Hide Your Pens, Hide Your Pencils, Hide Your Water Bottles When Casey Anthony Hears Her Fate

Watching Casey Anthony listen to Linda Drane  Burdick’s final argument was unnerving.  She barely  moved and only wore expressions of hate and anger. She never deviated from this facial expression. Even Ms. Simms noticed her aberrant behavior and tried to tell her to show some emotion when it came to Caylee. Casey did not budge. Whenever Caylee’s name was  mentioned , she showed she showed no reaction.

A week ago when Casey had her meltdown towards Jose Baez. I suggested that they get a Marshall positioned in back of her at all times. Thankfully this was done.Now I am  suggesting a Marshall to the right and left of her as well. he

I am not  joking around. The facial behavior I saw today is indicative  of someone who is ready to strike. It is called “The Suspended State” when  someone is in  constant rage position for a long period of time and finally lashes out.

Casey is so full of rage towards others and such a blamer I am afraid she will blame Jose, her parents, Ashton, Burdick, the Judge, Lee and the jury  lash out  physically. If she gets the Death Penalty, she will feel she has nothing to loose. So anyone in her way is fair game. I think that as soon as the verdict is read she needs to be swept away as quickly as possible for other’s safety.

There must be no pens, pencils, paper clips, or even computers around her. She needs to have a clean area. She may also scream and shout obscenities so they need to be prepared to muzzle her as she can bite as well. Perhaps they may want to or prepare a Hannibal Lechter type hocky guard mask in case she begins to spit or bite.

I hope that Cindy or George do not plea for her life. If they  do it means that Caylee was used  as an object to make money and that her memory is not respected. I do hope Casey pleads for her life and apologizes to her parents and also tells who is Caylee’s  father. www.drlillianglass.com


55 thoughts on “Hide Your Pens, Hide Your Pencils, Hide Your Water Bottles When Casey Anthony Hears Her Fate

    1. they certainly can, and i am so sorry to say this but will save the tax payers in the state of florida a lot of money…


    2. I wouldn’t be too worried if I was way over at the prosecution table if/when she is convicted. She’s so small I doubt she could scramble over the defense table, she certainly couldn’t get around it lickety split as all the lawyers will be somewhat blocking her way. And if she stabs Jose with a pen or pencil, well . . . he had it coming. If I were Ms. Sims, I would switch seats and request Mr. Mason to sit on the other side of Casey. I rather hope she totally “loses it” in front of the jury so that they can see what a monster they have rid society of. I am sure that her demeanor is not lost on the judge or his staff and security will definitely be increased commensurately when the verdict is read.


  1. OOOHHH YES, the wide eyed look has now gone into a demeaning squint of hate. Something is definately going to blow, The excuses during this trial was horrible. If the child drown, why tape her mouth. shes already dead……that Baez should leave the state, his day in the sun and this circus IS OVER…


  2. all of this trial time, tax monies, jurors’ time, media time…if only…george was in a 50/50 speaking & deciding household & spoke up at his earliest ‘truth-awakening’ & for that matter why didn’t he demand the family to be a 50/50?;…if only…sindy would WANT to see the murderer, whoever this might be, put on death row for murdering HER beloved granddaughter; her lying to LE & under oath MUST be punished –
    sindy could have made such a difference early on with the stolen checks & her mom’s tolen transferred monies & so who knows how many years back that SINDY could have shown that every action has a consequence; afterall, this is how you get the ‘third eye’ that governs your decisions with morals & ethics & logic –


  3. I missed all the proceedings today but just watched the “Casey Cam” during Linda’s closing. If looks could kill, Linda would have been dead also. I saw Sims looking for a reaction and nothing. Then if you watch, you can see a bump to Casey – one of the attorneys bumped her under the table.
    I would like to know what it was Casey was saying. I saw “shut up” and “not true” but there was another just before Baez objected that was very angry and I would be interested what that comment was.


