Cindy Anthony Cousin Claims George Was An Accomplice to the Crime Which Casey Will Explain In An Upcoming Book

If anyone is livid about the jury’s decision and wants to know whether George had any involvement  YOU MUST CLICK ON THIS LINK BELOW!!​o/rrshow/interviews/070611_CAS​EYANTHONY_familymember.mp3 

I am in shock. We have spent millions of dollars, hours of people time,  and a roller coaster of emotions only to find out from Cindy’s cousin in Houston that the family was in collusion and that George no doubt is the one who moved the body.

I knew he was TOXIC. The suicide note was not real. I am sick to my stomach after listening to this tape.  Maybe Casey cannot be tried, but George needs to be  tried for being an accomplice to this crime.

Now it makes sense how he wrapped a dead Casey like she was one of their dead  animals.

Cindy knew too. Look this video below. Cindy is saying that Caylee is not in the woods and  that she was moved. She is essentially telling us what happened.​o/rrshow/interviews/070611_CAS​EYANTHONY_familymember.mp3

Now listen to what Cindy  tells Sargeant Allen  by clicking the link below . She is telling himm Casey had help! Yes, help from George!

Cindy knew  what was going on with in Caylee’s death as did George who most likely wrapped the dead body and moved it. Now it makes sense that Caylee was near their home. They buried it so they would have a graveyard  close by.

Cindy is despicable as she not only lied on the stand, she lied to the media as she went on all these shows tugging at people’s heartstrings to look for Caylee when she knew where she  was all along. She went on Larry King, all the Morning Talk Shows, Nancy Grace, and a host of other shows and magazines with her panic act that was not real.

She made a mistake by initially  calling police  to scare Casey, but instead  it got  get Casey arrested . She did not think the consequences -that her daughter would be getting a possible death sentence. So she back tracked and went on TV to BS the public. When she said she still believed Caylee was alive until 6 weeks ago , it was bogus. She new Caylee was dead all along. Casey killed her and George wrapped her and threw her in the swamp and then  moved her .

Lees’ CMA and kissing his bracelet so passionately was a message that he was going to keep  his family secret.

I am beyond disgusted with this whole family. A little innocent baby died and these Toxic People are making money, hand over fist  degrading her memory. Why didnt they tell the truth on the stand?

Why are they  now going to tell the truth in a book?  I hope that  the prosecution puts them all in jail.

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241 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony Cousin Claims George Was An Accomplice to the Crime Which Casey Will Explain In An Upcoming Book

  1. MORE BULL CRAP, tired of it all and I for one wouldn’t buy the book because you would NEVER see me helping them profit from that beautiful child’s death and God Forbid what makes you or anyone else think that this darn book would be the truth by any of them. THE TRUTH IS NOT IN THEM. What in the world makes you think you have found the truth here? Further more I will never let myself get caught up in any other case because I have never been so furious and mad in my lifetime. They will get what is coming to them, that entire family and looks like extended family!

    1. THE TRUTH IS NOT IN THEM. I soooooo agree with you. Well said. Truer words have never been stated, in my humble opinion.

    2. I will never buy a book from any of the Anthonys, nor the defense team! Dr Glass I really don’t think George helped move the body but with this family anyhting goes–yet the whole family knew the truth soon after I believe and I wouldn’t put it past them now to be in some type of secrecy to make millions!! Its just so crazy.

    3. Yup, more bull crap. It appears Cindy’s side of the family are the culprits of this insanity.
      “Why in the world would you think you have found the truth here, THE TRUTH IS NOT IN THIS FAMILY” Please don’t allow yourself to be dragged into more untruths. So, you think George simply let Casey sit in jail for 3 years because of an accident? And you think Psychopath Casey, decided to sit in jail for 3 years and not say a word about an accident until 6 weeks before the trial?! And as the medical examiner said, “No child that is involved in a accident is found with duct tape over there mouth and NO Child is ever not called into 911 after a drowning even if the baby is dead. NOT ONE.

      1. Correction in order: NOT everyone on Cindy’s side is denying KC’s guilt and accusing George . Cindy’s brother, Rick and her mother , Shirley know that KC is as guilty as sin and had NO HELP whatsoever in this…Rick always said and maintains that Cindy is an enabler to KC’s crime…can see all their emails that prove that.
        It is absurd to believe anything KC stated to anyone! Has everyone forgotten what an accomplished liar she is? Why did she invent a job and a nanny that did not exist for 21/2 years to everyone, after Caylee’s birth?
        the only nervous breakdown she could have had, was when Cindy forced her to have the child and the overbearing “responsibility” of working to assist in raising Caylee. Something Casey was not ready to accept!

  2. Dr. Glass I hope you watched Dr. Drew today. Jesse Grund Casey’s ex fiance was on his show. He told of how Cindy berated Casey and tried to frame him for Caylee’s murder. That family is sick. I hope all the books and films the family are involved with bomb big time!

  3. I do not believe a word out of this cousins mouth. She is trying to help sell the book. The A’s have their whole family involved in helping them become multi millionaires. A person that has a “nervous breakdown” ends up in a hospital not a “hot body contest”. More lies. When will it ever end?

    1. I know exactly what you mean. People better be very careful right now because this case is very high profile and with all the media attention people are getting sued left and right for false accusations and other slanderous charges. There is no proof to this and there will never be proof of this, it’s just someone trying to cash in on their 12 minutes of fame.

    2. Dr. Glass, I love your blog. It is very informing and insightful..however, could you please move on from Casey Anthony as now it is moving away from “body language” and just turning into a gossip blog? I would love to see something new.

    3. I so agree….the Anthony’s all LIED because Baez told them they had to if he was to get her off the hook…I DO NOT believe George had anything to do with this…they are promoting a book…do you really think you will know anything more if you read the book? i’m also wondering if this is actually a family member….they claimed to not know what happened to Caylee and thought she was guilty, then gets a “conference call” that explains everything? even proof? if there was proof of an actual drowning, they why wasn’t the evidence brought to the courtroom? they all followed Baez’s instructions and she basically got away with murder…end of story!

      1. i so agree, and so sick of this all my heart is broken for this poor baby she was so forgot in all of this it was all about Casey NEVER about that baby…just makes me sick!

    4. I agree with you 100%! IMO, Dr. Glass is wrong on this one and I don’t think anyone, especially from Cindy’s side of the family, should be taken at their word! This is just an attempt to promote that book and it’s just sickening that so fresh from the verdict book deals are in the works, jury members are being comped Disney trips and seeking high $ in exchange for interviews, and production companies are offering representation for Baez and Casey. I’m going to be boycotting any company/sponsor who takes up affiliation with anyone trying to cash in on the death of this beautiful girl!

  4. I apologize if this has shown up numerous times, but my replies keep disappearing.

    Dr. Lillian — if it is true that George knew about Caylee being dead all along, and that he was the one that disposed of the body, how do you explain the jailhouse visits? He totally comes off as someone who has no idea what is going on. Do you think his acting skill are really that great? Did he “act” because he knew they were being taped? I only ask this, because I, too, believe that George Anthony was involved somehow, but I could never reconcile that belief of mine with what I saw on the jail tapes. One other thing, Dr. Lillian: Please watch the jail tape in which Cindy tells Casey that the media are saying that Caylee drowned in the pool. A few seconds after Casey says “surprise, surprise”, watch what George Anthony does — watch his reaction. Most specifically, watch his eyes. Very telling, IMO.

    1. crucibelle, get used to it. dr glass deletes comments regularly. there were over 89 comments on here earlier… now only 6. such a shame she has no repect for the time her followers spend reading her blog and writing comments.

      1. Gemini — Wow, I didn’t know that comments were deleted regularly. Thank you for letting me know. I did think that I saw more comments on here earlier, but then thought I must be going! I can’t imagine what I said in my post that would make Dr. Glass want to delete it. Maybe she is having problems w/this blog. I dunno. Thanks, again. 🙂

      2. Gemini — well, i just tried to reply to you & that comment got deleted as well. I think there may be a technical problem w/this blog. Thank you for the info.

  5. I will not buy her book. I will not watch her ABC interview. In fact, I’m boycotting ABC and their affiliates! She won’t make any money from me!

  6. I don’t know if I can believe this, what your saying by listening to Dana that this whole Anthony family was in on it, Casey killed her I can see but Cindy and George and Lee were in it? George helped Casey wrap up his granddaughter in a blanket and toss her in the woods, that just doesn’t make sense I know their dysfunctional but to a point to all be involved! it just doesn’t make profit from it and make money so that means Jose knew about this plan also. I don’t know people. If this is true the whole dam family needs to be put away.

  7. I do not believe that George Anthony had anything to do with this. I predicted we would start getting false claims as soon as she was acquitted and lo and behold here we go. There is absolutely no proof to this allegation, and further this will never be proven. People should be very careful right now, as to printing and leaking false claims because all of the attention this case is getting right now, people are suing others left and right. So folks, whatever you do, don’t fall for every story that starts to hit the internet because you’ll be like a cat trying to cover up sh*t on a marble floor!

    1. Amen!!! I agree 110% with EVERYTHING you just wrote!

      Beware of hopping too quickly on the Rumor Train, Dr. Glass…

    1. George is innocent of wrong doing. He didn’t kill Caylee. He didn’t hide her body. I’m so sick of people…especially so called ‘doctors’…buying into and spreading rumors. Shame on you. You have no proof. Until you have PROOF, you should stay silent about George. The man has suffered the trials of Job.

      I believed him 100% of the time when he was on the stand…except for the affair with ‘River Cruz’. I don’t blame him for lying about that as his poor suffering wife was sitting right in front of him. I also understand how he might be coaxed into an affair with “River”. She, herself, said on Vinnie Politan’s show that she made the first move in her ‘relationshp’ with George. I can see him going along with it because life at home must have been unbearable. A distant grieving wife. A detached son. His daughter suspected in his granddaughter’s ‘disappearance’. He needed a safe place to go and just be with someone that wouldn’t judge. Too bad the person that he turned to in his moment of need was a Judas.

      I don’t think it’s right for a man to cheat on his wife, but in George’s case, I understand why he did it.

      Aside from sweet Caylee, George is the second most sympathetic person in this family. I wish the Talking Heads and so-called experts/doctors would give him a break. Y’all know nothing.

      As for the Anthony’s being dysfunctional…the only dysfunction I see in that family is Casey. Whatever dysfunction that came out in the family all revolved around her psycho behavior. She’s the one who’s TOXIC.

  8. Hi Dr. Glass,

    I just got home late his evening, not having heard any updates about the Anthony family/trial. I just caught the last 10 minutes of Dr. Drew interviewing Casey’s former fiance. Whew!…. very interesting what little I heard.
    I was spot on with my psychic intuition. I tried to say without saying too much, that George and Cindy were at “the helm” of this mess.
    Now it is coming out today from many corners.
    To reiterate what I’ve said in several past postings, George is fully culpable. I knew he was the one who had disposed of the body. I knew Cindy was covering for him. I know that Lee has had sex with Casey and I strongly, strongly felt that Lee was the father of Caylee. Cindy knew. Casey has been trained and entrained to follow the family creed– thou shalt not reveal the family secrets. This is WHY Lee cried on the witness stand, as I said in my prior posting. Lee knew, as did Casey that they both shared the child, and Casey had some compassion for her sick brother Lee, who was so craftly revealing his failure to be there for “his daughter”. I sensed it as he was on the witness stand. This was the truth of his tears pouring forth. His guilt. His shame. And, this is why George’s sobbing on the stand. Tears of guilt. There is so much darkness in this family that one cannot ignore what this might have been like for Casey growing up in this family. It is any wonder that she could begin to grasp what telling the truth is, when in fact she has been indoctrinated to lie from the biggest liars of all, her parents. One sad sick family.

    As I said, I felt strong that calling Casey “bright and highly intelligent “was off the mark by the prosecuting attorney. She wasn’t so bright. She would have left this family early on. She would have given Caylee up for adoption instead of allowing her controlling mother to basically take her daughter for herself. She didn’t have the smarts to dispose of Caylee. It was George. George the liar, the philanderer, the former cop, the duct tape, the not smelling an odd sick odor when he picked up the car at the impound station, and on and on. This family has no concept of what “true north” actually is,, nor how to set a compass to find it. They are lost beyond belief. I would hope that Cindy’s book never sells. I hope the lot of them, iincluding Lee confess the truth. Then that would be a beginning to demonstrate their actual “love” of Caylee. She was an object, and no more than that. Cindy should be locked up. George should be locked up. Lee should be charged with sexual assault of his sister.
    As I said in a prior post, and many thought I was off the mark with a couple of insults hurled at me— “this iceberg had more under the surface then people could imagine. The truth will set you free, but first it will p*ss you off. To be duped as so many have been by Cindy and George, you have to take pity on Casey. She has never known what ‘normal’ ever was.
    I still believe that George was molesting Caylee. That may or may not come out. But, then when I suggest what I did a few days ago, people didn’t want to see what seemed glaring to me… or to my psychic bones that were rattling like crazy. It ain’t over This may go down as the true modern day greek tragedy. …

    1. Shannon — A paternity test was performed and proved that Lee WAS NOT the father of Caylee. I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it.

