) saying that the credit was towards the total years, not each count.

    The appellate court upheld the two month interpretation, finding that the Court lacked jurisdiction to clarify the order because more than 60 days passed and finding that based on double jeopardy, once credit has been awarded, it cannot be rescinded – even if granted in complete error.

    What is notable about this case is that the State Attorney’s Office never challenged the defendant’s post-conviction motions on the merits. Because if they had, the transcripts of the oral pronouncement shows that the credit was only given towards the years, not each count.

    And this is notable, because the case went all the way to the Florida Supreme Court; and the Florida Supreme Court denied review of the case specifically because the State Attorney did not provide the transcripts until after the case had been affirmed by the District Court of Appeal (meaning the State simply argued the case based on the sentencing minutes and did not get the hearing transcribed). See State v. Stang, 41 So. 3d 206 (Fla. 2010).

    What the clear indication of this procedural defense means is that had the transcript originally been provided to the lower courts; the Florida Supreme Court would likely have agreed that the oral sentence controls and Mr. Stang had 24 more years in prison to complete.

    The Current Situation

    This brings us to the current situation in Ms. Anthony’s case. It is understood that the defense will first file a Motion to Disqualify or recuse Judge Strickland. I have no doubt that Judge Strickland will grant his request and the case will then be turned over to a new judge.

    Can the Successor Judge Vacate Judge Strickland’s Clarification Order

    The Defense will have 20 days to file a Motion for Reconsideration asking the successor judge to vacate the Clarification Order entered by Judge Strickland. See Rule 2.330, Fla.R.Jud.Admin.

    It is my opinion that the new judge will likely agree to vacate Judge Strickland’s Clarification Order, as it is clearly Void and unenforceable under Stang v. State, 24 So. 3d 566 (Fla. 2d DCA 2009)

    Coming Full Circle

    However, just because Judge Strickland’s Clarification Order is void and unenforceable; it does not mean his original sentence is unenforceable.

    To the contrary, Judge Strickland’s original sentence still controls and the Department of Corrections – as a member of the executive branch – has a duty to enforce it. This is because, by operation of law, Ms. Anthony’s probation was tolled while she was in jail awaiting trial on the murder case.

    If the defense wants to then argue that she was supervised in jail and thus double jeopardy prevents her from being supervised again; by all means, they should argue it – I know I would.

    But that has been my point from the very beginning, it is not for the State Attorney or the Department of Corrections to decide whether requiring Ms. Anthony to report to probation as Judge Strickland intended amounts to Double Jeopardy – it is up to a court to decide.

    Have Some Balls Lawson Lamar; Defend Strickland’s Sentence

    I know next year is an election year and you want to distance yourself from Ms. Anthony and the boondogle of a prosecution you put on lest a formidable opponent emerge to run against you.

    But seriously, the Very Honorable Lawson Lamar needs to grow a sack and defend Judge Strickland’s sentence and provide this community with some sense that you aren’t afraid of big bad lawyers like Mike Snure, Donald Lykkebak, and “gulp,” Cheney Mason, who make mince-meat our of your high profile cases.

    If you thought she was such a danger to society that you were committed enough to have her executed, I think you should be committed enough to at least try and have the Department of Corrections execute a simple probation sentence on her for one year.

    If you don’t, the irony is indeed rich that Jose Baez and Cheney Mason ultimately made you their Bitch.

    1. He needs to think about Cindy basically (IIRC) saying right on TV after the Bond hearing that Lamar was up for election or something and they were framing satan’s child! Someone correct me if I’m wrong! LoL

  18. I said all along, that Cindy & George were lying to save their precious scumbag from the death chamber. Baez knowingly and probably encouraged them to do so. It was all a cover up. I think they knew Casey killed Caylee a while back, why else would Cindy was Casey’s clothes? I don’t believe there ever was a molestation, I think it was all planned to get the jury’s sympathy, since Baez thought the jury wasn’t too bright to begin with..the only thing I want to hear about any of the white trash or their minions is if some one shoots one of them. Then that would be newsworthy..

