George and Cindy Anthony Shopping and Living It Up In The Bahamas


Looking at this photo of  and Cindy Anthony shopping as though they don’t have a care in the world as they are in the Bahamas  sickens me. Instead of being in the Bahamas they need to be in a jail cell for lying . Cindy needs to be in a cell for her chlorophyl and chloroform BS  and other things and George needs to be in a cell for lying about his affair  and other things.

Casey’s life was spared and  is doing well and is safe in the hands of Jose Baez as he tried to get the best deal for her while he is in NYC.  She will be a very rich  young lady in  a short while. 

George and Cindy will be rich  as well with  interview (photo ) payments and book and film deals from the “poor” parents perspective.

In the future there is no doubt in my mind that George and Cindy will be doing more laughing and smiling in the future rather than crying and mourning Caylee’s death. Now the only purpose Caylee serves is as a money making machine.

The bottom line is that any vacation (even if it is given to them by an orange County business man) and anything they purchase in the Bahamas and their autre wealth is because a little girl died and no one was held accountable for her death.

Nancy Grace no doubt meant well by putting this case in the spotlight. But it backfired.By making this case famous and not treating it like under th radar  any other missing child and murder case George and Cindy would not have  been in front of the cameras all the time and  profited off of this baby’s death.

Cindy used the media and was mean and hostile as we all saw . She lied on Larry King and so many other shows where she claimed Caylee was alive when she most likely knew all along what happened. And George was her puppet if you look back at those tapes and see his body language obeying and kowtowing to a loud and obnoxious  large and in charge Cindy.

In the future  you can expect to  see more smiles from George and Cindy as they improve their lifestyle and  in essence profit from Caylee’s hair , skull and bones. Now doubt they will portray themselves as victims in the whole matter taking no responsibility for their actions.

I am convinced that Casey is the way she is because of George and Cindy. We all got a taste of Cindy for three years and discovered she was a hateful belligerent, mean spirited, manipulating, lying individual.

After watching Cindy closely it makes you understand how Casey must have gone through a living hell under Cindy’s roof. The push pull we saw with Cindy in the courtroom could make anyone crazy or snap.

Cindy was so hateful and awful and scary to Casey that Casey even  shared this with Officer Appie Wells. She was so afraid of Cindy that she could not tell her she was diplomaless, jobless, or even  pregnant. Cindy put fear into Casey. She no doubt taught her  how to lie as we saw so many lies with Cindy.

Cindy told Casey she was keeping Caylee and throwing her out. It  made Casey snap. Whether it was intentional or not, the bottom line is that Caylee somehow died on her watch. Whether it was intentional or not, Casey was so angry at Cindy that it  didn’t really bother her that the baby was dead. She was so self-satisfied that she continued  her partying.

I will always believe that Cindy, who set push-pull  behaviors and no boundaries was the stimulus for Casey;s abberant   behaviors.

And George was the perrrienel wimp and liar- a fake Mr. Nice Guy” love me love me” type of person. No doubt the molestation charge was devasating to him, not necessarily because it did or did not happen, It was because it made George look bad in other people’s eyes.

George has a strong need to look good and he passed that on to Casey. Look at how concerned Casey was with her grooming and her hair. Casey was in jail and what is George’s first greeting? “Hey gorgeous”. It is all about looks as he warned her in one of his lame letters to  her that she was looking heavy in the courtroom.

Here is a man that is so conscious of his daughters looks  (as was Cindy as reflected in her jailhouse letters) and weight, yet he didn’t see his own daughter was pregnant. Then there was George’s  alleged online gambling debts, porn site visits, and womanizing which caused Cindy to throw him out at one point in time.

So how could Casey not learn to not be responsible about money, taking other people’s money, run up large credit card debts, and not have any moral fiber by being promiscuous. Her father provided her with this role model.

George and Cindy got away with abbarent behavior.  Now in fact rewarded for it with trips and vacations and money fame and a glorious  upcoming lifestyle. It is hard for me to watch.  

And please don’t email me that you feel sorry for George and Cindy and they deserve some happiness after all they have been though. To you I say, they created Casey and they  indirectly created what happened to Caylee by their lack of boundaries, poor role modeling,  push pull behaviors, creating fear and distrust and lack of accountability  in Casey, and  general  horrible parrenting.

Now George and Cindy have reached out to Rascal Flatts in an attempt to get even more press. It is a mutually agreeable press event as Rascal Flatts wrote the song Going Places which they claim is  about Caylee, To me they may have changed it up for  publicity so they could sell more songs and albums and keep their aging band  in the limelight .

It was featured on Nancy Grace show so it gained some popularity but the lyrics dont apply  Caylee and don’t make sense to me. To me it seems that they did  a song a while ago and now that the Caylee case was so popular, they  applied it to her.  Caylee was almost three not two as  the lyrics reflect. I also don’t think Caylee did all of those activities they suggested in the song as she was too young Maybe they initially wrote the soong for a seven year old and changed it to two because of Caylee.

Here are the lyrics to She’s Going Places:

She was just a baby, barely 2 years old  (She was almost three)

 A story that shouldn’t have to be told

  See that little girl with big brown eyes   She had hazel eyes and Casey spoke of their color

Stole our hearts and touched our lives.

Now we cry ’cause we can’t understand.

You see she wanted to learn to play guitar  (is that true?

Be a ballerina or a movie star

She could have gone so far.

She can be anything that she wants to

She can ride her bike every afternoon

She can laugh and play with her dolls and games

Just like all little girls should get to do

Too young for a life to be taken

But she’s going places.

I bet she’d spend her time skipping rope wasnt she too young for this

Drawing rainbows on the streets that are paved with gold

She’ll ride a Big Wheel jumping curbs

In the parking lot of a great big church

And I wish I could see it all.

But her memory will live on right here

Until I get over there

And see her again.

She can be anything that she wants to

She can ride her bike every afternoon

She can laugh and play in those backyard games

Just like all little girls should get to do.

Too young for her life to be taken

She’s going places.

She can play kickball

Go swimming and see-saw

Just like all little girls should get to do.

We will sing sweet Caylee’s praises

She’s safe in the arms of God’s good graces.

Yeah, she’s going places.


Even if Rascal Flats did it for a Charity Donation, I think they still did it to put themselves on the map. And now this is a good photo op with the group and with George and Cindy getting their additional 15 minutes of fame.

I am sick of people capitalizing off of a dead baby.It is morally wrong. But then again in my view George and Cindy seem to lack any morals.


396 thoughts on “George and Cindy Anthony Shopping and Living It Up In The Bahamas

  1. I don’t give a you know what about Rascal Flats but hope they don’t agree to a meet & greet with the ScamAnthonys.

    1. I bet the Anthonys are going to tell Rascal that they get royalties and I would guess Casey will sue them for using Caylees name blah blah blah.

  2. Dr.Glass you are so right. I did get a laugh out of Cindy who dresses so badly buying clothes at a tourist trap on vacation. And George like her maid carrying the dress. I totally agree about the song. ALL musicians have a huge cache of songs they have written and not published. Thats exactly what I thought when I heard it, they went into their unpublished songs and attempted to make it fit the situation. It is to me, and this is my OPINION, oversentimental and it doesnt make me feel any better about Caylees death. But it is so true what Mark Twain said “no one ever went broke underestimating the American public.”

  3. Too bad they didn’t write a song dedicated to all murdered and missing children.

    Caylee isn’t the only one who was murdered and tossed away.

    As for George and Sindy, REPULSIVE.

    1. I agree, the behavior of the Anthony’s is disgusting…and the song (Rascal Flatts) is disgusting does not fit this situation. Cindy & George want their cut of the royalties…How can you copyright a name….there are many girls names Caylee Marie…..

      What about the other 1,000’s of missing,abused and murdered children in America….what is so special about the Anthony’s. They are liars and cheaters, and will do anything to get a buck.

    2. I have gone from feeling sorry for these two, to being REPULSED by their current actions of living it up!- where are they getting their “egg money” for all their activities? Makes one say hmmmmmmm! Gloria

      1. I agree, Gloria. I used to feel sorry for these people as well. But, my eyes are opening wider and they are different than I had imagined. Where is all their money coming from? I know people who live on disability and they have one bedroom apts., no autos, and certainly they don’t take exotic vacations-ever.

  4. Yea,One more tactic to mislead the public and gain publicity for that book Cindy’s writing,It’s a little to damn late to care now! They make me sick….literally “caring Grandparents”
    I wonder if Caylee would think so?
    Thank God theres no sadness in Heaven so I know Caylee doesn’t see it nor did she see her killer walk out of jail a free person to work on that Beautiful Life she traded her for!
    Went to REST! From what? I guess it is hard to defend a killer and lie and destroy evidence…..shewwwww!
    Just when you think it can’t get worse It does!

    1. George is the one who killed Caylee after he molested her he threw her in the pool to drown and did not called 911 because the baby was already dead like he wanted her to be. He couldn’t call 911 because they would have seen the sex molestation so he threw her in the woods. Casey could not have thrown the baby in the woods because Cindy said that Caylee was 40 pounds and 3 feet tall. Caylee was wrapped in a blanket, put in a canvas laundry bag plus 3 plastic bags. How can skinny small Casey carry a dead baby who is what people refer to as “dead weight”. It’s impossible..the baby was found in a spot with lots of bushes, trees, debris, twigs. Casey would have had cuts and scratches……Casey did not kill her daughter. She said to one of the detectives that she was PETRIFIED of her mother.

      they call “de

      1. we all know kc is a pathilogical LIAR . PLEASE, baez, kc, and the whole defence team made there KOOL-AID for you and you drank it??????? george molested her[kc] too? ok! go back and watch the WHOLE trial, jailhouse tapes, the evidence, the party pictures , ALL of it…

      2. come on doris what are you smoking——-it was casey but as far as i am concerned it was all three

      3. u r pathetic…how many puzzels have u solved in ur life???? how many Mom’s would spend 36 hrs the day after their child is gone (missing,or drownded) in bed with her new boyfriend ???? to say nothing of the next 31 days…the only reason it was only 31 days is that she was finally caught and forced to fess up to something!!!! Yes, she was petrified of Cindy but good GOD give the child away…don’t kill her!!! George was at work or on his way there when Caylee was killed…proved by the cell phone pings….it was Casey that was around the house for 4 hours after the last time Caylee was seen,and only Casey that did the searches for chloriform also proved by the cell phone pings and work records, and my space entrys that could have only been done by Casey!! You probably thought Tonja Harding was inoscent too!!!!

    2. George is the one who killed Caylee after he molested her he threw her in the pool to drown and did not called 911 because the baby was already dead like he wanted her to be. He couldn’t call 911 because they would have seen the sex molestation so he threw her in the woods. Casey could not have thrown the baby in the woods because Cindy said that Caylee was 40 pounds and 3 feet tall. Caylee was wrapped in a blanket, put in a canvas laundry bag plus 3 plastic bags. How can skinny small Casey carry a dead baby who is what people refer to as “dead weight”. It’s impossible..the baby was found in a spot with lots of bushes, trees, debris, twigs. Casey would have had cuts and scratches……Casey did not kill her daughter. She said to one of the detectives that she was PETRIFIED of Cindy.

      they call “de

      1. Allright, I don’t even know why I’m replying, but I work at a school and see many a “tiny, skin-and-bones” of a mom leave the school carrying (yes, carrying) their 4 year old pre-k child out of the school! It can be done. And if they’re feeling sleepy or in a foul mood, they definitely count as dead weight.

        Are you one of the jurors????? Your reasoning leads me to believe that.

      2. You are nuts. Casey looks fat to me. And she is guilty. Stop making up stupid senarios. George is a wimp. I wish they had a surveillance camera on the block where she got rid of the body. And it caught her in the act.

  5. If anything they went to see how to hide that money since KC wasn’t convicted,They thought she’d go to prison and they helped her because of the DP? Boy oh Boy……Now they gotta protect that blood money! jmho

  6. Dr. Glass, These people are heartless and sickening! I know hate is a strong word, but I hate these people! Blood money and lies are all that they are all about.

  7. I’m in agreement with you about the result of Nancy Grace’s well meaning coverage being partially responsible for the over-blown spotlight this case received, which I am convinced affected the jury getting this so wrong. Many commentators and especially Baez, repeatedly have said we must respect the findings of the jury and not second guess their decision. That is pure baloney. If we are to maintain our system of laws, we should respect the jury system. It is far better than carrying out lynchings in banana republics. But as demonstrated when juries convict people who are later exonerated by DNA evidence, juries are far from perfect. We have no obligation to pretend that they are by saying we respect their verdict however mindless it may be. In the Casey Anthony case, the jury failed at its job, and a murderer went free.

    I strongly believe that if ABC had NOT paid $200,000 for the videos/pictures to the Defense Team and if CBS 48 hrs had not done another big money deal with the defense team & Anthony’s for the 2 part special, that the majority of the multitude of atty’s who were at one time or another on Casey’s defense team would not have happened and the over blown media circus that ensued also would not have developed. The ethical boundary violations involved in those deals is still very disturbing to me. I hold them more responsible than anyone else for the debacle that occurred.

    WFTV-Channel 9’s Mary Nguyen reported that “George and Cindy Anthony are setting up a foundation called Caylee’s Fund to focus on grandparents’ rights. Mark Lippman, the couple’s attorney, told WFTV that the Anthony’s plan to be the nonprofit’s officers and draw salaries because they are unable to work. Nguyen said the new nonprofit would be separate from the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, which will remain active.”

    IMO, the Anthony’s & their Attorney have lost perspective; they have hurt efforts of legitimate foundations after lying & obstructing for Casey. A murderer of a child is free & the Anthony’s are “Closing that chapter in their lives”, the murder of Caylee. I am still outraged! I consider this an absolute insult to the memory of Caylee. Just another attempt by this family to scam/dupe unsuspecting good hearted folks. And this free trip is just another insult. For Lippman to color the trip as “part of the healing and grief process” is just BS.

    Attorney Lippman has publicly stated that as “part of the healing process that the Anthony’s would soon talk about their ordeal”. I sure hope “the healing talking” will not involve another parade to every talk show to make more money. Also with their new foundation – It’s my understanding that grandparents’ rights pertain to visitation and custody. It seems to me that grandparents who include grandparents’ rights in their foundation’s agenda should be grandparents who legally fought for visitation and/or custody rights but were denied by the system. IMO, the Anthony’s don’t CARE if they receive donations for their new and improved foundation. I don’t think they plan on getting much in the way of public donations. IMO,The purpose of the foundation is to serve as a repository for their book money which they will “donate” to the foundation so they don’t have to pay taxes, enabling them to draw an annual salary from the foundation. The only money that will actually be spent on foundation activities will be the small sums that some misguided people will contribute. The Anthony’s don’t actually plan on WORKING at anything because……well, because they are grifters. They accomplished NOTHING with their last attempt at forming a foundation, why should this one be any different? And a lot of $$$ was donated the last time. George bought that boat that has to this day never been used to search for any missing children or adults and who knows what else was done with those funds and where that money ended up. I had read that Lippman was an extraordinarily ethical attorney but I no longer believe that baloney. After now hearing him on every media outlet known to mankind vigorously espousing that Cindy did NOT commit perjury I find him as slimy as his clients.

    I hold Casey responsible for all of her murderess actions. I agree with you that Cindy was most definitely the catalyst but Casey was not a child and independently could have chosen to get an abortion, or to have given up her child for adoption, she could have moved out of her parents home and truly supported herself like millions of young adults do instead of all the horrific choices that she made and is responsible for.

    1. You nailed it perfectly – the Anthonys are grifters, and they are now finding more ways to make money off their dead grandchild. Hopefully nobody gives them a cent.

      By the way, I’ve read that Casey did want to get an abortion – and later did want to put Caylee up for adoption – but Cindy refused to let her do either and insisted she keep the baby. We know that if Caylee had been put up for adoption, she almost certainly would be alive (and dearly loved) today.

    2. Recall on the jail tapes when Cindy and Casey were talking about when Casey came home. Casey said something about getting a job and Cindy interrupted with “Oh, you don’t have to get a job…”

      I can’t recall the rest of the conversation, but I think this is the push=pull effect that Dr. Glass is talking about. Casey was always being given mixed or different messages by Cindy. She’d scream at Casey to be a responsible person and be a good mother and then protect and cover up for all of Casey’s theft and lying.Why? Because just like Casey, Cindy had to appear to be perfect. If Casey was a liar and a thief and a bad mommy, that reflected back on Cindy as a bad mommy and she couldn’t have people think that..

