George and Cindy Flaunt Swimming With The Dolphins As Part of Their PR Image Spin Campaign

The first thing that came to mind when I saw these photos is that the poor dolphin needed to have his mouth and nose and belly  disinfected from TOXIC George and Cindy kissing and touching  the dolphin.

These photos are nothing more than a PR spin to humanize George and Cindy and make them more likeable after getting so many death threats since the trial ended. They expect you  to say” Awww isn’t that sweet. Look at George and Cindy frolicking with the dolphins. Look  how affectionate they are. Aren’t they wonderful?”

But it has just the opposite for me and countless  others. I see it as a continuation of their BS.

How dare these TOXIC people enjoy anything let alone a vacation. Cindy and George need to be in jail like anyone else who  washed the smell out of Casey’s pants, sprayed Fabreez in the car, washed  Caylee’s doll and LIED on the stand. Why are they free? Why is Cindy not in jail for lying about chloroform and her whereabouts when she as at work?  Anyone else would be in jail and wearing a jail uniform not a wet suit.

And TOXIC  George needs to be in a cell for lying about his affair. Why are these Liars- people  who obstructed justice given so many special privileges when anyone else would be doing time?

If you look at the above photos you will see they are of very high quality. That means the paparazzi did not follow then into the Dolphin pool and take photos of them. These photos were taken by the Dolphin experience company. They company would NEVER release photos of their guests to the press. The would lose their business and have lawsuits if they did. All the company cares about is that the guest is happy and  safe and that the dolphins are healthy and happy.. To  them Cindy and George are not important  or celebrities. They don’t need the few thousand dollars that a photo agency would pay them. They make millions of dollars a year on tourists wanting to swim with dolphins.

So that means TOXIC George and Cindy released the photos of them with the dolphins  themselves or had a PR agent do it for a fee. In any event it is thumbing their nose at all their “haters” and saying look you can’t kill me or  hate me because I am on vacation. HA HA     HA HA HA!

It is sickening that they are on vacation with other people’s money. It is sickening that loser George  who could never find work and squandered away family savings on internet porn and gambling according   to many sources,  will  now become  a millionaire when he may have perhaps moved Caylee’s dead body or may have had something to do with Caylee’s death. Listen to Cindy’s tape of Sargent Allen where she said someone helped Casey move the body.

Did these people send us all on an emotional wild goose chase? And please please don’t tell me that these poor parents went through a lot and that you feel sorry for them. Don’t tell me you are a parent too and feel for them. If you feel anything but disgust for them you need to look at yourself.Do you set boundaries with your children? How do you handle your child’s aberrant behaviors? Do you lie, cheat, and steal and manipulate ? If so, do you teach your children these traits like the Anthony’s did?  If so, then I can understand why you identify with these TOXIC PARENTS.

Unless you have your own TV show where you need a “get”  which means  having George and Cindy  on as guests to  give your show ratings, like some people out there, don’t  bother defending  them to me becuase I am not interested in hearing it.

As people find Casey despicable, George and Cindy stand  right three next to her in my view. Casey is the way she is because of them. They taught her how to lie and how to manipulate, cheat, and blame. I hold them  completely accountable. They set no boundaries with her and who knows what they did to her. Who knows if George didn’t molest her or have sex with her .Know what many young ladies who are promiscuous have a history of being sexually molested at an early age.
I cannot get past George not  asking who the father was when  he was told Casey was pregnant, showing up in the delivery room as Casey gave birth, not getting involved in the interrogation of Casey when she first came home and Lee and Cindy wanted to know where Caylee was.

We know DNA showed Lee was not the father but what about George? Was his DNA information sealed and if so why? Is he the father of Caylee?  Did Cindy name Caylee  and treat her like she was her own child because she was George and Casey’s child?  Did George treat Caylee like his own child because she was his child?

Allegedly Cindy’s Texas cousin stated George was an accomplice to the crime. If that is proven to be true he should be in prison forever. Also why did he want to commit suicide? Dr. Keith Ablow  whom  I really respect says  he never saw a grandfather try to commit suicide unless they were guilty. Was George guilty of something like being the father of Cayleee and of having something to so with her death?

With these unanswered questions.  seeing George swim around with dolphins like he has no care in the world, is highly disturbing to see. Seeing Cindy enjoy her new-found wealth is also sickening. Her manipulation on the stand was appalling along with her theatrics.

I hate that these two TOXIC PEOPLE will be getting rich off of the hair, bones, and skull of a little innocent baby. It is  horrible that  a trial just ended and the gruesome details of the child’s death came out and these horrible people are smiling such bright smiles and  enjoying themselves. How could one ever smile such a bright smile when a baby died such a gruesome death?  Or did she really drown on a pool  or in a pool of chloroform and George an Cindy know about it all along? Were  they just manipulating everyone with their theatrics ?Is that why they are finally OK now?

And for those of you that say to me “Leave George and Cindy Alone” I reply Noooooooo! They need to leave me and leave you  alone and the world alone and get the heck out of the limelight so they are never to be heard from again. Any books and films they do or shows they are on need to be boycotted as I see it.


122 thoughts on “George and Cindy Flaunt Swimming With The Dolphins As Part of Their PR Image Spin Campaign

  1. must be nice to be able not to have to worry about anything and still be on a paid all FREE vacation! Thanks Caylee Marie..

  2. AMEN! Preach it sistah!! The Anthonys all of them are GUILTY of murder in my book! They should be all in prison and hopefully the feds are looking into this and justice will be served for CAYLEE!

  3. I’ve always wondered about whether or not George was Caylee’s Dad. There was a long complex answer on “The Caylee Daily” website that proved (“scientifically”) that if Lee wasn’t the father George could not be either. It was well written and “proved” with the DNA given by George & Lee that neither was guilty of fathering Caylee. HOWEVER, I continue to wonder. Why didn’t the state do the parentage test on George too? If it were true, and George was the father, why would the courts seal that? Incest is a crime.

  4. BRAVO LILLIAN!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooo glad that U feel this way I do:))))))))One or all of them KNOW what accually did happen 2 Caylee!!It is very inhumane and so very COLD as 2 not break down & tell what happened. A non-toxic mother would have told what had happened 2 my baby. Not lie about her, Casey’s entire life was a lie. This people need serious HELP!!!!! Thanks, Lillian-I feel much better:)))))))))) Love U-Teresa………

    1. I feel one of the mistakes the prosecution made was painting George and Cindy as a Leave to Beaver family. They should have said from the get-go, that George and Cindy are just two more liars in a family of liars… But that doesn’t mean Casey was innocent.

      Instead the jury got all confused with the way Cindy lied and George acted. I blame George and Cindy for the not guilty verdict. And I wonder if they didn’t cook this up with Jose Baez and go along with it to get Casey off.

      Wouldn’t put it past the Scamthony family! You’re the best Dr. Glass! Keep it up!