  4. Dr Glass, thank you for having this open forum; I agree that when verdict is read that the LE behind her best be ready –


  5. Dr. Glass, I don’t always agree, but I think you’re right on re Casey’s anger and hatred towards LDB. Seems to me that she has total disdain for all women, whereas she “relates” to men in a dysfunctional, sexual way. No doubt it burned her to have to pretend to be “consoled” for her fake tears/tears for herself by a woman instead of JB or Mason during her trial. Watching Casey, I couldn’t escape the feeling that she feels that she totally “sacrificed” herself for almost three years taking care of Caylee, and how dare the world not see and recognize her for that tremendous sacrifice. I agree she blames her daughter (plus everyone else) for her current situation. Jose will join that list soon.
    How sad for Caylee. She would have felt Casey’s ambivalence (at best) or jealousy/hatred more likely and been so confused, not being anywhere near old enough to have any understanding why. To add to her confusion no doubt Casey pretended to be a good mom in public, but Casey would only know that sometimes she experienced mom as loving and fun, while at other times cold and mean.


    1. Phouston, lots of kids experience this ambivalance from parents. Especially when parents are on alcohol and drugs. When Mommy or Daddy gets that first relief from drinking or drugging, parents maybe loving, and fun but when they badly need that drink or dose, look out baby! Speaking from experience.


  6. OMG, you are so correct! I hope to goodness your advice is taken because there is so much pent up rage inside her and she is capable of what you say.

    Her look just scared the living daylights out of me today. LDB was brilliant and Casey was full of hate and rage, just as you say, it was there for the world to see!

    There is no doubt in my mind that Casey is a dangerous female who given an opportunity would kill again. She needs to be locked up for till the end of her days.


  7. When I saw her fury on either last Friday or Saturday, (and I am not sure to whom it was directed) I commented to a friend, “This is NOTHING compared to what she will do when she hears she is not being acquitted.”

    It is evident even to me, not a professional body reader, that she is pent up and all that Miss Nice will go out the window in a flash. Jean Casarez reported today that she saw a ‘tender’ moment between Casey and Jose (not shown on camera) where he was down at eye level with her saying something intense and she reached out and caressed his cheek. A most peculiar move, in my book. I think she is about to go around the bend, and these are signals that she is about to snap, what do you think?


    1. Sandy I too heard Jean Casarez’s report re KC’s inappropriate face touching with Baez….so typical of her manipulative behavior with men. Whereas the angry face she flashed last week, at Linda Drane Burdick, was probably the same angry face Caylee saw b/4 being chloroformed.


  8. LOL, Dr. Glass, I read “hide your pen*is,” at first.

    However, it may not be a bad idea for the men standing around Casey (to protect their pen*s) when the verdict is read. It is not hard to imagine Casey going dangerously wild as you portrayed.

    Did anyone else notice how Baez rarely referred to Caylee by name, it seemed to me, he almost held Caylee as a lesser creature, almost a Casey attitude? That was my observation.

    Perhaps the way Baez referenced Caylee jumped out at me was because others like the prosecution and George spoke of Caylee with such affection. TY prosecution for giving a voice to millions around the world on Caylee’s behalf.


  9. And btw Lillian, do you not think the defense team monitors posts on the internet? Dont you think she will be informed not to throw things if the jury decides to convict her of 1st degree murder? I really cant believe more “shrinks” can’t see Casey for being mentally ill.. I think after this is over,somes reps will be put into question.


    1. hey era…
      i think kc is a sociopath… not really mentally ill… she knows her lies are lies… she knows its wrong to steal… she knows it wrong to murder.. she just dosn’t fear consequences.. and doesn’t care about her victims..

      read the “sociopath next door” very interesting reading
      also there is a book on “eraser” killers which i think you would find interesting but i can’t think of the name right now.. it fits kc to a tee…


  10. Afraid I disagree with Casey acting out upon the verdict. I can’t see her doing anything except tearing up and standing stoic and stonefaced. She wouldn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction that they have ‘hurt’ her. She might have the evil stare, but she will NOT act out.


  11. The rage has to be released. Unless she is medicated, it will come out…she has
    ALOT of pent up rage…to the point that she could be dangerous. Hopefully the guard has some sort of spray he can use if neccessary.

    (I think Linda would knock the krap out of her!!)


  12. Dr Glass in the jail house tape where Cindy is telling Casey that the media is saying that Caylee drowned in the family pool and Casey says “surprise, surprise” Casey tone of voice and facial expression gives something away … Do you know which tape I am referring to? Have you seen it?


  13. Hello, Dr. Glass. I was hoping you would post this holiday weekend, even though another part of me knows that it is healthy for bloggers and blog readers alike to enjoy the holiday, too.

    This is my first time posting here, and I will say that I think your predictions for a volcanic eruption are eerily correct.

