Jose Baez and Casey’s Alleged Reported Tender Moment In The Courtroom

It was reported  by Jean Casares at CNN  that Jose got down on one knee so that he was eye level with Casey and got very emotional as he spoke to her. I was then reported that Casey stroked both sides of  Jose’s face tenderly.

While I did not see this scenario, it may illustrate that Jose was speaking with Casey to let her know that he did his best and that he may not win. He may have reassured her that he will appeal and fight for her all the way until the end.

Her stroking him  on both sides of  his face is her way of saying  thank you and I know you did. This may also be the only person whom she has touched like that in three years. 

Emotionally, they have gone through a lot together during this legal roller coaster ride. 

I do not  think it is a love affair as has been suggested in the media and others.  Instead I believe that he communicates with Casey in the only language she appears to  understandswhen talking to a man- flirtation and physical contact. Also I have observed that Jose  very warm and touchy feely with everyone (except Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick) so it stands to reason that he would be the same way towards his client.

Jean Cassares described it as a tender moment between the two. That is very  possible. Just because Casey has hatred and coldness towards her parents and of course Caylee, it doesn’t mean she had it towards Tony Lazarro who once loved her, Jesse Grund who once loved her and now Jose Baez, who obviously has some emotional  feeling towards her.

In order to do his job and represent her to the best of his ability, he had to have some type of positive feelings  her  aboutor he could not have  represented her. The same holds true for Cheney Mason who said that he really liked Casey during an interview, and likened her to his granddaughter. I know  from personal experience that I could not effectively work with a client for whom I did not have positive feelings, because one has to give so much of themselves in helping them.


56 thoughts on “Jose Baez and Casey’s Alleged Reported Tender Moment In The Courtroom

  1. How nice of Jose to comfort Casey towards the end. *Note Sarcasm*. Too bad there wasn’t anyone there to comfort sweet Caylee in the end.


  2. I actually think people are being hard on Baez. I think some people are more touchy then others and I think it’s just his personality. I feel bad for him. I also feel kind of sorry for Casey. We know she killed Caylee but part of me wants to believe there was some horrible accident and her reaction was to run from it.


    1. there is no touching in this situation,,,especially between attorney and client,,,they are both disgusting,,and i guess he accidently put duct tape around her face 3x’s,,,i could see how that could happen,,,,


  3. History repeats itself. This is how she was brought up. I am so disgusted of this circus and everybody making money from a dead child. Who was comforting Caylee? We all know KC did it. She is so lucky to live in this great country. If it was elsewhere Public Lynching, Shot In Public. This is what she deserves. I am not a hateful person but we all know she did it. Maybe she’ll go crazy when found GUILTY and she’ll be put out of her misery. Sorry but this is how I feel.


  4. I am going to throw up.

    Even if it was a horrible accident Dana, she threw her away. And then she realized, darn! I have a great life. Tony, freedom, fun, stolen money, dad’s gas cans if I run out of money”


  5. They both make me sick. I could care less how they feel about on another. If she had even an ounce of compassion for her baby she wouldnt be where she is now!


  6. Honestly, that sounds like inappropriate contact to me. I cannot imagine reaching up to stroke the face of a man that has been helpful to me, for example a teacher or mentor, without that man being taken aback at my lack of boundaries and viewing my act as an inappropriate invitation. As the recipient of innumerable unwanted advances over the years, I take especial care not to give the wrong impression, and though I realize that Casey does not have boundaries like the rest of us, at least Baez should have been more appropriate.

    Professional decorum between a lawyer and client would preclude this sort of intimate touching. That’s only common sense. A handshake or even a quick hug would have been acceptable, but the description of this behavior makes me raise both eyebrows. Jeanne Casarez demonstrated the touch on another talking head yesterday, and the male anchor seemed uncomfortable as she slowly stroked his face while looking him in the eye. In my opinion, this is because the man could not help but read the touch as arousing and inviting, despite his rational understanding of the non-erotic context. Some confusion of the limbic system, I suppose.


