Casey Let’s Her Hair Down And All Smiles During Sentencing And What Did Cindy Know All Along?

Now that the jury is gone and there is no one to impress, Casey has literally let her hair down. It looked clean and shiny and she had a bump at  the top.It serves as a measuring stick as to the three years of time served in jail. She also wore a form-fitting purple pastel sweater with sleeves that were way too long. She looked more relaxed than we have ever seen her. As she entered the courtroom she was trying to suppress a smile but could not do so.

Her face looked more relaxed than we have ever seen it as she made her way to her seat.

She is all smiles with Dorothy Simms who served as her emotional support  throughout the trial. They have never shared a smile before now. Ms. Simms has shown Casey what it feels like to have unconditional emotional support- something she has never had with Cindy. I hope Casey does NOT  ever  go back home to Cindy. Any emotional or mental healing  she may have had with Ms. Simms may be negated with her Toxic Mother.

I believe that of Casey”s problems stem from her relationship with her mother. And please don’t tell me that you can’t blame the parents for someones actions.  In Casey’s case I blame Cindy and George. We have seen them up close and personal and they are the reason she is the way she is- a LIAR. Cindy and George are LIARS and they raised a super LIAR. Even Cindy’s brother Rick Plesea verifies this in his personal emails to Cindy.Click below to read those emails.

I hope Casey has nothing to do with her parents and goes into serious therapy. She needs serious help. She needs to stay away from George and Cindy or she will be right  back where she was and who knows what  else she will do?


Her smiling stopped as soon as Judge Perry began. Her face looked more relaxed and her tight pouting look was gone.

Jose Baez also  looked calm and collected as he explained to Casey what was going on and how she may have to remain in jail a little while longer.

As Casey was led back to go to jail by the deputy, she couldn’t contain her smile.

Casey  one of the luckiest woman  alive. She has escaped life in prison and the death sentence. A lot of the evidence was circumstantial like it was with Scott Peterson and look what happened to him. She is lucky she had a  group of lawyers who really fought for her through thick and thin. She is lucky they really liked her and gave her that extra shot of TLC she needed.

When Casey leaves jail, unlike most prisoners, Casey has a bright future ahead of her. Those who did character assassinations on her will bend over backwards and kiss up to her to get her on their show. She will probably do a major TV special for the right price, write  a book, get a TV and film deal. She will license photos of her and Caylee and may even get a reality show.  She may even get   a Playboy shoot. She will be a very very wealthy woman.

People will be watching Casey Anthony forever. They will follow her latest styles and her latest moves from whom she is dating to whom she is marrying. After observing her personality, there is no doubt she will love it!  She will not hide from the attention.

There will be those   who despise her and those who will love her. In fact there were signs outside the courthouse which read “Will you marry me?” She will never have a shortage of suitors who find her beautiful and who want to marry her.

Personally I can’t  seem to get the 31 days,  the partying,  and the  Zanny the Nanny lies  and Caylee being in a garbage bag in the woods, out of my head  but I have to do. I don’t  know if it was intentional or an accident that snowballed. That part  jury found reasonable doubt. They didn’t connect the dots as Jeff Ashton said on the View.

No matter what I  believe, in this country, the Constitution, and the judicial system rule.I have to accept the verdict. Casey has been given a second chance at life. Jose Baez saved her life with his unwavering dedication to her and to her case. I have always  resented when people called him Bozo and discussed it. Now everyone can see he is no Bozo.

I hope Casey gets serious mental health help. I hope Jose will encourage her to do so. I hope he encourages her to stay away from her parents. To me they are the real villains. I hope they get prosecuted for lying I hope Cindy goes to  jail for it. I find Cindy  manipulative, controlling, and a liar. She drove Casey to the edge in my view and Casey is the way she is because of her. Who knows what Cindy would have done to Caylee may she rest in peace. No one should buy any book of Caylee doll or anything this  woman puts out.

The same goes for her loser husband George. Read  his cowardly most  likey fake and manipultive suicide note if you really want  to know his  character. He repulses me. Perhaps I am more repulsed than most because I had the opportunity to speak to his mistress who contacted me- River Cruz who got  involved ony and had an affair. I in no way  condone what she did. I did speak to her at length on numerous occasions. My assessment of her was that she  told the truth. She told the truth on the stand as well so much so that the jury mentioned that her statement about  George saying “it was an accident that  snowballed” was considered in their decision.

 Did he sexually abuse Casey?  I will not say yes or no as only the two of them know for sure. I will say that if he did , it certainly makes us understand why she is the way she is.

And please don’t write to tell me not to blame the parents. I blame George and Cindy Anthony for not setting boundaries with Casey,(which Cindy’s own  brother states as well). I blame them for manipulation and lying. And there is something else which really bothers me. How  much did they know about “the woods” and getting  help.