      1. Hell yea they did,didn’t you notice SINdy’s breakdown on the stand,pure BS! I am beyond disgusted!
        I don’t care if the Judge said no outbursts….we are all human regardless and the 2nd that Bozo said she went to school with her Father’s penis in her mouth,The damn pope would have come unglued and so would JP!
        I’m tired of people who say George couldn’t react,the hell he couldn’t,INSTINCT isn’t something you can prepare for and he just sat there with his teeth in his mouth ( he was not shocked) like it was any other day! If he’d never heard those words before he’d probably be on death row for killing kc and bozo in the courtroom!

      2. Yes, you are 100% right. The pros should have aired all the fam dysfunction .. Baez used it to his advantage… If pros had shown the temultuos relationship that Casey and Cindy had.. Woulda given those “wise” jurors the motive they talked about lacking as one of the reasons they set CA free… I know in my gut that the whole family knows so much more about that poor babygirl’s death. I wish we could give em all a truth serum .. Now thats an interview I’d watch!

      3. George had no oh my God surprise face when Baez called him a molestor of his own daughter and neither did Cindy so of course these two including Lee were all in on it and prepped for it by Baez and Mason before trial started with opening statements. The juror’s in my opinion stopped paying attention after Baez fed them that ridiculous full of lies opening statement. Also these juror’s were not very intelligent in my opinion or they would have seen right through all the nutty outlandish defense tactics. The State put on a great common sense case along with good forensics experts and laid it out for the juror’s in terms any lamen but obviously these 12 could understand. Several of these juror’s that came out talking to every media that would have them seem to understand the dollar scenario. They were a disgrace~~

  5. Dr. Glass,

    How correct you are!!! Poor sweet dolphin being forced to interact with these infected couple!!!

    Humanizing these two who just like you say destroyed evidence, lied and bullied those in search of the Truth. Sickening.

    1. Never been racist,there’s always been only one race to me……Human but Now I believe there are actually 2 races,Humans and Anthony’s!

  6. Dr. Glass,
    To start off on a positive note 🙂 I have to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was that you took the time out of your busy schedule to personally thank everyone that wished you a happy birthday. Very refreshing to see genuine appreciation these days! A little goes a long way!
    Down to business… I dislike these people as much as their SPAWN! I feel the Apple didn’t fall far from the tree and they created this monster! I was very disappointed to see the state did not press charges against them for their various crimes you mentioned… As a Doctor, do you think this had something to do with her previous medication, a change to her current medications or do you have you own thoughts on why?
    They can pose with dolphins, kittens @ a shelter, the Pope for all I care, they will still be responsible for the death of that child as far as I’m concerned! SINdy had to take psych classes in nursing school and in her continued education classes to maintain her nursing license from the state. SHE chose not to see the writing on the wall from signs her daughter was sexually abused to signs that she was unstable, I believe Borderline Personality Disorder and finally signs Caylee was not properly cared for! We still have NO idea where she was all those months she was supposedly with Zanny the Nanny, being cared for as a babysitter would do…
    You are spot on about these people! TOXIC is an understatement! If they aren’t incarcerated, they just need to go away! No one is ever going to like them, PR firms aren’t magicians!
    Thank you for your time a great work!

  7. GREAT article Dr. Glass…these people make me SICK I guess EVIL begets EVIL because IMO they are as EVIL as Casey and you’re so right, they are the reason Casey is like she is….poor Caylee, looks like her death made the family rich and famous, maybe that was their intent all along…RIP precious Caylee, God will be in charge of your JUSTICE now sweetie, obviously the Fla. justice system failed you but God will not baby..they will pay someday, I HAVE to believe that..

  8. You spoke no truer words. Caylee unfortunately is gone but thank God above she wont be raised to be a lying, murdering slut like her supposed MOTHER. In some way I feel more love for my 3 kids now. I hug my 5 going on 6 yr old more. He will be 6 the day before Caylee wouldve turned 6. RIP Baby Angel…

  9. Of course the Anthonys manipulated everyone in that courtroom with their theatrics. I am just sorry that the preosecution had to use these two as anything but hostile witnesses. I couldn’t believe Cindy “crying” with face hidden at a picture of her grandaughter as if she hadn’t seen one since Caylee disappeared. And George’s act of belligerance with Baez. The Anthonuy Little Theater Company at work, again.

    I used to think the Anthonys were DUMB. They’re not Mensa candidates for sure, but they are cunning, crafty. and devious.

    All the ways in which this family has obstrructed justice in this case makes a mockery of their protestations of love for Caylee.

    Good summing up of their charactr Dr. Lillian!

    Can you find out if the Anthonys ae down in Huston to be with Casey at the Houston Meninnger Clinic? Are they all involved in the “family therapy” scam?

      1. If what Cindys cousin said in an interview about Casy coming tHoustan then she may very well be there, Also George and Cindy supposedly went to Houston today. This is intersting.

    1. I didn’t fall for that crying act. Where were the tears. Where was the red swollen eyes. Fake Cindy. All that did was held up the trial. Chomp Cindy is a lousy actress. Ashton should of brought up the big fight between Cindy and Casey before Caylee went missing. Cindy is the reason Caylee got hurt.

      1. I fell for it,only for a few hrs.I just hoped Caylees GRANDMA cared enough,pffffffffft I Swear I never thought I would but I felt bad for SINdy that day,she deserves hell just like that excuse for a child she had! jmo

      2. :Lots of people fell for Cindy’s act…and not only the talking heads and hosts on places like HLN. Many people on sites and blogs all over the net were going into convulsions crying for Cindy. “Oh, boo hoo, at last, Grandma Cindy has had enough of her ‘sociopath’ daughter”.

        Cindy and Casey are sisters under the skin…according to Cindy, at least. “She’s just like me!” exclaimed Cindy on more than one occasion.. Cindy certainly thinksshe and Casey are one and will never forsake her “sociopath” daughter.

      3. I have to say I feel for Cindy’s act for probably 10 minutes until I remembered the last three years of belligerence from her. George is just as guilty of being a liar. Lee I think is the only one who may have a conscience. Notice I said may? I think he is having a hard time dealing with knowing what happened. If the truth ever comes out it may be from him but I am not holding my breath. I mean after all he and Mallory are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and among the many request is one for a $400 clothes basket. Really who the hell do they know that has that kind of money? All of them need to just disappear from the face of the earth.

  10. You are so right Dr. Glass, these two are disgusting and make my stomach turn. I say boycott everything any Anthony is associated with. They sure got over their grief real quick. God bless little Caylee, she deserved so much better. How dare them even claim they loved her.

  11. OMG Again,disgusting pieces of crap! I swear to God don’t they realize Caylee would have loved to pet a dolphin but since satan and satan’s daughter murdered and covered it up she didn’t get to pet a damn thing but because her life was taken they get to enjoy life to the fullest off her blood money Shouldn’t surprise me because I been there before,OMG Just when ya think!

    1. I sincerely doubt whether the thought of Caylee ever crosses their mind. “been there and done that!” George’s and Cindy’s focus was all on saving Casey. That focus has not changed. Casey is their biggest hope of a continuing meal ticket. And, let’s face it, Casey owes them big time!