    1. It wasn’t Dr Glass’s theory. It was a majority of the laypersons and news media’s theory that just got wiped out today.


    1. The Anthony’s may have been shocked at the verdict but they’ll quickly go back into denial &believe KC could NEVER have murdered Caylee. They’ll welcome KC home with open arms & Lee will still be persona non grata.


  7. I’m disgusted by all of it , people on the jury are absolutely idotic CAN THEY NOT SEE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!! I hope the burden of poor Caylees death weigh heavy on their shoulders, as much as the whole Anthony family. But I doubt they have the mental capability to comprehend it.


  8. This is whats wrong with society today…lying, stealing, cheating and killing is the way to get ahead. I seriously hope Casey being found NOT GUILTY, doesn’t start a new wave of young mothers murdering their small children just to get notoriety, freedom from responsibilities, and or monetary gain. I’m so sick to see this miscarriage of Justice, todays as sad sad day.


  9. The best thing about this is the fact that now the Anthony’s will have her back. God forbid if I would want her in my house.


  10. I’m sure this comment will be deleted but this is the one thing I take comfort in…eventually there WILL BE JUSTICE FOR LITTLE CAYLEE. And it will be much harsher than anything we could do on this earth

    ‎”Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out – those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned.” (John 5:28-29)


    1. Justice will be served, we can take comfort in knowing this:
      Romans 12:19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.


  11. You have to remember that the jury did not see all we were able to see on almost every news channel on cable. With the limited view of the facts, and Jose’s antics, I guess it was possible to not see the truth. I felt sick at first, too. But now I’m just sorry for a pathetic, twisted family, and the hard road they have ahead of them to put their lives back together.


  12. Well, Casey is a FREE WOMAN now. She and Jose can be together if they so choose…

    Casey will now make a TON OF MONEY from all the media appearances she makes. JUSTICE WAS NOT SERVED! She is STILL a killer, and a sociopath, and will probably kill again down the line.


    1. She will probably get pregnant again by some poor ignorant fool who believes she’s innocent. I shudder to even think about it.

      In the meantime, when she walks out of court a free woman on Thursday, where will she go and where will she live? Hmm?

      Let’s hope she does something stupid like O.J. to get thrown back in jail, and let’s hope it happens before she reproduces again.

      I’m still in shock…


    2. IMO they deserve each other, if we read one day she’s done him in, no surprise there. She’s a leech and will seek new victims in more ways than one.


    3. Anon- I always enjoyed your comments and sorry they were deleted. Many posters had their post deleted, moi, included.

      You make an excellent comparison to the vermin Vanderslut. Yes, most people see Casey clearly for the danger she is as a free woman living in a free society. One day like Vandersloot she will strike again. The sociopath is easily offended and thrives on new blood.


  13. Don’t blame the jury. They sat there for weeks, away from their families listening to the case. They did not take the easy way out, they knew everyone in America wanted a guilty verdict and they would likely be lambasted, but they followed the law, like it or not. Reasonable doubt is a difficult burden to overcome without a weapon, witnesses and/or other physical evidence. Blame the prosecution & law enforcement who were unable to put the proof out there. Blame the folks who should have found the body when there might have still been some evidence left. Blame the grandparents/friends/family who should have reported her missing within days. But don’t blame the jury.



    Casey has done nothing but Lie Lie Lie at all times…..


    IMHO this show that jury pick goes for the dumb and dumber.

    Has her age and pretty looks, white chick play into this. Scott Peterson was convicted.

    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony’s can be proud they helped destroy evidence right after they got a hold of the CAR OF DEATH, IT SMELLED LIKE HUMAN DECOMPOSITION!

    Sorry there was a LOT of EVIDENCE THERE!

    Rest in Peace Caylee, you are in a better world!

    The Defense IS celebrating!!! SICK, a baby is dead, they will make money on her dead body and memory. SICK SOCIETY.


  15. Maybe she can go to work for Jose as a Nanny for his children. But I think she will go on to make tons of money for her story, maybe even acting, she’s certainly had a lot of practice.