    1. too simple- was the computer S&M porn and River a “plant”?- was george cutting the umbilcule cord a lie?….was the concrete and plumbing “problems’ a joke- was the zenida and gonzolas (sp) names of the two vacent houses next to caylee body- faked- could george put on that performance?—-its just not that simple…………………….

      1. deb Casey, nobody is buying your dumb ideal. Detectives said Casey was the only suspect. So leave George out of it. Maybe he was looking at those sites because his daughter was a whore. And I guess sweet, innocent Casey never lied.

  19. Kudo’s to the person that wrote this article, it was hilarious! I loved the sentence that said, there’s a swimming pool, but, oh wait, you better be careful, in case one of them falls in and drowns! haaa Love it! 🙂

  20. I agree with Barbara Nichols.Doc is going way over the top here. Who the hell cares if they are playing tennis. Next she will be telling us what kind of tennis clothes they got on. Stick to body language, doc.

    1. if its not entertaining- why are you reading it- AND responding- alot of time and energy for something that’s “over the top”- just say’en………………

  21. The meninger clinic is right down the street from my house. Literally two miles away. I may just drive down there and see if Miss Casey is out in the courtyard. Lol

  22. Dr. Glass I have a real problem with people saying “She is in a better place.” If it’s true that Caylee is in a better place, why would Casey be tried and be threatened with execution for sending her there? It seems that she should be given a medal for sending Caylee to a better place, if one believes that. You’re a psychologist. Do you believe Caylee is in a better place, and if so, how do you explain the dichotomy? If you don’t believe that, could you explain why some do?
    As to the Anthonys being in Houston with Casey, I believe the entire trial strategy was dreamed up by Cindy; drowing, molesting, all of it. It worked.

  23. It also really bothers me that she is appealing her 3 convictions of lying to LE. Who does Baez, Cheney & Casey think they are fooling here? Her entire defense repeatedly stated in court that she continuously lied about everything. She already served her 10 day jail sentence. It is just another strategy to attempt to derail the civil suits and prevent her from having to answer “truthfully” in all the depositions. And, again on the taxpayers dime. They have already requested trial transcripts, to the tune of near 18K in cost. If they truly want to change her “image” why doesn’t she pay Tim Miller back for all the $$ in the search, settle with Zenaida, who she definitely harmed. Now that would be a real change in her image to me.

    1. A damn human would be thankful,hmmm Let’s make a deal? DP for murder……time served lying,dang whats wrong wiff dat?but her and Bozo IMHO have always drawn it out to soak up money because they felt entitled,I have always thought that because they knew they’d lose anyway..brain dead jury helped that right along!

      1. the jury was the only reasonable part of this whole drama they made the correct verdict- as ALL legal eagels concurred with- the state did not prove their burden- its a legal thng- us nonlegalites don’t “get it”- called ‘ignorance”………..

    2. The lawyers are milking the public of $$$$ and seeking profits from those willing to pay for Casey REVAMPED! The lawyers are clearing SLIME and in my eyes they are involved in unethical practice of representing the client in criminal cases and in then “selling” the client to the public?

      Something is ROTTEN IN DENMARK!!! These lawyers and the clients have NO MORAL COMPASS. Are they going to be the benchmark for new legislation such as Federal charges for not reporting your child missing and new laws for lawyer/client relationships?

      We the people have to DENOUNCE the lawyer’s lack of appropriate professionalism. And DENOUNCE murders of babies who find loopholes to escape punishment.

      1. there is nothing wrong with her selling her story- i want to hear it- and nothing wrong with attorneys representing her- thats what attorneys do every day- Baez and Mason were BRILLIANT and continue to be……..I hope they get a piece of the action- gawd knows they hardly got paid a fair wage for three years of their life.

      2. chris- maybe your not that smart- I’m someone who’s worked with CSA victims for 30+ years- not experienced and knowledgable like you……………….


