Blanket Jackson Continues to Be Absolutely Miserable 2 Years After Father Michael Jackson’s Death

When I saw the series of photos of Blanket Jackson, Michael’s youngest child, I felt like to cry.   I felt as miserable as he was feeling, just from looking at the photos of him near his father’s artwork. They were taken at a ceremony to unveil Michael’s drawings to be auctioned off to raise money for Children;s Hospital in Los Angeles.

The photos showcased his amazingly talented father’s work as an artist . Here were see poor Blanket so sad faced and holing his hands together for self comfort. He may even be holding on to something for self comfort as he watches his auntie Latoya and brother Prince smiling as they unuveil the pictrure. He looks so terribly sad as this reminds him of how much he misses his daddy.


Here Blanket’s body language is very telling in terms of how terribly disturbed he is by this unveiling of Michael’s works. He covers this stomach area with his entire arm  and his fingers are cupped on that hand. It reveals that he is very upset by having to deal with looking at his father’s drawings.It may literally be making him sick to his stomach. His body is turned away from the drawing and his shoulder is raised. In essence he is literally giving a cold shoulder to the drawing. He could care less that the Mayor of LA is there next to him, The look on Prince’s face is heart wrenching. Here he looks at it out of the corner of his eyes but he really doesn’t want to look at it   so as he pulls his head away to the side. This indicates how much he painfully misses his father.

With his head bowed  down and is spread out stiff fingers which are a subconscious attempt to literally push out the pain, he feels terribly sad. he Big sister Paris watches over him from the side as he knows her baby brother is having a hard time.

Blanket seems to be in a world  of on his own. He stands in the foreground and self comforts with his fingers up to his mouth. He looks very disconnected and very sad.Even though he is with his family he sill draws no  comfort from them. Auntie Latoya is concerned about  him and has a watchful eye on him to  sure he is OK. She knows that this has been very hard Blanket.

After seeing these heartbreaking photos  of Blanket  it shows the profound loss of Michael and the severe effect his death had on his son. As the trial of  Dr.Conrad Murray approaches it will be this image of Blanket it  will stick in my mind.

Yes Michael had a drug problem. I know a very professional  physician refused to succumb Michael’s insistent requests for substances he had no business having. He told  me that   he told Michael  point blank that he could not  a part  of his drug problem and that he needed to get into rehab and would help do so. Michael did not do so. Instead he found a doctor who would do whatever he said and do whatever he wanted.

And please don’t write to tell me Michael was not on drugs. I realize you are just being a loyal fan, but you do not know.You have not seen him up close and personal. You have not seen him  high. I  have  seen him acting high in Beverly Hills , as have others, including those who have treated him.  Hifs family knew he had drug issues and repeatedly wanted to do an intervention but Michael would not let them near him.

He found an in debt doctor, Conrad Murray who would do anything for the money, even give Michael the drug he wanted- propophol. No doctor in their right mind would do this outside of an operating room. But desperate doctors do desperate things. What bothers me the most is Murray didn’t care about  Michael. If he did he would never have left him alone while he was chatting up his lady over the phone.

Even though Michael was killing himself all along with the drugs, I believe.  Dr Murray put the final nail in Michael’s coffin. They both played a part in this terrible death. By  Michael’s drugging and Murray’s acquiescing  , they  failed to realize that they also killed the spirit of a precious little boy, Banker who will never get over this and who’s life will forever be shaped by  his artist and singer father’s untimely death


Casey Anthony’s Complete Body Language and Face Makeover in Ohio? Is It Really Casey or Are We Being Duped??

When I first saw the photos of  an alleged Casey Anthony which were distributed over the internet by TMZ I did not think they were of  photos of the real Casey for a number of reasons.

The new Casey was  much heavier in just three weeks, had a more bulbous nose, fuller lips and a different earlobe shape, and rounder eyes. There was also a cleft underneath her chin that was not there before.

The real  one
had a thinner upper lip and a poutier upper  lip region. Then I noticed something very strange facially in terms of her nose.

In this photo her nose suddenly did not look bulbous at the tip. Her nostril were higher and the cleft in her chin was gone.