    Also, in general, I want to say that I admire you on two fronts. First, I admire your professional expertise. Second, I really admire your response(s) to respondents of this blog. Although I am in my 40’s, one of my weakest personality traits is my response to criticism. In the future, I will remember how you kept your composure last week, neither spinelessly back pedaling, nor defiantly lashing out, nor resorting to self-flagellation (<– the thing I tend to do.)

    Although I don't want to rely on "corny" ideology, this was truly a time when I felt the bonds of sisterhood with another woman. You are a class act, and you have made a positive impression on me PARTICULARLY during the brouhaha a few days ago regarding CH/RC.

    The manners, expectations, and etiquette that surround blogs are obviously still evolving, and you have done a lot to set the tone for civility on the 'net. Thank you. 🙂


  14. Dr. Glass, you are correct, although it would be a waste of time and taxpayers money, at the least I just want them to find her guilty. If she gets the death penalty, so be it. Cindy has been the most disrespectful to Caylee’s memory. Then there’s Lee, and even George to a point. They should all just want justice for Caylee. I firmly believe that Cindy knew the truth all along. They just denied it hoping that it would all go away, and that Casey would not have to pay.


    1. They ALL knew the truth & what pisses me off to no end is they kept on with this Zanny the nanny charade & drug through the mud a innocent woman whose life has been a living hell because of all of this. Not one of them has the decency to apologize to this woman. Yet some go on & on oh poor George & Cindy. Give me a break. I dont have any sympathy for any one of them. If they all got locked up, I’d LMAO cause that’s what they deserve.


      1. this comment really opened my eyes… the a’s haven’t apologized to anyone kc or them has destroyed.. i can remember on of the talking heads talking with ga and ca about how these college aged kids and others getting into this aweful mess and how it will affect them the rest of thier lives.. they blew it off … it trully has been poor them… feel sorry for me… which is one of the techiques of the sociopath..
        thanks angela


  15. I agree hannibel Lecture Is correct casey lecture van Der Slooth Manson. I noticed she was shooting daggers with her looks. I pray the jury givers her the DP too. it is the only way to punish a sociopath. Thanks for this article I enjoy reading them.



  16. Dr Glass, Please lets do not forget that Jose Baez was so rude..every time Linda was on a roll..he would stand up and say something..he must of done it 10 times..it was so rude of him..He really took and perfect ending and tried his hardest to rip her down..


  17. Dr. Glass, I saw Casey shake her head “no” several times when she disagreed with something she didn’t like in court. She also mouthed a few comments under her breath, especially in reference to her parents. Why do you think the judge did not have her removed, or am I being too harsh?


  18. Ehhhhhh . . . she’ll burst into tears and feel very, very sorry for herself. She’ll feel surges of absolute hatred toward the little snotface who got her into this mess. She’ll wish she could claw out her father and mother’s eyes for not getting her out of this. She’ll begin to plan the sexual harassment/assault case against Baez and/or Mason. Maybe she’ll pretend to pass out or have a seizure.

    In two or three days, she’ll be making googly eyes at some prison guard and planning how to get pregnant. In her spare time she’ll be working hard on her appeal(s).

    She’ll alternately vow to NEVER speak to her rat bastard parents again, while observing carefully for any way she can exploit them. She’ll spend a lot of time (if she hasn’t already) deciding that all the friends and lovers she had in the past were really conspiring to bring her, the Great Casey Anthony, who everyone envies, and therefore sought to bring down.

    She’ll have it all squared away in a couple of weeks. She will have convinced herself that it is her specialness and superiority, and the envy of others, that conspired to martyr her. She’ll compare herself to historical martyrs like Galileo and get a lot of satisfaction from that. These fantasies will be as compelling as horse piss is to a dog, and she’ll roll around in them without cease until she is strapped to the gurney or murdered in prison or dies of old age.

    She has a lot to look forward too. Charlie Manson has never suffered for lack of attention. Her sociopathy and narcissism will prevent her from realizing we are fascinated with her like we are fascinated by gore and train wrecks. It will feed her special superiority. Casey Anthony won’t need to start stabbing people with Aquafina bottles, she’s famous as Britney Spears. Her fate? To be famous (infamous is a distinction sociopaths don’t make). People like Casey are a lot like cockroaches. They are “at home” in a ghetto hotel “kitchen” or Martha Stewart’s kitchen. They survive on filth and crumbs. I seriously doubt Casey Anthony will suffer, that she is capable of suffering, because that would mean she has a conscience to suffer WITH.

