Should Casey Be Forced Look At Caylee’s Skull and Bones and Hair Which She Has Avoided and Should Her Parents Be Held Accountable For Lying On The Stand?

Body language wise whenever Caylee’s skull or bones were discussed, Casey could not bear to look at them. She turned her head to the side and looked down. She was frequently seen  placing her knuckles up to her mouth and pressing as a means of self comforting.

As part of her punishment, do yu think  Casey needs to be forced to look at those  bones and skull and hair? Should she be forced to see what she left behind and  look at all that was  left of Caylee


If she closes her eyes,  the prison authorities  need to use a similar contraption seen above that was used in the classic  film Clockwork Orange. so Casey would be forced to see exactly what she did to the beautiful little girl who meant no harm to anyone?

Should the  images be used to wallpaper her prison cell or would she even care?  Did is she just do this for the sake of the jury?

If Cindy or George plead for mercy  or a  lesser sentence for Casey,  or if they do a song and dance and tell us how good she was as a child and how terrific a person she was, should they be placed in the same Clockwork Orange like contraption to finally allow them to open their eyes wide enough to finally see the truth about  their daughter?

Of course I am being sarcastic here. My observation is that Casey and her parents have had thwir eyes closed for way too long.


In all seriousness,  do hope the Prosecution team files something with the judge so that George and Cindy will be punished for lying on the stand. If the judge can punish a mentally defective woman for blurting something out and a 28 year old man who shot Jeff Ashton the bird, with jail time, he must do the same for George and Cindy. They did something worse. They lied on the stand. They need to be charged with Contempt of Court and be sentenced to jail.

And please don’t email me with words which say they have suffered enough losing a granddaughter and a daughter. After what we saw and heard from them on the stand, they are a good part of the reason that Casey is in the predicament she is in. Cindy over controlled Casey by insisting she keep a baby she never wanted and insisting  she become a good mother, when Casey  could never be a mother let alone a good one.  George under controlled Casey by setting no limits and no boundaries. They both need to be held accountable for their actions like everyone else.


36 thoughts on “Should Casey Be Forced Look At Caylee’s Skull and Bones and Hair Which She Has Avoided and Should Her Parents Be Held Accountable For Lying On The Stand?

  1. What?? Do you really think that would bother her?? Umm, she could care less, she probably would even enjoy looking at her handiwork over and over again, she just turned her head for the jurors and sympathy from anyone looking her way…geeesh!


    1. Just like Joan benei no justice.

      Joan Benei was also dut tape.

      There was a damage to the neck area .

      Research on Anthony computer for neck breaking.

      Joan coverd with her blanket.

      Calylee burried with blanket.

      Duct tape on childs mouth usually used in santanic worship link.

      Anthonys pets dieing and they where put in blankets and black back gathering the kids around for ceremony .

      Grand child ends up in black trash bag duct tape.

      Cayce said she was wake up and Dad and Brother was molesting her and mother would do nothing about it.

      Was Cayce also being used as a sex object in a family ritual.

      Cayce has a deomonic look to her and so does her family members.

      Cindy actually smiled and laughed when they set her free giving caylee justice.

      George was not angry Caylee got no justice he just looks demonic out the eyes.

      People in home said they where the most cold, evil people they ever met.

      Satanist have been known to carry bibles and pray deceiving others.

      This family is very diabolical and the eyes show it.

      These people are untouched with the eyes of the law.

      That’s usually a sign of santianist as well.

      JOan Benei and Caley anthony where both sacrificed at the hands of demonic personalities.


  2. Totally agree, Dr. Glass, about the Anthony’s. They failed their little girl and made her the monster she was. Over indulgence of a child is a big mistake. Why this girl was allowed to freeload for so long is beyond me. Didn’t pay any bills, had no credit, established nothing in her name, no health insurance, no job, etc. What? My daughter is the same age as Casey, started working in high school, and has worked ever since. She bought her first new car on her own credit last fall. She has a job, and pays her own way. Casey is a sociopath, and while Cindy and George are partly to blame, I think a lot of it is just her being what they call, “A Bad Seed”…every family has a black sheep, but not every family has “A Bad Seed”…Casey is that. She is evil. One only has to look at her face and see the evil and viciousness behind her eyes. She is pure evil. She actually scares me. Both Anthony parents should be charged with perjury.


  3. I agree with you on George & Cindy. They should be held accountable for lying on the stand. They disrespected the court by lying & Cindy continually obstructed justice during this 3 year ordeal. I’m not sure if it would really bother Casey to see Caylee’s remains. God only knows what goes on in her mind!


  4. Having grown up with a mother like Cindy, I can assure you, her lying on the stand has nothing do with protecting her daughter. She was protecting her OWN reputation. She cannot stand that she is perceived as a bad mother for raising a killer.