  12. I guarantee if that was one of us that lied we would be behind bars. They make me wanna just smack some sense into em. But they are not worth raising my hand to. They disgust me. You know Cindy covered it up. They all are at fault. If I had a Grandchild that I did not see for 31 days, I would have reported it the second day with all Caseys lies. Very disfunctional family. They belong together.

  13. Cindy wrote on myspace that Caylee gave her UNCONDITIONAL love,too bad she didn’t give it back…..she loved Caylee with CONDITIONS,On the condition her killer was set free!

  14. lol. Dr. Glass said the dolphin needed to be disinfected. That’s funny. Eeew Cindy is ugly. And they both look phoney. Pretending to enjoy it. What about Caylee. She was thrown in a swamp by somebody.

  15. Yes Dr. Glass, you are sooo right. They should be in jail for getting rid of the car evidence. And I agree with this article. Any other person would be arrested. But not Teflon $indy and her accomplice George.

  16. I almost agree with the article. I think Crybaby Lee helped move the body. And I think Georgie Marie is a fake. He looked up a lot of bad stuff on the internet. Like escort services and other trashy stuff. Yet he carried a bible in court. Can’t have it both ways Georgie Marie. You have to choose between good or bad. Somebody said Casey might have been a escort. Why would anybody want Miss Ed, the horseface std carrier.

  17. I also thought that the Anthonys sold their picture to tmz
    not because I am an expert like you, those two pictures are close ups.
    And they are not screaming invasion of privacy or anything like that, tho I saw those photos today.
    I have no more opinions on the matter. It is strange to see news relating to the Anthony family in tmz but I guess they are infamous now and are here to stay along with so many people that have no talent other than create drama.
    I do not have a voice since I do not pay cable (no cable no even local channels for me) all I get out of the case or whatever passes for news is in cnn, newser, your blog and tmz, people who can watch tv channels should take a stand if they really want these people out of the limelight, if not oh well.
    We get what we pay for I guess.

  18. The Anthonys are professional liars. They have learned to make EXPLOSIANS with their lies
    you never know where to look, so many bombs and firecrackers going off.

    Thank you for this article, sadly it is also spot on.

    I am getting so sick of this lying conivving family.

    I have no idea anymore what is up or down with them except this

    Caylee died in Caseys care and ALL of them covered it up, and now ALL of them stand to make millions.

    If the dolphins knew what we do, those dolphins would kill those lip suckers.

    I am still very sad about the verdict, but I also very much appreciate you Lillian and your posters.

  19. According to Chatty Cathy:

    “Cindy wrote on myspace that Caylee gave her UNCONDITIONAL love.”

    Per the Pressmans of Rhode Island, who wrote The Narcissistic Family, Diagnosis and Treatment, a marker is that the adults or parents require their children to nurture and give to them, instead of them nurturing and giving to their children.

    When parents use their children this way, it ends up using them up, like a vampire uses up its victim. The young, and still not fully developed human’s core, is unable to develop and become filled in. So, the statement from Cindy above is a tiny tip of her thought processes, which absolutely have caused the next generation to become malignant narcissists, just like the parents.

    Re: George: Now it comes out that he was into porn and gambling. He had affairs and lied about them. There is a corrleation between adultery and domestic abuse, per the World health Organization. (Internet porn is a form of adultery.)

    All abusers are pathological liars.

    And George’s checklist of textbook traits of an abuser / malignant narcissist / sociopath / psychopath grows.

    The weed grows back unless the root is dug out.

    Looks like George is the real root of the dysfunction passed to Casey….and then, over time, Cindy followed his lead and responded with similar lying and use-up-your-children’s ability to tell right from wrong, while necessitating their (the childen; the next generation) having to dissociate from feelings and from reality.

      1. ChattyCathy You are so funny. Ever think of selling your jokes to late night comedians? They buy jokes from writers.

        It’s just all too insane, the ScamAnthony’s, that humor has to be injected here and there!!!

    1. Yea,I wish ole Georgie could meet Lorraina Bobbit,She’d get the root out for him. I’d slap myself everyday just for waking up beside his ass,that spineless cave looking thing! he should wear the dresses! But if I had my choice they’d all be wearing white coats with the arms in the back! jmo

  20. I must admit,I thought crybaby Lee was using his CMA message to say Caylee Moved Again,but these nut’s have drove me crazier than I was when I got here,All confused now!

  21. Dr Glass, you are spot on woth this one – George and Cindy ought to be in jail and the fact that they are smiling brightly and frolicking is disgusting! They need to get out of the limelight and give Caylee the dignity she deserves! The American public should rally to have them jailed.

  22. I feel NO sympathy for these two but I also do not believe that George had anything to do with Caylee’s murder or a cover up! There is NO WAY the Murderer would have remained silent for 3 years if George had been involved in the slightest way…she HATES her father.

    I am SO bothered by and disgusted by the fact that in this case, crime apparently DOES pay. These 3 monsters will be millionaires one day. How scary is that? When on earth did it become OK to murder/lie to police/lie to the FBI/commit perjury and be REWARDED for it???

    Cindy is too stressed to work…but she’s not too stressed to take multiple vacations AND write a book. Isn’t writing a book considered to be ‘work’? She’s able to do that but not able to continue in the nursing field, thus collecting disability? B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Caylee NEVER stood a chance in that family, EVER. And NO ONE in that psychotic family EVER deserved that little girl. While I so desperately wish Caylee were alive and well, there IS a bit of a bright spot in knowing that she will NEVER turn out like the rest of those freaks. She is most definitely somewhere SAFE now, thank God!

    R.I.P. Caylee. Your family and 12 morons failed you miserably.

    1. I also don’t believe that George had anything to do with this murder for exactly the reason stated above. Casey would never had sat in jail to help protect her dad. She would have been pointing the finger at him immediately.

  23. i think george a’s suicide attempt was faked… i think he did this to get hospitalized as mentally ill in order to file for disability himself… just my opinion…. they learned to “work” the system…jmo..

    1. I totally agree,I always thought he did because that was when they were wanting immunity? I always feared that when it went to trial Cindy and George would admit GEORGE did it!
      I never once believed he bought that gun to make her friends talk,wth didn’t he use it on her..the one who knew the truth? IDIOTS!

    2. I agree, Vic. I just heard from a professional that “mental health” disability is one of the easiest to obtain. How sad for our society.

