A Free Casey May Be Worse Punishment Than LWOP and The Death Sentence

I along with the rest of the world am livid that Casey was found Not Guilty and will be released into the free world.After hearing  that  juror number three stated that the  jurors were sick to  their stomach and cried, I felt sick to my stomach hearing what she said. When she said that NOT GUILTY does not mean INNOCENT I realized that the wrong jury was chosen for justice to be served. NOT GUILTY should mean INNOCENCE and if she and the rest of the jury believed Casey  was NOT INNOCENT they needed to come back with a GUILTY verdict.

Eleven hours is not enough time to weigh all the information in a six week trial. Juror number 3 and the alternate said that the Prosecution didn’t prove their case. They did not tell how Caylee died. I think the juror didn’t look at all the data. I think the prosecution did tell how she died. In my view. If they would have spent more than 11 hours they would have known this.

Based on what the alternate said and now Juror number 3, they liked Jose Baez better. And please stop accusing me of loving Jose Baez and being partial to him. I only report what I see. He has presented himself well  since day one and even Ashton said that on his media tour. Whether you like it or not, Baez  came across very likeable to the jury as opposed to Ashton. The bottom line is they listened to him and what he had to say and they bought it.

In fact the alternate said that the jury  didn’t like it when George Anthony argued with Baez.

People do not realize the power of body language and communication. Well here it is in action. They liked Jose  Baez more  and that is why they went with what he said! That  is why Casey Anthony is going free on  Sunday July 17th.

Look at Scott Peterson. He was convicted on circumstantial evidence. Why couldn’t this happen to Casey? The reason boils down to body language and communication skills of the attorneys.

I along with everyone else is also livid that Casey will become a millionaire when she  released. But even if she sells photos of herself  and Caylee and even if she appears on shows, there are a lot of people who would rebel and boycott. Apparently Paradigm Entertainment  in Beverly Hills signed her and had to drop her immediately  because of the  public complaints.

Sadly there will be people who will offer her book and movie deals.  She may be offered money for interviews through a third party so it looks like they had nothing to do with paying her for the interview. She may even make money selling Caylee dolls for which her   lying mother Cindy  got the trademark .  Foreign  entities may pay her handsomely for her interviews and photo shoots.Since Casey loves attention, loves to showcase her body and has no sexual inhibitions, she may very well take a porn company up on their offer. This would no doubt be in the millions of dollars. 

 However Steve Hirsch at Vivid Entertainment felt the pressure of even possible death threats and loss of his fan and customer  base after he offered Casey a million dollars for an XXX Rated movie  and quickly reneged on it.I am sure that the public’s pressure will continue with anyone who offers her money.

However  if mainstream  television shows  put her on  and interview her, the public will transfer their hatred towards Casey on to them.They will boycott any program or station that has her on television.

Even if a film projects arise people will boycott them. The public will not stand for her capital gain.

There will be protests and threats and they will escalate. Casey will never live in peace for one moment. She may have been better off  in prison where there would be more protection for her than there would be on the outside. On death row there would be even more protection.

Now there are more people to hate her and anything she does will be met with hatred and protest and even possible violence. No one will ever hire her. No one will ever buy a book by her because they  will boycott a book that is no doubt   filled with lies.

Even if she goes to the grocery store or shopping for clothes she will be met with protesters and taunts. Anyone with whom she associates or whom she dates will be taunted and regarded as a villan.

If her parents are now receiving death threats for their lies and possible perceived involvement, can you imagine what will happen to Casey?

As Baez and Mason and Ms. Simms  move on with their own lives and on to other cases, Casey will  quickly discover that they are not her friends after all. They will  want to distance themselves from her as they too experience harassment.

She can’t travel because she will be followed and harassed. Restaurants will kick her out like they did with OJ. Neighbors will rebel. The clubs she once loved and frequented  won’t allow her in to them. She will discover that she will be  prisoner in her own  home.  She will never have a moment of peace. People will protest outside her home forever. They may damage her vehicles. No security can stop this.

By the time the protesters get through with Casey, she may wish she was in a jail cell waiting for a lethal injection to end it all. www.drlillianglass.com


172 thoughts on “A Free Casey May Be Worse Punishment Than LWOP and The Death Sentence

  1. Dr. Glass,
    You are spot on with your assessment of Casey Anthony’s future. Her life will be anything but rosey. RIP little Caylee. Your mother will never have peace. Just like she deserves.

    Justice was served to us on a “broken platter” in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Wrong jury, do you think?


    1. Unfortunately, as research shows that women were more incensed by this verdict- I think that a she will find a man to latch onto to give her some semblence of a life and financial support. If she changes her name, I think with her extensive history of lying she can create a whole new past for herself. I hope that she doesn’t mange to disappear and investigative reporters will be able to expose her whereabouts. With her history of petty crime before this case and her increased arrogance at the verdict, that like OJ, she comes before the courts again, though I hope that no one has to suffer again at the hands of this woman for justice to be served.


  2. I certainly want to believe that this post is going to be true.. Casey benefitting from her daughters death( no matter how it happened) sickens me..


    1. Sharon me too. Seems like baby Caylee cannot catch a break in this world. Her Mother kills her, blockhead jury tramples her by letting her killer Mother go free. What a disgrace to precious Caylee.


    1. Nichole, agree. I don’t think LE should have to be escorting this thang out from the jail either. She is free now so let her fight her own way through the crowd. hehehe~~


      1. I agree knight owl. Let the jail give her back the blue sweatshirt she bought with stolen money and her jeans. Lead her to the exit. Open the door and say bye-bye, then close it behind her. Let her stand there, alone, facing her freedom. Facing a world that hates her. I would love to see that scenerio……


  3. I agree, Dr. Glass. The jury chose JB. They felt comfortable with him. I think they thought they were righting a wrong done to Casey in that they thought she was wrong wrongly accused. They will be thinking of their verdict for as long as Casey is, I think. They may have thought they would be seen as heroes instead of what they found when they went home. I think part of the karma justice for Casey is that JB seems to be taking over her life and serving as agent or scheduler for her. He has found a new career, perhaps, and one that will pay him well. Didn’t the Anthony’s want JB off her case from the beginning because he wouldn’t allow them any contact.


  4. Are you not aware of the presumption of innocence? “NOT GUILTY does not mean INNOCENT” infuriated you, well then I am glad you are not in a position of authority. Guilt must be proven in this country, and for good reason. See below:


    Your constant bragging that you spoke with River Cruz, an unreliable media hound and admitted liar, does not help your credibility.


    1. No Lee Cockerall I am not bragging about River Cruz and my credibility is just fine in terms of my body language analysis . I sad she was telling the truth and so did a jury. They believed she had an affair with George which is what I said all along. There were even texts from LE to prove their connection and security cameras to document he was there. She lied initiallay but sje did not lie on the stand . The fact thatt the juror thougo roam the strht Casey was not innocent was distrubing. A person who is responsible for a child;s death is now free to roam the streeets. DO YOU LIKE THAT LEE COCKERALL?


    2. Why must you unleash your animosity through your rude comments Lee? If you feel so strongly about Dr. Glass, then DON’T READ her blog……. simple! It seems that you are just to be contentious!


      1. Why must you unleash your animosity through your rude comments Lee? If you feel so strongly about Dr. Glass, then DON’T READ her blog……. simple! It seems that you are here just to be contentious!


  5. Hi Dr.Glass, yes sickening indeed. What blockhead juror’s. Common sense or any kind for that matter seems to have alluded them had they ever had any to begin with. Baez floated the most outlandish pack of lies with not an ounce of proof to back it up and never could back it up throughout the whole trial case in his opening statement to have sewn it up for me what he was trying to do made zero sense. Juror Ford and russ the alternate juror sure came out fast for the limelight. The rest will follow soon. Just more to make money off the blood of a baby named Caylee Marie. Caylee’s family has made the rounds and made lots of money on this tiny little girl and they will continue to do so. Casey will do the same but she will get her just desserts one day like all the other’s. When i watched the defense team celebrating, Dorothy Simms jumping up and down like she was on a pogo stick, i thought what fools all of you? They know fool well Casey murdered that baby but it was all about the excitement of winning at all costs. They have no idea in doing so the devil was sitting on their shoulder’s smiling. It is he that has won over the whole players in the defense team, ones that stayed and ones that left the case that still got on the media and lied before the trial over and over. The Defense won the case but they will one day wish they had not because they won it dishonestly with lies and trickery.


    1. I had a feeling about juror #3 (Ford) back when they were questioning her as a potential juror. She just seemed overly eager to become a member of the jury. I said then that she would be on as many media outlets as she could faster than you can shake your head.


      1. Something about her, (the first pic) juror #3 reminds me of Casey.

        Her logic defines sanity.

        Besides the Jury did NOT follow Judge Perry’s instructions. That would be clear to the simplest individuals amongst us, not the stupidest amongst us.


