Casey Anthony’s Parent’s Body Language Indicates Unhappiness About Her Freedom

George and Cindy Anthony join the majority of the population who are not pleased about   Casey’s verdict. Even though they now act as though they are elated, their body language and their initial statements sat it all.  Along with the rest of the world, they did not expect this turn of events.                


 Here we see them in the hallway of the Courthouse prior to Casey’s sentencing. Look at George’s face. He has a very phony smile His lips are pulled across like he is smiling. However the lower lip is turned in which happens when a person is angry.  His eyes are not smiling either. There is an intense glare with a raised eyebrow which is indicative of anger as well. He is trying to put on a good front, but iit is not working. Also note his head is bowed in shame and his shoulders are rounded.

Cindy looks disgusted. She too is trying to smile but it is a false smile.Her lips have a half smile where the right side shows a slight upward movement. But the left side of the lips course downwards into a frown. There is also a tightness in her jaw which indicates anger.

Cindy is genuinely happy here when she sees the elderly Marshall whom she may not see again. Note her raised cheeks, smiling squinted eyes, open mouth and toothy grin which is indicative of a real smile.  Cindy reaches out and fully embraces him with her outstretched hand. She leans into him and looks right into his eyes. Look how close her abdomen is to his belt.  The Marshall is trying to be professional as he is stiff and keeping his distance. He wants to be  polite and embraces her as well but as you can see from his fingers he doesn’t fully embrace her.

His fellow officer looks a bit disgusted and taken aback Cindy’s outward display of affection. Cindy Anthony embracing this Marshall while he was on duty is  inappropriate behavior.  Based on the intense closeness of her abdominal area it appears that she is transmitting a sexual vive towards him. But he is having none of it.  Now we know where Casey learned her inappropriate behaviors.

George looks like a lost lamb. His hands are clutched together. This man never wore a suit or a tie in the three years we have seen him. Now he wears a black jacket which is like a suit of armor to protect himself.No doubt George is feeling pretty vulnerable these days. George used to have a swagger and hold his shoulders back with a cocky level of confidence. This is not the case anymore. George was a man who needs others to like him.

 Remember when he did that lengthy interview with an Orlando TV station and read from his poem Under the Microscope. There weer so many signals he exhibited where he wanted to be seen as Mr. Nice Guy. The jury didn’t see him as Mr. Nice Guy  according to the alternate and Juror Number 3 . There are those who see him as a Casey molester, while others see him as having a hand in Caylee;s death and aiding in a cover up. Others see him as a cheater, while others see him as a liar. He clearly knows this and it shows up in his body language.



Here  George looks lost. He looks very sad as his lips course downwards. His head is bowed and shoulders are a bit rounded indicating his lack of confidence that he once had.

Note the physical distance between he and Cindy. Note how they look in different directions, This is not a good sign. Even though they may put on a show for   public of  holding hands like they are a loving

couple, the truth is right here in this photo and the two photos above. They are not connected and they are not like minded. This is a bad sign concerning couples. I would not be surprised if the two of them split up after the digest what they have been through with their Toxic daughter.



52 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Parent’s Body Language Indicates Unhappiness About Her Freedom

  1. Cindy got what she wanted. She obstructed justice, lied and tampered with evidence. Now as always she will make George’s life hell for him. It does not matter that her daughter accused him of being a child molester. Once again nothing or no one matters to her but Casey.


    1. Maybe George is accustomed to being attacked and scapegoated so the resolve is just to go with the flow.


      I am interested in your take on ‘Theory of Mind’ concepts from a language/speech perspective. Isn’t the spectrum of autism in females new to researchers? Have you evaluated high functioning autistics????????


    2. i dont believe anything cindy, casey or cindys side of the family says, i believe cindy, lee and casey made up the drowning theory and stuck w/ it. poor George, he doesnt need this abuse and tragedy. i will never believe casey or cindy or lee, they all wanted to save the murderers @$$, period!


  2. This particular mix of genetic material obviously is toxic, and I think they are toxic for each other, G&C, maybe feeding on each other’s dysfunction. Who knows? Cindy looks to me like she is soooo like KC, looks like she has won queen for a day or something, and poor ole’ George, though he is super creepy, should get as far away from all of them as he can (same for Lee) and seek therapy for his lying among other things.