  24. I agree to the fullest, I realize it has been three + years but something just seems so wrong with this whole thing. I believe that Casey is solely responsible for killing Caylee. But I believe they all know why before it came out. I think they all new this in July shortly after they realized caylee was missing. and from that point This child’s life became disposable and this family went into cover up mode. George and Cindy in my view were both well aware of the defences plan and were just as big a part of it as anyone. This was a game to them all. A game they May of won, yet one that in the long run will be their demise

  25. In the beginning, I didn’t feel sorry for the Anthonys when they were vehemently defending Casey’s actions (after the initial 911 calls). The had the whole world angry at their denial. However, look at their denial of Casey’s pregnancy~ She looked pregnant to everyone who saw her and they kept denying. I don’t really think that George molested Casey (that’s just my opinion) however, I think they allowed Casey to do whatever she wanted with no consequences…. EVER! I think it came to a head when Casey was stealing from them, Cindy threatened to take Caylee (which she probably would not have followed through with) and that sparked the huge fight…. I don’t think that anyone knew what happened to Caylee but Casey but since the day that poor Caylee died… I do think that George and Cindy (SPINdy) did whatever they could to cover and confuse all the facts. Fast forward to Casey’s sham of a trial…. I did initially feel sorry for the Anthonys when I saw how distraught they were during the beginning of the trial, but as the trial went on…. I realize that it was nothing but an act to twist and confuse the facts to keep their daughter from the death chamber. Never in their wildest dreams did they think that they would completely acquit her. The just found 12 of the most closed minded jurors in Pinellas County. This jury did NOT do their job… they DID discuss this case BEFORE it was over (listen closely to alternate juror and you will hear a few hints he drops). They had their minds made up well before this case was over. I think they gave us 10 1/2 hours just to make it look better. I hope the whole family gets pulled down in a heap for what they’ve done…… it’s a travesty. What other family would get off scott free (now making money) and not telling the truth about what happened to sweet little Caylee? There is one judge that none of them can escape… You can lie to the man upstairs but HE KNOWS~~ Sorry, but I hope they all burn in eternal HELL for what they’ve done. I will boycott anything Anthony~

  26. No sense getting all up in arms again, that verdict was enough for me. This entire family is very lucky to have escaped the laws of the land…but I also realize, one might escape the laws of the land but one doesn’t escape the laws of the universe…KARMA will catch all the beasts…they will flounder when karma hits hard…The best thing that happened to this family was the birth of Caylee Marie…and the worst thing to happen for Caylee Marie was for her mother to be found not guilty for her death…what the felon doesn’t realize is, no one wants to hear a pathological liar telling more lies about Caylee Marie’s demise. I don’t need to hear anything more, I believe I know what happened and those Pinellas County 12, allowed a guilty person to go free for they didn’t use common sense or critical thinking…I can’t wait for Karma to catch these beasts…JMHO

  27. My heart pumps piss for em’ sorry but I’m angry as hell here,Lee getting married and Caylee can’t attend but she can damn sure as hell pay for it,jmo

  28. Dr. Glass: YOU GO GIRL! Keep it up! America has a short memory and I love your questions- they are primary, and some are subtle but pack a PUNCH- and there about 15-20 more (maybe, I will put them all together and post them here- working on my dissertation- I love an excuse to get off track).

    I almost threw-up with I saw their mouths (the dirtiest orifice of the human body) on that poor animals mouth- I would never expose or push myself on a poor captive animals- gawd- it’s like they are sexually abusing it too…yuck.

    QUESTION: Ya know, I have wondered what you thought of this- what about Cindy and George telling people- who have reported it in interviews( i.e. Tony and Jesse)- that something was “wrong with Casey”- and to stay away from her….don’t you think that is ODD…and suspicious…it actually makes me think they were BOTH “using” Casey…for…their ..perhaps sexual – even sadistic..sexual pleasure- I mean I definitely think George did- and I have contented since day one he is father of caylee- but could they be so twisted as to both…..sorry- it’s too gross to imagine- delete this is you want- otherwise I’d love to know what you think!.

    1. Oh boy. Not again. George is not the father. You really hate George. I know he’s no angel, buy there is no proof to the molestation rumor. It’s made up by liar Casey. You are so fixed on that opening statement.

      1. Lord Honey,couldn’t agree more! I have hate for the monster who took my husbands life but gee wiz I could jerk out the last 3 twigs of hair I do have left from this psychotic bunch!

  29. Omg Dr Glass .. As always love all your posts. I check in with ur blog all day for my doses of ur insightful analysis. Anyway. Oh yeah the omg is for… That picture. I read the blog first.. (from my phone) .. Thought you were being slightly over the top.. Until I blew up the picture. .. Which is obviously posed for…. And made me want to
    vomit… WTH are they doing? Are those kissy faces the faces of innocence. They disgust me and u are soo right bout the reson casey is so effed up. They did it. I did not agree with verdict .. But figured maybe Casey paid her debt by being imprisoned as their daughter. Caylee never stood a chance… Thanks for the post!!

  30. Dr. Glass — THANK YOU!! I need posts like yours to counteract the vileness 🙂

    deb — glad you didn’t get deleted, because I agree with you. C&G used Casey and continue to do so. They flew to Phoenix first-class with their lawyer. I’m not buying the “therapy” scenario. I think somebody is footing the bill for the “reunion” so they can use it in whatever media blitz they have planned. In their convoluted world, the public is to be used the same way they used Casey. They spew hatred, but expect the “working” public to foot their bills.

    Mason talks out of both sides of his mouth, too. How can he refer to the mob mentality of the public on one hand and expect to humanize his monstrous client to the masses on the other? Mason and his delusions of grandeur thinks he is king (or deserves to be) and Casey is his Princess. It’s disgusting beyond words.

  31. I started reading your blog in the beginning of the trial and have been following you ever since. You seem to be the only professional who is not afraid to speak the truth about the parents of Casey Anthony. I have always been disturbed and felt nothing but anger towards Cindy Anthony. From the beginning, she was manipulating and seducing the media. Mark Fuhrman did not contact her! She made a point to say that he contacted her during the trial! Liar! Liar! Liar!
    It repulses me to see mask designers and now a famed artist painting a series of nudes now getting rich off a psychopath! I would only wish that Dan Lacey would take the proceeds and donate to missing children charities! Tim Miller who lost his child from a kidnapping( for two weeks she was only looked at as a runaway and later found dead not far from her home and Mr Klaus who lost his daughter as she was kidnapped and strangled. I can’t imagine how these two families are feeling now knowing that this whole family got away with all their manipulating and lying to all including county, state and federal!!!!!!!!
    I just want to share with you because I am sure there are so many stories that a lot of people did not share about Casey Anthony. This girl was partying all over Orlando. She was hanging out at sorority houses including the Alpha Delta Pi house and the only way to join in with sorority row is to make your claim! I remember going to University of Ga ADPi house where my grandmother lived to see her picture hanging, they would not let us in! I had to call and explain before getting a pass! What I am saying is this girl was so good that she could go to a college and mingle around sorority row ( Casey did not even have a high school diploma) and pretend to be ADPI and she probably was a Chi Omega, a Zeta or a KD etc. I wonder how many secret hand shakes she learned! This makes me ill! My daughter went to school full time worked part time was with the dance dept to where she started dance at 7:00 am and was very involved with her sorority philanthrapy which was breast cancer awareness. all these girls have great causes that they donate their time and hard work towards Ronald Mcdonald house, girl scouts childrens homeless shelters, st judes hospital etc. I may be ranting, but Casey Anthony used a lot of people, and I just wonder if that beautiful little girl was in the trunk of her girl while she was pretending to be a sorority girl? She would never have been able to admit that she even had a child more less talk about your nanny in that setting!!!!!
    Casey has gone to bigger and better things! She will not be forced to go back to Orlando to do her time! I wonder if she will be forced to pay her court fees that strickland ordered her to do! Her dream team will not pay it! They did not pay the taxes on the 200,000 ABC payoff which left Casey with a tax debt!
    This picture is warped!!! I remember taking my twins at the age that Caylee would be today if she were alive to swim with the dolphins! It is so sad! I listened to their attorney the other night talking about how the Anthony’s are on a needed vacation( paid in full by an unknown) and they will be concentrating on their foundation! That foundation is a joke and they are thieves! They should not be allowed to control or sit on a foundation board of any kind! Caylee died on someone in that family’s watch and should be held countable!