      Also, there’s the fact that everybody in that household is certifiable!

      1. Actually it was George who said to KC you’ll never have to work again & immediately you can hear Cindy making an exasperated breathing out sound….you know damn well she was pissed at what he’d just said.

    3. WELL SAID nancy b well said. can we start a petition against the anthonys to stop any more money making scemes there trying to make up? what can we do to stop them?

    4. wouldn;t give to that foundation ever–most of that cash will find its way into the Anthonys pockets
      and what do they know about support for anyone are they going to give seminars on :
      A how to perjure and get away with it
      B how to totally foul a crime scene and distroy the evidence
      and of course
      C how to lie lie lie and if you have to lie somemore

  8. Excellent blog, Dr. Glass! You know, initially, I felt sympathy towards George and Cindy Anthony, but that has gone away. They are the reason their children are so messed up. Lee is a mess too. He acted inappropriate on the stand, not to mention ODD!!!!!!!!, and his parents are pathological liars. What a messed up family this is. I hope no one buys Cindy’s book, too. The whole family is destruction to whomever they come into contact with. RUN far away from them people!!

    1. It’s an awful song because it is clearly contrived, And as long as the Anthony’s remain in the spotlight I will continue to analyze them and their body language and communication as that is what I do.

      1. Dr. Glass, we appreciate what You do, You doing a fine Job.
        If the Anthony’s would like to be left alone then may I suggest for them to stay away from the Media and work on their Attitude and their Lying and conning People, maybe People wouldn’t be so disgusted by them, they brought it on All by them self’s.
        People aren’t stupid and recognize a Con when they see one.
        What about Caylee, did she get lost in All of that? I wonder!

    2. I think she’s got the Anthony’s nailed, but she needs to research the story behind the song before she comments. The song was originally “He’s going places” and was recorded a few years ago by another singer. RF asked if they could use the song to make a tribute to Caylee with the intention from the beginning of having it go to a charity. They are an established and well known band, and didn’t need to find a reason to become famous; they already are. And they sure didn’t do the song to kow tow to any of the Anthonys.

    3. So do I disagree with Dr. Glass.
      This is another highly emotive and error riven Blog, designed to work up hatred against The Anthonys.
      Casey Anthony was found Not Guilty. That is an unchangeable fact, whether you all like it or not.

      And “Nearly Three” is two years old.

  9. I don’t think it’s fair to blame Nancy Grace. That’s what she does, she takes a story and goes with it. She didn’t kill Caylee and cause that mess, that all falls on Caseys shoulders.

    George and Sindy look perfectly healthy, why are they still on DISABILITY? I know people who became disabled after working nearly 40 years and they were told, by the judge in their hearing, oh find something you can do in your wheelchair.

    Enough said.

    1. So true, I am sure they can work,. This is just outright scamming for money. Dennis Milstead taught them well.

      1. Try to imagine what these people went through over the past 3 years. Losing Caylee and having to relive it everyday with lawyers, police etc. and you try to go to work and concentrate on your work

    1. No one said she killed her because of SINdy but I can imagine it was hell to grow up around her but KC for some reason worried constantly about mmmmmm “not being good enough or disappointing SINdy…..(Miss my family’s perfect) much that she enjoyed jail rather than to be home with her!
      Cindys standards were way to high and look what happened?
      Made KC keep a child she did not want? Satan and Satan’s daughter! jmvho

    2. Casey committed the murder but everyone in that home contributed to Caylee being put in the care of one that they knew was, not only irresponsible, but a criminally negligent mother.. As George put it, “Casey has issues.” Understaement, George!

      They knew what they had in Casey, but Cindy was too worried about the cost to put in any effort to legally restrain Casey and take Caylee.

      She really did not want the legal custody of that child. She wanted Casey to grow up and be responsible. Something not likely to happen with a woman the Anthonys knew was “not quite right”. As Cindy said, gaining control of Caylee would include paying for a lawyer and if Cindy won, paying for daycare for Caylee..The love of money and reputation are the forces that drive this family. That, and the fact that the Anthonys are all certifiable!.

      1. the only thing Cindy wanted/wants is George (the pediphile and compulsive sex addict)- this was ALL FOR GEORGE…… that is what is at the foundation of this whole sick scenairo.

  10. And while others saw Cindy breaking down in the court room and hiding her head in tears…I felt she was was hiding her head and and _ucking laughing at all of us for being so stupid and believing in her lies. I know she has suffered pain.BUT, the bottom line is…she never spoke for her beautiful little granddaughter..when i think of that child i actually can feel her soft small hand in mine..and to allow it to slip away and not protect it with all my might is unforgivable! May the Anthony’s all rot in HELL!

    1. I remember Cindy dropping her head in court, and the very next day she was right back to lying about chlorophil and chloroform. i THINK Casey gave her little Yorkie dogs choloform to figure out how much to give Caylee. I think if you tested the hairs on those Yorkie dogs, they would have chloroform present . One of them even died, I think it was Cinnamon .

      1. Casey did not make chloroform there was no evidence of any chloroform that she bought or made anything. There were no 84 searches for chloroform there was one as Casey’s boyfriend Morales had a picture on his page of a couple in a restaurant and a waiter is behind the with a cloth of chloroform and in big letters it says “I’ll get her with Chloroform. Casey was found not guilty by 12 jurors and we are not supposed to declared her guilty because we don’t agree with the verdict. It’s our constitution to be tried for a potential crime in a “Court Of Law” and respect what the verdict is.

        I will never ever be a juror I rather be jailed than be one as if I render a Not Guilty verdict I will have to fear for my life and the lives of my family. I am sure many people will find a way of not serving as a juror.

        There are thousands of children who are murdered by their parents every day (more than one child)

        1- NYC 7 year took a yogurt from the refrigerated and the birth mother and stepfather took the child tied her to a chair in a dark room for days and will untie her only to sit in the cat’s litter box to urinate etc. Finzlly, they took the child undressed her put her under the faucet full blast and banged her head on the side of the tub and laid her naked on the floor in the dark and according to the other children in the house the little girl was moaning and calling her mommy who never came and the next day she was dead. The mother and her husband/stepfather onlu received 25 years in jail and then their sentenced was reduced……NANCY GRACE made no mention of that case and the media only reported it when it happened and the verdict….But then again the little girl (also with huge brown eyes ) was Puerto Rican….Then another girl tied to a toddler bed with burned marks on her little body and was kept starved and finally died ..she was 4 years old and weight 18 pounds..she was black and where was Nancy Grace.

        Evil Nancy Grace is obsessed with Casey and has created a hate mob mentality and most probably this girl will die at the hand of hate crime and Nancy will be jailed. When NG heard of the not guilty verdict she said THE DEVIL IS DANCING TONIGHT and called the jurors “Kooky”..and she claims to be a lawyer. She also insults Jose Baez because she racist as Jose Baez is Puerto Rican…HLN Jane Velez Mitchell, Vinnie Napolitan and Dr Drew should be sued for calling Casey a
        murderer and character assassination.

        No way that Casey could have carried a dead weight baby who weight 40 lbs and was 3 feet long ..wrapped in a blanket, in a canvas laundry bag, 3 plastic bags. Casey is skinny and short and she is supposed to go into the woods with all the brush, twigs, etc and throw her child and walk out without a scratch or cut on her face, neck, arms and legs. SUPERWOMAN she is
        not….George is the strong one noy even Cindy could have done it.

        Stop trying to kill Casey and turn your hate into prayers for her safety. Don’t let Twin Mom aka Nancy Grace evilness, hatred, rage, maliciousness over rule you…..She is Satanic.

    2. hi debi the bitch cindy ass marie was never crying no tears she used the same kleenex for mouth nose and eyes sicko is her real nme.never was l feeling sorry for that fat bitch she wanted sympathy but not from me nor can she fool me but herself she never cried.

      1. human-beings are judgemental- it’s hard-wired- look it up…you can break out of that with a professional degree in the study of human nature and behavior- otherwise you judge, guess, project- who cares………………………

      1. Dr. Glass why are the TV Crime Show hosts and “talking heads” still having the pity party for the Anthonys? Nancy Grace always speaks of them in hushed tones with a sob-wracked voice. as if they deserve a shrine. The others in TV Crime News Land are the same. So who were these hosts following for three years while the Anthonys lied and obstructed the investigation of their GRANDDAUGHTER? Who did they see on the stand lying for that child’s murderer? People beneath contempt? No, parents lying to save their daughter “like any parent would do”.

        I don’t know how many times I heard hosts say that it was what any mother or father would do.. I was sick to death of hearing them actually promote perjury on the stand in a court of law.

        Saying that, Casey’s unhappiness at home is not an excuse for killing your child. She could have left, got aid as a single mother, and been out on her own with taxpayers support as so many single mothers with children out of wedlock do.

        Casey was too prideful to have her friends find out she wasn’t perfect. Perfect mom, perfect business woman, perfect student. Like so many of the “eraser” killers who think it’s easier to kill a wife than divorce her, it was easier for Casey to live the “bella vita” without an emcumberance.

      2. So right and people will see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe be it right or wrong

  11. Awesome Post here Lillian, I don’t always agree with you, but we are TWINS with this post.
    Thank you.

    I really loved the pics and story of your Mom, she is COOL.

  12. I get that you dislike Cindy, so do I. But Casey wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone. She’s a sociopath.

    What Casey said to Officer Wells was just one of a pile of lies she told LE.

    1. I agree with kas to as if Casey was afraid of anyone she would have cracked with the police officer’s and she was cool as a cucumber. Casey is as mean as Cindy, only difference is i agree Casey is a sociopath and may i add a baby killer.

    2. I agree kas. She is so obviously a sociopath — out only for her own interests. That is why she is beyond any type of rehabilitation or help. She will never change and being acquitted has only confirmed for her, her incredibly believable lying skills.

  13. Leave them alone? Are you serious?
    Did Cindy not come to us to help find Caylee,she asked us to help find Caylee but when it was her daughter who murdered Caylee,than she didn’t want our help and treated us all like crap,and especially all the LE and Detectives who dug the earth up to find all the pieces that weren’t chewed up by animals!
    When the story broke Cindy says to the public,that KC had a habit of lying and then got mad at us for believing HER when she said it,Did any one of us know KC lied before Cindy told it…….NO!
    dId Caylee come to N/G and LK and CBS etc to ask us to look for her? No!
    All the time and money spent on this case when the bytch is clearly guilty and the A’s damn well knew it and they knew KC did it or they’d have neverrrrrrrrrrr destroyed evidence?
    But now,She’s still whoring Calee’s memory any way she can for her own purposes!
    The whole damn world looked for Caylee but did they ever,NO!
    Sure they popped up a tent but hell I did that when I went camping with an ex b/f because he broke his damn leg! They also drove an air conditioned vehicle to haul a sign around while all the searchers and the public,LE etc….did the manual labor to find her,the hard way? ..WHOOOOO Amen for the A’s!
    Pity Party Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You’re most welcome! Just doing my part standing up for Caylee,God knows her family won’t!
        They get under my skin so bad I can’t stand it! jmo

  14. I always liked Rascal Flatts up until this! Never again will I listen to or purchase any CD’s from this band. The slime, low-life A’s are a total disgrace to society. I can’t stomach them. I will never buy/watch anything related to this horrendous case in fear that A’s might profit from it. I wish they would just disappear, really the world has had enough of them and their murdering daughter!

      1. I, too, agree totally. Dr. Glass, you make more sense than anyone I’ve heard talk about this case.

    1. I wonder if Rascal Flatts is already donating to their murderers fund? maybe this is Caseys special fund……just for her.

    2. Rascal Flatts is an amazing group… always has been, always will be. They were just trying to help a nation heal, and are giving the proceeds from the song to charity.

      Leave them alone. They only tried to help.

      I just hope and PRAY they don’t let the Anthony’s within 100 yards of them!!!

  15. I don’t see the people here as being judgemental. They are just calling things as they see them.

    Sindy and George are certainly enjoying the blood money train, and look very healthy, healthy enough to travel, but not healthy enough to work. Come on, give me a break. How many of us have had issues that nearly shattered us, and yes some of us have experienced murdered family members, and we don’t get disability, nor have me made money off of licensing fee’s and interviews.

    What goes around, comes around.

    1. Thank You for that! I know I have done it and bought the tshirt!

      My husband was brutally murdered and while he was totally disabled from a roof fall.his arm was broken twice,his hip was broke,his left wrist was broke and this monster who beat our daughter on a daily basis made his own weapon and then chose to sneak up behind him and my husband of 25 yrs passed the next day from head,liver,spleen trauma……….But guess what? The monster who had a millionaire daddy served only 6 months in county jail and is a free man and if that don’t make you down on the system nothing will. he had the best lawyer in Tn and the DA,LE ,all treated me like I was nothing and since my husband passed away he couldn’t tell what happened,Just like Caylee so the day I heard N/G connected with the words Mom and 31 days I dove in and have read every shred of evidence ,depos etc…….and I thought…….Here is a way I can maybe get my faith and trust back because surely this baby will get Justice,well all it proved to me was the VICTIM has no rights and never will and if you want to get rich and famous break the 10 commandements…They’ve taken God out of schools,lots of places etc…. so IMO They should replace him with Casey Anthony because kid’s need to know that if they want to be rich and famous just be like KC! Where Lies,stealing and murder get’s you everything you want! Wow what a Beautiful life! Scum Low Life Jury! JMVHO

      1. OMG, ChattyCathy, that is horrible. I’m sorry for your loss, and sorry that justice was not served. Wow.

      2. ChattyCathy, how very tragic. I’m so very sorry for your loss and for the betrayal of justice. There is a higher justice, that we can all cling to as a fact. While humans may not see everything, The All Knowing God does, it may seem too long in coming for us human but it does happen. One’s own actions brings into play the law of cause and effect “what goes around comes around.” To willfully murder another and believe you can get away with it is a lie.

    2. well LISA I would have had to be on disabiity if my daughter murdered my grandaughter as I would still be out there finding the remains that are still there…
      THEY DID NOT LOOK FOR HER OR CRY GENUINE TEARS AT ALL EVER! I am still crying for Caylee and soooooo hurting because there is no justice for this baby…..none.

      1. and Casey would have needed it too as I would have damaged her badly if she took one of my grandbabys in any way…..

  16. Tina,I think you need to figure out which Identity you want to keep,It get’s confusing but April sounds springier ,dead giveaway or so I think? when you said Leave them alone,LoL

  17. I agree with what you said about George and Cindy.
    As for Rascall Flatt’s I am not a fan of theirs and I also
    noticed the discrepancy in the age.
    Still I would like to think they have the best of intentions and it
    was from the heart and not for self gain and that proceeds all go
    to charity.

    I think the line about learning to play guitar could have been
    put in because of the picture that was put out of her sitting
    on a couch holding a guitar.
    If I interpreted the song properly I think the skipping rope, drawing rainbows on streets of gold, and riding a big wheel are things Caylee could
    be doing now in Heaven.
    You could be right that this was originally written as another song and the words changed. If that’s so and they were doing it to capitalize for self gain
    it isn’t right. If they recycled another song of their own and the words and reason are from the heart I have no problem.

  18. OH BTW Not to mention………said Caylee was alive but listed her as not alive when something was in it for her ,SINdy testified she believed Caylee was alive and for what reason (while wearing Caylee’s ashes) hmm what could it have been,Oh oh yea now I remember….DISABILITY! I think I’ll run an ad in the paper? I have always wanted a strangers ashes for some reason!
    She whored Caylee from day one and still is!
    Who the hell ever heard of looking for your missing Grand daughter and the very day she is found,you stay at the Ritz and enjoy a fine dinner? Never even came home,OMG Now my bloods boiling again!
    Oh and lets not forget how upset SINdy was about Kc’s IIRC 24th bday in jail,well guess what? Caylee spent her 3rd birthday laying in the damn woods rotting while they ordered pizza after pizza after saying Caylee’s decomp was pizza,I’d almost rather died than to type those words but how else can I say it.and I know I’d never even look at a pizza menu again.just shows you,SINdy and Casey are one in the same IMHO!
    I hope they all get back together and torment the hell out of each other! jmo

  19. def agree Dr. Glass. I am all for the grandparents law but I will write to my state government and will NOT send the scamathonys any money! Their other foundation must be running dry so now they need another.