 There is a youtube video where  Cindy talks about the woods and  another where she  insists  to Sargeant Allen, Casey get  help . Was Cindy also sending everyone on a wild goose chase?  Look at these two  videos and tell me what you think.


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  1. A suicide note described as “cowardly”? Really? As a mental health professional I find this commentary appalling. This is the last time I visit your blog, or tune in to anything you attach your name to Dr. Lillian Glass.


    1. I have several friends who consider suicide itself cowardly and actually get angry when suicide occurs so I am not shocked to hear she thinks the suicide note was cowardly, running away from home and letting his family deal with his suicide is more cowardly to me, he was not the only suffering and adding more sufferring to his family was not a caring act to me. Thank God he did not go throught it.
      Dr Lillian Glass is a professional yes, but this her blog and her opinions are her owm no?


    2. Sometimes suicide is a cowardly act. Most people can understand that, and differentiate between the impulse suicide of a youngster and the desperate acts to relieve unremitting physical pain.

      There of those who quietly obtain the “means” and kill themselves without fanfare. And there are those who, like George, set a stage. George’s letter reeked of self pity and hopelessness. Not condemning him for that, I can only imagine how I would respond if I were walking in George’s shoes, being George. No, I take that back. I can’t.

      Still, seasoned folks who work in the mental health field are savvy about the intricacies of the “suicide gesture”, which is what George made. Instead of asking for help, the suicide gesture is a desperate effort to gain control. I can understand that a person is so abysmally depressed that they do not ask directly for help. Being that depressed makes for an altered reality, an anti-rationality.

      A person with a pre-existing amount of integrity, self honesty, and solid character will by nature seek help rather than make a dramatically manipulative suicide gesture. A suicide gesture is like grabbing everyone who loves you by the throat and THREATENING them. It punishes them, hurts them, frightens them, and causes the wagons to circle around YOU.

      That’s the only difference I see. George Anthony is just not a paragon of mental health or “character”. He just seems like a regular Joe to me in most ways. His relatively weak character showed itself in all manner of ways, publically, over the last three years.

      This does NOT, however, diminish the real pain and agony he experienced. His weakness of character does not mean his suffering is not legitimate. It just means he’s not a very sophisticated, emotionally sound person.


  2. Lillian, I came across this new interview with one of Cindy’s family members.. you may be interested in hearing it if you haven’t already. Very telling! I for one was sure that Casey was guilty and her family knew what happened but after listening to this interview I am convinced that George had his hand in it!

    [audio src="" /]


    1. Hi Kylie,
      Thanks for posting this link. I had not heard this until now. I think this woman has about as much credibility as Cindy does. JMO. I definitely believe that Casey alone did this and that all of the family were made aware of certain details (the woods for one) through Jose Baez. To me it is too coincidental that the sleazy Dominic Casey was under contract with Jose then for a brief period of time both the Anthony’s & Jose, until Jose dropped him. It was all calculated and they all worked together to play the roles that Baez scripted. I believe that after Casey told Baez where Caylee’s remains were located that he directed the search to be done at Cindy’s request and threw in the sub plot line of the psychic being the one that directed him to search that location. I would never read any book connected with this family or their legal teams.


      1. Baez is just an arm of Casey’s pathology. He and Casey will use the media to force George into a breakdown. Casey has a hate for him that could be greater than her problem with her mother.

        I knew a family with similar dynamics and see many parallels. The father the truth teller at the same time not the most ethical so the daughter can find a flaw to use as an excuse to act out. Then, the mother being the enabler to keep the mother daughter bond.
        The daughter in my example lies, steals,and manipulates for sympathy much like the borderline characteristics posted elsewhere.

        Casey is taking Caylee away from George not because of abuse, but because she hates him.

        It is the whole system operating for all to save face in weird ways. They all end up looking wrong from the outside perspective. The system hurts the development of the child. I think worse for the female, but all are effected. I suspect that Casey has feared her father since toddler hood not from abuse, but from a young age when she perceived that his presence took love away from her that was meant to be from the mother. She is jealous of the father and hates his interference basically. Resents his physical strength and freedom to do what he wants.

        Her development did happen properly from a lot of variables.

        It is in Baez’s interest to have a book to sell and it has to be one that appears to be telling the truth. This is just more sickness and George and Cindy allowed themselves to be manipulated by a psychopathic daughter. The should have never helped her in any way.


      2. Very insightful.

        I believe a majority of the population has such disgust for this family that they will not contribute $$$ to their bank accounts.

        Reality show/ freak show watchers might add to ratings, but not enough to big a BIG win for the networks. Most people were riveted for CAYLEE, not Cindy (she is not likable) nor for Casey (except the horny adolescents guys and old touchy feel-ly old men like Mason) and Baez, bottom feeder types. mho

        My post will likely disappear. So much for dissenting voice on here.


