Casey Anthony Latest Spin About Why She Won’t Give Interviews For Three Months- She’s In Therapy

The above photo of famed Minnesota artist Dan Lacey’s depiction of Casey Anthony is  from Splash Photo Agency. To me it is  a perfect portrait of Casey with her pouting lips. elfin ears, sideburn curls, bulbous nose, and mishshapen eyebrows. But this portrait may only be a reminder of Casey’s courtroom past as she glams up  and ventures  out in the media in the next three months.

As most of you know by now  I detest spin and any form of media hype or BS . So when I heard that Casey Anthony won’t  be giving any interviews for three monthsbecause she will be seeking professional treatment for serious mental issues instead”  I was nauseated. First of all the kind of professional treatment  Casey needs cannot be accomplished in  few months.She needs a few years at least, if not a lifetime of therapy. In my view she needs to give her interview in three years, not three months.

Jose Baez, her spokesperson turned  manager,  allegedly said Casey is seeking treatment  because :

1. She now realizes that her questionable behavior when  Caylee went  missing  was the result of obvious mental health issues.”

2.  She still needs help to  deal with the  trauma of losing Casey  and “

3. She spent 3  years in  jail in solitary confinement  facing murder charges that “It messed with her head.”

I hate this nonsense becuase it is complete BS and spin in my view . What her handlers are no doubt doing by delaying her interviews  is buying time so that Caseywon’t be as hated as she is now. The time allows the public hatred to die down and soften.  In addition  she gave her interviews now what can she say?  No one would care .But in three months she has a new story as she reinvents herself.

Here’s how I see it. Yes it is speculation on my part but that is what I do in my blog. I speculate based on my objective observations and I am often correct in my assessments. So this is what I see happening durng her interview  after her three month hiatus from the public.

A. She can say she went through intensive therapy and it  finally opened her eyes. She will say how she found out she has Disassociative Syndrome or some other cockamamie syndrome to blame her actions on. How will she explain her cold and callous and evil behavior during the jailhouse call when she ignored Caylee and just wanted lover Tony Lazarro’s number?

B. She will talk about how her dad had oral sex with her every day  and  perhaps how he went into her room and possibly molested her since she was a baby. She will talk about how she detests him and can never be in his presence and how she may have had suspicions he may have molested Caylee. Whether this is true or not she will say how she feared hm and how she was promiscuous because of being molested by him. She will say how she learned this in therapy during her three months.

C. Then she will say how Lee molested her  since childhood and possibly say how she thought Caylee was his child  until   the DNA said he was not Caylee’s bio dad. She can say that she didn’t want her mother to know about her pregnancy because she didn’t want to get Lee in trouble and how she thought she may be having a deformed child. She will say how she wanted to adopt out the baby because she was afraid and didn’t want the reminder of Lee molesting her and getting her pregnant.

D.Then she will talk about evil mother Cindy and how she feared her and how mean and  controlling she was. She will  perhaps discuss  how Cindy yelled at her and hit her all the time when she was younger. She will tell everyone that the Cindy everyone saw on TV was the tip of the iceberg and what an evil witch Cindy was.  Actually there may be a morsel of truth here.

E. Next she will give some sob story about how she misses Caylee and how sad she is that Caylee is gone. This will no doubt be said from the lips of a person who did not cry one tear for Caylee but only cried tears  for herself. She will eek out some smiles and share how Caylee was the love of her life and how they had such a bright future together until her “accident”  and how she was in such and  fear she didn’t know what to do. She will of course tell us why she didn’t cry for Caylee and how it was part of her syndrome. She will also possibly show how Caylee is always alive to her and how she keeps her photo in a locket around her neck.

F. She may even spin it that with the money she earns  from books and interviews, she will start a Caylee Charity for missing children and that all money from any Caylee dolls and  tee shirts will go for this. She most likely will not say that as the Executive of the Charity she will  no doubt  receive a hefty income from it.

G. She will tells us about her life behind bars and how fearful she was and how poorly she was treated with no visitors except for her attorneys. She will tell us what she ate and her sleeping habits and  how her only hope was the wonderful people who wrote her and sent their support. She will use this opportunity during her exclusive  interview to thank them all. Don’t be surprised if you see a little fake tear here.