    Casey Anthony Updates
    Casey’s defense just filed an emergency motion fighting probation:

    Casey Defense Fights Probation With Emergency Motion
    ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony defense attorney filed an emergency motion late Tuesday, asking to quash an order by Judge Stan Strickland that requires Anthony to report for probation. Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

    1. casey was and is a victim- her parents forced caylee on her- and beat her over the head with her every day- caylee fate was sealed from the get-go—–the enemy is CINDY & GEORGE……but then- was Cindy abused- we need more family history on her- she is OCD- or something but not evil….. George is a sociopath- casey probably got some of that honestly- the only evil is sociopathy and it can be bred or abused-into a person.

      1. You are nuts. Casey is not a victim. Stop picking on George. Cindy is the one to blame for Casey being a nut. Georgie Marie is a coward. Afraid of the women in the clan. Would you say that stuff about George if Baez didn’t bring it up. Caylee and Caylee only is the victim. Her life was in the hands of a selfish, greedy, slutty disgusting woman name Casey. Poor Caylee.

      2. chris- i said it from day-uno…………..was never a doubt in my mind- seen it a million times- move down, clean cups!

      3. Deb you are drinking too much of the Casey Kool-Aid. How on earth did they force Caylee on Casey? She is immoral according to the reports she was pregnant before this and then she had Caylee. I have been an OB nurse for 20+ years and it is not perverted to have dad in the Delivery room. Some cultures have many people in the room. Depending on the hospital and the doctor, it varies. This family does seem slightly more off (euphemism) than close, but it is not unusual for families to want people in the LDR. There is plenty of room in those rooms for people to be in the room out of view of the “action”. I do not know about cutting the cord, unless Cindy was pushing him in that direction. I see her taking that job if it happened. I also agree with Dr. Glass, that picture was not of a premature baby in Casey’s arms.
        I doubt that they are in therapy. They might pose in front of a clinic. For show something for the tabloids or for a possible deal to add to the intrigue. However, they will not give up any psychological secrets they are waiting for the big bucks, they do not care about mental health.
        As much as I would like this tragedy to be completely over, I cannot help but love Dr. Glass’s perspective on these subjects. Please keep the updates coming

  25. rehab for what? I just got home and I am fuming again,these toxic excuses for humans! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    I know we’ve been duked Dr. Glass but it’s a shame that Caylee was also! by her own family,have ya ever heard of a family who didn’t want justice,hell even some killers say they’re sorry and know they did wrong but you can’t even squeeze that out of these Caylee blood money leeches! they all deserve to be thrown in the damn sewer somewhere! I’m sorry,I am done being nice about it,it literally gets more disgusting every single day!
    Now I’ll read your article and catch up with yas!

  26. I am so Thankful that a person of knowledge with working brain cells and is well known can tell the truth,some throw down on Dr.Glass but hey,I ain’t seen her palm flipped up once and she tells it as she see’s it just like we do and No I ain’t a brown noser,someday I may just disagree with her on something but I doubt it’ll be this case but still we could discuss it like humans,I’d like to break Geraldo’s snout my damn self AGAIN!
    Not child abuse? LMAO Oh but Geraldo,maybe yall can teach her how to dial 911 (while in counceling) because Lo and Behold she NOW HAS AN EMERGENCY…..WOWWW jmho you should be ashamed!

  27. Your theory seems to deny the testimony of the other witnesses, like the towtruck driver who testified that he, too, recognized the smell of a corpse when he retrieved Casey’s car? But as a marriage & family therapist, I can attest that there are plenty of devoted parents who do not abandon their errant children, even when their kids commit seemingly-unforgivable sins. (This is, of course, the definition of “unconditional love,” long considered the ideal within most healthy families.) For Casey’s parents to continue to seek out contact with their daughter (whether at Menninger Clinic or elsewhere) would seem to suggest Casey and her parents are more genuinely-connected than the dysfunctional conduct suggested by Jose Baez in trial might otherwise imply.

  28. I made this video and hadn’t ever posted it (I don’t think so anyway) because the truth is it was my 1st video ever and it’s not quality,but doggone if this ain’t the time to share it I don’t know what is.Afterall this was their first murder and they passed with flying colored lies.
    (I assume,wth knows the way it’s looking.They probably murdered Caylee’s dad and took his rights by taking his life) still just thinking out loud with my opinion.