  20. One more thing? Why post in different names,does everybody have to be 2 faced?
    If ya can’t say it in your regular nic then it probably shouldn’t be said!
    Don’t hide behind a’s not like we can slap ya and beg you not to report it for 31 days!

  21. N/G once said all KC needed was a good push-up bra and a beer……Hmmm Kinda makes one think thats what SINdy needs by the pic above! jmho

  22. First, Rascal Flats is enormously popular anyway. Their performance for Oprah’s finale show extravaganza was extraordinary. “She’s Going Places,” sounds more like it was written for Casey, not Caylee. The disgust heaped upon Cindy and George can be best understood in light of Casey’s defense excuse. Apparently, the parents have embraced the acquittal and fame of their daughter. Accidents happen, liars lie, dysfunctional families continue to be dysfunctional.

  23. I know it was said kc wanted to adopt her out but Cindy refused too allow it but SINdy says she was 7 months when she found out so I don’t think abortion was one of the choices by that time,right? but Cindy was wrong,you cannot make someone be a Mother if they don’t want to be,atleast,KC did think of that and believe me I have nothing good to say about KC but I still have to be fair,If SINdy knew she didn’t want her adopted out then Cindy should have told KC she’d raise her but Cindy didn’t,she forced her to keep her and forced her to take care of Caylee,remember she’d call anytime KC was out to bring Caylee home and I think that’s why KC always pretended to work because thats the only time Cindy probably kept Caylee for her but KC was young and Cindy was so wrong!
    Still,KC could have just walked out,she didn’t have to kill her!
    But again,I think she did for spite! JMO

    1. Chatty, agree again. i too believe Casey killed Caylee to spite Cindy and to also rid herself of in casey’s words.,” the little snothead” as that little girl she calls her too was messing up Casey’s love life with Tony as Tony wouldn’t allow Caylee to spend the nite like ex- boyfriend Morales would and did. Plus in casey’s own words as well, she is a spiteful Bitch~~

  24. Actually,both used Caylee in a tug of war! They used her against one another,No wonder God took his precious little gift back!

  25. Ya know,that was always weird to me too,did you notice how Cindy would lean on Georges shoulder in the jail visits..and give him looks to kill when he’d speak to Kc? It just always seemed odd to me!

  26. OMG, with all that money, you’d think Sindy would invest in a good underwire, lift and separate bra! Does she own a mirror?

    Sindy, I too am large breasted, but wear Playtex Secrets. You might want to consider buying one, because those $1.99 discount specials are not working for you.

  27. Dr. Glass, In reference to George and Looks I thought you might find this interesting! ITA with ya!

    Original document:

    March 14, 2009

    Casey Marie,
    Hey Beautiful! It was very exciting for Mom and I to see you the other day. If only for a few minutes.I can see that you’ve put on a few lbs.! I realize that you cannot run/workout, but just be careful! Can you request or get a chance to have some outdoor activity?

  28. You know what ChattyCathy, that’s also ALWAYS creeped me out about George. How he would refer to Casey as beautiful and gorgeous. That gives me the creeps and makes my skin crawl.

    It would freak me out if my dad talked to me like that!

    1. I found that to be extremely creepy. I excused it at the time as George trying to soften Casey up in order to get to the truth. Time revealed to me that the truth doesn’t exist in that family. Silly me!

    2. Dr. Glass, In reference to George and Looks I thought you might find this interesting! ITA with ya!

      Original document:

      March 14, 2009

      Casey Marie,
      Hey Beautiful! It was very exciting for Mom and I to see you the other day. If only for a few minutes.I can see that you’ve put on a few lbs.! I realize that you cannot run/workout, but just be careful! Can you request or get a chance to have some outdoor activity?

      OMG,you and me both,Theres just something odd about it and I can’t put my finger on it exactly,Its strange because KC lies when she breathes and a person can’t believe anything she says,and now you look at George and I swear you just have to wonder,I’d be the last person to accuse someone of that but KC is who she is by the people who molded her…….And Lord know’s I thought I’d never admit this to a soul but in opening statements what got me to really thinking was when George described every thing Caylee had on? Even a hair clip,I’m 48 and couldn’t tell you what is holding my hair up right now,I know it’s a clip but damn if I know the color,LoL Seriously!
      When Bozo asked him what his wife wore? Call me crazy and you’ll be 100% correct but it got me and I am twisted on this one!
      George would know no one would believe her right? Shux,I dunno,I feel bad for even rolling it off my tongue but Something bad happened in that family somewhere! And not one has enough credibility to me to be believed about anything what so ever! They all lie constantly,even George! Heck,he didn’t know that would be the last day he saw her? Why so vivid with what she had on then?
      And I’ll tell ya too,Those weird videos of Caylee and no one speaking to her just does something to me!

      1. ONLY a sexual abuser FATHER would see that, think that, SAY THAT- to his INCARCERATED daughter- who killed HIS child…

    3. YOU Betcha,actually I’d flip if any man called me that,LoL I’d be thinking hmm what does he want? LMAO Teasin with ya but Lord No,I Can’t imagine a dad saying that? I may be ole school but I don’t understand it either!

      1. aw boy, deb sure hates George. I wonder if the “molestation” was never mentioned, would you say that. Probably not. You believe everything Casey says. George talks like a gay guy to me. He’s so prissy. But for some reason he’s the big bad child molester. I don’t get it. Why is George being accused of everything? Oh, I forgot, the defense made him the fall guy.

      2. As a person who’s been molested by her father and two brothers, I have to agree with Chris on this one. Casey never in a million years would have had the close, affectionate relationship she had with her Father OR Brother for that matter, if she had been sexually abused. I’ve only posted one time about my past, but I can assure you that at nearly 40 years old, I have met with many, many abuse victims and NOT ONE continued to have a relationship with her abuser into her 20’s. It sickens me to see accusations thrown around “Because Casey and Baez said so”. It just didn’t happen. Is it creepy that they have that type of relationship, yes, but he also knows that THAT is the only way Casey has ever felt good about something. I don’t doubt they learned how to reign her in and play “Good Cop, Bad Cop” by speaking in the only language she speaks…..Lavishing compliments to get her to do what they wanted.

        On another note, it’s not uncommon for people who are known as “Charming” to know how to lay on the praise. WE don’t see him as charming, but if he was/is a man that conducts affairs, those comments are normally used to gain a woman’s heart. What woman on earth doesn’t like to be made to feel beautiful? That’s not just a sexual predator. Have you ever been around “Pagent Parents”? They (Mothers AND Fathers) feed their daughters the same lines all through out their childhood and teen years, and I see the same manner in speaking George and Casey had. From an outsider’s perspective, it looks and sounds gross, creepy and sexual, but it’s just the way they have focused on the outer beauty for all the pagent daughter’s life. Mind you, in no way am I saying Casey is a beauty queen, but I am giving a prime example of how and why some might speak with a daughter in that manner.

        In respect to The Rascal Flatts, it has been said that it was originally written awhile ago, but they decided to rewrite it because of Caylee touching their heart. How on earth can you accuse an upstanding, highly respected Country Band, who is extremely successful in their own right of jumping on the bandwagon to exploit Caylee? They are NOT donating the money to Caylee’s fund managed by the Anthony’s and they have up until this point refused to meet with Cindy or George. They knew when they re-wrote it that they would be taking on a media firestorm, but did it because they felt in their heart they wanted to help other children. Taking a song and rewriting lyrics to say what’s in your heart is not sinister. How often have you sang a song you made up to a tune stuck in your head? So many people have looked at EVERYONE with sinister motives connected to the case, forgetting that there are a lot of people who volunteered and donated time and money for Caylee and Caylee alone. Why can’t any of you realize that maybe this is exactly what is happening regarding this song? Dr. Glass, you jumping on the bandwagon to crucify them without even doing background research into this particular case just fuels the media firestorm you say you resent.

        Let me make myself clear: I lost my sympathy for the Anthony’s when they stopped caring about Caylee. They deserve no breaks from the memory of Caylee, and I hope that their lives continue to be miserable due to the way the lied on the stand and enabled Casey to walk free. I have a rage inside me regarding this case my husband can’t even understand. What bothers me so much is that so many people look for the evil in everybody now and that’s just wrong. Don’t perpetuate the problem by fueling the lynchmob mentality.

      3. Michelle #2, first of all I must let you know how sorry I am to hear that you had to suffer molestation as a child by such close family members. I can only imagine what that must do to ones trust. I hope you are doing much better today. You sound like you are, if I may say so.

        Secondly, I have to thank you for sharing your story. I never read your first comment (not even sure what thread it goes back to) but I find it so helpful to hear from someone who actually suffered molestation give some insight and opinions to this case.

        I personally never did believe Casey was molested but I never had an upbringing that included that. And at every chance she gets, deb brings up sexual abuse. However, this is something I don’t think I can comment on. So I thank you for sharing your story and insights.

        Also, although I do not know any families like this personally, I have read/watched shows where the only abilities or talents some daughters can offer a family is their “prettiness.” Not brains, not artistic or musical skills, just prettiness. But what a power beauty wields. Not that I feel Casey is pretty (I do not) but it seems George takes much pride in what he feel is Casey’s beauty.

        Thank you again, Michelle #2.

      4. Michelle#2

        Very well stated and just more confirmation of my gut feelings that no one who was raped from the age of 8 would ever have the type of close interaction that Casey had at times with George & Lee. As someone who “knows” your comment is valuable & thanks.

  29. Grifters, the lot of them. That is a bunch of baloney being on disability for 3 yrs. and going on cruises at every turn. This is not the first vacation they have been given. So sad. They know exactly what happened to little Caylee and that Casey is responsible. Cindy and George didn’t hold the wet soaked cloth over Caylee’s mouth, but they must be aware of their daughter’s pathology. Something is terribly wrong in that family. It would take an entire team of “shrinks” to figure it out. They all lie, so how could it ever be made right? The part about denying Casey’s pregnancy is beyond belief. At 5 ft. tall and 7 months pregnant, their denial was really beyond all reason. Very telling, don’t you think?

    Dr. Glass thank you for your coverage. I had to stop watching Nancy Grace’s coverage of this case. I couldn’t sleep and felt sad and depressed. Not healthy for me at all. I don’t doubt Nancy’s motives were pure, but I just can’t deal with the drama on her show.

  30. Cindy purports to have her new foundation for ‘grandparents rights’. Why weren’t these rights exerted when their daughter was running the roads with a baby girl in tow? Why did they not use these rights to call police at least within 24 hours of Caylee’s ‘disappearance’? Grandparental rights could have been served long ago to take Caylee out of an obvious dangerous situation and from arms of a self-absorbed,neglectful, and abusive daughter. The Anthonys clearly failed in every sense of the word when they ignored the mistreatment of their own granddaughter until she was discarded like inconsequential trash. They renounced their rights when they sat idly by and allowed a murder to be committed. The Anthonys have a lot of responsibility in this mess, and should have been held accountable for their sins of omission, as well as their sins of assisting in the cover up. In short, they could very easily have prevented the murder.

    1. I wonder if it’s a foundation like KidFinders? Who else but Cindy would ask for help from a organization who never found a child!
      But hey,they got a boat and 3 wheeler in mint condition cause they sure as hell weren’t used ,I am so jealous! jmo

    2. Hi ya eastcoastdeb, so good to see you. i remember Cindy told Casey’s childhood friend that called and was coming in to town and wanted to seee Casey, i think it was Ryan Paisley that he should stay away from casey as she was a psychopath.

    3. Agree, eastcoastdeb! Can you imagine any grandparent sitting on their hands and not at least calling LE to get a “wellness report” on their grandchild? Why? Maybe because this was an old trick of Casey’s… to withold Caylee from Cindy?

      Also, the state did not put on as a witness Mark Hawkins, Casey’s marine friend, who wore a wire for LE and found out that she had taken Caylee away before to punish Cindy.

      I think the state thought their case was so strong against Casey that they didn’t need to present everything in their arsenal against her. Wrong! (Although, with this dumb-as-rocks jury, nothing may have “clicked!) Cindy knew by July 3rd in her “Caylee is Gone” letter on MySpace that something very wrong was happening. She said referring to Casey, “No money, no future. Who is taking care of the little angel, now?”

      The Anthonys KNEW theSnot-Mom had no job, no money, and, that there was no nanny. Cindy knew her granddaugter might
      be endangered. But always her first thought was protection of Casey. “I’ve got to let Casey explain”, Cindy told her co-workers who urged her to call police at the smell of the dead body.

      That Cindy should turn on Caylee at the trial should come as no surprise to anyone looking at this very weird mother-daughter combination. Caylee was gone. Be there, done that. Let’s save Casey. She’s still here!

  31. Hey east coast Deb! Long time no see 🙂

    Very well said! They are the biggerst scammers and frauds I ever saw. They started a new fraudation, and as usual, it has nothing to do with doing good.

    1. You would think that the IRS would do the right thing and INVESTIGATE and not let them make money from a child murder or unexplained death. It isn’t even their child, How do they get to create a foundation?

  32. OMG Yes,and when Cindy told the FBI that precious time was wasted by focusing on Kc? How about the 31 days and still begging for one more?
    Kills me!

  33. OMG,I am so sorry guys,I have goofed about 3-4 times on replying to the posters? Don’t know what I did but I made a mess,LoL

  34. No one has any proof George lied about any of it. And even if he did lie about an affair with that unattractive skank, this does not put him at blame for the death of his grandchild for gods sakes. Sorry but George should not be put down and attacked in your blog here. Casey and only Casey had the duty to care for and protect the child we all know she probably killed. Leave the grandparents and Lee alone already.

    1. George lied on the stand and there is proof in the form of surveillance video. If he lied about one thing he can easilt lie about something else. George is a loser and a cheater. Casey di not even want the child. The grandparents and Lee are why Casey turned out the way she did.

      1. Queen Lillian..they are nothing but scum..they do not work..they are free loaders..and will make money from the death of a child…George, Cindy, and Lee…Mallory should of ran!

      2. BRAVO!!!!!!!!! …and if I could just add: “and they beat her over the head with it (“the child”) each and every day”!

        [and I also happen to believe she a product of incest]

  35. I totally agree with you about Cindy and George and creating the “Casey” that she became, a lying, thief,murderer, spiteful bitch! <her own words.

    The Rascall Flatts song was very touching whether it was all the truth about Caylee or not and those of us that were so devastated and pissed off about the verdict, that song made us feel sad but good in a different way. I hope they have donated the money and they do not end up being partnered with the money hungry Anthonys.

    I feel that anyone making money off of this sweet Caylees death needs to go to hell when its the end of there time here on earth!

    Justice for Caylee!!

  36. I’m getting literally ill watching NG and had to turn off. Everyone of the talking heads on today keep saying “everybody wants to see her do an interview”. Such lies. Baez said Casey is “in therapy” and IMO it’s therapy as a strategy! They are hiring a style consultant to help her with her media appearance. That’s when I could watch no more and shut it off. Just pathetic.

    1. NancyB, yes, that therapy crap for Casey is just that, Crap. Casey would never think she needs therapy as she thinks she is perfect and pure as the driven snow. Getting a hair stylist like you said is more like it.

      1. Casey would only learn new “tricks” from any kind of therapy. She completely snowed the “forensic psychologist” hired by Baez and paid for by the state to determine if she had any of the “pathies”. He seemed, shall we say “smitten” with her on Dr. Drew?

        Casey is a sort of a Clark Rockefeller…the guy who posed as such, anyway…and could fool absolutely brilliant people that he was related to “the” Rockefeller family and had millions. Once he left a group of people to “move up”, he completely changed identities, and adopted new ones so that LE could never trace him back very far. Now, the guy had been indicted for murder. They’ve been able to string all his identities together at last and are charging him with a thirty -year-old death.

        I see Casey, out free as a bird, doing this. Only she does have a handicap that Clark Rockefeller never had. She is infamous.. But a good plastic surgeon should change that obstacle.

    2. I agree. I’m so sick of hearing about Casey this, Casey that on Nancy Grace that I quit watching. Pathetic to the max.