    2. The krbe link posted above is thought to be a scam. I live in Houston, Texas, and the local news reported last night that they could not find a person by the name given in this interview, and the phone number was disconnected. Crazy what people will do for attention, right?


    3. Truthfully, leery of this cousins comments. Why? She acts like she is speaking in secret on the national airwaves, meaning w/o Cindy’s knowing or approval.

      We have seen Cindy’s temper, do u really think her cousin would go behind her back?

      Why say nationally that Casey might show up @ her house for peace and quiet???

      LOL, That is retarded. Every network will be there, Yeah, right, she wants Casey and Cindy to get away???

      More circus attention being created by CINDY thru the arm of a “cousin” !!!! After all, Cindy wants to make $$$$ off this frenzy and death. SAD SAD SAD


    4. Is Cindy hoping to jump on the Casey gravy $$$$ train?

      Hence, she throws George under the bus at this late date???

      With this lying family anything is possible in the realm of the Twilight Zone!


  3. I’m also done posting or reading anything about Casey Anthony.

    I will though read and follow the next story when Casey is found in a swamp.


  4. Why anyone would want to associate themselves personally or professionally with a woman who killed her own 2-year-old little girl and/or a family that has been proven to be liars as a group and individually boggles my mind.

    I will never buy anything associated with this toxic family or watch anything that has to do with them, any of them.

    George is creepy and I believe he had the affair and I believe he planted that message “it was a terrible accident that snowballed out of control” in his mistress’ mind so that she could repeat it later. I think every action they took was calculated. G&C are perfect examples of why some people should not be allowed to reproduce. The result is a monster named Casey and the ashes of a precious child who paid the price. I hope none of the Anthony family has one day of peace for the rest of their lives.


    1. Right on!

      Casey and Caylee were property. Narcissism can suck the life out of children and adults.

      I don’t think Casey will get into the public life of big bucks, but she does need structure and help in a kind of re-parenting process.

      It is a mistake if she does get into the Hollywood thing. That will be her downfall eventually.

      The culture is a mess and I’d hate to see her become a cultural artifact. The laws need to change or more young female mothers will copy her behavior.

      Rewarded for murder.


    2. The accident that snowballed was a phrase George used in the FBI interview. Might be that was copied from others, depending on the date the video posted for public consumption.

      In the example above about the daughter, she also claimed that she was sexually abuse and the mother allowed it from a baby sitter. Even though she never told her mother about it is was used to further blame her after she, the daughter, stole thousands of dollars from her. The daughter claimed that people kept her from her mother. This was a foil to advert the feelings that the mother was rejecting her. It is almost like some daughters have programed genetic responses—this daughter and Casey are too much alike. Seems like a disease of bonding twisted into family relationship.


  5. I believe the jury got it wrong, but here we are…and KC has indeed had a 2nd chance handed to her on a platter.
    I got involved in this case because KC reminded me of me at her age. I too was a compulsive liar. I too was raised by someone who lied, who never apologized for any bad act, who always looked to place blame elsewhere. I used to lie (like KC) for absolutely no reason. Luckily for me, I married a very honest person, and over time I was able to understand how honesty is wonderful and I wanted to emulate him. “Decompressing” from being a life-long liar is a challenge, but I am living proof that it can happen. Today I am very honest, and I think if it hadn’t been for my husband, I might have wound up in jail like KC. If KC can spend a lot of time with someone she admires who would never lie, she can turn herself around. She may be ostracized, but if she were to live a quiet life surrounded by upstanding people she has a chance to have a decent life and not be a drain on society.


    1. I would like to congratulate you on turning your life around – it cannot have been easy.
      There is a difference, though between being a troubled young person, which I believe you were, and a full-blown sociopath. I fear that Casey is a sociopath and unfortunately,as any mental-health professional will tell you, they are beyond rehabilitation.


  6. Dr Glass,

    It has been great to read your analysis during the trial. Many thanks!!
    I’ve, unfortunately, seen several of N. Grace’s shows this week and wondered
    what her body language says about her real vs TV feelings. She goes from
    calm, to rage, to weepy mom, to rage, etc with seeming ease. Is this all
    TV hype?? If so it seems a very dangerous game to play with other people’s
    lives and legal matters.

