Prince Albert of Monaco’s Unhappy Wedding Photos Reveal Distant and Awkward Body Language

Prince Albert of Monaco  remained a bachelor until well into his 50’s , dating some of the most beautiful women in the word. But several weeks ago he decided tie the knot with  Charlene Wittstock a former South African swimmer. Even during their engagement above you can see trouble brewing. L ook at their facial expressions. Charlotte looks terribly sad.

Even their  feet say it all. Prince Albert’s feet are not pointed in her direction which says he may not be that into her. This may be a marriage of obligation. In looking at the body language of their wedding, love does not seem to be in the air as you will see below.

This photo was taken after their vows. The kiss is awkward and unappealing, It looks stiff and contrived and not natural on both  their parts. On Albert;s part it looks fish like and not loving or passionate.

Here is another photo of   a kiss by Albert. It looks very bad and stiff. Charlotte looks stiff and awkward, One would think with all the beautiful women Albert kissed in the past his kisses would look a lot more swave and sensuous. Obviously this is not the case.

Here is their yucky kiss when their lips meet. You don;t feel the love between them at all. It looks contrived and very awkward.

This is when they left the church. I can see someone shedding a tear in the ceremony but not afterwards. Why is she crying now? Does she think she made a huge mistake? These two are a far cry from the love we felt when Kate and William left the church after their royal wedding.

Charlene  looks very sad. She tries to smile but it is a crying smile. Even though she is trying to put on a happy have on the outside, she is crying on the inside.

This is awful body language wise. She is trying her best to lean into Albert. Bit it is not reciprocal. She looks sad. They are also looking in opposite directions which is a bad sign for happiness in any relationship. It means they are not like-minded.

This does not look like a happy Princess at all. her eyes are terribly sad and her jaw is clenched. If she looks this sad and bad during her wedding day , one can only imagine what her  future with Albert will look like.

This is also a bad photo from a body language point of view. Abert’s body is turned away from his  bride which is not a good sign. They are not in synch and not a unit.  He does not embrace her and she continues to look ambivalent. They  also looking and greeting in opposite directions which validates they are not a unit and are not  on the same page.

This photo  also  shows a bad sign from a body language perspective , She looks down, he looks in the opposite direction and most of all there is way too much space between them. This is a couple that just wed so there needs to be little space between them as they should be more drawn to one another.

At the age of 53 Albert may have felt desperate to have an heir. It is unfortunate that this is obvioulsy not  a marriage filled with love and romance. I hope that Charlene finds some happiness in Monaco, because  she looks absolutely miserable with disconnected and awful kissing Albert.


Casey Thanks Armed Guard Upon Her Release As Crowd Violently Screams At Her

As the door opens and Casey is released she follows behind a confident looking Jose Baez. She cocks her head to the side as she is unsure of what will happen. She looks fresh- faced in her form fitting fucia tee and jeans.

We see a slight smile as she takes in her surroundings. It looks as though she is maintaining eye contact with someone.

Casey did indeed make eye contact with someone. It was the security officer who was there to protect her life with his bullet proof vest and serious looking assault weapon. She says thank you to him.

Casey’ stride gets bigger and more confident . She knows the officer is in back of her to protect her as she heads outside  to  the unknown. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the violent screams Casey heard from the crowd  will stick in her mind forever.

But Casey may never have  to worry . With all the money she may earn she will be able to afford a full-time  armed guard and even plastic surgery to change her looks so no one will be able to scream baby killer at her.

Until then Casey is with her lawyers.Maybe she will stay with them for  a while until she gets her surgery and until the millions start rolling in.

Cindy Anthony Gets Off Scott Free For Lying in Court


Prosecutors  going to are not going  to  pursue perjury charges against Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother for her lying  testimony during her Casey’s  murder trial.

During the trial, Cindy shocked  prosecutors by testifying  she did internet searches for chloroform on the family’s computer. Prosecutors believed, along with sheriff’s investigators, that Casey Anthony had performed the search and not Cindy.