H. No doubt her debut  will be made with her having a new look with a  stylish hair do- long , but manageable and full  of volume. She will wear an attractive and appealing outfit that is sexy, and  have a super makeup  done complete with  shaped brows. No doubt she will be in top physical shape and the outfit that is chosen for her  will highlight her figure like Kim Kardashian.

Since Jose is controlling everything,  like who does the interview and what money will be given to Casey,  you can rest assured that he will also control the questions which will be asked. He will no doubt want the questions well ahead of time so Casey can rehearse them. No doubt she will have a media coach to guide her in terms of getting rid of like ums and ands and posture and pacing and breathing on camera. They will do countless videotaping sessions until Casey feels she has it right. But little does she know the body leaks the truth, so we will see through all thlis BS. If NBC wins the bid and Matt Lauer does the interview he will go gentle on her so she won’t walk way. She loves men so she will be all flirtsy with Matt. It’s hard to be tough on someone who is flirting with you.

She will say  she is grateful to her lawyers especially Jose  Baez and Cheney Mason. She will address any rumors about alleged affairs with she and Jose and perhaps tell us the kind of man she is looking for to start a new life.She will say how Jose was like a dad she never had and Cheney Mason was like a grandfather she never had and how MS. Simms was like the mom she never had and how Ann Finnell was like the grandmother she never had.

She will most likely  tell us how her future will involve continued therapy as she learns and grows . She will also say how she wants to finish  high school and go to college and be a lawyer, meet a guy and start a family because she loves kids so much and is a “good mother.”

She will also possibly  tell us how she fears for her life and no doubt  blame Nancy Grace for making everyone hate her. If pressed about her feelings towards Nancy, she will no doubt be instructed to say that her lawyers are handling that. This will give everyone the impression that Nancy HLN and CNN is headed for a major defamation suit, which Cheney Mason also hinted at.

So there you have it! What else could this woman possibly say? Jose will continue to sift through offers on behalf of Casey  and she will be a multimillionaire as will he.

Jose says that when Casey is  healthy, she  will have the final word on where and how her story will be told.  If Casey wanted to tell her story she needed to have done it in a court of law not in the media. That is complete BS. As for how her story will be told,I can tell you that. It will be told exactly as I laid forth in this blog and it will be done with a lot of spin and lost of media  hype. By the time you finsish listening to it, you will feel  sick to your stomach as you se and hear  her in Spin mode.


115 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Latest Spin About Why She Won’t Give Interviews For Three Months- She’s In Therapy

  1. You totallly got this one Dr. Glass. I believe your right but I hope your wrong about her making money. I hope she leads a sad and pitiful life and that her last money making scheme is selling her diseased a** on the Vegas strip.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this ….because a lot of what you said I am sure will be what is told…I have no desire to read, hear or witness her on any media form, everything that comes from her mouth will be taken as a lie as it should be..we will never know the truth because in Casey’s world she can do no wrong…
    My only other comment is this: Why are there so many spelling or typing errors in your blogs? This does not show you to be the professional you are…I would be glad to type your blogs for you, just contact me…I am unemployed and could use the money…if not me…anyone …please.

    1. i once commented on the errors in grammer & spelling &
      she wouldn’t print it. glad you got through. she obviously never proof reads what she writes.

      1. I am sure Dr. Glass has an extremely busy schedule! She is probably typing very fast and thinking faster than her hands. Give her a break!

      2. Oh good Lord,I’ll say it again,who cares about a typo,you can obviously figure it out to be able to gripe about it,sometimes I do it just for speed purposes,wth cares?
        I never let skoolin get in the way of my edukashun either! jmo

    2. Often when you write from your heart, especially something you’re passionate about, you have TYPOS! Seriously??? This is what you want to complain about? It’s not like she is using “ur” to replace words… NOT COOL!

