George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language Shows Upset With the Verdict

Cindy lied through her teeth to protect Casey by saying she put  the word chloroform into the computer. She told a myriad of other lies on the stand for which I believe she MUST be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. George lied as well, especially in terms of his affair with River Cruz and what she said to him to go along with it), yet as soon as they discovered their daughter was guilty of nothing except lying to police, they high tailed it out of the courtroom.

Before the jury was read, Cindy hid her head in the back row while George put his hands together as though he was praying.

Then the jury was read and Casey was found not guilty on almost everything. With  all their efforts in lying for her and protecting and enabling her, you would think they would have stood up, hugged one another, cried for joy, and jumped around with happiness. 

Instead, they scurried out of the courtroom stone faced. It was very confusing for a couple who spent three years covering for their daughter and looking for Zanny the Nanny up until six weeks ago.  They looked down and refused to make eye contact with anyone. George carried his hand in a fist like position as you can see in the photo above. This signifies anger.

Then Cindy and George were confronted by cameras and reported and Cindy became her obnoxious angry self where she was yelling at the reporter to  get out of her way or else.

So, why did they leave early? I am merely speculating here, but I think that even though Cindy was lying  on the stand to save Casey, deep down, she wanted Casey to be jailed forever or put to death. That is what her reaction said to me. It was inconsistent with her behavior on the stand where she guarded and measured every word to make it favorable for Casey.

This is confirmed by their Attorney  Mark Lippman on GMA who said  that  they haven’t spoken with their daughter about her acquittal and were shocked that the jury found no evidence against her because prosecutors “did a fantastic job.”

 This says it all. It shows how they said one thing one time and then said  another thing. This is pure evidence of the love hate relationship between she and Casey. She loved Caylee  because she could control her and she hated Casey because she had no control over her.

We know that there is a lot of  dysfunctional competition between the two . Maybe (and note I said maybe) Cindy was upset that Casey would now be the star instead of her. If Casey was to get  LWOP or put to  death, it would be” poor mother” Cindy on all  over the  talk shows selling her books and her story and making millions.

 Now the focus has shifted and the real star  of the moment is Casey who will get all the book and film deals. Suddenly Cindy is not that interesting. All the notes she has been scribbling  in the courtroom for the sake of  book  are suddenly not that valuable or important.

No one cares as much about a book from Cindy and they would care about one from Casey  about her time on jail and  maybe what really happened.

They already know Cindy’s story and what a shrew she has been and how she lied in court. Suddenly she is no longer relevant.

Apparently it has been reported that there are death threats to the Anthony’s. Some believe George really molested her in a vulgar way and despise him for that. Other’s despise Cindy for lying on the stand and hold her responsible for teaching Casey to lie and for threatening to kick out Casey and keep Caylee.

 I cannot imagine Casey moving back in with Cindy or George . In her three years of cell life, she has had peace and quiet from Cindy. She has also developed a new family of sorts, with Ms. Simms as her new nurturing mom, Jose as her protective Knight in Shining Armor dad, Cheney Mason as her wise old grandpa, and  host of brothers and sisters who are Baez’ young staff.

Her parents would never embrace her and  she could never embrace them. I hope she feels the pain of Caylee every moment, but I don’t believe she will do so. She never wanted Caylee in the first place. She wanted to adopt it out. Cindy insisted on keeping, and naming, and rasing Caylee but Casey wanted to have fun and party.Cindy wanted her to be a good mother when Casey didn’t want to be a mother in the first place. So whether it was an accident that snowballed as the jury believes or some foul play on Casey’s part , the bottom line is Caylee is no longer with us.

George and Cindy would torture Casey to find out what really happened to Caylee and Casey would never say. But maybe they already know.


79 thoughts on “George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language Shows Upset With the Verdict

  1. I promise you on the new’s I saw Cindy tucked behind someone, and the camera that was close I think maybe to the witness stand, was facing Cindy and everytime each of the verdict’s were read she would stick her head out toward that camera which would be, if you were Cindy she looked to the left and had a big smile with each verdict, until lying to the police she didn’t stick her head out. Am I the only one that saw this??


    1. I saw it too. She could barely hold a huge grin in. On the other hand, George looked more angry with each verdict.

      RE: “George carried his hand in a fist like position as you can see in the photo above. ” That isn’t a fist, He is putting his hand into his pocket.


