Dr. Lillian Glass Weighs In on Casey Anthony Verdict

While I have always  said that Jose  Baez  would be the reason Casey’s life would be spared, I never thought she would walk away as a free woman. The reason I have always said this is because  I found Baez to be very warm and personable. He is even tempered and spoke in a smooth, calming manner. I always felt that a jury would like him and I was right.

I also objected when people referred to Baez as Bozo. While he may not have had the experience, he was far from dumb. I believe that he did a wonderful job in the courtroom as he had an uphill battle. I believe the turning point was in his final arguments when he referred to Ashton as Laughing Man.

How dare Ashton laugh during a final argument. The jury found this arrogant and no doubt that was part of their decision process,  along with the lack of physical evidence.

I do believe in the Constitution one hundred percent . I know that  the  Jury works on  a  very personal level. Last  December I won a unanimous jury decision  in US Federal Court against someone who copied my  materials. I wrote a best-selling book called Toxic People back in 1995. Then 13 years later an Arizona Public Speaker Marsha Petrie Sue who is a known copyright infringer had the audacity to name her book the same as mine Toxic People and do  identical word for word copying from another of my books. A unanimous Jury of 12 found Marsha Petrie Sue liable of copying my work  Thus  justice was served.

So I will accept Casey Anthony’s unanimous verdict by 12 people and  continue to  honor the judicial process and our Constitution. I will not complain about it or call the jurors stupid like some people have already done in the media or say that” the devil is dancing.”

However, I  still do have some questions as to why Casey  told no one Caylee was missing until 31 days. While I understand we all grieve differently, I cannot wrap my mind around partying  as part of the grieving process. Also Caylee couldn’t have just vanished into thin air . Did she wander off?   Was she kidnapped?  Did a family member remove her body ? Why did Casey do a chloroform and neck breaking search? It will always remain a mystery.

Cheney Mason said that this is a lesson. He is right. I learned that lesson as well and I am humbled by it. As I did my body language analyses, I did see fake tears and only tears for Casey and not Caylee.  That angered me.  I did see terrible  bursts of anger out of the blue  that were frightening and out of control. I wondered if she would go off the deep end and react violently during her verdict, especially if it was not positive. I saw her hatred towards her mother and father. I stand behind my observations  which influenced my thinking. The constant lying and Zanny the Nanny were a problem for me as she sent us all on a wild goose chase for the past three years.

I did believe she would get Manslaughter or Life Without Parole based on all of the evidence. But was that really evidence or evidence the media provided? I learned about  the case when I used to appear on the Nancy Grace Show. As you may have noticed I no longer appear on her show and have not done so since this case and no longer intend to do so for a number of reasons.

Nancy  convicted Casey three years ago when she  began to  refer to her as  “tot mom.” She convicted Casey without the evidence which the jury had and essentially sentenced Casey to death. This was wrong. She did not have all the evidence and information  even though she thought she did.

Nancy and I would get into it on the air  with regard to Cindy Anthony. Nancy would yell at me and try to berate me as I shared my thoughts that Cindy was a huge part of the problem and that Casey was the way she was because of Cindy. Between my being interrupted and verbally abused, I shared that the apple did not fall to far from the tree,  which infuriated Nancy. In my view Nancy didn’t want to offend Cindy because she wanted her as a guest on her show.

As we all saw, Casey lies. So  does Cindy. It appeared to me that Cindy may have taught Casey to lie. I also believe that Cindy’s  excessive control, which we all saw. may have pushed Casey to act the way she did. Is Casey a sociopath? She certainly had a number of aberrant behaviors and reactions which appeared to be antisocial. However unless one does a formalized test, no one can say this.

As far as George is concerned, only he and Casey know if any sexual abuse occurred. But I will say that his lying about his affair was reprehensible. Body language wise he literally washed his hands of Casey and Jose. 

Where will Casey go when she gets out of jail? She cannot go back to her home with George and Cindy. She is 25 now and will have her own money soon as the book deals and movie deals and  photos  and interviews roll in. She is free, sans Caylee and has no one to tell her she is a bad mother. She  can no longer live in a home where she accused her father and brother of molesting her. She can’t live with a mother who is responsible for locking her away for three years and who will never let her forget about Caylee and move on with her life, in her view.

Maybe her lawyers will l get her an apartment or maybe she will live with them until she gets settled. Casey will be a hero to some and a villan to others. But her case serves as a huge lesson, that we cannot convict someone in the media until they have had a formal trial.

Still, I am  terribly sad that Caylee is dead and that there is no one to punish  or to hold accountable for  her senseless death. www.drlillianglass.com


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  1. I a no fan of NG myself due to many of the reasons you stated & personally cant stand to listen to her. I formulated my own opinion of caseys guilt by reading all discovery & following all the hearings. I may get bashed for this but today I lost ALL faith in our justice system/ IMO they are fixing to turn a killer out into society. Wheres the justice for that & little Caylee?


    1. I TOTALLY agree! #1 NG is a victims advocate who victimizes, she victimizes PAID guests who go against her opinions. Dr. Glass was just one of hundreds. I quit watching when this case broke, she insisted on calling this MONSTER a Mom. #2 Our judicial system is broken, when a case such as this can end in this manner. I PRAY the Federal Government picks it up. This KILLER does not deserve to be FREE. I thank GOD we have a CONSTITUTION that allows us to speak OUR OPINIONS on this case without fear of retribution.
      CAYLEE WILL have justice, merely because there is a GOD.


      1. PAID or not, you and others were berated/victimized. You were invited guests and should have been allowed your opinions


      1. I too have completley lost faith in the judicial system…..

        We get jurors in this case who didn’t listen to a thing about the evidence. I knew there was going to be a problem when people in line who wanted into the courtroom over weeks, said, “well I think she’s guilty, BUT, she’s young and pretty so she doesn’t “look” like she’d do something like this”….WTF?
        That tells you that it’s more about celebrity, popularity, who’s pretty, who’s young, and who “could” look like a murderer and who doesn’t. It makes no sense anymore to me. It’s disturbing.

        Our culture/society has changed so much. So many don’t give a crap about accountability, responsibilty, there’s no shame or embarrasment anymore. Kids these days think it’s “cool” to have on prison orange. It’s their badge of honor. Paris Hilton made it cool to go to jail, so did her best bud Nicole Ritchie who went on talk show after talk show and bragged and boasted how “hot” it was. You saw their glamor mug shots.

        Many parents these days defend their kids no matter what they did, there’s no consequences or punishment. The parents fight with the teachers, like how dare you say my kid is failing or how dare you say there’s something wrong with MY child…..
        Cindy Anthony is a perfect example of this behavior. I heard her evil nasty message to Tim from Equasearch, she threatened him, she was mean, nasty, a bully. She told him NO ONE WINS AGAINST THE ANTHONY’S….that was telling. Casey learned from the pro evil devil herself.

        This verdict is disgusting. Casey will make millions and millions, but she will squander it away spending money to buy love and attention on all the leeches that will surround her just because she’s infamous. Because she’s a psychopath she will act up again, the behavior will continue…..she will screw up again just like OJ did. She’ll end up in prison again one day. Just watch.

        I am so disgusted. Truly a disappointing day of NO-justice.


      2. Yah, she’ll get the beautiful life alright, everyone will yell “baby killer” at her on the street. She won’t have a peaceful life in the least, with money she will, but not with the public, but of course psychopaths don’t give a crap, they won’t care what you or I say or do. They have no conscience, no shame, no culpability.

        As far as the Anthonys, they DUPED us all. They are phony and liars. They KNEW what the defense was presenting with the accidental drowning and the molestation, they went along with it with no problem no matter what anyone says, they pretended they were alarmed or hurt by it.
        They don’t care what was said AGAINST them, all they wanted was a not guilty verdict. Cindy hid behind the person in front of her everyday thinking the camera wouldn’t get her on TV, but on verdict day, she looked over at the jury when they were being polled and she SMILED at them. I saw it. Then headed out the back door to let everyone wonder and speculate how they are feeling, give me a break…..how phony and fake can you get??? It was ALL an act.

        Everything that family did was to MANIPULATE us, they played games, they faked us out, they CONFUSED us, they purposely went on the stand, one minute being feisty, the next crying and sobbing, the next confusing us, the next CONTRADICTING one another, on purpose. Lee too, he isn’t so innocent in all this. He didn’t go to the closing or the verdict but that was orchestrated too, he wants us to THINK he’s disgusted with his sister. He didn’t look at her like he had in the past on the witness stand, once again, orchestrated, that was an act. But you can bet that those parents and Lee will be contacted by Jose, Casey needs her belongings and clothes. They once again WILL rescue her like they always have, they will cater and coddle her again, they just won’t do it in our presence.

        That entire family duped all of us. They manipulated that entire trial. That’s why their testimonies were so confusing and it seemed like pulling teeth to get things out of them and then the next minute having Cindy OVER explainin details to divert the question elsewhere. Wow, master manipulators!!! Unreal.


    2. Dear Mommy…I see you smile down there below…are those tears of joy you show? I’m glad your happy, although you lied…I’d love to be right by your side…but by your choice, I view from above…tell my Grandparents I send my love…it’s Beautiful here, is all I can say…your life will go on… without me in your way. Love Caylee XOXO


      1. OMG, Dee, I am crying so hard.

        I am so so very sad that Caylee was tossed away.

        I am having an exteremly difficult time with this verdict. I can’t stop crying for this innocent baby girl.

        RIP Caylee. You are at peace and that is what matters the most in this terrible tradegy.


  2. Dr Glass..it is a sad day for me, justice did not prevail in my country I have had so much faith in. That 12 people just gave little Caylee less than 10 hours of their time and asked for no evidence. Caylee drowned according to Mr Baez..so be it…they believed it!


    1. Well, Baez, in his opening statement says she drowned in the pool, but in his closing statement says, “we don’t know how she died, we never will”. It’s all lies in my opinion. What a sick society.


    2. The ONLY reason is took 10 hours is that they had to go through the pages and pages of instructions. They KNEW when they went in that room, they had already made up their minds long ago…..they took a straw vote and it was over in 5 minutes, it took 10 hours only so they could have long enough to go through the 7 counts of instructions.

      So they give her a guilty verdict for lying to law enforement, hmmm, what do you suppose they think she lied about? Zanny?

      As Sue Moss says….”It’s okay to go and make up Zanny the Nanny just so it will save your fanny”.


  3. Dear Mommy…I see you smile down there below…are those tears of joy you show? I’m glad your happy, although you lied…I’d love to be right by your side…but by your choice, I view from above…tell my Grandparents I send my love..but ask them, WHY DID THEY LIE?..It’s Beautiful here, is all I can say..will you come and visit my grave? Mommy. now your life will go on… without me in your way. Love Caylee XOXO.


