Rupert Murdoch’s Sincere And Humble Body Language

It takes a big person to admit wrongdoing and an even bigger person to accept a heartfelt apology.

 Media mogul Rupert Murdoch felt so bad about the murdered girl who had her voice mails hacked into that Murdoch ”held his head in his hands, many times” as he apologized to the girl’s parents for his newspaper’s culpability.

The girls parents showed their ability to forgive by stating that they hope that News of the World will now publish the truth and not engage in these nefarious activities.

Besides holding his head in his hands several times which means “woe” and despair” and “extreme  contrition,” when mobbed by  the press  he managed to once again express his sorrow for what had happened. He placed his hand over his heart which indicated  heartfelt sincerity and true sorrow.

He continued to hold his hand over his chest as he turned around, which indicated his sincerity and true sorrow for what happened.  



11 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch’s Sincere And Humble Body Language

  1. It’s good to know that Murdoch has a conscience. Maybe he can be a trailblazer in bringing about a more ethically and morally responsible media environment. God bless them both.


    1. agreed. And that is the nicest word I will type regarding Murdoch. What his company did was beyond the pale, absolutely despicable to tap the lines of a dead girl. the poor family. I hope, no, pray justice is served.


    2. A tiny pang of decency re the little girl’s family? Well maybe, but MURDOCK is known world wide for being a degenerate tabloid schlock meister. So don’t hold your breath when it comes to him trailblazing responsible media reporting as RESPONSIBLE & TABLOID do not equate. I don’t have the link right now but HUFFINGTONPOST has a great article re this very issue….it will piss you off to no end.


  2. Dr Lillian,

    I watched a lot of it this morning and I am not saying that your reading of his body language is not correct this time but I will say that the content of his testimony did not reflect humble or sincerity to me.

    After saying what sounded like a prepared remark that this was the “most humble day” of his life, it only took about 25 minutes before Rupert let slip what appears to be his real feelings about one of the most wide-reaching scandals in 20th century media history.

    “A lot of people had a lot of different agendas to build this hysteria,” Murdoch said, echoing words that were published Monday in his Wall Street Journal. Saying the trouble Murdoch’s empire finds itself in is the work of his rivals and enemies in large part.

    “…They caught us with dirty hands,” Murdoch said, referring to phone hacking of the voicemail of the murdered 13-year-old girl. “And a mood developed that made it impractical to go ahead” with a bid to purchase total control of a British satellite news service.

    Same old same old to me and I’m not impressed,


  3. While I do not like Murdoch for many reasons, I can see that he is disturbed by what happened. My only question is if he is sorry for what happened or sorry that they all got caught? I think he did the right thing by shutting down News of the World. They will never be taken seriously again, so there is no sense for them to continue.


  4. Murdock may be humbled, but it has a lot more to do with being caught and publicly embarrassed than anything else. When this story first broke, Murdock had no intention of addressing anything he and his organization has done. He tried to ignore it, believing no one was powerful enough to dare question his actions or those of his editors. He repeatedly lied to Parliment today, as did his son. It would have taken one of the Anthonys to outperform the Murdocks. When Rupert Murdock was made to understand he would actually
    Have to explain his actions, he hired a P.R firm. I’m willing to bet he was coached to hold his head and to cover his alleged heart. I came to this site tonight to ask you, Dr Glass, to analyze the body language of the Murdocks during their appearance at the Parlimentnt today. I’ll bet it is incongruent with today’s analysis.


    1. I also think he was coached. With the main whistleblower having been found dead I’m sure old Rupert had lots of worries today. This guy is beyond corrupt and has hurt many people and governments. His control of media and propaganda is unprecedented. Let’s see if justice comes this time. I’m in doubt as he has more than enough money to buy his freedom from all this. I would be interested in the body language displayed by the others caught up in the hacking scandal. I wonder if they all have been coached by Rupert’s PR firm.


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