    1. If only therapy could help George! His ex was right, he has the lying gene – rather the psychopath gene. You are so correct that this genetic combination was toxic for their offspring. Maybe therapy could help Lee. I’m convinced there is no help for George or Cindy or Casey. I hope everyone can stay far away from all of them. I just can’t imagine the dollars spent on the havoc this family wrought through the entire nation over the scope of their lives.


  3. I truly believe Cindy’s rationalization to lie for the Defense was most likely ” Okay, I’m going to fudge the truth a little here, tell a couple mis-truths there, dodge a few questions… Anything to keep my only daughter off of Death Row.” I don’t believe for one iota of a second, and no one can or will ever change my mind on this, that Cindy Anthony (or Casey or even Jose Baez, for that matter) believed that Casey would be found Not Guilty on all 3 *major* counts.

    So while Cindy (along with 96.2% of the International Public, according to a recent Gallup Poll) made the DEVASTATING & DEAD-WRONG assumption that Casey was going to be found Guilty of Murder 1, she was, IMO, just trying to keep the needle out of Casey’s arm; she went a little TOO FAR with her lies and deceit, however, and actually helped sway the jury in the direction that Casey was actually Innocent… BIG OOPS!!! That must’ve hit them like a freakin’ freight train straight to the chest; I would have bolted from the Courtroom ASAP, just as they did!!!

    Now George & Cindy are faced with a tough dilemma: What if Casey decides she wants to come back home and resume her life in the family home on Hopesprings Drive? And if she ever does want that, would they ever allow her to do so, after everything that’s been said & done? After those appalling accusations she made against George??

    I don’t think any of them ever in a million years expected a full-out acquittal, but Cindy has absolutely NO ONE TO BLAME BUT HERSELF (That’s what she gets for lying/agreeing to lie!). I also suspect George & Cindy do know deep down that Casey killed Caylee, accidental or premeditated is a moot point at this juncture; I hope that it haunts Cindy and her soul every day: YOUR lies probably helped Casey, literally, get away with murder… The murder of your sweet, beautiful, innocent Granddaughter! Please rest in peace, Caylee.


    1. While I didn’t mean to repost this comment, it is just as fitting to this thread as it was to the other…

      My apologies! =)


  4. What no one seems to realize is that, when one is in jail; they are told not to show emotions whatsoever because it can be taken as something else, and can hurt your chances of being proven innocent. When you look into Casey Anthony’s eyes you can see the hurt and pain. People deal with pain differently then others, we all do not cry and make fools of ourselves in front of others. If Casey Anthony was an attention seeker(as they were saying she was), she would have been a mess throughout the whole trial. It looked like she kept a stiff upper lip. Who knows, if she broke down in her cell after she left the courthouse. In one of the pictures, when her parents are leaving the courtroom after the verdict was read, her mother has a smirk on her face like; we got away with it. When one thinks about it; if everyone sticks to the same story it will become believable. They all held up their parts, they had enough time to work on it; even the best of professionals can be fooled.


    1. Casey had no emotion whatsoever in her voice on the 911 tape to police when she said her daughter had been missing for 31 days. That tape said it all.

      She also went out partying and got a tattoo, etc.

      I have no sympathy for any of these people, they’re a bunch of lunatics as far as I’m concerned.

      I will never buy any products (books, movies) associated with any of them.


  5. I would tell George to get as far away from all of them as fast as he can; follow in Lee’s footsteps and stay out of the limelight. Get some intensive Psychological Support.

    If he doesn’t, I truly feel his next suicide attempt will actually end up as planned… With a suicide.


  6. At least Cindy came out with a big ole smile. Congrats Cindy you helped her walk. NOW WHAT? Will she see you now? She hasn’t for 3 years. But she needs money and support now. Of course Cindy will welcome her back. Doesn’t matter that she threw your granddaughter in a swampy trash heap. She “looks beautiful!” as you said in court. Beautiful. Beautiful life. Karma. Beautiful karma.