    2. that was my friend Donald, who was sitting directly in front of her during the reading of the verdict. He is a large black man, and she could easily (and did) hide behind him…there is also a camera to the the left of those people in the gallery … trained right on that last 2 rows…those people were instructed not to look into the camera at any time…However, many times during the trial Cindy did look into the camera……BUT YES, she is ducking behind a very nice man, named Donald…who was shocked as the everyone else when the verdict was read.


    3. I saw it too! She really appeared like she was happy with the verdict. I believe I also saw Casey nod towards her mom when the last of the top three verdicts were read. I know she looked that way before she hugged Baez.


  2. This whole thing has been so sad. No matter what the grand parents did people wanted to blame them and that is not fair.I hope the two of them can find peace now. Casey was so afraid her little girl would love Cindy and George more than her. Casey loves herself more than anyone. She sure don’t need more chilren.


  3. I think you are right on, Dr. Glass. Casey has the last word this time, as she will be the one who cashes in leaving Cindy in the dust. HA-HA.


    1. If Cindy changed the angle of her story to “I believe Casey Did it” and pour out why she lied and what she really knows about what Casey did, she would have a hit.


  4. precious Caylee paid the ultimate Price for the Dysfunction which existed in the Anthony family. In my Opinion Dysfunction in this Case is just an Excuse for Murder.
    No One was held responsible for the Death of that precious Child!
    It is like Caylee Marie never even existed.
    It is a sad Day when a Child’s Life obviously is not important enough to make the Person responsible who took away her Life before Caylee even had a Chance to celebrate her 3rd Birthday.
    The Perpetrator Casey Anthony had more Rights then the Victim, she can go on and live her Life without her precious Child and party All she wants now. Will that make her happy, I wonder. Was it worth to sacrifice Caylee for Your own selfish Reasons?
    The whole Anthony family should be prosecuted for Lying on the Stand after
    being sworn in to tell the Truth and nothing but the Truth.
    I guess that Oath only applies to some but not to the Anthony’s.
    The Law is the Law with no Exceptions!
    BTW there are so many dysfunctional families in this World which don’t kill their own Children as a Result of it.
    I am from a dysfunctional family and have two Boys and two Grand Sons, my Life wasn’t any easier than Casey’s but I never thought of killing my Children, matter of fact they were the Best Thing in my Life, especially because of my dysfunctional Childhood! JMO
    Well,now where will Casey go, will she be moving back with George and Cindy, that would be interesting.
    Maybe Baez, Simms or Mason should take her in, they are so fond of her, or were they really?
    Maybe Casey should get her own Place and maybe just maybe get a Job and pay her own Bills, god knows she is old enough, oh well, just a Thought, probably never will happen. Good Luck to All of them, they will need it.


    1. No need for a job don’t you know that Casey is gonna be a millionaire. This verdict just reinforced what her parents have done all along. Only now instead of getting away with lying and stealing she now is able to believe she can get away with murder. Poor little Caylee never stood a chance with these liars.


  5. “Some believe George really molested her in a vulgar way and despise him for that.”

    Is there another way to molest someone besides vulgarly?


  6. I thought I saw their lawyer give them the signal to leave. They must have decided ahead of time…I do think they were shocked by the verdict.


  7. Doctor, you’re almost getting it but you are not quite there yet.

    Cindy and George showed no joy or happiness for the not guilty verdicts because they are complicite in the death of Caylee. Their scapegoat was set free.

    My theory –

    In the massively dysfunctional Anthony household, Caylee dies an accidental death, most likely through someone’s negligence. In this family of pathological liars they are at a loss as to what to do.


    Because they are liars. You lie as to advoid blame and accountability.

    Casey is probably not the negligent party. More than likely it’s Cindy or George. Casey might not even know what exactly has happened. Cindy might be all over Casey in her angry, controlling way- “Where’s Caylee? Your father and I were watching her last night and put her to bed while you were out doing God knows what. Have you seen her this morning? She’s your child, you know. Did she wander off? When are you going to be a proper mother to her? This is all your fault. You’ll be the responsible if she is hurt or God forbid, kidnapped.” Or they convince Casey that Caylee has died through her indirect negligence. This ugly scenario of blame could play out in a couple different ways. In all cases the incident must be covered up and no family member get the blame… initially.

    They concoct a plan to save themselves. It probably was going to be an Amber Alert scenario. But that stalls out. These are not master criminals. They go halfway with it. Duct taped mouth on the child, dump her body. But who is going to report her missing? Maybe they leave it for Casey to do. Casey won’t or can’t. She’s an irrational, damaged, frivolous girl. Paralysis takes over, events start to spin out of control. Questions are asked- “Where’s Caylee?” etc.