      1. Actually the paternity test that was given was not the depth of field one. A doctor that was interviewed a few days ago said that there are two types of paternity tests and Lee refused to take the deeper one. That is a quote from the doctor. I am not a physician so I can only restate what this doctor said.

      2. Shannon.. now that is pretty darn interesting what you say about the paternity tests. Hmmm.. makes one wonder.

      1. the only thing to explain the paternity tests, and some of the secrecy surrounding them, is that George is not CASEY’s father. If Lee had nuclear dna testing, instead of just mitochondrial (maternal), it would be revealed that he and Casey were half siblings. I am obviously just speculating here. Leonard Padilla did mention a “bombshell” relating to the DNA testing per his friend on the FBI.

    2. A paternity test was done with Lee’s DNA to rule out that Caylee was his child. George did testify about the horrible odor that was in the car when he picked it up. Both he and the tow yard owner testified about it. I have a problem with immediately jumping on the band wagon as soon as Cindy’s cousin Dana comes forth (immediately following the verdict) with a story that she admits she received from Cindy during a “family conference call.” She believed it without any qualms just as soon as she heard it from Cindy???????? GMAB.

    3. Hi Shannon:

      I believe what you say in your post; especially about George. Actually, I was about to post since I needed a place to help release all these thoughts running through my mind.
      I believe that Cindy is despicable. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to see Caylee to bully her about keeping her mouth shut about George and Lee. I believe she also wants her to keep quiet about her early knowledge of how Caylee died. Maybe she wasn’t there when it happened, but I believe she found out much sooner than she she would be willing to admit to publicly.

      Dr. Drew mentioned his theory about the use of the duct tape. He believed it was used to keep body fluids from escaping through the mouth. The use of this theory could apply to why the duct tape was used in removing Caylee’s body from the premises.

      Also, it has come out that George is a volatile person who once through his own father through a glass door. So, he definitely could be very intimidating. Also your comment about Lee refusing to have the deeper paternity test performed could be an indication as to why the family did want the body found at the time of death since paternity could possibly been established.
      Lee’s behavior has always been strange and I always got a sick feeling whenever he spoke. There just was something off with him; especially, at the memorial service for Caylee. Everyone knows that CMA are the initials for all the women in his family. Since the memorial service was for Caylee – why not emphatically state his comments to her?
      Listen to what Tim Miller of Texas Equisearch has said about his first meeting with the Anthonys where he says that they all were acting and knew that Caylee was already dead when he went there to search for her.

      Unfortunately, Casey was found not guilty and she cannot be tried again. However, I want justice for Caylee and I agree that Cindy and George should be locked up. I believe that both Cindy and George should be charged with perjury and obstruction. In addition, I believe that George should also be charged for illegally disposing Caylee’s body. I also believe that Lee could be implicated as an accomplice in covering up what happened.

      Thank you Shannon for your post since I believe what you have to say.


    4. That is a load of manure…Cindy fed the cousin that crummy story so they could share $$$ from a book sale.

      What a corrupt family

  9. This is all just a ploy to continue the newest lie laid out in court by Jose Baez on behalf of his client Sociopath Casey and her controlling Mother Cindy who does not want the world to know that her daughter really did do what 90% of the country believes she did. George stated a couple of times that he would do anything and even change places with Casey. He has become the Sacrificial Lamb and is doing so willingly. He decided he’s got nothing to lose after his suicide attempt failed.

    Dr. Glass, do you really believe this? You are beginning to lose some credibility with me. Is it really you making these statements or is it an assistant of yours who does not have the professional knowledge you have?

  10. I am not falling for this conspiracy crap from this so called cousin of Cindy Anthony.
    FBI Seibert the DNA expert put on by Baez had the results of the DNA test on the stand. She told us in testimony that all the family had given DNA and that is when Baez commented to bring out in the court room about LEE being the father of Caylee and Seibert said no there was no match for the off spring match.
    I belive what LE and the prosecution has given us. It was Casey and Casey alone. Cindy and her side of the family are going to try and reintroduce Casey back into society. Casey needs an income and I am sure Cindys disability doesnt pay that much. It will not work with me because I am not buying anything they sale.
    On Larry King George said well before December 16,2008 that he can not accept believeing a child he raised could committ this horrible crime. I dont believe that Lee, Cindy or George knew what happened. Cindy told George to go on to work and she would get to the bottom of things with Casey on July 15,2008. Cindy did just that. I think when George arrived home and heard Caseys story his mind went back to the smell of the car and that is why he alerted Yuri Melich to the car.
    I do believe Baez knew about Caylee well before she was found. Timothy Huntington was hired by the Defense on December 11,2008 the same day little Caylees remains were found.
    This is just Cindy and her family taking care of Caseys messes like normal.
    Speak loud for Caylee dont buy nothing they have to offer.

    1. Looking for Justice…ITA. Casey, alone, is to blame for Caylee’s death. I wish people would stop throwing the rest of the Anthony family under the bus. If you’re going to do that, get some PROOF…not gossip, speculation or ‘psychic messages’ from the Great Beyond. It was CASEY. Only CASEY. She is GUILTY.

      I accept the jury’s verdict because I have to and this is the law of our land. That doesn’t mean they got it right. It’s OJ all over again.

      Can we please stop saying Lee was Caylee’s dad? He was tested. His DNA was tested…and there was NO match.

  11. I think if shes related to Cindy and if this came from Cindy which came from Casey its all a bunch of lies!! Shes just saying this so people dont kill her when she gets out! I think their mad at George because he would not go along with their scheme to get Casey out of jail and this poor man has to live with the allegations they made against him for the rest of his life!! Sickening! He will never have a normal life again or even have normal for that matter. Scamthonys like we always said we knew they were writing a book and Cindy purged herself on the stand and i hope they charge her with that! For Cindy and Casey it was all about lies and making money!! Look how they scammed all that money from people from their foundation they created! I think George is leaving Cindy because he cant live with them for lying and throwing him under the bus and Cindy prob wants her to come back home and George isnt going for it. Also what does she mean a nervous breakdown? Are you kidding me?? She was out partying for Christ sake! Sleeping with Tony no problem! She didnt even call 911! They just want people to but this book to find out more lies and to pay Caseys debts when she gets out! NEVER will i give that family 1 penny!!

  12. If that was true why were they trying to pin it on her X boyfriend! No more Lies from her. Out of her mouth or in a book enough is enough!!!

  13. Dr Glass dont you think if it was an accident she would of just reported it? Or if George found her he wouldnt try to save her or call 911? And why the chloroform and duct tape? Why did she just sleep with Tony and party? Also when they gave her a plea why didnt she take it instead of risking the death penaltyand to sit in jail for 3 yrs especially if she didnt do it? I dont know.

  14. I always thought maybe it was Lee who helped her. He seems fishy and totally stayed away and now hes not seeing his mom and dad and hes siding with Casey? What? Now that would explain at the memorial with all the CMA stuff which i believe was nothing about Caylee!

  15. Hey Dr. LG! I absolutely love ur blog and took ur analysis
    To heart during trial… Yes, There is something darkly strange about George .. He also seems to have a hair trigger .. From all accounts (except for Casey’s) both the parents were awful.. I almost feel like she never stood a chance. Just horrendous .. As such both Casey and Caylee never stood a chance in that household. Maybe that’s why she got time served? Has Casey paid her penance in that household? I’m trying to make sense of somethin that will never !!

  16. @Crucibelle – Correct ~ the DNA was done by FBI. Lee was eliminated as potential biological father. GEORGE’s DNA has been sealed by Judge Stan Strickland! I do have Casey’s AND Caylee’s DNA report.

    I agree with you in reference to Casey has never known what it was to be ‘normal’.

    I have known from the beginning that Casey had been sexually abused by both George and Lee. George Anthony, IMO was sexually abusing her also. I believe this with all my heart.

    1) The FBI/LE have ‘under seal’ results of GA’s DNA

    2) They confiscated approximately 1,200 – 2,000 horriffic pictures of CAYLEE, which are also under seal. (Produced in Warrant 12/08) They confiscated approx 11 disposable cameras.

    3) My theory ~ George had been molesting Caylee~thereby, had to dispose of her and allow enough time for decomposition/no DNA, no evidence of abuse!

    3) They have approx 2,000 pictures of ‘compromising’ pictures of Casey George was told of these (LE INTERVIEW) and became violently ill upon seeing them!

    4) Casey did NOT kill Caylee. Upon seeing her dead, she had a complete and total breakdown! I hope this comes out SOON – Casey IMO is severely mentally unstable and needs help ASAP! Casey is BROKEN, she DID NOT

    1. Hi Jenna,

      What your post states, supports what I have been saying from the beginning in all of my postings on this blog.

      There is a saying about “TRUTH”.

      First, it is ridiculed.
      Second, it is violently opposed.
      Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
      —- Arthur Schopenhauer, german philosopher, ( 1788 – 1860)

      If there are, as you state, aprox. 2,000 pictures of “compromising” pictures of George and Casey… ( nice way you put it for being sexually inappropriate pictures ), then there must be more people involved at some level to seal such important documents as photos.
      Then, if there are 1,200 sealed photos of Caylee because of sexually inappropriate photos, ( pedophile ) then we have an even deeper and darker iceberg.
      This could better explain what I talked about in regards to George’s massive tears on the stand. This IS the motive to KILL Caylee. This is the motive. His guilt, his shame, and his unspeakable fear of being exposed for who and what he was..
      Cindy must have a level of contempt for her daughter that can barely be written of with words To offer up one’s daughter for sacrifice to one’s husband, stand beside him, and lie about everything is beyond anything we can attempt to acknowledge.

      Where I was probably wrong in my hearing from a doctor that it was Lee whose DNA tests were not the complete ones, is actually what was said was that George’s DNA had been sealed, as you have stated. Though I have been glued to this trial I have missed this part when I walked into a room with the television on. I thought it was Lee they were talking about in referencing to the DNA… when it was actually George !
      Now, your posting has corrected my misconception. Thank you for posting that Jenna. It further explains more about the conduct of Lee on the witness stand, Casey, crying for him. Lee staying away from the family. Lee being told by his mother to “let it go”, and why he was not told about Casey being pregnant. And, the convenient story about the real father of Caylee being a long-dead boyfriend.

      This is what soul-less individuals look like. This is their M.O.
      And, this is why I feel pity for Casey. Living in a toxic level of waste, that she has more than likely endured, it is no wonder that she would lie. What was truth to this family, to these parents.
      George’s “sealed” DNA tests?……….. no one bothered to notice that little tidbit or mention it even. Sounds like the state wanted blood, but did not really want truth. How many players are there in this abuse cover-up? One can only wonder. Sigh……

      I hope Cindy does not write a book. But, with that level of conscience and character she will, no doubt. But, it will not be the truth. If people want to read fiction, then they should read it.

    2. If George is proven to be the father of Caylee, then I would definitely consider this story, but still have to wonder why this was not revealed in trial.

      1. if you check back through the evidence as it was being released you will find that george and lee were verified not to be the father of caylee. it was brought out at trial that all the men interviewed in the case were tested including all the boyfriends. it’s not like they were just testing the family members

    3. Each image of child molestation on a computer is a federal crime punishable by five years in prison. These are open-and-shut cases, very easy to prove. If there are so many “horrific” pictures of Caylee the police would have had George in prison long ago.

    4. Hi Jenna, where did you have acess to those informations? The pictures that were confiscated? Because I have not seen it anywhere and makes absolutely no sense that a pedophile wouldn’t be arrested upon such evidence. Do you really think FBI would just ignore this?

  17. I have tried to post this multiple times…
    Your second link is not a video in which Cindy says that Caylee is not in the woods. It is an audio link to a radio interview of a second cousin. It is the same link as your first.

  18. George is the ONLY one that says he last saw Casey with Caylee. After he has lied, lied and then lied again, would you believe him? He pinned this on his own daughter, hoping she would get the death penalty……then, he wouldn’t have Caylee around OR Casey……he’s a sponge and a very, very evil man! If you choose not to believe it, stick around for the upcoming book!

    Rest in peace sweet baby angel ~ Caylee Marie ~ your day of Justice is near!

  19. This would not surprise me. I have believed for a long time that they all knew what happened to Caylee. That whole thing with George going to the tow yard to pick up Casey’s car & how he acted & what he should have done has always made me suspicious. I mean seriously George has not seen his daughter or grand-daughter for days, he has no idea where they are. He finally gets a notice about Casey’s car being at a tow yard. Goes to pick up the car, trunk gets opened & he smells death in that trunk. What does George do, he drives the car home, parks it in the garage & goes to work like nothing happened. HELLO! This guy is an ex police officer, has no idea where his daughter or grand-daughter is, smells death in her trunk & DOES NOTHING! That does not look right to me & then claims he needed a witness when the trunk was opened. WTF! There is no reason he needs a witness for this. Then Cindy takes items out of that car & cleans them & cleans the car. THEY KNEW something bad happened in that car & they both tampered with evidence. This whole family makes me sick & they all should be locked up.