  37. I disagree regarding Nancy Grace, It is the local channels here in Orlando that created this machine. They reported it first, and once the story got really rolling, then other bigger networks knew what most of us in Orlando already suspected, something sinister happened to Caylee. This case from the beginning gripped us here in Orlando, because righteously so, who DOESN’T report their child missing, for what reason would you not? Under any circumstance that was purely accidental. That is what gripped most people, then the 911 tapes just threw you into a OMG kinda thing. Dis believable on every level conceivable by most people’s way of thinking. I do not like to lay blame at the parents, especially when your child is essentially an adult with her own child. But, under the circumstances of this family, I can’t believe what I see and hear come out of these peoples, behavior, and mouths I mean to say, I am far from perfect, but this family is way far past not perfect. I believe in this particular case, the parent shoulder some responsibility for not at least attempting to get some kind of therapy. Someone in that family has different ideas about how to get and receive help. It truly is sad on so many levels. Well, anyway, that’s all I got to say about it.

  38. OMG,I agree Nancy! I don’t care if she marries the pope,Could care less about where she is or what she’s doing unless its miserable for her,Thats what I wanna hear!
    An atty trying to sell her whereabouts for a price,My God are we still in America? I’m starting to wonder,Ive gotten to the point unless someone I blog or email with sends me a link,I ain’t going to look let alone click on the B’s name,I agree with Ashton,Forget her!
    That’ll kill her! Only use Caylee when referenced about the case,ya know? She thrives on it and now heres the reporters just rolling with the flow! any Idiot would have known if that was her with those 2 attys running why the heck would she put something over her head,That would be more noticeable don’t ya think? Oh well,we have 5000 people boarding today and one with a towel on her head..geeee (which would be nice if they thought it was a terrorist and blew her off the map)
    They’re making it bigger now because it’s worth more! Sickening!
    I want to see the news sites take her link off? LoL Thats what I want,why don’t they put Caylee coverage? Because kc’s worth more? Not to me!
    Sorry but I am angry! and I’m sure we all are!

    1. Chatty, i am still angry too and i cannot even get started again on those 12 village idiot juror’s. Baez has gone from rotten lawyering to Casey’s pimp.

  39. I also had on NG, I was hoping she would talk about another missing child, but alas it was back to Bella Skankerella Vita. When will the get it? WE DON’T CARE where she is or that she wants therapy.

    After this fiasco of 3 years, I need therapy. Who do I sue?

  40. Meant to add, I too had to turn off NG, even though Jane Casarez was subbing for the mouth from the south.


    1. I agree…..boycott the ‘NANCY GRACE’S AND JVM’ of the world, until the subject is changed..there are many many other missing and perhaps murdered children out there to focus on..for the Ant’s that record has played enough…….

  41. ROFLMAO! I swear to my goodness you get the high 5 of the day,LMAO That’s the gospel truth! Couldn’t have said it any better even for a million dollar check!

  42. Sorry,last post was for Lisa,goofed again or theres a glitch,I keep replying to an individual blogger but it won’t post that way? Maybe Cindy rubbed off on me,Crazy as hell!

  43. Pizzes me off when N/G goes into that sad voice when she talks about G and SINdy? like they deserve to be called a parent or a grand parent! jmo

  44. Chatty Cathy,

    It’s not you, lol. For some reason, the postings appear all over the place, they do not fall into order.

    So don’t worry, we’re good! 🙂

  45. And Cathy, NG isn’t fooling anyone. We all know she talks in that sad voice because she’s so desperate for the Scamthony’s to appear on her show.

    Again, we don’t care. WE are sick and tired of that whole entire crazy bunch.

    Glad George and Sindy are able to travel and shop, after all they’ve been through. (note SARCASM).

    That’s it! I’m going to sue George and Sindy for emotional abuse! Lets start a class action lawsuit.

    1. Hey,I’m right there with ya Lisa,I think I’ll sue them for taking up fresh air a heavy smoker like myself could use,God Knows I’ve smoked near a carton a day for 3 yrs now trying to figure these nuts out! JMHO

  46. If EVERYONE would get aboard the Change the Channel for Caylee movement they would not get any more money—Please, please, please would someone who is computer savy start this movement—–everytime any of the Anthonys or the Attorneys are mentioned CHANGE THE CHANNEL FOR CAYLEE. It will not take long for the networks to stop this money making from a little dead baby.

    1. You know,I’ve thought about this since your post and I wondered how the heck all of us don;t seem to be getting anywhere with our “boycotts” etc…..I tell ya,I think everyone was so angered by the verdict that maybe we all thought She got away with it so why try now? It did run through my mind for only a second believe me but I refuse to let it linger but others maybe still think that way! (I still say the jury was bought but jmo)What were the odd’s that that stupid jury would come back as Not Guilty? Every poll,everything possible was against that verdict but it happened somehow?
      Ok now,I don’t know about the rest of yall but if CAYLEE can endure and go through what that bytch did to her and not to mention what the entire family did to her by destroying evidence …..I know we can make a stand (united,It’ll take all of us) not click on links,hell don’t even blog if need be for a bit(oman withdrawl city) about it,refuse to watch or listen to a damn thing any of them have to say! There are more of us who want justice than there are who don’t right? Way more! I know we can do it,opinions please? iF IT DOESN’T HAPPEN NOW IT NEVER WILL??? NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOW THEM WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT KC OR THE A’S!

  47. I guess they needed a rest like Kc needed one before the deposition.she’s exhausted from the trial! They gave her time to muster up a few more lies!
    Exhausted,how the hell do you get exhausted from laying on a damn cot in a cell alone? jeez IDIOT! JMO

  48. I hear ya Cathy! It’s ridiculous that she needs a “REST”, when all she’s done for almost 3 years is stuff her fugly face.

    Oh the injustice of it all. And not that we expected it, but she’s not ONCE mentioned how much she loved and misses Caylee. All she cares about is that she needs a break and some relaxation from the tedious trial.

    Casey loves Casey and Baez better watch his back. She’ll get sick of him, and then say he molested her, to add some spice to her book of lies. And to those who are hiding and protecting her, SHAME ON YOU! Nobody protected Caylee.

    1. I

      We have a summer house in a wooded area in the South (cannot say where for obvious reasons) with a many, many acreages) which we have offered for the safety of Casey and she can live there permanently if she so wishes. We feel she is not guilty after she had her day in court and that’s what our judicial system under our constitution revealed ….a verdict of Not Guilty. Our small family and circle of friends have decided to do all that is possible to make sure that the 12 juror’s verdict
      is carried out. Casey’s well being and safety is our prime responsibility. We and our friends also have homes in Europe and a friend has a house in the Caribbean. With God’s help, Casey will get strong and lead a life a good life with our help emotionally and otherwise. We ask all of you to remember that God has a purpose for all that has happened and he and only he can judge Casey and all of us who believe in him. We ask for your prayers and to keep little baby Caylee in your prayers as well.

  49. I hadn’t posted the poem I wrote for Caylee when she first went missing since Kc got out of jail so I’m going to post it for Caylee but I hope Kc runs across it when she gets online looking at herself because she’s a celebrity (roll eyes)

    Here I am standing alone in what my mommy thinks was the terrible two’s
    I don’t know why my mommy sent me here or what she’d have me do
    which direction should I go,which direction would my mommy choose
    If i choose my mommy,will she be glad to have me back or will her and granny always just use me as an excuse to fight
    if i choose the light will everyone i loved be alright
    I had a lot of friends and tons of toys too,
    I even had my own little house right behind my Granny’s place,
    It was fun and i loved it and when i looked out the window i could see you mommy and my granny too with smiles across your face
    I don’t understand why you sent me away,
    I thought you told me i was the reason for your smile every single day,
    Did you get tired of smiling or someone made you smile more,
    I wish you would tell me so that i know what to do,
    I can’t stand alone in the dark forever not knowing what to do,
    mommy if you let me come back i promise i’ll be nice
    and you can still have fun and granny can help watch me,
    and i’ll be so good mommy,just you wait and see
    You won’t even know i’m there
    I just want to come home,please mommy please can i come home,
    There are things i never got to do,I wanted to grow up and be just like you,is that the part you hated because you didnt want me too
    You were always the center of attention mommy and i just wanted a little too,
    So i could be just like you,
    Well you haven’t answered me so i guess i’ll be on my way,i know what to do now and maybe you’ll get to see me again one day,
    and if you don’t thats ok because my Father is here and he will protect me and he promised no harm will ever come my way!

    IamChattyCathy AKA JusticeIsLikeZannyTheNannyItDoesntExist

  50. Exactly,when Bozo wants half the money that will be it,Just like Cindy and Kc they’ll fight to the death over the money!
    Heck Lisa,I was shocked when she told JP she could answer that question w/o her Duh team present…….Who knew she had a voice?
    And you’re right……How the hello did the jury get past her 1st call to Cindy and Lee..not to mention the others but wouldn’t your 1st words home be “is there any news about Caylee?” But all she wanted was her b/f’ ‘s # ….Dumbest jury in the daburned world! jmo
    I hope those jurors never see a peaceful nights sleep! Sorry but I do!
    I think if Bozo gets accused of it,serves him right! But I’d more believe KC molested him,LoL Not that molestation is even funny at all but you know what I mean I’m sure! jmo

  51. Dr. Glass, I agree with most of what you say, but I spent my childhood in a horrific environment , and then my teen/early adult years with the rejects of society- group and foster children. We lived lives that were far more damaging and severe than poor Casey Anthony, and nobody I knew was capable of killing their child. Lets just agree to disagree that every once in awhile, there is a spawn born sociopathic with varying degrees of personality disorder, that is not affected by their environment. I back this up with decades studying psycho criminal behavior. In regards to Rascall Flatts, I don’t have a dog in the fight, but I must disagree their popularity needs a boost with a dedicated song.

    1. Agree with you Laurie. i was raised at first by tyrannical mother & later by sinister nuns who still figure strongly in my nightmares, but I solved the problem at a young age by leaving at the earliest possible moment to create a much better life.Never once did I experience the inclination to kill my child . Bad parenting is not an acceptable excuse for murder.

    2. Laurie, totally agree. Majority of people from bad to horrible homes do not grow up to murder their children, in fact, many become better parents themselves as a result of what they suffered. Others, continue the cycle of abuse.

      However, Casey is in the category of malignant personality disorder.

      The ScamAnthony’s definitely put the DSY-in dsyfunctional!

      Someone said the Anthony’s are A**Holes. I rarely use that word but that word suits them perfectly, along with the lying, lowlife, enabling lawyers who are cashing in on a baby’s murder!

    3. Hi Laurie, I agree with you. I’ve met several people who had terrible upbringings and certainly did not grow up to commit crimes, let alone murder someone. In fact, most have done their best to overcome a bad upbringing and are decent, law-abiding citizens.

      On the other hand, I also have a wonderful friend who has 3 children. Two are happy, loving kids but one is pretty much a spawn of Satan! Always in trouble. All 3 were brought up under the same circumstances and have the same parents yet 1 is a nightmare. Even she cannot understand it and questions what happened. She said if he didn’t look so much like the rest of the family, she’d think there was a mixup at birth!

      I think genetics certainly play a role in the creation of a sociopath like Casey. Not like I’m letting George and Cindy off the hook here, they certainly are not parents of the year. But I think Casey is just a bad seed that will never change. Obviously the Anthony sociopath genes are alive and well in Casey. Makes me think Lee’s got to have them too.

  52. Completely agree with you Dr Glass re. Cindy & George Anthony’s apparent lack of any shred of common decency. also about their emphasis on the importance of being good looking, according to their owndebauched standards. Case in point when Cindy, at the deposition for poor Zan. Gonzales, snarled to Ms. Gonzales that their Zaneida was a was a “10” & clearly this one was “no 10”! How repugnant!
    Sadly, I feel Casey is getting away with murder & being cosseted & bankrolled by low life wealthy men because of her young, sexy little girl presentation.

    1. Pay per view – YES – I would pay to see that.

      Then ask the networks to use a portion of the proceeds to pay back the State of Florida so other children could be helped.

      The ScamAnthony’s are seeking only to help themselves. Sick, twisted and liars to boot! Now that the trial is over, I can’t stand to see their mugs.

      Let fools give them money, but this is certain they won’t come to a happy ending. The greed will be the final nail.

  53. I have never, ever, heard the WORDS come from either CINDY’s OR GEORGE’s OR CASEY’s OR EVEN A=HOLE BAEZ’s MOUTH….”THANK YOU for looking for for our beloved grand cchild CAYLEE” to the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Never not ever a mention of the a token of the word.

  54. What bothers me the most we all came together for this child from all walks of life, from all states, giving money from coast to coast..and not even a thank you.

  55. The trail was a joke of our system..the jury was a joke of our society common sense..the book of jury for dummies must of been used during intermission…or payday was knocking down their door.

  56. mclayton…we can do something to support “change the channel” everytime the Scamthony’s come on… can post the movement on people are flauting their arrogance, lying and narcissism right in the faces of the American people and the judicial branch. They ALL got away with behaviors that most of us would find ourselves in jail for! I have signed the petition to have Casey prosecuted federally and didn’t see one for the Anthony’s lying and stealing money from the people for a lie that they were aware of. As manipulating as Cindy is you can’t telll me she eventually knew Casey killed her granddaughter and George knew the minute he picked up the car at the towing facility and lived in Cindy and Casey’s lie. Thank goodness he is no longer an officer, because a true officer who took an oath to protect and uphold the law would have IMMEDIATELY called LE at the towing facility when he smelled decomposition.

  57. I am upset at the thought that the Anthonys are once again setting up another non-profit charity. The last one Cindy Anthony has she profitted from by 80 %. Only 20 % of that got even close to being donated. She claimed office expenses etc. That whole family is dishonest and knows how to profit from what should be a fair system. Now we get to foot the bill for an appeal for lying to the officers. This is just dead wrong. If she wants an appeal she needs to foot the bill for it. Then of course we move on to the defense team, they all plan on cashing in at some point. Baez won because of his strategy and using social networks to feed him info on what he needed to do. That team was sharp but not in a good way legal sharp, good in a slimy sharp way.The anthonys claim disability and mental anguish but have no problem vacationing and shopping, we should all be so lucky :(..they even managed to avoid legal sanctions including the defense team.I have seriously considered moving out of the country, there is no justice for the defenseless innocents, only for the guilty smart enough to use the system. jmo

  58. I totally agree with this article Dr. Glass. Cindy is such a fake attention whore, grumpy old woman. She looks like a tyrant. And they don’ t even care about Caylee. I guess everything is fine and dandy now. So if it was a “drowning” accident as the defense claims. And George was in on it. I guess he thought it was okay to dump the baby in the swamp. Without a decent funeral or anything. Don’t make sense. Why would he get rid of Caylee like that. Wouldn’t the 911 call be better instead of lettiing Caylee decompose in the car. Gross out. That family is weird. How can they walk around with people knowing they all were in the dumping the body in the swamp scenario. Gosh, no conscience. They all should be in jail. I’ll never get over the way Cindy the loser washed all the evidence from the car. She was washing away Caylee’s DNA probably. She’s just as guilty as Casey. But the detectives let her get away with all that corruption. Why is she untouchable. Who died and made her Queen. Aw, poor old grandma just had to get rid of the car evidence. She didn’t even listen to all those emails from her brother. He was so right about Casey. But Cindy rules in her mind. The detective had it right all along in the beginning.when he told baby killer that Caylee was probably decomposing somewhere. Heartless Casey didn’t even care about the maggots in the car. She should have nightmares.

  59. casey anthony’s parents deserve a vaca. casey probably has the hots for jose that will be her next move. she is as slick as they make them. she probably pictures herself on the red carpet (sico). Jose will fall into her trap if he hasn’t already. she is a sick nut. the only thing she has going for is her looks. i think her father went along with the molestation allegation to get her off the hook. Why else would Jose call or text her parents when she got out of jail and let her parents know that she was safe. something is not right. I think george did that for his daughter. All is happy now except Caylee.

    1. Her looks? Casey’s looks are fading. But she can always get plastic surgery. Rotten in the core doesn’t change with surgery.

  60. BRAVO!!

    You laid it all out perfectly- takes a professional psychologist to understand this sick, sad family.

    How could the public understand without even Psychology #101.