  29. O my dear,I subscribe to get the new posts alerts and dummy me just accidently
    deleted the 37? posts I hadn’t read,so if I ignore ya I’m really not,I just can’t find ya,LoL

  30. Someone did question Casey. Padilla’s assistant who stayed with Casey the few days she was home, between jail stays, reported she woke up one morning to hear George grilling Casey mercilessly about where was Caylee. Cindy, being the softie, stopped George and told him she thought they’d get farther with Casey using the softer approach. So I do not believe that George had anything to do with Caylee’s death. This assistant should have been called to trial to testify.

    Also, it was reported that George was told by Baez just a few weeks before the trial that they were going to accuse him of sexual abuse and helping Casey cover up this pseudo drowning. He had no choice but to appear at trial and do what he did – deny all charges by Baez.

    If you want a theory, I think George and Cindy are trying to save their daughter now, to help her have a life of some kind. She is their daughter, and parent love can be boundless, except for Casey herself. I think the Menninger Clinic, if she is there, serves the purpose of stowing her away out of the public eye, and maybe she will benefit from some therapy. However, I believe you have to first recognize that you need help before it is truly helpful, and Casey seems quite self-satisfied.

    Baez was very lucky with this trial, drawing an ignorant, lazy, unmotivated jury fed up with being sequestered and wanting to salvage what they could of summer vacation. However, as noted during the trial, his path was full of errors, missteps, terrible lawyering. I think he is continuing to make mistakes with Casey now.

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Mrs. Baez? How long will she tolerate the sexually demonstrative Casey hanging onto her husband in such public displays of adoration?

  31. I have said this all along and after the verdict I heard thus radio interview I knew it the trip to Bahamas was to throw everyone off …they all better be committed but if it was all a lie and it cones out Baez will be disbarred

  32. I think it will be very difficult for Casey Anthony to be “rehabilitated” considering she is continuously being rewarded for her reprehensible behavior. She is now accustomed to receiving special treatment, not unlike the kind celebrities receive. She has bodyguards, lawyers who speak for her, she doesn’t have to do probation like anyone else would because as Baez says, “she is in peril”, and she is probably living quite comfortably wherever she’s at. Casey has never had to take any kind of responsibility for her behavior, so I imagine treating her would be difficult. It is usually when one hits bottom that they seek help and make any kind of real changes, well so far Casey has landed on top!

  33. And I know this is off topic a bit, but does anyone else think that it is unethical for Jose Baez to go from defense lawyer to manager, media promoter, and image consultant? Where is his wife, and what could she be thinking about this?

      1. I see that you posted a very similar opinion earlier Singphat, lol! Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised at the lack of professionalism Casey’s lawyers have consistently demonstrated; sick attracts sick, only a snake could represent a person so morally bankrupt.

  34. But,maybe she is just glad he ain’t home? Heck I’d pay him to stay away from me too! her future looks a lot brighter now?
    I hope he makes his blood money and she takes it,JMHO

  35. Years ago when someone wrote: Can Baez pull a “Cousin Vinnie? We all laughed! It seemed incomprehensible! Now here we are, and “Cousin Vinnie” is working full time to protect his golden goose. I bet even Baez can’t believe his good fortune, it is as if he (and all others involved) have won the lottery. Don’t think for one moment Baez and company aren’t getting the absolute best advice from the savviest “damage control” people out thar! They sure have their work cut out for them! I can not for the life of me believe that they can “rehabilitate” the most despised woman in America. It is almost comical how they INSIST that we feel badly about Casey’s issues. I don’t care about Casey. I care much more about Caylee. Cheney Mason told an interviewer that there are scores of people offering to help Casey. None of these professionals seem to be taking to the airwaves to tell us how Casey is redeemable. They know it would be career suicide!