  6. People are so vain. She murdered Caylee and time does not matter. I’d like to know from that juror what does it mean “I had no idea how that child died”? Because prosecution did not failed to present the murder weapon, approximate time and intent. So I take from her words; if she is representing the jury ‘collective’ decision and public display; that they took the liberty of taking their own conclusions as of endless possibilities including an accident, that were completely unfounded and by the way not presented by the prosecution just because of ah, oh yeah 3 pieces of duct tape that were found within the remains holding the skull together -therefore ‘Casey gets a fair trial’ because it’s the constitution. What about Caylee rights? Well done jurors, you clearly did not followed the instructions. ‘Reasonable doubt’ got to a whole new level with this jurors reasoning. Wow! It took them very little deliberation to come to that verdict and truth is simply because they didn’t care and were coward enough to blame prosecution. As she said herself they were not attached emotionally and were very tired and bored. Bohoo! I am so sorry for you that the portrait of the whole world’s innocence and purity in the form of a perfect angelic gorgeous baby girl who’s life was taken away by a monster was not enough to awake your sense of justice and fairness so you’d cancel your cruise vacation. Some people are just so dead inside. Of course emotional as it is the evidences were there, and they were very solid and the whole case was very well presented by the prosecution. It’s like this guy said, it’s like these days you got to have a tape to get a guilty verdict. Now people want to say they’ve done their duty and served well and we have to respect their decision, like they have no responsibility over their very own verdict. These were adults, educated people. People that never asked to analyze an evidence, that didn’t bring notes to the deliberation room. Inexcusable. They are entirely responsible for Casey not suffering the consequences of her horrendous act. Blame her parents and friends (party friends, who barely ever saw her with Caylee) sayings on stand, sure. But then again those were just words. The evidence, which was solid was right there and there was plenty of it, circumstantial, yes. But overwhelming. This jury now needs to try very hard to find an excuse for the duct tape if they have conscience and can have -unlike Caylee, the only victim in this story!- the privilege of being alive and safe going on with their precious ‘very confident’ lives!


    1. If this “12 PACK OF SLACK” Jury had seen Casey on video duct taping Caylee to death they would say

      ” Hmmmm, it sure looks like Casey but THE PROSECUTION didn’t PROVE it was casey.

      THis dead head Jury needed Casey to stand up and look at them and state ” yea i killed my snothead, so what”

      and only then, would they convict her.



  7. The only way they will make money is if WE THE PEOPLE keep tuning in. After the verdict. I haven’t watched television nor listened to the radio. It is the people that complain and then tune in. SO why COMPLAIN. Sit down while you are watching and listening and write out that check.


    1. I agree. I haven’t watched a news broadcast since the verdict and don’t intend too.. This is such a miscarriage of justice and I pray I’m alive to see her get what’s coming to her.. thanks for your post.


    2. I agree, Shyloh! I would not waste one cent on a book, movie, etc. involving anything Casey Anthony. Dr. Glass was spot on about this from the start. None of it will end well. RIP Caylee.


  8. Lee Cockrell, did you watch the same trial i did? I don’t think you did. Guilt was proven in this country by Mr.Jeff Asthton, Ms.Linda Drane Burdick, and Mr.George of the proscecutor team. The juror’s were just lazy blockheads that chose to not do their homework and believe the lieing defense attorneys maligning anyone they could and throw under the bus they thought would fool the juror’s. Defense won due to blockhead jurior’s that had nothing on their minds but hitting the road home. Eleven hours in deliberation was a joke on a case of this magnitude. Part of that eleven hours they were eating lunch. Juror’s were and are a disgrace to this country and i so agree with Ms.Glass.


    1. Absolutely true!!!

      The jurors just wanted to get out of there & start doing the talking circuit. What a WASTE of taxpayer’s $$$$.


  9. Accident? I can’t believe public opinion changed because media has brainwashed people to think that it’s about honoring the country judicial system and constitution therefore disregard jurors verdict equal to not being patriotic.

    Wow talk about rights. I had an opinion and contrary to media statements doesn’t go with the flow. The evidence was there and prosecution did an amazing job. Everyone was commenting about it before the verdict was presented. This is not about the evidence which was -overwhelming-.

    This is about the jurors verdict. Ford, the juror who spoke to the press said they were tired, stressed out and bored. One of them had a cruise scheduled for July 7th and wanted out. They did not ask to see any evidence closer and did not bring notes to deliberation process which happened incredibly fast. Any educated person would expect careful preponderance of evidence, facts and testimonies.

    As to her questions about when, how and why -what about the 3 pieces of duct tape that where holding the skull together? I’d like to know from them what interpretation was given. Tampered evidence? Post Morten? Their job was not to give free interpretation of the evidence but to weight them and connect the dots.

    The alternate juror had his mind made about how it was an accident, version of the facts that were completely unsubstantiated.

    Have everyone forgot about Casey’s allusion to what she really did as the ‘the right decision’ ‘no regrets’ and ‘ends justifies the meaning’ on her diary 21 June entry? (not sure was admitted into evidence)

    Sorry I’m re-posting this again but it’s to complement how I feel and I think there is a lot of information for people to pretend that this wasn’t a strong case. Have they been admitted or not I did have watched the trial close but not entirely, so I can’t tell. But it’s unacceptable this jury reasoning. It’s not just disappointing, it’s inexcusable, pure nonsense.


  10. I for one will boycott anything and anyone who associates themselves in any way with KC, George, Cindy or Lee. I won’t watch anything, I will boycott sponsors of any show they appear on, I will not read any publication for which they will receive licensing fees or money. I am going to make it my business to know about this money and will never ever spend one red cent to support this baby killer and her family of liars. Additionally I will make sure my friends know what I know in hopes that they too will join with me.


  11. Dr. Glass, if KC were smart (which she is not) she would do a couple major interviews with respectable interviewers (Piers? Diane Sawyer?) get a ton of money from that and then vamoose to France or Italy…somewhere where the populace isn’t caught up in her and where there are really cute guys. She has no family anymore, none…her defense team will fall away from her (except maybe Baez who certainly sees her as a cash cow). A little plastic surgery wouldn’t hurt, she could stand to have that bulb shaved down. Cut that repunzel hair and make it super blonde. Voila! done and done. Like I say, however, she won’t be smart and she is very dependent, as we saw that she couldn’t leave Tony and Orlando even when it would have been smart for her to do so. It will be interesting as heck to see what her next move is.


    1. Please don’t give her or her attorneys any ideas.

      No matter how she plays it, KARMA will catch up to this waste of space cretin named Casey. No conscience, no remorse!!!


    2. Zoe- On the other boards they said she wouldnt be able to obtain a visa since she is convicted felon… ? Just passing that on, not sure if it is true or not. If it is, we’re STUCK with the BITCH. :-/


      1. NCResident, She is not a convicted felon. All four guilty counts are misdemeanors. The whole world watched this trial. Wherever she goes people will treat her with disdain when they find out who she really is.


    3. Casey is a convicted felon. She will not be going to Italy, France or Japan for sure! She’s just like Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis now. She has to stay in this country because she’s a convicted felon. She can’t even go to Canada. Mexico, maybe. She will have to live out here life somewhere in US territories. No other country will want her.


  12. You are right, Dr. Glass. I think Casey probably would
    have been safer in prison. There was a reason she was in protective custody. She won’t have that in the real world. She will be a prisoner in her home & destitute if we all stick together & boycott her, her family and anyone involved with the defense team. Enjoy your FREEDOM, Casey Marie Anthony!


  13. I have to add that surely those jurors knew that the baby did not tie herself up with duct tape, put herself in garbage and laundry bags and throw herself into the swamp/ woods. So we can rule out suicide. Obviously she didn’t die from natural causes. Homicide, who would benefit from her death? Who is the only one who has shown disregard for the baby’s health and well-being? There was no “reasonable doubt” as to KC’s guilt. I really hope those jurors have little Caylee’s face in their minds and over their heads and hearts for the rest of their lives. They did NOT do their jobs.


  14. actually, not guilty does not mean innocent — that is a true statement. that’s how it is possible to be found not guilty of a crime, but guilty of wrongful death in a resulting civil case.


  15. The jury liked Baez. OK, if you like the smarmy type.

    Mostly women jurors will they found Baez “charming” and those women are the types to be duped in life by unsavory men. mho

    To me he comes across as an smarmy car salesman. There u have it.

    Will this post disappear????


    1. Ha! He always came across smarmy to me too. I don’t find him charming at all. While I don’t agree with his theory one bit, he was obviously successful winning over the jury.


      1. YEP, Mason does seem like the dirty old man, esp. hands all over Casey as often as possible. Yuck. just sayin…


    2. singhphat @7:30 – thx for posting logical comments; smarmy is the best word for baez; i even ran in-house errands when he was on & just read wftv/wesh comments, his attitude is so disgusting & so unrespectful


    3. Chill, buddy 🙂 I don’t think what you are saying is the opposite of Dr Glass. I think you (and most of the rest of us) are perceiving the wider picture of Baez, while this jury first encountered him in that opening statement, where he came across with voice cracking with “emotion”, and the head ducking false humility. He is the anti-authoritarian HERO, I can see how the naive jury could get heavily impressed by that.

      Most of us know better because we’ve watched for the last three years. Over time, Baez’s bumbling false “humility” wore pretty thin.