Witnesses  then challenge Cindy’s claim. Days after the verdict,  it was believed that prosecutors might  charge her with perjury but they did not do so.

Currently they are looking into allegations of witness tampering, which did not involve Cindy Anthony.

I must say I am appalled at their decision to not go after Cindy for lying. Anyone else who lied on the stand would be fined and jailed for contempt of court. Maybe the prosecution feels she suffered enough.

So now we have a free Casey for probably killing her child, whether it be intentional or an accident. She didn’t get charge for manslaughter or anything other than lying to police. And now we have a free Cindy who blatantly lied to the court to try and save her daughter. What is wrong with this picture?


Jury Foreman on Casey Anthony Case Said George Anthony’s Body Language Turned Everyone Off

Juror Number 11 who was the jury foreman  told Greta Van Sustern that in his  his profession he has used body language in reading people which is part of his profession as he accessed  George Anthony’s actions.  Evidently George’s  demeanor, and the way he presented  things on the stand turned people off. He said that George had a “very selective memory” in his testimony, some days remembering things in vivid detail, other times, coming up suspiciously short.

“The foreman said  he  was “on guard” and skeptical l every time George took the stand, because of such behavior.

Foreman Juror 11 said “It raised questions about George’s character and his involvement in Caylee’s death  and that he could be possibly lying.”

Several of the jury members questioned George’s complicity in Caylee’s death and the foreman said, be it that it was an accident, or he helped cover  up or that he’d even murdered the child himself .

Juror 11 concluded “There was a suspicion of him — that was part of the conversation of round robin topics we brought up during deliberation … that was brought up.

Personally,  I thought there were so many odd behaviors from George’s  not getting involved and asking questions when he was  in the room when Lee and Cindy were interrogating Casey about where Caylee was,  to his not asking who was Caylee’s father,  to his being in the birthroom whe Caylee was born.

His suicide note was also suspect  to me as there were many inconsistencies After reviewing the contents it did not seem like someone who was serious about killing himself. It seemed contrived. The end where he was describing how he was feeling woozy from taking the pills was odd to me. How come his handwriting was so clear and did not falterthe end when he was allegedly in a drug like state?

George’s arrogance and lying on the stand did not endear him to anyone. Lying about his affair was awful.And please don’t write to  tell me I am on River Cruz side and how can I support her when she had an affair and had a bad history.  First and foremost  I do NOT approve of anyone having any affair with a married man. And yes she did have a bad past  and yes she lied to LE initially.

River reached out to me  via phone and told me about the gory details of her affair with George well over  a year ago when it first became public.I  asked her about  why she lied to LE and she had she was scared, didn’t want to get involved or get George in trouble with Cindy.

I believed she did have an affair based on her communication with me.   So did the jury. On the stand it was confirmed that there was surveillance tape and  that he came to her home on multiple occasions,  and damning  text messages from him. When River shared what he did to her sexually and how he degraded her I was was disturbed by his behavior as no one  deserves to be treated that way. George’s lying that he did not have an affair with River was appalling.

On the stand River said the same thing she told me over a year ago that George said to her it was an accident that snowballed. Obviously the jury believed her.

George’s  sparing with Jose Baez was also a complete turn off to the jurors according to the alternate. It showed that George was arrogant and disrespectful in court.

The jury foreman confirmed what I have been saying all along about George and confirmed how important one’s body language and demeanor is on the stand in making a judgement about a person;s credibility.


Can You Pick Out The Photos of Those Who Look Like They May Be A Terrorist?

My dear Readers:

I would like your assistance.

I am conducting an experiment for a new book that I am writing and would like your participation.

Below will see 35 photos. Each photo has a  number to the right  it.

Write down number of the photo below  of those whom you think looks like a Terrorist or have been involved in Terrorist Activity. Go with your first instinct.   P;ease send me your numbers in the Comment box.