    The blame ends up landing on Casey and that’s fine with Cindy and George because if she wasn’t such a fuck up than none of this would have happened anyway.

    I believe this is the way things went down at the time.

    I worked 8 years as an investigator for two different Private Detectives in a major city. I worked 98% criminal cases. I have seen stranger things play out.


    1. OMG! Buster I actually believe you may be right about that. I can totally see this scenario play out like that. I do believe that Casey was horribly abused by these people and she’s so damaged by them. What you said actually makes A LOT of sense.


    2. Interesting scenario which this major dysfunctional family who really knows, they are not the “normal” for sure. They kept speaking to a decomposing body, two grandparents with experience in this area, so WHY would they clean out the car???

      To protect Casey, they would be wondering if she caused the death of Caylee (intentionally or by gross neglect) or did they not call the police about the car because they were involved?

      Something is rotten in Demark. Your experience and your deduction is interesting. However, Cindy’s 911 call sounds so very convincing, I must say.


    3. With all due respect, no way. The Anthony’s are not THAT good at acting.

      If that were the case, I believe the way the Anthony’s behaved in the aftermath would have included a LOT more Casey bashing from her parents. They spent too much time diverting attention away from Casey. Your scenario begs that they would have spent more time diverting attention from themselves/each other.


    4. actually I see it differently…..It might have been an “accidident” Casey would knock that baby out with benadryl or chloroform or something else and laying her somewhere “safe” until casey is done partying. after the huge fight with cindy she goes out partying but when she goes back to get Caylee, she finds her dead and in a panick keeps her hid. When george and cindy find the car she comes clean with them . notice that is when their demenor changes. Cindy goes into mother dearest mode to protect the family and forcing george to use his knowlegde to give them strict instrustions on how this should be covered up. How or why else would you cover up an accident. And how was the body only left in the woods for 2 weeks……just saying


  8. What was the point the whole point in lying then? Part of me really is starting to believe that they know way more than they are letting on and that they wanted to see Casey go away forever but because it would have looked suspicious, they went overboard with the lies and protective cover in court. These people are sick, and I feel Casey will be LESS of a danger to society if she cuts Cindy and George out of her life forever.


  9. I wonder where Casey will go if she gets out. Can’t imaging the parents opening their home to her. Maybe Baez has an extra room or is finding her an apartment. I bet he’s booking her an agent too. Any news outlet that pays her for her line of lies, aka “story” should be boycotted. She will slip, someday, when she is drunk, out partying. If the public is really as pissed off as they claim to be, then she will not have an outlet to collect millions of dollars. it’s up to the public not to reward her.


    1. I wish that this was true…however, if she gets a book deal she will get the majority of her payday as an advance and if it’s a movie deal, whether the public watches & enhances that network’s ratings or not it will be a moot point because Casey will have already gotten her cha ching! What I wish would happen is that the network and publisher will realize that none of us want to hear from her or see any movie about her life. It seems that Vivid Entertainment has gotten the message loud & clear! They have rescinded the Porno deal that they had offered Casey.


      1. I for one, hopefully among thousands of millions, refuse to watch anything more to do with these arrogant, lying and narcissistic individuals. They cost florida way too much money for a fiasco!
        Caylee, sweet Caylee, did they ever really love her?


    2. Thank you God… Now thats what I’m thinking… If there is a movie everyone needs to turn the T.V.’s OFF!!!!!!!!!! She can only get rich from this if the angry american people allow it to happen.


  10. Like it or not, agree with it or not Casey Anthony was found not guilty. That said, I will NOT buy/attend/watch anything that will make money for someone from this childs death. No books, movies, made for tv movies from ANYONE. I will not contribute to the sale of this beautiful childs pain and suffering or that of any other.


      1. Yeah, I agree with that as well. Let the publishers and TV/movie people take a huge hit on her life story. Boycott anything that has Casey’s name on it.


    1. Nor will I not the Anthony’s, not Casey, not the defense team, not even the jurors.
      This is blood money at the expense of a precious precious little girl.


  11. Many of us have followed this case and the testimonies closely, and have read Dr. Glass’ commentary on the trial which I can say for me has been very insightful. Body language does not lie, although the family and Casey clearly have lied verbally many times, both before and after the trial. Many mixed messages from many of the players in this sad drama. I have say I am confused by the seemingly constant to-and-fro of the words and actions.

    The jury has spoken and in our justice system they were the ones to determine Casey’s fate, legally. I do not agree with their decisions/opinions, and was sickened by the legal outcome.