  4. So, who killed Caylee then? This is a perfect example of how gullible and ignorant the general public is (12 members comprised the jury) to the master manipulation techniques of sociopaths, which is why sociopathy is exploding today. Today’s verdict smacks of ancient child blood sacrifices. Just wait for its effects to ripple through our culture. There are lag times to everything. Scary. We must continue to educate and inform, in order to hopefully contract the seemingly endless supply of new victims for sociopaths to feed upon.


    1. I can name people in our very government who are perfect sociopathic sociopaths who are masters at manipulating this country and people are buying the bulls**t….. You have a week? Month?


  5. Nancy Grace turned me off years ago because of the way she treats people and guests.
    I dialed out of this media circus three years ago and only tuned back in for the trial. Even though I never once thought Casey would get the Death penalty but manslaughter was a given, except with a death qualified jury. When the, now fired, OCSO Sergeant refused to go check out Roy Kronk’s sighting in the swamp crippled the evidence. When State Attorney Lawson insisted on seeking the Death Penalty this case was lost. The assigned prosecutors did an amazing job with what they had but now the movie “Runaway Jury” definitely comes to mind.


  6. As always, many thanks Dr. Glass! I am from Sweden but I am a huge admirer of the USA and its judical system. And, needless to say, a huge admirer of you!


  7. Good Article, Dr. Glass. One of your best (except for a few misspellings that seem to have become your trademark, in a way). I agree with you, I “accept” the verdict, but I certainly do not like it. It seems Casey gave herself a late stage abortion and the jury was down with it. I hadn’t watched a trial since OJ and I got sucked into watching this one. In the end, I am so mad at myself for devoting so much time to this extremely negative fiasco. We’ve been “OJed”…and why? because Casey Anthony is pretty. There can be very little other explanation. It is a travesty and I swear by all that is holy, I will never in my life ever watch another trial. Thanks for your thoughts throughout this one.


    1. Well said, Zoe…feel the same as you. Mad at myself for watching this trial so intensely. We have definitely been OJ’d. The jury system does not work.


    2. I agree with everything you said Zoe! I invested alot of time and emotion into watching this trial, as did my 3 adult children. I said the same thing to my kids about being MAD at myself for wasting so much of my time on this travesty of justice! NEVER AGAIN! I am DONE with Nancy Grace as well!


  8. Dr. Glass, while I have not agreed with everything you have had to say about some of the players in this drama, I do fully agree with your statements here about Nancy Grace. She is rude and disrespectful to any and all who do not agree with her opinions. She is no respecter of persons, and that will come back to bite her one day. Frankly, Casey may very well have a viable defamation law suit against her.
    I am on the same page as Nicole and Debi – I am deeply and bitterly disappointed in our justice system, and feel that an innocent 2 year old was betrayed by 12 strangers today, almost as badly as she was betrayed 3 years ago by the mother she was supposed to be able to trust above all others. My opinion of Casey’s guilt was never contingent on what the media told me to think. I have a functioning mind of my own, and the OVERWHELMING circumstantial evidence, coupled with the fact that no one, anywhere, at any point, has EVER produced any evidence whatsoever, circumstantial or otherwise, that pointed to anyone other than Casey, I will never believe Caylee died at the hands of anyone other than her own mother. If she didn’t kill her, why the lies? If she didn’t kill her, who did?? The 31 days, the non-existent Nanny and job … There’s far too much for anyone of any intelligence to walk away with Not Guilty across the board (on the important charges). How these 12 people could choose to turn a blind eye to that, I cannot fathom and will never understand.


  9. OMG, I thought everybody who had studied the Anthonys for three years and had some brains got it. The Anthonys were all in with whatever device the defense came up with. It’s acting, folks! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Cindy’s smile to the jury as she left the courtroom today said it all.

    Princess Pouty won’t be coming home, Cindy. You’ll have to put up with only George. Cheney Mason and Baez both said they were going to set her on her new life. Hey, they need a new paralegal!

    No mumsies allowed in her new life, Cindy. Maybe you can glom on to Mallory.

    Casey is a celeb, maybe just a bit more culpable in the media’s eye than Lindsay Lohan and some think Casey’s hotter. She won’t be needing you, Cindy, until she runs through everything she’ll make selling “licenses” to photos she hasn’t sold, yet. Or maybe getting her own reality show.Didn’t Amy Fisher get the big media blitz for a time.

    I see Baez as her agent. He’s smarmy enough to rep Casey. Cheney is too busy giving the fingers to photographers today as he guzzled champagne at a picture window where all Orlando could view him. He has no class, but then we knew that.

    A sad day, but an even sadder column from you Dr. Glass.


    1. Penny absolutely loved your entire comment!!! I don’t know ~ rather CAN NOT understand how 12 people could come back and tell all of us with enough common sense that this woman played no part in this child’s death!! Not even so much as negligence??? Come on … The first time I heard that the child had been missing for 31days I had a suspicion ~ when I heard that there was no Nanny ~ I was convinced!! No one — even someone who has been sexually abused (like me!!!) could go through great lengths to make up as much as she did and NOT be guilty of something!!!


    2. I agree, Penny. Sad for Caylee. Sad for this broken family. Sad column to hear even Dr. Glass throw common sense out the window.


  10. I do not agree with you Dr. Glass.
    I do not like this article at all.

    However, that being said, I have appreciated you so much through this long process of seeking justice for Caylee.

    I enjoy your comments, your personality, and your many , many hours of hard work.

    Thank you.

    No justice for Caylee 😦


  11. Dr. Glass, WE saw evidence unfold in this case, it was NOT because of the media, rather BECAUSE of the Sunshine Laws of FloriDUH THROUGH the media. I agree NG sensationalizes, however the FACTS and evidence are what they are. The River Cruz DEBACLE should not have been a part of this case. Because she said and YOU believe, does NOT make it a fact. She is a liar with MANY names, not just 2.


    1. she (Krystal/River) made it sound as if George had been confessing and than she says that George tells her that he choked Casey and yelled at her to tell him what she did with Caylee … so which is it?? He confessed or hoped?!?! I feel he lied about River/Krystal ~ but I don’t blame him!! BUT I truly believe that he did NOT have anything to do with his grandchild’s death or cover up!!! And you’re right ~ that Cruz should NOT have been taken!! (LOL pun intended!!)


  12. Dear Dr. Glass,

    I read you post with interest. I am glad you owned up to something that I became aware of in your postings about Casey. Not that you were off the mark about body language, however I have a few talents and one of them is handwriting analysis, and the other is I am somewhat psychic. I felt very strong that Casey was terribly maligned by Nancy Grace, Jane Velez, ( or whatever her last name is )… and many other vociferous pundits. Chaney Mason said it very well when he said he was disgusted by many of his collegues who happen to be tv personalities. The problem with being in an authority position, is something that many people fall prey to, is their own ego that has become too large. They assume they could never be wrong about anything, and though for the most part I like Nancy Grace, I found her “tot mom” nickname mean-spirited and I believe Nancy was so caught up in her own views that she could not see nor was willing to see the gaping holes in the prosecutions case.

    My gut instincts still stand. I think George molested Casey and Caylee. I think George may have murdered Caylee to keep her from telling. He set his daughter up. He convinced her that she would be accused of murder. Casey believed him. He had help. I think there are many players in this cover-up and I think George is at the helm of this. Cindy is nearly as dark as George. It is no wonder that Casey is a malignant narcissist. She was sexually abused ( I think she told the truth about that), and the missing Lee in court for the past few days)… where is Lee?
    George’s suicide note had many red flags from page one through page 5. I saw many traits of a person is not what he seems. Poor George, is not the title he should be given.

    Casey lies, but I never thought she murdered Caylee. I think George is dark, evil, and Cindy will never get mother of the year. Those two people ought to be put on a island in the middle of nowhere and live out their days together. I hope when Casey is released from her jail term that she has a family that will take her in, help her get her life on a good solid track.
    I pity Casey. She needs a good loving family of true character. It was pitiful to watch the attorneys hug her over and over. Her mom and dad split, left and disappeard out of the courtroom.
    Caylee is gone. That is the sad part. But, maybe this sad turn of events will have a lesson for families and parents.
    It was sickening to watch the public outside the courtroom and on the streets want blood, the blood of Casey. The news shows pander to this mentality. Jane Valez, all her co-horts should be ashamed of themselves. You could easily tell that Nancy Grace does not eat crow well. She clearly refuses to be wrong about her prejudices.

    Baez handled himself with aplumb. He earned my respect and that louse of a prosecutor revealed a level of arrogance and condescension that should embarrass himself and his team of attorneys That is what happens when people become too sure of themselves,, and have absolute power. They loose a sense of humility and right now I think CNN, Headline News, and all those attorney pundits need an ice cold dunk in a vat of icecubes. They have gotten to full of themselves, though I doubt they will ever have the self-reflection to discover their own dark sides.


    1. The Anthony Chain of Dysfunction links them all together in this death of Caylee – lies upon lies upon lies so skillful that even professional law enforcement techniques cannot break them down. I cannot say for certain who was involved in the direct death of Caylee, but my instincts agree with Shannon’s on that portion of the posting. All the dark energy of this horrible crime has pulled too many people into the fog and now we must all come out and realize that whereever money can be made, it will, and it will pervert justice, truth and love.


    2. Shannon, people like you need to stop blaming the media, they are not the ones that made Casey a liar or killer. People like you and Dr. Glass are blaming the Anthonys…shame on you. So if a person is a drug addict, do we blame their parents??? I am a paralegal student and I followed this case from the beginning, there was substantial circumstantial evidence. Baez and his team defended a killer and got her off, lets see how they feel when Casey screws up, because she will!! Must we not forget the OJ Simpson case, God prevailed and now he’s doing 30+yrs in prison. I only hope and pray the Anthonys do not take Casey back into their home or their life. If they do, they will also have failed Caylee as her mother, the defense team and the jurors. The media did nothing wrong but follow this case for the public and they had many legal, medical analysis. One thing for sure, the jurors will never be the same. When they go home and look at their TV and watch Casey capitalized on the murder of her daughter (that she did) then will they know, that they gave the wrong verdict. The jurors will have to live with that the rest of their lives. I am proud of the media, Nancy Grace and all the other journalist who covered this case. And the prosecution did an outstanding job!!!! Right now I am not happy with the public or Dr. Glass who are making excuses for Casey. She is a murder, and she has to answer to God for that…..RIP sweet Caylee we, the people, will continue to fight for you, one day there will be a “Caylee’s Law”.


      1. I absolutely blame the Anthonys. And don;t apply it to drug addicts. One is an alleged murdered and one has an addiciton. Peer pressure can alsoled to durgs whereas peer pressure does not usually lead to murder. They lied and did not teach their daughter well. I am not making excuses for Casey. I merely stating that like it or not, it is our justice system and we have to accept th verdict. I don;t think it as a good verdict as I see it as I think she could have gotten child abuse charges at the least, Having said that I believe in teh Constutution and the law , The jury decided- so be it! So do dont speak for me and tell me that I am making excuses for Caysey. I make excuses for no one, especially Casey and I say it as I see it.