    They can’t- ignorance not stupidity- the only stupid thing- is thinking they “KNOW” anything- without training & experience- all one can have is an “opinion”- which is usually based on judgement and projection- and that, and $5, will just get you a cup of Java!

  61. LMAO I bet she keeps her money between those pruned up things so it don’t get stolen by Kc or George,It’s the only 2 suckers she can trust now! JMO

  62. LoL That’s what I thought when she said she knew when that video was taken because she had an outdated skirt she never wore again? I thought Dang,She was outdated,Leave the poor skirt alone..I bet ole George has done nothing but steam iron wrinkles since they’ve been in the Bahama’s ….Cindy in a bikini,OMG

    1. Actually,my wrinkles have wrinkles but I do the world a favor by keeping them out of public sight when I can,LoL

      1. lol. Cindy is running a race with Hulk Hogan for the most burnt skin. They both are leather looking.

  63. I’m wondering when the big fight over all the video footage and pictures of Caylee is going to begin. Maybe Casey already gave it all to Baez when she was out before the trial. If not I’m sure there will be an issue. This group of morons just makes me sick with all their distasteful antics.

  64. Like I was just saying,I keep my wrinkles out of public sight as a favor to all.LoL
    But I earned them just like Cindy and George earned every bad thing that is said or happens to them!!!!!!!! They worked hard for that,right?

  65. I’ve been to the straw market in Nassau, it’s a tourist trap set up for the cruise ship passengers.
    The vendors sell cheap tshirts mass-printed in Venezuela.
    Ironically, the MOST common ‘messages’ across the chest are along the lines of:
    “my grandmother went to the bahamas and all i got was this lousy tshirt!”
    There are more tshirts in little children’s sizes than for grown ups, I guess aimed towards the majority of cruise ship passengers being senior citizens who love to dote on their grandchildren!
    I have to wonder what Cindy was thinking as she squeezed down the vendor’s aisles confronted by toddler’s tshirt after tshirt with ‘slogans’ aimed at grandparents!
    Cindy is merrily spending blood money, but no ‘lousy’ tshirt for Caylee..just a recycled song and more Anthony media blitz’s for bucks!
    Keep shining a light on these cockroaches, Dr. Lil! I don’t know why the media is giving them a ‘pass’.
    Who says they can’t find jobs because of their ‘notoriety’? Obviously, there are employers out there who would hire them if they are being ‘given’ free cruises!
    A nurse who ‘can’t’ find employment in Florida, the land of blue hairs? GMAB! Nurse Ratched could find a full time job in Orlando! Put in an application at any local old folk’s home,’ll be working doubles by the end of the week!
    Go empty bedpans for minimum wage, you beast!
    George is a rent-a-cop..he could secure a night security job in five minutes if he doesn’t ‘beer up’ before the interview!
    Let’s see your rejected job applications, Mr. and Mrs. Scamthony!
    They are vultures feeding off Caylee’s bones!

    1. They never need to work a day in their lives. Thy will get milllions from licensed photos and from movie and book deals that their supporters will buy. So no more nursing and security guarding for these two.They hit paydirt capitalizing on the death of a baby. They are both highly TOXIC PEOPLE in my view.

      1. Please say this isn’t true. Surely our concerted boycott efforts will have the intended effect. Do they really have that many supporters?

      2. Wow. You are so right. 2 phonies. Never did see a natural tear out of them at the trial. Just nose wiping. They should of put a onion in the tissue.

    2. I will donate shirts for them!
      “my grandparents went to the bahamas because they helped set my killer free” JMO

  66. OMG, ChattyCathy, that is horrible. I’m sorry for your loss, and sorry that justice was not served. Wow.

    Kitt – July 26, 2011 at 3:23 am

    ChattyCathy, how very tragic. I’m so very sorry for your loss and for the betrayal of justice. There is a higher justice, that we can all cling to as a fact. While humans may not see everything, The All Knowing God does, it may seem too long in coming for us human but it does happen. One’s own actions brings into play the law of cause and effect “what goes around comes around.” To willfully murder another and believe you can get away with it is a lie.

    Singhphat – July 26, 2011 at 8:21 am

    Thank You guy’s so much for the kind words and yes,Theres a day set aside especially for people to be judged and no attorney or jury can file a motion to stop it! That is exactly what I have told myself since the day it was evident that my husband’s life meant nothing to anyone but his family? Sad but so True!
    I wish we could see the day Kc and all the A’s actually have to look Caylee in the eye,as God tell’s them and my husbands killer,you can’t come through this gate..GO away! sad sad sad!
    I do also believe theres a reason somewhere for everything that happens even if we can’t see it at the time……..I need to believe that! I do!
    I’ll be honest that my husband and I tried and prayed everyday to get her out of that monster’s life,Little did we know..that her daddy would do it! At a great Loss but what an honor huh?
    I sometimes think too that if it hadn’t happened I don’t doubt my Grandson
    (3 then) and daughter would have been killed! So I am sure you understand what I’m trying to say..I just need to hold onto that!

    1. ChattyCathy –

      I understand what you are saying. Your husband’s life given for their freedom, the ultimate sacrifice! One most father’s would give to protect those he loves. A friends’ husband had to confront the husband abuser with a gun (father was ex-military, fbi so forth) to save his daughter and grandchildren. So you see your husband was the best of fathers! God continue to bless him, you and the offsprings!!!

  67. Veronica? One question please?
    Who was asking for our help to find Caylee?
    OK now,The day she was found where were they? I rest my case,that’s all I needed!

  68. Hey,we all had a heart for them till they abused it,I am a Granma of 2 but things change when you say you’re writing a book about your Grand daughters murder and how the Grandfather was in on it BUT YOU ARE RIGHT BESIDE HIM? Pft
    George never had a spine and sadly,he never will and more sad…who cares? NOW! JMHO

  69. That’s right too,The only thing any of them were ever scared of is what the other might tell on them? Physically afraid? NO WAY JOSE’!

  70. I wouldn’t wipe my butt on a newspaper written to help them,let alone a book,Pity party over and they are where they are because of HOW they are? No Grandparent would do what they do,Now they’re scurring to get famous before kc does.they thought she’d go to prison and thats why Cindy pretended to help her so she wouldn’t be blamed if KC got the dp!
    They ran like scalded dogs when that verdict was read!
    But now again,yea they’ll kiss Kc’s a$$ because she will get money? Almost funny but a non laugh funny!
    Lee,OMG Lived in the next room and didn’t know a room was being remodeled,LMAO jmo

  71. Bingo Sister!
    and I also think KC came to the house and took her bear that Cindy told her she was sleeping with,Remember when Cindy said “KC didn’t lie about everything because she said told me she loved me” I thought,Sorry she lied about that too IDIOT! JMO

  72. Hug’s to you,I think we’d all agree with you,sitting behind a keyboard for 3 yrs is a hell of a lot more than they ever did! jmo I know how this has affected me,so let alone all you guys,Never been so let down in my life I don’t think! after the verdict i cried constantly for 2 days and it took me 2 days to even post!
    This case has hurt soooooooooo many people that never even knew Caylee but now we feel like we were her parents/Grandparents!

  73. Thank You Knight,I’m no poet but I want Justice for Caylee and I want those people to hurt and to pay for blocking Justice for her!
    They did,everyone involved is as bad as Kc! maybe worse because they know the truth and could care less about Caylee and didn’t care if their careers ended for it cause they saw M-O-N-E-Y…..who knows if KC ever told them a doggone thing? But she didn’t have to tell us,we knew it from day one! and I still say the opening statement was made up by Pimp Daddy? jmo

  74. Exactly,nothing!
    Even Tim Miller said they never offered them a bite of food or anything,and they asked him to come?
    All the work the people did for Caylee,her family despised us for,If I had had the money at the time I would have went to search in a heartbeat and this gal don’t go anywhere,I stick to home,If you offered me a free trip to anywhere in the world,all paid,I’d stay home but thats one time I wouldn’t have batted an eye but I couldn’t get the money!

  75. Evelyn,Yes it is when it involves the A’s!
    as I always told my husband…….I Gossip!
    I am a female and born entitled! jmo why Lie about it?

  76. I’m so sick of hearing about this so called “wealth” and how “rich” Casey is going to be as if she has it made from here on out.

    1. RE:lisa – July 26, 2011 at 4:22 pm——

      Lisa,Then you’d better stay offline,LoL We will always see it but anyhoo she does have it made,She got away with it didn’t she?

      1. Chats, you have a point but I can no more stay offline then most people. And, no, I don’t think Casey has it made; that has yet to be seen. Casey was found not guilty by that jury but she is guilty in the minds of most and that is why she is far from easy street; not to mention, she doesn’t have the star status of O.J. “So Guilty” Simpson. No doubt, not going to prison is a plus for her but she doesn’t have it made because she is still Casey Anthony; her own worst enemy.
        Again, while Casey may come into some money I still don’t see her being wealthy or rich. Whatever money she receive, I have no doubt she will squander. Casey doesn’t have the mentality of someone who will save or invest her money and while she may be listening to Baez and whoever else at the moment, that too will come to an end. Once Casey becomes acclimated with being “free” again, if she hasn’t already, she will slowly fall back into who she really is; a selfish, self-absorbed, sociopath who doesn’t give a darn about anyone but herself.

        At the moment she still needs Baez but as soon as she begins to “feel herself” the real Casey will come out. When she thinks she doesn’t need you she shuns you so it’s just a matter of time. I can already see photos being released of Casey partying up somewhere with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in another. And I can see headlines like “Casey Anthony just purchased a $$$ blah blah blah.”

  77. Lisa,

    Don’t worry, CA isn’t going to be this rich wealthy socialite. What good is money when you cannot go anywhere for fear of being shot, beaten up or stoned to death? The IRS will not let that tax bill go, and there are so many lawsuits against her, she will be tied up in court for years. She’ll wish she was in prison.

    See, money isn’t everything. There is justice in many other ways. Of course she deserves to be in prison, but she’s out, and but the reality is, she will always be living in a state of prison. And those who are offering her money, are well aware of the boycotts, and trying to keep things a secret, but we all know there are no secrets in the public eye.

    1. TA! I still wonder if the FBI has a case to pursue against Casey with false reporting of child abduction. That would include the “play acting” parents.

    2. Oh Lisa G. I know and agree with you 100% but some make it sound that way and it’s so not the case. Casey Anthony is nowhere near “Easy Street” or “I Got it Made Avenue.” I don’t care how much money she will be getting.

      “wealthy socialite” ha good one; not a chance!

    1. The mask shows the truly creepy Casey. In that sense I applaud it. Foxnews is reporting today 7/27 that one bid for the mask was for 20TH! All kids should run from the Casey face. Only I would hope no one vents their hatred on the mask wearer because they can’t find the real dreadful Casey!

  78. The co-writer of the song for Caylee called into TMZ yesterday and said that he was outraged by the verdict and that he felt he had to do something so he and one of the guys from RF wrote the song! Rascal Flat DOES NOT sing the song by the way! Go to TmZ to hear interview! They wrote they song AFTER THE VERDICT! and money goes to charity for children! Stop hating on Rascal Flatts and put your anger where it belongs with all the LYING, EVIL ANTHONY FAMILY! The song for CAylee is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. The lyrics say “she’d” as in she would play, speaking of what Caylee would have done. I agree with the rest of the article. Except, George had violence issues porn issues and it’s not too far fetched to say he may have killed and or molested Caylee.

  80. Let’s get to it then,OPINIONS?
    Someone smart who knows where to begin,I am good for gab but not legalities,I don’t know how to start the blaze but I got plenty of coal buckets to keep it going………After 3 yrs we are all lucky to have a mind left at all..Unfortunately I wasn’t as lucky as yall! LoL

  81. She looks DISGUSTING in that dress with her breasts hanging down. 1 she’s TOO OLD to be dressing like that. 2 she is TOO FAT to be dressing like that. 3. if their SUPPORTERS HELPED send then on ” much needed vaca from all the trauma ” I don’t believe shopping for personal treasures was on the agenda

  82. Dr. Glass, I love to come to your blog and wade through all of the difference of opinions, but today, I can only say one thing and one thing only: PLEASE, PLEASE refrain from commenting on each and every post! ChattyCathy, your comments are all over the place today and while I don’t mind them normally, you have posted 64 times out of 215! It makes it very difficult to follow this blog when it takes me half an hour each time just to get past your comments to new comments. Is it possible to save up some of your comments and post one long comment every few hours in response instead of refreshing the page to respond to each and every comment as they go live?

    I am sorry to hurt any feelings here but this is a blog for the masses and while everyone has valid points and life experiences, when other’s can’t enjoy a blog because it has been over run by one word responses, it makes it difficult for those of us who have been a faithful reader for years. Thanks.

  83. btw,I couldn’t stay completely offline either but I meant no clicking on links about them period!
    Not buying anything that helps them profit in any way whatsoever,I’d hate to totally be without but I can guarantee you one thing,If they bought my electric company,I’d go back to oil! Allz I am saying!
    did yall see the mask on ebay? I posted it,it was sent to me! OMG SCARY!!!!!!!!

  84. I will give Rascal Flatt’s the benefit of the doubt,to each his own.That’s why I haven’t replied specifically about that subject BUT if they agree to meet them,forget it,I’ll never in my life listen to them again!
    I’d rather see a stranger profit than any one of her family members,One less dime for them to travel and buy crap because they covered the murder of that Baby! And they damn well knew she did it! JMO

  85. Dr. Glass you have hit it right on the nail! And for everyone else please don’t buy anything the Anthonys do to make money over poor Caylee..and God forbid don’t give to there old or new foundation. I believe in charities and Imyself give to St. Jude but you all should know whatever money they get there hands on will be put into there own pockets..Please boycott all of them.!! As .one of the bloggers said on here they hated the word hate but couldnt help but hate them. I feel the same way. I pray everynight to help me with these thoughts and emotions but I feel so much anger for them and when I see Caylees beautiful smile and eyes I still cry..I wish with all my heart that this family would all end up in jail. I feel they will eventually. I feel no sorrow for any of them and they think they are above the law..They too will mess up and this time they won’t get a free pass

  86. Just stunned at how LOW Cindy & George will go. Ten days ago Lippman was quoted in articles and appeared on shows explaining that Cindy & George had made a claim with OCSO to have ALL the evidence articles returned to them. Lippman continuously stressed that the purpose of this was that they wanted some of the items for sentimental reasons and every other article would be destroyed so that they could not be sold on the open market. Yeah, right or more accurately wrong. Read the following article and remember that these grifters intend to draw salaries from their “new” foundation so any proceeds from “sales” that they “donate” to their scam foundation will just be to avoid paying taxes and then to line their pockets. Despicable low lifes.

  87. I’m replying before i even click on the link and I’m gritting my teeth! so just wait till I get back,The nerve of them,Like Kc said in a jail letter,she was going to get her car back when she got out of jail so she could go find Caylee? Pffffffffft JMO

  88. Nancy, It Reminds me of when they ripped their sign off of Murt’s truck at the JBP search when they knew they’d sell on ebay! IDIOTS! JMO

  89. OMG Lippman is dirty as hell too,saying they don’t wanna make profit off Caylee,OMG Sure as hell never stopped them before! jmo

  90. But it’ll be fun to see who ends up with the most bruises over the money,It’s a car Kc stole from SINdy,jeeeeeezzzz

  91. Lippman said Tuesday the Anthonys have not yet made a decision on what to do with the car. He said he isn’t ruling out sending the car to scrap if that’s what his clients want.
    Thats pure BS,God how do these things happen?
    for a car used as a child’s coffin,For God’s sake!
    Oh Yea Lippman,tell that to a mule it’ll kick your brains out..ya idiot! JMVHO

    Read more:

  92. Dr. Glass, I have to agree with you about the Anthony’s, but Rascal Flatts does not deserve your scorn. They have been on the map for quite a while now. If you don’t like the song that is your prerogative, but I see nothing wrong with it.

    And also for a Dr.,do you not ever use spell check? Your spelling is atrocious. Just my honest opinion.

    1. Awesome. Power To The People & with holding the $$$$ is part of that power!!! The word needs to spread

      BOYCOTT THAT BLOOD MONEY!!!! He’s got that right!!!!

    1. Thanks for that video. It’s refreshing to hear from a family member who has common sense, someone who refuses to drink the Casey kool-aid.