  7. Dr. Glass, where do you think Casey will go upon her release? I have a feeling she may have been moved to another jail, upon her sentencing, for her protection so that she will be released in “secret.” If Cindy and George split, do you forsee a reconcilliation between mother and daughter, if only for the “fame,” which Cindy seems to crave as well? Just curious on your thoughts.


    1. Cheney Mason told Jean Casarez that Casey will stay with him & his family for ‘a short while’ (until Casey gets her 1st check maybe?). Casey has refused all visits from Cindy for years now… Why on Earth Cindy thinks that Casey’s just going to walk right into her embrace and back into her home NOW, I have no idea. Casey has no use for them anymore; they’ve served their purpose, and she’s gonna go live that Bella Vita she soooo longs for upon her release.


      1. I’m sorry but when Jean Casarez’s asked MASON about the rumor re KC staying at his house he laughed that off, shook his head, and said NO, THAT WON’T BE HAPPENING.


  8. I think Cindy and George both are worried about Casey coming home and how to interact with her when they all know the truth–Casey murdered Caylee. However, I doubt if they need to worry. I strongly suspect a book deal is in place and a HUGE check will be waiting for her when she gets out of jail. With her own money, Casey has no need for her parents. She doesn’t need a “nanny” either, so why would she see or speak to her parents? A psychopath will dismiss anyone in their life that has no use for them. I think all of the Anthonys can relax. As long as the money lasts, (a few years), they won’t see or hear from Casey. Jose, however WILL hear from her again. This won’t be the last time she’s in a legal jam.


  9. Dr Glass, I saw some of that interaction between Cindy and the Sheriff officer. I watched him put his hand in his pocket to get it away from her. She was coming on strong. I have a question. Did the prosecution have a jury consultatant during the trial? They seemed so confident that the jury was hearing what they were saying, that I wonder if a consultant could have told them the jury wasn’t buying their presentation.


  10. I listened to the tape and really find the whole Anthony family to be delusional as well as toxic. Did George kill Caylee? I highly doubt it but I do believe he would help Casey to hide what happened from Cindy. It obvious this whole family is somewhat frightened of her. I also believe that Cindy found out the whole story from George AFTER Casey was arrested. No way is Casey an innocent victim while it’s all her father’s fault, no way. The true problem is someone has always cleaned up her many messes and someone most likely always will. I won’t buy the book and hope it is not a best seller.


    1. Agree that it is highly likely Casey caused Caylee death, George helped hide the body, and Cindy found out later.

      The parents suspected with the “smell of death” but didn’t want to believe Casey would harm Caylee. Others have said the whole family was in on it and to me that appears to be true. From the beginning to the end, they all knew while pretending otherwise.

      They should NEVER make a cents from Caylee’s death and if they should, the STATE should seek repayment for the false searches for a LIVE Caylee.

      I would NEVER buy anything that would create revenue for the Anthonys. NEVER, in fact a boycott seems appropriate, they made a mockery of justice.


  11. I don’t see Casey moving back home…her parents are living off of disability payments and barely making their mortgage. There’s nothing there for Casey to take advantage of.
    She will cash in where she can while the public loves to hate her.


  12. Dr. Glass,
    I believe in our Justice System, but this time with Casey Anthony I believe it has been served to us on a “broken platter.” I don’t believe Casey will return home. She’ll receive tons of help from do-gooders at first, but she will not prosper in the real sense. Little Caylee is dead, but life will take care of her mother. Karma is a tough enemy. Very sad for all concerned.


  13. Well if thay are happy or unhappy Lillian Thay made this bed by lying to police and in this trial. Casey only cares about her self now you have some pretty pissed off prosacuters and now thay are going to go after Cindy and the rest that Pergerd them self’s on that stand and you no what thay should its not ok for someone to lie on the stand . Mainly when you have a dead little girl. .But not one person in this family cared to stand up on that stand and say i miss you caylee you SHOULD HAVE JUSTICE!!. IT WAS LIE AFTER LIE FROM THE BEGING AND HOO CARES Dr. Glass if thay are happy OR UNHAPPY about the virdict thay made this virdict.


  14. Dr. Glass, don’t you have a degree as a psychologist? I thought I remembered reading somewhere years ago that you did, but I just looked at your bio on your website and don’t see it listed! Are you just being modest? 


