Jurors Believed What George Told River Cruz About An Accident That Snowballed And Did Not Like How George Fought With Baez

According to the alternate jury who has been the only juror speaking up on behalf  of the 12 jurors seen above, they believed that Caylee’s death  was an accident that snowballed.  That term was the exact one used by George’s mistress River Cruz. They believed River and  what she said George  had told her about Caylee’s death being and accident that snowballed.

The alternate said that they also believed that George knew about it and helped in the cover up. If that is the case, now it finally  makes sense  to me that that George was not involved in the family interrogation when Casey was questioned by her mother and  Lee as to what happened to Caylee.

They also did not like it when George was belligerent with Jose Baez. They did not like how he argued with Jose and how he spoke to Jose. The jury loved Jose Baez. I have always told you this since day one. I have always said how a jury would like Jose because of how he presents himself and I was correct in that they did like him.

They did not like George and I knew they wouldn’t. They did not like that he cheated on his wife and  had an affair with River Cruz. They did not like that he lied as they believed he had an affair.

They also did not believe the “smell of death” that George spoke of in relation to the car when he picked it up. They said that George having been in LE would have reported it to the police. He said the man with George who was with him when he picked up the car  didn’t smell it, so they did not buy what George said.

They also said they  they didn’t believe the body was in the trunk and that none of them could see a stain. The also found the hair in the trunk to be a problem.

Because they liked  and trusted Jose so much, they believed what he told them about a very serious accident that was covered up. In addition they did not like Ashton and felt he di not prove his case. Likewise, they did not like it when Ashton sparred with Jose Baez.

The jurors also believed the myriad of Casey’s  friends who came forth and said she was a good mother, according to the alternate.

About Casey’s  lying, he said that Casey lied years before anything happened to Caylee and that wa just how her dysfunctional family operated.

Once again, I believed that they were swayed by Baez because of his passion and how well he presented his and Casey’s side to them.

The alternate said that he wanted to know from the prosecution,  how Caylee died and that is a question we will never know for sure. He said that he wanted them to have  presented more evidence

The alternate is very brave to speak out in all of the morning shows and said that the other jurors will not come forward.

In fact the media set up  chairs with the jurors numbers on them and  no one showed up. Based on public sentiment, the jurors are now afraid to speak up. They are afraid of death threats like the one;s Cindy and George received. They want to go home to their lives in Pinnelas County and be done with this stressful  six-week experience.

Finally he praised Judge Perry and the Sheriff’s Department for treated them well when they were sequestered. www.drlillianglass.com


51 thoughts on “Jurors Believed What George Told River Cruz About An Accident That Snowballed And Did Not Like How George Fought With Baez

  1. Dr. Glass,

    In reference to the “good mother” question, what did you make of the video where Casey and Caylee are playing and laughing on the floor together?

    Watching that, it never struck me that this was a woman who wanted to be rid of the burden of a child.


  2. Wow – they liked Jose Baez, so they believed him!!! This impresses me as so very juvenile. And this is what Casey uses – charm. If she charms someone, they believe her. If Jose charms someone, they believe him.

    It is time to make the job of Juror a profession. They need to licensed like any other legal profession and they need to be held to certain standards.

    This is ridiculous!


    1. Two words: Gullible & Infantile reasoning. As another poster stated time for professional jurors.

      I’m sickened with this lalala land of thinking.

      Rest in peace Caylee, you are in a better place now.


  3. I respectfully tell you it was not the media that sat up those chairs, they were sat up by the court employee’s….


  4. I also would like to add, as far as I know only one person has came forward, a alternate juror named Russ, the teacher, very respected human being…who used the words “we” “us”…how come? Was this jury talking to one another, how would he know these answers…why did he not say..I speak only for myself…just because others came to the same conclusion does not mean they all felt the same way on certain things…I think you did a wonderful job of the body language analysis …but to me these are your opinions as an expert…just like the jury..we can take them or leave them..


    1. Great point, I also wondered that too. Sad part is that murderers get to appeal their cases all the time based on juror misconduct or for whatever reason after the fact. But the state will never get to try casey again for the a misconduct by the jurors after the fact.


    2. I agree I thought the same thing. This alternate wasnt in the jury room for the deliberations was he? How could he have all these opinions on something he didnt take part in or shouldnt have known anyway IF THEY WERENT SUPPOSED TO DISCUSS THIS!