      It was interesting to hear the Aunt say the last time she saw Casey was when she was about 9 and she was a quite and normal seeming girl. According to the Aunt even grandma Plesea thought Casey did it.

      Jennifer Ford is plain creepy. I can’t believe she has the brains to be a nurse. She can’t manage logic and reasoning with any skill whatsoever. She didn’t even have the sense not to put her mug on national tv given the nature of the case and the unpopular verdict. Did she think she could make us “feel” differently, she would persuade the public to side with the jurors? Or did she think she could get some $$$$ and be “cute” on tv? She failed to manage anything constructive by going national with her story. She made us dislike the jurors even more, cuz clearly they were lazy ass “thinkers” who merely wanted to hightailed it out of there.

    2. Jennifer Ford is a idiot. I saw a lot of evidence. And nothing hot about Casey Anthony. She’s old and rough looking. She sure did aged. At least Pam is smart. But I can’t stand Ford. She is a complete turn-off.

    1. You guys are AMAZING! You can complain and condem and BLAB until the cows come home…VERY IMPRESSIVE.

      So- what do you DO?

      Do you volunteer- are your foster parents- adoptive parents- court advocated?…oh..nothing?…just complainers………
      Boy, I wish i could be that small and puny……but I can’t….so, you won’t be reading my self-obsorbed and self-focused comments……

      Gee- give yourself a hug- except I guess I don’t need to tell you to so……………your in self-hug/narcissitic mode ALL the time………

    2. NancyB- Thanks again for sharing more great info. I wish this article by the Law Attorney/Professor would be printed in every newspaper across the country. Yes, this trial definitely showed we need changes in the law and the novice/attention hungry attorney crossing the ethical line, yep, that’s Mr. Baez, for sure.

      1. Deb, you alone come across as the COM-plain-NER against public debate.

        And pray tell what good have you done for others, besides chastise & berate those who have taken a different view point than yourself? We know you are hung up on the “rape” angle? What happened in your life to make you seem so bitter? Never mind, you know you like your bitterness, so no need to explain, bitterness makes you feel alive.

    3. I’d like to see the News Networks keep the focus on Caylee. Horse face Casey will never tell the TRUTH, it is an enigma to her.

      So skip horse face and honor Caylee!!!

    4. Great article. Just confirms that I was right in my assessment of the jury — lame, lazy and uneducated. They let a killer get away with murder.

  93. Casey Anthony’s Parents Laugh at $250,000 Offer

    The announcement comes days after TMZ published a story … that Casey’s lawyer, Jose Baez, was holed up in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, taking bids from NBC, ABC and CBS. As we reported, Baez was in the Hotel bar Thursday night, discussing strategy with famed lawyer Mark Geragos.

    Our sources say all three networks were offering the same deal — they would pay a fortune to license photos and video from Casey. Short story — it’s a dishonest way of saying they don’t pay for interviews.

    We’re told NBC — which paid for Baez’ hotel room — was leading the pack in the Casey bidding war, even though the Network denied it was offering any money for an interview — which is technically correct.

    In its statement, ABC says, “We can book just about anyone based on the strength of our journalism.”

  94. I saw this comment on another blog and thought others here would be interested: (bolding is mine)

    Sunny said:
    Yesterday 7/25 on TMZ Live, Harvey Levin did a very interesting interview with Cledus T. Judd, co-writer of Caylee’s song “She’s Going Places”.
    Judd said verdict made him sick to his stomach & that the song was to “take emphasis off that so-called mom & put it where it should be”, on Caylee. Co-writer Gary LeVox is Rascal Flatt’s lead singer but Judd emphasized that the song is not a Rascal Flatts song & should not be associated with the band. Judd is donating 100% of the royalties to, which protects kids in their own homes.

    Regarding George & Cindy he said he’d love to sit down with them in their living room for 30 minutes, “I would dang sure have some questions but I’m sure they wouldn’t get answered”. The band has not responded to the Scamthonys request to have a moneymaking meet n greet, they don’t want to get close to G&C so are “holding them at bay” lol. Harvey, a lawyer, said he’s totally against family members lying in court.

    Prior to the interview TMZ discussed how hot is Casey & other killers who have romantic followers like the Menendez bros, Ted Bundy, Carey Stayner… the guys at TMZ think Casey is UNattractive and a 5 at best (guess they haven’t seen pics of all those sores on her back for such a high rating hehe).
    Funny comment from Harvey was that they didn’t think they could get a sponsor for the Is Casey Hot segment other than OJ’s book If I Did It.

    31:25 beginning of casey discussion
    43:10 Cledus T. Judd interview

  95. Wow,Funny how NBC and others can’t line the pockets of family members who don’t murder,lie and steal,You know…good folk?
    Dang shame you gotta kill somebody to be frikkin noticed,CBS is low as they go,right up there with all the A’s!
    I’m so upset I can’t sleep tonight and I’m sorry but it really gets to me,I could care less if I ever have a dime extra to live,If I got money I do,If not I don’t but I ain’t going to lie,steal,kill and destroy evidence and need a Bahamian rest afterwards either,Don’t take this the wrong way but it really disturbs me that though I’m not the only victim of a crime and never will be ,We all have suffered things and my heart goes out to each victim and their families who have suffered the pain of someone else’s selfish act….Where the hell was all these news stations when my husband was brutally murdered and not to mention that he was totally disabled at the time too.Where were they when they reported that my husband was killed by a “LIMB” when I begged them to let me tell our story,It was no LIMB….I got whipped with a “limb” as a child and I’m still alive…..It was a damn approx. 4ft long and 6″ diameter tree BRANCH that he made himself just before the murder…..Where were all these people when I was basically homeless with $113.00 to my entire name the day he passed away,we didn’t have insurance,I had to leave our home where we last ate together,slept together,woke up together,lived in together,he had fell off a roof only a few weeks before he was murdered and couldn’t work,($49,000 Hospital bill from that alone)he had a good job till that happened but where were all these good people when I couldn’t afford a lawyer to fight an attorney paid for by “Millionaire Daddy”……I wrote letters and petitions to everybody possible,believe it or not even the President and the governor,news stations just begging them to help me get this murderer off the street and into a cell where he belongs,but not one time did any of them answer me or give me the time of day but Oh Kc killed her child and got the best defence (for lack of a better description,believe me) but best because hey,it worked,she got away with it and still getting it all paid for and slut magnets who keep her in snacks and mascara and sports bra’s and clothes bought by a station,fixed her tooth when they should have just knocked the rest of them out! Security to keep her safe? My husbands damn killer lived right here not a mile away for the 2 yrs before his 6 month vacation down at the county jail! I was dreading the day I’d turn around at the check-out and be looking right in his face and at the same time scared to death if it did happen I could go to prison because who knows how they’d react in that situation,It’s something you don’t plan,it’s Instinct….he tormented my family and took my husbands life and basically mine too but I had to shop for groceries,God knows I’m the only prisoner in this case!
    Sorry Guy’s but Gosh I am just angry with these people who want to get rich quick by using that beautifuland precious little angel..Caylee!
    This ain’t even like me,I’ve never had so much hate as I do for these people tonight and I pray that changes but I have the feeling it won’t…..soon anyway…
    It’ll get worse because of those same ignorant people doing the same ignorant crap!

  96. If they had one full brain between all 12 of them they’d be dangerous! jmo
    Yea,I liked the aunt! I liked it when she said in so many word’s……..who else could it have been? braindead Jury from hell!

  97. Ya Know Singphat,I may be wrong,usually am but I think Cindy is the one who called Shirley Plesea and had a childs voice recording or something in the background Remember,Shirley said if it had been Caylee she’d have said what she needed,she must have started talking pretty good and where they were around her too I guess,For some reason I think Cindy was hoping SP would tell the detectives Caylee called her like she called Kc? Cruel too! NUTS!
    Interesting here! Her Grandma told her she didn’t want her there,LoL

    YM: Arrest her if you need to?

    SP: Yeah (affirmative).

    YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

    SP: And they never did anything about it. I, I called and told Cindy, I says, and, and Casey was on, no, I e-mailed Casey about it afterwards because I couldn’t bring myself to talk to her.

    YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

    Plesea, Shirley.2/Case #08-69208/GG

    SP: And uh, she wrote me one, Dear Grandma, I’m so sorry. I apologize. I’ll come
    down and do some cleaning for you, and I’ll do this and that. I wrote a letter back
    to her, Casey, I don’t want you up here.

    YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

    SP: And I haven’t talked to her since.

    YM: Did you tell Cindy what happened?

    SP: Uh, yup (affirmative), and I told Cindy that.

  98. I had to share this one,Kc’s granny’s transcript ,Bless her heart!

    Page 17

    YM: Was Casey the one telling you about Zanny, or was it Cindy telling you about

    SP: Uh, uh, whenever they talked about a babysitter a year ago or so…
    YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

    SP: …they’d talk about Zanny. At first, being hard of hearing, I thought they was
    talking about Danny.
    YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

    SP: Because there used to be a guy that had a little boy that about, was about
    Casey’s age. This was a story that they’ll…
    YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

    SP: …they told me. This little boy was about Cay…Caylee’s age I mean. And this
    father and her were friends.

    JA: They’re (inaudible).

    SP: Yeah (affirmative).
    YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).
    JA: (Inaudible)

    SP: Well the father and her were friends and uh, he used to babysit sometimes. So I,but then I find out his name ain’t even Danny, goodness knows if he even
    existed, so. I think are a lot of lies, and Cindy told them to me because she
    believed them.

  99. YM: Uh-hum (affirmative). Do you think Cindy believes otherwise now? Do you think she really knows, uh, she really believes that her daughter…

    SP: I don’t know. Because she is so, she is so angry, and my stupid son that you
    mentioned, Rick…

    OMG,I bet Rick is pleased! Stupid son? OMG Cindy’s the stupid one IMO!

  100. SP: I’m so mad at him I (inaudible).
    SB: What we, what we want to show you is that he really didn’t do anything mean. I think Cindy’s telling, Cindy’s mad…
    YM: Yeah (affirmative).
    SB: …because he said the truth.
    SP: He said what?
    SB: And he, he said the truth about what he knows.

    SB: He wasn’t mean or ugly to Casey or Cindy.
    YM: See these are, these are all the blogs that he wrote.
    SP: But why would some bother get on….
    SB: Because…
    SP: …the blog?
    SB: …because people were writing really nasty, ugly things about Casey and he was standing up, saying no, that’s not true.
    YM: That, that’s what he’s doing here.

  101. YM: What do you think it’s going to take for Casey to tell anyone what happened?

    SP: She probably needs somebody to threaten her, personally. Uh, uh, you know I hate to think of her being put in a jail with them women that’s going to beat the hell out of her, but it might do her some good.

    YM: Hmm. Do you think she would open up to you?

    SP: No. I don’t think she would open up to me because she knows uh, I’m mad at
    her. Uh, she knows, I mean our last words weren’t really loving words. I did say, I
    said, “Casey I love you but I don’t like you.” I don’t like the stuff she’s doing.

  102. And finally page 50 gets so hectic with the fuse box and burnt wire smells
    YM wraps it up,I’m in a better mood now,That is literally funny as heck! Bless her heart even if she does fall for Cindys crap! LoL!

    1. I agree ChattyCathy, Grandma Plesea is one stand up lady!!! Kudos to Rick too for standing up to Sindy.

      Cindy, on the other hand, unlike her straight shooting Mom, is controlling, devious and spiteful. jmho

    2. Very interesting conversations Chatty, thanks. Grandma should have been up in the witness box testifying against the baby murderer. Maybe we’d have heard some truth.

  103. I wish all the Anthonys get in a big argument and one of them spilled the beans about what really happened. Cause you know they all about it. But that would never happen. They’re probably all black mailing each other.

    1. Chris, so true. They remind me of the dysfunctional family represented in the movie, “Little Foxes” based on a story by Lillian Hellman. The family can only be “kind” to one another when they want something, otherwise, they act like they detest each other and use blackmail to keep each other in check. The story shows that the only thing they really care about is money and appearances. Bette Davis was marvelous as the headstrong, conniving matriarch working to outwit her brothers for the fortune.

  104. Totaly agree with you Dr.Glass ! This case has been so upside down. Casey should be in prison and I am so upset that even her mother SINdy lied on the witness stand and she gets no punishment either. This is what is wrong in our society, I see people getting rewarded for bad behavior all the time. How in the world did Casey get so lucky? I wish Judge Perry didn’t rush so much. He shouldn’t have kept a couple of the jurors. I have done jury duty for murder cases and we never were rushed to get a jury selected. It was hard to sit through, but we had people who had brains and common sense. The Anthony family should not get one cent. They are proven LIARS, why would anyone want to hear a word out of their mouth. I look at them and I see pure EVIL. This is so sad! That poor baby didn’t have a chance.

    1. Barbara, I needed to read what you wrote esp. about actual juries consisting of people with common sense and intelligence!!!
      Maybe all is not lost across the country.

      I can’t listen to these ignorant jurors from Florida.. They abandoned reason, common sense, intelligence and justice for a little baby.

      The worst was they were TOO LAZY to give proper consideration to the deliberation.

  105. Hugs to you ChattyC! Here is a part of the article. I think that this is an excellent article! Finally, here comes an attorney with a plethora of criminal practice who is unafraid to tell the truth about the Anthony jury. I love this guy! He has restored some of my lost faith in the justice system and attorneys in general.

    ——–very lengthy article——-highly interesting. … hbxlogin=1

    Reasonable doubts in the Casey Anthony trial?

    Adam H. Kurland
    The National Law Journal
    July 26, 2011

    In Casey’s case, the prosecution clearly provided more than enough evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was guilty of some form of murder.

    In my view, the jury verdict in Casey’s case resides just barely inside the fenceline of rationality (more on that later). Some jurors who have spoken have noted that the first straw polls of the jurors at the outset of deliberations were 10-2 in favor of acquittal on the murder counts, and 6-6 on the aggravated child abuse count, which would have supported some form of lesser homicide liability. What happened to those initially pro-prosecution-leaning jurors?

    The Anthony trial was an intricate circumstantial evidence case, but it shouldn’t have flummoxed a jury of even borderline intelligence. Why did these jurors so lack the courage of their convictions (literally) that they were not willing to fight for their convictions for even one full calendar day? It seems to me that the jurors collectively certainly did not carefully evaluate the evidence in the manner that this circumstantial evidence required — when such careful examination could have resulted in a guilty verdict. None of the reported comments of the several jurors who have communicated, in one form or another, has said anything that inspires confidence that they knew what they were talking about, understood the difference between inferences that could be drawn from evidence as opposed to mere speculation or properly understood what the prosecution was required to prove.

    Don’t get me wrong. I respect the jury system and, in some philosophical sense, respect the verdict although I disagree with it. But part of that “respect” is respect for the system that I understand is designed to sometimes yield inexplicable verdicts, and is based on the fact that the verdict is unimpeachable — and speaks, or should speak, for itself. The more the jurors talk — and make tragically incorrect, dare I say uninformed, statements such as that the case lacked “hard” evidence, that the time of death and manner of death was not shown and that the jury largely ignored all of Casey’s lies as having nothing to do with the case because it shed no light on the specific day that Caylee died — the less their verdict and decision-making deserves to be respected.

    There was a finite universe of possibilities as to what happened to Caylee. When you rule out the impossible, the prosecution’s proof — sufficient to support a conviction — becomes irrefutable. Too bad not one juror saw fit to press that view for even one full day.

    1. I read it and you’re right,A very intersting article,Thanks for posting that! I’ve been offline for a few so have to catch up again,LoL Only a brain dead jury could have said “Not Guilty” and I am sick of hearing that we HAVE to respect that opinion,All I HAVE to do,is eat,live and die just as a murderer should HAVE to go to prison! Evidently they don’t!

  106. “Boycott that BLOOD money” AMEN.

    I won’t be able to attend the boycott, but my sil and friends will be there!

    Everytime I think about that f’d up jury, the rage begins and I can actually spew venom!

  107. Deb or is that YOU SINDY????

    People in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones. If you don’t like the discussion we have here, easy fix, don’t read the comments.

  108. Actually, I believe it was H.L. Mencken who said one will never go broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

  109. I just read this report online, “According to several rumors now floating around, including one from Nancy Grace, Anthony and her team of lawyers are seeking at least $1.5 million from television networks interesting in landing her first post-penitentiary interview.”