And then there was the matter of her clothing. Remember her fuscia V necked tee she walked out of jail with? Well

She had the exact same style V neck tee in black

And she had it in white. There was also something disconcerting about her body language as she showed a more upright posture where in the courtroom she had a forward gait.

The question is can  this be  a person who looks like Casey who was culled from an ad or recommendation like they do with  Ron Smith Celebrity Lookalikes? Is it two Casey lookalikes  – one with a bulbous nose and one with a thinner nose?

Or is it the real Casey who had a swollen nose before she had nose surgery and who had the picture taken weeks later when the nose thinned down? Was the  cleft under  her chin removed at  a later date or filled in with Restyalyn? Were her lips filled in and area around her frown lines?

The fact that she wore different outfits makes me think it was staged. Real Papp shots happen on one occasion and they photos are sold to an agency ASAP. The they take more shots with different outfits in different circumstances for more money. Also in many of the shots Casey is purseless and empty handed. Who walks  without anything in your hand unless you are going running- not strolling like Casey seems to be doing.

Finally she looks into the camera. Candid shots of people are not of them looking into the lense. She looked into the lens because she knew a photographer was there. Why didn’t she put her hand out over her face or run or yell or  curse? Thats what celebs do who don’t want a camera near them. It’s a natural reactin. Casey is way too calm and collected. That is what makes me think Jose is  behind this. Look at the timing. Jose was in NYC last week hustling up some interview gigs so he is in money making mode.


It was also said in the TMZ article Casey is in the state where she was born, Ohio. Now I am sure we have ALL been had and duped. There is no way she is not cinontact with George and Cindy. George and Cindy are super close to the Edy’s, Casey’s aunt Kathy and uncle Chuck who live in the Mahoning Valley in Ohio.They own several car dealerships so money must be no object. l

No doubt they are helping her out financially until the big bucks come in. Maybe when Casey gets some gigs they will be paid instead of her so that it will always look like Casey is indigent and therefore no one can come after her. Maybe the Edy’s will dole out money she needs if she gets a house. If it is in their name no one can come after her.

The Edy’s  spoke to the NBC affiliate  about Casey  after the not guilty verdict was read. They  came out in support of George and Cindy Anthony and spoke about the not-guilty verdict and said they had helped George and Cindy Anthony with moral support during the trial. Well they have heped Casey as well, no doubt

Chuck Eddy also  said  in an interview  that while he is shocked by the not guilty verdict, his concern now is for George and Cindy Anthony and the strain the trial and the accusations may have put on their marriage.

Casey’s uncle, Chuck Eddy, had this to say about the verdict, “It was very shocking, but you know the deal is that God’s in control and I think a lot of grace was shown today. Everyone was very surprised. I know how we feel as family members and my prayer is for George and Cindy and their future and Lee and Casey. There you have it !  As family members they are loyal to Casey and no doubt helping her,

Then her goes on to say “Whether she (Casey) was innocent or guilty now what does she do with that, how does she move forward as a daughter and a mother who has lost a child? Because what we’ve seen so far doesn’t match a grieving mother and that’s what everyone wants to see is a grieving mother. The accusations that her defense team threw at George, Casey’s Father — I think a lot of people and the family are wondering how could she could allow that to happen?”

Eddy says faith has helped the Anthony’s get through this trial. But Eddy and his wife Kathy are haunted by a question that still remains unaswered after this 36 day trial what really happened to little Caylee? Eddy says, “If Casey knows or if she was involved I hope someday she can admit to that or she can tell us who did it, and if she truly doesn’t know I hope justice is done and they find the guilty party.”

He says

I know how we feel as family members and my prayer is for George and Cindy and their future and Lee and Casey.” He added that “Whether she (Casey) was innocent or guilty now what does she do with that, how does she move forward as a daughter and a mother who has lost a child? Because what we’ve seen so far doesn’t match a grieving  mother and that’s what everyone wants to see is a grieving mother. “

In essence her Ohio family is supporting her as you can see from the quotes. After this photo manipulation I wonder if Casey is really getting therapy to learn how to be a grieving mother so that everyone can see that grieving mother as Mr. Edy said.