  36. I agree with the first persons statement that someone will leak out were Casey
    is. I thought this from the time she was released. It will just be a matter of time.
    As for the smell in the trunk, someone else has likely said this already (I haven’t read all the comments) I am sure that the guy that worked at the tow yard also smelt the odor.
    If Casey is in the psychiatric place she better get her rest as she will likely not
    have much time to do so once she is out in the public as she will have to
    be looking over her shoulder at all times and wondering who she can and can not trust. If she does end up making enough many off of Caylee’s death and has money to hire guards, she shouldn’t get to secure there as I’m sure there is a few of them who would secretly disclose her location. Not to physically harm her but make her life as uncomfortable as possible.

    1. it is such a poor refelction on americans to be behaving so badly- “acting-out” like a bunch of 5-year old yahoo’s- probably “christians”- the lot of them too- who else could be judgemental and hypocritical…..

  37. Now baby killer Casey is trying to get sympathy from the country. Nobody is going to be fooled by her. She is a big joke. And in the beginning she told the detective, “I don’t know where she is”. What the, you don’t know where Caylee is. She’s your daughter. You are responsible for her. And somehow Caylee got lost. That was a lame answer. But it worked, the lying slut got away with murder. The jury was as dumb as rocks.

    1. And as if that script isn’t bad enough throw in the lacking morals of the attorney’s attempting to have the “golden goose” lay the “golden egg dinero” for them.

      And then the parents who destroy evidence, lie and walk without consequences. Just freakin unbelievable.!!!

      1. Singhphat, Isnt that the truth, Casey lies from the begining, tells the detectives she does not know where the baby is located while she is at Universal, a place in which she no longer works talking about a sitter that does not exist and telephones that do not exsist and NOW she is attempting to have the LIES to LAW enforcement removed. Part of her entire DEFENSE is that she is a LIAR. Does that mean that Baez was lying while using the defense? If he thought it was a lie and he lied about the lie.

        How do the parents get away with cleaning up the car. They admitted washing the decomposition off the pants. Cindy admitted to using a bottle of febreeze to cover the smell and a box of dryer sheets for the smell. The gas cans to cover the smell or confuse the small. The flies flew away at the tow yard. the tow guy, george, and cindy and several others including casey complained about the smell. Casey said it was squirrels. they found no dead squirrels in the car or undercarriage. EARLIER Casey admitted to TL to being glad that she got the SNOT knocked the F* out so he could come over to fornicate. Look these up on the document dump area of the text messages.
        Cindy can say what she wants on the stand if there were 80 searches I did them which is not that ambiguous. 80 searches is pretty significant , she did not know how many casey did so she had to be ambiguous..

    2. she did not want caylee- even her parents knew “something is wrong with her”- why was caylee forced on her- and “used” as Cindy’s tool to get casey to do what she wanted- casey was set-up- and Cindy is the set-upper.

  38. How soon after the alleged millions come in do you believe it will take the scummy lawyers to drop the Golden Cow???? Not long, or at least once the offers stop coming. mho

    1. Chris, agree the chin is too different. Collagen for bigger lips, but in today’s world of cosmetic surgery who knows what they use?

  39. Very good look-alike but I don’t think it’s her…she is much heavier and KC has acne and this girl has very smooth skin and fatter in the face

    1. Don’t think it’s her, gained too much weight too fast. A good look alike though. We all have a look alike. 🙂

  40. I am waiting for a book on Caylee that is not written by any Anthony, anyone from Baez team, any of the 12 idiotrs of Pinellas county, or their adorers. Miss Glass, can you write one? I would be happy to buy a book titled “Sex, Lies, and Duct tape.”

  41. Brandy – August 3, 2011 at 10:08 am
    omg,good one!
    Chris,Betcha it is,LoL
    Shhhhh don’t tell I was here posting,rofl

  42. how can I post a pic here,I’ll show ya,though I knew anyway just by her leg position,I’ve always hated that I’ve seen it so much but to prove it I had to go to bigger extremes? help?

  43. Second thought,I don’t want to show how I know on the blog?
    They got enough info from us as it is,Maybe I could email it to and let her give an opinion?? Best huh?