  5. All it means to me about the 12 juror’s is they enjoyed the fairy tale histrionics show Baez put on as it was more entertaining. The actual facts Jeff Ashton and Linda presented they were not interested in as it was boring to them so they just tuned that out. Any 12 juror’s that saw the picture of Caylee’s skull wrapped three times around the mouth and nose area and saw where this baby was thrown away, in her very own blanket that came from the anthony home, laundry bag proven to come from the Anthony home, then double bagged in black trash bags, should alone told them what happened to Caylee Anthony was no accident or drowning or any other kind of accident. I would like to ask each juror, there are only four anthony’s that had access to Caylee Marie, George, Cindy, Casey, Lee, since you have freed Casey, then you must think one of the other Anthony’s i just listed killed her or accidentally caused her deaath and covered it up, so which one is it? This is the dumbest jury in my opinion in the history of America. They would not be able to reason it was Casey that killed Caylee if they were presented an actual video of Caylee killing her and dumping her like trash in the woods. Of course this juror would come out and talk, he is just an alternate that never made the actual decision. what is he wanting now, fame too? I would like to add Baez and Mason are totally unethical and i want even call them Lawyer’s.


  6. Wait A D*** minute. this is an alternate juror. They were not to discuss the case amongst themselves or with others as per Judge Perry’s instructions. He was an alternate, he did not deliberate with them. How does he know everything they all thinK? Rotten in Denmark! Mistrial! or Bigmouth Liar (haven’t we had our fill of that?) who wants to be on TV.


  7. We all have to accept the juror’s decision no matter how dumb it is as we have no choice. I think this will not be the last we see of Casey in trouble again but i sure hope it will not be another killed victim but i do not trust it will not.


  8. Dr. Glass please do not print this.

    Go to:
    WFTV.com casey anthony post verdict chat…replay

    There is a disgusting picture of Cheney Mason flipping
    the bird at the media. I hope you are able to post this on
    your site.This is supose to be a professional lawyer.


  9. rob 1, good point. i know i have had my feel of liars. All the lies that came from the defense team starting in 2008 to 2011 from the big wigs down to the peons, some left, other’s came, ones left still on the media lieing for Casey, it would be enough to sink the Titanic!! I am disgusted totally~~


  10. Lacy, i have seen that disgusting picture of Mason in the restaurant given the finger to the media outside. He is a disgusting person and way too old to do such things. Some member of the court he makes. I wish the media would put it on front page news everyday from now on.


  11. Hmmm, why did my comment at 6:22pm get posted above Dr. Glass’ at 5:37 pm? In other words, Dr. Glass was not speaking to me.

    Note: There is deep, deep, ignorance about the markers and methods of abusers / malignant narcissists / sociopaths / psychopaths, and their victims’ resultant behaviors in our general population, including those selected for juries. Even family law judges are fooled by them every day. Often, they successfully blame shift to their victims. Victims are often not believed, and thereby are revictimized, while the real perpetrator gets away with most often metaphorical murder, and sometimes literal murder. Most often, the abuser turns into a financial abuser like Jose Baez, who is a dead beat dad, welching on child support payments, believing he is above the law. (These are all markers of a sociopath. Sociopaths are excellent actors / Dr. Jekylls.)

    Male sociopaths out number females by at least 5 to 1 still. It used to be more like 10 to 1, but I believe that the ripple and lag time effects of abuse, adultery, divorce, drugs, alcohol, and early sexualization have females closing the gap on the formerly male corner on the sociopathic market. (Circular problem – teens often use drugs, alcohol, and sex to self medicate from the pain of childhood abuse and their parents’ divorces and/or the abuse and dysfunction they witnessed before divorce, and then their brains get stuck in teen limbic processing – not good.)

    The weed grows back unless the root is dug out AND we are each personally responsible for our own actions. So, it’s both.

    It would help our world if the judicial system would take abuse seriously, and then set an example to would be perpetrators that if you abuse, and certainly if you either kill, or do not report an accidental death for 31 days, then you will be held swiftly and certainly accountable.


  12. I’m with Rob1: How does this alternate juror know how the others were thinking/feeling unless they discussed the case during times they were under strict orders not to?