      It’s hard for me to relate to how the jury perceived Baez because I never perceived him in a positive light. Grudging respect for him, yes. But he was helping this horrendous murdering mother throw all these people under the bus.

      Those of us who have had up and close with a sociopathic type would see Baez as smarmy and conniving. But to a person who is introduced to him without history, his charm is pretty powerful on first impression, I imagine.

      Try and understand the context of what Dr Glass is saying. SHe is not saying she’s in love with Jose Baez, she is describing his body language and how it might be interpreted.


      1. “But to a person who is introduced to him without history, his charm is pretty powerful on first impression, I imagine.” Perelandra

        Even in my best imagination, Baez IS smarmy.

        Can I tell you there is NO cable tv in my home for ages. I prefer internet, books and real life interactions and movies vs. tv talking heads. I did not watch Baez for three yrs. pre trial.

        I think for the sheltered types Baez is “charming.” We grew up in NYC. In NYC Baez could not succeed in convincing a large group that he is brilliant, honest or charming.

        I do understand Dr. Glass is talking about body language and how SOME people respond.

        Dear sweet Jesus, this man couldn’t even ask questions properly without LEADING people. During the last 1/3 of the trial he seems to FINALLY know how to question the witnesses.
        Some people are just TOO easily impressed!

        Something hit me during the trial. I have heard it called paralleling. Baez reminds me of someone else I know in life who speaks in the same duplicitous manner as Baez when he is seeking to gain something thru nefarious methods.

        lol, there u have it.


      2. I completely agree with you. Come to think of it, I agree because it would take a rather unassuming or sheltered (or maybe deliberately denial-blind) person to find JB “charming”.

        As I get older, based on life experiences that I’m sure we all have, I see a “charming” person and automatically take a step back.

        I was not always that way, but I grew up in a small town and formed my impressions of people from that sheltered perspective. I’ve been fooled, big time. Thankfully, I figured out where I was wrongly “perceiving” as it were.

        Charm, to me, is a reason to narrow my eyes and take a step back. Some people are just plain delightful, but a charming person is deliberately, willfully trying to charm you.


      3. Perelendra – I really like your distinctions between:

        Naturally Delightful – people are genuine in their encounters with others.

        “Charming” – those who deceive and exploit situations.

        People like Scott Peterson, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Ted Bundy, etc, are extremely skilled at being charming to advance their ulterior motives.

        In Business there are WAY too any of these “Charming” duplicitous types like Baez.


  16. I am not here to wish a horrific future on Casey.

    Casey has sealed her own future by trying to get away with a despicable act against a defenseless child.

    Casey, you may feel “HIGH” on your duplicity but you will learn soon enough you can fool people BUT you can’t fool the great laws of life.

    KARMA will find you. I wish you would find a change of heart, i.e. remorse for the harm you have done, come clean.


    1. If you are a sociopath though, will you ever feel any remorse for the things you’ve done? We can only hope she takes up with other sociopaths just like herself.


      1. I’m gonna say NO, she won’t. And I even doubt she will feel the discomfort and fear a “normie” would feel confronted with being a public pariah.

        The psychiatrist on Nancy Grace today spoke of what was “alarming” about Casey Anthony, according to the several diagnosticians who took a look at her over the last three years. That was, her lack of “appropriate response” to the conditions around her. Being relatively calm, even relaxed and silly, during her own death penalty trial, is like, WAY abnormal.

        Which is why she will blunder along mostly clueless about how much she is loathed. She’s too cold to really feel the heat.

        Will she suffer? Maybe not. But her life will never be anything but parasitic, which I’m sure just feels normal to her. She won’t enjoy the fruits of life that “normal” people take for granted because she can’t conceive of them.

        As for her meeting another sociopath, she already did (IMHO) and look what happened, he got her acquitted of murder one.


      1. NancyB. —- In earnest I find your post always enlightening, balanced and intelligent. As a matter of fact I was meaning to post those words to you today! Coincidence? LOL!

        Thank you for your kind words.


  17. I hope the last thing these jurors see at night and first thing in morning is Sweet Baby Caylee’s face, and I hope they never forget how THEY betrayed her. It wasn’t that the defense did a better job, they just got lucky with the dumbest,laziest, and not caring jury ever.Baez, Mason and Casey deserve their own special hell on this earth. Their day will come and it won’t be pretty. Somebody needs to tell Cindy to cool it. Casey is Baez money tree right now but not for long, she’ll be back then to make them pay.Baez is probably filing papers as we speak to get money back from George and Cindy. Maybe they can stay with Giraldo .


  18. Dr Glass, your post was right on the mark. It appears that the jurors took José Baez’ opening statement as factual. Little did they know that a lawyer has immunity in a court, with the exception of testifying under oath. Baez can malign and accuse anyone and can never be charged. An incompetent jury, a lying George and Cindy helped to clear Casey. I also believe that the death penalty should not have been left on the table due to it being a circumstantial case. The jurors seemed to get confused that they were supposed to deliberate on the ‘guilt’ phase. It seems the ‘penalty’ phase was weighing heavily on their minds.


    1. And maybe the defense team predicted this in some way, or (in the very least) hoped like heck that the jury would get lost in the fog of confusion?

      I agree, it was an unfortunate collusion of several factors, a jury that together had fewer IQ points than needed to take on a circumstantial case, and the choking fog of that Anthony family, and an anti-hero Jose Baez, who did not need to be a “good lawyer” to win his case, just a good salesman.


      1. I remember when watching the trial how I actually felt sorry for the jurors because they’d have to sift through all the confusing testimony to get at the truth. Especially the lying from Cindy and Lee. And some of the forensic and scientific evidence. As someone of just average intelligence, I would really have to study all of that. (BTW are the jurors allowed to get a transcript of the trial — while in deliberations — to look back at certain testimonies?)

        That is why I am so appalled that they did not look over any of the evidence. It sounds like they barely took notes let alone ever looked at those notes! Perhaps they were just doodling since they were so bored…..


      2. This sums it up & too many jurors with criminal history definitely would skew their opinions of law enforcement. Hey, I read today that Jose tried to give parting gifts to all the jurors at lunch but they were intercepted & confiscated by the deputies.


      3. NancyB. – Unbelievable that Baez attempted to give parting gifts to the jurors!!! Did he NOT learn the proper protocol and legal ramifications of improper conduct with the jurors??? He continues to amaze with his stupidity.

        I had to wonder after the verdict was read if he had bribed the jury…..

        OK, I am not saying he did, but really, this case has been SO insane it’s like ANYTHING can be placed in the storyline. If you wrote the Anthony’s case in a storyline, it would be considered fantastical, far-fetched as far as a play, movie or book. True is it that at times life is stranger than fiction!

        RIGHT, he did not understand proper protocol with his client, Casey!


  19. Like so many others, I am thoroughly disgusted with the “not guilty” verdict. Not only was Casey Anthony already a well-established sociopath, a career con artist, and habitual pathological liar, but she has now learned from a group of defense attorneys how to deceive a jury, a judge and the entire nation by using a clever defense strategy involving a web of lies in their opening statement and stealing the real-life experiences of other Orange County inmates who were incarcerated with her. One inmate whose little boy was found drowned in a pool by the child’s grandfather, and another who had been sexually abused for years by her father. Jose Baez is a masterful snake who used his persona, inflated graphic sexual language, and as set of outlandish lies to taint and trick the jury’s mind into the concept of “reasonable doubt”. IMO –Baez and his client perpetuated fraud in court and the state of Florida.

    Why wait over 1,000 days to say the child “accidently” drowned and risk being charged with the death penalty, felony murder, or manslaughter, when she had 1000 days to come out and say the child had drowned on June 16, 2008?

    Why did Jose Baez and Casey lie to Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch about the child being missing and kidnapped, and then Jose Baez claims in his opening statement that the Caylee was never missing but had drowned in the pool?

    The truth is that Casey Anthony was a ticking time bomb.

    It’s unfortunate that the jury never heard about Casey Anthony’s history of check fraud, stealing thousands of dollars from her parents, friends, and grandfather’s nursing home fund. She had a history of irresponsibly behavior, and lived and told so many lies that the walls were closing in on her.

    What was she doing for with Caylee the 2 years prior to the child’s murders? Since she did not work, and had not worked for 2 years prior to the child’s murder, how did she spend her days with Caylee while her parents were at work and her group of friends were attending college or working during the day?

    Remember, her own brother Lee asked why she refused to tell her family where Caylee was at during those 31 days, and Casey’s’ response was, “because I am spiteful bitch!!!!!”

    Remember that Cindy and Casey had a huge fight on June 15, 2008 over Casey stealing money from Cindy’s father’s nursing home trust account? Yet, Cindy lied in court indicating that they had cuddled the same night to watch a movie.

    Remember, that because of the huge fight on June 15, 2008 between Cindy and Casey, she decided to move out the next day to live with her boyfriend Tony, and this is the day that she murdered Caylee!!!

    Remember that Casey’s boyfriend Tony had other college roommates living with him in his small apartment, and this was not a place or suitable environment for Caylee to live in and spend the nights.