    1. I so agree with u Angela and Goerge also got confronted on the stand that he smelt something in the woods i am sure if he could smell it so could other people and why didnt they search that area at first because maybe he knew her body was there and didnt say anything since he knows leaving a body out for a long period of time will be to badly decomposed since he used to be a police officer wouldn’t he know these things ?

  20. @shannon

    e-mail from Mary Loubea to Shirley Plesea (Cindy’s mother):

    “i smiled when you said cindy says she doesn’t think casey is pg [pregnant]. i don’t think she thought casey was pg the last time around either??? something is keeping casey from facing her mother??? (i was so devastated last time when casey was pregnant. it was almost like it was my own child). i just felt terrible and i could imagine how letdown cindy felt.”

  21. nothing is news to my ears when it comes to that family.look what she has done to everyone by lying stealing and running around like she had caylee with her.l knew from the start that the way this family has presented themselves and all protecting each other just like to say what do you want>poor caylee no funeral because they did not have they do because of a book deal tell all you know but even in that dam book will be full of lies.clorofoam searches cindy you are a lying bitch as your daughter shame on you for cashing in now after the baby died.shame on the lot of the way you all acted it was clear from the start that all of you were know what you guys fooled yourselves not the media not the jurors not lawyers or state attorney but all of you that fooled a country wide that caylee was alive when all this time all that money and look at yourself in the mirrow and ask yourself what did l do?the people some day will find out .SHAME SHAME ON ALL OF YOU CINDY AND FAMILY.L HATE THE LIFE THAT YOU ARE STILL BREATHING HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE SYSTEM SHAME BITCH.

  22. First of all…that loser that made that phone call was a fake /..they tried to verify it and proved it was a fake…I have followed you for a long time in regards to this case..lately you have gone totally off the wall with your posts..I can only assume that you are going through the menopause and the hot flushes have gone and made you lose your marbles..please just stop with your moronic rants..just stop…Oh and another thing…get a new job because you suck at this one ..idiot.

    1. Can you please provide a link to prove that this call was proven to be a fake? Not saying I totally disbelieve you, but I’m not taking anyone on their word for it… I need to see some proof (if you don’t mind). I’ve searched, myself, and can’t find anything of the sort.

  23. I know you wont approve my comment…just want you to know how I feel seen as you have no problem giving your oppinion…you are wrong …i respected you and your thoughts but you really need to step back love and take a disaprove my comments all you like

  24. well , all this is really starting to make me sick . A child is dead and everyone is trying to get there five minutes of fame . Such a disgrace ,we have had three years of drama of this situation. Who can believe anything anymore. i Don’t believe this the whole family is dysfunctional. if there was molestation I feel charges would have been filed. so i will not buy any book to help anyone profit.

  25. Thank goodness for you Maria. These folks have gone off the deep end! GA is NO saint but he did not have a hand in this.

    Shame on the “distant’ cousin, handy that she’s speaking out now isn’t it?

  26. Dr Glass, I must say I am really surprised that you accept the word of the “cousin”. IF that is the TRUTH, then why aren’t these idiots going to the POLICE with their ‘proof’? WHY write a book for profit to tell their “TRUTH”? This entire family are liars. I suspect cousins might be included too. Good heavens. They all had SEVERAL days in court, now they suddenly tell the truth? Come on Dr Glass, please don’t disappoint me. You are too smart to just take the word of ANYONE in this family. Maybe it is all true what Baez said? WHY AREN”T THE POLICE INVOLVED AGAIN ? This cousin goes on a radio show to disclose this? SOMEONE I hope has made the prosecutros aware of this “truth”. I am so disgusted by this entire family. SO DISGUSTED.

    1. Dr Glass, My anger is at this family NOT directed to you at all. I just don’t buy this ‘cousin’. I have read that this cousin cannot be found now, and the number is disconnected. Do you know any further on this?

    2. I agree and the cousin believes this story simply because Cindy told it to her?????????????????? She states that she was given “proof”??????? You are right, why are arrests being made right this very moment. Casey is the only one protected by the Double Jeopardy law, the rest of them aren’t.

  27. I am not so sure about this, Dr. Glass. Cindy and George probably knew she was dead the whole time, but the rest of this is bs. Maybe the cousin really does believe it, but I do not believe that. Casey is a spoiled brat who killed her kid, and her parents tried to help her, period. No accident. No conspiracy, other than Casey’s plan to kill her kid and party.

  28. So now we’re just supposed to disregard the fact that Casey was the ONLY one with access to the car for those 31 days, and there was shockingly high amounts of chloroform in the car, which SHE had searched for. No one else made those searches. The same time those searches were made, both george and cindy were at work and myspace and facebook were accessed. and we’re supposed to believe that George loves Casey SO much that he was willing to hide Caylee’s body for her so she wouldn’t go to jail for child neglect, but at the same time was willing to let her sit on death row and deny the story when the body was found? Also, George told Casey he couldn’t wait to bring Caylee home so they could go swimming (wow sounds really sadistic if that had been true), and knowingly kept the duct tape and used it after the fact.
    George is a former cop, and any former cop would never incriminate himself in this way. I believe his suicide night, despite what you have thought I thought it was very sincere and humble. He gives credit to Cindy and says nothing to Casey at the end. I also believed that he bought a gun to threaten her friends considering Casey manipulated people and found a whole new group of friends at this time so it worked out to her advantage.. no one would really question her. since george didn’t know these people he figured they must know something and it makes sense he bought a gun to threaten them.
    Yes casey is screwed up from her parents but she calculated and manipulated her way to get to this point, and if no one holds her accountable like the justice system decided then we will see this “girl” again in jail.

  29. Oh my gosh, Dr Glass. I had a three year old who looked like Caylee. I live in New Zealand, a tiny country on the other side of the world, by Australia. I have had no exposure to U.S media. I stumbled across this case while looking at the statement analysis of the Amanda Knox case. My beautiful wee girl was a 25 week premature baby who died last year as the result of a tonsillectomy that went wrong. Kaitlin used to scream 22 hours out of 24. My daughter (at 3 yrs) could not sit, eat, drink, speak, or control any of her involuntary movemnts to show me what she thought, felt, or sensed (except for her awesome smiles and cuddles). Kaitlin spent 6 months from birth in intensive care until we took her home for the first time. My husband was a narcissist at the very least, who beat me emotionally and began to hit and push me and reject Kaitlin after the first year of her life. He would telll me what a useless disgusting c..t I was and then want me to be sexy…? with him. I left him and moved to anther town in NZ. I struggled to cope with Kaitlin. There were 3 occassions where I gave her a double dose of her seizure meds to make her sleep well, and then went to a bar across the road and drank and flirted and brought men home for sex I had a breakdown and turned to alcohol. . While my daughter was in the house drugged up because of me. I am not proud. In hindsight that is child abuse. I was a huge party girl before I had my daughter, I got my self esteem from being admnired by men. I am probably not a great person.However, on the two occasions my wee girl rolled over in her bed and suffocated to the point of extra brain damage and suffocation (I was not impaired in any way at those times) I rang 111 in NZ and got her the best medical care. My concern is that I’m not bombarded with this Nancy Grace person or any other news people in America, I could care less. What worries me is that after readin all of the discovery in the Anthony case and coming to the conclusion that George was lying about specific things, The gas cans, The last Caylee sighting, The car reeking of death, just leaving it and going to work, ringing Casey 3 minutes after he got to work on the 16th, and building a “story” for the FBI and saying he was keeping his “story” not facts straight, his focus on Caseys physical and saying that having two of them was a 20 not 10 (that creeped me out) caseys insistence of talking to her dad for private interviews in jail, despite G seeming over eager in HELPING LE suspect his daughter, lies about the chase with Casey, his terrible acting on the stand and despite the fact that he seemed to be throwing his daughter under the bus and jumping up and down on her 20 times at any opp with LE, despite River Cruz (who is also toxic). I could go on and on. I am disgusted at how ppl who regarded your view are now turning. I posted on your blog three months ago defending Cindy and George because I believed no one should judge them if not in their shoes. I was wrong. I feel a fool. I’m pi..ed off because as an objective gal on the other side of the world, and despite my deep visceral gut instincts about george ( he just seemed wrong!!!!!!), I allowed WFTV and HLN in America, during the trial, to sway me, a little lady on the other side of the world to buy in to the lies. No one has been able to keep a grip on this TOXIC, LYING, EVIL bunch of ppl, no one has the answers, so why are ppl getting upset with you?????? Thank you Dr Glass for your insight and wisdom and common sense in this case, I doubt that this much dyfunction and dishonesty (and again, I don’t claim to be perfect, but COME ON US JUSTICE SYSTEM!!!!) has cropped up for analysis and we are all learning 🙂
    There is no doubt in my mind that this is a family of narcissists and psychopaths and Karma DOES come around, although it hurts that they will profit and be celebs from this. GOD BLESS CAYLEE one can only think it was decided that as little time she had to spend here with this family the better IMO But she is making a positive in the world. Come on everyone, lets think how we can turn this around to make Caylees legacy positive YAY YAY 😀 XXXXX

    1. Rebecca, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious child. We all react differently to heartache and grief.

      However, George did not call Casey after he got to work. He simply did not! She knew he was leaving for work( he was at work due to records and co worker testimony) and she came back home after originally saying she was going to work, which we KNOW did not happen since she had NO job! This is when many believe she killed Caylee.

      Remember, she told her parents she would be staying the night at “Zanny’s ” house and instead watched movies ( one about a missing person who was never found no less) and spent the night at her boyfriend’s house who had no desire to be around Caylee. SheTOLD her arents she was staying at the nanny’s house !

      1. EJ — you are wrong. George DID call the Anthony home after he got to work on the 16th of June. There are call records to prove it.. i think the call was made around 3:45 PM. It is there in the call records clear as day. Now, WHY would he call the Anthony home if he really thought KC had left? He knew Cindy wouldn’t be there.

    2. You DRUGGED YOUR CHILD on THREE occasions which caused her to sustain BRAIN DAMAGE on two occasions whilst you were at a bar flirting and having sex???????????? Your child is now dead [which is probably a result of your actions rather than doctors negligence during a routine op] and you have the audacity to judge others??? YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL! SHAME ON YOU!

      1. No – My chid was BORN with severe mental and physical disabilities. When she was two her father abused me physically and mentally, so I moved towns. I was utterly mentally and physically exhausted and sustained a nervous breakdown. There was a short period of time where things got sooo bad I did the drug thing, and felt so disgusted with myself that I went to hospital and asked for respite, told them what happened, asked to be reported and psychologically evaluated, (I was suffering post traumatic stress they said, took part in therapy, and arranged for someone to come and help me with my daughter, so that never happened again. She had athetoid CP and breathing issues, hence her “suffocating” on two occasions, during the day while I was in the next room. She had a stroke and coma at age 2 which was caused by a seizure. She had 17 hospitalizations, some of which near death and lasting up to 2 months duration. I never left her side. They didn’t expect her to live past five. I had high hopes and dreams for my daughter and wouldn’t accept this. I burnt myself into the ground caring for her. She died because she choked on blood while having her tonsils out, and they gave her too much sedation – there was a report. I slept on the floor next to her bed for one week, washing singing and holding her until they had to take her off lifesupport to die in my arms while I sang twinkle little star. I was being honest, and saying that even if a mother in desperation might give their child something to make them sleep (which I agree is an evil act, It is amazing what sleep deprivation, lack of contact with the ouside world, grief over severe disability and marriage sep can do – I shocked myself, hence getting help). I was saying that even u mum who could be driven to do that, would ring for help if a child died by accident.Thank you for shouting at me and condemming me when you know nothing about me or my situation. I tell my story as well so that other people would get help before I did.

    3. Rebecca — so sorry to hear what you went through. I do not think you are a bad person at all. I have a question for you — what is the 10/20 thing you are talking about?

  30. I think the second cousin of Cindy Anthony (Dana) was just looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Listen to what she said! Family conference, planning on taking Casey to Texas, George was involved. OK, now look at the facts. Cindy and George haven’t even spoken with Casey in 2 years. How on earth would they be making plans to bring her to Texas. Plus, Littman (Anthony Lawyer) has been all over the press telling everyone that George was not involved. Dana is full of crap! You should think about the facts before posting it as truth.

  31. I have a very difficult time with this 2nd cousin’s phone call. Was it verified? Nothing in the call gives any info showing that this wasn’t some person injecting herself into the post-verdict story.

    Respectfully, to take this call and run with is unwise, imo. There is no mention of verification. If this is a family member, what are they doing calling a radio station right now? There is no need to pump a book so soon.

    This family needs help.

  32. I think the more the media/public show an interest in the truth, the more this family lies. I believe that the one thing this family has in common is arrogance. They almost seem to enjoy playing games with the truth. Casey sat in the defendant’s seat in that courtroom with arrogance all over her face. I believe it was because she felt that Caylee was hers to kill, and in her mind, it was no one else’s right to question her decision. Dr. Glass compared the murder to a late term abortion in Casey’s mind, and I think that was spot on. That was Casey’s rationale behind the whole thing. Do you see Casey’s anger and tension when Judge Perry says “CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY.” Casey’s self-obsessed nature can’t stand it. I think she is guilty as sin, and this isn’t over. Like the prosecution said, the truth always comes out, and often it is plain to see but people refuse to believe it. “When you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” The Anthonys may play games and muddle with the truth, but it WILL come out one day.