I thank you in advance for your participation in this study.

Lillian Glass PhD




































Casey Anthony Slaps Her Mother In the Face Once Again By Refusing Jailhouse Visit

Surprise! Surprise! Casey refused Cindy entry into the Orange County jail to visit her. This time Casey cannot use  the excuse that everything is videotaped and that it may affect her trial. This time she refused her mother’s entry because she does not want to see her. She feels she has seen enough of Cindy during the trial and now Casey wants to show her power by keeping Cindy away from her.

Even after Cindy lied on the stand to protect her ungrateful daughter,Casey shows her  lack of appreciation and disrespect and disdain for Cindy by keeping her at arms length. It is Casey’s way to show her mother that she is in control. w

The last time Cindy was refused a visit was on Mother’s Day . It was a day before Casey had to go to Pinnelas County for jury selection. Cindy looked humiliated as reporters tried to speak to her. Now Cindy is humiliated once again.

Cindy signed up for a video teleconference meeting at 7pm and Casey would have none of it. It shows me that to Casey does NOT want o go home.If she does end up going home life there will not be pleasant.

She will be giving Cindy the cold shoulder and giving George the colder shoulder. Casey will not be welcomed anywhere.Fusion won’t let her in. None of her former boyfriends are available.  None of her girlfriends are available. She could only go to a fast food place where she stays in the car and order’s her Unhappy Meal.

She can’t get a job because no one will hire her so she won’t be out of the house looking for a job or going to work.

But maybe she won’t have to  work or live with George and Cindy. Maybe someone has fronted her the money for her personal photos of Caylee  so she can rent her own apartment and live on her own. Remember ABC gave 200,000 for a few photos of  Caylee. Now she may have more photos and more money.

Maybe someone will pay her big bucks for an interview. Maybe it will be Barbara Walters who’s ratings are already so high that she doesn’t care about anyone boycotting her or her shows. Maybe it will be Oprah to bring attention to her own networks. Maybe it will be  a tabloid or a European entity that. will fill Casey’s pockets.

As far as friends go, there are some sicky types who thrive on the infamous. She may take some of the offers of some of  her jailhouse writing suitors to entertain her and to provide her with sexual relief. Let’s hope he doesn’t get pregnant.

But as I said in my last blog, life on the outside will be a living hell for Casey beginning July 17, 2011.  Wherever she goes, people will never let her forget what she mos likely did to Caylee.


Octomom Neglects Medical Care for Child With Cleft Lip Which May Cause Speech Defect


Otomom Nadya Suleman  was on the  Today show with her  out of control brood. The kids were running around and being babysat by  Today Show anchors Natalie Morales,  David Gregory, and Ann Curry as well as Nadya’s oldest daughter. 

While  all of the kids were adorable,  they were undisciplined to the point that one of them ran backstage and had to be retrieved by the oldest daughter Aliya. 

Another child  fell in between a Today Show set and had to be  picked up by Ann Curry.While the  scene was disturbing enough, there was something else that I observed that upset me greatly.

 One of Suleman’s octups who was born with a cleft lip has not yet had surgery to repair his lip. This  is unconscionable ! Nadya needs to be reported for child neglect for not taking care of this child’s medical condition in my view.

Cleft  lip repair is usually done  when the child  between 6 and 12 months.It   is essential to do the repair when the child is that young in order to  help eliminate speech problems and feeding  problems as the  child develops.

 If the surgery is put off until much later,  proper development of   speech skills may suffer.  The child may not be able to adequately develop their bilabial sounds of p, b, m, and w. Nadya”s  child is now 2 1/2 years old. He needed to have had the surgery at least a year ago.

If Nadya has put off this baby’s surgery, what else has she put off with regard to the health needs of the other children? I hope he is being monitored on a regular basis by social workers. Someone has to look in on her to make sure these kids are all right and to make sure this baby’s lip will be repaired soon.