    I found myself wondering after the verdicts were read: were the jurors in the same trial I was watching? I really can’t understand their interpretations of all of the testimony versus my interpretations. I know I am not alone in this.

    Some points: Casey has spent (at least) a good portion of her life spinning lies for her own benefit. She has been in a family environment that has enabled her behavior, and has benefitted by her crafty and false statements. This verdict is just one more “OK” on the lies. She now KNOWS that people acknowledge and recognize her prolific lying and it’s still “OK” per the jury’s ruling. One more reward in her sick spin. Which in my mind will only spur her on to higher heights in this as she moves ahead, free and probably wealthy.

    The juror(s) have said that there was not enough evidence brought forth by the prosecution for a guilty verdict. They say that they believe George’s story of accidental death in the pool. Well, there is no evidence of this at all besides his word. (which now we know is not sound) So, to place non-exisitent (George) evidence that supercedes (what they call) insufficient state’s evidence makes no sense.

    My last point is the not guilty on the child abuse/neglect. How can you possibly “lose” your child to a non-exisitent person (Zanny the nanny) and it not be neglect/abuse? The not guilty on murder in some degree is bad enough, but the not guilty on the child abuse/neglect charge is an insult to every good parent. That is offensive in the first degree.


    1. Something is definately wrong that 12 jurors agreed that Casey was not guilty of even child abuse/neglect. Caylee was with Casey, Caylee disappears and is never seen alive again. Is the last known person the child with not responsible for the well being of said child?

      Has this trial set precedents for lies, perjury, no responsibility for disappearing children in the future?

      IMO, this jury was ready to go home last week and had reached the point they wanted out. The verdict was too quick for parents on the jury not to be voting for child abuse.


  12. I have 2 scenarios for Casey’s new found freedom: ONE: I agree with Lillian’s statement re Casey’s new/ replacement family…..Mason=grandpa, Baez=protector,Simms=mother figure& junior associates=siblings. And as such, how long before Casey effs’ them over too? TWO: I can see Casey going to work for Baez, as a paralegal, as he’s the only person who’d ever hire her.

    Re Cindy possibly feeling irrelevant because no one will want her book since Casey’s out free. If Cindy were to change her tune& finally tell the truth about Casey’s guilt….she could blame her change of heart on all the evidence brought forth at trial, people would flock to her book signings, etc. She could talk about the betrayal of her daughter and people would eat it up as NO ONE wants to buy a book of lies penned by Casey.


  13. I got this from a good friend, which may explain why Casey referred to a non-existent nanny as Zanny:

    ‘A counselor who works with large numbers of addicts said that it’s common practice to give little ones Zanex so they’ll sleep through anything, while they party. Interestingly, they have a code word for it, when asked where their children are when they party, they say she’s with, “Zanny (Zanex) the nanny.”’


  14. I think trying to psych this family out is going to give us all a collective stroke.

    I’m a sucker for a good redemption story. I used to be A LOT more of a sucker than I am now. It’s such a deep seated part of who I am that I still struggle like mad to attribute, across the board, negative intentions on the part of the senior Anthony’s. I think most human evil is (in the spirit of M. Scott Peck) mundane, boring, half-assed, bumbling, without conscious intent.

    There is a chaos of beads on the ground and we bystanders are all trying to string them together so they make a reasonable necklace. Or a box of puzzle pieces dropped and we’re trying to fit the pieces together.

    A child was murdered, by intent or negligence. And the person responsible is going to walk.

    Have all the puzzle pieces from the OJ trial/travesty been put together? It’s been 16 years. Or does it still churn with this same outrage? Is there more than the OBVIOUS that we can use to help us with the Casey Anthony puzzle?


  15. Dr Glass,
    on a non Casey Anthony subject I would absolutely LOVE it if you could do a body language analysis on the Monaco Royal Wedding. I would love to read your take on it.


  16. Wow – I had not thought about this. The result of this verdict directly upstages Cindy!! Makes a lot of sense. Too bad, so sad for Cindy. It’s being reported that Casey has already announced that she wants more kids and may change her name. As I mentioned in a previous comment I knew this was coming. In the majority of her letters to another inmate, Casey consistently mentioned that as soon as she got out of jail that she wanted another baby or else to adopt. That is a totally frightening prospect.

    I am very puzzled by the Anthony’s statement that they released yesterday to the media. They do say that they did not agree with the DT’s trial strategy but that they believe that it was a fair verdict.

    “the family believes that the Jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented, the testimony presented, the scientific information presented and the rules that were given to them by the Honorable Judge Perry to guide them.”
    I think this was George, Cindy & Lee once again giving no respect to baby Caylee’s memory and I did not like it.