      1. AGREED!! I hate it when people comment on spelling errors……It’s a slam to everything that was written in the piece.JMO

  3. One day in court her entire team was delayed while Ann Finnell was making a motion via phone. Judge Perry asked Casey if she wanted to wait for her team to answer something. Casey stood up and took command of the moment, and spoke clearly without an ounce of nerves. If that had been me, I would have been nervous as a cat..I would have waited for my “team”! Casey knows she is in the driver’s seat. Killing her own child was the best thing she ever did……for herself..and she’s going to make a fortune. p.s. The painting is awesome.
    p.s.s. and not to be obstinate, but since when isn’t “image-building” something you are deeply interested in..and something you champion? You have to agree that this “therapy” b.s. is a good strategic move on Baez’ part.

    1. are you kidding me baez is a piece of shit as is the rest of his team…………………defending a baby killer slut what next………………..disbarment for that bozo

  4. I believe you are 100% correct Dr Glass and I believe that Jose realized this is the only thing he could do to get ANY kind of money for himself and his client. I am sad for the gullible people who can’t see through this facade, and realize this is what PR people do.

    1. As a former professional, accredited Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) member, I can assure you that ethical public relations activity does NOT promulgate deluding the public!! There are people who hold themselves out as “PR people” but in general they have not the faintest idea of how Public Relations representatives strive and serve to educate, inform, and deliver information honestly in a commercial environment.
      The un-professional, un-ethical performances by so many members of the Anthony family and legal team only convinces me that they are quite likely to seek out someone who shares their perspective of mis-representing the facts in order to gain a ‘better image,’ and more money. But that person is unlikely to be a member of a professional organization like PRSA.

  5. Oh dear Dr. Glass! You are probably right, but as we well know, people like her feed off of the ideas of other people in order to spin more lies. I agree with you 100% about Nancy Grace and Cindy Anthony. Nancy made me angry defending Cindy. She also pissed me off when she said she would lie for her own children! it is evident that she spoils them, and to an extent there is nothing wrong with wanting your children to have a better life than you, but lying for them in no way helps their character, and can lead to big trouble.

      1. I agree Dr. Glass. Cindy is a lying, big mouth, loser. And she got away with tampering and destroying important evidence. Like the pants, doll and maggots. She should be in jail.

  6. Anda taking it a step further, when Casey blows thru all the cash and the interviews dry up (and Cindy will probably sue her for the hospital bills and rent when Casey makes the big bucks), we most like WILL see her naked in Hustler, on Howard Stern, and Celebrity wrestling.

    1. I will also not spend a single cent on a book or movie written by any of these evil people. And I will boycott the network and any of the sponsors who interview any of them.

      I can’t do much to express my disgust of every single one of them, but I can show it in boycotting everything they do.

  7. Dr. Glass you’re probably right, but I for one, will not buy or watch anything with this woman. The ones to most likely forget Casey’s vile ways are the the ones thinking with the lower half of their bodies while viewing hustler magazine. I’m nauseous thinking that she could profit from her daughter’s death. Sickening.

  8. O M G that pic is classic!!!!!!!!! I can hear the photographer now “come on, Casey, give me that pout” – Dr. Glass, your assessments regarding the interview was so correct. I can hear the poor me and the fake tears and the blame game. I also think she will somehow get a dig in about the prosecutors and LE, I don’t think it would be Casey if she wasn’t allowed to let the public know how she felt about Ashton and Burdick along with Meichi, Allen etc.

    1. Except I think Casey boobs sag very far. Remember the bra and underwear photo. Eeew, they were just as saggy as Cindy’s.

  9. I completely agree with everything you said except for the megamillions of dollars. I believe there still will be a huge number of people who will NOT buy Caylee t-shirts and dolls or any books by the Anthonys. I believe a book by Mark NeJames, Anne Rule, Pat Brown, or Diane Fanning WOULD be a blockbuster. I am a true crime buff and would never buy a book written by a known liar because that defeats the purpose of reading the book. I also believe, unfortunately, that there will be another horrific story that will push Casey right out of the picture. Many of us are sick to death of Casey and DO care where profits from a book or movie end up. I hope Ms Fanning is working on a second book and screenplay right now– take the money before any of the Scamthonys can get it. OJ’s book was a big flop because he is a liar and I think the same will apply to all of the Scamthonys.