    Remember that all items that were found on Suburban Drive at the dumping site of Caylee were items that came from the Anthony home, including the child’s clothing, duct tape, heart sticker, trash bags, laundry bag, etc. Who had access to all those items? Casey did!!!

    Casey murdered and disposed of her child like she was “trash”, because deep down Casey’s the one who felt and behaved like “trash”.
    We must boycott any and all financial gain Casey may stand to make from the murder of her child Caylee Marie Anthony.

    We must boycott any and all financial gain Casey may stand to make, because if we don’t, it will send out an alarming message for any young parent who murders their child that
    a) if the lie to law enforcement- they can get away with murder,and
    b) if they can get away with murder then they will have fame and fortune for committing criminal acts.


    1. Well said – and not only was Tony’s apt unsuitable for Caylee (as was sleeping in Morales bed 4-5 nights a week as he testified to) BUT the big difference with Tony’s apt was that the roomies had made it clear that it was not appropriate to bring Caylee there & Tony had told her that Caylee could not spend the night. I was disappointed that this was not brought out when George had him on the stand.


    2. Excellent post. I too wonder just what Casey did with Caylee during those two years when she told her parents (the most gullible people in the world) that she had a job and was leaving her baby with a nanny. I know that when Casey wanted to go out clubbing at night, she told her parents that her employer wanted her to work the night shift and Cindy agreed to babysit. But what did she do during the day? And what did she do for money – without a job, she had no income.


      1. According to Linda Drane Burdick, the prosecutor, Casey wrote “literally hundreds of checks” from Cindy’s bank account. That is how she funded her lifestyle..


  20. guess this is the first time i’ll disagree with you, doc, as if i was on the jury i would have seen:
    …baez inept, trying, face smirks & sneers, unlikeable. & unbecoming attitude at any trial let alone a murder one
    …jeff excellent, likeable, truthful, presentation excellent with facts
    …slides, powerpoint, graphs from prosecution s/b the ‘base’ of their argument
    …defense used old-fashioned flip charts & had testimony folks actuall put marks on paper, how stupid is that?, you are lost in the kinderfolk class
    …i would say only casey had the reasonable means, opportunity, & motive (MOM, pun intended or not?)
    …scott p had a boat ramp receipt i believe that put HIM at the point of dropping a body into the delta area where time & water flow would have taken the body to where it was found
    …so boat ticket & lifestyle on one trial & lifestyle, shirt not seen at home only in casey’s trunk, blanket, etc at the other trial; all circumstantial & show MOM
    above are what everyone could see if they did NOT take in what the penalty would be & if they did NOT choose an attorney who acted more like a first-timer vs a factual professor; facts alone should have given casey the DP!
    so sad……………..


  21. This is exactly what I’ve thought and believed, almost from the moment I heard the verdict.

    When Casey showed up at her sentencing hearing with her hair bumped and grinning ear to ear, I thought “Oh honey, enjoy and gloat, this won’t last.”

    If she’d been convicted and rec’d LWOP that would have been only ONE kind of punishment. Now, it’s time for Casey to beware of what she wished for. In prison, she would have 3 hots and a cot, and would have had protective custody as well as heightened protection within a general population. Now, she’s basically thrown to the wolves.

    I wonder to what extent Casey will be protected from harm? Will the state of Florida or some private benefactor be paying for 24 hour bodyguard protection for her? And for how long?

    Will some benefactor offer her 50 or 60K to get a big fat plastic surgery procedure to alter her features? Maybe she should just get really fat, die her hair white and get a million facial piercings?

    Maybe she could get deliberately disfigured, people tend to politely look away when they see a facial malformation. Hmm, I think that’s a really good idea. Being fat also makes people politely avert their eyes, as long as it’s at least four hundred pounds.

    Hey, I think I may have just solved all of Casey’s problems!

    As to various agencies retracting their offers to Casey for fear of being boycotted, this will continue to happen, but after a year or so, the issue will be whether or not anyone cares enough to tune into this pathetic misfortune of human DNA. Maybe no boycott threats, but will there even be an audience? I dunno.

    Casey Anthony is just plain screwed. The only thing she has going for her is her native obliviousness and lack of empathy for other human beings. She may be the last to know why she is America’s Most Hated Woman., and anyway, she is pathological enough to twist this knowledge into “Poor Me”.

    It could be that she will only suffer a small fraction of what you and I predict, because she is so oblivious and cold and insensitive.


    1. Hmm… Perelandra,

      You mention 400 pounds of weight gain in order for Casey to be safe. Well, I have watched a number of You Tube parodies etc. of this whole situation & its players over the last 3 years, by someone called ‘NetDetective1’. A number of them are quite hilarious and have helped me get my anger out. 🙂

      Anyway, on one of these videos, called ‘KC – Hot or Not?’, at the 1:00 minute mark, is this picture:

      I hope you can see it…..I was not able to paste the picture in to Dr. Glass’ blog. I think this could be a way to get a bit of distance from people…


      1. Seriously!! It would work wonders for her anonymity.

        What they could do is force feed her for a year or two, or give her a lot of Prednisone or both.

        Ewww lol, a bit of anger went into this little vid 😀


  22. The Fifth Amendment does not protect a person from being tried by two or more separate governments. Thus, both the federal government and the state government are able to charge and prosecute one person for the same criminal act, which is often the case for drug related crimes. As well, two or more states can prosecute and try a person for the same criminal act. People need to start a website for FBI to file murder charges against Casey Anthony on the federal level!!!! FBI HAS JURISDICTION TO REFILE MURDER CHARGES AGAINST ANTHONY WITHOUT IT BEING DOUBLE JEOPARDY PLEASE GET THIS INFO OUT TO EVERYONE.

    Credit to Pamela Ervin for the writeup

    Read Petition Letter



    1. OMGoodness! If only this would happen and throw in the parents for cover-up.

      I love your AKA name, sadly so true, so true.

      Obviously this jury in Florida were too DUH, too stupid. All one has to do is listen to the nonsense they are espousing for the “not guilty” verdict.

      With mountains of evidence, they rushed through in 11 hours! One had a cruise to get to in 2 days from the verdict! They did NOT follow JP jury instruction.

      This a TRAVESTY AGAINST justice for CAYLEE!

      Professional Jurors may be the future, or at minimum a required IQ test. You can’t fake an iq test.


      1. Justice by way of the laws of Karma WILL happen! The laws of life are NOT mocked. It may take 20 years. Observe what became of OJ, he did his catharsis in the book “IF I Did It.” Now he sits in prison with admirers of gay men circling him.

        According to the American Anthropological Association, more than 200 women each year kill their children in the US. That’s more than 1 every other day. You just don’t hear about all these cases every day.

        There isn’t an accident in the homes of all these 200 mothers, every year where they “cover it up”; they murder their child or children. Susan Smith killed her two boys because her current boyfriend didn’t want kids. She basically killed her children because she saw them as an obstacle to the life she wanted to live with the boyfriend. Not much different than Casey Anthony.


  23. Casey’s release date was set back until the 17th. On the 19th, she has a deposition on the civil case concerning the use of Zanieda Gonzales’ name. The judge has already mentioned the thousands of dollars Casey cost the state by lying about Caylee being taken by her nanny. Another poster stated that there may be a civil suit against Casey by the state.

    I wonder if the release date is true, they may release her earlier and in secret to avoid public protest.

    Protester could duct tape their mouths and put a heart sticker over it for Casey and team to view!


    1. I wonder if she is already “gone” and in some kind of privately funded protection.

      I think there are plenty of people out there willing to provide funding for Casey to be safe from the villagers with pitchforks. I want her to be safe from them.


      1. Might be but anyone that would want to protect Casey is dumb as dirt like the juror’s. she should be flung out of the courthouse on her own. Caylee sure didn’t have protection,


  24. I think that the TEACHER of government was just angry that he was not a real jury member. Why should he consider the likes of George or Baez..when this was about Casey and Caylee..IMO..this jury just didn’t care and wanted out of the trial.. IMO showed how stupid these people were that they couldn’t understand instructions. Nor did they care!


  25. I believe karmic justice will display itself in the aftermath of this travesty of justice against Caylee Anthony and the American public, just as it did in the O.J. Simpson trial that ended with an acquittal in 1995. Remember Robert Kardashian or Johnnie Cochran…long dead of throat cancer and brain tumor while still quite young. Look at O.J. now, rotting in a prison in nowhere Nevada while his grand Florida home is occupied by leech family members. Barry Scheck has avoided bad vibes by his work with the Innocence project Group and Robert Shapiro no longer practices criminal defense work. I envision that Casey ends up in Las Vegas, perhaps as a professional prostitute, and meets some type of ill fate based on greed or stupidity, like O.J. did. And she’s already got the moniker of convicted felon hanging over her head for the rest of her life. I can only hope that she does not reproduce again. The greatest punishment for Casey [and Jose Baez] upon release from jail would be to no fanfare whatsoever…no book, deal, no movie deal…just Jose dropping her off at Cheney Mason’s house so she can goof off on Facebook all day. I would hope that no one harms Casey physically as she is just not worth it. The citizens of Orange County need to stop footing the tax bill of this circus, protecting these hapless Anthony fools.