Is she going to Ohio State’s Psychiatric Clinic?  Is that why she is in Cleveland?


If this is Casey she has put on weight for sure in a three week period, Is she on anti depressants which allow  for a  quick weight gain? Is she boozing it up every day and McDoanldsing it up? Or is she pregnant? She does have large breasts and a tummy.

Why in the world would Jose want the world to see Casey and now  be able to recognize her with her weight gain, filled face and changed up nose and lips? The answer is simple to me. It is so that he can have her  change herself up again after all the legal issues and  the parole situation is  gone.

Casey can then get  a second nose job making it thin and petite. She  can  dye her hair red and have it short. She can wear brown contact lenses, get a breast reduction and chin reduction and wear less form fitting clothing.

This is so disturbing to thing that we may have all been HAD with George and Cindy playing along  over the past three years to save Casey and now most likely having contact with her in Ohio. Maybe they flew to Ohio from Texas to stay with the Edys and see Casey.They would be less recognizable than if they flew from Orlando.

Whatever the case it is all too sickening. They are one big happy family again the  family loyalty that George mentioned early on won over doing the right thing.Caylee’is in a much better place than living with this TOXIC family.

Is Casey Anthony At the Menninger Clinic in Houston?

Cheney Mason in a recent talk said that Casey was somewhere that Casey  was getting therapy and where she was protected with a great deal of security. He also said that he was not sure how that security could be maintained for the rest of Casey’s life. Jose essentially said the same thing when he was asked about Casey’s whereabouts.

Before Casey was released from jail an alleged second cousin of Cindy’s named Dana, was on the air  on a radio show in Houston and said Casey would be in Houston.Here is the link to her interview.

Is it true? One thing for sure is that it is odd that Houston was mentioned.

Now we learned that Cindy and George,  after frolicking with Dolphins in the Caribbean, got on a plane and few first class to Houston.

So I wonder if Casey is in Houston getting treatment at Houston’s famed Menninger Clinic and whether George and Cindy are visiting her in Houston.

After all the cousin  mentioned that Casey would  be Houston and Jose and Cheney said she is at a mental health facility that has great security. Finally, George and Cindy allegedly went to Houston according to Orlando’s WFTV who said they were spotted flying first class t Houston with their attorney Mark Lippman.

If they are in Houston and visiting their precious daughter Casey under armed guard where no one can get to them at the Menninger Clinic then I believe we have all been HAD!

Wouldn’t most parents wash their hands of Casey for allegedly killing their grandchild either on purpose or not  and putting them through hell and lying and accusing them of sexual molestation and causing all of this hell?  I think most parents would do so  unless they were perhaps involved in this cover up as well.

Was all of Cindy’s screaming  at evreyone and carrying on the result of  a “though dost protest too much” cover up? Was her talk of the woods when no woods were even a thought, along with  the call to Sargeant Allen where she insisted Casey got help moving the body reflecting that she already knew all along what happened? Was Cindy’s washing the clothes and doll and the  car the result of their being no smell in the first place?  After all who said there was a smell like a dead body? George and Cindy said it!  And who can believe them? No one else smelled it apparently.

And was George’s almost hitting a protester simply because the protestor said that Caylee was dead, also the result of “thou dost protest too much?”. Was George’s non involvement in the questioning phase when Cindy and Lee allegedly  interrogated Casey  as to what happened to Caylee the result of his knowing what happened? And who talked about the interrogation phase anyway? Lee and Cindy? Did this even happen?

If all is well and  hunk dory now and mommy and daddy are going to visit  their poor mentally stressed baby daughter at the Menninger clinic I feel like vomiting. There is a strong possibility that this is true and if it is, then you and me and all of the world has been DUPED!!!!!!  With all the time and energy we as a society has put into caring about this case, to find this out would be  SHOCKING!

I hope this is not the case but in putting all the pieces together especially with the Anthony’s trip to Houston it makes sense to me. Why Houston? They could have gone to Austin or Dallas, but Houston? Also the weather in unbearable in Houston in August. Why would you take a vacation there in the summer? What business could they have there?