  10. Waste of my time to watch any Casey Anthony Interview, Huge Waste!
    She has nothing to say I want to hear.
    Too little too late!
    Caylee Marie Anthony is gone forever and she is responsible for it.
    There is nothing she can say to excuse what she did!
    I am not buying any of it.
    You are right D. Glass it has been and will be All BS.
    I just wonder how long Baez is going to hang on like a Shadow to Casey Anthony, indefinitely or till the Money he thinks he can get from the infamous Casey comes rolling in? What a greedy Bunch All of them are.
    I wonder what his family must think, maybe the Money will count for them too, who knows.

    1. Hi Hilde, great post. Baez/pimp will hang on to Casey until the money runs out and she is no longer marketable. Then pimp boy will move on. He is just like Casey. They deserve each other.

  11. Ditto,Dr. Glass.
    Just how long do you think she and Baez can be a team before she does something to upset his wife to the point of issuing ultimatums? Without training, no one can handle a venomous creature without eventually being bitten.

  12. I have a desire to only live this tragedy once. Not again and I am sure there are millions of others that feel the same way. I am just waiting to wish Caylee a Happy Birthday and I am done with it.

    1. I agree Nancy! I will remember Caylee on her birthday and the Scamanthony’s can do whatever they want! Justice was not received in the courts (unfortunately) but it will be! I do not believe this is the last time Anthony will be in trouble, IMO.

  13. An amazingly true to life likeness of Casey was captured in artist Dan Lacey’s portrait. I had not seen this so thanks for posting it.

    I think the therapy issue is being used for just what you have described. This is Baez’ way of trying to soften her image. It is blatantly transparent how disingenuous this “therapy claim” is. Anyway, Casey seems to be imprisoned wherever she is hiding out. José has taken on the role of Casey’s PR agent which is unseemly as well as unethical, IMO. I see it as nothing more than another strategic move/damage control so that they both can cash in on the “big” money deals. Baez knows that the winds of public opinion can change very quickly.

    I’m thinking this is part of Baez’ plan to try to get her ‘victim’ status into the public’s eye. Baez is trying desperately to rehab his “prized possession’s” marketability, but doesn’t get that the death of a 2 year old, either purposefully or ‘accidentally’, will not ever sit well with the public. Never. He never should have gone there. And Geraldo can invest all he wants in this defense team and client and get the exclusive interview but “if it smells like decomposition, it is decomposition”, and that isn’t going to change.

    To become rich and famous, get charged with murder one, panel a brain dead jury and hire a Cousin Vinny to defend you. Or better still, be a grieving grandma, take an oath to tell the truth and lie on the witness stand. You can get an all paid trip to the Bahamas from a sympathetic business man. Heck, you can retire in your fifties, salvage your home that went into foreclosure and have a lawyer at your beck and call to repeatedly state on national TV that his client NEVER committed perjury. (He is as sleazy as his client) Am I missing out on the ‘world owes me a living’? All I want to know is who is footing all the bills?

    1. Unless Jose Baez has been trained in ‘public relations,’ I can assure you that he will make a mess of his legal client’s best interests. As a former professional, accredited Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) member, I can assure you that ethical public relations activity does NOT promulgate deluding the public!! There are people who hold themselves out as “PR people” but in general they have not the faintest idea of how Public Relations representatives strive and serve to educate, inform, and deliver information honestly in a commercial environment. And just as I would not attempt to handle a serious legal matter because I am not trained as a lawyer (liar), I would not expect said lawyer to attempt to be an effective representative for me with the ‘public.’
      There are many ‘publics’ to be concerned with in this situation, and it is not all about the media. But it is about a young woman who was acquitted of a crime and who has demonstrated in various documented circumstances that she has little concern for the child who has been claimed, “missing, kidnapped, drowned” while under her care. There is no way to put a ‘spin’ on this and if I was still a counselor, I would not speak to anyone about anything until I had all the facts AND the truth… obviously not a client I could represent!

    2. NancyB —-

      Our country has fallen to the lowest point if they will buy the “murderess” is now the “victim” theory. 3 months of Therapy, WHAT A FREAKIN JOKE.

      Pimp Baez (mho) is milking the Casey cow, he is pond scum. To ride on the tails on a baby’s blood is beyond……..


      Yes, he is banking on the “short attention span” of the dumb and dumber public, like the jury members he lucked out with. Only at some point “luck” runs out for an uneducated moron like Bozo.