    Again, thanks you for your insight, Jack in MD


  7. Thank you for providing a link to the e-mails between Cindy and her brother Rick; they shed a lot of light on the family relationships and in explain, at least in part, why Casey is the way she is. It is obvious that Casey was raised a spoiled rotten brat whose parents never disciplined her, never set boundaries for her, never held her accountable, and constantly made excuses for her and covered for her.
    I can see how a child raised like that would grow up with a monstrous sense of entiltlement together with the feeling that she could get away with murder – literally and figuratively. I don’t believe that either Cindy or George was involved in what happened to little Caylee, but what I do believe is that when they realized that Casey might be in trouble over Caylee’s disappearance, they did what they had always done – they rushed in to protect Casey, even if it meant destroying evidence and lying to authorities.
    Faced with a choice between Casey and Caylee, they chose Casey.
    And I don’t believe that Caylee’s death was an accident. Why cover up an accident – why make it look like murder, for heavens’ sake?
    And why no grief on Casey”s part? Back in August 2008, the bondsman assigned a female bodyguard to stay with Casey around the clock. She later gave an interview to NBC which is absolutely chilling – she said that Casey was happy and upbeat, loved the media attention, refused to help in the search for her daughter, and never mentioned her – her reaction to other people’s mention of Caylee was annoyance. Is that what you would expect from a “good mother” whose child has died accidentally?


    1. Another Right on!!!11

      I don’t think Casey has a story to tell.

      Considering the crap on the AM radio stations around the country
      the shallow level of the entertainment tastes just might find a market for her.

      It won’t last, just enough to pay the lawyers.


    2. Agree with you. The parents destroyed evidence knowingly, imo And they worked with Baez to help free her, imho.

      Expect more of the circus to continue, it’s never about the TRUTH with these folks, just more of the horse and pony show.

      I would not pay 1 cent towards anything that supports them.


  8. I have read so many comments from various Anthony’s and their lawyers that I thought I had heard it all. But today, I just heard George and Cindy’s lawyer speaking for them and saying, that they at least now know Caylee didn’t die with strangers but was with family at the end. What the heck does that mean and why would they say that. More startling to hear than the verdict, imo.


    1. Where is the link for this?

      Sounds incredulous, but with these people you are pulled into the Twilight Zone or as Ashton said, “down the rabbit hole.” WOW!


  9. I personally will boycott all Anthony productions, books, magazines, videos, movies, refrigerator magnets, etc. where ever and however they seek to gain monetarily from the death of Caylee. This is a sick, sick, sick and possibly even evil, family and I am done with this connection.


  10. Casey will never overcome her antisocial, sociopathic disorder. On the contrary, this is the latest in a pattern of Casey telling massive lies, stealing, cheating, hurting anyone in the way of what she wants – and getting away with it. Consequences for her actions have NEVER been required of her; not by her mother, and now again, not by this jury. From lying to her family about her pregnancy, not graduating from HS (extended family came to celebrate; they all attended ceremony, including Casey, who sat with her family and watched her class graduate. Then, they all went to Anthony home to eat and ‘celebrate’ her graduation party. Cindy told family “simple misunderstanding over 1/2 credit. Not Casey’s fault, but guidance counselor & principal”). George told Cindy he went to see Casey at Sports Authority, a night job she claimed to have. NO one there knew who she was, she was not employed. Cindy told him “back off, leave her alone, stop investigating our daughter”.
    And now, a jury of her “peers” says again ‘back off, leave her alone, reasonable doubt, let her go’….
    SHE WILL NOT LEARN FROM THIS, AND SHE WILL NOT CHANGE. CASEY’S MORE INVINCIBLE NOW THAN EVER AND YES, SHE WILL KILL AGAIN. What is there to learn for her? She’s got more proof than ever that SHE, Casey Anthony – does NOT pay consequences. There it is.


    1. I knew Casey didn’t graduate high school but i had never heard of the “graduation” party. I wonder, when did her parents find out she didn’t have enough credits to graduate – before or after they planned to invite the extended family for a “graduation” party?
      And the reason she didn’t have enough credits was due to a “misunderstanding”? Not Casey’s fault, oh no, the counselor and principal victimized poor little Casey!
      Cindy and George – the Great Enablers.


      1. As is her pattern, Casey didn’t tell her parents till the last minute. They kept asking when she’d get her cap & gown, and a day or 2 b4 grafuation, she told ’em. Cindy spoke to someone at the school. to complain that “its only 1/2 a credit, and why werent we told?” and they said, no, she’s FIVE credits shy, and we attempted to contact you, plus Casey was made aware all along. So, again..Cindy has an alternative story making it look like Casey’s not at fault, and by the time she found out, the grandparents had all been invited and the food was ordered or prepared. She’d stated that since they already had all that food, they just went on with the party. Would love to know what Shirley was thinking as she sat watching this stupid ceremony and Casey’s sitting a few chairs down from her ~ with the family, not walking in a cap&gown with her class. I don’t know about you, but attending any graduation ceremony is pure torture, even WITH a loved one graduating! Can you imagine sitting there with the only person you care to see graduating sitting in on a stadium bench next to you?! Jeez.. I would’ve told Cindy I’m not going if Casey’s sitting with us, let’s just eat and get this over with.