  33. We can careless of ANY book that Devil puts out! The majority will not buy it NOR participate in ANY way, shape or form, to help contribute monies to satisfy that demons Beautiful Life while she gets away, literally with murdering her daughter!
    CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY was Killed by her own Mother’s very hands: Period End of Story! Leave George Alone, he’s done no wrong other than having the devils child. If he’s had an affair this means nothing to the case. As for Cindy, she as a Mother a REAL Mother needs to figure out just how much of a relationship she wants to have with that devil child of her’s. Further, she’ll need to deal with communication skills with her husband George.

    The bottom line is: We. Don’t care about any book, magazine, interview, talk show nor any movie about this DEVIL you call Casey!

  34. Ok, I guess my comment was deleted for some reason. So rather than ask the same things again like why was it Casey’s car that had the body in it, I’ll just ask another question for all of you who believe this story. Not trying to be sarcastic, I honestly am curious how you think it’s true considering this

    WHY would Casey spend three years in jail and face the death penalty instead of telling law enforcement that her child had accidentally drowned? Remember that she did turn down a deal early on.

    1. Lo, I was curious about this same thing, but I don’t think we can apply normal reasoning and common sense to anyone in this family.

      1. The dysfunction is obvious but nothing AT ALL points to George. Why would George keep the body in Casey’s trunk for a while before getting rid of it? It is ridiculous on so many levels

  35. Well after hearing Jesse Grund go more in depth what went on in that home between Casey & Cindy, I have a whole new outlook on things.

    1. I followed this case from the beginning, but maybe this info from Jesse Grund is brand new? I’d never heard it before. I could GUESS Cindy was a harpy . . . but if she did what he said, wow!! I saw sincerity in his face when he told this story. I believe him, it fits in with Cindy’s history of behavior.

      It gives me new things to wonder about, too. I seriously doubt Casey’s pathology has a primary cause of anything but inborn psychopathology. She inherited it from her parents and because they too are real pieces of work, they only helped her flower into the monster that she became.

      What this new information tells me is that the relationships in this family were deeply ugly and dysfunctional. The kind of abuse Cindy dished out is not all that unusual, I’m very sorry to say. In itself, I doubt that it caused Casey’s pathology, her pathology is just too . . . . pathological lol.

  36. And people, George WAS paternity tested for Caylee along with Lee. And neither was the father. That was released in the discovery.

  37. Let’s see if I understand this correctly – this cousin knew what had really happened and never contacted the police? Waited until after Casey was acquitted and then gave a media interview to tell who was involved in the crime? Something doesn’t smell right.

    1. Exactly. Lots of holes to this story… this family decided to come forward AFTer the fact? Casey waited 3 years in jail.. and if she had told jose this drowning theory and george covering it up.. why didn’t jose implicate george 3 years ago and demand the police investigate this? and george was such a mental case that to prove his love for casey he helped her hide the body and then at the same time let her go to jail for 3 years for the death penalty?

      1. You’re right – if George had helped Casey, she would have implicated him. As we saw during the trial, her only loyalty is ot herself; she wouldn’t hesitate to throw George (or other famoly members) under the bus, especially if she could use this to her own advantage.

    2. Exactly Barbara, another Anthony family member who is looking out for numero UNO, themself!

      As Casey would say surprise , surprise!

  38. I just can’t reconcile those jailhouse tapes with this theory. Casey laughed and joked while her family begged her for information, then became hostile when they wouldn’t relent. I watched Casey in those tapes, watched her adjust her demeanor to fit that of the person she was engaged with. She would cry only when it was *expected* of her.

    I think what makes her outlandish claims credible to some is that it is clear to everyone that family is messed up. For what it’s worth, based on the jailhouse tapes, Lee seems the most well-adjusted member to me, based on his actions in those tapes. Cindy is obviously an enabler, and very well a liar herself. George is hiding something allright, but it’s a secret he intends to take to his grave, and I don’t think it has to do with Caylee’s death nor the fact that he allegedly molested his daughter. I don’t know if we will ever know what he’s been hiding. Perhaps when he and Cindy divorce (if they do–that’s just my personal prediction), it will come out.

  39. My last comment on the subject is that I think the media and public quest for someone’s head to roll is the very thing that is going to make this family famous and rich for the wrong reasons. Casey has succeeded in making the world forget about Caylee and focus on her. If Casey left that jailhouse on Wednesday and there was only the sound of crickets, no protests, no angry mob yelling “whore” and “killer,” she would hurt the most. Alas, I don’t believe the public will ever forego their hate.

  40. Growing up I was taught “Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.” Dr. Glass I am very surprised that you decided to believe this and publish it without checking into it first. We have no idea who this woman really is. All she did was call in on a radio show.

    I’ll base my opinion of Casey’s guilt or innocence based on facts, not hearsay. (And yes, I do believe she is guilty)

  41. One more thing, the “bookers” she is referring to was the media wanting to get in touch with the jurors.

  42. Dr Glass i think you should watch Dr Drew tonight he is going to have Tracy on and it may clear things up for alot of people! I truly cried when George took the stand just listening to him,my gut told me it was heartfelt! I did not cry when Cindy or Lee took the stand. Cindys side of the family is just saying this because they want people to but their book! All the lies came from Cindy and Casey!!

    1. IMO there is no one in there right mind , even a molester/ adulterer who would cover up their grandchild’s accidental death. Family secrets be damned. if this was an accident NONE of the family secrets would have ever been revealed .

      The first reaction to a child who has drowned in a pool idsto call 911, and attempt to resuscitate the child .

      This would have been ruled an accident, and everyone would have grieved, and tried to go on with thier lives. This is why I firmly believe this crazy , selfish , sociopathic girl is the only one responsible for her child’s death, and no one else was involved with the murder.

      The cover up? Yes, this family is off the charts when it comes to dishonesty, but the actual killing? No…

  43. Dr. Glass, again thank you for all your postings on the Anthony family. This newest one. I have not had success in accessing the video links in your newest post from the email update you sent with this newest blog you wrote. I will try again here from your website posting.
    Aside from that I would like to share a brief insert here from a very well known and respected author and philosopher. I think it speaks to those who cannot comprehend the hows and whys’ of Caseys odd behavior after the death of her daughter. Many have said that her going out and being a party girl pinned the crime on her for her indifference, or so it was seeming, including the oddity of the tatoo.
    I will then continue my commentary below this quote, here.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not free – to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act.

    “The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective.”

    Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – –

    There is a famous experiment done decades ago by scientists. New kittens were taken from their mother and placed in two different rooms. One set of kittens from this one litter had a room of black and white colors only. Everything in the room, the walls, the furniture, the chairs, the tables, the cat food bowls were painted with VERTICAL black and white stripes. The second set of kittens from the very same litter were placed in a different room. This 2nd room was black and white also. Except that in this second room of kittens everything, the walls, the tables, the chairs, etc, were painted with ONLY black and white stripes that were HORIZONTAL. Can you invision these two rooms/?
    After some weeks the kittens were removed from their respective rooms and placed in the opposite rooms of each other. Both set of kittens nearly starved to death, could not find the food bowls, could not locate the water bowls, bumped into every object in the said rooms. They COULDN’T SEE the objects in the rooms because their brains had already been hardwired by then to only recognize certain patterns. Vertical patterns for one set made it impossible for them to recognize horizontal patterns.
    This study would seem abusive wouldn’t it? Yes, cruelty to animals it would easily seem to conduct this study. However, what it showed was a fact of how brains change when subjected to torture, trauma, and abberant behaviors. Things that are instinctive go dormant when facts apparent over-ride instincts. The kittens had no options but to survive in whatever room condition they were placed. But, the effects were damaging and damning to what happens to children under such abusive and alternating patterns.
    Aldous Huxley’s comments reflect what happens to humans who aren’t jailed, but are tortured or held as slaves. Eventually, the slaves adapt and cannot see the environment in which they live. Casey could not discern at many levels the value of truth. She was abused, probably from the time she was a tot, by a “tot-mom” and “tot-dad”, and did not have the brain function to recognize that she was amongst evil people. Stockholm Syndrome is a well documented fact.
    So, for Casey to go out and party, and flit on seems impossible for us to see it beyond appearances.
    We must learn something from this dark family and the parents George and Cindy. This is how people will actually honor Caylee. By taking this horrendous event, disecting it piece by piece, like forensic evidence, at a level that has not been addressed. If anyone needs to be under a microscope it is George and Cindy. They should be behind bars, but they must have had help beyond the family to have kept this hall of mirrors horror house secret. The cover-up goes beyond the family.
    I think Baez knew this and yet he could not force Cindy or George to confess anything. So, he took on the job to defend Casey. She is no model of truth, however if one steps back far enough to get out of the woods of this drama, one can see a view that is outside the forest. When one is in the woods, one cannot see the forest for the trees.

      1. So, are you the prosecutor?
        He could not even give Mr. Baez basic respect for his winning his case. So, I am not surprised at your comment given your thinking.

    1. Ditto to the dumbest comparison Ihave ever read. Kittens ??? Rememebr Shannon, there was no proof ever provided by Baez that GA abused the lyingest liar of the century.

      1. No I’m not the prosecutor. Is that more stupidity or sarcasm? Lol.
        And it was Cheney Mason being disrespectful by flipping off people who DID care that casey murdered Caylee and got away with it, so don’t get it twisted.

    2. You people calling Shannon stupid for bringing up a valid psychological study that was performed are the really STUPID people. Uneducated, I would guess. Scientists often use cat studies to get insight into human behaviour. Rats and mice are also common animals used for psychological studies. Just because you cannot understand the study that Shannon related, or it’s relevance and significance in regards to this case, does not mean SHANNON is the stupid one. Go take a look in the mirror.

      1. Well, unless they do a study with bar whores and skanks I don’t see how it applies to Casey Anthony’s psychology.
        And anybody who believes that Casey couldn’t muster the emotion to be upset over her kid because of her upbringing is forgetting how hysterical and devastated she was over her ex boyfriend Brandon Snow. So she can show emotion for some dude she went out with, but when her kid is gone she can go out and party like the skank she is? You need a mirror youself.

  44. I don’t believe this woman. Has her story been checked out to see if she is who she says she is. If you read Cindy’s brother’s statement in Aug. 2008 he tells of the relationship between Cindy and Casey. Cindy had told Casey she was going to seek custody if casey didn’t straighten out. I believe this was the motive, and should have been explored more by the prosecution. I believe the crime that Cindy and George are guilty of is they knew that child was dead back in the fall of 2008, but they continued to say she was missing. There was more than enough circumstantial evidence to convict TOT MOM. How many people and dog have to say there was a dead body in the car? She was the only one with access to it for 31 days.

  45. Dr Glass, I have read your blog for a long time. And really respect your work. You chose not to print my two posts simply because I questioned why you would believe this cousin? Yes my post was angry, but at the ANTHONY family, which I did say in a follow up post., I said nothing out of line ot you at all. Except to say I am surprised you accept this call as fact. Also I had a valid question about your support of River Cruz. She did impeach herself. I am sorry to ask you these questions. You post your personal opinions, I suppose no one can ask a question of you? I wasn’t attacking you at all, I was merely asking for clarification. Sorry. I certainly won’t inquire about anything you write again.

  46. Was it P.T. Barnum that said “there’s a sucker born every minute?” I think so. I am highly skeptical of this “cousin” being any relation to the Anthony’s. Any wacko can call a radio station and say anything they wish it doesn’t make it true.

    I’m not buying that George killed Caylee either and that Casey had nothing to do with it. We all can see what Casey is like. She’s all for saving Casey. If George did kill Caylee, Casey would be the first one to point the finger. Not go to jail for him! One thing is for certain, all of the Anthony’s are liars, top notch ones at that. However, I have to say that Cindy’s 911 call seemed very genuine to me. I don’t think Meryl Streep could have acted any better. Her distress seemed very real. I don’t think she had anything to do with the death of her granddaughter (besides driving Casey to commit murder). George is really tricky. I think he knew something, but I don’t know what or at what point. Perhaps (and this is just my armchair detecting) he caught up with Casey by accident during her 31 days of partying. He probably didn’t question her too much but realized something was up. Maybe that is why he “conveniently” missed seeing all those Certified Mail notifications from the towing company that were stuck on the front door. I’m sure he can put things like reality off, just like Casey. Maybe that’s why he kept the decomp smell to himself and went off to work like nothing was going on. I bet he had his suspicions. But he, like Casey, is scared of Cindy and decides not to stir the pot. Like I said though, just myself coming up with scenarios. The actual fact is that sometime before Casey was caught by Cindy, she (casey) saw George when she gave his “f-ing gas cans” back to him.