What is there to do  in Houston? There is the Houston Holocaust Museum and  the National Museum of Funeral History, The Czech Center Museum,  Police Officer’s Museum,  the Beer Can House and  the Cockerell Butterfly Center  I can’t imagine the Anthony’s wanting to any of those places  or  even to the famed Space Museum.

But I can imagine them going to the Menninger Clinic. The Menniger Clinic according to it’s website it  ”  provides quality psychiatric and behavioral healthcare with specialty programs of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. They say they admit patients day and night and on weekends to fit the needs of patients and families.
They also say the following:
  • We specialize in treating individuals with complex co-occurring disorders
    or dual diagnoses.
  • Psychoeducation groups, mentalizing, family therapy and skills coaching are essential facets of our treatment programs.

The operative words to me  here are family therapy.  Did George and Cindy go to Houston for some family therapy or to check themselves into the clinic along with daughter Casey. Is this one happy safe and paparazzi free family vacation?

Here is what else the Menniger Clinic says:

  • For most of our programs, our costs are lower than similar treatment providers.
    In fact, for some patients, an inpatient stay at Menninger can shorten the time
    they spend in step-down treatment after discharge.
  • We work with all insurance companies, whether we are in or out of their network

So what this means is that George and Cindy won’t have to pay that much. Maybe Cindy’s  insurance at work still can kick in if she still has it. Otherwise their cost is lower than most. But  with all the millions they will make they can afford it.

Let’s see what the Anthony vacation might be like at the Menninger Clinic. The photos you will see are featured  on their website. Whether or not Casey is there with George and Cindy, the photos you are about to see will give you a glimpse of her life at the Menninger Clinic if she is there.

The Clinic prides itself on commissioned security guards. Perhaps George can pay off his treatment by bartering his services as one of the security officers, in case the insurance doesn’t cover him. So this is what Cheney and Jose may have been talking about when they said she was at a mental health facility with strict security. Maybe they hired a lot of commissioned officers instead of their normal few , now that Casey might possibly be in house.

Casey may live in a colorful form like room as you see here. Unlike her prison cell this is a lot more colorful and also has a window. This is a single room but there are doubles with two bed in them for George and Cindy if they are admitted. They may not be able to share a room based on the rules of the clinic.

If Casey is there she will be eating in this clean looking cafeteria where she can choose her own food and not have it chosen for her like prison staff  did for her for three years. If mommy and daddy merely visit they can break bread here with their precious daughter. If they stay there the three of the can all have their  three squares a day.

She and pappa can shoot hoops if they like or she can shoot hoops with the other residents if mommy and daddy aren’t staying there.

We have all learned how much the Anthony  family seems to gravitate towards swimming pools. So if Casey is there with Cindy,  they can go swimming. Maybe that is not such a good idea in case one of them “accidently drowns.”

Maybe a better idea if the two are there is for Casey and Cindy to play a game of tennis.But then there is the risk of one  “accidentally “hitting the other in the head with a tennis ball and causing a cerebral hemorrhage and death. So that is not a good idea after all.

Actually a volleyball game would be much safer. Also the whole family could participate now if they were all there. They could even videotape all the family fun and send it to Lee and Mallory with a note- Having so much fun. Wish you were here!

Since Casey alledgedly  has aspirations of entering the legal field  in some capacity, it would be nice if she at least had a high school diploma. But if she is at the Menninger Clinic she can accomplish her goal. They have an academic tutoring program for high school students so they can help tutor her to get her GED.

So Casey will have all of her needs met if she is there. If she is there, she may even meet a “hottie” fellow patient there – either male or female. Since we have discovered that she may go both ways , she won’t be discriminating  as it will be a transitional relationship anyway.

This whole scenario is pretty sickening of it is the case. If her parents visit her if she is there, which is a good possibility with controlling Cindy at the helm, Casey will NEVER get helped.

TOXIC Cindy is the root of her problems. So is George, especially if he molested her in any way. Casey needs to be a million miles away from her TOXIC PARENTS and from Lee if she is to have any semblance of being able to function in the world in my view. She needs to be reprogrammed and re raised and re  educated. 