    2. Marcie, you are completely correct! She will never change, she CAN’T. True sociopaths (which I believe her to be) cannot be rehabilitated. The ONLY thing she has learned is that she is more successful than ever in pulling the wool over the eyes of others and that she can get away with ANYTHING! You’re damn right she feels invincible, I would too if I were in her situation. She’s probably on such a high right now. I think 3 years in jail has been a drop in the bucket for what she was just given. A free life, free of her daughter, which is what she wanted all along and now she has the fame and attention she constantly craves to feed her narcissism to a whole new level.

      Slightly off topic, but I wonder if when she gets out and has all the time in the world to surf the internet, if she will come across all these blogs and posts about her? Which, yes, will boost her ego even more. Who knows, she may even post and we’d never know.


  11. I can only hope and pray that someone will get to Casey and silence her FOREVER!
    I am depressed, sick and disgusted by all of the ANTHONYS LYING EVIL WAYS!
    This jury should be ashamed of themselves!!!! They did not give little Caylee any of their time to go through all the evidence! This whole case is a TRAVESY of JUSTICE!

    This jury took an oath to do their job and they like Casey were LAZY AND DIDNT CARE!!! I am done with all of this!!!!! ROT IN HELL CASEY, CINDY AND GEORGE!!!!


  12. I am just appalled that anyone thinks that Casey is anything but a sociopath …one who in therapy would only learn new techniques of manipulation and perhaps criminal techniques. They cannot be “helped “through “therapy” becuse they don’t have a conscience. Casey Anthony would become a highly practiced sociopath after “therapy” instead of the bumbling one she was heretofore..

    I think George and Cindy raised a monster and due to their extreme narcissism and extreme worry abpout their own reputation and self-blown “position”, could not handle Casey’s miscreant behavior and let her finally made her chief controlling officer of Dysfunction Junction..

    And something is very creepy about Cindy Anthony’s fixation or enmeshment in her daughter’s persona. A team of psychiatrists working 24/7 couldn’t straighten out this deeply disturbing relationship. Today , according to spectators sitting in front of her in court, related how she was trying to get Casey’s attention and exclaiming to her lawyer, sleazer Lippmann, how beautiful and cute Casey looked and how beautiful her hair looked.

    I don’t care a fig about Casey Anthony and hope she slips into the nearest dump swamp as soon as possible and her “great team” who “fought” for her follows her into the muck and mire. Anyone connected to or in near proximity to the dark vortex that is Casey Anthony is soon to have their entire universe uprooted.

    Her great team is a group of umpricipled LIARS! They LIED in a court of law for their client. They asked us to believe that they would allow this innocent lamb to sit in prison for almost three years for an ACCIDENT? What a bunch of hooey meant for children or dumb jurors not for discerning adults.

    More to the point: would this girl sit in jail away from her “Bella Vita” for three years with a DP on the table and not ask for a plea deal on an ACCIDENT, or just confess to such with no penalty? Crazy thinking. It’s scary what we are being led to believe. Would she would protect her father by remaining in jail??

    If you believe the “great team” did anything but see a way to make some reputation and money, you must be reading the wrong signals, Dr. Glass. Or maybe something a little more interesting seems to have developed betwixt you and the “great team”. You have lost most of your credibility with me, I can tell you.. Pfffft! Errant nonsense.

    As far as the “cousin” spouting all the added nonsense about “Casey’s true story”. She must be kidding. Any Anthony is a Scamathony in my book. How many “true” stories have we heard from that vile family and their sick issue, Casey Anthony?

    The family is a case for treatment. Casey is an unmitigatged liar, manipulator, and, now, empowered by a stupid and probably gavaricious jury, a more sophisticated and practiced sociopath. Look out world.Here she comes!


    1. You’re right Penny.
      It’s the only explanation. Only a sociopath would continue the lifestyle that she displayed. If it had been an accident by drowning or giving her too much chloroform, she would have been morning the lose of her child. Only a sociopath has the ability to act as if nothing had happened.


    2. You have made an excellent point, one that everyone else seems to have missed.
      Suppose it happened as the defence wanted us to believe it did – it was an accident. Suppose little Caylee drowned in the family pool because nobody was watching her – Casey finds the body and panics (because she’s afraid Cindy will accuse her of being a neglectful mother?) and disposes of the body.
      But then she is charged with first-degree murder and is now facing the death penalty! At that point, what semi-rational person wouldn’t tell the authorities what really happened?
      I mean, any other charges that could possibly brought against her (negligence, lying to police, disposal of a body, etc) and the subsequent punishment pale in comparison to a possible DEATH PENALTY!
      That’s what makes the whole accident scenario so implausible. Once you are found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to die – which was always a strong possibility – it’s too late to say “Oops, it was an accident”.