    Another thing that pops up a lot regarding Caylee’s death is “drowning.” Now, I’m not going by what Casey says since she’s a proven liar, but I did see the Dr. Drew show last night and have to say that Jesse Grund seems very credible to me. And the Anthony’s (at least Cindy and Casey) did accuse him of “drowning Caylee in the pool.” Then the defense states in its opening argument that Caylee drowned. Hmmm what is it with the pool???? George mentioned that he last way Caylee with Casey on 6/16/8. Those two leave and then George leaves for work. Since Casey is not working, who is to say she did not go back home with Caylee. Maybe Caylee got out in the pool. Maybe Casey wasn’t watching her. Maybe Casey knew she’d climb up to the pool and decided to let nature takes it’s course. Who knows? Didn’t the Anthony’s report that someone had come in through their backyard gate and get in the pool? Perhaps that’s when the deliberate murder/accident/whatever it may have been, happened. And Casey, being scared sh*tless of her mother panics and things take off from there. Bella Vita ensues.

    In closing, I have to say I am very disappointed in the jury. I wish the grand jury had gone for a lesser charge than 1st degree murder but I still can’t see how the jury can say they didn’t have enough evidence for manslaughter or neglect. It’s a shame they were to lazy to even look at some of the 300+ pieces of evidence and listen/watch the tapes provided. I guess they decided they didn’t want to review the evidence and just erred on the side of caution and not decide the fate of Casey. Perhaps they all just wanted to get home. Poor Caylee, no justice for her, at least not right now.

  47. If FBI/LE had “compromising” pictures of George and Casey and espescially Caylee, he would have been arrested. Please. You all are so much smarter than the FBI, OCSO, etc. Go forward with your information and wrap this up with a nice big bow. It’s the least you can do for Caylee. We don’t need a molester running free for goodness sakes

  48. I WILL NOT BUY ANY READING MATERIAL OR WATCH ANY MOVIES THAT WILL RESULT FINANCIAL GAIN FOR ANYONE!! The whole family is nothing but a bunch of liars and cover-ups- They are not capable of the truth, so why waste money on a bunch of lies- All at the expense of the horrible death of a beautiful child! If society wants to keep this child’s memory sacred I hope they all feel the same way- so this child’s death is not in vain- RIP Caylee, you are in the safe hands of Jesus now, I do not need to know anymore-

    1. I agree, and I will boycott permanently any company and their affiliates that gives Casey or her crazy family one red cent.

  49. I’m reposting this from above:

    the only thing to explain the paternity tests, and some of the secrecy surrounding them, is that George is not CASEY’s father. If Lee had nuclear dna testing, instead of just mitochondrial (maternal), it would be revealed that he and Casey were half siblings. I am obviously just speculating here. Leonard Padilla did mention a “bombshell” relating to the DNA testing per his friend on the FBI.

  50. if the there were witnesses who knew the truth don’t you think the defense would have used them at trial instead of hope for a not guilty verdict. i don’t believe this “cousin” demanded the truth and was given “proof” of the truth. cindy and george sat in the courtroom together this week holding hands and we are expected to believe that cindy and her side of the family know george threw caylee in the woods to rot. i don’t like ppl listening to a tape of an unidentified person telling this tale and writing that this is fact. anyone could have made that call and said she was cindy’s family member. more smoke is being thrown out to cover her movements when she leaves jail.

  51. I have followed this blog for some time now and agree with most of the things you have stated, Dr. Glass. I do fear that the “cousin” who called into the radio show could have been a sicko or a hoax and not a legitimate family member of Cindy’s. I’d certainly want verification before buying the story. Perhaps Cindy’s attorney could be questioned since he seems to be cooperating with the press.

  52. Since when is anything that comes out of Cindy Anthony’s mouth credible? If there was evidence that George committed this crime, I’m sure prosecutors would have been happy to go after him.

    I find this entire post irrational and bizarre.

  53. If this beloved child drowned in the pool, and someone knew of it, there would be no pool in the anthony home right now, I can tell you that. (And we all know that when the trial happened, the pool was still there, and probably still is.) It’s a load of horse manure. I know they probably can’t sell their home, but if I were them, that entire backyard would have been re-done as some memorial to Caylee. I would never leave her playhouse there intact knowing her mother tried to bury her in it.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. If that child did drown then that pool would have been dismantled because it was a constant reminder. Did Caylee drown in her clothes? Did they test the clothes for Chlorine?

  54. I think you have to look at the way the body was disposed. How many people here have or have had toddlers? We all know that if you want a toddler dead, you need only to take your eyes off of her for five minutes and a fatal accident will indeed happen at some point. If Casey wanted her kid gone and for it to look like an accident, she could have done so. But it was more than that. She has anger in her, we’ve seen in court. She is explosive. She is hateful. She is incapable of empathy and cares only for herself. She *murdered* her child and the way she felt about her is clear in the disposable of the body. She hid her act by tying the child in the bag. She left her with a blanket (it is well documented that mothers who kill their children dispose of them as if they were simply sleeping). She silenced and suffocated her because Caylee’s “voice” was going to expose Casey lies, and because Caylee presence was louder than Casey’s, Caylee was loved more than Casey, in her mind.

    1. I agree, and up until the trial I had believed that she ‘over’ chloroformed her. But that doesn’t even make sense, then why the 3 deliberate pieces of duct tape that were so harshly wrapped around her head… its becasue casey used the chloroform to knock caylee out so she would suffocate without the trauma and fight from little caylee trying to pull her mom’s hands off of her. A soft kill.. which is what women tend to do. put her to ‘sleep’ and caylee never knew what happened. and yes I agree Casey was jealous of Caylee.. I agree with Dr. Glass in how Cindy instigated this through years of cold love, showering her with attention when she was good and cold heartedly snubbing her when she didn’t please her. She also learned to lie and manipulate based on her environment. if that type of behavior is never corrected then that is in effect teaching your child to lie and manipulate, or that it is acceptable at least. Caylee was so young and still innocent in cindy’s eyes.. and cindy was at work all day long, so whenever cindy did see caylee she probably showered her with attention and didn’t have to do the disciplining of caylee. because of casey’s upbringing she never matured like she should have and she reacted out of these immature feelings. cindy and george feel very guilty about raising casey the way they did. this is why i believe george says “casey shouldn’t be wehre she is” in his note because he regrets raising her poorly and in essence sayign she does not deserve to end up like this..

  55. Lies! Casey eliminates anyone in her way. She eliminated Caylee because Caylee stole George’s affection and she was jealous of the relationship Caylee had with Cindy. Then at trial, she eliminated George as a credible witness by claiming sexual abuse because she knew how angry and sad George was about Caylee and that he would never ever lie for her. I won’t accept anything different. If George touched her or had anything to do with Caylee’s death, it would’ve come out the second the police asked her why she was lying. I have no doubt she stole the “drowning” theory from April Whalen, the inmate who’s son drowned on Christmas day in ’07, and Baez told her to say George sexually abused her.

  56. Just an attempt to sale a book by this “dana”. Remember our boycott everyone? Casey murdered this precious baby and the family is screwed up in the head but Casey put her baby to death.

  57. OK , here’s my 2 cents. Anyone else think Casey let Caylee intentionally drown, by putting the ladder up after GA left for work that fatefu lday, and then tried to make it look like an accident? Caylee ” drowns” , and Casey leaves the ladder up, and then takes the body with her, and procedes to act like nothing has happened. Biding time to decide what to do?

    Maybe this was a drowning, only it wasn’t accidental. Maybe the chlorofrom and neck breaking searches were just some alternative” options” Casey looked into concerning offing her child. Drowning would be the easiest way to get rid of her, she had means and access to a pool whenever her parents weren’t home.

    Maybe she put the ladder up , let her climb in , let her drown, and then decided to put the tape over her face, to eventually try and pin it on some imaginary nanny as a kidnapping.

    I’m grasping at straws , but what else do we have?

    1. We have shockingly high amounts of chloroform found in her trunk, so much so that it is thousands times higher than is typical in cleaning products and not to mention it is volitile, so just imagine how concentrated it was before this fact. chloroform cannot be ignored. it is not a coincidence that searches for how to make chloroform and shockingly high amounts were found in her trunk..

    2. DUCT TAPE is what else we have!!!! I cannot comprehend why people are so mystified on how Caylee died. There was duct tape wrapped around her face, she didn’t drown. I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just that we all know about the duct tape and people are still wondering what happened to her.
      When I first heard about this case I actually did think it was some accident that Casey didn’t want to admit happened. But the way the body was found changed all of that for me.

      1. Yes, the duct tape. Doesn’t make sense to use that if drowning was the cause of death. I sit here though and let my imagination run wild with thoughts. Could Casey have chloroformed Caylee and used the duct tape to make sure she gets no air, lets Caylee die then panics at what she did for a second and takes Caylee’s body back home where she puts the body (or thinks about putting the body) in the pool to make it look like an accident but that doesn’t work out so she just grabs the blanket and bags and throws Caylee in the trunk?

        Yes, I have read too many Agatha Christie books in my younger years! And I’m still shocked with the decision so bear with me.

    3. Your theory sounds about right to me. The chloroform is a puzzle. I can’t see Casey having the brains to mix chemicals. Who knows? The ‘flurry of phone calls’ on June 16th have always left me wondering….was she calling for help OR checking to see how much time she had left at the house before others came home.
      I always felt she ‘staged’ the duct tape for the kidnapping story…Hollywood style.

    4. I’ve been wondering about the pool and “drowning” scenario also. I wonder if chlorine from the pool water could change in time (like from being in clothes and then bagged and kept in a hot trunk) to chloroform???? Any science geeks out there that know the answer to that question?

      Although I’m sure the prosecution would have jumped all over that so I’ve probably just answered my own question.

      Nevertheless, it does make a non-science mind like mine think about these things……..

      1. Casey isn’t a scientist but from what i understand chloroform is made from very simple household ingredients, the very ones cindy claims she searched on the computer… and casey very well could have botched the batch. Even IF chlorine could turn into chloroform, it wouldn’t be the shockingly high amounts that were found.. it is volitile, it dissipates very rapidly.. so for it to even be found a month after the fact is schocking. so there must ahve been a lot. And she chloroformed her to knock her out and then put the duct tape on to suffocate her. caylee was knocked out and didn’t know what happened. the kidnapping story fits the fact that she was duct taped..

    5. Yes. I have said the same thing on this site. I also think Casey had intended to OFF George and Cindy so her and Amy could move into there home.

  58. Judge L. Sielden comes out today on HLN, lnot to mention all the other days he has spoken to this issue, and says he doesn’t buy George’s testimony. He says George was lying. Lying to harm his daughter. He says nothing about George adds up. He applauds Jose Baez. This is the judge talking and it isn’t playing well for HLN right now to have someone of this stature and experience go against the popular grain of news pundits. Doubt the prosecutor will be asking the judge to lunch any time soon, either.
    I would hate to be one of those jurors. Too many idiots seeking blood rather than simply cleaning up their own issues. The jurors lives may be on the line for their unpopular decision. It takes courage to stand up in the face of such a low-brow mob mentality. I can see why they fear for release of their names.

    If blood is shed then people like Nancy Grace and too many of the ill-thinking pundits will have blood on their hands. Lady MacBeth comes to mind. Out-out-damn-spot.
    Will Nancy Grace own up? Will Jane Valez? Will Casey Jordan? And, too many others to list. Probably not.
    So many pundits ought to be ashamed of their conduct? There have been posters on this blog who have threatened to do in Casey. God help the mindsets that too many have displayed. This is the real insanity of those who want more blood. A microcosm of the macrocosm.
    In Italy right now there is a young woman who has been in prison for crimes she did not commit. Her parents are doing their level best to fight for her release. A sick, sick minded prosecutor in Italy whose only desire is for notority and not for justice. Now, he has charged her parents for slander because they have had the audacity to challenge the “shoddy” collection of “alleged facts”, and “poor DNA collection” skills.
    Amanda Knox was supposed to have sliced her roommates throat. She is innocent, but that matters not to those whose views are locked in with refusal to question anything.
    This is what I have witnessed from those who want the blood of Casey, and the blood of the jurors. This is truly sad to read and witness such things. But, it makes for shows like HLN, MSNBC, Joy Behars, and the likes.
    It’s easy to fuel a mob mentality. Primal brains cannot think beyond kill or be killed natures. Judge Perry should not release the names of the jurors. If they so choose to volunteer their names themselves, that is fine. No one will ever want to serve on a jury again if they are met with death threats. Mob mentality has reared it’s ugly head, and it’s not going to make anything better, but it will make the news ratings soar.

      1. Please lay off the ad hominem attacks when you have no intelligent rebuttal of what Shannon has posted here. You’re making a fool out of yourself.

    1. Do you really think this jury was courageous? Really? How does it take courage to “start looking at some of the stuff” as one of the jurors admitted to. It would take a lot more courage to actually go through ALL of the evidence like they were supposed to do. But that would require a lot more effort and time involved. Much more than 11 hours. It’s too bad that poor sweet little Caylee did not get a jury willing to put forth the necessary effort.