Rep.Gabriel Giffords- Testimony That Love Heals Brain Injury

When I saw this photo of Gabriel Giffords and watched the video of her I cried. They were tears of joy. They were tears that reaffirmed to me that even though someone is in pretty bad shape physically, when they know they are loved and supported they can move through it.

Even though she may have problems formulating her words and thoughts correctly at this point, I believe she will succeed and make it back to the House of Prepresentatives full time in the future.

After six months of physical and mental torture during her healing process where “lone wolf terrorist” and mental case  Jarod Laughner shot her in the head, she walked into the House of Representatives  to a standing ovation.

There is no question that hearing that thunderous applause will add to her healing process in an  exponential way.

Even though Giffords made the appearance to personally cast her vote in favor of the debt ceiling bill which passed, I believe she will be there every day in the near future to cast her vote on many bills.

While she may always have some residual effects of the horrific tragic event there, is no doubt  in my mind that she will flourish.

The brain is an amazing organ.Over time other areas of the brain may take over to  compensate for damaged structures. I have seen this in my work with patients early on in my career. I worked with a famous conductors  wife who was brain-damaged and couldn’t speak at all, only to watch her have lovely communication with her husband. I saw firsthand  how it was the beautiful love that this couple had between one another and her husbands committed support and love that helped in her rehabilitation process.

I worked with legendary  actor Kirk Douglas  both before an after his stroke.  As he even talks about in his book, Kirk was despondent after his stroke. He couldn’t speak well and was terribly  frustrated by this . But I knew he could succeed and I knew everyone in the world wanted him to succeed. So  I encouraged him  to do a film . He looked at me like I was crazy. I told him he needed to have something to look forward to and that his career was far from over and that he had a lot to do. I told him the best thing would be to get Michael involved and to do a movie together. He took  my advice and did a movie with Michael and his grandson Cameron called It Runs in the Family which was released in 2003. story line. I  cry whenever I see that movie, I cry. I don’t cry because of the movie’s content. I cry because it is a testimony to  Kirk’s strength and courage and the  love  and support towards him  from so many.

Kirk did a fabulous job in the film and has been speaking ever since . He has been on countless book tours, speaking engagements,  received countless awards and honors. He has been amazingly charitable with supporting various organizations and causes.  And it is still not over for this  beloved 95 year old.This purpose in live along with so much support and love from others  is what has helped him heal and continued to help him heal.

The same will hold true for Gabby. She has her fabulous astronaut husbands patience and support, her mom’s and  her kids support and the support of her colleagues  and the world. How can she not  continue to get better and better each moment! Attending the House of Representatives  and voting showed her first hand how much she is wanted and loved and needed.  It motivated her to keep on improving and never give up.

Newscaster Bob Woodruff from ABC News had a massive brain injury where her could barely speak words or remember anything. Now he has given some of the most historical interviews like the John Edward’s lying interview. Watching footage of Woodruff’s rehabilitation process shows us how the love of his wife and kids and colleagues made the difference in terms of his being able to function.

The same thing holds true for  Gabriel Giffords. We must keep sending her our love . As we do we must always be aware that or love towards her does heal.

George and Cindy Flaunt Swimming With The Dolphins As Part of Their PR Image Spin Campaign

The first thing that came to mind when I saw these photos is that the poor dolphin needed to have his mouth and nose and belly  disinfected from TOXIC George and Cindy kissing and touching  the dolphin.

These photos are nothing more than a PR spin to humanize George and Cindy and make them more likeable after getting so many death threats since the trial ended. They expect you  to say” Awww isn’t that sweet. Look at George and Cindy frolicking with the dolphins. Look  how affectionate they are. Aren’t they wonderful?”

But it has just the opposite for me and countless  others. I see it as a continuation of their BS.

How dare these TOXIC people enjoy anything let alone a vacation. Cindy and George need to be in jail like anyone else who  washed the smell out of Casey’s pants, sprayed Fabreez in the car, washed  Caylee’s doll and LIED on the stand. Why are they free? Why is Cindy not in jail for lying about chloroform and her whereabouts when she as at work?  Anyone else would be in jail and wearing a jail uniform not a wet suit.