  26. Isn’t the gal pictured above the one who had check fraud charges against her like Casey? Some female on this jury did…and how did SHE get on the jury? Simply because Casey’s check fraud case couldn’t be mentioned?

    (Although Cindy tried to get mention of the checks in under LDB’s questioning by casually mentiong it. Cindy hoped that Linda would then be able to bring ip the check charges and it would have been a mistrial. Linda IGNORED IT. Sailed right on past Cindy’s clever little aside.

    Cindy thinks she is a Mensa candidate. And the rest of us? Stuoid suckers!.

    Man alive, I detest this family. And when will we ever hear the end of them? Heaven help us.


    1. Yea and IIRC Didn’t SINdy say to the police that she had affadavitt’s to prove kc had stolen money from her while on the call? so she was going to take Caylee,why else and I also believe thats why G reported the gas cans? Another crime to show her unfit! yet she was MOTY!


  27. Dr. Glass, I am glad that you brought up Scott Peterson because I have doing a lot of thinking about the similarties between his case and Casey’s.

    The juror and alternate juror kept saying that the prosecution hadn’t proven how Caylee died – neither did the prosecutor in the Peterson case. By the time Laci’s remains were discovered, she had been in the water for almost four months, and it was impossible to determine how she had died. Despite their best evidence, police were unable to determine any forensic evidence in the Peterson home or Scott’s boat (other than one of Laci’s hairs).

    What the prosecution relied on to get a first-degree murder conviction were Scott’s actions before and after Laci disappeared. It seems that the prosecutors in the Peterson case had even less forensic evidence than Jeff Ashton, yet those jurors still decided, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Scott had murdered Laci.


    1. Barbara, the juror’s in the Scott Peterson case could add up 1+1 and come up with 2. If you asked poor Caylee’s juror’s to add this up their answer would be 1. Lazy and dumber than dirt~~


  28. The rule of law was “followed” but I AM livid and beyond words that the jury did not find her GUILTY in @ least count 2 / 3. There was ENOUGH evidence. PERIOD. The jurors seemed to be more involved with ” like and or dislike” with the attorneys. This ISN’T facebook folks. This is a young woman who got away with murder. 11 hours is NOT enough time TO GO THROUGH the evidence. What about the duct tape, pet burial, They didn’t discuss the case nor the evidence. SHAME ON THEM ALL.


  29. Dr. Glass? I’m curious what you make of Ms.Ford’s (the juror)
    body language during her interview.
    Is it just me, or do her eyes look dark & threatening to anyone else?
    She pursed her lips much the same as Cindy Anthony did on the witness stand.

    Am I off base with this observation? I dunno. What do you think?


  30. I’ve seen 3 of the jurors (2 alts) on tv. All I can say is that future potential jurors should be forced to take an IQ test. I can’t believe that they’re just regurgitating Baez’ nonsense and admitting that they ignored all of the testimony and evidence. It’s completely irresponsible and unforgivable.


    1. It seems to me that the jurors followed the judge’s instructions. He told them many times that they could believe or ignore any testimony. They stated they found the evidence lacking and not believable. How is that wrong?


    2. I agree. It is completely irresponsible. But maybe now that they are out of their seclusion and hear/see the stuff we saw all along they will have to deal with their mistakes for the rest of their life with the regret they will feel. They let down that poor child… 😦


  31. I agree Dr Glass that she is in for a world of shock when she gets out.
    Luckily, there’s already pictures of Casey Anthony as a Blonde with super short hair, so it’ll be easy to recognize her again. Perhaps a Red afro might give her a weeks time to escape the country via plane, train or automobile…after that, she’ll be a prisoner in her own home as you said. Think she’ll be shocked at the cost of 24/7 bodyguards?


  32. just wait…very soon we’ll be hearing that Paris Hilton & Casey have
    become BFFs! then Casey will be on SNL just like Paris was after the
    porn tape became available to the public.

    them hos gotta stick together, & this will bring the spotlight back to
    Paris. poor poor Paris, she’s been so neglected by the tabloids for
    way too long.


  33. I like this Post Dr. Glass
    I NEEDED this post.

    I hope you are right.

    It is interesting, I still have ENERGY about this, after all, 3 years of invested time and passion and trust in our legal system has weighed heavy.

    Energy never dies.

    I will never forget CAYLEE nor what Casey did to her.

    I won’t forgive, I am a mother, and I love my kids so much, more than life itself.

    I appreciate this article like you can’t know.
    I feel you feel betrayed just like me.

    Thank you for posting this ♥♥♥

    It means a lot to me. I live in Iowa, and I can’t let this go. I am angry, I can be angry as long as I need to be, it is my business.

    I will allow myself to feel however I feel.

    After all, my feelings are my soul talking.



  34. Well, from your mouth to God’s ears about what her future as a free citizen will be like. The jury loved Jose – that much is very clear from the statements made by the jurors who have spoken with the media. This includes the juror who was interviewed by a TV station in Orlando but requested his name not be released. I think it was a huge mistake for the Prosecution to have not have used a high level jury consultant just as the DT did.

    I am stunned that this jury discarded all the lesser charged options and basically have set this psychopath free. I am disgusted that Baez had the arrogance to publicly state that this was justice for Caylee. Did the jury have no understanding of the definition of reasonable doubt? Did they think any doubt was equivalent?

    As everyone knows, trials are won or lost in jury selection. While I do think that Judge Perry is a stellar jurist, I believe that he rushed the jury selection process in a significant way. Because he is also the chief administrative judge his role and responsibilities encompass the financial constraints and considerations involved in the costs incurred with 2 weeks in Pinellas County. He also had to contend with the small window of time that he was allotted for use of their court room. Just as a comparable reference the Scott Peterson case took 11 weeks to seat the jury.

    I do wonder why 4 members of Casey’s jury have criminal records. Why would they have been selected by the Prosecution? I do remember that they were running out of jury pool candidates and also the time deadline was fast looming. I do not place any blame on the Prosecution because I think that their hands were tied. I do think that it was very unwise for Judge Perry to have such an arbitrary deadline fixed for this most all important process. I also think that regardless of budgetary constraints the Prosecution needed to use a jury consultant just as the defense did, to their overwhelming benefit.

    Juror #3 said: “You can’t punish someone for something if you don’t know what they did.”

    Juror #3, it was NOT YOUR JOB to PUNISH Casey Anthony. It WAS your JOB to LISTEN TO THE EVIDENCE and USE COMMON SENSE. You were not handing down PUNISHMENT in this phase and it would never have been your decision. The Judge makes that decision, the jury only recommends. Did you skim over the words “Caylee is Dead” on the Juror Instruction sheet?

    Juror #3, Ms. Ford spoke on Nightline a few nights ago. Ms. Ford felt that one could not convict if you didn’t know how someone died or the motive.

    I totally disagree. You don’t need to know a motive. You don’t need to know how someone died. It’s my opinion that often times people don’t realize that behavior is evidence, powerful evidence.

    She stated that the prosecution did not provide the jury with those facts. She also stated that she did not believe the defense case. On the Nightline show, she completely sidestepped the evidence of the duct tape on Caylee’s skull. She never addressed it.

    I can’t believe what some of these jurors believed! Juror #2 stated that “it didn’t matter at what point in time she came home and found out her daughter missing”. I can’t believe it. They also said they weren’t sure who the caretaker was. How in the world did this happen? Were they sleeping when the PT told in detail the calls from Cindy to Casey over the 31 days asking where they were? She kept making excuses as to where Caylee was. We all know this, CLEARLY Casey was the “caregiver” (term used loosely).

    This is unreal…..they thought Casey came home and found out Caylee was missing??????????? This tells me they could not have been paying attention at all.
    Done is done but Judge Perry made a huge mistake not telling the jurors they had to disregard the opening statement from Baez as he proved none of it. This jury believed it with not one iota of proof but disregarded the evidence the PT had.

    How did 12 people agree Casey “came home and found out Caylee was missing”? It’s like one of them made it up and they all went along with it….they gave no thought whatsoever to the 31 days. What a huge huge mistake these people made by not taking the time to ask questions and look at evidence, and most of all, use common sense.

    I think this jury was totally taken in by the CSI effect. They were unable to make any type of conclusion about Casey’s post-incident behavior and wanted all the evidence tied up for them in a neat package. They wanted to know when she died, where she died and how she died before they were willing to convict on any charge. It shows us a jury that is unable to analyze evidentiary behavior critically, and come to a conclusion about it. This jury also rejected the prosecution’s motive that was presented to them. I believe they rejected it because they didn’t understand it.

    Even though Casey Anthony lied to every person in her immediate orbit, law enforcement officers, the general public and beyond about having a job, what she was doing and when, having a “Zanny the nanny” and a kidnapping, that behavior by Casey was rejected by the jury as having any weight as evidence that a crime had been committed. They basically said, Casey Anthony’s post incident behavior means nothing without a motive or cause of death.