    1. OMG, this is explosive news!!! Baez could have acted even more unethical than we imagined and yes, I imagined witness tampering with the Anthonys. mho

    2. i never thought i’d say this- but i’m with fat-head on this one- why would she come out before she had anything- becoz THEY are ALL in it for fame and fortune- every single one of them are fullfilling the great american capitalistic dream- where nobility nor common sence breath- just bucks- but then that is what c-a-p-i-t-a-l-i-s-m is- “capital” =bucks- why lambast TRUE americans?!

      1. How can you tell the other poster not to call people names when you seem to do a pretty good job right here calling people names. There had been information early on about who knew where the body was and when from early on in this saga. Look back at all the DC interviews as well as several other interviews
        I will take Dr Glass’s advice and not call names but I do disagree with how the jury used or misused the information and their time to deliberate. There was mountains of evidence . Plenty of time and a made up defense.

  44. Poor Caylee, the whole family has taken it to, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ Let us not forget the reason we are even talking about this. The death of an innocent baby girl, Caylee Marie. Please don’t let her be forgotten.

  45. Is TMZ paying Baez for those pics? They seem to have info on her before anyone else. Some do look like her. I can’t believe she would go to Ohio!

    1. Well, it’s very strange that the poor wittle victim of many people wanting to hurt her is out doing her usual shopping and no team of bodyguards to protect the wee lass? Wait, the photographer was there! Where was her pimp. BYazz?

      If she was in Columbus, TMZ even knew the motel she was staying at, if you read the comments. If it was she, I’ll bet convicted felon of check fraud is no longer there. Leading the MSM a merry chase?

      That is, if it is she.

  46. you guys whom I know a little send me an email if you want to see the pix but after you do I want your opinions,LoL I’ve never had my posts moderated before and I’m thinking it’s because I post so much but hey,I’m just friendly as I explained this morning or tried too! If a pea ant crawled across my toe it would aggravate me now because of the Scumpfony’s 3 yrs of crap! So I imagine I do get frustrating to others!

  47. Those pics are not Casey! She lost all of her weight during her trial and she has tiny fingers! This girls fingers are to long!

      1. I love gossip- and i’m never rude- i just enjoying discussing and studying human behavior/human nature…….

  48. A judge is expected to stay an order that would have required Casey Anthony to
    return to Orange County to serve probation, WFTV learned Wednesday.


      1. i like our judical system- its unique- sometimes ya win sometimes ya lose- I can handle it without freaking out- her team won- fair and square and it was a great watch and an interesting study- I am so glad Dr. glass is staying tuned-into it- there is so much more to come. I am horrified about Caylee- I think Casey murdered her- no accident- I also think Casey was set-up by Cindy- to have Caylee and kill her- Cindy is the puppet master- Cindy’s behavior is ONLY about keeping george- thats all she EVER cared about. She served Casey up to him- then used Caylee to keep george (he was getting frisky again) and control Casey- but Casey was too much like her- with some sociopathic george mixed in- she got more than she bargined for……she killed Casey as a young girl and killed caylee as a baby.

      1. ChattyCathy,

        My comment “Great” was for what you posted.

        deb (little “d”) is well, what else Bitter to the Bone!

      2. from a psychological interpretation standpoint- your 2nd mention of bitter- demonstrates you yourself are bitter- that’s psychology 101………….

      3. deb ===== yap, yap yap, she barks like a b*t*

        deb likes to throw insults out until they come back to bite her sorry *8*

        ugly personality……… who likes to throw out insults to feel superior.

        Psyche 101, those who need to feel superior feel inferior.

        OK doggie yap yap yap yap.

      4. As soon as I see the name “DEB” my brain knows to

        BYPASS yapper’s comments. She seeks to agitate, must be lonely to be her.

        don’t waste time reading comments from the YAPPER!!!


