Exploiting A Dead Amy Winehouse Including Her Body

This photo is the ultimate in bad taste im my opinion. In fact it repulsed me. These are Amy Winehouse’s bodyguards posing with her cremated remains minutes after she was  cremated. To me it looks like a staged photo by one of the magazines who perhaps  paid them for this morbid  shot.

Precious, beautiful and talented larger than life,   and yes addicted and self destructive Amy was reduced to nothing more than a green bag.

If these men were her bodyguards why weren’t they guarding her body from all the drugs she was taking?  Why didn’t they rush her to the hospital if she wasn’t feeling well?   Why weren’t they around when she needed them? Obviously one checked up on her and found her dead. Why didn’t he check on her all night and stay with her?

If any of these men write a book about Amy or get money from magazies to TV shows it will be a crime in my view.

Then there was Microsoft one of the biggest and well-respected companies in the world who tried to exploit Amy. Because of the public outcry they were forced to apologize for their  Twitter tribute to British singer Amy Winehouse that encouraged mourners to purchase Amy’s  music from them.

Now there is also a sickening clothing vendor in the UK who is selling Amy Winehouse clothing. Granted she helped design them but it is wrong to start advertising them when the poor woman has been burned in a crematorium a day earlier. Showing photos of Amy wearing the clothes on her sickly anorexic body is also disturbing. What message does it give to young girls who look at Amy’s overly skinny arms?

The reality was that precious Amy was very very sick. If you look at this photo you will see her distended malnourished belly , her visible and extended ribs, gaunt face, and hair loss which are all signs of  physical sickness.  Why didn’t  someone step in and take charge and help this woman get well? They needed to show her this photo of herself to   give her a touch of reality.

But Amy was on her own path.She even said how she was her own worst enemy.  Her wonderful parents tried to help her repeatedly to no avail. I have no doubt that her marriage to Mr. Fielder Civil was the start of her demise as she looked very good before he came into the picture. No wonder her father Mitch detests him. Did he get a vulnerable Amy hooked on drugs?

Because Amy was so sick and died such an untimely death she does not need to be exploited. Of course more people will want her music in order to remember this great talent. People who never heard of her are now hooked on her gorgeous voice and amazing  songs which she wrote by herself. There is nothing wrong with that. But exploiting her in other ways is just plain wrong.




49 thoughts on “Exploiting A Dead Amy Winehouse Including Her Body

  1. That photo with the body guards also disturbed me. I suppose you’re right about the magazines and other vultures sweeping in at this time. Amy tried to get help, distanced herself from Blake. I agree that she was worse after finding him. I wonder if he was a psychopath as he seems to show the signs. And I wonder why she was attracted to that. I can’t find that answer anywhere. It’s sad that someone so talented, so loved, so famous, died alone in her bed. It doesn’t surprise me the body guards weren’t with her as they are most likely in charge of the perimeter. Thanks for this article Dr. Glass. RIP Amy.

      1. Or simply that he was a bad boy and she found the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle appealing. Live fast, die young.

      2. Hey father didnt do shit to help her, did you not listen to “rehab” at all? Her father told her right from the start that she didnt need rehab, her parents are shit, her husband is shit her friends were shit, and dont blame her shit husband for making her an addict, she already was one.

  2. Dr. Glass: I hear what your saying and agree- but on the other hand- maybe they were showing they cared about and valued her (even tho- I’m with you- where were they when it mattered)-….I am so sick about her death- its a Hendrix size loss I think- of course- other may disagree and you can’t prove a negative- but she was – as you said- so beautiful and precious and OMG the talent was otherworldly. If people don’t believe in genetic-chemical- sickness drug addiction after seeing those ‘after” pictures- there is no proof that would convience them. My heart bleeds for her loss.

    1. I don’t see that ,they are being disrespectful in anyway.It’s like the photo with them together with her for the last time.And how can anyone say that her guards should of been by her side when she died.maybe they did check on her,who is to say.I feel that Amy was just like us all.She lived life the way she wanted,and that’s not wrong,I care about her as a fan.But lets be real here.she had things wrong in her life just like we all do.and sometimes we don’t know what to do.And talking to someone about it sometimes don’t help either.Because no one is willing to look at her and what she is feeling.They just judge her habits.And we all have habits that the next person may not like.But that does not take over who we are .