    Even though the prosecution presented strong evidence that there was a dead body and high traces of chloroform in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car, they still could not come to the conclusion that a dead body had been placed inside it. Even though the prosecution presented powerful evidence that three pieces of duct tape were attached to the child’s skull, mandible and hair, the jury did not see that as evidence that a crime had taken place. Many of us are wondering what person in their right mind could think that how and where little Caylee ended up, in plastic bags, in a swamp, with duct tape wrapped around her head was the result of an “accident?” To me, this tells me that this juror, and most likely the rest of the jurors were unable to connect the dots and put the pieces of evidence together.

    When you have jurors that are unable to make reasonable conclusions about post-incident behavior and powerful scientific evidence this is the type of verdict you get.

    I am disappointed by a jury foreman, juror #6 negotiating media deals for 5 figures. I am disgusted that juror #3 has been awarded a trip to Disney World, courtesy of ABC/Disney for an interview. I find it disgusting that these people would decline a press conference, but are negotiating with the highest bidders for media time.

    The jurors, IMO are accountable to society for their actions. As they step forward to give their reasons for their utterly incredible verdict and reap financial benefits for speaking, they become fair game for investigation. They let a murderer, a psychopath free onto society!

    Here is the real Juror #3, she has a lot in common with Casey, they both like to write bad checks.


    1. I said earlier Juror #3 pic/look reminded me of Casey, that they had something in common.

      Listening to a brief interview she #3 gave she sounded to me like a total airhead. Now it is revealed she writes bad checks. My intuitive sense is once again confirmed. At times that works better than body language.


    2. Thank you NancyB for writing so eloquently what I cannot. I agree 1000% with everything you’ve written.

      Maybe some of the jurors will feel the regret and remorse that sociopath Casey cannot. She sure has a way of ruining the lives of most she comes in contact with.


    3. Nancy B, very well said, bravo~~ obviously they missed Baez right off the bat in his ludicrous opening statement as he told these block heads WHEN Caylee died, Baez said june 16th 2008. This has to be the dumbest juror’s on the planet. At least with OJ we all knew why the juror’s let him go. Felon Casey is a nobody and should be doing life or be on death row~~


    4. Nancy
      WOW, You are smart, you are the best!

      I don’t know you, but I know you think just like I do.

      What AN AWESOME comment, best I have ever read ever!

      Thank You!

      If you start a blog, I will be a member!


  35. Dear Dr. Glass,The first vote that was taken by the jurors was 10 not guity and 2 guilty.It would be interesting to hear from the two jurors that voted for 1st degree murder in the first vote.It would be interesting to find out ,WHY,they changed there vote without asking for more evidence and info. to show the other jurors,there point of view.Could they have been overwelmed and bullied into it by the others?Just a thought.I also found it very strange that the jurors had allways dressed casual threw out the trial and on the second day ,they came in to the court all dressed up,it was mentioned by Jean Casarros,who thought it strange.It was as if they were allready to go home,and had decided .What are your views about this?I enjoy your posts very much,and have never written on a blog in my life,but found this verdict so unbelievable.


  36. I JUST HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!!! I have been reading your blog everyday since the trial started and you have educated me a great deal about body language and facial awareness….. I thank you greatly for this…… Keep the excellent blogging coming……


  37. I wish if the jurors had so many doubts that would have found her guilty and let it works it way through the appelas, NOT GUILTY there is no more chances there. I’ve said this before…she got away with it because she LIED!!! If the baby drown she had 1000 days to say so before the jury was sworn in. She was facing death but she kept with her Nanny story right up to Opening Arguements….SHE GOT AWAY WITH IT because it took so long to find her…..The Jurors said they did not know how she died…well we all know for sure one thing she was dead and thrown in the woods…


  38. This post from Dr. Glass and the FANTASTIC comments following have give me faith back.
    thank YOu Dr. Glass
    and THANK YOU EVERYONE that posted.

    The Jurors got it wrong, I am angry at them, they were fooled by an idiot JOse Baez..



  39. Dear Dr. Glass,
    Please use your significant influence to prevent Casey Anthony from making any profit by joining others in boycotting, calling, emailing, twittering, facebooking- to stop companies from hiring this evil creature. I know no one else with your kind of “clout”. It seems to me that when people of your social stature stand up and speak, others listen. Could you please help? If you say that you won’t buy, then people who look up to you will do the same. On facebook, you can see that many people have jumped in to start up boycott pages on any/all Casey Anthony merchandising of any sort. Please don’t buy anything, or support any company that will provide money to this person. Lets send CMA the message of “NO”, something that her parents obviously never did. “NO, we don’t want any”, and “NO, we don’t want to finance your way of life”. Somebody has to stand up and do something, one person can make a difference. Have a Blessed Day People!!!


  40. Dr. Glass,

    Thank you for this post, as it served to soothe my soul. It is just so irksome, annoying, and at times enraging, to live with the knowledge that this woman goes free while her precious child is reduced to a skeleton, never to enjoy her childhood or her life. I mean it: thank you.

    I see much truth in what you are saying here. There are multiple pages on Facebook, for example, where people are venting their anger and protesting. Heck, one page was entitled something like “100,000 people who are unhappy with the Casey verdict”; but when I went there and added my ‘LIKE’ by hitting the button, there were 315,000 or so others…..

    She will know the true loneliness of a Pariah. Everyone who ever comes in contact with her will suspect her and not trust her, at the outset. That would be hellish. I mean, all of us make mistakes – with others, in love, with jobs, etc. It is reassuring to know that tomorrow, we may approach other people in a different situation, having learned where we behaved badly; and we know we will be given a fresh chance. Not so for Casey.

    So many careers will be out of the question for her, as a 6 time felon. Who, in a marriage, likes to be lied to & betrayed? The only people who hang around others who do that as a lifestyle are others of that same ilk; therefore, as I see it, Casey has sentenced herself to a lifetime of dealing with people with very little character to recommend them.

    At least in LWOP, she could have had a chance, anew, to make friends with people like herself, with similar values. Now, everyone will shun her & tell friends to stay away as George & Cindy told Casey’s friends to stay away, because “She is not a good person”. Boy, that is the understatement of the year!


  41. Is this something akin to wishful thinking?

    You want her to suffer for a crime she possibly did not commit?

    It comes off that way, Doctor.


  42. Jurors should not be allowed to profit after a trial. Marcia Clark the prosecutor in O.J. trial said jurors could possibly go for the more sensational verdict because it would mean more $$ for an interview. I also think jury selection needs to be looked at. How can juries intelligently make a decision when they can’t understand complicated forensic evidence. Did they not even listen to Dr. G. who made the most common sense argument for homicide. In real life there won’t be a videotape or eyewitness in most murder cases.


  43. Sorry Buster, but there are many who are of a different opinion than you. Maybe you should move in with her, or try to capitalize on a relationship with her. I am sure the door will be wide open for you or anyone else who wants it.


  44. Bethany you are also so right. It was all of the lies and the diversion from the truth, by all of the Anthony’s, Cindy helped to get her lying murderous daughter off through her actions. Therefore, Caylee’s blood is also on her hands along with the 12 who were so gullible and naive. What goes around comes around, sooner or later they will all be facing Karma.


  45. Gosh Nancy B, you are a wonderful analyst. I felt that the Prosecution should have went after everyone, and anyone involved. That means Cindy Anthony too. It should have mattered to them that Caylee was dead, and Crasey acted as though she did not have a care in the world! They also must not have considered what they themselves would have reacted, if their child or loved one was missing. What reasonable explanation could they have come up with for all the lies and diversion? Maybe they all could relate to Crasey in one aspect or another.


  46. The planets aligned. A miracle occured. A blessing has been bestowed…

    For all the people you’ve destroyed, share the blessing, manifest a miracle CASEY and tell the world the truth…

    …jus wishing for the truth


  47. Buster must have been juror # 13. One way to fix our “broken system” is to have jurors define LOGIC and COMMON SESNSE in preliminary questioning during jury selection. Dismiss those who lack these, which would have been this entire pool………….no pun intended.


  48. Juror # 3 has that same blank stare that Casey had during the entire trial………..hmmmm!!! Maybe she was still “sick to her stomach”……….


    1. Totally agree, #3 creeps me out when she talks. She speaks utter and total nonsense, just like Casey, and that strange stare.