      And what of the Contempt of Court. Isn’t it unethical for your trial lawyer to then become your public relations person? These low lives, including mumbles, flipping the bird, feel Casey up, Cheney, have NO ethics. Will he sue everyone who see thru them and hates them? Nancy Grace has a right to her opinion as does everyone in America. Will Cheney be the NEW NAZI, saying to Americans, you need re-education camps to think as we allow!!! Screw fugley Cheney and his sickening crew. Screw money hungry Baez, screw money blood suckers like Casey and her parents. Nothing these sickening fuglies have to sell is of interest to me or to decent, honest, down to earth, Americans!

      Go AWAY you sickly beasts (Casey etal_)

      1. So true, as someone else commented, Baez & the DT can not keep their lies straight! Good catch.

  14. casey might be journaling all that is written here,, but… someone is apparently been drinking casey kool aid to think anyone is even a smidgen of interest in this theory.. Reality, casey may dare attempt to ever be in the public eye again after her luck of being free ,, she better stay outta the public eye for the remainder of her life. they may attept to fixer, but the public will never be “fixed” on public opinions. no one wants to hear fromer again and will sue the heck outta her for trying to profit from her being a common convicted felon/murderer.

  15. As for Baez’s Statement
    1. She now realizes that her questionable behavior when Caylee went missing
    was the result of obvious mental health issues.”
    That’s BS!
    2. She still needs help to deal with the trauma of losing Casey
    She didn’t loose Caylee, she is the One and Only responsible for Caylee’s
    3. She spent 3 years in jail in solitary confinement facing murder charges that
    “messed with her head.”
    Who’s Fault is that? She could have gotten Life without Parole. She should
    consider herself lucky, again BS!

    1. Hi there Hilde, yes agree with you it is all BS just like the Baez opening statement and closing statements at trial. Lies, all Lies. Nothing is wrong with Casey aside the fact she is a blooming psychopath and evil right down to the bone. She is happy Caylee is dead. Baez is sickening as he has turned from being her dummy telling lies lawyer to being her pimp.

  16. i think unfortunately we all know evil Casey her family and her sidekick gang are gonna make money off this tragedy without a care in the world they will be making money off a dead baby named Caylee. Even Renee Rockwell on the panel of NG said there was nothing wrong with Casey being in the Hustler magazine and she would indeed buy the magazine. Well that to me put her in a lower class of people in my eyes but just shows you where a lot of people’s heads are. None the less all of us that know it is evil and wrong will continue to not participant and do what we can to thwart off what we can from the ones that choose money and fame over a beautiful baby girl that was murdered and thrown away. NG said it best, the devil is dancing. Yes he is as look at how many souls he has collected already from this one case and more to follow suit.

  17. There is one glaring LIE from the Baez/Anthony camp:

    1. She now realizes that her questionable behavior when Caylee went missing was the result of obvious mental health issues.”

    How can Caylee have ‘drowned’ in the pool and at the same time ‘go missing’??
    Which is it?

    The entire jury/justice system in Florida needs to be investigated – IMHO

  18. Theres one thing the hatered for kc will never die just like OJ she might as well change her last name to boycott that’s going to b with her forever

  19. One thing wrong with that painting. The black strip that covers her breasts should be down towards her belly button. Anyone who has seen the self photos she took of herself, will understand what I’m talking about.

    Like mother, like daughter.

    All BS exactly Dr. Glass. He and “IT” aren’t fooling anyone.

  20. Whatever snothead Casey makes financially from smut mags or whatever, she will run through with the money like a fire out of control and end right back up where she started, living with mama and daddy. she is a loser and always will be.

  21. If you know Baez couldn’t even formulate his defense on his own but had to read blogs like this one to put on his case, you know he and Casey are reading them now to formulate her reemergence and potential money-making scheme of yet another LIE! He surfed for answers all throughout the trial on his laptop and phone, now that she is free and holed up somewhere she has nothing but time to canvas all the blogs to develop Part 2: IT has risen!

  22. Anyone else think the artist was being too “kind” when he painted that? I mean come on now, “IT” wishes she looked a tenth of how that painting looks.