    This is a very different message (both through Lippman) than the one that you posted above:
    “This is confirmed by their Attorney
    Mark Lippman on GMA who said
    that they haven’t spoken with their daughter
    about her acquittal and were shocked that the
    jury found no evidence against her because
    prosecutors “did a fantastic job.”

    And today their atty Lippman stated that the accusations of George molesting Casey are baseless. He said that there is no proof at all and that if anyone was to show some proof to him he would immediately retire practicing law. I have heard that he is a highly respected and ethical atty. I guess I am getting confused wondering if atty’s in general believe that lying in public statements is ethical when representing clients or maybe my comments are unfair and baseless. He does not seem overtly shady but he also maintains that Cindy did NOT lie on the stand!


    1. Casey wants to change her name? May I suggest she change it to “Karla Homolka” (Google it if you don’t get the reference).


  17. Why am I banned? I wrote 2 posts on this topic of Cindy’s reaction to the verdicts and my posts never showed up, why won’t you allow them to be posted? If you disagreed with me why couldn’t you just e-mail me and tell me your displeasure with me? I don’t ge this site. You delete and edit posts? Wow.

    I used to like coming here. I hate censorship unless it’s WELL deserved. Mine was my opinions and what I observed. Oh well. Another crappy ysite.


  18. Dr Glass, thanks for covering this odd occurrence. They’re tension was distinct and confusing, although I have come to expect that now, especially with Cindy. I thought my family was odd, sheesh, the Anthony’s win the Creepiest Codependency Award!!

    Cindy must be furious that she didn’t get her way.


  19. I believe that George and Cindy loved Caylee. They had so many pictures and Video’s of Caylee not to have loved that little Angel. I don’t know why they didn’t call the police when they smelled that car. They were probably in Denial . I don’t believe that Caylee drowned in the pool, who doesn’t call 911? The Anthony’s took great pains to bury their pets why would they throw Caylee in a swamp? I believe George had an affair but that doesn’t make him a murder.


  20. Did any of you see the picture of Cheney Mason yesterday flipping the bird to the media and all of the public bystanders while he was partaking in the champagne celebration after the verdict. Such class!


  21. Sociopaths cannot be rehabilated according to Dr. Drew. More trouble ahead
    for someone.

    She could always change her name to “Killer Anthony”…or “Duct Tape Doris”


  22. How long would Casey have waited to report Caylee missing, or if ever if Cindy wouldn’t have called the police? What kind of Mother doesn’t report there daughter missing ?I’ll tell you what kind, the kind that is trying to hide a murder.
    No mother that is supposed to be a great mother as people testified under oath would ever not report their Child missing. This is insane! She is guilty of something besides lying .


  23. I saw the photo of Chaney Mason flipping the bird at someone. I think he was sloshed! I read that he had cancer of the crotch on another blog. Guess that
    would make anyone want to get sloshed! I detest him; but hope he recovers quicky.


  24. The way I see it is that If George prayed before the verdict and he was angry with the verdict then don’t it stand to reason that he was praying she be put to death or LWOP? Call me crazy!


  25. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING ANTHONY AND BAEZ too, don’t be fools, corporations will not sponsor anything with Anthony name if people do not buy products, i.e., books, movies, etc., and do not watch interviews if you can. Don’t talk about this murderer and pay she and her family too. Boycotting works and don’t become weak after a few months and buy their books authored by ANTHONYS and/or Baez. However, you should continue to support the media talking heads with respect to these lying people and continue supporting TV Media so we can hear that they are not making money off the public and therefore broke and living in proverty because of this case.


  26. I saw of photo of Cindy, maybe from Jane Velez Mitchell site, while the verdict was been read. Cindy’s lips, and most of her face were unmoving. But, her eyes emitted joy, pleasure. She is not disappointed in the verdict.


  27. Let’s see if this gets published, because you have deleted so many of my posts I have lost count. What you don’t seem to realise is, if you block posters expressing their opinion here, they WILL do it elsewhere.

    I have been reading your blog for a long, long time.

    Today will be my last post, and I will delete your blog, I among many, many other people. If you run a blog Lillian and you state YOUR take on things, allow for debate and don’t delete comments and alter posts to suit you.

    A lot of people have seen through you. Last night you published a poster email and IP. That lady, is something you do not do, you could have settled your problem via email, what you did is absolutely disgusting.

    Take a walk over to The Hinky Meter, and go see how a fine lady with class runs a blog and learn from her that if you break that trust, close your blog, your credibility has gone down the drain.