      Obviously, this is an opportunity to $$$$ cash in and lay off writing bad checks…. UNBELIEVABLE. mho


  49. i think george&cindy were well aware of their daughters behaviors long before the world got involved.although i dont suspect they will admit anymore than what was found out out trial.i have to say with the verdict i do believe there will be someone that will go after her since the world is so appaulled at the verdict.obviously the jury was drinking the baez kool-aid.where they found the any people on this planet that didnt believe she killed caylee is beyond me.this jury had this case for less than 11 hours they wanted to go home.they wanted to sell there stories.it was the 4th of july holiday and they were missing out!so i hear 6 wanted manslaughter and then changed there minds???why why? what more did for them to have video of casey committing the crime on youtube???seriously baez threw everything out there to see what stuck and blamed the prosecution for doing that.however the prosecutions facts and case are the only thing that makes sense and baez didnt back up his words.i dont believe she was abused.and george is stuck with that stigma now.lee doesnt seem to bothered by what has been claimed.which is weird.and cindy at first i felt sorry for the anthonys however i have watched them lie so much trying to protect casey that something they dont consider is there part of the problem .i honestly believe they thought the law would have to handle casey with this case and that she wouldnt go free. well surprise shes going to be out so she will be the anthonys problem yet again..so cindy rushed with george the day after the verdict and baez wouldnt let them see her .the next day cindy wants a video visit.surprise surprise she’s turned away yet again..why keep going back for more.?they love caylee thats justice?i think cindy thinks casey will tell her the truth maybe she should think about all the lies shes already been told.i guess you can say since the verdict ive been in shock as a mom x4 i just cant comprehend this verdict and it doesnt seem real.i guess because you expect good to overcome.the prosecution worked so hard .they even have facebook pages devoted to them.how can they and every commenter on tv and the judges and lawyers discussing this case be so wrong.?they werent it is simply outreous that she took caylee for 31 days and didnt report her!and her behavior come on here but this jury chose not to give caylee justice or a voice.i just dont understand what more proof they needed.andif they anthonys intend to profit more they deserve the backlash they will get.with that 911 call they got americas attention.the world fell in love with little caylee and to reduce her to rotten pizza or give her mother all not guiltys when that baby layed in that swampy area with maggots and other things eating at her little body..casey showed caylee no mercy.they jury has made me question our judical system.so its okay to go off with your child not report them and then when they die just say it wasnt me.outreous!i dont think america will forget caylee anytime soon.just like scott peterson there both killers the difference he’s not going to hurt anyone else.can we say the same for casey????like oj and lindsey lohan we will hear her name again i’d bet on it.!


  50. There was so much evidence the jury did not get to hear. Casey rented a movie very close to Caylee’s death that had a scene where duct tape was used over the mouth of someone who was bound, as well as other murder movies. How come the jury never heard Casey’s journal entry after Caylees disappearance about “hoping the ends justifying the means” and being the happiest shes ever been? Also, Tony Lazzaros taped police interview talked extensively and clearly about how Cindy was not allowing Casey to use her as a babysitter so she could go sleep with Tony or go party. Her mom was constantly REFUSING to watch Caylee, including the trip to Mexico with friends Casey was not able to attend because of Cindy refusing to watch her. How did the jury get the impression that Casey had a willing, built in babysitter with her mom? That was NOT the case! Tony makes it clear Cindy was not wanting to enable Casey’s partying and was NOT available to babysit at night. Why do you think Casey had to bring Caylee to sleep in her other boyfriends (chloroform myspace guy) bed with them?Thats where the “zannies” and chloroform came in for Casey to have a free babysitter. She learned about Chloroform in the clubs and from this other sleazy boyfriend before Tony.

    Why didn’t the prosecution include these important FACTS for the dolts on the jury in Florida? They should have spent more time on the above FACTS than on stupid Dr. Vass, who sounded like a 3 year old who was enjoying the spotlight as much as he enjoys hanging out with dead bodies. I could not take his testimony seriously, I was very distwacked I’m sorry. I am sure the jury was too!

    I felt the prosecution did a great job but juror number 3 has dead eye to me all the way and may just be able to relate to Casey a little more than we want her to, if ya know what I mean. People will say anything to get on a jury like this and for all we know after 3 long years of media attention, the jury may have been stacked with Casey groupies, more than we realize.

    I agree Caseys life will be like OJs and it will be torture beyond belief for her to be shunned, heckled, and banned from people and society when you are a narcissist like Casey. They depend on constant recognition from others to survive in life. She will shrivel away into a pathetic person like OJ when she can no longer suck the life force out of other people. The lazy, sleazy, self serving, greedy jurors will also get their karma and so will the defense team.


    1. Both jurors – number 3 and the alternate – have now said that the prosecution didn’t show a motive for murder and that Casey was a good mother! The motive is clear to me – Casey wanted to party with her friends, which she could only do if she didn’t have a child to take care of. To Casey, Caylee was a burden and an obstacle to the “beautiful life” she wanted – just like Laci and Connor Peterson were an obstacle to Scott. It’s really too bad the prosecution didn’t make that clearer.


      1. Barbara, It wouldn’t matter what evidence they were given. This group of jurors closed their minds to the evidence & testimony in this case as soon as Baez made his claims of what happened in opening statements. Although that was not evidence and the defense did not put on one speck of evidence to support their claims, the jury took it ran with it. JMO!


      2. Again… nothing hindered Casey’s partying life. Cindy and George were more than willing to watch Caylee, hell, they wanted to raise her.

        SO this notion that somehow Caylee prevented Casey from being the Party Girl she wanted is false. AND it seems to be what the prosecutions whole case as far as motive goes (and all your hatred of her) is built on.


    2. Mary — LOVE your post!!! Why wasn’t the argument of the 16th of June allowed into evidence as well, Cindy choking Casey, loud yelling heard by the neighbor.

      Cindy was attempting to force Casey into being a “good mother!”

      A person who live by lying can’t be a good citizen, never mind a good mother!

      The jurors were LAZY LAZY and easily impressed with a third rate salesman. Yes, he could throw out any accusation and not have to prove it? WHAT! I was waiting for the proof, why wasn’t the jury?

      And the tapes of Casey in JAIL, when Cindy says, “the media is saying Caylee drowned.” Casey responds, “surprise, surprise” in a sarcastic flat tone! I would have expected her to give some body language Leak and she doesn’t she is flat out unimpressed.

      We could go on and on but stupidity is alive and well because LOGIC and REASONING has been discarded.

      George and Cindy hindered the investigation by destroying evidence and then helped with the “not guilty” verdict by lying on the stand. mho

      Like others here, I believe, Casey’s life will be more hell on the outside. Even if she acts oblivious and finds friends in the psychos, users and naive, her happiness will be short-lived.


      1. This has always bugged me. Jeff Ashton stated that Cindy has always totally denied it. So has Lee, who told Jesse Grund about it right after July 15th. He immediately told law enforcement. It would be heresay for him to have testified to it. The only ones that could have testified in court about this monumental piece of the puzzle would have been Cindy or Lee. ALL of them LIARS.


    3. Mary, thank you for reminding me that Cindy refused to babysit Caley, and why! I had completely forgotten that, as well as Tony Lazarro’s deposition statements. I agree with you, the Prosecution needed to admit these statements into evidence. They focused on the murder, but not the reasons why…which, for me, made up the strongest circumstantial evidence! Thanks again!


  51. Nancy,are you serious about the gifts for the jury,Something isn’t right here!
    I can’t get the clip of Jose playing with the hallway cam before the verdict,seemed to me that he knew the verdict,somehow? jmho


    1. Amazing that you say this because I have thought this very same thing since I saw the video of him “shooting the guns” at the video camera BEFORE the verdict was read. It seemed such odd behavior for such a very serious event that was minutes away.


      1. hi nancy yes beaz knew the verdict already before time look at how he played on the camera when he came out in the hall.he is a snake how he knew dont know but he will get in good trouble some day.he does not follow the law its his way or the hyway.


    2. hi chattycathy yes beaz did play for the camera and l will bet donuts to dollars that he knew the verdict already because he had bought gifts for the jury to take home.l dont know if the gifts were taken away from them dont know but he is a piece of work and a snake.


  52. Buster,Yes I do though you didn’t ask me directly…….She did it and we all know she did it but even if she didn’t,yea I wanna see her punished for waiting 31 days,she WAS a mother????????? wth does that? as bad as I can’t stand Cindy even she called kc while she was missing?


  53. So, the jury simply liked Bozo-Baez more than they liked the State (Jeff Ashton, Linda Drane-Burdick). That is ubelievable … they liked the filth and gutter-level comments he spewed out in his opening statement and on through the trial? It was so obviously a fabricated story … of child molestation and family dysfunction … almost justifying it as making it ‘okay’ for Casey to murder her own little baby girl!

    I agree with what Mary said: there was so much the jury didn’t get to hear, and I feel, like some of them pretty much admitted to, they had their minds made up from Day 1, yet they should have said … right then … that they were unwilling to make a FAIR and reasonable decision, that nothing would have changed their minds from that moment forward. This is injustice at it’s finest!

    This is injustice in every sense of the word. I mean, how could ANYONE like the defense as they did; to listen to Bozo’s every word and believe everything he said – which were nearly all lies! What is this world coming to? In my mind, this makes the ill-informed and stubborn jury guilty as well. They are guilty of not listening, being unintelligent, lazy and finally wanting to go HOME and to get there they took the easy way out. IMO they are guilty of all of this and they should be punished too! But will this case get another chance due to a TAINTED jury? Of course not, don’t even go there … it is so unfair, and even the Judge wonders why at times people are so very upset with the justice system & at him for choosing such a terrible and brainwashed jury!

    I want my sentence to be imposed on Casey Anthony! My sentence is that I wish her the worst life humanly possible to have and I wish her to have a SHORT lifespan of one day-one year maximum before somebody (yes, a crazy person, perhaps) does away with her in the same way she did away with her beautiful & innocent little baby … in a cold-hearted a painful manner of death! I feel almost guilty of wishing this on another human being, but I can’t seem to get past this …. I can’t get past this tainted-jury-verdict and the injustice in our system that we have to live with. So, those of us that feel like I do, let’s wish nothing but the worst for Casey Anthony in her days, weeks or even years, to come! May she rot in Hell when it’s all over with for her .. after she has had to answer to God, for her lying & selfish ways … and finally, for murdering her little girl, Caylee Marie Anthony, long before she had a chance in this world …long before her time!