  3. Amy, just like Michael Jackson, John Bulushi, and many others before them, died doing what they wanted to do, and had the means to do. You cannot make an adult, who wants to do this, stop. You can cut off their money and sources if possible, but that is not always possible. If Britany Spears father had not gotten total control, she probably would be in this same place. Sad, but true.

  4. it is common among some in the Black community to take photos of the dead. But the photos shouldn’t have been released to the public. I’m guessing it’s a leak.
    Interesting how Amy’s entire professional life revolved around Black culture and Black men-producer or manager,musical influences,most of her backup band and singers. Probably her chauffeurs too, and yes,though I liked her music it is a little disturbing. I do appreciate that she didn’t simply imitate Black singers; like a true artist she made her influences her own.

    No one could have stopped her, and I’ll bet she would have fired anyone who got in her way.

    The ex was the nail in her coffin, no doubt, but how was he psychopathic? I thought maybe he was just a wilded out drughead.

  5. Aren’t you also benefitting from her death in your article? The hypocrisy here is outstanding.

    You are exploiting her death for page hits and the fact you are reposting the pictures make you just as guilty.

  6. Dr. Glass NEVERE exploits anyone. She gives us the latest news, shares her opinion, and allows us the opportunity to post comments and chat amongst ourselves.

    Thank you Dr. Glass!!!!! Keep up the wonderful work.


  7. Bobbie C, I have the impression that Dr. Glass posted the sickly looking photos of Amy in order to demonstrate just how crass it is to make money off of someone as desperately sick as she was.

    If Dr. Glass were running a National Inquirer type blog, it would not reflect well on her professionally. Would you hire a consultant who ran a nasty gossip blog? No, because you’d be afraid they’d do the same to you.

    No worries here.

  8. Mary- WHAT? Help me out here- the “black” this and the “black” that and the “disturingness” of it all..say what?

  9. Amy’s music was not disturbing. She had such talent and an amazing voice.

    I don’t get it either deb, about all the “black” comments., and black culture. Not even close.

  10. The pictures of Amy were sad to see. I just hope that her soul is truly at rest. As for Mary, as a black woman, our musical culture is very strong. Amy has mentioned how she was inspired by black musicians. Must we always bring race into situations???

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth, Lorraine! Btw, I’m a white woman who constantly asks that same question. When are we going to be seen only as men, women, boys, and girls without our skin color being used as an adjective to describe us? I hope someday people will learn that we aren’t much different from one another.

      1. To turn the argument your way,why couldn’t she choose people based on merit regardless of color if she’s so colorblind? Does England have no white musicians or bodyguards good enough? I don’t buy that, so I can’t help but think that it was a gimmick, and a very disturbing one. Anyone with eyes can see this,it isn’t a strech.

        You guys are so afraid to talk about race that you sweep it under the rug and intimate that someone’s a racist every time someone brings it up. It exists and it isn’t going to and shouldn’t disappear just to make you feel comfortable or to help you get rid of your white guilt complexes.

        Of course, it’s noticeable that this Jewish girl iintentionally surrounds herself with Black men. Why do that as if they were ice cream flavors.

        OF course this has nothing to do with her death,fool.