  32. Everyone just sit back and watch,KARMA is coming,dont think this case wont one day be resolved,they are all in involved,its going to take time,i know in my heart Caylee will get justice,i promise you law enforcement are taking this all in,hopefully fed charges will come ,i have a feeling they arent going to let this drop,even though she was found not guilty,hopefully and putting it in Gods hands they will all pay one day,

    1. YES YES YES

      I keep saying what is the FBI (FEDERAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT) planning to do??? These small fry unethical lawyers won’t be able to do diddly sqwat.

      Baez held with “contempt of court” and breaking ethical rules by now helping his “freed” client get into show business???? WHAT THE HAY!!!! I said from day one of her release he has now become her pimp.

      The ScamAnthony’s Lying to Federal Agents….??? Falsely reporting an abducted child???? I say this can’t be left unaddressed by the FBI. Then the tax money owed. Come on the ScamAnthony’s are NOT that powerful. I totally agree a shock is coming. The 12 jurors have unwittingly handed this case over to a higher branch of law enforcement. Whatever monies the ScamAnthony’s get, I look forward to being taken
      away by the IRS & FBI. Yes, hopefully, the trap is being set and it will include the unethical dealings of the DF. jmho

      1. I also do not understand how there can be absolutely no consequences to lying to the FBI, falsely reporting an abducted child, purposefully giving the wrong hairbrush to the FBI and then having the unmitigated gall to brag about it on national TV. It is a huge puzzlement to me.

      2. NancyB, I can only hope the FBI is working on catching them on some other angle or waiting for an even BIGGER misstep!!! Thinking Al Capone….. took time but they got him on something that seemed like a lesser charge, income tax evasion. Point is they finally got Capone off the streets and put him in prison.

        What about the possible “tampering with witnesses” by the attorneys? Contempt of Court by Baez? and the Unethical relationship between lawyer and client? jmho

    2. I hope you’re right,Have yall noticed once a verdict is read we all move on to what we did before we got involved in it ,this one though……..goes on and on!
      We haven’t let this one drop! Thank God!

      1. I agree Nancy. Cindy got away with everything. She used that “poor” grandmom routine. No Cindy you are a criminal. Cops should arrest that loser. Where does it help the cops to give the wrong hairbrush. It wasn’t funny and it was tacky. I would be afraid to trick the cops. Not loudmouth Cindy. She can do anything and not have to worry about the consequence.

  33. Right on all of you who know that their performance was rehearsed down to every gesture, sob, cringe, and then performed on cue! Just like Caseys, rehearsed, coached, performed exactly as Baez and Cheney taught them. If it had not been, we would have seen the real Anthonys, meaning the way they behaved at John Mitnicks depo. The Scamthonys should take it on the road, oh wait, they already have.
    Does anyone here remember when this first happened and they tried to get themselves gigs as speakers at missing children conferences? The public was so outraged even Oprah cancelled them. This is the New and Improved Scamthony Show, complete with PR and a New and Improved Foundation. Now where are those unpaid assistants when you need them?

    1. I do believe that Marc Klaas was also part of this! Talk about a father who actually had to endure so much! All of these people that are part of these foundations had to suffer endurance! What gives the Anthony’s the right to be put in the same category? They lost a grandchild! We all understand this! It is what they did after the 911 call! or what they did before the 911 call!!!!!!!

      1. I know Mark Klass and he is a wonderful stand up guy. If the Anthony’s go on TV and pretend they are a spokesperson for missing children I will boycott any show that has them on FOREVER! They are dispicable liars an manipulators. And for those who say they love their child and would do everything to protect them like the anthony’s did with casey, I say…… you are disturbed and if your child ever got to the point of what happened with casey and you were protecting her you are TOXIC.

  34. I live in Canada and 4 yrs ago when I was watching late night American news on came George a kinldly looking GF talking about his missing GD. I work for a hotel and I paid atention because you never know who you may see in the lobby. I am interested in body language and have read alot of Dr. Glass’s books. As I watched G talk, I could tell there is something wrong with that man as what he says and how he acts are opposite. Little did i realize that at the time here was this man who knew his GD was deceased and he was on TV acting like she was missing.

  35. Dr Glass, I agree with most of what you say, however I feel you are hung-up on the fact that George lied about the affair. Most people lie about affairs. I agree most people would have been more sympathic if he had just told the truth about it. My point is, out of this whole sickening family, George is the only one I ever felt sympathy for. He would usually blow it the next day and I would hate him again, but I never felt anything for Cindy, Casey or Lee but contempt.

  36. In Linda Drane Burdick’s closing statement she asked, whose life would be better without Caylee? Well not only was Casey’s life better (for a little while) but George and Cindy have lived a better life beyond their wildest dreams. They are terrible and I agree with you Dr. Glass in all of your opinions of them!

  37. Dr. Glass, You are so correct in your post today. I have been reading some of your books, and find your advice about reading people very helpful. Every time I observed George and Cindy, It seemed something was not quite right. As much as I disagree with the verdict at the trial of Casey, the jury did pick up that there was a problem with the lying Anthony family. I would not be surprised if they were in collusion with Baez. They succeeded in confusing the jury, and they should all be in jail. If you remember the early days of the case, Cindy and George were on every major TV show telling lies. No one in the family would take a lie detector test. They cleaned the car, washed the clothes, hid evidence, and who knows how long they knew Caylee was dead. I would not buy a book by any one of them. The book would be full of lies and BS. I would rather send my money to Tim Miller who truly lost a child, and really helps to find missing children. What the Anthony family did to him was evil. They should just fade into the dark souls they all have. Karma will catch up with all of them.

  38. Yuck! Two of the worst parents (among many bad parents) from our country, and two who deserve no compassion. I’m not even sure they are mourning the death of their granddaughter, the precious little Caylee, but instead may have been putting on quite a performance there in the courtroom. They are devious, they are self-serving and they are consumate liars. I won’t support anything that gives them a cent. Whoever gave them this vacation should’ve thought about the military families and the families of police officers, real heroes, who deserve a get-away so much; that would’ve been a gift to be proud of. Again, YUCK!, the poor dolphins.