    1. KC working as Jose’s nanny would be divine justice in that I’m sure she’d turn into another LOUISE WOODWARD. Google it. She was a nanny prosecuted for shaken baby syndrome who was found guilty& went to live with Barry Schek, as his kid’s nanny, b4 she was deported back to England.


  16. KC & Jose will go on the road with their dog & pony show speaking out on the Death Penalty as Jose did today. However, Jose’s ego will get the best of him, hangin out with GERALDO, & he’ll start believing his own press only to be shot by an angry supporter of JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE. LOL.


  17. Playboy might approach her for a special edition.

    I am disappointed and disgusted by the verdict, as many of my legal colleagues are. I am consoled by the fact that karma works in subtle ways. I haven’t followed OJ’s case. He was found guilty in civil court and ordered to pay a huge amount to the parents of his victims. He never paid up, so the families put liens on his property. A few years ago, I read he was doing time for another criminal charge? Don’t know the status of his sentence and am too lazy to look it up. Two of his criminal defense attorneys, Johnny Cochran and Kadashian, are now deceased.

    I imagine that Casey will get into one trouble after another in the next few years. It may not be as severe as murder or homicide, but wherever she goes in FL, LE will be watching. IF she so much as commits another crime, they will throw the book at her.


  18. Dr Glass…I country is in disorder and now 12 people in this country found Casey Anthony not guilty..I am shamed by our law system..It is another OJ..Cindy, George, Casey, and Lee are all cockroaches!


  19. she will get an apartment with zanny the nanny and go back to work at universal studios… you know, life as usual…


  20. Justice will come, for sure.

    Wonder if things would have been different had Cindy and George not had such credibility issues on the stand?
    Wonder if some looney out there will decide to bring their own “street justice” since the jury dropped the ball?
    Wonder if those jury members REALLY feel they took the time necsssary to go over EVERYTHING before making their decision???

    Can’t help but feel they jus wanted to be done and get home…but rest assured, the guilty will pay one day.

    “Vengeance is mine” sayeth The Lord


  21. She will do something criminal again because she can’t help herself, she’s a sociopath. She must be feeling confident right now, because, once again, she got away with something…just wait for it…


    1. Exactly! Betcha this experience taught her nothing, but EMPOWERED her waaaaay beyond “Casey 3.0” (or whatever the number was…lol)

      Couldn’t agree more. She’s gonna be convinced she’s a rockstar…bulletproof…jus like OJ.


  22. Evening everyone. Evening Dr Glass.

    I don’t have anything to say about the above post. I just wanted to say that I am sickened by the verdict that was handed down today. While in my heart I totally disagree with the verdict, I do understand how they came to it.

    Unfortunately, when law enforcement is faced with a victim that has been reduced to a scattered pile of dry bones, it is impossible, barring a full disclosure from the perp, to prove how that child died. I believe that the states attorneys were for this trial at the very top of their game. They fought hard, tirelessly and to the very best of thier ability to get some justice for Caylee. Linda Drane Burdich is quite possibly the best lawyer I have ever seen and Mr Ashton was as ferocious as a pitbull in his quest for justice. The can hold their heads high knowing that they did the absolute best that they could have.

    Your justice system in the US is almost exactly the same as ours in Canada, other than the death penalty thing. We too are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers. We are all also allowed to be represented by a lawyer and we are to be served to the best of that lawyers ability. While Mr Baez made several misteps, we must remember that he is a fairly green lawyer. I believe he did the best for Casey with what he had to work with. He defended her to the best of his ability as did Chaney Mason and the rest of her team.

    I am heartsick over the verdict that was rendered, I think it was wrong, I think that once the jurors get a look at all the information that they were not able to see due to legal rangling or whatever is going to bring more than one of them to the conclusion that they made a grievous error.

    George and Cindy now must live with the fact that they helped enable a murderess, their own flesh and blood escape the verdict that should have been handed down. They all must live with the fact that their family is shattered, and my guess is that it is irreversibly so. And Casey, well, Casey cares for no one but herself, so this verdict probably had very little impact because in her mind she has always been the victim in all of this.