  15. I enjoy reading your blogs about Casey, but I think you’re veering off track by trying to incriminate Cindy and George. No, they’re not perfect, but it’s Casey who murdered this child. She did it to get back at Cindy and to have her “bella vita” life with her new boyfriend. A man wouldn’t place a heart-shaped sticker on a body–that is something a woman (an immature woman) would do.


      1. I watched Jeff Ashton give several interviews and he said he will not be pursuing perjury charges against Cindy or George. He said it was up to the D.A.’s office to make that decision.

        It seems to me that Jeff Ashton is done with this whole case and just wants to retire in peace.

        I read online that rapper ‘lil Kim’ (a female, black rapper) had to serve a year in prison for perjury in 2005 for lying on the stand. I would love to see Cindy prosecuted for lying on the stand.

        I think she deserves a year (at the least) in jail for helping her daughter cover up the crime.


      2. I believe they lied on the stand, but I don’t think they participated in the murder or helped to cover it up.


  16. The only advice I have for Casey’s cousins is to stay far away from her, she is toxic and will destroy their lives as she has destroyed her parent’s lives…

    I won’t be buying their book either, I really don’t believe their story. I think they are trying to cash in on Casey but it will only backfire imo.

    Casey is going to crash and burn eventually, just like OJ.


  17. I personally think this whole trial was nothing but a big Hollywood act. Including George. ESPECIALLY George. Just one last FU to the world. I don’t trust anything they do or say. And I think casey got out jail last weds. Seriously? ???? REcalculated? Please


  18. Why on earth would Casey go back home to her parents, both of whom she hates? She only stayed with them out of necessity because she got everything handed to her without doing a lick for it. Not only that, she was able to steal from them with impunity.

    Jesse Grund and his dad were on Dr. Drew and said Casey hated her dad and was makig it her life’s work to move as far away from Cindy as possible.

    Now Casey has a new set of enablers in Cheney Mason, Dorothea Simms and the ever lovin’ MR. BYazz, as Judge Perry called him. Casey thinks fortune as well as her fame will now enfold her just as Caylee’s Wiinie the Pooh blanket shrouded her.

    The cousin in TX, suppposedly, who is going to take in both Casey and Cindy is a big-time hoaxer tied to two writers who are authoring a “fiction” book about the case. Fiction.

    I have ead where Cindy has a contract for $3,000,000 from Simon and Schuster. Posters are asking that people write to S&S and protest Cindy’s imaginary relating of the case.

    All the Anthonys are sick. They, along with Casey’s knight in blue serge,, Mr. BYazz, spent the best part of the last three years throwing Jesse and his family under the bus.

    I believe Casey, on her “shower” visit to Jesse’s apt. while Tony was out of town, tried to get DNA or an article belonging to Jesse to plant in her Pontiac hearse to frame him. There was talk that Cindy set forth her two lapdogs, Hoover and Dominic Casey, to “get something on Jesse”.

    These are not just sick people, they are dangerous.

    Ask Tim Miller who was threatened by Cindy.

    This is a crime family.



  19. I am not buying this story. If they knew all of this. Why come forward now? I will always believe Casey Killed Caylee. This woman should be ashamed of herself. Was she ever interviewed by LE? Did she ever call them to make the claims she did? Nope not buying it now. She’s just going to sit back and collect her pay check like the rest of them. Why didn’t they tell the truth? Why did Cindy lie? No one sits in jail for three years and says nothing. No one doesn’t sit by quietly and not shout from the rooftops that I didn’t do it, MY DAD DID IT!!! Geesh.