    3. Brilliant. Yep, the “cousin” of Cindy Anthony is as reliable as the stock market. More lies, more scams, more air time is what they all want.

      Karma is coming for all of them, including the lying attorney’s. To toast victory while a baby’s death too horrific to imagine occurred without consequences defies all human decency.


    4. Well said Penny. I certainly won’t be buying any books from any of these people.

      They’re all liars. If what they said in the radio interview was true, why didn’t they get in touch with the prosecutor’s office?

      Also, Jane Velez Mitchell said in passing on HLN that there was no veracity to their story.


  13. Barbara, according to Diane Fanning in her book Mommy’s Little Girl, details the facts about the grad party. Casey left school and just didn’t attend a great deal of her senior year.

    About two days before the party was to take place with all the friends and relatives coming, Casey told her mother, “Don’t bother. I’m not graduating.”

    Cindy and George met the grandparents, Alex and Shirley Pleasea at the graduation adn informed them that Casey would not be graduating , but not to tell anyone else. They agreed. The party went on and they pretended Casey had graduated. Casey kept all the money and presents from the guests.


  14. Funny .. River Cruz posted in a forum last night she was “Laughing all the way to the bank” .. classy huh .. oh yeah, and believable .. and sure .. blame the parents cuz their daughter killed her kid … makes sense … this is a society of blame the parents for a bunch of party animal, lazy unemployed kids


  15. Dr Glass..well said…probably for once in my life I can say..I never trusted George and Cindy..I never felt sorry for them..If I had any compassion it was the bare bones for George.. I personally do not believe his affair should of been part of Casey’s case. I also, believe that River is the the most moral of people and felt she had her own agenda here.Casey will never have any pain, she is a TED BUNDY..I pray Karma gets her and the people ignore anything put out there for the respect of Caylee.


  16. Dr. Glass
    I do not believe Jose was ‘charming” I believe Judge Perry pampered him along and even schooled JOse for his idiot comments and fits. I believe Judge Perry did that because he thought it mind stop the appeals from becoming a new trial.

    I think the Jury thought Judge Perry was supporting Jose because he believed that stupid bs they were throwing on the wall.


    The Jury was a ” 12 pack of slack” a pack of idiots.

    I’m sure they think reasonalble doubt could include that Caylee actually duct taped herself and aliens placed her in the swamp.

    I don’t want to hear any support for a defense team that realeased a baby killer back to walk amongst us.

    Cheney flipping the bird, Jose sticking out his tongue, Casey also flipping the bird.

    Jose stated ” no one won” yet in 20 minutes he and Cheney and Simms were at a pub drinking champagne and toasting each other.

    Judge Perry said he would be after Jose for contempt, I bet you nothing will happen now.

    I’m sick, I’m disgusted, and it seems to me you want to capitalize on this case stating ” i told you so”

    Please don’t do that anymore, it tends to make me angry at you.

    I enjoy your posts however I always look at such as entertainment.

    Thank you for your hard work and time.


  17. I also believe casey and Casey alone killed Caylee. I would never blame my parents for anything when I was even 17, but at age 12 i had a paper route, at age 14 i was a car hop
    at age 16 i worked at the nursing home.
    at age 18 I was still working at the nursing home.

    I had my first child after marriage and i was 21.

    I had a rough childhood, but I don’t blame my parents for anything I have chosen to do.

    In my life, i have had one speeding ticket and I am 51.

    Casey wanted to be a grown up, yet she never took responsibility.

    Her parents would of been a dream to me when I was a kid.

    In my life I was expected to shut my mouth and work.


  18. I also want you to know I have a 30 year old son, and he owns his own construction company and makes more money than I do.
    I have a 26 year old son that is a GOLD MEDAL winner for the USA skydive team.

    I have a 16 year old daughter that works at the nursing home.
    I have a 16 year old beautiful girl living here because her parents are messed up.



    and she was not molested.

    I do believe George fooled with skank river cruis


    1. Ruth, I think he knew that River would repeat anything he said in court. He needed the jury to think he knew it was an accident. He manipulated. He learned from the best, his wife.


  19. I also want you to know this 16 y ear old girl that lives with us, her mother is a crack case, her father is busy with his new family, I enjoy her and I love her.

    How Caylee was tossed in the swamp in a “drive by dumping” gets casey paid interviews is beyond me and disgusting.

    Those defense attorneys were skanks like Casey.

    the Prosecution was a class act all the way, too bad they had for a jury a ’12 pack of slack”

    and yes, Judge Perry enabled that to happen, now Casey walks July 13th 2011, to reak havoic upon citizens of the USA.