    My one tiny bit of solace is that I truly do not believe that Casey Anthony will have one moment of peace for the rest of what I am sure will be a very short life.

    I have enjoyed reading all the comments in these blogs and I intend to stick around because I enjoy Dr. Glass’ observations. I hope to see many of you still around in the future.

    Some day there will be justice for caylee.


    1. Very well said. Thank you.

      I do feel there is some odd justice in this. Cindy & George really toyed with the authorities in the first months. They destroyed evidence and played mental games with everyone. They knew much more than they revealed. They really screwed with the case.

      Now, they get her back.


  23. Jeff Ashton is going to retire Friday. I think the prosecution did a great job. The jury just didn’t see it. I guess Casey really did get a jury of her peers.


  24. People dont worry justice is coming. It might take longer then we want but it is gonna happen. Casey is a hated woman who is labeled by many as a baby killer. Now that she will be getting out, I see her as a marked woman. Mark my words someone is gonna get her. Just look at all the nut jobs we have living in our society everyday. People do not take kindly to child killers & someone is gonna take it upon themselves to get her. In the end she will get whats coming to her. As they say, karma is a bitch. 😀


  25. WOW! What more can I add to all of the above? After following this case from day one, like so many others, I still don’t know if I could have handed down a murder-one verdict. There was not conclusive evidence to link Casey directly to the crime ~ I happen to be one who believes that Mr. George Anthony and Mrs Cindy Anthony know a LOT more then they are saying! Maybe, just maybe, someday we’ll have the answers – we can only hope and pray.

    As a civilized society, we ask twelve individuals to serve as jurors on a tragic case, involving a tiny, helpless little girl ~ then, when these twelve individuals return with what they have determined, collectively, that NOT GUILTY is the appropriate verdict ~ we question them, demean and belittle them as unintelligent, etc.. This IMO is wrong! We live in an imperfect world and sometimes have to accept things and move forward.


    1. Well said.

      I was about to say the same, all be it less eloquently and at the same time skewering those in this blog whose bloodlust towards CA should be an embarrassment (advocating she should be murdered herself… please… you’re as bad as what you profess to hate).

      There was no solid evidence nor motive put forth by the prosecution. Depicting CA as a callus party girl is not evidence nor is it motive. There was nothing impeding her from going out and partying. There was ample evidence that doting grandparents Cindy and George would take Caylee any time CA wanted them to. There was not even any evidence of murder. But the prosecution went for Murder One?! The prosecution screwed this up.


    1. And Mason and team celebrated with champagne after the verdict! Really classy! NOT.

      I give kudos to Baez initial press conference when he commended the Prosecution team. They gave it 1000 percent and those who hoped for justice for Caylee know it.

      God bless them and may his Angels keep watch overCaylee, she is in a better place.


  26. When Chaney Mason extended his finger in the resturant after the trial ended while they were having the big celebration, I lost all respect for him and the team. They care not whether this girl was guilty or not it is about wining. So very unprofessional.


  27. I think this speaks to who be expect to be a guilty of a crime. I think a lot more needs to be done to understand sociopathy in general, whether or not Casey Anthony has this. Sociopaths can be very likable and seem to be personable and seem have smooth social relationships. A mother could well come across as loving, as those who knew Casey Anthony testified, especially when the child is small and is an extention of herself and it’s needs (physical being predominent) don’t pose a threat to yourself. The prosecution testified that Caylee was about to start talking and not just about her mother’s relationships but the dysfunction in the relationship between Cindy and Casey and the shallowness of Casey’s image as a happy, young mother presented in pictures. She was growing out of being a passsive baby and the more complex her demands, emotional etc ,that she had on Casey the more she could have presented a different reality and become inconvenient to Casey. The defence said that someone would have noticed if Caylee was abused but I’m sure that doesn’t ring true with the many victims of emotional abuse or who felt unloved but lived in a home where everything appeared fine on the surface.


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