  49. Need’s his snout Rebroke IMO!
    He’s an idiot and just so i don’t take up a whole blog with my posts I’ll try and fit a few on this one,I swear I’ve never heard so many people sit and rag on everybodys comments,put the blog hostess down constantly but they still come to read so they can then complain about something,Typos,my post’s,grammar,By Gosh it’s more than an A ever frikkin did and that’s my opinion,I swore I wouldn’t come back after this morning but others helped me remember I’m not here for nobody but Caylee,Atleast when I speak it’s the truth and I don’t sit and badger everybody here,oh it kills them.they can’t stand it? Well hell fire…. if we upset ya then scroll! But that’s my nature,I talk to everybody here just as I would if you were all in my living room or atleast I try too and I’m sorry that bothers some people. Free a killer and hang the ones who mispell a dang word,and I ain’t being mean but grow up! Depresses people when ya nag all the time! I am sorry Dr. Glass,I’ll gladly take a ban for life and never blame you once for it but I’ll never say I was wrong! Get’s old and sorry if I disrespected your house! anybody that just sits and nags about a typo or silly crap when we got a child killer out here somewhere but Kiss the A’s and Bozo’s azzez,I’m over it something had to be said! I know it won’t change a thing but by granny!

  50. Bitter don’t even describe it? If to be nasty and rude is all I was sitting here for,I’d go sit beside my kids,untelling where horseface is! jmo

  51. Dr. Glass, you are driving yourself crazy with this. Maybe G&C went to Houston to look for her, following the same leads that we hear on the media. Forget about family therapy etc. Never going to happen. As for Casey, I’m sure you well know that psychopaths do not respond to treatment. There is not a chance in H&## that Casey would allow herself to go from one jail cell to another – no matter how colorful. She is still in charge and doing exactly what she wants. She is stuck in a cheap hotel room somewhere (because beggars can’t be chosers) surfing the internet, shopping online, reading about herself (I bet that’s an eye opener for her ha ha), ordering all her favorite food and alcohol and generally being as hedonistic as she can be with whatever small amount of cash she has left. Jose pays for the hotel. And maybe, just maybe once a week a shrink visits her room to do therapy. Everything the defense team tells us are lies. They just want whatever money they can get out of this situation with Casey, all the while having as little to do with her as possible. Finally, she is in company with people of her own low caliber. If there is any therapy, it’s for her to adjust to the reality of the public’s hatred of her.

    1. I thought they were average brown like a lot of people. Nothing spectacular about her boring eyes. And she could get contacts. The mugshot puts brown as eye color.

  52. Casey Anthony is not in therapy. Jose Baez would not take any chances with his big payday, his cash cow,…not yet. She may be seeing a therapist, at her new place of residence, but she is not going anywhere in public. Baez would not risk it, but in time, after he makes his money, I doubt he will care what happens to her. In his mind, she has not paid off yet.

    As far as Cindy and George Anthony go, they would want to see and talk to Casey, for one reason only. They want to know what happened to Caley, period. From Cindy’s prior behavior we have witnessed a woman driven to the ‘inth’ degree, to evade, obfuscate, and outright lie, in order to protect her family. Until she get’s answers, she will play this old game of nicey-nicey with Casey. I doubt George would go against anything Cindy wants, ever.

    When, and if, Cindy get’s Casey to tell her something, which more than likely will be just more lies, Cindy and George will then either embrace her, or shun her. Until then, they will continue to play the game with Casey.

    The think I’ve noticed about Casey, over the years, is that she does not get “it”, and now with the not guilty verdict, she believes she was justified in what happened to Caley. Even if she gave the child something to stop her heart, Casey sees it as an accident, yet the reason she did not call 911 is because, in her mind, she knew the police would not see it as an accident. She knew, and knows, full well, that she murdered her daughter, and was afraid of what the police would find in an autopsy. She now believes that she has fooled everybody.

    However, the public has not, and will not, forget poor, litle, dead Caley. Neither will Cindy or George. Casey may think she got away with murder, but she will never be treated as a normal person. She is a piranha, a social out-cast, and will remain so for the rest of her days.