  13. i have posted your blogs on my groups from the beginning…and this motion was not based on what you have said..its based on the whole outcome…When we have so many people who watched all the same evidence and the majority do not believe in casey i think something went wrong. In no way was this directed at you…i have groups of over 15,000 people and we love reading your blogs not sure why u felt this was directed at you.


  14. The system usually works and i don’t think the system failed Caylee. Our problem is our system has to depend on human beings for juror’s and it is just a cut and a draw if your lucky enough to get juror’s that have common sense and in this world today it seems common sense is getting rare. For an example, when you read people writing that 8 and 5 year olds should be charged as adults that says it all to me. When you see as i have seen an 8 year old brought in court in full shackles that screams to me where has our common sense gone and decency for that matter in treating a child this way. This is why Casey Marie Anthony has no justice and why Casey Marie Anthony will be free to live her party life without her baby she didn’t want.


  15. The people in that photo do not match the profiles of the Casey anthony jury. The Casey jury was much older and contained 2 black people and no Asians. I think you may have false info.


  16. This is fascinating, thank you Dr Glass.

    I, for one, gagged a little bit when you said that Baez came across well. But apparently, HE DID. Hello!

    And George bombed with the jury, while a majority of us who have ardently followed this trial since July 2008 did not have the degree of antipathy toward George the jury seems to have had.

    So these jurors had the last 3 years distilled into six weeks and a line up of witnesses. Both the state and the defense went all out in presenting their cases. The jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of the charges the majority of us believed were a given.

    Heck, we debated death penalty versus LWOP, and in the very very least, manslaughter. It did not even occur to ME (and it seems most others!) that she would walk!

    So basically, in this six week distilled-to-the-essence trial, what was/were the pivotal, critical influences?

    What really matters to Joe and Mary America? What pivotal and critical influences carry the most weight?

    Do you think, Dr Glass, that body language of the “players” were part of the critical influence in the jury’s decision?


    1. “So these jurors had the last 3 years distilled into six weeks”

      What do the last 3 years even have to do with the trial?

      What matters is the evidence and actions of Casey Anthony at the time of the death of Caylee.

      There is no evidence Caylee was even murdered. That’s a fact. All y’all can claim you know better but that would be a lie because you don’t. You are all irrationally wishing for a person to be guilty because you did not like the way she conducted herself as a mother.

      I used to think this case was a slam dunk until the trial. My mind changed. It seemed incredible to me that the prosecution was trying someone for a crime that they couldn’t even prove was a crime.


      1. “What do the last 3 years even have to do with the trial?”

        Apparently, nothing at all, with the first clue being the verdict!!

        Murder was not the only charge against Casey, and I agree with many folks who felt the “murder one” to be a bit of an overkill. She was also charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child, and aggravated child abuse.

        Murder was not the only choice they jury had.

        A two year old child is found triple bagged, with items from the Anthony household, in a swamp after her mother insists she was kidnapped. Duct tape remains wrapped around the skull. Thirty one days elapsed before the child was reported missing. If you remember the testimony given by Dr Garavaglia, There was a crime. The cause of death was ruled by Dr G as a homicide. The means of this homicide was not apparent.

        That does not mean a homicide did not occur.

        The only reason a healthy two year old dies is by murder, homicide, or neglect.

        If the jury (or anyone else) insists that NO culpability can be determined without a cause of death, they are a person sorely lacking critical thinking skills. Or afraid to use them.


      2. No, the cause of death was undetermined and the manner of death was homicide. BIG difference.


  17. I understand that the ‘snowball’ accident was believable for the jurors because GEORGE believed it when the Orange County Sheriffs (JA) brought it up FIRST when they interviewed him (GA) 7/24/08.