  11. Guy’s,the message I get from song “Back to Black” is that she drinks when she split from her husband,according to Amy “black” is a dark place where she doesn’t want be as in her drinking,drugs but she can’t cope because she loves him.So when he goes back to another she drinks to kill the pain of loving him but losing him! If that’s what yall were discussing?? If not consider me a dummy,LoL
    That’s why she says,(You go back to her And I go back to Black)

    He left no time to regret
    Kept his d—- wet
    With his same old safe bet
    Me and my head high and my tears dry
    Get on without my guy
    You went back to what you knew
    So far removed from all that we went through
    I tread a troubled track
    My odds are stacked
    I go back to black

    We only said goodbye with words
    I died a hundred times
    You go back to her
    And I go back to

    I love you much
    It’s not enough
    You love blow and I love puff
    And life is like a pipe
    And I’m a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside

    We only said goodbye with words
    I died a hundred times
    You go back to her
    And I go back to


    I go back to
    I go back to

    We only said goodbye with words
    I died a hundred times
    You go back to her, and I go back to

    We only said goodbye with words
    I died a hundred times
    You go back to her
    And I go back to black

  12. I have liked Amy since the first time I ever saw her on tv and everytime I watched her it seemed to me that she was very self conscious because she was always playing with her hair or the hem of her dress or fidgeting with things like that while on the stage. I’m sure we’d all be nervous in that situation but it was different than stage fright in my opinion,Much deeper.
    I also sometimes think she didn’t like herself much or felt she didn’t deserve good things maybe? Can’t describe it really though I can relate perfectly and today I ran across this video and it convinced me I was right So wanted to share and see what you all would say!
    She was totally shocked when she won and you can see she never thought in a million yrs. she’d win! It broke my heart for her!

  13. “Bad taste” is an understatment, this photgraph is hard core pornography.
    These men had been entrusted with Amy’s safety and security, and just two days after she died she had been sliced up, burned stuffed in a little green box, and there they are posing with whats left of her as if it was something to be proud of.
    How could they have allowed themselves to be persuaded to do that.

  14. Here’s another example of a ‘used’ and abused musician (like Michael Jackson). However, nobody could have helped either of them. People like Amy, use whatever is available to get them through the day. Unfortunately, that is usually drugs, and/or booze.

    You cannot save a drowning man, unless he wants to be saved, and most addicts think that they are still in control. They cannot give up their power to somebody else, because they do not trust anybody. Most believe that they know best, and usually wind up in the hospital, or dead.

    The sad fact is that those who wind up in the hospital, go back and do it again. There is something inside of them, something lacking very deeply, that pushes them to abuse. An emptiness that needs filled with booze or drugs. It gives them the feeling that they are in the driver’s seat, when in fact they may be, but they are driving straight into a large oak tree. Sooner or later, addicts die at their own hands, or with the help of somebody else.

    I often wonder how many addicts, actually, stay clean, and for how long? If you are empty inside, if there is nothing there to ground you, to give you self-worth, doesn’t it just keep happening, until it’s over? I don’t have the answers.

    It’s sad, and even heartbreaking, but as far as I can tell, there are no real cures, not unless the addict is self-aware, and from what I have seen, most are not. They live in misery, stroking it like a pet cat, harboring it, loving it.

    My biggest fear is that because they are famous we are giving our children the horribly wrong impression. That it’s better to be cool, and dead, than to be the alternative. I call it the James Dean syndrome. Remember what he said? “Live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse.” Don’t tell me he did not want to die,…he did, and he did.

    So did Amy, Michael, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain,…all a part of the Forever 27 Club. I don’t want my children idolizing the walking dead, of which they all were. It’s not cool to abuse yourself, and die! It’s not ok to praise and idolize these, obviously, mentally disturbed individuals. They died because they wanted to.