      2. Annette,
        I understand where you are coming from in your comments. However, the media does not always act with honor. If you understand that ratings drive things, sensationalism is key. This what dear Ms. Nancy Grace does. The sound bites are frustrating to put it mildly. They have 20 experts, giving each 15 seconds to hurl out a quick sentence or expertise in a field of their knowledge. The hosts are the problem because they are too enamored with their own voice and their own opinion.
        Just now, this afternoon on HLN news they did have a new psychiatrist on, Dr. Collin, I believe her name is ( sorry did not catch her name for certain )… and she has strongly suggested and hinted directly that she highly suspects George in this murder. She is coming out and saying over and over there are too many suspicious actions of George. This is a bonafied Doctor on HLN and she is extremely bothered about George. As am I. She keeps saying over and over this afternoon that “it”, the prosecutors analysis, of what they believe happened in the crime,” makes no sense”, to quote her. She is not going along with the popular opinion of all the other pundits. She said she would very much like to interview George, ( however knowing that will never happen ) where she could get to the real truth. She is pointing at the father directly, and the mother. Not in how they raised Casey, but as murdering and being directly connected to Caseys death and cover-up.


  13. I really don’t like Nancy and how she tried to belittle people who disagree with her. There is a reason why she is not a prosecutor anymore. The things she did were pretty despicable. I agree with Dr Glass 100%


  14. This is the first time I hear of Dr. Glass. I read some her post this past hour and believe to be very good.

    About today’s verdict, I knew that she was going to get the “not guilty verdict.” Unfortunately, there was too much circumstantial evidence, no evidence proved who killed, why, and how little Caylee died. Our judicial system, although not perfect, is set to “label” a person innocent until proven guilty.

    I don’t know if Casey’s parents were or are good parents. But there is one thing for sure, they are all a family of lairs!

    I hope no one offers or buys Casey’s book, and movie/interview deals. Our society needs to forget this woman exist so that she can’t become rich for being a horrible mother and the biggest lair EVER!


  15. Dear Dr. Glass,
    I think you have handled yourself very well this evening. I think we all got carried away with this case. While I disagree with the jury verdict, I can respect and understand why they made the decision they did. Like yourself, I was not 100% convinced of it being a capital murder trial but I was certain she would be found guilty of manslaughter. Like you, I also feel that Jeff Ashton’s laughing and smirking in the courtroom along with the prosecution’s overall attitude of arrogance cost them this case. Had the concentrated on making this a manslaughter case instead of a capital punishment case, I think they would have fared better. I just completed my first year at law school, I plan to become a criminal attorney. Something one of my professors told me and I can assure you this trial reinforced for me is that EVERY TIME you walk into a courtroom, you walk in with a humble attitude no matter the side you are on. The prosecution did not do that…but Jose Baez did. He off off the cuff and brash but because he was the underdog he was humble from the beginning. I have observed that even if on subconscious level humans in general resist arrogance and I think that has played a huge role in what happened.
    Another lesson this trial provided me with is the idea that I feel the media should abstain from reporting on criminal court proceedings and investigations unless it can aid in an emergency (i.e. missing person, etc). I feel that people like Nancy Grace who try to convict people in the court of public opinion is appalling. The media constantly rattling in our ears that Casey is guilty no doubt did a number on all of our psyches. I’m sure it did on yours as well. The sad thing is, she probably is guilty of something but in the end I think the constant media attention hurt the case rather than help it. But the public will undoubtedly make her life very difficult for her which despite my feelings on the case I also feel is very unfair. Unfortunately, trials like this will never be potrayed in a “fair” light and in the end the life Casey once had is over.
    I have always enjoyed reading your books Dr. Glass and like many of us (myself included) you allowed the sensationalism get to you. But I too stand by your assessment of body language. I feel you were spot on with it. I always came to the same conclusions myself beforehand and then I would check your blog to see if you agreed. It’s completely understandable as many of us never like hearing about any tragedy involving a small child. There were so many things wrong with this case and still are but we all have to move on. I plan to move forward humbly, I hope you do too.

    Thank you for your dilligence and I look forward to your works in the future.


  16. Dr. Glass, do you honestly believe Casey will have a book deal offered to her? Who would buy it? Maybe if she wrote it as fiction.I myself would never believe one word she wrote. Thank you for confirming my feelings about NG, I stopped listening long ago. I believe she needs to be in full control at all times. She completely freaks when one disagrees with her.Hopefully she leaves that NG at the station before heading home to her family.


      1. From your fingertips to God’s ear . . .

        Except people like Casey see nothing wrong with themselves as they are.

        I don’t envy her becoming wealthy. She’s probably constitutionally incapable of enjoying what “wealth” and good fortune comes her way. She is probably missing the most precious element of being human — gratitude, graciousness. No matter how much, it’ll never be enough.


  17. Dr Lillian,

    Thank-you for disclosing to us why you no longer appear on The NG show. I admit that I have wondered. I posted a very negative comment about her on this blog after I saw how she blind sided Jon Gosselin on some show but had only glowing & totally inaccurate comments about Kate. I quit watching her show around that time. I have tuned in again since the trial began but rarely can tolerate the full hour.

    I did see her show on the occasion that you described in this blog. I was disgusted with her very rude and abusive behavior to you on that show. You handled yourself with great warmth & dignity. You did not miss a beat! After she berated you the 1st time, she did not go back to you until near the end of the show and when you again gave your personal viewpoint which she obviously did not want to hear, she was infuriated and cut you off by interrupting and switching to another guest. I’d seen her do this same type of thing to other guests and always had found it unsettling.

    I think that it reflects very poorly on her communication skills, IMO. I almost felt embarrassed for her. I could never figure out WHY she has always been ultra protective of Cindy until this blog today. I think that you may be correct. The Anthony’s atty, Lippman has seemed to be a regular on her show and I think that they have crafted some sort of deal. I say this because about a month ago NG was promoting the video of Caylee’s 2nd Bday party as “exclusive footage”. We all know that the Anthony’s did not donate that footage so I assume they must have received a licensing fee for that video. After it was shown on NG show it then aired on other HLN shows. You may very well be correct that Cindy will do her show sometime in the near future. While I 1st heard about Caylee’s “kidnapping” on the NG show, I too found out the details of this case by reading all of the 1000’s of pages of discovery documents, videos of the hearings and following some excellent blogs that covered the scientific and forensic discovery superbly.

    Your point of view on the verdict is accurate and sobering for me, but I’m not there yet. I am stunned that this jury discarded all the lesser charged options and basically have set this psychopath free. I am disgusted that Baez had the utter arrogance today to publicly declare that this was justice for Caylee. Did the jury have no understanding of the definition of reasonable doubt? Did they think any doubt was equivalent?

    What disturbs me most is that we tolerate lying in our justice system. This jury had to sort through a mass of lies rather than weighing the truth. Lying to LE about the whereabouts of a 2 1/2 year old child should have a penalty of 5 years on each count, not one. Perjury in court needs to be prosecuted but rarely if ever does that happen.

    I am a firm believer in the right to representation and that a strong challenge to the State is the only way we keep from becoming a police state. And I think Casey has an absolute right to a strong defense. I don’t, however, think her rights as a citizen are any more sacred than anyone else’s and to ruin reputations, smear character and generally trash other citizen’s rights–even some who had nothing, nothing to do with this trial–in service of her ‘rights’ is just plain wrong. The fact that her counsel could do this with impunity because they can’t be held accountable for what is said in court is a big gaping hole in the system. I’ve heard several talking heads suggest that people are just projecting their dislike for Casey onto Jose Baez. This is BS. Jose Baez needs to own his behavior. Casey didn’t make him perform like a cocky rookie, lie to the court, suborn perjury, publicly vilify George, Roy Kronk, Vass, the OCSO, multiple police and FBI personnel or Vasco Thompson. –all smeared and lied about– and, of course, Caylee. He did that on his own. Baez is devoid of any ethical compass and that’s why I don’t like him. That was never the intent of the justice system and raising reasonable doubt is not justification for it. That we have allowed this to become acceptable is our bad. To characterize this vile type of practice as ‘doing a good job’ is simply not accurate, IMO.

    Will Casey next be appearing with all of her DT on all of the TV shows? Will she get her own Reality Show or just a 2 million dollar book deal?

    The perversion of our justice system is more complete today.


  18. They were told Casey was a liar and yet they believe the story that she helped her lawyers come up with.

    They are told her father molested her (how are they to know. casey never even said it herself) and therefore they always looked at him with suspicion.

    They believed that the father had something to do with the “fabricated murder” scene. WHERE IS THE PROOF FOR THAT???? Find someone not guilty because of “lack of evidence” (aka there was no youtube video of the murder) but find their father guilty without evidence?

    I just can’t.


    1. Exactly. Create enough of a dog and pony show and VOILA, the TRUTH gets lost.

      Anyway, to arrive at a verdict in 10 hrs with all the evidence, testimonies, photos, etc. etc. shows they wanted to go home. imo

      Unlike others quoting the Constitutional, which is an incredible document, I fail to see how the perversion of the truth in the courtroom aligns with such a fine document. Please explain it? It doesn’t. The sensationalism of a case, allowing a psychopath to walk free and then profit from it seem to be the American way today. That is why it seems to me we feel SICK over this injustice.

      Remember, Baez was held in contempt of court.


  19. I agree about Nancy Grace–I first saw her while being obsessed with the OJ trial & I found her to be funny. When she got her own show I tuned in to see what it was like & I could tolerate it every now & then. When the Caylee case unfolded, I watched because she was really the only one who covered it so thoroughly. But I tired of her treatment to her guests & the constant commercials. I never liked Cindy & felt she obstructed justice by cleaning evidence & lying. Never thought too much about George one way or the other. BUT my opinion has always been that Caylee’s death was an accident at the hands of her mother, who was committing a felonious act (maybe chloroform, maybe just benadryl, maybe it was too hot in the car?) & that’s why KC didn’t call 911 because it was something she did that wasn’t just an everyday accident. She knew she would get charged with a crime, so she hid her in the car. The jury disregarded the decomp in the car, the fact she borrowed a neighbor’s shovel in case any DNA got on one of the Anthonys’ shovels & implicated her, the jail videos & calls spoke volumes, the tattoo, etc. I think the prosecution erred in portraying her as a “party girl”. I never thought that was her motive–I am a former party girl & believe me, my friends & I put her to shame! LOL (hey, it was the 80s!) The real motive lies in the dangerous dysfunction within that family, Cindy being at the helm & controlling everything. I totally agree with the comment someone here said that Casey just had a very late term abortion! So the jury basically convicted George, who was not on the stand. They were lazy & just wanted to get home. I would never spend a dime on the Anthonys. I have already wasted too much time & emotion on this family & I am now done. The prosecution did an awesome job, but it was to deaf ears, unfortunately. So I guess its ok to perjure yourself in a court of law just as EVERY Anthony did, & if you commit a crime, just deny it to the bitter end & you’ll get off. What a country!