  20. Just heard on HLN that Inmate Anthony refused a visit with her mother, yesterday. CA got over that real fast, she now must know it’s Inmate Anthony who washed her hands of this family. Will it be short lived? Where will this inmate go when she is released on July 17, 2011…she is the luckiest woman on this earth at this point for that jury got that verdict WRONG! What a travesty of justice!
    I believe it will be a matter of time before this egregious young thing reoffends. She will not be able to stay on the straight and narrow for it’s in her to deceive. Even as she is waiting to be sentenced on those lying charges, she looked as if her and her attorney, Jose Baez are truly in love. They looked deep into each others eyes and I wonder what Mrs. Baez thinks. Maybe they will hire her to be their live in nanny…she will reap what she sowed at some other point in her life. God doesn’t like ugly and Karma kicks…JMHO

    NO justice came for Caylee Marie


  21. I hold out little hope for this family… irrevocably splintered on July 16, the lightning bolt a few days ago at the recovery site was an apt reinforcement of the reality of the Anthony group. The only way any of them will ‘get well’ enough to be socially acceptable is if they separate from each other. Collectively no one wants anything to do with them.

    And I do not pity them. They all made choices and the dynamics started a long, long time ago… the greatest pity is that Caylee never had a chance.


  22. This is what sealed the deal for me about Knowing Casey was alone in the dirty deed. This was on the first call home from Casey to her family wanting Tony L. Phone number.

    “All they care about is getting Caylee back.” To me. It means Casey acted alone. No one says that if they know the murderer was their own father. GEESH!!


  23. If you don’t pay your light bill for 31 days.. No power. If you don’t pay your water bill for 31 days.. No water. If you don’t return a movie you rented for 31 days.. You pay for that movie. If you don’t report your child missing for 31 days.. What happens? .. ABSOLUTELY nothing according to a Flordia Jury! Repost if you agree. RIP Caylee Anthony! ♥


    1. excellent. there was a very ugly crime and also a verdict that matched that crime: it is frightening to see this American mentality. Kill and walk away.


  24. Was it verified that was a cousin? What about the comment from George and Cindy’s attorney Mark Lippman:
    While the family may never know what has happened to Caylee Marie Anthony, they now have closure for this chapter of their life. They will now begin the long process of rebuilding their lives. Despite the baseless defense chosen by Casey Anthony, the family believes that the Jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented, the testimony presented, the scientific information presented and the rules that were given to them by the Honorable Judge Perry to guide them. The family hopes that they will be given the time by the media to reflect on this verdict and decide the best way to move forward privately



  25. Dr Glass, I am happy you distanced yourself from the Nancy Grace Show. I don’t remember which show it was, but I tuned in to hear what you had to say and she interrupted you and would not let you finish. Why have a guest and then rudely cut them off?

    A wise decision on your part and the loss of a class act contributor.

    “Grace, who was on the air when the verdict was read, embodies everything that’s wrong with cable TV. She’s combative, she rarely lets her colleagues get a word in edgewise – especially if they disagree with her – and all too often the telecast becomes more about her than the subject matter”.

    Read more:


  26. Dr. Glass,
    You call it as you see it and I have the utmost respect for you. This family will be no more. Not sure how it will all play out, but the already fractured mess, will split and will not be mended. Too bad for Caylee that Cindy refused to allow Casey to give her up for adoption. How sad this is. No one protected little Caylee. You know, buying clothes, fancy furniture, etc. just isn’t all there is to providing for little ones. I’ll repeat, no one protected little Caylee. The Anthony household apparently lived in a false reality, (years of lies). We see the results.

    About the jury, where was common sense in their deliberations? How did they explain the 31 days of an unreported missing child? I will probably never be allowed to serve on a criminal case. I will not throw my common sense (still small voice) out the window for anything.


  27. I personally think this whole trial was nothing but a big Hollywood act. Including George. ESPECIALLY George. Just one last up yours to the world. I don’t trust anything they do or say. And I think casey got out jail last weds. Seriously? ???? REcalculated? Please