  59. I think the state is all over everything regarding this case right now, and that’s why Casey is still in jail. Even IF she is released 7-17 she is scheduled to be in court 7-19. Police will probably track her every move until then. I suspect the state is going over everything to see if they can bring more charges on anyone regarding Caylee’s death. Very strange about the thousands of sealed photographs. I have to agree that George’s DNA is sealed because Lee and Casey are only half-siblings. Surprise, surprise! I bet George wasn’t expecting that at this late date. I agree with previous opinions that George is a psychopath. I believe he passed that gene to Casey. Cindy was just simply a gold digging skank when she hooked up with George looking for money. Again, surprise, surprise. Cindy had no idea that George, psychopath that he is, never ever intended to work for money and instead felt so entitled to family money that he would never ever lift a finger to support even himself. There is way more to this family than we now know. Let’s hope Sunshine Laws open the files for all to see.

    1. I’ll go so far as to venture that Dominic Casey, who has long been suspected as Cindy’s boyfriend, is actually Casey’s real father. You know that thing Cindy has with names. Besides that, Casey looks like Dominic Casey.

  60. I don’t believe the family’s dysfunction in any negates nor explains the murder of a 2 year old. Lots of people come from severely dysfunctional families and go on to be very successful in both life and emotion.

  61. No need for the National Enquirer any more. Just come here to see what Dr. Lillian Glass has said for the day. Honestly! This was a once respected site and now it’s all gossip, all the time.

  62. Dr Glass, PLEASE answer..I have never seen the blogs disappear before. I hear others say it has happened before. Please tell me why the first original 85 blogs were deleted? I really need to know. I don’t want to lose faith in you. Can you explain what happened?

    1. Debi – Respectfully, what you see here on this page are not “blogs”, they are COMMENTS to a blog post. Comments are not blogs. Just wanted to let you know that.

      1. Crucibelle..That is your opinion..if you look up to the top of the page here, it is called! The Lillian Glass Body Language BLOG. Comments they both in the dictionary now?

      2. Debi, crucibelle is correct. I think she was trying to respectfully give you a heads up. the website is her blog. if you look at the area you type, it says “leave a comment”.

  63. Does anyone wonder why neither George or Cindy never pursued meeting “Zanny?”

    I don’t get it. Your adult daughter lives with you, you as parents/grandparents provide the nessecities to said adult child and grandchild, and you have no desire to meet her caregiver? They never felt it strange that they weren’t asked to drop her off or pick her up from the nanny’s home?

    1. Yep. I don’t get it either. This was suppose to be George and Cindy’s beloved granddaughter, yet they NEVER met the woman who was caring for her day and night.

    2. I wonder about that, too. Also, when they thought that “zanny” had kidnapped Caylee, why did they not make a public outcry to her to please bring her back safely? They were certainly in front of the cameras enough to do that.

  64. Dr. Glass did you confirm this story? It sounds like a hoax!


  65. There is speculation that she is already out and in protective custody. Maybe she’s relocating to Zihuatanejo.

  66. My theory all along was that first and foremost, Casey was crucified in the media before there was ever a hearing in a court of LAW. There were too many photos and videos of Casey and Caylee, I have no doubt that she loved her daughter. There was no motive and no evidence she abused or killed her daughter. I believe it was Cindy who left the ladder down to the pool the night prior, and Casey and George found the body the next morning in the pool. In an effort to save Cindy’s feelings at all costs, George made Casey agree to the cover up. The interview with the ex fiancee was very truthful, and even said the family was planning on saying Caylee drowned in the pool bc of Jesse. I believe Casey has endured enough and that justice was served.

  67. Caylee is deceased and, while I EARNESTLY want justice on her behalf, the utter lack of justice, now, is not what actually bothers me most. In my opinion, Casey deserves the Death Penalty; or, as a paltry substitute, Life in Prison with never any chance for parole.

    However, the thing that angers me most about what I see as a MONUMENTAL TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE with this verdict, is that Casey Anthony will now be out on the street, free to lie, cheat, steal, and recklessly HARM anyone and EVERYONE whose path she crosses. Ultimately, the aim of the Justice System is to punish the guilty and keep them AWAY from the innocent, law-abiding citizens. It pains me to no end that Miss Anthony will likely have more children; that she can hurt any man who is unfortunate enough to believe she is ‘changed’; that she can screw over anyone and everyone who treats her with respect.

    The Death Threats that Miss Anthony has received, in my humble opinion, are due to outrage that the woman will now be able to HURT. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. INCLUDING. ANY. CHILD. WHO. CROSSES. HER. WRETCHED. PATH.

  68. I was at first thinking Casey was guilty but now I am starting to believe that Casey was threaten!.The reason why I now believe Casey could well be innocent because I was sexually molested by my father.. I had no job, no place to move to & I’m a high school dropout.I was isolated & felt like a prisoner because I was living at home with my parents – which my father continue to molest me. I have done what ever I can do to get away from my family. I done partying – going out with different girl’s to find a father to my daughter. If it wasn’t for my husband to get me away from my parents,(my father especially, I probably would still be sexually abused to still day.Cassie may not shown she was abused throughout her childhood – that doesn’t mean she wasn’t.She was threaten by her father & was not treated like a daughter in the family by George, Cindy & Lee. This could be WHY she is the way she is now,(not wanting nothing to do with her whole family). Her lies are told because she may well be threaten by her father that he would kill her if she ever open her mouth. Casey was isolated & had no place to go but now that she is out of the house – she is now telling the courts her father & brother have been molesting her. Casey feels secure to talk about her trauma in the family. I believe its between her Dad or her brother that killed Caylee. I feel Lee is hiding something also because he broke down crying up on the stand in court. It was a cry of guilt!.Somebody needs to help Cassie. I hope someone PLEASE help the girl..

    1. I also think something is up with George and Lee George makes me wonder why when he was confronted up on the stand if he said he thought he smelt something bad coming out of the woods ? and he admit saying that an how would he know? and also what i find weird why did they wait 31 days too phone the police was it because George knew it took that long for a body to decompose since he was working with the police back in the day ? and another thing that gets me why didnt cindy and george tell lee there son Caseys brother that she was having a baby and why did he make such a big deal and casey and lee both cried it just puzzles me .

  69. Anyone here wonder if any of those Jurors are looking at any of the mountains of discovery that was released to the public because of Florida’s Sunshine Laws? And if so, are they reading about TONS of things they did not know about this entire case? Many news organizations still have some of the released evidence available. WFTV is one. It won’t change anything, but I was just curious.

    1. Really?: Yeah I’ve been wondering. I think they are very likely to personally regret their verdict but not disclaim it because of public retaliation.

      1. I agree 100% Beatrice and Really?. I wonder if they’ll regret their verdict when they find out more.

  70. July 8, 2011


    Before you read on as to what I have to say this is my opinion only and what I believe may definitely be the truth as it relates to the Anthony family.I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist by trade or by education just a normal person with some insights, so no lawsuits please LOL.

    Today I was looking for information updates on what was happening with Casey since her acquittal and when I heard that on Thursday that she refused a video visit from her mother I could kinda see as to why that happened.Personally I think that it is not a good idea at all that she go back to live with her parents again now or ever. The family dynamics that are still present with this family are just not a healthy environment for her to return have any real positive affect on her emotionally. With Cindy her mom she is not mentally healthy,deep denial issues has major problems with dealing and accepting reality when it is not positive and she can be very explosive verbally and physically when rubbed the wrong way. Cindy cannot stand up for herself to George or Casey and be protective to Casey from the fallout of Georges behavior whether physically,verbally or sexually and we have many examples of this. Cindy did not protect Casey or stop the sexual abuse that was going on from George and still does not believe Casey when she says that her father had sexually abused her and she sure in the heck did not leave him once she found out that George was abusing her but instead stayed with him.I guess she does not know and sure in the heck didn’t care to know how damaging that it is to a child to have her dad sexually abusing her and then to not have her mom protect her once she knew and then not believe her but instead stand by her husband, major, devastating effects for Casey and we wander why Casey has all the sexual issues and sexual boundary issues that she does confusing sex with love and to have the idea that if someone finds her sexually appealing it somehow validates to her that she is something of worth as a person.It also shows why she is sexually promiscuous she doesn’t know any healthy way to be with a man but sexually she learned that from her dad and you can blame him alot for that one.They say that a daughter will learn from her father as to what a man should be like and will view her father and mothers relationship as to what relationships should be like well she sure has got a very dimented and very sick example for her to go by doesn’t she.Then we have Lee excuse the expression same shit different pile.At Caseys trial Cindy denied that Lee ever did anything sexually inappropriate to Casey but I don’t believe that for one second he has sexually tried to abuse her as well.They say that children learn what they live well where do you think that he learned that it was OK to even try to be sexually inappropriate with his sister from dad of course.I know that there are going to be some people maybe even alot of people that will not agree with me that George ever sexually abused Casey and I say to that one watch the Opening and Closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense and watch Caseys emotional reaction to even the mention of sexual abuse as well as when the abusers George and Lee deny ever sexually abusing her as well as when Cindy denies that she ever knew if Lee was ever sexually inappropriate with Casey.If that is not enough to convince you watch how very emotional she gets when Jose Baez mentions how Casey after having to commit oral sex on her father how she had to go to school and act as if nothing happened to her so no one would know what is going on at home and you will have your answer.Then look at George look down in shame when it is mentioned how he had sexually abused her.You know how you know for sure that George has sexually abused her no one who is innocent will ever look down in shame by lowering their head like George did these statements and acusations were being viewed by tens of thousands of people instead if George was innocent he would have a facial expression of anger,disdain and disgust ,but not George..Have you ever been acused of doing something that you know you didn’t do, theres your answer.Back to George I think he has strong characteristics of being a pathological liar and has a narcissistic personality and very little paternal instincts. He lied about the duct tape,the affair,the sexual abuse and exactly how ,when ,where Caylee died and helped Casey by burying Caylee and then by covering it up and then let Casey take all the blame for Caylee dying knowing full well that he was there at the house with Casey when she died .Then he shamed her by telling her look what you have done,your nother will never fogive you and you will go to jail for child neglect for the rest of your frickin life.Then he lied through every police interview,investigation,the media,etc.etc.etc.claiming that Caylee is missing and kidhapped and let Casey go to jail.I wouldn’t be surprised if he make it look like murder when it was an accident. Not even at the last minute knowing that Casey was being charged with murder and if found guilty she would die by lethal injection.Did he come clean to the police then to tell them the truth that it was not murder but and accident and I say no,no he did not.What kind of father would do that to their own daughter I know what kind a selfish,self centered father who does not want all his lies to comes out and be punished for it.Did you see Georges face when he heard the verdict Not Guilt on all counts did he have a look of relief on his face that his daughter would not be punished for crimes she didn’t committ no he did not he looked mad and afraid and why was he mad and afraid because he knows that what Casey had claimed in court through her attorneys was true George cause he knows what could happen to him if the truth came out and she could prove it.George could and would possibly spend the rest of his life behind bars.

    And if some of you are mad at me for beleiveing that George and Lee sexually abused Casey well then you are going to be totally irrate with me when I say that I believe that Caylee did accidentally drown in the pool and if you listen to the defenses Opening and Closing statements and explain as to how Caylee died and,where,how and when Caylee died you will know that this was not a case of murder at all.I listened to every minute of the trial and before I did I was convinced that Casey was 100% guilty of murder from the way she acted after she so called said that Caylee was kidnapped and then later changed her story and said that Caylee had accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool. With all the drinking,partying,sexing it up,the hot body contest,committing fraud when she went on her shopping sprees,the tattoo beautiful life what was so beautiful about your daughters body decomposing in the woods and the 31 days that she never reported her daughter missing and all the lies too numerous to mention.Then how she acted in and out of court before the case went to trial with all the laughing and giggling and flirting with her attorneys.What really upset me was how she could remain stone faced and cold and yes at time she had that smirk on her face almost looked like she was smiling when they were showing pictures and or talking about Caylees body decomposing in the woods.I thought that she was a pathalogical liar,psychopath,sociopath,narcissistic and one sick puppy indeed and should go to jail for the rest of her life with no chance of parole.I don’t believe in teh death penalty as a form of punishment.Before the trial began and you might find it hard to believe but I decided that I was going to put my feelings aside to see if the prosecution could prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and that Casey was guilty of all the crimes that she was being charged with.I watched every minute of the trial and I will tell you when all was said and done if I were a juror I would have found Casey not guilty of all the crimes that she was charged with as they relate to the death of her daughter Caylee.There were too many doubts that were left in my mind, too many unanswered questions as to how Caylee died ,how did she died and who knew how she diedToo many lies from George ,Cindy and Lee.From all the evidence and testimony that was presented at trial there were more facts to prove the defenses theory of how Caylee died then how the prosecution said that she died.In my mind right now I am pretty convinced that Caylee died accidentally but I cannot say that I believe this 100% as I do not have the mind of a pathological liar,or of a psychopath or of a sociopath or of a narcissist and don’t get my wrong about if Casey did not murder Caylee then Casey has some very seroius emotional issues that she has to confront and deal.

    So these are my feelings and when it comes to the taped conversation from Cindys cousin on saying that Caylee died accidentally I believe that it is more than likely than not that, that is true and I feel so bad for Casey if this is true about what she has had to endure emotionally since the death of Caylee and I am and will continue to pray for her.In my heart I know that God knows everything and before the trial began I prayed that justice would be done and God knows if indeed that is what happened.