  15. Rip Amy, if Black Fielder was a psychopath, she did not have a chanse to deal with him! It was not love. It was something else, belive me, I have been there, it can take years, even if you are strong like me, to get free from that cind of person, because they are like tics, is hiding deeply in your system, and the mentally immunesystem have problem to deal with it, because this kind of person look like a human, but its no one home, they can act like a human to, but its a a fejk, a normal, I meen it, sensitive lady like Amy, did not have a chans to deal with this kind of person, and when she was running away on drugs in desperation and did get deeply addicted, it was difficult to help. It take many years to get mentally free. Even if someone had told her that it all was handle about a psychopat, and even if she should have belived it, it takes years to bee free, its a fact. Amaising if someone not have concider the possibility that she was addicted to a psychopath. When you are, you had to fight for your life, in many ways, and its difficult to help. It couse deep wonds, in you soul, and it take, many, many years to come over, that someone who told to love you, just was out to take you down, love is something good, not a terrible hell! Its to easy, to say that she vas addicted to narcotics, ok, she was, but IM sure that the reason for her to be so in hell destructive, was that she was dealing with a psychopath, and that was to musch for her. For everyone like us to. But those persons used to dig their own graves, but that will not help us get Amy back, shit, shoud wanted her to be a happy healthy mother, and artist with a good father to the child, children. Thank Gud, that she did not had a child with Black, in that case she should have had a permanent hell, and difficult to be a good mother. Those ” tics” have no soul, thats why they caused problem, and its easier than heroin to get hooked on them, it doesent matter, if you are a doctor, a police, a layer or Amy, everyone get damaged, she was not a stuped young, lady, just listen to her texts, she is addicted to Black, she know it, and she is singing about, it, telling us the ugly story, what happend to you, and the fellings when you get hooked. And, ladys and gentlemen, that…. is not Love, love make you happy, get you stronger, even if something happend in that kind of relation, and you split, you still have power to get thru, even if it sucks! Good New Year, 2012, to all of you good persons out in the Cyber. The Planet is crying to beause, a lot og stupid persons who make up so wrong plans, and dont give a schit if we all going under, just lets fight, the stupid ones, whereever we are, in fact its more of the good ones, even if the bad ones have more power, or it semeed to be so anyway, Im not so sure on that. One more thing, just ignore the stupid ones who writing bad things about Amy, just keep in mind, that if you are normal, you can never, ever deal with a psychopath, without risking the life in one way or another. Its a normal reaction to be braked down in that cind of situations, its only if you are a psychpath yourselve, you can survive without risking you life, mentally to. Just ignore the bad spelling, I know, but I also know that you can understand, what I meen, ok! Writing from another country, and have no time to check the spelling, sorry for that, a big 2012- hug to every empatic good person out there. Yrva

  16. They were body gairds not doctors or psychiatrists. They werent her parents nor were related. I love my job and adore my co workers. But they all have there vices. As do i. If my boss was shooting heroin i wouldnt exactly tell him to stop. And where were you? Obviously you were a fan of her music, saw her on the tv,news,grammys.google. your a doc right? How come you didnt show up to her house and try and save herand wake up this isnt 1963 where everything and everyone is preciouse. Of course people are going to capitalize off her death.hell maybe she should have learn to held her shit better. I mean kieth Richards is still alive and kickin, so is axl rose, slash, eric clapton(yes he was a heroin addict,so was james taylor. And if any of them died no one would care as much cause every one would have expected it anyways. She died young, was a tainted singer and just another human being. So be discusted and syand on your soapbox till you slip and fall and break your neck. Then see what people have to say about you.

  17. “Did he get a vulnerable Amy hooked on drugs?” So far what I’ve read on your blog is that you play 100% into what the media wants you to be involved in. And the exact way it wants you to. Through gossip.
    Nobody got Amy hooked on drugs, except Amy. Unless she was tied up and bondaged and drugs were forced into her system, she was the one who got herself to that state. Please stop this blame game/gossiping tone. I came to your website because I saw you were a “Dr.” in body language. So far I’ve only been disappointed to see these articles laced with gossip.

    1. Neongeometry@yahoo.comTake your animosity out on the drug dealers who supplied Amy and her own illness not on this blog. You are out of your mind if you think I play to the media as I am not connected top any specific media that tells me what to do. Amy was very much involved with drugs and alcohol and that unfortunately is what destroyed this incredibly talented young lady. If you bothered to read the blog which you clearly did not, you would not have made such ignorant comments. The article was about her bodyguards taking a photo with Amy’s ashes. So read what is on a page, not what you assume it to be as you misinterpreted what it intended to be, Your disappointment needs to be directed to the fact that Amy self destructed so we can no longer see her in concert or hear any more new music coming from her lovely and powerful voice. Your disappointment should be that we lost an incredible talent due to her disease. So please take your disappointment elsewhere where it should be directed not toward than this blog as no gossip is taking place here only my interpretations of how I see people’s behavior. Also this blog was written 4 years ago.