  54. Oh, and one more thing from me to Nancy B: So well-said, Nancy! Thanks for being a spokeperson who has ‘summed it up’ for 2/3 of us in this world (that’s what the polls are showing as feeling the wrong verdict was reached). You have touched on everything I have been wanting to say and have been feeling and agree 100% with since that wrong verdict was spoken in favor of a killer! Please never stop sticking up for little Caylee; I won’t either. I will keep blogging & posting every chance I get. Thanks again …


  55. Can’t the verdict be overturned if there is evidence of jury tampering and/ or not following instructions? One of the alternates keeps saying ” We thought this and we thought that” and he was not even in deliberations! They are not suppose to discuss anything until deliberations.

    They need to look into this because a very dangerous person is going to be free, she may even be a young serial killer. Pretty interesting that Cindy’s Yorkies were “overly tired” during that same time. Casey probably practiced on them and I am sure not all of their pets deaths were natural.


  56. Here’s a little bit of good news.

    Why Casey Anthony Will Not Get A Book Deal

    ChattyCathy – Once on Blink scroll down a bit and you’ll see it

    Best laugh I’ve had today was remembering some of the jury’s other comments such as these:

    One of the jurors said that the duct tape floated over to Caylee?
    That there was no dead body in the car because of all the people who didn’t notice the smell.
    They believed the accident theory
    So…Baez played to the lowest common denomitator and won


    1. WOW WOW WOW, being uneducated in the US in alive and well.

      Critical thinking for this jury group has taken a hiatus FOREVER!

      Time to REFORM the jury group requirement!!! OMG.


  57. No, double jeopardy protects KC from ever being tried again for the same crimes. She could yell it from the mountainside and give each detail of her daughter’s death and if the crime fell under murder one, child abuse, whatever was charged here in this case, she can never be tried again.

    That doesn’t mean it would do her any good and I don’t think she will come clean at all. I don’t think G,C or her brother will ever be truth-tellers. Do they even recognize the truth to themselves, among themselves? I don’t think so. I think Cindy says as she said to Lee “Walk away” or “Leave it alone” and that is what this bizarre family will do.


  58. Two more comments, please. One is that KC is so like Scott P. that it is extremely scary to have her out there free to lie, kill, do what she likes because she is a psychopath as he is.

    The other comment I wanted to make was that I thought, too, about how many animals have died in the “care” of the Anthony family. I have been married 21 years and we have only our 2nd dog. Very strange. KC would have no feelings about testing out her methods on animals. She will no doubt become a notorious serial killer if only of her own children and animals.


  59. Singphat
    I thought something odd,The way he played with the cam and he was terrified of losing,something about that hallway camera act don’t sit well,he never did anything like that and moments before the verdict?


  60. Nancy,I think the jurors should take Caseys place now! 1st degree murder and thats exactly what they did when they let her go!


  61. Floated over,ROFL Dummies….Something i thought was hilarious and I swear I rolled when Dr.Spitz,Splitz,Shitz heck whoever he is but when he said “Well they had a pool at home “I thought wow,they have a car too but does that mean she got ran over,geeeeeez where do these people come from!
    I did worry though that poor ole feller wouldn’t remember how to get home,I really did! LoL


  62. I noticed in Cindy and G’s letters to Kc a pet named “Penny” died while kc was in jail.
    wouldn’t you be curious to know if it’s buried in the back yard in a blanket,bags and with DUCT TAPE?
    When the A’s die they’ll make lye soap out of them cause thats all they do is lie!


  63. Books? I don’t know why people want to pay them to be lied too? They don’t charge for that! They lie FREE!


  64. ITA Susan,thats why I blame them all and can even believe they all played a part,we could never figure out who it really was by their own stories…I just wish that streak of lightening had put a gash where a crack already was!


  65. Buster,Did you not hear that SINdy was always calling KC to bring Caylee home,I think she’s guilty as sin but Cindy raised her to be what she is now,KC wanted to adopt her out and Cindy refused to allow that so IMHO Cindy not only wanted her to keep a baby she didn’t want but made her take care of her which was wrong,Cindy should have said she’d adopt her and KC would be free but Cindy made her keep her and made sure she took care of her,KC didn’t want to be a Mother,she was young and wanted to party so put the blame for that on the oh so deserving SINdy! You cannot make somebody be a Mother…it comes natural if you want children!
    Why do you think KC made all those fake emails? Because Cindy would watch Caylee only if she worked?? hm? JMVHO


    1. Chatty —- So True. You cannot FORCE a young girl to be a mother.

      Cindy wanted the baby (NOT CASEY). Cindy wanted Casey to grow up into her responsibilities. Casey hadn’t worked in how long?

      Shocking is how Cindy and George NEVER met the so-called babysitter, and didn’t know Casey had NO JOB for years!


  66. Singphat,Exactly….how do you not know for 2 yrs! Though I still think Cindy knew but she was afraid to confront her and if George had Cindy would be on death row right now because Cindy would’ve left him laying because KC was her angel! KC could split them up in a second and has done it from what we know! Cindy worries about appearances IMO….Sorta like…..My kids better than yours,Cindy drove everybody in that house mad I’m sure of it,LoL
    Thats how I know too that George ain’t a murderer,if he were we wouldn’t even know Cindy! She’d have been his first victim!
    Cindy should have never made KC keep a child she didn’t want but to her,it’s all about appearances!
    I don’t think KC is innocent and she needs to pay for what she’s done but Cindy would make a preacher drink! LoL


  67. Rule of thumb people,…for all of those who are unable to digest facts,…

    1. Caley was last seen with Casey.

    2. Caley is dead.

    3. Casey lied, showing consciousness of guilt.

    4. Caley’s little body was disposed of in a pet-cemetery, dump.

    What else do you need? We do NOT need to know HOW the murder was accomplished. It is nonsense. All the facts were there. It’s as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 (a George Anthony quote on the stand!).

    I loved the prosecution statement, paraphrasing here,..that there is no need to make an ‘accident’ look like a ‘murder’!!! Was the jury too uneducated, or lacking the basic skills of logical thought to do the basic math??? Yes!

    There is nothing more, factually, that was needed to come to a Guilty verdict. Casey caused her child’s death. Period. She did not attempt to save the child’s life, by calling 911, she hid the body. That shows that she was aware of her criminal act. It’s not brain surgery folks!

    The jury acted in an intellectually dishonest manner with their verdict. Rumor has it that one of the jurors was commenting, during deliberation, of the consequences of their verdict.,..i.e. life of death. If you will recall, Judge Perry expressly stated that the jury was NOT to deliberate the consequences of their verdict, upon the defendant. And, yet they apparently did do just that!

    The jury was not following the Order, or verbal, and written directions of Judge Perry. They should be held in contempt of court, and be dealt with harshly, in order to show other potential jurors that the law is not a game. The Judge’s directions are not to be ignored. The court is the law of the land, period.

    I am disgusted with the jurors. If 70% of our population thinks Casey is guilty, then 70% of the jury should have reflected that statistic! Therefore, 8.4 of those very jurors SHOULD have resulted in a hung jury, at the very least! At that point, it would have been left up to Judge Perry to determine the defendant’s sentence, which in my opinion, is the way this should have proceeded. In that case, I assure you all, that Casey would have received a sentence in proportion to the facts. More than likely, her sentence would have been 25 years to life, or life without parole. I could have accepted that as justice in this case, from the facts available, as could a large portion of the 70%, would, I imagine, agree.

    The jury was lazy, unintelligent, morally bankrupt, obtuse, and/or unable to follow the verbal, and written, instruction of Judge Perry, to NOT CONSIDER the penalty of their decision. Take your pick. Justice WAS NOT done in this regard!

    SHUN them all!!!!!!


  68. Unfortunately, there are some strange men out there who can overlook the way she re-acted to her daughter’s disappearance and seem to think she’s some kind of attractive celebrity. Plus research shows that it was women who were more convinced of her guilt. I’m sure one think she’ll be trying to do is to get into a relationship to latch on to someone financially and provide her with some semblence of a life.


  69. I agree w/ Dr. Glass that body language played into the verdict, but I think there was more going on. I suspect there was pressure on the females from some of the males on the jury, likely led by the jury foreman. No excuse for Jenny, IMO.

    @Lucy Turnill, YES, but I sense there’s something even more wrong with these men who are Casey fans. Honestly it seems to me that it turns them on that Casey murdered her daughter to go party and get down with Tony, etc. I don’t for a minute think they are any less likely to believe she murdered Caylee; it beyond bothers them less, they are drawn to her for it… like women were drawn to Ted Bundy or the Nightstalker.

    It’s so sad and sick. I hope Dr. Glass is right about a free Casey, but I have the feeling Casey gets plenty of support, and is going to profit one way or another and enjoy herself until she gets in trouble again… which she’ll probably get out of again b/c she’s ‘hot’.


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