  39. I hope this video gets sent to SSDI. They sure look healthy enough to enjoy fee blood money vacactions, but oh no, are way too ill to work. In fact, that’s what I’m going to do today, sent SSDI this video. So many people who truly are disabled and worked so many years only to be told, find work as a security guard, to someone I know, who is in her late 50’s, suffering from DDD, Fibromyalgia and failed back surgeries, and is losing her vision, but oh no she must find work as a security guard. What BS.

    The Scamthony’s should all be in jail.

  40. Thank you so much for your perspective…it mirrors so many of us who are just totally disgusted with this family. Remember everyone….boycott anything that will put more money in the pockets of this family, their defense team, the jurors….just don’t buy and don’t watch them on TV. We can shut them down if we stand united!!! This just makes me sick to my stomach!!!

  41. I was thinking the same thing night owl! Now I hope those dolphins had their shots, because they will definately catch something from the Scamthony’s.

    They should be ASHAMED of themselves. All they are doing is flaunting Caylee’s murder and how she meant NOTHING to them.

    I guess now that “IT” has to serve her probation, she’ll be moving back home with mommy dearest and daddy dearest. G&S better sleep with one eye open.

  42. I found a link to provide information to SSDI< if someone suspects fraud, and I contacted them regarding the Scamthony's!

  43. Penalties for SSDI Fraud

    There are severe penalties for both Social Security card fraud and disability fraud.

    Felony criminal penalties can be up to $250,000 in fines and/or up to five years jail time. The amount of the penalty will depend on the intent. For example, did the individual who committed fraud try to deceive to get funds or defraud an individual of something.

    On top of the criminal penalties, there may be civil penalties as well. A person found guilty of fraud may be sued in civil court and have to pay a large fine, and may have his or her professional license suspended. Each false statement a person made by signing a form while knowing that he or she was not eligible can result in fines up to $5,000. The individual who committed fraud could be assessed in the amount of two times the amount of money that was received fraudulently.

  44. I’m in agreement with the majority of the sentiments expressed here. I’m grateful that Dr Lillian continues to loudly question all of this and provide us a forum to do the same.

    Warning: This next part is a strongly heart felt position of mine.

    These resort dolphin programs do not sound like such a great experience to me. Resort hotel dolphin experiences, Discover Cove & Sea World keep these marine mammals as prisoners in barren concrete chemically treated tanks. They live in a pool the size, to them, of a sink for dolphins and a bathtub for the orcas. These mammals would naturally swim up to 100 miles daily in the wild. Hotel resorts & Sea World want you to believe it’s OK to take animals like dolphins and whales out of their natural habitats, where they socialize with their families and imprison them for “entertainment” and profit. We wouldn’t force our relatives to live in cages/tanks. I think that there should be a permanent ban on issuing permits allowing dolphins to be brutally captured and used as attractions at theme parks and resort hotels. They really are like our cognitive cousins.

    At resorts & Sea World, orcas & dolphins perform circus-type tricks for food; swim in endless circles and live decades short of their 60 & 50 year maximum life spans in the wild. The vast majority of dolphins held captive in marine mammal parks, die a few decades short of their natural life expectancy. These ocean animals inhabit vast, fascinating and complex worlds. Dolphins and orcas share intricate relationships.

    Every dolphin is a self-aware individual with a unique personality, so it’s no surprise that these animals are perceptive to their surroundings and susceptible to stress-related illnesses. If they’re so intensely affected by the mere presence of humans, just imagine the kind of irreparable trauma they suffer when they are brutally pulled from the ocean and placed in resort & Sea World’s chemically treated prisons.

    Dolphins think, plan, and communicate with one another. In the wild, they spend their entire lives in large family groups. Removing them from their natural communities is very traumatizing and often results in stress-related illness and very premature death. Marine animals are literally dying to entertain us. No captive orcas or dolphins die of old age. Dozens of bottlenosed dolphins have died at these resorts & Sea World. Only through a whistleblower did it get reported that at Sea World’s Discovery Cove “swim with dolphins” attraction a dolphin named Dixie gave birth to a stillborn infant. What’s more, even though Sea World knew that Dixie was due to give birth; the park apparently did not have a veterinarian available for Dixie at any point during or after her labor. She was forced to endure this traumatic experience—and its aftermath—without proper care. Dolphins have exhibited significant grief responses when their babies die but are still forced to perform.

    This information was revealed only a few short weeks after another dolphin, Scarlet, and her unborn fetus died at Discovery Cove. In that case marine scientists were notified by the whistleblower that the necropsy revealed that Scarlet’s uterus had ruptured while she was pregnant, causing the calf to be released into her body cavity. The scientists immediately contacted the USDA and requested that they investigate. They also asked them to determine whether Scarlet’s prenatal care was adequate and whether pain relief and appropriate veterinary care were provided during the one week period after Scarlet went into labor without giving birth that ended with her death. The USDA is notoriously negligently slow, IMO, in taking any significant action with these parks, attractions, zoos etc. Just look at their deplorable record in the protection of horrendously abused elephants.

    These resorts don’t want you to know that these highly intelligent, social animals are denied everything that is natural and important to them. They don’t want you to know that captured dolphins suffer from depression and physical diseases. In addition to the criminal lack of exercise and mental stimulation, marine scientists have proven that many of them are being driven mad by the sound of their sonar, which constantly bounces off the tank walls.

    Dolphins are sound oriented. They communicate producing a large spectrum of sounds in the form of clicks and whistles. They constantly send out bursts of sounds of many different frequencies to explore their ocean environment. With reflected sound, called echolocation or sonar, dolphins can ‘see’ elements that are invisible for other animals — including humans — that are sight oriented, depending on reflected light for vision. This is how dolphins searching for food can easily detect a fish that is hiding under the sand. The use of sonar is as important to dolphins as eyesight to humans, and in nature they rely on their sensitive sensory sense in almost every aspect of their daily lives.

    Dolphins in a tank are severely restricted in using their sonar. They can’t use it to catch live fish, as they are fed dead fish as food rewards. Neither can they put it to full use to explore their underwater world, because there isn’t much to explore in a barren, concrete tank. Sensory deprivation is one of the most damaging aspects of keeping dolphins in a concrete tank. It’s like forcing a person to wear a blindfold for the rest of his life. This is true whether the dolphin was captured from the wild or born in captivity.

    Marine scientists also maintain that the study of dolphin behavior in captivity is an unsound way to learn about how dolphins live in the wild. Dolphins are forced to perform stupid stunts & tricks that are as unnatural to them as they are inhumane. Their worlds have been reduced from fathoms to gallons. Is it any wonder that they are being driven insane by their diminished and cruel lives?

    Dolphins really are geniuses, second only to humans, according to a new study that was completed in Dec 09. Scientists studying dolphin behavior suggested dolphins could be the most intelligent creatures on Earth after humans. This discovery displaced the Chimp to the #2 spot and elephants remain in 3rd place. They determined that dolphin behavior and brain size suggests very complex intelligence. Several scientists even said that dolphins should therefore be treated as “non-human persons” and granted rights as individuals.