  20. The Prosecution did prove their case to the jury, or the jury would not have brought in the lying to officials charge. If the lie is believed in that part, then the 31 days without being reported is believed and that alone would mean some kind of child abuse was violated. The jury chose a side and made their opinions stick with it. Casey is still Casey, and cannot change. A jury saying she is an innocent loving 25 year old, an attorney saying she grieves for a lost daughter, does not make it so. I do not believe she is capable of living alone or managing money on her own, even if she has a lot of money. She is still the person she has always been.


    1. “Not guilty” does not mean “innocent,” any more than telling a lie over and over again makes it the truth. If the jury found her guilty of lying, then they had to believe she was at fault for caring properly for her daughter. I am totally discouraged by their decision. Can Casey come to terms with the need for mental health assistance? Can a sociopathic/narcissistic type of personality listen to anyone else? I fear not, and I will not be waiting to find out. Like many, I am finished with trial-watching.


  21. Dr Glass we are all entitle to our opinions, NG may not be your cup of tea because you may not agree with her BUT she always FOCUSED on Justice For Caylee.
    Yesterday was a horrible day for me, I lost all Faith in our system. How could they not convict her? Evidence? Tons of evidence? Why didn’t she call 911? Why oh why? Why was the child found only steps from the A’s home? The laundry bag was the same one they had at home!? The Smell which can not be forgotten! The car? While the child was missing she was PARTYING!?!?
    As I said different strokes for different folks! Mr. Baez did not do an excellent job, you know that, the PEOPLE know that! The jury was promised to go home by the 4th. Well the 4th came and went and they were still there. They wanted to go home, they did not care about going through the evidence, their mind was SET. Baby-Killer’s verdict was NOT-GUILTY very different from INNOCENT!
    There was no Justice done yesterday! The defense team celebrated their Triumph REALLY? Did they forget that a child died? What exactly were they celebrating? Baez saved a life? A WORTHLESS LIFE!
    So what’s the profile on the jury? Why did they walk away? Why didn’t they step up to the plate? What were they afraid of? Once I believe in something I strongly hold on to that and I DO NOT let anybody intimidate me.
    By the way, BOZO did smirk many times when the Prosecutors were up. Did you see Mr Mason giving the birdie at a party? What a classy guy!?
    And last God was not in that court room yesterday it was the DEVIL! You may not agree but then again you are on the DUHFENSE side.


    1. Maria —- rocks! Yeah, Mason is not as classy as I believed. Yesterday he toasted his cup of champagne high to a win and scolded the media for “lying” & “character assassination!” What about the character assassination his team chose to do????

      Casey’s character was there in photos, phone recordings and video tapes for the world to see. Mason was back to touching, touching Casey, he seems to loves to touch her. YUCK.


    2. Maria – I hear you. I caught a part of NancyG’s interview on one of the morning shows today and she hit it out of the park! All of the defense atty’s were in disagreement with her and she has no problem holding her ground. The piece de resistance was when she got the last word for the segment – “It doesn’t change that she murdered Caylee”! It was such music to my ears instead of the politically correct BS.


  22. This was a complicated case and the jury asked for not one piece of evidence to review. I am convinced they did not really deliberate. Probably didn’t go pver the jury instructions about the different indictments. Just took votes and compromised. Or maybe they all knew what they were going to vote for to get the hell out of there.

    Listening to what the alternate #14 has said, he did not even listen to the evidence. No DNA? No fingerprints? After 5 months in the water and elements?
    I’m lnocking my head on the desk. “Only one hair.” Jerk! But what a hair! Death banded, imbecile! Cindy vacuumed and cleaned the car to a fare thee well!

    Also, he was saying “we” felt this and “we’ didn’t believe this. “WE”? Was he talking to the other jurors before they were set in deliberation? He wasn’t in with them, sequestered from them, and the only way he could know what they or “we” thought is if they discussed the case all through the trial. Strictly forbidden.

    This was a dumb jury who did not understand “reasonable doubt” and who probably would have never have convicted unless they could have seen a video tape of Casey strapping on the duct tape and tossing Caylee from the car into the swamp!

    I’ll bet they were afraid of the words “circumstantial evidence”. WhooWhoo!.
    And, if they convicted her on lying to LE, what did the mental giants think she was lying for? Or did they think she’d remain in jail for three years because she didn’t want to rat out her father? But she is not involved ,except that she lied.

    I’m Alice and this is Wonderland.

    And one more thing, that juror who just had to make that July 7th cruise is not now going! Probably has an interview lined up with the Today show for bucks..

    How could a judge in a capital case promise a jury they’d be out by a certain date?

    This whole thing stinks. I take heart that sociopath Casey will end up with crap people populating her empty life. That’s the only kind she will attract, now.


    1. That jury hardly took notes, and when they did it was most likely for the benefit of grandstanding, it meant nothing. They didn’t care about the evidence, they had alreay up their minds long before they went to the jury room. That was telling from the beginning. They thought she was young and pretty, the Anthony’s duped us. Period.

      Yes, she will attract nothing but leeches who she will spend all her millions on buying them so she can get her attention she wants so desperately. They will use her and discard her. She will continue her destructive behavior and end up like OJ, back in trouble with another criminal record.


    2. Well said!!!

      Sure seems like the jury wanted to go home!

      Too much evidence to consider, tons of testimony, video, audio and photos.

      Situations like this makes one wonder about comprehension skills of jurors, especially with words like “REASONABLE”””” DOUBT”””” & comprehending the SCIENCE. OJ jurors got lost on the science and had their reasons for loving him as a football star!
      IF Casey had been a male, she would have been found guilty. mo

      Yes, I like the term we have been OJ”D!


  23. Casey will probably work for Jose as a Girl Friday type of assistant.

    Maybe they will even have a clandestine affair, now that she’s out (on Thursday most likely) and he’s separated from his wife.

    The little killer will have her choices of venues to perform for and make money off of. I wonder if she will try to take back the Anthony’s trademarking of Caylee. My heart aches for Caylee and “her lovely bones.” Not to even throw aggravated child abuse at her is mindboggling.

    I hope that she confesses someday what really happened. I really do. I hope she doesn’t have anymore babies, though, that’s for sure. We need to hear from the jurors and find out what they were thinking.


    1. Robbie ~ I’m sooo trapped in this case and the “magical” verdict!! LOL I am beyond outraged!! I want to start a fund to find Caylee’s biological father and help that family sue for every article that has Caylee in it or that she knew to be hers INCLUDING her ashes!! Take this precious baby away from people who truly failed her!!!


  24. Since Casey has been acquitted, I would love to believe her innocent. After all, who wants to believe that a sociopathic baby-killer is now going to be rewarded by the pandering and irresponsible mass media for the callous murder of a two-year-old? However, I didn’t throw my common sense away with the verdict. The argument and evidence put forth by the prosecution were solid; the defense was risible. Unfortunately, this decision came down to 12 people lacking in perception or critical thinking skills. I’m disgusted by the outcome.


  25. Well said. Open-mindedness is a wonderful spiritual principle that is often hard to practice. I work on it daily. The fact that Caylee’s body was dumped in a swamp is disturbing. Who did it? I think in years to come, that will become clear.

    I do feel the Jury system needs to be seriously assessed and fixed. It may be time to start a professional jury system, in which it becomes a career and people can go to school specifically to be a juror. This travesty of Justice has happened before (OJ) and will happen again.

    Our hearts will be broken yet again.

    Caylee is remembered with love by many people this morning! What a precious child.


  26. Casey got what she wanted. She is rid of her child, tormented her mother and father, will never have to work for a living.(if she is smart enough to manage the windfall that is coming her way, which I doubt) My only hope is that her windfall cuts into Cindys profits, which will be her punishment. Casey had to spend 3 yrs in jail to get what she wanted, many people would do the same. I feel she will probably have another baby soon, to show the world that she can, and will punish the family by not letting them have contact. I hope to never hear of the anthonys again.


  27. Dr. Glass, I am sure you have been on Nancy Grace since this case. You appeared during an interview with Billy Dunn.




  28. Yesterday when I returned from work and got online, I was shocked. I didn’t expect the jury to reach a verdict so quickly, what with all the evidence. Then I cried. Became depressed. After a fitful night of sleep, I’m thankful I have the day off work. Don’t think my mind would be on the job.

    The evidence given at trial proved Casey Anthony was guilty of 1st degree murder. She should have received LWOP. Scott Peterson is on death row with less evidence!
    Perhaps the jury members do not understand what “reasonable doubt” means. Common sense seems to be abandoned in deliberations.

    Having cameras in the courtrooms should be abandoned. Giving the accused and everyone involved their own “reality show” should be stopped. But money talks. Honesty, justice and good character simply count for nothing these days.

    Society learns everyday that you can do anything you want and not suffer the consequences of your actions. This is beyond heartbreaking. My heart also breaks for Linda Drane Burdick, who in her closing rebuttal, made sense of all the evidence presented the jury. “There’s your answer”, was ignored. Such a sad ending to a trial. Such a sad ending to the memory of an innocent, little child.

    God help us all…


    1. AWESOME!! And like you I could not sleep either, I think today there are millions of people who are walking around still in shock!!


    2. “Honesty, justice and good character simply count for nothing these days.

      Society learns everyday that you can do anything you want and not suffer the consequences of your actions. This is beyond heartbreaking.”

      Well stated!!


    3. Bad behavior is REWARDED these days, you’re given a reality show where you can beat the CRAP out of everyone. Disgusting.


  29. I have lost faith in our judical system when I believe a guilty person was set free. I have no idea how this jury did not get Justice for Caylee. I cannot believe the inherrant lying, got a guily person free.
    In spite of Jose Baez and his sleazy defense, I just cannot believe this jury had not convicted a mother who did not find it important enough to report an alleged kidnapping. Even as this defense claims of an accidental drowing, why the need to disgard Caylee Marie in garbage bags in the swamp at Suburban. Even as the defense admits there was no babysitter responsible for Caylee’s fictional abduction, who then murdered Caylee and discarded her like trash?
    Even as this alleged child killer goes free, she will always be attached to the stigma of wrongdoing. She will never truly be free. I worry about street justice and the need to look over ones shoulder, for this will not be the end of it…
    As in the OJ case, one might escape the law of the land but the law of the universe will come knocking. Karma will come full circle for this person who fooled a jury of her peers. I believe she is not a productive member of society and will not be ever. The horrendous part of this would be this young pathological liar will make millions selling her story. She will now be more infamous than she was awaing trial. I have lost faith in my judical system when lying gets a person off an alleged murder conviction. Was it the contention between Baez and Ashton that had turned this case upside down? Was it the fact she implicated Caylee’s grandfather as her co-conspirator, in discarding Caylee. Does this reinforce that it’s okay to lie when a life is on the line?
    I wonder now since this young mother admits to an alleged drowning should be charged accordingly. I wonder if the State can get in a motion for a mistrial due to all the lies, the fraud commited during this trial since the defense railroaded the trial and the truth. This is a sad day in the United States when a jury of a defendants peers do not find a need for justice for the victim, Caylee Marie. My heart aches for Caylee has not recieved justice…JMHO
    Justice for Caylee will never happen and that is the sadness I feel. Justice for Caylee has been overturned by the lies the defense created…I have no faith in our judicial system no more…I await the Karmic justice that will come to this young woman who now leads La Bella Vita…shame on those jurors and I’d love to know how they came to their verdicts…JMHO

    Caylee has not recieved the justice she so deserved….