  5. Dr.Glass

    Casey has seen those photos well before trial.It is an attorneys due diligence and Caseys right to see the evidence stacked against her.Although she more than likely viewed the photos with no other intrest than flipping through a Readers Digest in a Doctors office, view them she did. The knuckle biting, neck aversion and tears were all for the jury.

    The Anthonys biggist lies I agree were on the stand, because Cindy especially could have changed the outcome of this trial, at least for premeditation.But I do highly doubt they or she will be prosecuted for purgery.The state may find use for them in the future if an appeal or new trial comes down the pike.Therefore, they cannot use convicted witnesses.


  6. The really unfortunate part of this whole deal is the time and expense spent to search for this child when they (the family) all knew the truth from the get go. How many other children could have been found during this time. Yes, Cndy should be charged with contempt otherwise we may as well fold up our government and call it a day. Mother or no mother, victim herself or no victim, what she did was as wromg as wrong is. This opens the door for all victims to lie. SOMEONE IN THAT FAMILY NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE if not all of them. If you don’t want to put her in jail for contemp, then keep the possibility to make any money (books, movies) from this fiasco impossible.


  7. Dr Glass, I find this funny, I have been following this case since Day 1, when Caylee went missing, I’ve been faithfull to another page, I have said the same thing, only I would have to add the music You are my sunshine to the background 23/7 she should have to listen to her sweet baby sing those word’s over and over again. I say 23/7 cause i’m sure she get’s an hour to go outside, something her baby will never get to do.



  8. Sadly I doubt they will be charged. They all should be charged for lying on the stand & quite frankly I think it’s a bunch of BS that they will get pity cause of all there going through. That is wrong. By them not getting punished for purgery they are telling them as long as your a family member trying to save another, it’s ok to lie on the stand. This whole family makes me sick.


  9. Having watched and bloged about this case from the day one, I was amazed at how Casey didn’t break and fall apart after a few months in jail. I/we all blamed it on Baez and how he was encouraging her to stand fast with her lies. I, along with the rest of us who thought that were wrong as she continued on. After three years I see a young girl who may be the most unique female in the world, one who has absolutely zero emotion about anything, her brain is void of that chemical.

    I see her sitting there and I am sure she feels that she will be sitting on the beach next week as that is the most current lie she has fabricated for herself. It will not be until the verdict is read that she will either collapse on the floor or puke all over Baez’s laptop computer. It is only then that she will realize her fate and show emotion as it is about her.


  10. I mentioned this in a previous post that I too think Casey’s cell needs a photo of Caylee’s remains plastered on the walls. This should be for all prisoners that kill. BUT I think it is an act Casey puts on.

    On another note with the closing Cindy did not cry when the 911 tape was played this time.


  11. with all due respect Dr.Glass,she doesn’t look when the jury is present?? She studies the pix when they’re out?


  12. bignosycat.ITA and add to that a speaker built in to her wall so she can hear Caylee sing “please don’t take my sunshine away” every single second for the rest of her “beautiful life”


  13. dr glass i believe it wouldn’t affect kc one way or another to see a pic of caylee’s remains… what kc does is an act for the jury… shes doing what lizzy borden did when back in the day when they showed the skulls of her murder father and stepmother in court… acting… the talking heads say kc is one way when the jury is in the room and another when they are out…

    i think the ca should be charged with perjury… she knows she lied.. and for so did jose biaz… i think he knew the new “story ” he told in opening was a lie too… ca will play the poor me card… i’ve been so upset i don’t know what i could have said…. i think ca has a personality disorder also… she is just more evolved with it…

    love reading your thoughts dr glass..


  14. pity party over and I agree Dr.Glass,none of them have suffered the way the only real victim did and I pray Cindy and George and even Lee faces perjury charges,My husband was murdered and it’s been 8 yrs now and the pain doesn’t go way but it does not linger raw as Cindy wants us to believe,she’s satan’s mother for God’s sake! 2 peas in a pod! make an example of them or you’ll have more Cindys to come….there have been plenty of people in the same situation who were punished for it but their case wasn’t so well known…all the more reason,stop it now and throw them all in jail i say?? they never once protected Caylee before or after the fact! jmo


  15. one more thing,I doubt a skull would get to a Mother that hauled her childs decomposing dead body in the damn car! Or Grandparents who blamed pizza but ordered and ate pizza at every turn afterwards? not to mention kc drove the car around with Caylee’s mama doll in her carseat and kept the trash and threw her baby daughter away! These people are void of emotion or compassion for anything whatsoever,JMHO


  16. I agree that Cindy Anthony should be charged with perjury. She is the ONE who did all the covering up, cleaning evidence, and trying to help hinder the investigation. She has not told one truth. She is as cold and heartless as her spawn of satan daughter. IF they do not charge Cindy with perjury, the next big murder trial will use her perjury as a precedent for others to get away with lying on the stand. I have not one iota of sympathy for any of the Anthony’s. You reap what you sow.


  17. I think you need to get your objectivity about this case back. I know my comment will be deleted – as so many have been – but perhaps you can take a step back and really think about this professionally?