    In the 27 years that I have been a frequent & avid scuba diver, I have had 5 magical experiences where wild dolphins made the decision to interact and came to play. IMO these should be the only people/dolphin interactions that occur.

    What happens to the dolphins if they decide that they don’t want to perform? Dolphins in captivity are not given the option to end interactions or performances when they would like to. They are trained through ‘operant conditioning’. This means that satisfaction of hunger is dependent on performing tricks. Hunger is deliberately induced so the trainer will be effective and please the crowds. Though a complete food portion is ultimately provided each day, the use of food for doing tricks reduces these animals to little more than beggars who perform in exchange for food.

    Do dolphins have to perform all the time or do they have ‘holidays’? Captive dolphins often work 12-hour days without a break. Whether it is performing for the public or participating in dolphin pool encounters, dolphins are forced to participate. During performances or petting sessions, their ears are assaulted by blaring music and the noise of people splashing water or slapping the sides of the tank to get their attention.

    Kids have never seen real dinosaurs yet they have mastered their importance through many venues. Walking With Dinosaurs features “live” dinosaurs roaring and stomping around the arena, chasing each other, foraging, and protecting their young. The life-size T. Rex towers over you. Using animatronics, lighting, and sound effects, the show is thrilling family-packed audiences.

    Thanks to Animal Makers, kids with cerebral palsy, autism, head injuries, Down syndrome, and other developmental disorders, are getting the chance to interact with “TADs” (therapeutic animatronic dolphins) that move and even make squeaky dolphin noises at a state of the art program in Key Largo, Fl. Kids get to play with really cool life-like robots, and the dolphins get a break. It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Hollywood is expert in animatronics and other state-of-the-art virtual reality exhibits. These could be used in place of the current live-animal shows to provide park visitors with an exciting, educational experience. In fact, showing visitors a more realistic version of what life is like for real marine mammals. To continue to display this unnatural captive animals’ chemically controlled prisons with their repetitive behavior patterns—which are linked to their oppressive environment—this alternative is actually more educational, with no risk to human life. The only way to get resorts & Sea World’s abusement parks attention is with our wallets. I urge everyone we know to say “No Tanks” to cruelty by boycotting all resort dolphin programs & Sea World. Rant over 🙂

  45. Orlando wants the Anthony’s far far away! They did nothing about lying in the courtroom nor will SS or disability will do anything about swimming with the dolphins! If you or I or anyone else had stolen almost $1000.00 worth of checks and we left town rather than showing up for our parole sessions, we would be thrown right back into the jail system! Not the Anthony’s! How could the state of Fl have the funds in order to try their case when they were up against 14 lawyers! Someone was funding them! The general public is not stupid! They all got away with murder therefor they will all get away with fraud! And why would Judge Strickland have to release himself from the case because of one comment. He was amazed as well as all the rest of the professionals having to deal with such majestic lies! “It seems that Ms Anthony and the truth are strangers”! He was accussed of being bias over this!!!!!!!!!! These Anthony’s are still being enabled!!!!!!!!! I just finished watching in session and one of the comentary’s is saying that Casey did her parole while being in jail! What! Since when are criminals able to serve their parole time while in jail! It is needed to guide them back into society!

    1. I’ve always wondered how the A’s dog’s acted when Kc was out on bond,just curious…..I wondered a few times if Kc didn’t bury her in the back yard or started too and realized dog’s dig dirt,if ya follow me,and I’m sure ya do! Can’t find a good way to say it and it kills me to be blunt because of Caylee! jmo

  46. IF Casey is at the Menniniger Clinic in Houston…IF…it must be a ruse to allow her to stay out of her probationary district in Orlando. Now it costs AT least $1200 per day (according to the clinic’s website) to stay at the clinic which is renowned. George and Cindy were supposedly photographed in Houston…so are they there to support Casey in “family therapy”? And who is paying for Casey’s stay in this expensive watering hole? It looks like a resort.

    And does anyone think Casey can be “cured” or “helped” to deal with character flaws she would never admit exist?. Would she enter therapy telling the truth? Would George and Cindy? Would Cindy admit she ever did anything wrong? George would employ the old “pity me I’m so maligned, just respect me!” act. These people are are scum, I wonder if they can also fool the staff at such a famous facility. Oh, and shouldn’t Lee, who is obviously too close to his sister, profit from family therapy?

    They would all learn new tricks to manipulate and scam the guiless.

    That is, IF that’s what is going on in Houston.

  47. We the people control how much profit the Anthonys make off of this tragedy. vote with your pocketbook and tell folks that if they have the Anthonys on their show you’ll boycott them and pressure their sponsors to drop them.

  48. Dr. Lillian, I agree with everything you say about this free Vacation, except for one thing, These pics were taken by Spash news.. Go on TMZ again, and look in the corner of the pics, it says splashnews. So it’s obvious that splash paid the anthony’s for a photo Op!

    1. No it was taken y the Dolphin Experience comoany, When they Antbny’s ought the photos they boughey pomptly sold to Splash news . I swam with Dolphins in Antiqua, Mexico, Hawaii, the Carribean many times and they never let you take photos or have photographers get close unless is is their photographer. They cannot risk upsetting their protocal and I doubt theywould make an exception for the Anthonys as who are they in teh Carribean? them Splash has the becuause the Dolphin Experience photographer sold the right s to Splash with the Anthonys approval or the Anthonys bought them which included the rights and sold them to Splash to disseminate. Either way they had a huge hand in it.

      1. I too have swam with the dolphins in Hawaii and in Curacao, the the Carribbean. And yes, I know all about the photo’s that are taken while you experiance the dolphins.. In Hawaii, I paid almost $400 to swim with them, and in Curaco, $300. and the photo’s were at that time $45. a pop! You maybe correct about The Anthony’s selling photo’s to splash…BUT you know as well as I do Splash Knew they were going as we all did, and probably paid for all the photo’s PLUS paid for the swim..
        But like you said, either way, the ScamAnthony’s had a huge hand in the photo op! Remember Larry “Birdbrain” Birkhead’s photo’s of him and baby Dannilynn at Anna’s grave that year? It came out later that SplashNews pd. Larry for that photo op.. Just say’in….

  49. Chatty, i love it. you crack me up. The ants wouldn’t even qualify to be in the monkey gene pool.

    knight owl – August 2, 2011 at 5:35 pm
    Thank God too! I am RH Negative,ROFL Don’t shove em off on me!

  50. Knight,did you ever see Cindy’s emails where she told DC that Richard Grund found out Caylee was RH Neg and he may have sacrifised her?
    Her daughter belongs to satan and so does she? Sustained! jmo

  51. ChattyCathy You are so funny. Ever think of selling your jokes to late night comedians? They buy jokes from writers.
    It’s just all too insane, the ScamAnthony’s, that humor has to be injected here and there!!!

    Thanks Singhphat,I didn’t know certified nuts could find work,I know the Anthony’s can’t? but I guess if they can sell their dead Grand daughter then I could sell a few words or steal some Kc never used!