    Victimised by Nancy Grace my a$$, you have victimised so many people on your blog, all in the name of fame and celebrity.

    You are so not worth my time anymore.


  28. In defense of paralegals (no I am not one, but know one) you actually have to go through training and a college course in order to be one, and get certified as well. I doubt Casey would follow that through, it might require actual work. If Baez’s firm gives her a job it will be merely as a receptionist and an attraction to have new clients gawk at.


  29. What a travesty of justice for Caylee Marie. I believe those jurors did not do their jobs scrutinizing the evidence or testimony. One juror had a cruise to go on starting July 7…they rushed to judgement and didn’t give Caylee Marie a second look.
    I believe Casey Anthony will have her fall from grace, eventually. I believe she is a sociopath, so it won’t be that long before Karma hits.
    I have always stated, one might escape the law of the land but the law of the universe doesn’t pass you by.
    Will George and Cindy welcome her home with open arms? Will this toxic relationship grow more toxic as grandmother wants answsers. They both helped Jose Baez railroad this trial. At the eleveth hour Baez comes up with this alleged drowning, why didn’t he do this when the state wanted to deal? This is a new theory both Baez and Casey came up with, mix in the alleged molestation and viola, you’ve got your movie in the making..Sad and tragic that Caylee Marie doesn’t get justice. There are many tears in Heaven and they cry for Caylee Marie.
    This former inmate of the Orange County Jail now stands to make millions yet, Caylee Marie is just a blip on the screen, Caylee Marie’s life so short and taken by the one who was to protect and care for her. It’s never been Casey Anthony who supplied the food, the shelter, the clothes, the toys but this jury deemed her a ‘good mother’ as they allowed her to go free. She’s been pretending to work but they looked past it all and I hope they realize what an error they’ve made. I await the day that Casey Anthony reoffends for it will come to pass for she is the devil in the details…JMHO
    Justice never came for Caylee Marie…


    1. I so agree with eveything you said. This planet can be a very weird place at times…. The Judicial system got duped.

      I saw Jeff Ashton last night on Dr. Drew and he is in a good place with all this. He has detached to that professional place of “It is what it is”. I too use that now, as I refuse to let it disturb my spirit.

      I continue to pray for others and, today, for the children of the world who have parents dealing with mental illness.



  30. Again Dr. Glass I think you have nailed the body language of Cindy and George.
    Cindy would have destroyed Caylee too, eventually. When children are little, they are pliable, cute, and as you said, controllable. Mothers who compete with their daughters are already sick of mind and heart.
    When Cindy and George snuck out of the courtroom, or shall we say slithered out the back door like a couple of snakes, it was very telling. I would imagine that George will leave Cindy. Or Cindy will boot him out. I imagine that Lee will leave the family home.
    It is sad
    I agree with you that Cindy probably wanted her daughter dead. Cindy is about image and little about content. She could lie on the stand because her image was important to her to be seen as a mother ‘that would fall on the sword” for her daughter. But, as wise Jose Baez’s mantra stated over and over, “things just aren’t adding up.” And, they aren’t.

    I would love to have a sample of Cindy’s handwriting to analyze. Dr. Glass, do you happen to have a sample of Cindy’s handwriting that you could post as a photo on your blog?
    Thank you.
    – Shannon


  31. As of 9am Thursday Casey’s back to her old behaviors: excessive grooming and inappropriate flirting with Baez…..animated facial expressions and ultra raised eyebrows. Lookout Jose she’s gonna want to eff’ you real soon!!


  32. Did anyone else see the pic of George from about 15 years ago where he’s sitting on the couch with both Cindy & Casey?
    Geezus he was frightening looking
    with his white hair, ultra black eyebrows & pornstache.


  33. As everyone knows, trials are won or lost in jury selection. While I do think that Judge Perry is a stellar jurist, I believe that he rushed the jury selection process in a significant way. Because he is also the chief administrative judge his role and responsibilities encompass the financial constraints and considerations involved in the costs incurred with 2 weeks in Pinellas County. He also had to contend with the small window of time that he was allotted for use of their court room. Just as a comparable reference the Scott Peterson case took 11 weeks to seat the jury.

    I do wonder why 4 members of Casey’s jury have criminal records. Why would they be selected by the Prosecution? I do remember that they were running out of jury pool candidates and also the time deadline was fast looming. I do not place any blame on the Prosecution because I think that they’re hands were tied. I do think that it was very unwise for Judge Perry to have such an arbitrary deadline fixed for this most all important process.