  30. KUDOS to you for refusing to accept Nancy Grace’s rudeness and abuse. I am in 100% agreement that Nancy minimizes Cindy’s culpability in hopes of securing her as a guest. I will not watch her again.


  31. Amen, KN…seems like people with better sense are now climbing on the Baez Winning Bandwagon. A toad is a toad is a toad. No amount of kissing by anyone including Dr.Glass can turn him into a prince..

    If his lies are now considered what is ethical in a courtroom, heaven save our judicial system. It’s almost beyond repair, now, and “Cut the Cheese” Baez and his minions are in the process of wrecking what is left of it.

    In his closing argument, he said in a Freudian slip with dramatic flare, “The truth stops here!” Oh, Mr. BYazz, for once you outsmarted yourself! .


    1. I have been supporting his style since day one if you bothered to read my blogs Penny. The jury loved him like I said they would and acepting all his evidence. They believed River Cruz that, t it was an accident that snowballed.


      1. And where is the justice in not acknowledging the order from the judge to “not make a decision based on whether or not you liked or disliked the defense or prosecution”? Your statement only affirms the inability of all the jurors, including the alternates, to look critically at evidence and come to a decision based on certain facts… Casey lied, Caylee died, Casey partied, and that’s the bare bones version.


    2. Penny…..the Freudian slip….Baez showed disregard for the Truth & Law,

      Baez was held in contempt of court for his deceptions by JP!


  32. Thank you for your insight on this trial Dr. Glass. It is much appreciated to hear from a professional in your field. Although there are a few things I see differently then you have suggested. As far as the media portraying the evidence, yes there was speculation on news shows that sensationalized this. But this speculation based on the evidence that was documented and released under the sunshine laws. The evidence speaks for itself, you can’t blame the media for that. There was also alot of evidence that was NOT incorporated into the case. I have have extensively researched every document, phone record, deposition, and phone call there is in this case. I have made my own conclusion with my brain, and the media speculation is only an after affect. There was alot of evidence that was not bought into the courtroom because it was prejudicial. Like Casey referring to Caylee as a snot head, her phone record pings showing that she traveled back and forth from tony’s to her parents house when no one was home, and in the area around blanchard park and the woods.
    When a child is left for the elements and animals to eat her for 6 months then there is not going to be DNA tying her killer to her. This does not mean that she doesn’t deserve justice. Thats what I feel the jury has concluded and it sickens me.
    Cindy and George also came out with a statement stating that the defense was baseless.. she did not drown.
    As far as Jose Baez is concerned, yeah he is personable… because he is manipulative! He is seeking to find reasonable doubt.. not the TRUTH.
    If the juror’s live a life believing every reasonable doubt then what a sad life they must live! If we as a country beleive that every action with a reasonable doubt attached must not be punished then maybe that is why we are letting people commit so many crimes, because they were never punished.
    I agree that Cindy enabled Casey to lie cheat and steal her way into adulthood. That is why at 25 years old Casey has the maturity level of a 14 year old! However, where does the line stop. If Cindy never held Casey accountable, when will we? Casey is enabled AGAIN!
    This case proves that the constitutional system of any instance of reasonable doubt is blind. There is reasonable doubt anywhere you look. Anyone could make up reasonable doubt about bad behavior, and thus we could go through life enabling all bad behavior. Doesn’t this undermine your theories about ridding toxic people from our lives?
    Also I found it sickening that Jose Baez chose to compare capital punishment to murder, he said that murder is disgusting and we need to stop murdering people here in the USA. Well until people are held accountable for murder (LWOP) then we are enabling these killers.


    1. Yes, the documents and evidence NOT presented surely do show Casey’s real personality and motivation and I will always, in my heart, feel that Casey and her ENTIRE family were culpable in the death of Caylee. As to who did what, I am sure that God knows and He is, after all, the final Judge.


    2. well put Sunshine!! I too was not persuaded by the media but of course could only go off what the media put out at first. But I knew there was something wrong after going 31days and not reporting her daughter missing … once I found out about the “Nanny” I knew in my heart she did something!! I don’t believe she “meant” to kill her … But I do believe she did while in the middle of chloroforming her as a form of child”care”. If she had come out and said that ~ I would have given her LWOP but with the reckless disregard for the life of this precious baby not just for those 31days but for the 3 WHOLE YEARS!! I would ~ if I were a juror ~ given her the DP!!


  33. Dr. Glass, I like reading your thoughtfull and insightfull comments on these matters. Thank you very much for sharing your views.


    1. I work in LE and my co workers all agree that Casey will probably need a body guard for many years. There are alot of crazies out there and the chances of someone shooting her is VERY HIGH!


  34. Given Baez’ reported history (ninth grade dropout, teen father, deadbeat dad who owed child support and filed bankruptcy, whom the FL Supreme Court said displayed ““a total lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system, which is absolutely inconsistent with the character and fitness qualities required of those seeking to be afforded the highest position of trust and confidence recognized by our system of law” as quoted by FOX News), it seems Jose’ probably had more in common with his now-acquitted client than anyone knew. Being ruled “not guilty” doesn’t mean Casey Anthony is innocent; the fact that both Anthony and Baez are now bound to profit from this child’s murder only compounds the tragedy. The system didn’t work for Caylee.. whatever anyone thinks of Nancy Grace or Cindy Anthony or Jose’ Baez, what resulted from this trial was NOT justice for that sweet child.


    1. I could care less about Baez’ past. He did a great job for his client and saved her life. We did not have all the facts. The jury supported him and were offended by Ashton and George’s arrogance and rudeness, Jose and snoballed out will profit. And yes a sweet baby died for no reason.The jury beieved River Cruz- that it was an accident that snowballed out of control


      1. So jurors can justify their verdict by not acknowledging the order from the judge to “not make a decision based on whether or not you liked or disliked the defense or prosecution”?

        Your opinion of the quality of the job that Baez did is expressly yours and I do not agree. As to whether or not he ‘saved her life,’ he saved her from the death penalty and life in prison. Using the words he did to describe her have convicted her forever of sexual behaviors she may never live down.

        Your statement about River Cruz only affirms the inability of all the jurors, including the alternates, to look critically at evidence and come to a decision based on certain facts… Casey lied, Caylee died, Casey partied, and that’s the bare bones version; they refused to acknowledge her responsibility as a mother.


      2. So are you saying that what River Cruz said was the reason the jury bought this BS? Sorry Dr, but that is NOT the reason. Nor was it the attorneys behavior. It’s because Casey is a pretty young thing and they bought in to the dupe job we all got thanks to the entire Anthony family. Look at our own electees in the government, we were all duped and fooled about that too. We are a Kool-Aid drinking society now.

        Ashton and George’s arrogance and rudeness? Are you kidding me? You forget the smug arrogance and bullying and LYING that Jose did. You lost me here. I completely supported you up until you started defending Baez and pointing out only the prosecutions bad behavior but won’t look at Baez’s. Wow. That’s flip flopping to me.


    2. In my opinion, Jose’s character (he is a sociopath like Casie) is important. It speaks to the egregious lies he will easily tell, with absolutely no remorse. The judicial system is supposed to be in pursuit of truth and justice. When officers of the court, including lawyers, are allowed to lie, but then, because they are so convincing, (as all sociopaths are), their lies are taken as truth, then we end up with no justice.

      Maybe we should make perjury carry life without parole, and all assets get transferred to the mother of the children. That sort of thing would help rein in our explosion of sociopathy, swiftly.


  35. Nancy Grace lost all credibility with me during the Elizabeth Smart investigation. She was hateful and mean to the “Couey” guy they arrested and she put his picture on the screen saying “Just look at him.” and he ended up being innocent. I wonder if she ever apologized to his family. (he died in jail).


      1. I wonder how many people in Casey’s circle of former friends and family will be seeking protective orders from her now? I sure would!!


  36. Lillian just because a jury found her innocent doesnt mean she is, it just means they did not have enough evidence to convict her. They personally could have believed like i do that shes guilty but they applied the letter of the law which is the right thing. The prosecution make a mistake on making this a death penalty case perhaps if it was a charge that carrys 10-15 yrs they would have had a easier time convicting her. I for one stand by the prosecution “Who makes an accident look like a murder” and all the other questions whos the father, 31 days, lying partying etc.. It is what it is ultimately she will have to live with it


  37. After listening to the alternate juror, who spoke, I truly believe the jury did NOT understand Judge Perry’s ruling instructions.

    Come on, now even holding her accountable for not reporting Caylee missing? We all know why she did not report anything, but still I guess to this jury, it’s ok to leave with your baby, stay on the lam for 31 days, not come back with your baby, and you’ll be set free.

    Now Florida can become a dumping ground for murdered and tossed away children, by parents who want the “Bella Vita”.

    Karma…..enough said.


  38. She was not found innocent, just not guilty. I know, a catch 22. She is guilty of something, but the 12 stooges did not even consider child neglect.

    Truly a sad day for Caylee Marie, who is still dead, and Casey will go back to partying and enjoying the millions of dollars in blood money that will start rolling in.


  39. And you didn’t convict Casey years ago? You continue to convict Cindy, George, Lee, etc., and they don’t get the benefit of a trial to prove the biased and passioned media wrong. I agree NG is a pain and has only biased views, but gimme a break, so do you. That’s the one thing I’ve said since I started reading your blog is that it is so overwhelmingly biased by your personal unconfirmed judgments against the entire Anthony family, that it completely negates your experience and taints your professional opinion to me. I just can’t believe you would talk about someone else convicting people in the media!


  40. Casey is not gonna be making tons of money. If she does she wont be having very much for very long. Dont forget there is a civil lawsuit coming. In fact I heard Casey has already been served. I am sure Zenaida’s lawyer will do whatever means necessary from her pocketing anything.


    1. Oj 2 two, only this time a white chick, psychopath named Casey.

      Civil suit, loss of money, crime spree, land in jail. jmo


  41. Ms. Glass: How is Cindy responsible for Casey being locked up? Cindy didn’t tell Casey to lie. She did that all on her own. She was a grown woman of 22 — not a teenager, although she certainly acted like one. I’m sick of people blaming the mother/parents; it’s very convenient and all too easy. Maybe the Anthony’s weren’t the best parents in the world but the fact of the matter is that Casey was in jail because of her own actions and no one else’s. Cindy wasn’t partying up a storm for those 31 days, Casey was. All that, and knowing her daughter was dead…accident or no!