    It is a murdering, FUGLY, useless, lying stealing, uneducated tramp. And anyone who gives her one penny deserves to have their heads examined.

    There are so many people that are in desperate need of financial help, and it gets offers in the six figures. What a disgrace some people make this country look.

  23. Dr. Glass —–

    Bingo ——-Bingo——–Bingo!

    Where I may differ in my opinion is that I don’t expect they will truly be able to enjoy the money blood money and Casey will one day be broke again. Her hell will continue, the one of her own making, btw, and same for her ghoul crew.

    I expected this revamping of Casey and that the shameless lowlives would attempt to sell the American public the “NEW IMPROVED CASEY.” She and her ghoul team will push nothing but MORE LIES for a few pennies. To call them beyond contemptible is tooo kind.

    I look forward to the boycott’s (I’m in), to the outrage by the American public to such rude indignities by these lying scumbags. JMHO

    Kudos to the Artist Dan Lacey, he captured the revolting, loathsome subject named Casey.

  24. Do you think if a therapist duct taped her mouth in three places across her face then she would snap out of her depression?? Just sayin”

  25. Here’s some interesting pieces of Casey misinformation that has been put out there since Day One – not many talk about this . . .always seemed important to me . . . but, then I wasn’t a juror . . .

    1. It was Cindy who called the police after 31 days; NOT Casey.
    2. If Cindy did not call the police, who would know?
    3. And, Cindy called the police,after 31 days to report a ‘stolen car’, then told the dispatcher her grand-daughter was missing . . .
    3. How is it that Cindy was able to drive Casey to the police station, without a whimper from Casey? To report what? Stolen car? Missing daughter?

  26. i want everyone that cares to know that i turned on HLN today twice and turned it right back off. i think HLN is not taking any one of us seriously about BOYCOTTING anything casey is in. when i seen flyntt on there both times and they were talking about casey i had to turn it. these people need to know we MEAN BUISNESS. i wish they would STOP promoting the nasty one.

  27. Well, how come the cops didn’t arrest George Anthony. According to Baez, he was in on the whole thing. Shouldn’t he be charged with something.

  28. I think you are so right and I can almost picture it but I still wouldn`t want to see it and hear her talk about Caylee I can`t even look at her I also think that it doesn`t matter how long it takes before she has an interview most people aren`t even going to watch it and still going to hate her
    who wants to hear her lies
    and people will never forget that she has killed Caylee even the jury found her guilty but I still to this day don`t understand why she killed Caylee and why the jury let her walk she is a psychopath and will make mistakes in the future I do hope it doesn`t involve another child
    The 31 days was evidence enough no mother would wait 31 days before they report their child missing
    just because she brought her into this world didn`t mean she could take her out of this world and if you look at her diary entry she thinks that this was the best thing she could do for herself and no doctor or therapist in this world can`t change her mindset look at pedophiles you can`t cure them either

  29. Dr Glass,I agree with everything you wrote,but I see a very different outcome,Casey,will go on a date she will never come back from.What I have watched on tv,has made me “sick to my stomach”as far as Attorney’s giving advice on how to hide any money made.Baez took this case with the knowledge of using Casey for profit,When I was reading the Supreme Court of Florida reply as to Baez and non child support,right then and there I KNEW WHAT HE WAS.The Supreme Court also said bABaez no respect for the judicial system,I will add NO RESPECT for children,as he was using Casey as a means to a endMONEY

  30. I am so disgusted by the jurors that they didn’t take the time to review the evidence that I will not buy nor keep myself from saying something to those I see buying their books either. Why should they get rich off of being complete idiots.

  31. Three months, eh? Weird that her “coming out” comes right about the time of Lee & Mallory’s wedding. Of course, it may or not mean anything, but it just seems like a weird coincidence on someone’s part. Everyone in that family likes to rain on the others’ parade.

  32. Your opinion was right on, except the last paragraph. I WON”T be watching or listening. I won’t listen to it on HLN or Nancy Grace, who now seems determined to help her make a fortune by not letting it go. Time to move on. Who wants to hear a lying baby-killing mother give her lying story. Not me.