    “JA: Uhm, and the, and the, and the truth is at this point the only person who truly knows the answer to that is Casey. But let me, let me, let me ask you this. If something happened, if there, some accident occurred, if you know, Casey just being a young, twenty-two year old girl with, with a, you know, uh, you know being carefree and being focused on some other things, uh, through some you
    know, you know she wasn’t watching her for a minute and something happened, then I, I, we both spend a lot of time working child abuse. And I’m telling you uh, it, it, it is, it, well often times you know if a child dies the child dies because the mother wasn’t paying attention for a few minutes or well, one thing or another like that. It isn’t, it, it isn’t always that you know, that the, you know, they did some
    horrible unspeakable act. Sometimes it’s a horrible accident, you know? Uh, they were on the phone and the kid crawled in the pool. They ran inside to talk to somebody, only planning to be in the house for ten or fifteen minutes and left the kid in the car and something happened there.
    GA: Right.
    JA: A number of those things could happen, okay?
    GA: (Sighs.)
    JA: And uh, you know, Yuri told your wife and I, I believe you too, or certainly told your daughter that this thing, once it starts will snowball, okay? And you know, uhm, I, I think for you as, as, you know, being the, their father and the husband and all that, you know the best thing for everybody here would
    be for us to be able to figure out what happened…”


    1. So this is the origin of George’s “an accident that snowballed” comment. My guess is that, not knowing how Caylee had died and not wanting to believe the worst about his own daughter, he clung to this as wishful thinking.


  18. I’ll give it to you Dr. Lillian, you were right about the jury liking Baez. I still can’t figure out why. I found the simple looking grin on his face annoying and thought he came off like he thought he knew it all but often came off looking like a fool. It looks to me as if the jury was so in Casey’s corner that they wouldn’t accept anything against her.
    As for all her friends saying she was good to Caylee, that doesn’t mean anything. Casey was proven to be deceitful and a pathilogical liar. She put on an acting job as not to reveal her true spots, just as she did with the jury. The jury who will now see (if they are not completely blind) the two faces of Casey and how she pulled the wool over their eyes as well.
    How could anyone who sat through 33 days of trial say with a straight face they did not give a reason for Casey to harm Caylee. The prosecutition told them she wanted to live ‘The Beautiful Life’. Unfortunately for Caylee she was in the way. Casey got the partying life in her blood and it was not possible with a child to care for. She could not afford a real nanny as her only income was through stealing. Her parents worked and therefore couldn’t babysit as often as Casey wanted. Her mother confronted her about stealing from her grandparents healthcare account and her Mom got physical (which the jury didn’t hear as Cindy lied). On top of this Casey was already pissed she couldn’t go on the trip to Puerta Rico that her friends were on as she had Caylee plus she had no money to go.
    Still not sure if she intended for Caylee to die. But do think she was jealous of the money spent on and attention given to Caylee by her Grandparents. Also think that Cindy gave Casey a hard time regarding Caylee and tried to act as Caylee’s mother.


    1. Sociopaths are notorious for putting on a wonderful act and fooling people. Before Laci Peterson died, everyone said that her husband Scott was a terrific person and a great husband, so charming, so personable, so caring.


  19. I believe in such a complicated case to deliberate for only 10 hours tells me they did not really look at the evidence. Reasonable doubt does not mean no doubt. Common sense did not prevail here. Casey had possession of that car for the 31 days. There was a dead Caylee on that trunk. A professional from the Body Farm at Oak Ridge National Labs who has studied human decomposition, along with trained dogs know more than some average juror.They did not want to see the forest for the trees. The motive was to get back at Cindy. The way this poor child was thrown out like trash proves it was no accident. Dr. G was the most credible witness. The manner of death was homicide. Cause of death does not need to be proven. I do believe George and Cindy knew that child was dead by August. We can only hope each day of Casey Anthony ‘s life will be filled with misery for what she did and she won’t bring another child into this world.


  20. Dr G, I believe that is a stock photo of the jury you got there, after doing a reverse search on that image it only shows up on 2 blogs. Just so you know.


  21. At least one of the jurors has spoken out (not an alternate) and has stated they were sick over the verdict and that they do NOT believe Casey is innocent.


  22. The jury was instructed by the judge to disregard the statement that it was an accident that snowballed out of control because there was no proof of an accident. Therefor the jury did not even abide by the judge instruction so they went against the law and took evidence that was not proven. I know that you believe the women who says she had an affair with George, I really don’t believe she was telling the truth or not the whole truth and even if he did have an affair that had nothing to do with this murder case. I sure hope she was telling the truth because she is one reason Casey walk after her poor child’s body was torn up by animals. Of course OIMO


  23. Are you actually representing this picture as the jury for this trial? Who authenticated this picture? I mean no disrespect, but many people check your site often and I can’t believe you would post a picture of the supposed jury when you can look at it and tell it is not them. Her jury was made up of 7 women and 5 men. ???


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