    Someday, she will slip up. It’s inevitable. She will begin to get comfortable with the drama, she may even alter her appearance, but someday, she will tell somebody who she is. I just hope we are all here to see it, because I doubt the person she confesses to, will be the fool she thinks we all are. If for nothing else, they will contact the press,looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Honestly, I do not care what happens to her, as long as I do not contribute to any of the Anthony’s financial gain.

    They can all rot, and the quicker the better, as far as I am concerned. Casey killed an innocent baby. Her own flesh and blood. Murdered her, and tossed her out like a dead pet. Casey will never be free, not truly. She can’t hid from herself. Her conscience will, eventually, catch up with her. Especially, if the general public snubs her like we snubbed O.J. She is young and healthy now, but it won’t always be that way. Someday, she will regret what she did, and I cannot wait to see her fall flat on her greedy, selfish, narcissistic, botoxed, hateful, murdering face!!! I just hope she falls right on top of Baez, and takes him out with her!

  53. Kate – well said…my thoughts exactly. I think Cindy is playing the game with Casey to find out the facts. I do think though that she will be allowed back into the family in time.They wouldnt have lied for her on the stand if they didnt want her to be found not guilty and back home with them again. They are ALL dysfunctional and Casey will be in trouble again one day. She is a sociopath and will do something again. Her lies will catch up with her. I hope Im around to see it! KARMA will be visiting her, her family and her defense team. Just look at OJ and his defense team…it found them!

  54. Casey actually said to Tony: she was glad she knocked the Snot f’ing out so Tony could come over and fornicate with her???? I knew she called Caylee the Snot. What an @wipe! Sitting in a 5.2M mansion right now! They said last night on Nancy Grace that a pap went to the intercom at the gate and buzzed and a woman with a small child came to the door and they were whisked back in. We know it is a former attorney for Casey’s home that is up for sale on the market. So she is hiding there. She should not even be around any children. What if that child rubs her the wrong way? Will she grab a syringe and give the baby some chloroform to knock the Snot out? Loved the way Ms. Sims SQUIRMED when Joy Behar asked her if she would let Casey babysit her children and she said they were all grown and Joy said OK what about your grandchildren…..CRICKETS……..CRICKETS…..Great news about Warren Jeffs….Life plus 20! wish they would arrest the women that held that little girl down.and the rest of the men who married young girls and all that raped the little girls, raped the little boys, waterboard the babies, and they said today that Jeffs would drown the deformed babies that were born and bury them near the compound. There are many, many baby graves out there.

  55. Thank you Devon. However, I hope you saw my most recent correction to the above post regarding the ‘alteration’ of Casey A’s appearance. At first, as I posted, I did not think the picture taken in Ohio, was Casey. Later, I asked a friend who works with government agencies to profile individuals,…based on physical, as well as more subtle aspects, such as behavior, walk, body type, etc. After talking with him, and after he reviewed the picture, then the video taken by TMZ, he stated that he felt 98% sure it was Casey Anthony.

    I repeated the specifics in my post on the page showing the TMZ picture, and gave a link to the video of her walking into a store, and shopping.

    I have lost track of when she was, or is ordered to appear in court in Florida, but initially, I thought that perhaps she did not want to return, because of the obvious publicity. Once we all get a look at the new, and ‘physically’ altered Casey, she will not be able to hide, until she has more surgeries to further alter her appearance. You know what,…I do not care! If she has to endure painful surgeries to change her appearance, great. She needs to suffer, and if she refused to feel any remorse, then she should suffer physically.

    I still cannot shake the statement made by the PD, Linda,…”Why make an accident look like a murder?” Most would reply that there is absolutely no logical reason to do that. Why she did it,…she’s cold, dead inside. She viewed her child the same way she viewed a pet. How disgusting! Let her suffer, I say!!!

  56. That red cap she is wearing with the white zero is the same as the jersey Caylee was wearing. I think casey waited sooo long to tell Caylee was missing so the could not do ANY forensics on her and find out what drugs casey was giving her. She will never ever be free, not in this world. There is someone watching her every move to get that money shot. She is dead inside anyway.

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