      1. Hmm, Cindy pushed Casey “over the edge”? I don’t buy that for a second. Here is a young woman who would rather steal from anyone and everyone rather than hold down a job and lied her face off to anyone who would listen. As a mother, what would you have Cindy do. It’s either give her lying, thieving daughter an ultimatum and hold her accountable or continue to enable her. I don’t blame Cindy one bit and I daresay I’d do the same thing. At what point do we expect our adult children to grow up and take responsibility for their actions and their lives. If Cindy is guilty of anything it’s enabling her daughter for far too long and covering for her reprehensible behaviour. Trust me, I’m no fan of Cindy’s but to say she’s responsible for Casey’s actions is akin to saying “Poor Casey”. Poor Casey, my foot!


      2. this baffles me … so Cindy should be held accountable for pushing Casey over the edge but Casey should be excused from killing her child because of Cindy?? I’m confused ~ where is the logic in that?? Caylee should be able to hold her mother accountable for her death?? Correct?? Aaaaah she can’t … she’s dead!!!

        BUT because there is NO video footage of KC killing Caylee … Thanks to Faye ~ there is NO evidence on the duct tape that I guess ONLY GA had access to in a house that KC lived in (IDK ~ I used my Dad’s duct tap a few times …) … And since 2 parents believed their daughter to be a liar but could not fathom that she would kill her child … THEY need to held accountable for it??? I DON’T GET IT???????

        George and Cindy have 2 children ….


  42. Angela, I have lost my faith in the jury system. The jury for the Zenaida trial will probably rule in Casey’s favor, because after all, all she did was use Zenaida’s name, and thats nothing compared to the murder of a child. Casey again will dodge the bullet.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.


  43. hey dr glass
    i agree about how ms. nancy treats her guests.. it makes me uncomfortable to watch her verbally abuse them… but we live in a sick world were i guess that is okay… i’m glad you decided not to subject your self to that… that said .. she does help find missing childern..

    i can’t agree with this jury… i think they took jb opening statement as truth when he had nothing to back it up…
    and the side shows of finger pointing he did with the other witnesses.. to take attention away from his clients guilt worked…
    i can’t agree with you about jb.. i found him arrogant, rude and immature.. much like his client… i guess they win though…

    what keeps running thru my head is when cindy told tim miller she always wins… i guess shes right… i have lost faith

    i hope kc uses this chance to get her life together.. i hope she dosent’ continue to destroy the lives of everyone around her…

    the pain on the witness face was horrible to watch… i can’t imagine how she holds her head up…


  44. The media circus was part of this, and wasn’t NG even mentioned in jury selection. Some of the jurors said they didn’t like her. Maybe her association was in their minds and they were voting against her. We don’t know. Juries personalize and it is obvious they were more comfortable with Casey and her legal team than with the law and order side of it. More than arrogance, I think they were turned off by the professional and educated appearance of the prosecution. But, both sides and the judge picked the jury. I didn’t, however, make up my mind from ‘the media’. I think the jury thought they were righting a wrong that had been done when Caylee died. It think they thought Casey was a victim and they were freeing her from some legal conspiracy. They were wrong, imo, and they may be very surprised at what they are reading and seeing in the media now.


  45. Very good article, Lillian. You know, I’ve always wondered why professionals keep apppearing on the Nancy Grace show when she verbally abuses & belittles them. I’m glad to hear you’re one who is not going back on the show. It’s so uncomfortable to us viewers when she does that.


  46. Don’t ever forget, we have a Higher Power in charge here…this is far from over.
    Mysterious Ways…yes, they do occur. The KILLER may no longer be behind
    REAL BARS; but she will always be looking over her shoulder. Alot of OTHER KILLERS are out there that would like a piece of her. She will never FEEL SAFE no matter where she goes or what she does. Thousands KNOW she slaughtered little Caylee…she will never be safe, or free from fear no matter what Dr. Glass or anyone else says. She killer Caylee. God can bring her to His Justice in a heartbeat! No, it’s not over…


      1. Nah Singhphat, she won’t give a crap, pychopaths don’t care what you or I think, they don’t have feelings, and have no conscience. They grandstand just like she did at the defense table, that was ALL an act. Oh, excuse me, it was real when it was ONLY about HER!!!!!!!!!!!
        She will never have stress, she doesn’t care!


  47. It is so ironic the jury, according to the alternate, completely believed the Casey, Baez opening that had not a shread of evidence & completely ignored nearly 400 evidence items. Casey is so guilty of so many things, a not guilty verdict indicates something is not right here.

    This jury seemed to have a very unreasonable idea of what reasonable doubt is. they applied no common sense whatever. Prosecuters need to spend more time explaining this always complicated phrase.An ending so sad to so many.

    Is it possible they just wanted to go home & not guilty would get them home quicker?


  48. I was saddened to hear that she did not get a “guilty” verdict, but being that said, that doesn’t mean she isn’t guilty. It just means the state did not have enough hard evidence for them to prove to the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey did it. Anyone had access to the computer, anyone could’ve driven her car, etc. If poor little Caylee’s body had been found earlier then maybe they would’ve had more evidence to how she died, etc. I still believe Casey had some involvement in her death – whether it was a accident with the choloform, or she purposely killed her so that she could spend time with her new boyfriend. This case reminded me so much of the motive that Susan Smith had with killing her two babies. It angers me so much that there are some women who believe their only worth is if they have a man. And that they’ll go to any lengths to get or keep that man, even if it means killing their children. It angers me so much when a single mom will put some guy ahead of her own children (I have a high school friend who got pregnant in high school, and 20 some years later she continues to put men ahead of her children – it drives me nuts!). I believe in karma, and hope that Casey will get hers. Look at OJ, you never hear about him, I have no clue what he’s doing. No one wanted to touch the guy with a ten foot pole, and I have a feeling people will feel the same about Casey. If she does get a book, movie, or tv deal, believe me I won’t be paying any more attention to it.

    As for Nancy Grace, I have the same opinion that you do. Her and Jamie Valez Mitchell are both very annoying, and I stopped watching them when they started “reporting” on the whole Casey Anthony case. They’re very one-sided and I feel that they did more harm to the case than help it.

    I found your blog very interesting, and after reading a lot of your entries, I watched the trial and watched the witnesses and Casey Anthony, and tried to determine based on what you said on what their body language was telling me. It was fascinating! Thanks!


  49. Dr. Glass ~ respectfully, your comments about Casey Anthony are shocking. Given your education and experience in the study of human emotion, personality disorders, and symptoms of behavior, do you truly believe Casey Anthony will “heal”, seek an education, or function as a “normal”, law-abiding member of society? I understand you hope she does, but I’m curious as to whether you believe it’s possible?
    Did Dr. Bart Corbin grow or heal after he murdered his longtime girlfriend and staged it to look like suicide? No, in fact years later he murdered his wife in the exact same manner, and is in prison for both murders now. How about Judy Buenoano? She was executed for murdering her husband James Goodyear, but she was also convicted of murdering her son Michael Goodyear, and the attempted murder of fiancé John Gentry. She admitted responsibility in death of her boyfriend Bobby Joe Morris and is believed to have been involved in both a murder in Alabama, and the death of another boyfriend Gerald Dossett.
    How about Lynn Turner or Stacy Castor? Both “got away” with murder once (that we know of). Instead of healing or living a normal, low-profile life, they killed again. Did OJ move on or heal after getting a second chance? No, he may not have murdered again, but he continued to be exactly who he is – a borderline, anti-social, narcissistic who believes the rules for society did not, and do not, apply to him.
    We’ll hear about Casey again, perhaps years from now. Anyone who chooses to remain in, or become involved in her life will be in danger. This include her parents, grandparents, brother, and everyone in her family that did not support her, and also future boyfriends, husbands, and children. Perhaps Thursday July 7th 2011, she’ll adopt as an anthem the Martina McBride song “Independence Day” ~ it fits to a tee…
    “Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing. Let the whole world know that today is the day of reckoning. Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong, Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay ~ It’s Independence Day”…
    She will kill again, of that I’m convinced. The study of her personality type shows over and over again, she’s not capable of learning, growing, or healing from this, and will be forever emboldened by yesterday’s “victory”.
    I hope I’m wrong..


  50. Am I missing something Dr. Glass? You keep saying (in the comments) that the jury had all the facts–more facts that WE did. If anything, I see the opposite. What information was given to the jury and not to the public?


      1. Oh I see what you mean. What I find frustrating is knowing all of the facts to which the jury was NOT privy. But that’s the reason for evidence laws–to ensure a fair trial. It’s the nature of the jury system and we must respect it.


  51. The Jury operated on a relatively immature level – maybe like 12 or 13 year olds. They LIKED Baez so they believed him. They did not consider the facts. They didn’t like Ashton. they didn’t listen to him. They didn’t like him.

    We need to have PROFESSIONAL juries. They should go to school for it, study law, study psychology and get licensed to determine whether people are criminals or not. Just leaving it to anyone on the street is not working.

    We need to have people on juries that can be held to a higher standard than we are using now. We need people that have licenses to make such complex, life altering decision. We need some responsibility here.

    We also need to make this job a job, a real job, a career. We don’t ask people to volunteer to be a judge, why are we asking volunteers to sit in and determine whether someone goes to jail or not. and if you argue peers, well policemen are my peers and they get paid.

    It’s time to step up the responsibility of Juror.

    These jurors acted like kids who couldn’t wait for recess and, wow, did they take off!!


      1. Definitely. They were overwhelmed. It is too much to ask of regular citizens. We need to make this job of Juror a profession. That way they can have the education and licensing to do the job.

        We are going to continue to have wacky decisions until the system is rectified.


    1. again you’re so right KG!! I’m not sure if they would have to stay (sequestered) til the sentencing but if so ~ I wondered if that played a part in the quick decision?? A very uneducated unfair decision but, It will come out …


  52. I haven’t lost faith in our justice system. I didn’t put THAT much faith in it to begin with.

    That said, I believe our justice system works about as well as it possibly could under the circumstances.

    This is Planet Earth, and it is peopled by 7 billion limited, fallible individuals that no matter how hard they strive, will not manifest perfect justice. Christians call this a “fallen world”. I am not a Christian though I have respect for many of the tenets. The idea of “fallen world” struck me as a deep and revealing truth. To me (just me), it means we live in a world that can and will go sideways on us, no matter how conscientious we strive to be.

    I also believe there is a “higher” Justice System than what we fumble around doing ourselves. In my mind, I don’t call it “God”, I call it REALITY.

    The Florida court system may have found Casey “not guilty”, but the court of public opinion has condemned her to death.