    So while it would be PRUDENT to hide sharp objects, I don’t see her using household items as weapons when the verdict is read.


    1. I think you have it right there, you have portrayed Casey Marie Anthony in her entirety, I could not have said it better myself!!


      1. Turns out the people we need to hide the pens and pencils from are the general public after this verdict.


  19. I noticed Ms. Simms looking at her she was surprised that Casey was not crying or showing any emotion at that time. IMHO Ms. Simms knows what she is by the way she looked at her. Was she questioning or loathing Inmate CA? No words were said but the look read to me “this is what you get for killing your child, why are you not affected?” I thought she even nudged her at one point. I viewed Casey’s stare as one the worst of all the self-centered histrionics of trial.

    Casey will be studied like Charles Manson, Bundy, Zodiak, Ice Man(hit man killer) due to the lies. Casey actually thinks that her lawyers believe she is innocent. One day she will hear the truth. They signed up for the trial of the century due to the media attention and the 31 days. And the gall of her someone had to have big balls to take this on. The lies, the content of the lies was an insult to one’s intelligence what a challenge for any attorney who wants their name to be known. Baez loves the cameras he struts down the street and cannot stop smiling he is loving all the attention just like Casey. Does not matter if it is good or bad. After watching this trial I would never date a lawyer.


  20. She looks like a spitting cobra to me, but I would be surprised if she caused anyone serious bodily harm in the courtroom. I think her style of acting out is more insidious. I’m sure she’ll have a few choice words, then she’ll be back to plotting. I expect Baez to be accused of sleeping with her, among other things.


  21. kc is only violent in private jmo… she is not going to go off in court.. she will only pick on the weak and down trodden.. at heart kc is like most bullies.. she will only harm those weaker than her..

    when this is over kc is going to point the blame at her attnys… she will say they were sexually inappropriate with her.. (like she did her father and her brother) she will say jb told lies in court…(who’s going to believe her… she will leave wreakage in thier lives like she has done with all of her other “friends”


  22. I know its fun to think she will have an outrageous reaction but I dont think shes that stupid. Shes already planning on filing motion after motion, mistrials, and whatever else her team thinks up to delay punishment, and knows that an outburst would hamper that!


  23. Dear Dr. Glass,

    To comment on your blog post regarding a possible outburst from Casey should she be found guilty: I do not think there will be any extreme outburst coming from Casey. I am sure she will be warned by her attorneys to maintain control. Yes, she will probably sob, and she will probably give a look of anger that could melt steel.
    All I hope for is Truth. The real Truth. The real justice based on real truth. That is the part that is so troubling. I think many people close to Casey know the truth of Caylee’s death. And, it starts with her family.



    Most intelligent people are NOT allowed to be chosen for jury duty.


  25. They are gloating, Casey & Baez. Mason and Sims looks more uncomfortable.

    Now we have to see the narcissistic crazy two on the networks.

    I’m DONE, DONE believing in the Justice system. OJ, Crazy Casey! jmho.

    Will Mummy non-dearest move back in with Sindy and George?

    No doubt all the sick guys who love abuse will come out for Casey.

    I guess it’s ok to know your baby is missing and sex it up, drink it up, partying it up in this New World Order! JUST SICKENING AND SAD.

    Who cares that the jurors say, they are incapable of reason, the dumbing down of America.

    Rest in peace Caylee, your in a better world.


  26. Sindy and George can be happy they helped clear away evidence. They immediately cleaned the car, they washed the clothes in the STINKING CAR OF DEATH! Sindy gave the FBI the wrong hairbrush, not Caylee’s but Casey.

    With the help of her parents, she got away with it.

    Casey LIED all the way thru the investigation! JMO


  27. The prosecution did not present ANY direct evidence supporting who/what/when/where and the circumstantial evidence was grossly insufficient for a conviction, plain and simple. Judge Perry probably wanted to dismiss the case ahead of jury deliberations but I’m guessing he was too afraid of a modern day lynching. I am very glad that the jury did it’s job. The American justice system worked in Florida today.


    1. Finally someone with some sense! This is exactly how the American legal system was designed to work. There wasn’t enough evidence to *prove* she was guilty, and even though she probably was, you can’t convict somebody on a hunch.


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