    Caylee is dead, we can’t bring her back, however, if justice HAD been served, other spoiled rotten self induldged parents sick of their kids would know to kill them they might get caught and serve prison time.

    The lesson to them , do the ‘casey anthony defense” lie , lie, deny and accuse your family of molesting you and abusing you”

    There will now be more dead babies, tots, and children.

    copy cat murderers.

    That is why Justice for Caylee was important, she should not of gotten away with that, Casey not only got away with it, but she is now REWARDED for it.

    She can make a cool million a year for 3 years jail time.
    Kids going to college have a dorm room similar to caseys jail cell.
    Yet for those college kids paying hundrends of thousands of dollars a y ear
    for their education, it will take them 12 years before they can make a cool million a year, plus, they have to pay back their student loans.

    Casey was not charged for her food, her shelter, her anything.

    Casey took the short cut using murder and it paid off big time.

    I hope the public is outraged to the point Casey ALWAYS has to look over her shoulder.

    WE ALL KNOW SHE KILLED CAYLEE ( at least any one with one drop of common sense and an IQ over 50/


    1. Ruth, I nominate you for Presidency! You have common sense which in today’s USA is not common. Children need to be taught accountability for their actions.

      Just paste all the Anthony’s photo on the poster for MAJOR DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY. In no way does that dysfunction excuse murdering Casey. If any logical person connects the dots you get Casey’s profile. Narcissistic sociopath let loose.


      1. Thank you Singhphat, I JUST HAD to share my feelings.

        They are heartfelt, and they are heartbroken.

        Thank you very much for appreciating my thoughts.



  20. Thank you for allowing me to vent Dr. Glass
    I always appreciate that cool body language stuff

    I have always enjoyed your post.

    I came to this site every time you have posted a new one.



  21. ONe more thing,, I have noticed Caseys smile is a real charmer.
    She is physcially beautiful in my opinion.
    Her smile can light up a room.

    She is very attractive, she will have another child or more.

    She is also dangerous.

    She can’t help herself but to manipulate others.

    a friend heard her say ” dang i’m a good liar” as she clicked off her cell phone.

    She will never change, and she is dangerous.

    I do believe Cindy babies her and she was the perfect princess as a child.
    she grew up to be the WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST.

    she is still looking for her Ruby Slippers, and now, she will wear them.


  22. I wish there was a way to get someone famous, that would be able to draw all kinds of media and get a statement out to ask the American People to please not buy any books, watch any interviews that involve any of the Anthonys or Defense team?!
    The only way we can stop the madness with all of this is to hit Casey, George, Cindy and defense team in the POCKET BOOK! There has got to be a way to boycott all of this and get this message out to the masses! We have the power to do this!


    1. I tend to go along with the psychiatric community who believe there to be a confluence of factors in the creation of a sociopathic personality.

      I agree with Dr Glass that the Anthony’s had an obligation to parent Casey according to her needs, which they utterly failed to do.

      But when you think about it, if psychopathy of this level does have a biological basis (as revealed by specialized PET studies), who did Casey inherit these abnormalities FROM?

      And how did these abnormalities express in the Anthony parents? That’s a matter of historical record. Casey Anthony is just a standard deviation or two beyond her parent’s pathology.

      Who better to “groom” a sociopath than parents with the same tendencies? They poured Miracle Gro on her.

      If the Anthony parents were so afflicted, and raised Casey in the only way that made sense to them (in their pathological mindsets), then to me, there’s about as much to blame them for as blaming a coyote mother for raising her pups to hunt my chickens.

      If you could be inside my head while I think this, you’d see that I hold all the Anthony’s ultimately responsible, am horrified and disgusted by their behavior, DO think at least the senior Anthony’s had an obligation to find help for their VERY disturbed offspring, and think the drinking water in Pinellas County needs to be checked for lead.

      While I do judge (and harshly, as in this case) I also seek to understand. Understanding does not mean I absolve, understanding means I just seek to see the mechanisms that operate beneath the obvious.


      1. Cindy could write a book – ‘How to Raise a Sociopath in Ten Easy Steps – Resuts Guaranteed!’.


  23. Hey, Jury Slackers! Is this what you think happened to Caylee?

    The child drowned in the pool accidentally, the father George found the body and said to Casey who was busy texting all sorts of men for sex,

    “Look what you have done! You are a bad mommy!” (notice a theme here?) “And your mother is gonna flip out about this!”

    “Oh, geeze. I got busy. Help me dad. This is soooo not cool!”

    “Ok. I will put Caylee in a garbage bag . Go get the duct tape.

    “Why dad? What’s with the tape?”

    ” Duh..I’m taping the bag like we did with Fido and also taping Caylee’s mouth so It will look like a kidnapping!”

    “Sounds good, Dad.. You are smart!”