    Yes, this is the murder of a child. Unfortunately, in this country, murdering your child happens every day through various forms of physical child abuse and neglect.

    While this is horrible, and we should all vigourously work against such circumstances, this is now up to a JURY to make the decision. That is how the United States works! We just celebrated our independence – and a large reason why our forefathers and foremothers fought for it was due to the unfair trial and imprisonment practices at the time of England.

    It is up to the State of Florida to decide if they will press charges against George and Cindy. Are you angry because the legal talking heads have said repeatedly that lying on the stand is not uncommon in these types of trials and that prosecution of them is highly unlikely? Why not just let this go? It’s up to the State – not bloggers – to decide of the Anthony parents will be “held accountable.”

    You have already vilified them in dozens of blog entries, one of which was accusing George of child molestation which you LATER DELETED!

    I think everyone’s emotions are running high, but really Dr. Glass, the last few blog entries have gotten a bit crazy, and wiping off about 50 comments in another post – do you think no one hasn’t noticed?

    Like I said this will be wiped too – and perhaps I’ll be banned – but this has gone beyond silly.


  18. I believe she should be forced to watch the photos. I am sure there are other methods others than a la orangeclock but well, being this the great USA I doubt they will happen to her.
    Regardless of my feelings, I don’t believe the State of Florida wants to spend more money presecuting Cindy and George for perjury I believe they will if Casey walks free, and her eyes being forced open to see what happen to the little girl are more a reality than her walking free to me.


  19. It’s not that Casey can’t look at Caylee’s bones, it’s that she THINKS it will make her look “better” or more “sympathetic in the eyes of the jury. That’s why she does the bowed head maneuver.No other reason.

    I want to point out one thing about Casey growing a third head and exhibiting rage last week~People, she was NOT ranting about Baez, not at all. In other instances where she had momentary bouts of freakdom, guess who was nearby? Linda Drane Burdick. Yes, Casey isquite jealous and everytime her green monster comes out, look around. The prosecutor is always nearby. Not to mention sometimes she and Baez appear to be confabulating and it just enrages her.


  20. Sometimes this site cuts off and my full comment doesn’t get out.
    If you refer back to that heinous full fledged temper tantrum, (watch it on video) Linda Drane Burdick is passing by Baez and Casey is boring into her with flinty, steely eyes. If you haven’t noticed it before, watch any video where LDB is at the defense table and you most definitely see Casey snarling and glaring at HER.


  21. I watched Casey’s face during the pros rebuttal, and I honestly thought at any minute, she could blow. It built up to the point, at the end, she was mouthing comments. I honestly believe, when the jury results are given, if she is found guilty, she will be hard to control. Since her parents are not close enough to her, look out Baez, he fed her this crap for 3 yrs, when anyone else would have told her to try for a plea. I wonder how many former members of the defense team may have told her that.


  22. It was reported on TV sometime ago, that Casey saw all those photos before in Jose’s office. It was all an ACT everytime those photos were shown, how oh she could not bare to look at them.

    I don’t care about how Casey feels. She feels NOTHING. If they do not give her death, I hope she rots in jail for the rest of her murdering. lying, thieving life. She is a waste of life, will never be a contributing member of society, and she’s a baby killer. She does not deserve a second chance. Caylee did not get a second chance.


  23. I CANNOT wait for this all to be over. So much time dedicated to one case, and yes I do want justice for Caylee, but in the meantime, so many other children go missing and are murdered every day in this country, and not one of them has had one percent of mentioning due to this case be the only thing be covered this entire time.

    I’m so sick of the Scamthonys, they also need to be charged with obstruction and perjury. They cannot play the victim card, which they feel entitles them to do anything they want without any consequences.

    The apple does not fall far from the wreath in that family.


  24. No flag for kc on the 4th this yr? Ohhh Thats right? Caylee wears it this yr! Caylee’s spirit is finally free and resting in heaven in peace and kc’s freedom is long gone! THANK GOD!
    Now if they’ll finish the puzzle and get the 2 other pieces of trash who claim to be Grandparents! jmo


  25. It bothers ME (and the rest of us) to look at the pitiful remains of Caylee Marie because we have consciences and a conventional sense of empathy, regret, and horror in general.

    It won’t have the same effect on Casey. Nothing we can do TO Casey, even by giving her the needle (a moot point now) will impress upon her what we want to impress. It’s like trying to get a raccoon to feel guilty about the killing spree in the chicken house. Wrong worldview, wrong species of “human” life.


  26. Susan,ITA That they knew,And how I know that is I was there from day one just like most of you were and when the Lady came up to grab the Anthony trash
    (not kc? different trash) with all the cards people sent for Caylee in it? I knew then. I am a grandma of 2 and I can honestly say I’d wallpaper their bedroom with those cards so when they did come home they’d know how much they were wanted ,missed and loved by everyone everywhere!


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