    1. Nor will I,Funny how all these people were against her and the DT and now though they want the story that sells whether right,wrong or blood and BECAUSE THEY EXPECTED THE SAME VERDICT WE DID it was good to go BUT THE TABLES TURNED and now they all kiss Bozo’s ass to get interviews as well as all the others involved in preventing Caylee from ever getting Justice!

  33. Casey has been ordered to appear within 72 hrs to meet with her probation officer. The one yr supervised probation for the check fraud charges has been re-instated!!

    This is a good thing. I did not understand how “probation” could be served while in custody where your every move is being monitored. I thought the terms of probation are to determine whether you are able to behave yourself, with restrictions, while out in the real world facing everyday challenges.

  34. “…money from any Caylee dolls and tee shirts…” The very idea of this gives me chills. I have never heard of a doll made from the likeness of a murdered child. Who would purchase such an item—-would anyone be sick enough to give it to a child to play with?
    One thing is for sure: if Casey did not represent a path to $$$ for those “helping” her, she would be on her own right now.

  35. Hey Jean,

    I’m right behind you. I’m also boycotting HLN since they continue to talk about “IT”, when there are so many other important issues that deserve to be focused on.

    Like, all the other missing and murdered children out there!

    1. i cant take the bs anymore. i turned HLN on to get an update on ame the little ten year old who died at the hands of those four sickos.saw” it” and turned the channel.

  36. I can picture, when and if the money starts rolling in. and Jose TAKES his cut, and this lawyer Todd, who keeps private jetting her around, asks for his cut, then I’m sure Mason and messy hairdo will want theirs. Casey is going to do a little math (based on being a high-school drop-out) and whoa nellie! That’s my money! I’m sure Cindy is already ready to blow, thinking Casey is going to profit more than her. If cindy had any sense, and she doesn’t, she would get the first interview, because I don’t know how long this party is going to last.

    1. Amen,and when the money runs out and all the lies have been told and sold already they might find her dead like Micheal Jackson’s situation because there will be a new story to sell,How she offed her ugly self out of depression and guilt (roll eyes) I wouldn’t trust JB or CM with a dog!
      It would serve her right but just sayin’ when the money is gone and God know’s Bozo craves it! still JMHO

  37. I can just see this “hardball” question from someone on the Today show: (using dulcet tones, of course) “Casey, now that it is all behind you, what are your plans for the future?”‘

    You are right on in your assessment of Casey’s “interview”, Dr. Glass! Well done!

  38. What makes “IT” and her minion Bozo, think we care what she has to say? Do they really think the public wants to hear anymore of her lies?

    And Jean, I feel your pain. HLN is milking “IT” for all they can. I also want to hear updates on other stories, but no, they think we want to hear what “IT” is doing, while being treated like ROYALTY.

    Boycott the Blood Money. The publcs still wants “IT’S” blood!

    1. Yep,and they deserve to get that blood just like the A’s, kc,and all involved deserve prison because they knew the truth but covered it up ! against a 2 yr old? The A’s asked for all our help when they knew she was guilty and destroyed evidence and the DUH team said she drowned so they knew too all along (roll eyes)…..LOCKEM ALL UP I say but just wishful thinking! jmo

  39. Amen, Dr. Glass. I agree with everything you have written about Casey Anthony. Nothing will bring justice for Caylee, but I hope her mother never, never has one minute of peace for the rest of her life. Karma isn’t pretty.

  40. Thank you Cathy.

    Unbelievable. So the skank aka “IT” and her minions say she’s already served her probation behind bars huh??

    UMMM< according to what was just said on TV, thats not how probation works. OMG enough of the special treatment the cow gets.

    I'm sure the good people of Orlando can't wait for her to return!

  41. Exactly,how do you do probabtion in jail,excuse me if I have fell and hurt my brain but isn’t probation what you do to show you can live outside jail without commiting another crime? Sheeesh In a damn cell alone? Special treatment exactly and then we learn JP could’ve given her more time,so wth not?
    Thats why in my last post on the other article I was so angry because she has everything that the VICTIM’S should have! jmo

  42. I can’t wait for the slut to get on a crying or violent drunk and call the OCSO and raise hell! 10 feet tall and full of shit…..Oh I can hope can’t I?