    Let us unite and make a difference. Time to make an impact on the nonsense of our media driven culture….do boycott the network that will pay her for an interview….other countries have succesfully made differences by simply ignoring nonsense…media depends on your attention….Wake up!


  110. Cindy may be shopping it up in the Bahamas but the one thing she won’t be buying is souvenirs for her granddaughter.

  111. Dr. Glass, the RF song lyrics refer to what little Caylee would have perhaps done had she lived, and if you read carefully, what things she might be doing in Heaven. Having been raised a Southern Baptist Christian as a little girl myself, the song is referring to the streets in Heaven paved in gold in the Bible book of Revelations. It’s a beautiful song, and they couldn’t nit-pick and put “2 3/4 years old”. Caylee’s eyes look *brown* in all of the pictures on TV. I believe you do put forth some valid points in your blog, however.

    1. Sorry. I still can’t stand the song. Why didnt they make it public as soon as Caylee was found dead? It is too contrived with timing etc. I know how showbusiness iand PR works and this is nothing more than PR spin.

  112. Leave George and Cindy alone…. As a parent I cannot say that I wouldn’t do most anything to keep my child from a death penalty…. They’ve suffered much lose in their lives and not one of us knows how we would deal with the same situation… let alone have the right to tell them or someone else how they should act/re-act to these circumstances….. And…. they don’t seem to be having the time of their lives in this photo…. get a pair of glasses and look again…..

    1. I am sure your child would not be in a position to get the death penalty. These are horrible liars and manipulators who reapaed what they sowed. These losers are multimillionaires or will be soon earning money off of a dead babies skull, bones and hair. They are thrilled and they are in the Bahamas free of charge. I am sure you would have to pay for your own cruise.

  113. George is a child molester, a womanizer, and drowned Caylee and did not report it and chose to carry her to the woods for her to decompose so the medical examiners would not find evidence of sexual abuse. Sex offenders never admit of being one and the put fear on the child/daughter/granddaughter they repeatedly abuse. Sex abused children when they grow up will and do keep a relationship and try to be loved by the abuser/dad because they think it’s their fault they were abused. I am the product of such abuse only it was a family member and I never told anyone not even my mother…..So all of you who keep saying there is no proof George molested Casey and that she is lying don’t know what you are talking about….what can of proof do you think you are going to get. Is George going to say “I molested my daughter for many years, to do so will put him in jail for 35 yrs as there is no Statute of Limitation for sexual child abuse and George knows it….CASEY COULD NOT HAVE CARRIED A 40 POUND 3 FEET LONG, WRAPPED IN A BLANKET AND 3 PLASTIC BAG CHILD INTO THE WOODS. CASEY IS SMALL AND SUPER SKINNY…WHERE WERE THE SCRATCHES AND CUTS FROM ALL THE BUSHES, TREES, TWIGS AND BRANCHES WHERE THEY FOUND THE BODY. All of you let TWIN Mom aka Nancy Grace believe her rants, hate, and plain bulling over Casey. You are doing just what Twin Mom wants you to become a bunch of lynching mobs who want to kill Casey. Twin Mom is not satisfied of sending a young mother Melinda Duckett into committing suicide.

    1. Get help. You are nuts. You believe everything Baez said in the opening statement. If he didn’t say that, you would of never thought of it yourself.

    2. I’m sure Caylee wanted to live!!!!
      Kc was jealous because Caylee had her own house with a mailbox,wahh wah She didn’t,JMO

    1. And your proof IS? NADA! That is a profound claim to make.

      You are aware woman LIE, they yell “rape” where there in none?????

      You honestly believe Casey the Attention Seeker (narcissist, sociopath, imo & either stated or hinted to by many psychoanalyst) would have sat in jail for three years and not told who did the crime or cover-up?

      It’s sickening to hear people esp. women claim rape, pedophilia without proof! Yes, so it could be George had an affair, Cindy might have to according to rumors. You are speculating on George with nothing more than rumor & the “distraction” by the Defense Team. Even with George looking at porn that doesn’t mean he raped his daughter or had sex with her. Some women just believe all men are rapist, you sound like perhaps you fall in that category.

  114. I agree with you…that whole family is scum and does not deserve vacations, etc… or another dime off the death of Caylee!! I for one will be boycotting anyone who supports or promotes these low lifes ScumAnthony’s !!!! Wouldn’t that be great if Caylee’s real dad’s parents came forward, proving they were indeed Caylee’s fathers parents…and they came forward and filed a wrongful death civil suit against that child murdering slut Casey!!!!! She needs to pay and so does those low trash Cindy & George, they need to go back into that hole they crawled out from…….!!!!!!! I wonder what Cindy’s brother is saying now…poor guy, he knew the truth about Casey and that whole looney family!

  115. The whole molesting scenario from the defense was a sham & The Anthony’s were in on from the get, the great liars that they played everyone and the sad thing is they got away with it …like their child murdering daughter did!! What does that say to America that you can kill your child, lie your butt off and get away with it!!! The Anthony’s did they are all probably laughing at the jury and everyone on how they pulled it off and they could get away with murder …thinking what’s next!!! Lets take as much money as we can get from people who feel sorry for us!!! start another false charity so we can steal more money as we fraud disability!!… they are no good, users & liars!!! not to be trusted!!! …again slimBaiz’s shameful story was planned to get their murdering daughter off, accompanied by the Anthony’s Lying attorney Mark even be involved…..They all have a golden key to the liars club!!!! Karma will come back for them all!!! Greedy low life scum suckers!

    I say charge Cindy for perjury …she deserves to be pay for all her lies and be held accountable instead of taking vacations & shopping
    Same with George and his lies & dreadful act on the stand…as well as Lee’s, this whole family is creepy! …..Casey is a child murderer, and also should be paying for her actions instead of being glamorized by the media, but she is walking free!!! Those jurors let a child murderer walk free & should be ashamed of themselves!!

    RIP Caylee

  116. ITA!
    Sorry Guy’s,I didn’t check out yet,Seems my att made an error and gave me a confirmation # last month but my cc didn’t debit it out and I assumed my bill was paid when it actually wasn’t,the last time I posted when I was so upset at the system and all the help these killers get but victims never do nor ever will according to my opinion But anyoo that was the night I couldn’t sleep and when I woke up after managing a brief sleep I had no service,grrrrrr but all I had to do was pay twice (roll eyes)!
    So I am sorry if I haven’t replied,Wasn’t my fault …LoL I still have a lot of posts to catch up on!

  117. Thats what I’ve been waiting for,Maybe thats the ONLY good reason for what a brain dead jury did,God knows there’s no other reason for what they did but maybe they’ll confess and end up with death row for the whole family!

  118. you mean the OCSO they finally called FOR HELP after finding out kc hid it for 31 days and then lying nonstop,and the evidence they cleaned? Whose the good guy’s here?
    they knew the 2nd they smelled that car and they cleaned it,Do you really believe if they thought it was anyone else at all,they’d have done that? A nurse and a had been detective,cop,undercover whatever they’re calling it this weekI We all could have had a heart for them and did I’m sure till we heard the first lie to hide a GRAND DAUGHTEERS MURDER! jmo

  119. OMG,ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????

  120. Oh save it Please,thats another problem…..did you notice how close to the road she was? So close that kc didn’t have to carry anything too far,didn’t even care to carry her farther into the woods and put dirt on her like we all do for the people we love! Why did she back the car in to the garage?
    Incase you didn’t know it,Caylee was in the trunk,carry?? Carry What?

  121. Please,thats another problem…..did you notice how close to the road she was? Couldn’t have carried her? Why did she back the car in to the garage?
    Incase you didn’t know it,Caylee was in the trunk,carry?? Carry What?

    ChattyCathy – August 1, 2011 at 4:47 pm


    I agree about the Rascal Flatts song…it is beautiful and it speaks of Caylee in heaven. It’s ridiculous to rip on that beautiful song. What have YOU done that is worthwhile except go on talk shows and rip on others?

    jen – July 25, 2011 at 8:27 pm


    I guess supporting those who mock and flip the bird at Justice sits well with you. Lying to law enforcement, spending untold hundreds of thousands – perhaps hitting the million mark – of taxpayer’s dollars while obstructing the law, that sits well with you?

    To give the impression that killing your baby and your parents covering it up is normal, or that we should just pretend it didn’t happen, pretend we didn’t recognize the lies and the attempts to pervert justice, is what you recommend?

    Why should successful Artist help the Scammers, the liars, the pretenders???? WHY? You explain that for us????

    Are you related to the ScamAnthony’s? Were you on the jury of dummies? Are you a producer looking to sell us a new, improved Casey?

    Something isn’t kosher with your attack on others who can’t wrap their brains around the America who is so dumbed down, that jurors would only deliberate for 10 hr (minus, bathroom breaks, meals and smoking) on a 3 week trial with over 300 pieces of evidence. An America so dumbed down as to find a snake “charming” & rush thru deliberation because charm made them swallow moldy cake (an opening claim that made NO sense, cover up an accident by making it look like MURDER!). No even a script writer would use that story line!!!

    Smoke that in your mary jane pipe!

    Singhphat – July 26, 2011 at 6:03 am


    Jen- my post is for you.

    Singhphat – July 26, 2011 at 6:04 am


    Excellent comment, Singhphat!

    NancyB – July 26, 2011 at 7:24 am


    I never once stuck up for the Anthony’s. I think they all are horrible liars and I am boycotting anything that makes money for them. I am disgusted with the jurors too. I have been sick over this whole thing, just like you. I just don’t appreciate reading this article ripping on the ONE thing that made me feel good since the verdict came in..a song about CAYLEE, which is what this SHOULD be all about.

    jen – July 26, 2011 at 11:38 am


    Nancy, my humble thanks for your words. I always enjoy reading your commentary, your posts are well thought out and well presented.

    What would bring me to watch the talking heads regarding the Anthony’s is if Casey is rearrested or if the Anthony’s are prosecuted for obstruction of an ongoing investigation and lying to LE. I still wonder if the FBI might prosecute for reporting an abduction when there was none. As the DT stated at opening, it was an accidental drowning, we waited 3 years to hear that one! I have no interest in watching these scammers get on the air to regurgitate more of their lies.

    Baez and the hollywood producers could bring in the top clothing designers, top make-up & top hair stylist, but in my mind, they couldn’t make the wretch Casey presentable. You can’t dress up a rotten core. She will still be reviled, except by other sociopaths and those who love to love the infamous. Like Scott Peterson, she will have marriage proposals from the loons out there.

    Singhphat – July 26, 2011 at 8:11 am


    Exactly,here’s proof of it!

    #13671 (pg. # unknown. Letter remnant)
    Mr. Italy has been professing his (heart) but it is completely one-sided.
    Some people have gotten discouraged because I haven’t written them.
    I’m not going to welcome any evil doers—enough of them have already
    faked their way into this situation and I’d rather not be the cause of any
    of it. This girl is not going to get married while in the slammer nor do I
    have any intentions of ever getting married to some one that I don’t
    know. I am not desparate, no way, Jose. Speaking of…Stupid crush! It
    should have passed by now but the fact that it’s lingering isn’t so bad.
    It’s a healthy distraction but still very innocent. I can sit there and talk
    with him forever and it’s not uncomfortable or weird or anything of the
    sort. A healthy crush. I can deal with that. Sorry you’re stuck looking
    at shoes.  It’s impossible not to take a gander and see if the man’s got
    style. Hottie HOTT C.O. is still numero uno, hands down. OK… the
    sneezes… sometimes when I talk to myself or when I’m thinking
    something random, I sneeze. At times I’ve taken that as God affirming
    or denying my thoughts/words. I’m not a random sneezer, even with my
    allergies. When He and I have our talks, same deal.

  122. Shew,am I taking an online grammar course and forgot or something,My God,it’s all ya hear anymore,typos,typos??
    Hell fire,bring that brain dead jury and get on with my incarceration,get the rope too DAMN!
    Judged worse than killers for a damn typo.

  123. have to be tougher than that to hurt my feelings,What hurts feelings is all these complaints about the small stuff when theres a killer on the street,Sorry I have ruined your night!

  124. Hope ya don’t mind but I will make this one and quit for awhile,so you can see some peace But ya know….you see it as a bother but I was raised when you walk into a room full of people you talk to every single one of them,not just 1 or 2 of them so that’s why they’re “all over the place” because I answer everybody if I can! so I’ think you took what should be a good quality that a lot of people just don’t have and bashed it so Thank You for reminding me again,how little difference one voice makes!

  125. I enjoy Chatty Cathy’s comments enormously. Suggest that ranter who lambasted her recently on grounds that it took her/him too long to scroll through blog wasted most of that time counting # of CC’s entries 7 ranting about it. Also, this is Dr. Lillian Glass’s weblog who has full right to direct it in whichever way she chooses. I come here because i value her opinion. Hope Chatty Cathy keeps on talking here.

    1. I’m glad to see they cared enough to count them,LoL
      I’m still here “for Caylee” until Dr. Glass bans me if it happens,It’s her house,LoL Ain’t nobody else getting rid of me,I have been badgered constantly and still standing……..I’m actually used to it,I blogged on Haleigh’s case forever and a day and the night I came up with the MIB Theory.whew talk about a troll mob…..LoL and guess what? They counted my posts too….(looks around suspiciously) When ya get close to the truth or comment on it,they attack!

  126. Cindy and George deserve all the hate we can give them!!! What scum they are!!!

    Ask yourself where they are getting all this new-found cash??? They established a fund in Caley’s name, and I would not be shocked to find out that they have been skimming from it, from it’s inception.

    Look at the two of them. George could not find a decent paying job, if his life depended on it. Remember how stupidly he behaved in thinking he could get rich quick, in that e-mail scam??? Didn’t he ever hear the old saying about there are no ‘free lunches”? Cindy was a nurse, probably made most of the money in the marriage, but she was on disability, and may still be. It pays 80% of her salary, but it does not last forever. In about five years, Workers’ Compensation comes knocking on the door, and will attempt to force her back to work. She would have to hire an attorney to litigate her ‘injuries’, which I do not think she can sustain. Even based upon Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome, or depression, or a combination of these two, she would not be eligible for Workers’ Compensation, for more than five years, and/or during the pendency of the litigation.

    At that point, which may have already passed,…she would attempt to get Social Security Disability, which is extremely difficult to get. I prepared many appeals on this type of case, and believe me, it’s not a simple matter of a prior existing condition. So, IF she is eligible for SSD, she is not getting anywhere near what Workers’ Compensation was paying her. In fact, if she may be getting around $1,000.00 a month in benefits, and that is highly questionable.

    Then, ask what is George contributing? He is not working. He probably also collects SSD, if he can prove his injuries, mental, or otherwise. It would not pay him as much as Cindy, because he never made much money. At least not since his salesman, police days in Ohio, which was a very long time ago.

    So, they should only have approximately $1,800.00 a month coming on from SSD, more or less, but they are living like they have $10,000.00 a month in income! Ask yourself how???????

    I do not care how much money they made for interviews, the interest rate would not be able to generate this level of living, unless they compiled over approximately ten (10) million dollars, at 1% interest. Based upon the current status of the economy, that cash is being depleted quickly, due to stock market troubles, coupled with the rate they are spending it, as well!

    Do not forget, I mentioned the Caley fund that Cindy established. From her behavior,…I mean, we all know the type of person that she is,…she is, more than likely, collecting a salary as the Fund Administrator, and George is probably on salary, in some token position, collecting a salary, as well.

    DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE CALEY FUND established by CIndy and George Anthony!!!!!!!

    Even if they used money they got from interviews, they paid off their mortgage on the house that was in default, bought a brand new SUV, Cindy’s been dressing very high-class lately, and they take vacation, after vacation. Not to mention the money that CIndy put in Casey’s jail account….it may not seem like much, but it is, considering they have no jobs!!!!! These are the expenditures that we can see. What about those that we cannot?

    They got the “Bella Vida” too, at Caley’s expense. A very highly expensive, and costly price tag, if you ask me. I could never enjoy another day of my life, if I were in their shoes. I could not pretend enough to make the pain go away! However, I keep forgetting, they taught Casey all she knows about lying, pretense, stealing, etc., so I am sure they hardly ever think of Caley, except when the Fund needs more money, so they can collect their salaries to take a vacation, or buy more junk!