    The court of public opinion has sentenced Casey to a “prison” that makes the relative safety of a special custody cell look like Motel Six. She may very well wish she was back in jail with some guards paid to be nice to her and protect her and make sure she has 3 hots and a cot before long.

    The court of public opinion, IMHO, will usurp in scope any “not guilty” verdict given by a jury of her peers. Casey ain’t gonna go live with THEM.

    So I respect the verdict provided by those twelve jurors, and though I don’t pray, I will fervently hope they remain safe and unmolested by angry people who are missing the point by taking out their outrage on them.

    I do not agree with their verdict, however, and wonder about the parts per million of lead in the water out there in Pinellas county. Nevertheless, I feel confident that TRUE justice will be had, simply by the way reality works.


  53. I love reading your blog and repost it on my groups of 15,000 . I commend you for standing up for your beliefs on ng show. Although im not sure if casey learned to lie from cindy . I do know all kids are different and i have 3 grown children. I think some children are born with certain traits which include lying or leaning towards telling the truth. I do not know cindy well enough except for the lies she showed on the stand which i did not agree with but could have been motivated by her desire to save her child. As far as the jury liking baez and leaning towards decisions based on who they connected with i find this not very justifiable and the system needs to be revamped..I love all your input that you have blogged about when it comes to your insight on casey anthony. I think you nailed her perfectly and that we are not done from hearing about miss anthony and will hear about her again in the future.I pray casey does not ever have another child…and that caylee is at peace..thanks for all your great input into understanding body language of people.


  54. Dear Dr. Glass, I had just turned the T.V. on yesterday, HLN and there it was ” not guilty”! I have to say I wasn’t surprised for her not getting the death penalty but I thought she would get prison time and then they kept saying not guilty 4 times. ALL I could think about was the movie ”Chicago” how the media ran rapid with this story and not always stating the real facts but it attracted viewers and I was sucked in as. Jose Baez always reminded me of Richard Gere ”2 step-N ” along with different allegations and the jury found Mr. Baez and Casey charming just like in the movie Chicago and since no DNA proof – Case closed.Casey has a new battle that she’ll have to tend to if she gets out tomarrow- a civil suit.Even though she goes free I’m sure she might feel from time to time she would have been safer in jail. I hope she doesn’t go back to her lifestyle and will be humble and greatful for this chance and if she really didn’t have anything to do with her daughters death and wants to have a book and movie deal with someone I think she should be required first to take a lie detecter test before a deal is made,if she’s found that she’s been lying nothing would happen now to her so she doesn’t have anything to worry about.I do hope that people respects the jury decision and not create destruction among themselves when she leaves to go back out into this world,it will not bring that sweet baby back and she will now have to live with it out in this world and I’m sure it won’t be very pleasent for her but IT’S NOT ANY OF OUR RIGHT TO GO AFTER HER WITH VERBAL OR PHYSICAL ABUSE; EVERYONE SHOULD GO BACK TO THEIR ”LIFE” AND JUST TRY TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN TOWARDS HUMANITY AND ALL WE CAN DO IS TO PRAY FOR CAYLEE AND I’M SURE SHE’S SINGING AWAY WITH ALL THE CHILDREN WHO ARE NOW ANGELS IN THE HEAVENS ABOVE!!! CINDY AUSTIN


  55. Why is everyone so angry with each other here? This is not about any one of us. The trial is over. We are mere humans; we do not get to be the ultimate judge regarding who is right and who is wrong.

    This is Dr. Glass’s site, and she has an absolute right to her opinion. She did not get where she is today by default — it took a lot of years and a lot of specialized training. All this violent discussion only perpetuates the very thing you all say you detest and deplore — violence. We don’t have to respect Casey, but please at least try to respect each other. Think of your spirit. Don’t darken it with all this muck.




  56. The more I hear what jurors are stepping up and saying, the more I am wondering exactly what went on in that jury room. But what may be worse, I’m wondering if they talked BEFORE they meet in the jury room. How did the Alternate know what they discussed? Alternates are in a separate room.

    And why did the Juror who spoke say she was sick about the vetdict?? What is that? Did she compromise her vote because she wanted out of there? Did they fear the consequence of a hung jury – days and days of discussion? Did the jury commit a crime? what the heck went on in that room? How is a jury held accountable? Are they?


    Bozo got her off for murdering her own child so he’s the louse here and the people chit on were the people who stood up for Caylee when her own blood wouldn’t?? us,strangers,detectives,people who were on their hands and knees literally to find every small bone that the animals didn’t chew up or insects and snakes crawled on after Casey dumped her in a trash swamp and her grandparents let her lay there while attacking the people who stood up for Caylee! Caylee needs no family now because she finally has one THAT WILL PROTECT HER! Casey kept the trash and dumped her baby after she murdered her out of pure evil spite…sad world when people like you exist!
    and for all who says,we didn’t say she was Innocent…..shut the Fu$# up,yes ya did when you aquitted her,I am sick.literally.my husband was murdered and millionaire daddy got the monster off and I had little faith left in people or the system,Now let’s just say I have none,never will and will never even yearn for it because just like Zanny the nanny…..It doesn’t exist! Dead people can’t talk! jmho and ALL YOU LOW DOWN JURORS stop saying we were sick to our stomachs with the verdict.BS! you should be sicker! You let Caylee down so you could get home to your family but Caylee was murdered by her family and you condoned it and I will pray daily for every sickness known to man to fall on anyone who supports that assinine verdict!


      1. I said from day one Cindy only testified to what would help Casey except facts that’s others could testify to. I know I’m one of the only ones but I never believed her”breakdown on the stand”. She never raised her head so no one could really see. I’m sure that 911 tape brought back terrible memories but it was over kill to get the jurors to sympathize with her. She asked JP to move the pic of Caylee. Many pics were shown & not a tear one from CA nor did she shed a tear when the 911 tape was played again. You may call this a good Defense team but they played this jury & they played everyone watching. After CA took the stand for the Pros I looked at my husband and said”the Anthonys have not changed, they just need everyone to believe they have so their testimony will be believed” CA,LA& yes even GA. With GA it was obvious to me that he did not like being a part of this concocted story but nothing has changed in this family. CA was able to convince GA & LA that this was the way to cover for KC yet again, no doubt they went along with it bc they never expected she would walk, they were convinced by CA that they MUST do it to save KC’s life. CA would be the one the jury would sympathize with, LA would “seem odd” as if maybe he & KC had secrets, GA would be argrumenative, which would not be hard when you have someone accussing you of on thinkable acts, the most important thing is to appear like they stick together no matter WHAT, even with the cover up of sexual abuse, lies, affairs & yes even the death of their grandaughter!! For me, it insulted my intelligence to think that They would think I would buy it and especially that this jury would!! Well I WAS SO WRONG!!! Not only did they buy it but so did most watching, even the ones that realize KCs guilty thought “look what this girl is putting her poor family through”. Also realize they thought KC would be found guilty. Who would buy their book if everyone thouht they
        were on the side of this women responsible for the death of her child? NO ONE.!!
        Even if I throw out the testify of this entire family there is plenty of evidence to find her guilty. I devoted each day to watching this trial mainly by Internet feed, not to be influenced by anything other than the facts.
        So at the end of the day am I going to give respect to JB or this defense team, NO WAY. I think it’s very clear from post trial interviews they took this case because it was a death penalty case not because they believe KC is innocent. They are opposed to the death penalty and their objective was to save her life, they were as shocked as everyone else that this concocted theory based on NO facts or evidence would EVER be believed by ANYONE!!! They did believe however with the help of her family that they could agrue the Pros wants you to base your verdict on Fantasy Forensic’s & emotions. With reverse physcology, they were able to get THESE JURY to vote NG based on the emotions evoked by a “dysfunctional family” with secrets of abuse & cover up & Fantasy Forensics they created, With lies and with out facts in Evidence. For me, There is NO story that will EVER convince me that a mother could, under ANY circumcstances, be JOYFUL when she knows her daughter is dead without being involved in the death of that child!!! So the question is, should JB to be congratulated? Not by me, I don’t think he even realized what he was doing, it just happened!! I was looking for JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE and everyone that played a role in that concocted theory based on lies, left Little Caylee in those trash bags in that swamp and no Defense attorney should be congratulated for a win. Time will tell, what becomes of this defense team, this family &
        this jury but one thing I am CERTAIN of, NO ONE WON with the outcome of this trial!!


  58. My husband was brutally murdered and while he was totally disabled from a roof fall.his arm was broken twice,his hip was broke,his left wrist was broke and this monster who beat our daughter on a daily basis made his own weapon and then chose to sneak up behind him and my husband of 25 yrs passed the next day from head,liver,spleen trauma……….But guess what? The monster who had a millionaire daddy served only 6 months in county jail and is a free man and if that don’t make you down on the system nothing will. he had the best lawyer in Tn and the DA,LE ,all treated me like I was nothing and since my husband passed away he couldn’t tell what happened,Just like Caylee so the day I heard N/G connected with the words Mom and 31 days I dove in and have read every shred of evidence ,depos etc…….and I thought…….Here is a way I can maybe get my faith and trust back because surely this baby will get Justice,well all it proved to me was the VICTIM has no rights and never will and if you want to get rich and famous break the 10 commandements…They’ve taken God out of schools,lots of places etc…. so IMO They should replace him with Casey Anthony because kid’s need to know that if they want to be rich and famous just be like KC! Where Lies,stealing and murder get’s you everything you want! Wow what a Beautiful life! Scum Low Life Jury! JMVHO


  59. ditto, Dr. Glass. I saw an excellent unbiased analysis on cable tv the other night (sorry, don’t remember names, station, etc) and it was noted that the prosecution may have shot too high in going for death penalty, because they were unable to provide the evidence necessary to merit such a punishment. The jury judged based on the evidence and did their job.Feelings and mob rule cannot be allowed to substitute for evidence in this country. Unfortunately, the killer was probably right in that courtroom and walked out scotch free. No system except for God’s is perfect.

    Poor Caylee. We can at least honor her memory by refusing to watch the movies or read the books that are merely making a buck off of Caylee’s death. Until there is some repentance, ignore the Anthonys, and complain to networks when they’re allowed to pollute the airwaves with their mental illnesses.


    1. I respectully disagree. You cant say they over charged, This case was charged according to the overwhelming evidence. Those saying it was over charged are doing so because they are opponents of the death penalty. I can respect that, but they should just say so. A grand jury decided this case was correctly charged, that ultimate decision was not the Prosecutions. However, I am afraid, due to some of the jurors comments, that they considered the punshment. And in doing, so they did not follow the law, therefore leaving many to question this verdict. If people do not like the fact that jurors should not consider the penalty when coming to a verdict, because they do not want to
      impose death on someone, they need to change the law!!! But until then, they MUST follow the law. I think, I good suggestion for change in the process, would be for each juror to be polled by the judge, after a verdict is reach but before it is read, to make sure they followed the law in
      coming to their verdict. In doing so, you would not have such public outrage. IMO the outrage you are witnessing from this verdict is because MOST find it impossible to reach this verdict if you understand the process and have followed the law. In the end, we all seek justice, but the
      law must be followed or there is no JUSTICE!!