  34. I truly believe Cindy’s rationalization to lie for the Defense was most likely ” Okay, I’m going to fudge the truth a little here, tell a couple mis-truths there, dodge a few questions… Anything to keep my only daughter off of Death Row.” I don’t believe for one iota of a second, and no one can or will ever change my mind on this, that Cindy Anthony (or Casey or even Jose Baez, for that matter) believed that Casey would be found Not Guilty on all 3 *major* counts.

    So while Cindy (along with 96.2% of the International Public, according to a recent Gallup Poll) made the DEVASTATING & DEAD-WRONG assumption that Casey was going to be found Guilty of Murder 1, she was, IMO, just trying to keep the needle out of Casey’s arm; she went a little TOO FAR with her lies and deceit, however, and actually helped sway the jury in the direction that Casey was actually Innocent… BIG OOPS!!! That must’ve hit them like a freakin’ freight train straight to the chest; I would have bolted from the Courtroom ASAP, just as they did!!!

    Now George & Cindy are faced with a tough dilemma: What if Casey decides she wants to come back home and resume her life in the family home on Hopesprings Drive? And if she ever does want that, would they ever allow her to do so, after everything that’s been said & done? After those appalling accusations she made against George??

    I don’t think any of them ever in a million years expected a full-out acquittal, but Cindy has absolutely NO ONE TO BLAME BUT HERSELF (That’s what she gets for lying/agreeing to lie!). I also suspect George & Cindy do know deep down that Casey killed Caylee, accidental or premeditated is a moot point at this juncture; I hope that it haunts Cindy and her soul every day: YOUR lies probably helped Casey, literally, get away with murder… The murder of your sweet, beautiful, innocent Granddaughter! Please rest in peace, Caylee.


  35. Dr Glass, If you go back a couple of frames to this picture, you will see Cindy smile at her attorney..she is showing her emotion clearly to me..I did it! I got her off!


  36. I’m thinking like SC Beauty. What are the parents and Casey going to say to each other now? Will Casey want to go home again? The whole thing is crazy. This post poses interesting questions — especially what were Cindy and George really trying to do with their testimonies — help Casey create confusion or put her away?




  38. I believe that casey had been chlororforming her daughter for approximately three monts when she died. I believe she over chloroformed her and left her in the car trunk while she partied and spent the night with her boyfriend. I believe the chloroform idea came from the my space page that her ex-boyfried had. Cause remember, he woke up one morning and the child was not in the bed with he and casey. when he asked where caylee was, her response was, OH, mom called last night and wanted me to bring her home. Mom says no you did not. Anyway, I believe that she overdosed her on chloroform and she died. I believe that after she found her dead she freaked. I think she knew that she could not call the police and tried to cover it up to look like a kidnap/murder. Remember cindy testified that caylees blanket came up missing a few months prior to caylees disappearance. I believe she put the babys blanket in the trunk for her to lay on while she was out with her boyfriend. Why else would she run and lie to her mom about her whereabouts.

    However, if she accidently drowned as casey anthony claims and she had been chlorofoming her, she couldn’t report a drowning either, because the medical examiner would have chloroform in caylees body and they would have arrested her on the spot no questions asked. I think on the day she showed up at home and borrowed the shovel she had the body in her car and was planning to bury it in the back yard like they did the animals and changed her mind. I think then she remembered how her and her friends buried parakeets and other small animals in the spot where caylees remains. Cause remember, they also not only buried there animals there but they put heart shaped stickers on them too.

    No one except god knows what really happened but I personally think she killed her. I think the duct tape was put on to make it look like a kidnipping/murder.


  39. Like 70% of the country, I believe Caley was murdered,…intentionally, or not, Casey is responsible. I watched the parents as the verdict was read, and saw two very distinct and opposing reactions.

    Firstly, Cindy was her typical “love conquers all”-self. Unconditionally loving her daughter. However, we all know that the tension and fights between mom and daughter were anything but loving. Cindy repeatedly told Casey what a lazy, money-grubber she was, in front of anybody who was around,..i.e., Jessie Grund. I doubt he is the only person to have witnessed these character assignations by Cindy.

    Cindy is the purveyor of the lies, and obfuscation in that family. She taught Casey everything.

    Secondly, George was praying. If you will recall, he has been seen, every single time, in court, holding a Bible. His reaction was one of hope, and disappointment. A parent, who is a descent human being, can love a child, yet see their flaws. Casey’s flaws are apparent to everybody but Cindy.