    Poor child. It’s so disgusting to me, personally, and I believe that it is appalling to us all. These leaches, liars, low, extremely base individuals are living it up, at poor dead Caley’s expense!!! DISGUSTING, to say the least!!!!!

    I did not like either of them before the verdict, now I actually can say that I hate them. All of them. So far, the only one I have not seen living the Bella Vida, is Lee, but as they say, “the fruit does not fall far from the tree.”

      Lee wants his wedding paid for I hear? Caylee can’t attend it but she’s gonna pay for it though! Disgusting! jmo

      1. Ty CC :). I heard about Lee asking for money for his wedding. It does not surprise me at all…the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree honey. Poor Caylee…how awful.

  127. Kei22. You are the one who is delusional. What part of “Not Guilty” do you not understand?
    The Prosecution failed to prove their case, and blogs like this just added to the media circus.
    Get over it.

      1. You have a very convoluted idea of The Law. No one has to prove they didn’t commit a crime.

        PS. I never have humble opinions. There is nothing even remotely humble about me.

  128. and what part of “Just because we found her not guilty doesn’t mean she’s Innocent? HUH WTH?
    The jury wanted to go home! Braindead! jmo

    1. Dear ChattyCathy, Thank you for this amazing piece of insight into American Justice. A revelation I never foresaw. Such problems it will solve.

      PS. Are you an Attorney?

  129. Why Thank You! It made as much sense as your’s did and all I did was answer your post!
    No,not an attorney nor would I be unless I were a Prosecuting attorney!
    But I am the only voice my husband had after he too was murdered in cold blood and the sytem chewed me up and spit me out and the killer went free as Kc did only 6 months later because his daddy was a millionaire and bought the best lawyer!
    I was Broke! Caylee’s case confirmed it for me,Justice Is Like ZannyThe Nanny It Doesn’t Exist

    1. Sorry to hear that, Cathy. I can understand why you might be feeling bitter.
      But The Anthonys have never done anything to you personally.
      And in fact, some people who go to trial actually are innocent of what they have been charged with.
      The charges against Casey Anthony were just the wrong charges for a conviction to be obtained. You can only blame The Prosecution for that.

      I hope that you manage to get past what happened to you and your husband, although I don’t suppose that is likely at the moment. I am just so very sorry.

      1. Well,I will tell you this,I lost all faith in the system and for good reason but the day this story broke I heard N/G say 31 day’s and dove into it full speed thinking,surely this child will get Justice because before we knew Zanny wasn’t real I knew somehow Caylee wasn’t kidnapped and I just knew she would help restore my faith,BAM…..It’s worse!
        So no,I’m not bitter,I’m a survivor and I’ll always tell my story because I couldn’t when it counted the most! LE told me to keep quiet if I wanted him to go to prison,little did I know that’s exactly what they wanted me to do! I never knew anybody who’d been murdered.That’s why I tell my story,If someone you love is murdered DON’T SHUT UP FOR A SECOND!
        You have no Idea what I went through for giving my husband a voice because his was taken just as Caylee’s was so yea,My hearts broke but I’ll go on and I’ll always destroy anything I can for the A’s period! JMO

      2. The prosecution put it all out there,They did an excellent Job,If the jury hadn’t been brain dead or asleep the guilty verdict would have been screamed from roof tops! They can’t help that Bozo lied to them during opening and I’d bet ya they never once cared,They just wanted to go home for the 4th!
        how did they get past the OBVIOUS! JMO

  130. They have done plenty to hurt me……and You!
    They asked for our help to find Caylee and did we hesitate..NO?
    They knew what happened and they knew who did it but they kept asking us for donations,So I’m glad you think they’ve done nothing to you,that way you won’t hold a grudge but from where I’m sitting they’ve done plenty to me personally.We have been into this case for 3 solid yrs and done more than they ever did or will.
    They used Floridas good people and the system and searchers walked daily in the open hot blazing sun (no tent,not even a fan) searching where Gators go and snakes and any other living animal and not once did one of them offer to help search…..NOT ONE! Dug up dirt with their bear hands to find every little bone that the animals hadn’t chewed up because her Mother threw her in a swamp and not to even mention lied on the detectives and turned on them.I don’t remember Caylee going to talk shows to ask us to find her?? Then Caylee is found and where were they? At the Ritz! Didn’t even come home after searching for her?
    They popped up a tent but I can do that? Drove a billboard sign around sitting on their ass in an air conditioned vehicle so I wish you’d re think your position and see they have used you too! jmo

    1. I’m sorry, Cathy. I can’t be as angry about this as you are. I have to believe in the ultimate common sense of The Law, even if they get it wrong sometimes.
      I didn’t much follow the case until it went for trial, so I don’t know what went on before hand. But The Trial was not good, and The Prosecution did fail to prove their case.
      What I personally think of Casey Anthony is neither here nor there. I can’t prove what I believe either.
      For the moment I just wish that you could find some peace after what happened to you.

  131. I’ve worked for Tim Miller and personally found two ‘lost’ – ‘dead’ children. My Military Training, that far exceeds the credentials of Dr. Glass, allows me to make a more clarified view of this situation (and the picture). We (I) based our conclusions on cases/crimes on ‘hard core’ evidence. No doubt in my mind that Casey and Casey alone killed her child. No doubt that George and Cindy went into ‘complete’ denial mode over this situation….. But…. No doubt they knew not what really happened…. to this day…. only that their (perhaps-only they really know how they felt/feel – you think?) suspicions that Casey was responsible for the death of their Grandchild…. ended up to be true. If you want to condemn anyone – direct that condemnation towards Casey…. The one the ‘Law’ DID prove was responsible…. All else is speculation and assumption (‘ass’umption=stupidity). She truly had a Jury of her peers (literally) and sadly they let her go…. We don’t have to agree or like it…. but my Lord people…. leave those Grandparents alone. They must live the rest of their lives knowing that ‘after the fact’… they too did wrong, but they did not ask for a child-loved one to be killed (no proof what so ever of that), and like us….. they thought their daughter would get the death penalty…. so they lied in hope that their daughters life would be spared…. May God forgive them for that….. because no one else really will….. Think about living with that…. penalty…. for the rest of their lives! Let’s move on in hope… that we can save the next child…. who’s already missing!

  132. I appreciate the kindness but I will never get past it,I have learned to cope with it but 25 yrs of marriage was a long time for a 15 yr old? He was my 1st everything…….you wake up one day and it’s all gone because someone who was selfish and evil took them from you but the system acts like you just lost your keys! So when you been there then you can talk to me about it and I pray you never are,I really do! It’s hell! He killed him right in front of my 3 yr old Grandson so hell yea I’m angry! More hellish when he rides by your house free as a bird like kc! jmo
    The only person in prison is me!

    1. Conscience is a strange thing. These people think that they have gotten away with something, but believe me, they haven’t.
      It will catch up with them one day. And No, I don’t believe in Divine Retribution.
      Something good will come from your tragedy because it always does. You just don’t know what it is yet.

  133. Yes, Cathy, it is just your opinion. My opinion is different. I could not have found Casey Anthony guilty of wilfully killing that child on the evidence that was presented.
    Jose Baez merely did his job.

    I could have found her guilty of Accidental Death, but that was not one of the options open to The Jury. This is where The Prosecution fell down.

  134. hey chatty cathy keep on telling your opinion. i like what you have to say. some people just dont understand the way justice was NOT served for little caylee and others. and by what i have read justice what not served for you either.i had to laugh at the one who said they didnt watch the trial but gave there opinion anyway. i watched the whole trial. i seen alot of scamming going on before the trial was even over. i said it before the IDIOTS got paid. i wish they would come forward…all the evidence WAS there. they for some reason didnt choose to see, hear, or ask for any evidence while in deliberations. to me that spells IDIOTS. you keep on writing chatty. i said that because like you i have alot to say about the whole bozo team, the LIARS, and gods little child [little caley] . i refuse to call that baby killer [her mother]. CALEY IS GODS CHILD………………….so buy for now chatty.

    1. Amen,she sure is!

      How much will the money mean when you see my face on judgement day
      The one you may not recognize because you covered it with tape,

      You gave me life but took it back without a warning,regret or tear’s
      Mommy’s are supposed to protect you and help you face your fear’s,

      Do you ever wonder if I am watching you from up above
      All the things that you’ve been doing could never be mistaken for love,

      Did your heart convict you,unlike the jury who set you free
      Or do you still pretend nothing ever happened and have everyone else believe,

      I’m sure you think you got away with it and you did for now but not for all eternity
      My Father here in Heaven knows the truth and the tears you shed were never for me,

      But only a disguise for a jury that could take your life like you took mine
      Or lock you away in a prison cell because murder is a crime,

      What will you say when it’s Jesus’ my Father’s face you see
      He saw what you did and he was there when you hid me by that tree,

      Before you even turned around to walk away that day
      He took me in his arm’s as I heard a soft voice say,

      “Come here my precious child,never again will you be in harm’s way
      “You were a gift from me to them and what is given really can be taken away”,

      I can’t believe how happy I am without you but he has everything I need
      A Mothers love is deep but if you compared them his would far exceed,

      If you were to ask me If I can forgive you I already have but I don’t think my Father will
      Because you broke his written commandment’s thou shalt not lie,steal or kill…,

      You bagged me like yesterday’s trash and threw me in a swamp not far from home
      And lied about how and when I died so there will be no date to chisel in stone,

      When the glare of the camera’s all fade away and the lies you’ve sold have all been spent
      Can you say everything you did was worth it ,was this the beautiful life you meant?

      ChattyCathy – August 13, 2011

  135. George is a sick , sick man. Cindy is what she is,but I get really sick when I hear people saying how george bows down to Cindy. That is just beyond any reason. The man cheats on her, the man steals from her, the man has never been any kind of family man. She uses up most of her 401 k to bail him out , they lose a home because he won’t work , he is Lazy and makes a living off of scamming anything he can- and this man does what Cindys says? If you ask me Cindy has been kissing his @%# for years and covering his loses. It would not surprize me if he molested his daughter and Cindy turned the other cheek, Cindy has been doing that with George for ever. There is one main thing among many, for the reason I think The Jury got the verdict right. No one can say Caylee ever left that home when Liar George said they did alive. I don’t care what Casey or George said, the fact that the phone pings remain in the area of the Anthony home till after 4 pm says they were still at the home to me. Even if Casey had left she would have been driving around the neighbor hood in that case for 4 hours. No one saw her, spotted her car , and NO ONE ever saw Caylee alive after the 15th. All you have is Georges word and we all know what that means. I also Can’t see anyone even in a panick killing then letting every piece of evidence lead right back to them. It was like robbing a bank and leaving your wallet. To simple , smelled like a set up to me. if you can wrap your mind around a mother killing her child, cus it happenes all the time, then why can’t you wrap your mind around a father not caring. Or a father that is so self serving nothing else matters

  136. George is a henpecked fool,He has no spine period!
    Sure he gets away with cheating and taking money because Cindys to busy appearing to have the PERFECT Family,Just like when she overlooked KC’s lies a lifetime? Remember,as bad as I hate to even say it it’s still true,Cindy worked so much to keep em all up? when did she have time to investigate their crap? JMVHO

    1. Has nothing to do with what I know about the law? THAT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION!

      AS I SAID!

      elena mitchell – October 4, 2011 at 5:54 pm

      and what part of “Just because we found her not guilty doesn’t mean she’s Innocent? HUH WTH?
      The jury wanted to go home! Braindead! jmo

      ChattyCathy – August 5, 2011 at 3:01 pm

      1. BTW,You seem to have problems because I have a different opinion? If we all had the same opinion KC would be where she belongs along with her family! JMHO

  137. Neither Casey Anthony or her family are in prison. Casey was found Not Guilty, and her family were never charged. These are irrefutable Facts. Your opinions, humble or otherwise, are irrelevant. My opinions are much less so because I agree with what The Law decided, after due process.

    Or would you prefer Trial by Media and a Witch Hunt?

  138. You guys are seriously demented!!!! Have you even LOOKED at the evidence against Casey???? Regardless of what you think of Cindy and George, Casey KILLED her baby then partied for 31 DAYS!!!!!! There is NO EVIDENCE OF MOLESTATION!!!! Except the words of a PROVEN LIAR!!!!! Are Cindy and George meant to mourn for the rest of their lives???? Seriously READ THD EVIDENCE PEOPLE!!!!

  139. Since stumbling across this (I am Australian) I have only slept 3 hrs.This is the most sick and twisted tale….I noticed too Dr Glass that it became a priority for you and it also took it’s toll on you as well.Most predominate was one of your last comments that referred to Caylee as ‘it’.I suspect that this was your sub-conscious trying to distance yourself as this is so upsetting.It was so noticeable as your blog progressed.I say that there is only one person involved that is innocent….Caylee.

  140. Cindy & George are not guilty!!!! Give them a bloody break and let them live there life as best they can! Who are we to be judge and jury!! Keep ya noses out and look at your own skeletons in your closets!!!!!!!!

  141. I feel the same way about them being in a shop, I would probably be in big trouble with you all if I lost a grandchild. I would probably laugh once in awhile, cry or even go to a store once in awhile. It is real life is why but I certainly would not be able to do any of these things til she was found and also I would probably be dead inside so who know how any of us would react?

  142. Cindy anthony is a disgusting pig living a lavish life on the back of her dead granddaughter. Saying she was just a carcus when she was thrown away like trash. I’d believe Casey more than this self serving cow. Green eyed monster how much more do u plan on making on a bb you claimed to love. I’m going to laugh my ass off the day George leaves you and he will maybe not now but one day that man will realize what a pig you really are and we will all be laughing. I think u should of been the one behind bars from the beginning. A woman that keep tracks of her grand baby suddenly doesn’t for 31 days. I think if any one did it. It was you. Maybe not with your hands but a worthless degrading self serving mother is not much of a mother at all.

  143. I don’t know if they have any money, but I JUST saw George selling remote control cars at the Daytona flea market. He didn’t appear cocky or rude. I thought he was pleasant. We talked about remote control cars. My daughter was in shock. I felt kinda bad for him. He didn’t look wealthy. Maybe he is keeping a low profile, but to see him hawking toys at a flea market was a bit of a shock.

  144. Morons. The entire Anthony clan are morons. So is anyone who believes anything any of them say. They are career liars, and that monumental waste of DNA, Casey, is the best example of that. Cindy, the standard-bearer of the lying culture in their family, is a scam artist. That Casey trash followed suit. These are the quintessential white trash, sacks of manure humans often thought of as living in a run down, poverty-soaked trailer park. These bottom feeders live in suburban Florida, and were eventually outed by the events surrounding Caylee’s death. Casey Anthony is quilty of almost all of the events -the death of that child, the cover-up, layers of lies, deception, obvious guilt-driven behavior, and yes, the essential ingredient of all scam artists—arrogance. They all have an air of it, but she rules the roost on arrogance. She killed that baby, period. Whatever else happened with George and Lee and the alleged molestation of Casey, George’s affair, Cindy’s lies, all of that pales to the murder performed by the monster, Casey. Baez is a tool, period. He knows what happened, he just wanted to prove his strength as a lying defense lawyer-and it worked! Bravo, you slime ball. The whole thing was a travesty, from start to finish. And BTW, the only way the Anthony’s, Baez, or slimy Casey can make any money off this mess is if people purchase their wares. Don’t buy them, people. You are promoting criminals!! This whole thing is about choices. Each character in this opera made choices which led them to either jail or the witness stand. Their lies created a perceived shield and that is how they roll. We all make choices, and have to live with them. Unfortunately, the court found 12 of the dumbest, most brain dead jurors to decide this horrific case. The losers? Caylee, of course, but all of us, if you think about the miscarriage of justice that was played out. It’s called the “criminal justice system” for a reason. Time and again, it shows us that it serves up justice for the criminals, not the innocent. They should rename it: “justice for crimes.”
    There is a special hell for Casey Anthony. She is, as stated, a waste of DNA and should not be allowed to profit from her crimes. Whatever. Our country is so backward on these issues, we may as well be third world status.

  145. George , may snap and kill the Queen B , psycho one day and do the whole world a favor. Cindy is just plain evil and Cayce is just like her. George is a coward a half man with no spine what so ever. The whole family seems like socialpath liers and criminals .

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