  60. Dr. Glass thank you for having a reasonable blog. I have gone through the grieving process that everone else describes after the shock of this unfortunate verdict. I have spent a couple of hours reading this and just as I got to the end, the 11yo English girl with the beautiful voice, Jackie, I think is her name, sang “In the Arms of the Angels” Having lost my 17 yo son after a long illness I can say that Casey acts like no other bereaved parent I have met. May Caylee and all children who have gone to God radiant and forever young find peace in the arms of the angels.


  61. I use to wish I had someone Like N/G on my husbands side when he was murdered and I am guilty of being a viewer myself until it seemed to me that all she did was worry about what Casey ate! In the meantime she upheld Ron Cummings to a fault whom I believe is worse than George if possible,I don’t like the A’s period,all I know is whoever is guilty that they cannot rest until they tell and we’ll never know that and I am one of the biggest kc haters that ever lived and I cannot believe I am saying this now,but they all lie,they are all dirty so how do we know? for sure? Why wouldn’t they take a LD test? Why did George go tell things and asked to be confidential? I often wonder and this get’s to me,we all know kc is a liar but if I never believe anything in my life again I believed her when she said “I don’t know where she’s at” I do wonder if George had followed her and saw her put Caylee in the trunk or whatever and yes Caylee was getting old enough to talk and George would have known no one would believe kc!
    George was in the stolen auto division before too and I have always wondered if whoever parked that car there wanted it to be stolen!
    Why no cameras got it when it was parked? Something did make kc the way she is,And I truly believe she can dissacociate her feelings because I can too because of all the things in my childhood and I sure can’t cry around people period,At my Adopted Mothers funeral I had to fake cry because everyone else was crying.I didn’t want them to think I didn’t love her! but I don’t use it just because it’s there if that makes sence,I guess I am saying when something so painful happenes I just won’t allow myself to dwell on it so maybe it’s not the same as Kc but I imagine it is!
    I know the earth will cave in today because I for even a split second gave kc benefit of the doubt and I am going to be honest….as always but when the verdict was read I honestly felt that kc cried “because of relief” relief that finally someone believed her….It wasn’t any thing like the fake tears and smiles for the camera that we saw before,theres something different,George was in the back praying before the verdict and after the verdict he looked angry so why was he praying,that she’d get the DP and he’d be free? If he were praying she’d be found Not Guilty why was he upset? Predators don’t have a mole that sticks out a foot long…I don’t know if kc was involved or not but I do believe George was somehow,and he even asked the tow guy to walk around to the trunk with him? Why did he accept that car? Why did he say he followed kc in Cindys car when he didn’t? or that kc barrowed cindy’s car when she didn’t?
    In his interviews his arms were crossed and he looked like someone hiding something but I thought if my daughter made this mess mine would be crossed too……..I still don’t know for sure but I do have an open mind now and I sure as hell didn’t before! jmo


  62. George wasn’t working,maybe he was Zanny.LoL IDK but why has no one ever came forward to say where kc had Caylee daily?


  63. I respectfully disagree, Dr. Glass. You espouse, and embrace the Constitution as a shield, yet you attempt, in the next breath, to deny the Constitutional safe-guard of freedom of the press! How is that upholding our Constitution?

    Nancy Grace did nothing wrong. I am not a big fan of her, personally, but she is an excellent litigator. It is up to the public, at large, to determine the veracity of anybody’s statements, especially the press.

    It is your right to not appear on Nancy’s show, as it is her right to continue broadcasting her opinions. It is up to us, as the viewing public, to make the intellectual/logical determination of whether we believe her, or not.

    I will not malign the Constitution by attempting to use it as a smorgasbord. I will not give up my rights under the Constitution, and that includes even the parts of it which do not suit me, at a given moment.

    Let’s see who is intellectually honest here. Will you allow my post or knock it down? I think I already know…..sadly.


  64. I am sorry for your situation Lynn, but the issue of molestation in the Casey Anthony case against her brother, and father, was thrown out of court, by Judge Perry, for lack of evidence. In other words, there was not substantive proof of it ever happening.

    Casey’s behavior was not predicated upon abuse, in any form. She chose to murder her child, lie to authorities, steal from friends and family, etc. None of this was predicated upon alleged, unfounded abuse. It was a ruse made up by Baez to sway the jury in her favor, and obviously it hit home with you, and worked. It never happened!!!


  65. Many of the more fantastic, magical thinking, types posts here, are just that. They would be better suited to a paperback novel.

    Like many, I have followed this case from it’s inception. I have discussed it, read about it, and watched everything I could find regarding Casey Anthony.

    One poster said something about the idiot cop who refused to do his job. That poster is correct. In fact, the ‘idiot cop’ was one of Casey’s old boyfriends. After he refused to search the dump site, based upon Roy Kronk’s observations, it was discovered that the ‘idiot cop’ had dated Casey, and he was summarily fired! How many men did Casey date? hmm…

    At any rate, I do not agree that George had anything to do with the child’s disposal, murder (either in the form of neglect or not), nor did he or Lee, molest Casey. Jose Baez made up the whole scenario to play to the jury, and I am sure Casey helped him develop it, since we all know what a great liar she is.

    Yes, sadly there are many children who are abused in many ways in this country, and it must stop! Caley’s Law will help to stem these abuses arising from negligence, or not. The law will require that a caregiver, i.e., parent, nanny, etc., notify the authorities within twenty-four (24) hours of a child’s disappearance, otherwise it will be result in an automatic summary conviction.

    Further, the Sun of Sam Law must be re-enacted. Congress dissolved this law years ago. It prevents any criminal convicted of a crime, from profiting off of the crime itself, in any shape, manner or form! Write and call your Senators, and tell them that you want the Sun of Sam Law re-enacted immediately!

    Society requires that we, as citizens, participate in our laws, and the enactment of thereof. We cannot leave the decisions in the hands of people that we do not know, and who may not represent, or care about our best interests! Get involved. Vote, call, write, e-mail. Do not allow another fiasco like this to happen ever again. It is up to you!

    One last thing,..I will say, and I hope you will consider this carefully. Jury tampering. It is a fact of life, and happens frequently in our courts. It is not always brought to light because of the convoluted morass it would result in, especially after a verdict is decided. But it does happen, and I believe it happened here. I hope you will read my other posts in this regard, and consider them, because I do believe that is what happened in this case.

    Do not forget Caley Anthony! Do not forget that a little, helpless child suffered at the hands of her alleged ‘loving’ mother, and died by those very hands! Neglect, or not, Casey caused Caley’s death, and she should be held accountable, and punished for it. Cindy should also face the full force of the law for perjuring herself under oath in court. Justice for Caley!!! Never forget….


  66. Another poster asked…”where was Caley, when she was supposed to be with Zanny the Nanny?” Great question! One would think the jury would have wondered that a well.

    It is obvious, that since there is no Zanny the Nanny, Caley was locked in the trunk of Casey’s Pontiac, most likely, drugged so that she would sleep, and remain asleep until the early morning hours.

    Also, consider,…that poor child was locked in the trunk of Casey’s car, in Florida, in the heat of the summer! If the drug did not kill her, the heat certainly did, or a combination of both. Yet, the jury did not ask this question. Their only concern was what Casey’s punishment would be if convicted.

    And, yet, you will all recall that Judge Perry explicitly related to the jurors, just prior to deliberation, that they were NOT to consider the punishment. Only the crime itself, and the guilt or not of the defendant! The jury disobeyed the Judge, as has been discussed elsewhere, and were in fact, discussing the punishment, i.e., death, or life in prison of the defendant!

    In my opinion, Judge Perry is a very good judge, but he should investigate this allegation, and if founded, penalize the jurors legally. They disobeyed his order, and direction, given in court! The jurors were, obviously, uncomfortable with coming back with a guilty verdict, since they vehemently argued about the consequences of their decision. They broke the law, the ignored the Judge, and therefore, they should be nullified!

    The Judge should have, and would have been the one to decide Casey Anthony’s fate, based upon the 70% who believe she is guilty. Seventy (70%) of twelve is 8.4, and yet not one voted guilty! Not probable, nor reasonable!!!

    Come on Judge Perry,…investigate the Jury!!!!!


  67. Yes Bozo Knew,and he bought gifts for the jury who may put his client to death? Come on,he had to know and he did know and I’ll never believe he didn’t,Bozo was angry all the time then he played cowboys and robbers with the hall cam,sorta like an I toldya that would be heard loud and clear after the verdict!
    I am sorry and yall might hate me for this but something is drastiically wrong here,Why was the jury so well taken care of? Why isn’t it checked into that Bozo bought gifts? hmmmmmmmmm
    Why was the first smirk from Bozo when the verdict was read to look up in the balcony at Geraldo and grin a shit eating grin,what was Geraldo doing while he was in town? Sorry to say it but I loved JP but theres something not right here either,he ran a tight tight ship but they get away with this,not even a question from him? NOPE! Was that a diversion?
    I think there should be no jury,they need to change it and lets vote for Verdicts president style! Public Opinion,and those 12 airhead jurors are as guilty as kc IMVHO! AIRHEADS! They thought KC came home and found Caylee was missing or dead? WTH? why didn’t they even ask and i pray their lives are destroyed as all the dirty ones who had a part in it period!
    The jurors thought C and G acted odd,LMAO and KC didn’t,OMG She wouldn’t look at the video of Caylee with the duct tape and skull morphed but when the jury left she studied it without any expression whatsoever!


  68. Yea,It was an accident,WoW To think that KC knew before she drowned to put duct tape on her nose and mouth so if she ever fell into the pool the water wouldn’t reach her lungs to drown her! MOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  69. Maybe she will write a book now and teach us all how to protect our kids!


  70. I agree that the jury focused on the wrong parent in this trial and the defense used George Anthony’s ‘shiftiness’ as the foreman put it, to cloud the prosecution’s case. George is shown as possibly engaging in bad behaviour such as the alledged affair whereas Cindy’s very detailed lying was overlooked because she was trying to save her daughter from execution- seen as a misguided but natural maternal reaction in contrast to Casey’s unnatural reactions.
    The defense used the family’s disfunction as evidence of why Casey might behave strangely in the face of her daughter’s disappearance but this same evidence could show motive. The picture at the wedding of an obviously seven months pregnant Casey, during which Cindy denied her daughter’s condition speaks volumes to the fact that the arrival of Caylee into the family was problematic plus the ability of Cindy as well as Casey to deny reality when it doesn’t suit. Unfortunately, two year olds haven’t yet been trained in this behaviour, blatantly express their needs and have a tendency to point out that the ’emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.’ This could very well be a threat to Casey on bringing up the disfunctional relationship with her mother and as a threat to her narcissitic presentations that everything is o.k/


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