  28. Like so many others, I am thoroughly disgusted with the “not guilty” verdict. Not only was Casey Anthony already a well-established sociopath, a career con artist, and habitual pathological liar, but she has now learned from a group of defense attorneys how to deceive a jury, a judge and the entire nation by using a clever defense strategy involving a web of lies in their opening statement and stealing the real-life experiences of other Orange County inmates who were incarcerated with her. One inmate whose little boy was found drowned in a pool by the child’s grandfather, and another who had been sexually abused for years by her father. Jose Baez is a masterful snake who used his persona, inflated graphic sexual language, and as set of outlandish lies to taint and trick the jury’s mind into the concept of “reasonable doubt”. IMO –Baez and his client perpetuated fraud in court and the state of Florida.
    Why wait over 1,000 days to say the child “accidently” drowned and risk being charged with the death penalty, felony murder, or manslaughter, when she had 1000 days and 1000 opportunities to come out and say the child had drowned? Why did Jose Baez and Casey lie to Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch about the child being missing, and then Jose Baez claims in his opening statement that Caylee had drowned in the pool on June 16, 2008l?
    The truth is that Casey Anthony was a ticking time bomb.
    It’s unfortunate that the jury never heard about Casey Anthony’s history of check fraud, stealing thousands of dollars from her parents, friends, and grandfather’s nursing home fund. She had a history of irresponsibly behavior, and lived and told so many lies that the walls were closing in on her.
    What was she doing for with Caylee the 2 years prior to the child’s murder? Since she did not work, and had not worked for 2 years prior to the child’s murder, how did she spend her days with Caylee while her parents were at work and her group of friends were attending college or working during the day?
    Remember, her own brother Lee asked why she refused to tell her family where Caylee was at during those 31 days, and Casey’s’ response was, “because I am spiteful bitch!!!!!”
    Remember that Cindy and Casey had a huge fight on June 15, 2008 over Casey stealing money from Cindy’s father’s nursing home trust account? Yet, Cindy lied in court indicating that they had cuddled the same night to watch a movie.
    Remember, that because of the huge fight on June 15, 2008 between Cindy and Casey, she decided to move out the next day to live with her boyfriend Tony, and this is the day that she murdered Caylee!!!
    Remember that Casey’s boyfriend Tony had other college roommates living with him in his small apartment, and this was not a place or suitable environment for Caylee to live in and spend the nights.
    Remember that all items that were found on Suburban Drive at the dumping site of Caylee were items that came from the Anthony home, including the child’s clothing, blanket, duct tape, heart sticker, trash bags, laundry bag, etc. Who had access to all those items? Casey did!!!
    Casey murdered and disposed of her child like she was “trash”, because deep down Casey’s the one who felt and behaved like “trash”.
    We must boycott any and all financial gain Casey may stand to make from the murder of her child Caylee Marie Anthony.
    We must boycott any and all financial gain Casey may stand to make, because if we don’t, it will send out an alarming message for any young parent who murders their child that
    a) if the lie to law enforcement- they can get away with murder, and
    b) if they can get away with murder then they will have fame and fortune for committing criminal acts.


  29. I completely agree that it is up to the public to show their unhappiness, and ire, with the verdict, by not participating in viewing any interviews, reading any books, magazines, etc., or watching any movies that may result from this horrible miscarriage of justice! Murderers should not be financially rewarded. They should be punished!

    Caley’s Law is one way to stop people like Casey Anthony, from getting away with murder. There is a petition on, that I have signed. It will require that a caregiver, custodian, parent, or guardian give notice to authorities within 24 hours of a missing child event. There are other implications with this petition, which will aid law enforcement in proceeding to a successful conclusion in these types of cases.

    Please go read the petition, and sign your name! If you want change, you must do something to make it happen, and this is a way to see that nothing like this horrendous debacle will ever happen again!


  30. Also, one last item. We are all upset with the prospect of financial gain for Casey Anthony, and her family, with regard to this poor child’s murder.

    Call and write your senators and ask them to re-enact the Sun of Sam Law. That law was repealed years ago. It prohibited a criminal from profiting from their criminal acts.

    Obviously, Cindy was taking mountains of notes, in court for her book, which will not be happening now that Casey is being set free, and has been acquitted of the major charges. The Sun of Sam Law will not work in this instance, because a jury of her peers determined that she was not guilty, but there are plenty of other criminals out there making money off of their heinous acts!!! This must be stopped legally!

    Our voices will not be heard, unless we make a lot of noise about these subjects. Remember the old saying that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ ,…it does!


  31. i usually read your observations, and they are entertaining, but not accurate, especially in this one. george and cindy look exceedingly relieved and happy underneath it all, after all they saved their daughters life by plotting a good defense, as they always claimed, the prosecution had no direct evidence to convinct her.


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