And TOXIC  George needs to be in a cell for lying about his affair. Why are these Liars- people  who obstructed justice given so many special privileges when anyone else would be doing time?

If you look at the above photos you will see they are of very high quality. That means the paparazzi did not follow then into the Dolphin pool and take photos of them. These photos were taken by the Dolphin experience company. They company would NEVER release photos of their guests to the press. The would lose their business and have lawsuits if they did. All the company cares about is that the guest is happy and  safe and that the dolphins are healthy and happy.. To  them Cindy and George are not important  or celebrities. They don’t need the few thousand dollars that a photo agency would pay them. They make millions of dollars a year on tourists wanting to swim with dolphins.

So that means TOXIC George and Cindy released the photos of them with the dolphins  themselves or had a PR agent do it for a fee. In any event it is thumbing their nose at all their “haters” and saying look you can’t kill me or  hate me because I am on vacation. HA HA     HA HA HA!

It is sickening that they are on vacation with other people’s money. It is sickening that loser George  who could never find work and squandered away family savings on internet porn and gambling according   to many sources,  will  now become  a millionaire when he may have perhaps moved Caylee’s dead body or may have had something to do with Caylee’s death. Listen to Cindy’s tape of Sargent Allen where she said someone helped Casey move the body.

Did these people send us all on an emotional wild goose chase? And please please don’t tell me that these poor parents went through a lot and that you feel sorry for them. Don’t tell me you are a parent too and feel for them. If you feel anything but disgust for them you need to look at yourself.Do you set boundaries with your children? How do you handle your child’s aberrant behaviors? Do you lie, cheat, and steal and manipulate ? If so, do you teach your children these traits like the Anthony’s did?  If so, then I can understand why you identify with these TOXIC PARENTS.

Unless you have your own TV show where you need a “get”  which means  having George and Cindy  on as guests to  give your show ratings, like some people out there, don’t  bother defending  them to me becuase I am not interested in hearing it.

As people find Casey despicable, George and Cindy stand  right three next to her in my view. Casey is the way she is because of them. They taught her how to lie and how to manipulate, cheat, and blame. I hold them  completely accountable. They set no boundaries with her and who knows what they did to her. Who knows if George didn’t molest her or have sex with her .Know what many young ladies who are promiscuous have a history of being sexually molested at an early age.
I cannot get past George not  asking who the father was when  he was told Casey was pregnant, showing up in the delivery room as Casey gave birth, not getting involved in the interrogation of Casey when she first came home and Lee and Cindy wanted to know where Caylee was.

We know DNA showed Lee was not the father but what about George? Was his DNA information sealed and if so why? Is he the father of Caylee?  Did Cindy name Caylee  and treat her like she was her own child because she was George and Casey’s child?  Did George treat Caylee like his own child because she was his child?

Allegedly Cindy’s Texas cousin stated George was an accomplice to the crime. If that is proven to be true he should be in prison forever. Also why did he want to commit suicide? Dr. Keith Ablow  whom  I really respect says  he never saw a grandfather try to commit suicide unless they were guilty. Was George guilty of something like being the father of Cayleee and of having something to so with her death?

With these unanswered questions.  seeing George swim around with dolphins like he has no care in the world, is highly disturbing to see. Seeing Cindy enjoy her new-found wealth is also sickening. Her manipulation on the stand was appalling along with her theatrics.

I hate that these two TOXIC PEOPLE will be getting rich off of the hair, bones, and skull of a little innocent baby. It is  horrible that  a trial just ended and the gruesome details of the child’s death came out and these horrible people are smiling such bright smiles and  enjoying themselves. How could one ever smile such a bright smile when a baby died such a gruesome death?  Or did she really drown on a pool  or in a pool of chloroform and George an Cindy know about it all along? Were  they just manipulating everyone with their theatrics ?Is that why they are finally OK now?

And for those of you that say to me “Leave George and Cindy Alone” I reply Noooooooo! They need to leave me and leave you  alone and the world alone and get the heck out of the limelight so they are never to be heard from again. Any books and films they do or shows they are on need to be boycotted as I see it.