    I see Casey as a dead-woman-walking. She has no family, no life, and no daughter. She has no skills except for her acumen at lying, stealing and physical attributes. However, she is no longer pretty in most reasonable people’s opinions. When I look at her, I see a baby-killer. Ugly is her new face.

    In the OJ case, he was shunned by everybody, lost his wealth, and left with no life. In my opinion, we need to do the same with the Anthony’s. I realize this may appear harsh, and it is indeed harsh. However, Casey killed her innocent, helpless daughter, or caused her death. She showed no remorse whatsoever. Cindy buffered the family, as well as those who were caught in Casey’s lies,…from seeking retribution from Casey, legally.

    I do not see George as the demon here, nor do I equate Lee with that definition either. The two demons here are Casey and Cindy,..monsters in human form.

    Time will tell, that’s all I am saying. Lies beget lies,..and Casey whole life has been a house of cards, which will, eventually, crumble around her. Perhaps taking out anybody in league with her.

    Please do not purchase, watch, or in anyway, support Casey, or her family, financially. We have only one recourse left, if you are one of the 70%,…shunning. It is harsh, hurtful, and very lonely. People will look at them, and see the monsters that they truly are, and they will know it. Does anybody remember being a kid, and being left out? It hurt, right? Let’s do what we can to show them that we don’t believe the verdict was the correct verdict in the murder trial. Let’s show them, and the legal system, that we do not agree by our continued, and unrelenting ostracism of the entire family, especially Casey and Cindy.

    Shunning hurts!!! Remember that, and do it, with vigor!


  40. I have read all the posts on this site, and I agree with the majority of the posters. Casey did it, and got away with murder!

    The majority of our country thinks she is guilty of murder, i.e. neglect with or without malice aforethought, and yet a jury of her peers found her not guilty! Amazing we say,..we are all angry, upset and worried that the justice system is broken in some way.

    However, I will say this,…jury tampering. I realize that many will refuse to even consider it, but take a close look at the jurors. Many did not finish high school, many have numerous criminal records, and one has a problem with an abusive parent. In this economy, jobs are hard to find, and even harder to keep.

    It is not outside the realm of reality that the jury was ‘tainted’ in some manner by an outside financial contributor, i.e. the Anthony’s, Jose Baez, or an anonymous party. There would be no problem determining who, on the jury, would have the most say-so, or authority with the other jurors. In other words, the biggest mouth, and then forward some case to that party.

    The transfer of cash could have occurred at the hotel, or at an outing. It could have been accomplished in a number of ways. A note, some cash, with the promise of more for a “not guilty” verdict.

    It is unreasonable to believe that seventy (70%) of the population of the U.S., who followed the trial, felt that Casey Anthony was guilty, at the very least, of child abuse/neglect. Yet twelve jurors of her peers all found that she was NOT guilty! That is not possible!!!

    Do the math for yourselves. Twelve divided by 70% yields 8.4 jurors who should have found her guilty of something! In that case, Judge Perry would have been forced to render a verdict based upon his own knowledge of the case, and excuse the jury.

    If jury tampering could be proved, the juror(s) would face harsh criminal actions, and jail time. I believe that anybody involved in this case who sought illegal means to ensure a not guilty verdict, including but not limited to Cindy Anthony, for perjury, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! All the court needs is a confidential informant. Somebody who knows exactly, who was paid off, to talk to the District Attorney’s office.

    If this party is involved in some way, I am sure the D.A. could make a deal with that person for immunity in exchange for the information leading to a prosecution. Just one person is all it would take!

    As far as Casey Anthony goes, she is a dead-woman-walking. Her days will be very lonely, and she will most definitely need her ‘imaginary’ friends then.

    Do not patronize anything regarding Casey Anthony, her parents, or Lee. Also do not support anything from Jose Baez, or the defense team. If you do, you are rewarding a murderer for killing a child! I will not be a party to that. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning!


  41. Correction to Paragraph 4, the last line of my post above…..”In other words, the biggest mouth, and then forward some case (MONEY not case) to that party.” I apologize for not reading my post prior to posting. Thank you.


  42. Dr Glass, you express opinions on Cindy and George’s abrupt departure from the courtroom following the verdict. Have you seen their attorney stating that they were told to do so in order to mitigate possible reactions by others to the verdict? If you have not, you might try googling his statement so that you can have the benefit of all the facts and thus render opinions that are more useful.


  43. They walked out because they had been threatened and wanted to leave before the protesters heard the verdict. They were not mad. You may think you read body language well, but you sure missed motivation – which is much more indicative of why people do what they do!


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