  52. Singphat,we’d never ever have made it 3 yrs without an occasional laugh!
    Hell,we can’t figure out what the heck happened,to catch stupid people you have to think stupid? No wonder they’re all free,Nobody in this entire world is as stupid as these people.So we sure as heck won’t never know what happened -Case closed!

  53. This is my opinion,I don’t give a crap if Elmo took the picture,They should have never been there to pet a dolphin to begin with? They’re there because CAYLEE was murdered!

    1. I’m sure the late night comedians (no cable here) are making light of this crazy case!

      The ScamAnthony’s are taking pics with dolphins only to soften their public image (they know the public detest them) so they can STEAL $$$$ from the duped American public for their so-called foundation. Cindy put her ugly mug on national TV (larry king to be specific) claiming Caylee was kidnapped when SHE KNEW Caylee was dead. JMHO

      So what other scheme can they dream up now???? Their only concern is for their pocketbook,image and helping Casey.
      WOW! It seems to me in years to come they will wish they had not interfered in this trial with blatant lies so that Casey would have remained in jail. JMHO.

  54. I have always felt sorry for George, Casey was trying to throw him under the bus and that day he was on the stand and George broke down and Casey just stared at him with so much hatred towards him, I know Casey was doing these looks to allow the jury and the people of the court think she hated him because he sexual molested her which was a lie. Cindy will throw George out allow Casey to come back if Casey wanted to. Lee just wants them to leave him alone, but he puzzles me, I think Lee knows more then what he is telling. So I have to say I hope George had a good time as for Cindy I could care less.

  55. ITA,I hope they split hell wide open,Part Cindy’s hair and take a dirt road to get there! Sick of em’ jmo

  56. Yea,Cindy and her….well they didn’t ask specifically’s,Oh and one of my favorites is the one she told the detectives ( i believe it was them,or FBI ) No she didn’t lie about everything,She told me she loved me” Now how assinine is that but I hate to tell Ya saggy Breasts but Uh She lied then too! jmvho

  57. This is how far ahead they plan crap and how they pull it off…….Thats why I agree that yes,they’ve all planned this wayyyyyyyyyyy back!
    It burns my butt too! Kc left her WORK PURSE in the car
    (roll eyes, jiggle,squirm)so anyway saggy breasts goes in for the interview and I’d bet you a million $’s she set her purse in that very position to be able to make the remark she did,Honey they ain’t a coincidence in this world that would have led to that very topic if IT WASN’T PLANNED……..I can’t figure it out or how she knew he’d move that purse but by granny,she did,it just rolled right off her tongue without a split hesitation,against all odd’s like the brain dead jury verdict! think deeply,LoL JMHO

    Cindy: Right, on the 21st [06/21/08 Saturday] they bought clothes but she told me because I started asking her about Caylee’s clothes here and she said “Mom, Zanny always has extra outfits and clothes, shoes and things at her house.”

    LE: Let’s get back to the weekend, we’re a little off.. This is the first interview I’ve ever done with my interviewer standing behind me.

    Cindy: Sorry, I’m trying to look at the dates, sitting over there I can’t see the calendar. You want me to sit, I don’t mean to intimadate you.

    LE: You’re not intimadating, it’s just like a new pair of pants, it takes a while to get use to. (Another LE moves the interviewee chair and then puts Cindy’s purse on desk) I’m going to put this right up here because I don’t want you to walk out with out it.

    Cindy: Oh I’m not going to walk out without my purse. Woman don’t leave their purses in cars or other places.
    Now tell me how that happened? She had to squeeze that one in there and it shows they lie everytime they part their lips!

  58. Wow, all I can think, after seeing the pic of the Anthony’s is,…isn’t it sad how all of the Anthony’s got the “Bella Vida”, and none of them seems to care how they got it! Cindy and George’s granddaughter was murdered by their daughter. How could they ever enjoy anything ever again? Why pretend that they are decent, God-fearing people, when we all know what they are,…scum.

    PR won’t help any of them. They showed who they were, and are, and none of us is going to forget it. None of them cares about poor Caley!!!

    They disgust me even more, now. It was one thing to see Cindy lie for her low-life daughter, but to see them out and enjoying their lives, at the expense of their dead granddaughter,….I hate them even more, if it’s possible.

    They can all rot in hell for all I care. Nothing they could do, except disown that murdering daughter of theirs, would alleviate the hate the public has directed toward them.

    Do not contribute to the fund that George and CIndy established in Caley’s name! I do not trust them. Makes me wonder how two out-of-work, elderly, unliked, hateful, twisted, lying individuals could afford a trip like this, pay off their mortgage, buy a new SUV, etc.??? Are they dipping into the Fund money??? Of course they are! Like daughter, like parents. It’s the domino effect in full force. Lie, cheat, steal, murder. Nothing is beyond these low-lives. They are, truly, the scum of the earth!!!

  59. I hope there are so many people connected to this case… Not the Anthony’s or their azz kissers… that write books and flood the market that when the a’s do put their books out everyone will have had their fill …. No profit for the Azzthony’s

    1. Amen,God know’s I’ve had my fill……how in the world did it get worse,I always thought no way…….yea right!
      Craziest bunch of people I ever seen in my life,that’s the truth!
      Disfunction Junction! jmo

  60. hwill,My Sentiments Exactly! It’s a shame that evil people get all the rewards but try to do unto others and you’re all alone!
    Thank You hwill,I appreciate that so much…Honest,It means alot when people will listen,The system sure doesn’t!
    We have all lied in our lives about something.we are human but I learned quite a few yrs ago the truth is always best and I won’t lie no matter what it costs me’ as long as it doesn’t hurt other people,I don’t just blab on somebody I’d rather remain silent,LoL
    I loved it when Bill Sheaffer said”Give Kc a brick and she’ll build a city” LoL
    Like I have always said….when the A’s die they’ll make lye soap out of them because that’s all they do is lie!
    And they’re not ashamed of it,Cindy lying like a dog on the stand…I just knew but still doubted (If that makes sence) that Kc would take a plea so she wouldn’t have to face her friends in court out of embrassment….Hell they don’t even budge…I would have laid on my belly and slithered out the door!
    jmo LoL

  61. TMZ paid big bucks to the ‘Grieving Scamthonys’ for these pics.

    All posed and ready to show to the public.

    How low can these toxic people sink? Believe me, they have no
    conscience at all…..and CAYLEE has never been in their collective
    minds since the authorities found her little bones in the swamp.

    Their MISSION was to free Casey…..even if it meant George becoming
    the FALL GUY ( and imo he volunteered for that because Cindy made
    him do it)……and Cindy lied on the stand…..and her Perjury charges
    were dismissed completely.

    What the hell kind of justice is this? Certainly none for the precious
    little victim that both Cindy & George proposed to have loved……but
    was tossed aside like yesterday’s garbage.

    Karma will definitely visit the Anthonys …… maybe not now….but it will
    be lurking very near them all.

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