    In ending thank you Dr. Lillian Glass for allowing me to post my comment .


    1. Jeo,
      You and I seem to be the only two people who came to a conclusion that differs from the masses. In my postings on this blog I have shared many of my views about the real truth of what happened. The only part that you and I differ on is that I believe George actually murdered Caylee to cover up her talking about what grampa was doing to her. He made it look like a drowning, he disposed of the body and made certain it would not be found. Had 911 been called immediately upon the drowning an autopsy would have revealed “evidence”/semen inside her, which would of course proved George guilty of two crimes, one of sexual assault and one of staging a murder to look like an accident.
      Thank you for sharing your insights. I too was glued to the trial from beginnning to end. I endured all the pundits blatherings and biases,, however my psychic intuition was still working and the things that were not adding up, as Joze Baez and Chaney Mason stated, were in deed the real facts that were craftly hidden.
      I think your insights Jeo are more on target than what the masses have been screaming over and over. The question is will the real truth ever come out?

  71. I will never buy a book from any of these people (the Anthony family). Not one of them is worth anything in my book.

    I would consider buying a book written by Ashton.

    I will never watch any of the Anthony family on any network television programs such as 20/20, Dateline, ABC Nightline, Barbara Walters specials, The View, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Special, Jerry Springer, or any other media outlet which pays for their interviews or has them on to promote their book or movie.

    Furthermore I will boycott all of their sponsors. Boycott groups are forming on Facebook. People are complaining to the ABC Family Facebook site about the interview of Jose Baez. I do not want to hear what any of these people have to say. They are all proven liars and distorters of the truth.

  72. Why on earth would Cindy call the cops on Casey about the car if she already knew that Caylee was dead? Now that makes no sense at all. What does make sense is that there will be a story cooked up saying that someone did something to Caylee. Even Mason said someone connected to the family could have done something or at the least hid her body. This makes for good plots in movies and books. They’ve got to have some good explanations and storyline for the public and media who thrive and feed off the sensational.

  73. PEOPLE COME ON! This story about George is BS more Anthony lies to sell their book pray most of us will not fall for the BS like jurors. We will not pay for their mortgage or their care so they can have the last laugh at our expensive all the way to the BANK. They are despaired for money and have no shame or humiliation, therefore, both Cindy and George can promote more deplorable lies for money to safe themselves, please wake up, BOYCOTT, this propaganda literature. The entire Anthony Family made a mockery out of our system with lie, after lie, after lies, now their extended lying family members are coming into play inasmuch as, Cindy and George know they have NO MORE creditability left in the public eye. Their words are from the father of lies, whom is protecting Casey for a time, for she is a good disciple in his name. Be dammed, just like them if we contribute one red cent to this family. Moreover, the TV professionals will make sure we know pertinent parts of this fictional book promoted as a TRUE STORY, therefore, it will not necessary for the public to buy. We owe these scum bag people NOTHING; they owe the State of Florida, Caylee and the public PLENTY and should be paying us for their depravities.

  74. If you don’t pay your light bill for 31 days.. No power. If you don’t pay your water bill for 31 days.. No water. If you don’t return a movie you rented for 31 days.. You pay for that movie. If you don’t report your child missing for 31 days.. What happens? .. ABSOLUTELY nothing according to a Flordia Jury! Repost if you agree. RIP Caylee Anthony! ♥

    1. Totally agree LisaG! Isn’t there such a law that jurors have to be competent? If so all 12 would have been kicked out. I still can’t comprehend how they received family visits(Judge Perry’s words/comment in court) and could have not been impacted in some way about the outside view this high profile case. They became jurors to become famous, then got bored real quick. THEY should be held accountable for not standing up to their responsibility big time!

  75. Accident? I can’t believe public opinion changed because media has brainwashed people to think that it’s about honoring the country judicial system and constitution therefore disregard jurors verdict equal to not being patriotic.

    Wow talk about rights. I had an opinion and contrary to media statements doesn’t go with the flow. The evidence was there and prosecution did an amazing job. Everyone was commenting about it before the verdict was presented. This is not about the evidence which was -overwhelming-.

    This is about the jurors verdict. Ford, the juror who spoke to the press said they were tired, stressed out and bored. One of them had a cruise scheduled for July 7th and wanted out. They did not ask to see any evidence closer and did not bring notes to deliberation process which happened incredibly fast. Any educated person would expect careful preponderance of evidence, facts and testimonies.

    As to her questions about when, how and why -what about the 3 pieces of duct tape that where holding the skull together? I’d like to know from them what interpretation was given. Tampered evidence? Post Morten? Their job was not to give free interpretation of the evidence but to weight them and connect the dots.

    The alternate juror had his mind made about how it was an accident, version of the facts that were completely unsubstantiated.

    Have everyone forgot about Casey’s allusion to what she really did as the ‘the right decision’ ‘no regrets’ and ‘ends justifies the meaning’ on her diary 21 June entry? (not sure was admitted into evidence)

  76. “Why are they now going to tell the truth in a book?”
    Who could ever believe that anybody in the Anthony family could/would tell the truth? They all lie to each other; why on earth would any of them tell the truth to anybody? I think lies roll off their tongues just as easily as they breathe. JMO.

  77. Dr. Glass. There has been a great deal of odd activity either by the Anthony family or by those on their behalf. One individual in particular is Private Detective Dominic Casey. He spent a great deal of time defaming innocent citizens who had nothing to do with this case.

    I am a victim of Mr. Casey’s antics. Mr Casey provided unauthenticated material to various law enforcement agencies without bothering to contacting me to inquire as to the nature of this material.

    By submitting this material which was purported to be a PRIVATE conversation between me and an unknown individual was done so in violation of the Florida Security of Communications Act which ensure such conversations would be kept private. To date, Mr Casey has not been made accountable for his actions.

    Many individuals were the victims of the Wrath of the Anthony families simply because we had the opinion that Casey was not being straightforward with what has happened to Caylee.

    Were these acts by Dominic Casey on behalf of the Anthony’s an attempt to divert attention away from Casey? I would suggest an investigation is in order.

    William K Murtaugh

  78. i didnt read all the comments so i dont know if someone brought this up already. why would the family throw george out there when theres a possibilty he could be charged? there is no statute of limitations on murder.

  79. Like so many others, I am thoroughly disgusted with the “not guilty” verdict. Not only was Casey Anthony already a well-established sociopath, a career con artist, and habitual pathological liar, but she has now learned from a group of defense attorneys how to deceive a jury, a judge and the entire nation by using a clever defense strategy involving a web of lies in their opening statement and stealing the real-life experiences of other Orange County inmates who were incarcerated with her. One inmate whose little boy was found drowned in a pool by the child’s grandfather, and another who had been sexually abused for years by her father. Jose Baez is a masterful snake who used his persona, inflated graphic sexual language, and as set of outlandish lies to taint and trick the jury’s mind into the concept of “reasonable doubt”. IMO –Baez and his client perpetuated fraud in court and the state of Florida.

    Why wait over 1,000 days to say the child “accidently” drowned and risk being charged with the death penalty, felony murder, or manslaughter, when she had 1000 days and 1000 opportunities to come out and say the child had drowned?

    Why did Jose Baez and Casey lie to Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch about the child being missing, and then Jose Baez claims in his opening statement that Caylee had drowned in the pool on June 16, 2008?

    The truth is that Casey Anthony was a ticking time bomb.

    It’s unfortunate that the jury never heard about Casey Anthony’s history of check fraud, stealing thousands of dollars from her parents, friends, and grandfather’s nursing home fund. She had a history of irresponsible behavior, and lived and told so many lies that the walls were closing in on her.

    What was she doing with Caylee the 2 years prior to the child’s murder? Since she did not work, and had not worked for 2 years prior to the child’s murder, how did she spend her days with Caylee while her parents were at work and her group of friends were attending college or working during the day?

    Remember, her own brother Lee asked why she refused to tell her family where Caylee was at during those 31 days, and Casey’s’ response was, “because I am spiteful bitch!!!!!”

    Remember that Cindy and Casey had a huge fight on June 15, 2008 over Casey stealing money from Cindy’s father’s nursing home trust account? Yet, Cindy lied in court indicating that they had cuddled the same night to watch a movie.

    Remember, that because of the huge fight on June 15, 2008 between Cindy and Casey, she decided to move out the next day to live with her boyfriend Tony, and this is the day that she murdered Caylee!!!

    Remember that Casey’s boyfriend Tony had other college roommates living with him in his small apartment, and this was not a place or suitable environment for Caylee to live in and spend the nights.

    Remember that all items that were found on Suburban Drive at the dumping site of Caylee were items that came from the Anthony home, including the child’s clothing, blanket, duct tape, heart sticker, trash bags, laundry bag, etc. Who had access to all those items? Casey did!!!

    Casey murdered and disposed of her child like she was “trash”, because deep down Casey’s the one who felt and behaved like “trash”.

    We must boycott any and all financial gain Casey may stand to make from the murder of her child Caylee Marie Anthony.
    We must boycott any and all financial gain Casey may stand to make, because if we don’t, it will send out an alarming message for any young parent who murders their child that
    a) if the lie to law enforcement- they can get away with murder, and
    b) if they can get away with murder then they will have fame and fortune for committing criminal acts.

    1. Very well thought out Lui Marie. Cindy let it slip on the stand about the fraud check writing, but the jury very obviously were thinking about what they were having for dinner after court most of the time they served. We need to boycott everything to do with that ‘sorry lot’ (jurors) too:(

  80. This is all crap.. This cousin is saying CIndy and Casey are coming to TX, but yet Casey refused to see her mother at the jail when Cindy went to visit her. If Cindy and Casey are against George then why won’t she see her mom? If Cindy was so mad at George and CIndy knew this and knew he was apart of it, why have they stayed together since the verdict was read? None of it makes sense and I think so many people are trying to get their 15 minutes of fame off of this sad sad story. A little girl died, what don’t people understand or get about that? How cold hearted can this family be? It makes me ill. This little girl has touched so many people through this story that should have been told or happened it’s a shame her mom didn’t feel the same way as the rest of the world.

  81. Admit that I have not read the 200 comments above.

    Dr. Glass, don’t tell me you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid?!? Consider the source of this report–my belief is that the Anthony family and the truth are strangers. Is there ANY independent corroboration?

    If their lips are moving, they’re lying. I don’t believe it.

  82. It amazes me that an article can be written based solely on some woman claiming to be a second cousin of Cindy’s, of which, now comes out of the woodwork to indicate that Casey has told she had a compete nervous breakdown. Casey hasn’t spoken to her mother in three years, yet the family is rallying together to house Casey.

  83. I hope, if I ever need a criminal defense attorney, that I could have someone as dedicated as Mr. Jose Baez. This guy surprised almost all of us and if it weren’t for his persistence, Casey Anthony would have been shipped off to death row! You may not like him, but you have to admit, he stuck it out and finished with a
    bang ~ do you know one that would have hung in there for three years ~ I DON’T~

  84. Geez, Doc, get a grip. This is not new information. So, now, Cindy the Liary is asking us to believe that she deliberately overlooked George sexually abusing Casey and then left her beloved granddaughter with him, too. I don’t think so. Not a control freak like Cindy. No way. She would have crushed him into dust.

    I wouldn’t believe anything an Anthony said. Ever.

  85. I do not know who, if anybody, moved the baby’s body. I am not convinced that it happened at all. The only moving of the body was an Act of God, i.e., the hurricane, and the subsequent flood waters, at the dump site.

    I do not believe that any of them are beyond reproach for the ‘bundling’ of the body. Lee is older than Casey, and he could have prepared Caley for burial, and subsequent disposal. Everyone of them had the means, and the know-how.

    The only truth Cindy ever said,..was in her 911 call when she said the car smelled like there was a dead body in it. From that point forward, and back,…she has, in her words,..misspoken (translantion: lied). Not once did Cindy use the word lie when talking about Casey, and her obfuscations! There is your mind-set people. In the Anthony family it’s about ‘definitions’.

    A lie = misspeak.
    An unwanted pregnancy = female trouble.

    There are so many, I cannot even begin to enumerate them all. The Anthony’s live in a world of perfection, and anything less, is a sin, giving rise to being viewed as outcasts.

    Do yourselves a favor. Do not believe that we will ever know the truth of what happened to that poor baby. Casey’s very livelihood depends on her further twisting of the truth,..i.e., lies! Do not patronize anything they are involved in, i.e., television interviews, books, and movies! Nothing Casey, or her family, will espouse will be the truth of what happened to Caley.

    Remember, you do have power people! You have the power to ignore, shun, ostracize the Anthony’s. All of them, if you like, or just Casey, the baby-killer.
    If we all remain steadfast in our beliefs that Casey killed Caley, we do not need to hear any further lies from any of them!

    Shunning hurts! Do it!!!

  86. I do not believe any of these theory’s but say I did have to put my two cents in and make up a story like the rest of the world. It would be this: Maybe George or Lee is the father of Caylee and THAT is the huge secret being kept by the family. I mean come on: Cay-lee. The name. Think about it. Why else would Lee have been so extremely upset about not being told Casey was in the hospital having her baby? My brothers wouldn’t have cared less if it was me having a baby. I mean, come on. And I can’t get the memorial speech by Lee out of my head. CMA…i LOVE YOU…cma…i am so proud of you. Something so much deeper is going on here.