  18. Thank you. You said what I have felt all along. Why didn’t anyone protect her? I got sober at 27 and now 32 years later I do not agree when people say the only way for an addict to get clean is they have to want it and ask for it. When a person is so sick from addictions they are not always capable of making such clear headed decisions and need people to push them to get help. I do not mean enabling I mean protecting them from themselves. I see people around her that appear sober walking out of clubs with her and yet they let her destroy herself. I would have had her in lockdown 24/7 and not have access to people, places or things that trigger wanting to get high. She was a good kind person who had the wrong people around her. I would have had sober people planted in her life and kept her from hurting herself. It can be done. She had way to much freedom to sneak around and get high. She was an amazing person in every way..her talent was like nothing I have ever seen. I myself was a gifted drummer from 6th grade and only related to old soul music. I don’t even listen to current music anymore because it is so talentless. I only heard Amy a month ago and I have been blown away by her depth and sense of music. I liked her as a person from what I can see and her kindness towards animals is special and moving. I am not a fan of anyone but I am of her. .I too was told I play the drums “like an old black man, like Miles Davis flew in my body” was what I have been told. For a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes that was a big compliment..I was not even close to Amy’s talent but sure know it when I see it…she was just an amazing person even without her music…

  19. Something is WRONG with the Great Britain culture. I am an African-American woman, and Dr. Lillian Glass, it was not the responsibility of the Black men who were security officers for Amy Winehouse to guard her from the death of herself. It was her responsibility to guard herself from death. (Are you sure you’re a doctor?) Secondly, the GB culture is extremely different from the American culture. For one, the paparazzi in GB treats people, like they treated Amy Winehouse, as God. An example is when Amy Winehouse was on the highway, and the paparazzi followed her endlessly. That would not happen here. : ) Nearly everyone would have shamed her for her ridiculous behavior. She would have gotten a different response here.

    I also recognized how the paparazzi treated Kim Kardashian when she recently visited GB. They nearly hurt her! However, in the United States Kim Kardashian is not treated that way. Kim Kardashian is not recognized as important here. She is only known for her sex video with a Black man and has since improved her life with Kenya West, their daughter and child on the way. They are noticed but not extremely noticed.

    1. One more comment about Amy Winehouse on the highway.
      In the US she would have been arrested for loitering. : )

    2. Quit making this about race and showing your ignorance.This blog has NOTHING to do with race! Period! It is about a dead woman who hired security guards regardless of their race to protect her and they failed miserably. they also exploited her after death as I said in the blog regardless of race so get that chip off of your shoulder and stop looking for racial issues here as there are none. I would have said the same thing if the people were purple or green. And don’t be so naive re the papps in the UK. They are the ones who began tabloid press and just had a huge scandal re one of their newspapers so you have no idea what you are talking about.
      And your ugly tone just shonew through when you asked if I was a doctor.Yes I am a doctor- a PhD and if you are curious about my expertise go to my website at http://www.drlillianglass.com and it will tell you everything you want to know.
      Amy Winehouse was not ashamed of anything She was too out of it to realize what was going on and if you look at videos of her later performances you will see it clearly. Unfortunately she got caught up in drugs and alcohol which caused her demise. She was one of the most talented singers of our time and what happened to her is a terrible shame.

      And once again you show your TOXIC ignornace by putting race into the equation with regard to Kim Kardashian by discussing her making a video with a Black man. teh race of the man she was with in the video doesn’t matter. What does matter is the man regardless of race urinated on her and she is famous for this tape. Kim Kardashian is mobbed by the papps wherever she goes and race has nothing to do with it. So you may want to look into your own racial issues and stop displacing them on others when race is not a concern in this blog, never has been and never will be. take your anger and hostility out on the real culprit, the drugs she took and the help she never received not on this blog post.
      Also this blog post is several years old so why comment now. Unfortunately Amy is dead and may she rest in peace.

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