    . “Now, remember if anybody asks you, gets suspicious and misses Caylee, just tell them…what’s the name of your imaginanny? Zanny! Just say Zanny kidnapped her and I will back you.Above all, don’t say she accidentally drowned. Who would believe THAT?”

    “Sounds like a f***ing plan, DAD, fershure!”

    ” I also will duct tape ‘Caylee missing’ posters all over town using the same incriminating tape I used on my gas cans, and to bag Caylee and tape over her mouth.”

    ” What a plan, Dad! Duh….”


    1. Penny
      too bad you were not on the jury, perhaps you could of kicked the dollar signs out of their eyes and got them to GET REAL>


    1. @Elisabeth, you are correct
      and you want to know why Casey will never change

      because she gets REWARDED for lying and denying.

      It has ALWAYS worked for her, and sadly, it will continue to do so.


  24. censored??

    Casey can start grieving now she is out of jail. How nice to see her dressed up today she still had the Devil Horns going on which Dr. Glass likes to call them. AND the seat was not lowered today…. She got to sit up high on the seat she did not have the jury to pose as the poor abused girl. A girl that sucked on her dads pen@is before going to school.

    There are LIES and BEHAVIOR do not mix up the two. Casey is cunning, very cunning. Her mother is a liar but Casey is a sociopath she has no concience. I think Cindy may have a concience . She is a mean person not likeable at all. She learned how to lie learned how to do it better. I wonder who taught her how to murder? Was it Cindy? Lets blame that on Kronk or how about Leonard. Casey is very articulate and intelligent she is also very charming like most sociopaths. The verdict is still out on the sociopath gene – I do not think Casey was so abused in her tender years that made her one. It starts there not in adulthood.

    This blog is the most confusing roller coaster ride. If I took snippits from each thread it would make a very interesting study on how one can change opinions daily.

    I now know this blog is highly censored and there is a team of bnosers. I thought this was a blog on body language I am deeply mistaken. My post most likey will be deleted like others complain of but I know it will be read prior. I spoke about body launguage got blamed by one of the popular posters as being just like Casey a sociopath.


  25. I can’t believe you are ready to give up so easily and you change your tune like switching a radio channel. Yes it was done and the jury made that horrible decision but we need to gather and advocate that we will never buy a book, support a show that any of the Anthony’s give. All across the land no matter where she goes we need to rally and let our voices be heard . We need to show up when she goes to shows to get money and let all those TV stations, magazine editors know that they will suffer sales/viewership if they support and promote Casey. That’s how we have justice for Caylee!


  26. The prosecution didn’t say what happened to Caylee? I disagree totally. What the prosecution needed, for the stupidest jury on the face of the earth since O.J.’s, was a video tape of Casey chloroforming the kid, strapping the tape over her mouth, and tossing her in the dump.

    Even then, they demanded DNA and fingerprints from evidence that has been under water for a goodly part of the year. Evidently, they could not comprehend that evidence could be lost under those conditions.


    1. Totally agree. The only thing that I wish that the Prosecution had directly told the jury in the Opening Statement is that because the defendant dumped her baby’s body in the swamp, partied for 31 days, lied to law enforcement about everything, defamed Zeninda and the deluge ofTropical Storm Faye there will be NO DNA, only Caylee’s bones and no ability to determine how Caylee was murdered. I wish they had diagrammed it for these 12 but that probably wouldn’t have made a difference either.


      1. the did not spend time deliberating. You got one guy that was going on holidays, why be there another week, one guy wanted to get a publisit and a juror 4 that does not want to judge as it is Gods work,


  27. Dr. Glass perhaps you could do an article on the impact of moving the Defense table to the opposite side of the room from the Jury? IMHO, this allowed Casey to act in full view of the Jury. Six weeks of eye contact and mouth statements had to have impacted the Tampa 12. The Prosecution had know clue since the Defendants usually sit at a right angle to them.


  28. They are villians but Casey may seek out people like them to interact with in the future, she knows how they tick and how to manipulate the situation to her own advantage. As for her lawyers, they have their own lives and careers to get on with and their contact with her after the trial will lessen. The easiest thing for Casey Anthony is going to be to latch onto a male. She’ll be able to convince someone who finds her attractive, that she’s likable like her lawyers and the deputies with whom she passed smiles. Women are more incensed by this verdict research shows, another advantage to finding a male. Lying and expoiting others, from those who she defrauded to the man she convinced was the father of her daughter is what she trained herself in sincce she left formal education and I think what she will easily go back to to. Plus, her neediness has been discussed, which is why I think she will for a relationship, especially as she’s in this extremely difficult situation of being a figure of scorn, not the attention she’s looking for! Getting help would mean being being by herself to focus on these problematic issues, if she wants to face this unflattering view of herself. I doubt it!



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