  87. No Dr.Glass, Your not always on the money, but keep trying. This is just another crazy lie this family is trying to convince people of. Casey and Cindy are both the same, just one is a baby killer.

  88. In Canada there is a law that prohibits any person to profit from a crime by writing a book, interviews etc, unless 100% goes to a registered charity related to the offence. Because personal profits are not acquired; no one bothers making the effort. We also do not have TV stations like HLN to sensationalize a murder 24 hours a day. Obviously,we have murderers here too, but had the whole ‘Anthony Psycho Family’ lived here? They would have gotten 1% of the publicity they did in America. Thankfully I believe the American public has had ENOUGH! They are not going to stand by and allow these sickos to profit. I just hope citizens don’t break the law in doing so as that just fuels this families narcsisistic lifestyle by calling the police and playing ‘victim’. Please don”t give them any more publicity.Boycott watching stations like HLN,CNN,Disney, FOX etc. These companies care more about their ratings than they do the Anthony’s. Your viewpoint/boycott will come across loud and clear.

    1. Wow, what a great idea that Canada has. We are bombarded by CSI shows in America. I have never watched them, however I did watch the Anthony trial. All the cop shows that have exploded on American televsion is staggering.
      If we look at the recent decade on American television we can see that Americans are obsessed with crime dramas. Violence is big business in America.
      I have dropped watching “Nancy Grace”. I caught about 3 minutes of it the night before last and she is livid. She just does not do well with being spotlighted for her tactics during this trial,, of which became glaring to the public. The public came back hard on her, her cronies on HLN, CNN, and the like.
      The one advantage of actually watching all of the trial is that the public is capable of deciding themselves, which defeats the pundits who assume the entire American public are dumb as a box of rock, and NEED them to interpret everything. Wrong! This is what terminal arrogance concludes. Nancy Grace and Jane Valez and a host of others on those networks suffer from this disease-of-ego. They need an ego-ectomy operation! Or a sock-in-the-mouth and time out in the corner chair for their bad behaviors. It’s a wonder there could ever be a jury who was unbiased and un-influenced with Nancy Grace labeling everything and everyone first.

  89. I will NEVER believe anything the Anthony’s say, print, etc. They are a immoral bottom-feeders. If their mouths are moving,…they are lying!!!

    Please do not buy any books, magazines, and/or watch television shows, etc., concerning this repugnant situation. If you do, you are sending the message that we, the public, are interested, and therefore, the Anthony’s will profit from you!!! I refuse to spend a cent, or watch anything produced regarding the poor child’s murder! This also includes the jurors, who chose to jump on the money train.

    Also, consider that the woman (cousin) making these claims, is a family member of the Anthony’s, therefore, I do not trust anything she has to say either! It sounds more to me, like this cousin is trying to insinuate herself into what she may consider a ‘cash cow’ situation. In other words, she wants to get her share of the profits from this baby’s murder!!! How disgusting can anybody be who’s focus is to profit from the murder of their own innocent little girl! They are very low indeed. Do not help them to live the Bella Vita on the back of a dead baby!!!!

  90. Dr. Glass,
    You seem to flip like a fish out of water.. One min you are up holding the family and the next you are condemning them. You seem to change the way you feel with whatever story is out next. As far as the extended family is concerned what value can you possibly see in this story? Where were they the WHOLE time the child was missing? Why didn’t they come forward before now? Could it be because they ALL want to make a dollar off this crime? You included? Make up your mind on what you believe and quite running with every story that comes up the pike!

  91. i dont believe her, but if cindy did call her, probably cindy told her all lies too. All circumstantial evidence points to casey alone and no matter what anyone says I think george and cindy ADORED caylee and would do nothing to hurt her in anyway. i speak of george, because some people think he played a part in her death. casey is an evil witch who i believe killed her daughter with chloroform, probably pre meditation too.

    1. This “Dana” must be paid off by Casey or Baez! Him and his new book are filled with more lies that have no backup evidence…too bad the jury did’nt figure all lies out.

  92. No I don’t believe they say they have proof well if there was proof it would of cone out Cindy is doing a book VIA a third party hoping people buy it. Casey murdered her daughter and they are gonna say anything to get the tension and hate off Casey there is no way that self centered bitch would of spent 3 years in jail for anyone this us all a ploy by Baez it all head games trying to confuse people as much as I disagree with the ANTHONYS I do not believe they were involved in Caylees death …Cindy and Casey had a huge fight Cindy choked her she killed Caylee to get even but Cindy would never admit the fight. Cindy threatened to take custody.

  93. This family disguts me to no end. They all should be prosecuted the harshest sentences allowed. Casey should have n still be on the death penalty. Karmas a bitch n hope soon casey gets whats comming to her. How can u get rich from mudering ur child. U have a child to love them and protect them and keep them from harms way. She took her own daughters life. I dont no how this family can live with them selves.

  94. I don’t believe a word of it without even listening to this. I heard an interview by this same relative months back( when they were thinking of sending Casey to Texas on her release). Her(the Texas relative) WHOLE STORY came from Cindy and she said that in the interview. And as far as River Cruz…I don’t believe George had an affair with her…look at her…really? But if you believe she did…actually, living with Cindy..can’t say I blame him.

  95. If George or Lee would have disposed/moved the body,,,Caylee would have been buried very deep deep inside the ground and far away… so NO ONE would have ever found the remains!
    The remains were found in a way that indicated it was done in a “panic, rush way” …Casey had to dump it and fast….the smell was getting unbearable in the car she exclusively had when she was hiding from her family and her DAD had just almost gone to the trunk to get his gas cans on 6/24. The evidence in her trunk(decomp fluids, stain of fluids, caylee’s hair with the band that matched those at the crime scene, and the unique odor that at least 5 people attested to, ties CASEY to the crime and the DISPOSAL.

  96. I think Cindy didn’t have one idea about Caylee being dead until Casey was arrested, I think she would rather believe just about anything else but that Casey did something to caylee or that the child was even dead. I think she would rather live in disbelief then to face the truth ever, I think George was never involved I don’t believe George would cover up any thing for Casey,and certainly not a childs death. just because Cindy has a mothers blinders on, is some what normal for some mother ive known . until I live it I wouldnt know what I would have done even myself. I wouldnt really know if I could ever forgive Casey if I was Cindy but its not up to me to forgive her its gods.

  97. Now the cousin is trying to jump on the money train. Get this…Casey murdered her daughter and try to throe the blame on her brother and father. The mother is a frickin nut just like Casey. I feel sorry for the father…..If I were him, I would get away from all them liars and start a new life.

  98. So, will people continue to overlook George’s strange behavior? Don’t you think it is strange that he showed up to congratulate Jeff Ashton for his recent political win?! Has he found a calling? Are we going to see more of him? I’m curious to know just what the Anthonys have really done with Dr. Phil’s money. Personally, I think George Anthony is a villan and both he and his wife are opportunists. I look forward to George continuing to show me what a monster he is even if Nancy Grace can’t accept it…yet. As long as people pity and believe George he gets to go on cruises. As long as people hate Casey they’ll never begin to understand what really happened was beyond her control. The Pacific Islanders have a saying “God is not sleeping!”

    1. Genie you are so right! I agree with everything you said. I have always said essentially the same thing about George.Who c Nancy Grace’s judgement is not what counts. God is what counts and “God is not sleeping” as your saying goes. I love that saying! Thank you again for your wonderful insightful comments.

  99. Thank you Doctor, for the links. I have not listened to the video, or read anything yet, but when it comes to the Anthony family, I am always, and continually, skeptical.

    I still say that when their mouths are moving they are lying. It’s my guess that the “George” connection, it just a way to take the focus off of Casey, who I still believe is the one who murdered her daughter, and disposed of her body. George was not involved. Think about it,….Casey did not need help to lift her daughter, put her in the trunk, drive around irratically, then take the murdered child’s body to Casey’s pet cemetery.

    Remember, George may not appear to be the brightest bulb in the box, but he was a police office. I highly doubt he would have done such a ineffectual way of disposing of a dead body. I will not elaborate, because I do not know who reads this site. But I will say, that I am married to a police officer, my son is in the FBI, and I worked as in the legal field for thirty years.

    Do not believe this garbage about George. Dispite the fact the Casey committed the crime and got away with it, Cindy and George (no matter how hurt he is), are tying to make it easier for Casey to have another chance at a normal life. I believe, from what we have seen demonstrated by this family,..that they would do just about anything for Casey, especially now that she is free.

    You cannot prosecute George either. It’s ridiculous. If LE was unable to determine how the child died, who did it, and how she got to the pet cemetery,….how could they possibly charge George with anything,…except being parent. I do not agree with the Anthony School of Parenting. They are caustic people, and this guilt,…knowing they created this monster daughter of theirs (Casey),…is pushing them, and motivating them to mitigate Casey’s involvement.

    It’s as if the Anthony’s are begging the public to “give Casey another chance”. Yeah,…NOT! I’ll bet that either Casey is murdered in keeping with the eye for an eye by some sociopath, to which she has a close affiliation, or she will kill again. She will kill another innocent, if she becomes encumbered by that person. A child of her own,…or a child that is legally her responsibility.

    Be very careful what you believe. The Anthony’s are feeling a sense of guilt for poor Caley, and a sense of guilt toward Casey. The “should-of, could-of” aspect plays over and over in their colletive, twisted brains. They are twisted, and they know it, but they want you to believe that Casey is innocent, that it was an accident, and ‘somebody’ else was involved.

    What would a parent do for a troubled, murdering child, that they feel guilty for, because they failed to act, or ignored that child’s mental problems?????? How many of you would go this far????? Not me. I am not above loving a child, or feeling guilt, but I would not allow a child of mine to outright murder my grandchild, and walk away, lie for that child, and then attempt to mitigate the blame.

    Casey is mentally devoid of a consciense. All I see, when I watch her video’s, is a person who has sold us a bill of goods, and has justified her murdering actions. The Anthony’s are doing Casey no favors lying, and protecting her.

    I alway thought that, maybe, someday, one of them may find themselves the victim of this murdering monster, but then, they will, more than likely, think that they deserved it, for not stopping her prior to Caley’s murder. It’s sick folks! They are sick folks.

    Do yourselves a favor, and don’t allow people to lie to you, especially when they have proven they are expert at it. Casey will reap what she sewed….in time. Her hell is just beginning, and the shame of it is that these sick, twisted people keep trying to keep us there with them. No thank you. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!!!

  100. For those who may not make this connection….George and Cindy have a decent nest egg, now, thanks to their television appearances, etc. Do not for one instance believe that they would not pay a family member to publish “THEIR” version of the story, in order to, again,…help Casey return to a normal life.

    Hope this clarifies my post above, in this regard, for those who did not read between the lines. 🙂

  101. Casey return to a normal life?? she never had one!
    lying about a job and nanny for almost 3 years to her parents and all her buddies..then stealing thousands from Mom, hundreds from grandpa and more from Amy…then the ultimate of killing her child?? that the normal life
    they want her to “return” to???

    1. I agree completely Jade, but from the “point of view” of the Cindy and George, coupled with the guilt that I described in my post, I feel that they do not care what we think! Surprising??? Not…

      Cindy and George are parents, and no matter what we think about Casey, or them, the Anthony’s want to give Casey at ‘chance’ to have a normal life. It’s all about their shared guilt.

      We all know that Casey will never have a normal life, because she is a consummate liar, and in my opinion as well as the opinion of many of public,…she is a child killer.

      Always, remember the Anthony family are expert liars, therefore, nothing they could ever say, should be accepted as truth. The guilt the Anthony’s share is so obvious, and the axiom that “The fruit does not fall from the tree”, only exacerbates Cindy and George’s guilt. In other words, Cindy is beating herself up, and appropriately in my opinion, for not following through on her threat to file for custody. These people threaten, but do not follow through. This is part of the mental disassociation that Casey uses to her benefit. In other words,…say what you want, and don’t worry about the consequences.

      Casey should burn in hell, and take her (tongue-in-cheek) parents with her! She is nothing but a self-serving, narcissistic, murdering low life! You cannot change a person’s nature. A lion is a lion, and a lamb is a lamb.

  102. It’s really intriguing how the media can easily brainwash and put the public out to dry for the three years, that Casey was in prison. Then after the trial, when the 12 jurors put the media back into the washer and put it on Nancy “dis”grace idiot cycle, and the whole country is freaking out and shocked! By letting themselves get wrapped up in the ”
    incompetent talking heads” and media assassination.

    I thoroughly agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, I don’t base mine on media nor public gossip. Nor do I base my opinion on what I’ve heard are what I want it to be. Unlike those that, the first thing they hear, that’s it case closed.

    I actually do research before I form any opinions. And use common scene, looking at both sides of a story. along with those whom could actually be suspects and those who are not.
    And so far in my research George Anthony basically has the starring role so far, but not pining it on him just yet.

    Casey may are my not know what really happened, But she isn’t the one that killed Caylee!

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