  43. RE: To dr.Glass’ article
    She will also possibly tell us how she fears for her life —————–She does fear for it because she knows she did it and she knows she took a life and owes hers.It’s the only time she ever cried is when it was her life?

  44. she “ will be seeking professional treatment for serious mental issues instead”
    I hope they teach her how to be human while they’re at it!

  45. hi there chattycathy but casey is living at roalin bolins front lake house in florida and does not care about anyone until she starts her slutting around and gets paid to give bozo and his team thats all they will use her for otherwise they dont care for her.

  46. When will Casey have time to get “therapy”? Between her Hustler photoshoots? The only “therapy” she is going to get will be to the tune of spa services at a luxurious resort…..with Baez of course! He has managed to play the defense lawyer, media spokesperson, and manager roles. I suppose it’s not too far of a stretch to mental health counselor. And where the h#ll is his wife? I can’t believe she is okay with how emeshed he his with Casey. Very sick!

  47. Maybe she is like me if I ever lost all my brain cells and married him? Thank God he ain’t home and Thank God I don’t have to touch him! If I was his wife I’d pay him NOT to touch me,LoL
    Remember though how upset kc was when she learned his wife was pregnant?
    The poor girl hung on this long and had to look at his ugly ass everyday so maybe she knows her future will get a whole lot better now,LoL
    Serves him right!
    I think it would kill me to see my husband defend a woman who killed her own child when they just had a daughter? Not to mention the chances he took with his career to do it! jmo My foot would have been up his ass by day one!

  48. Just wait and see,before long they’ll be together,If you think about it…
    M-O-N-E-Y and all the times he was accused (and I still say they had sex) but if I’m wrong the temptation of being accused will drive a stupid man like Bozo to want it for dang sure,LoL
    I’ve always wondered on the day she was indicted and told LE she’d help but she had to call Bozo and they go off alone in another room……he comes out and says she don’t want to talk,take her to jail? 7 minutes in Hell right there! Betcha,LoL as always though,JMO

  49. I don’t care if its 3 months or 3 years I will not watch any interview of her. I don’t think the level of hatred is gonna get better as time goes on either. Baez isn’t fooling anyone by waiting.

  50. Translation…she’s in ‘therapy’ to learn how to control her anger/rage so that she never kills another child who annoys her again.


  51. Dr Glass- BRAVO! you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for exposing her bs before she does.. P.s. But pls leave poor Kim Kardashian out of it! She is beautiful and Casey could never EVER LOOK EVEN HALF AS PRETTY AS HER!!

  52. Baez never expected to get “saddled” with Casey. When he tries to unload her she will turn on him and accuse him him of taking advantage of her and muddy his name forever.

    1. You know Paula I thought the same thing but until the money train stops and he gets paid back completely he is not going anywhere.I think she wil keep her mouth shut because she missed a lethal injection by the skin or her teeth thanks to Jose.

      1. IIRC Dr.Glass,didn’t kc tell Bozo that she had 5,000 dollars to pay him but she didn’t,I hoped he would get her convicted as a pay back for cheating him but I guess he figured there’s more money this way LoL He still took her case,jeeeeeezzzzzz and also unless I went brain dead she told Lee in a jail visit that she set up a checking account because he asked her if she had one and then he also asked her if she REALLY had another cell phone? There’s the proof that he knew she was a liar! jmo

  53. We are in control….not Casey, not Baez. Just don’t buy or watch anything Casey Anthony!!! Don’t buy the products sponsoring any of their interviews and demand that any money paid for interviews be immediately turned over to non-profit charities.

    Stay in control people…..we can bring this murdering mother down!!!!

  54. Zoom,Maybe that’s what the parole was for,LoL Just teasing ya.LoL But my sides are splitting,perfect timing,we all need a little humor from all the BS! too funny! ROFLMAO

  55. She is no more in theraphy than I am . Baez .is hangng out for the big money. He still believes absence makes the heart grow fonder. A million years will not work for Killer, we will never forget. They have to get top dollar. There are so many people wanting a piece of that .dollar, its going to be funny. Why would we want to watch her tell more lies? I can’t wait until Baez tries to shake lose of her and she is not going to turn lose. She was willing to kill Caylee to hang onto Tony.Wonder what she is capable of to hang on to Baez????

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