Jose Baez’ Body Language Passionate As He Fights For Casey And Tells HerTo Stop Reacting During Ashton’s Final Argument


As Casey sees the video Jeff Ashton first presents of her playing with Caylee, we notice Casey’s half smile with one side of her lips presenting a happy upward coursing smile as she recalls the happy time when SHE was free, Thne in the other side of her mouth we see a a frown with he lips coursing downward as she thinks of how  Caylee landed her  in her present situation where she is NOT free.

As soon as Jeff Ashton began to speak his final arguments and give a full  account of what Casey did to Caylee, she got angry as we can see above. We can see her anger as she  pouts her  lower lip

Casey then begins to vigorous shake her head NO and an mouth the words  Its Not True, She is getting angrier by the second as you can see by the tension in her forehead.It is then that Jose Baez hand her a note that  must  have told her to stop it and gain control over herself. One of the things which was hilarious to me was when Casey kept shaking her head NO as Ashton was talking and he said Casey is very intelligent. She suddenly  stopped shaking her head to listen to his complimentary statement about herself  as he was referring to all of the intricate lies and manipulations she made up.

But Casey could not  control herself. She started with the waterworks. This time they were real becuase they were ALL about HER and what SHE did. There were no tears for Caylee.

Casey can’t look at the skill here. I think as part of her punishment she needs to look at the skill and bones and hair each day.

Baez did a fabulous job considering what he had to work with.  He spun his tale in hopes that one of the jurors would believe him. It was a tale. It really paled in comparison to the truth and  Ashton’s statement.Nevertheless Baez did his best to represent and fight on behalf of his guilty client. I have no doubt that  Casey lied to Baez about Zanny early on. I have no doubt he believed her. But as the truth unfurled he was up to his neck in lies .  As he got caught up in the lies , the drowning was one of the most ridiculous lies he set forth.

Ashton had enough of the ridiculous lies set forth by Baez, so much so that he began to laugh at Jose. Jose in turn,  was infuriated and called him Laughing Man.

Jose then let loose.He pointed at Ashton and finally l out his rage. There is no love  between he and Ashton and they will never see eye to eye about anything.

Casey looked serious and also  hurt  everytme he spoke about her. She teared up ONLY for herself. when she was listening to Baez speak.


14 thoughts on “Jose Baez’ Body Language Passionate As He Fights For Casey And Tells HerTo Stop Reacting During Ashton’s Final Argument

  1. I believe you are 100% right here.. Dr. Glass have you seen any of the video where Casey is stroking the face of Baez at the end of court today when the jury was sent out to start the deliberations??? I am looking for a link to it and if i find it i will come back and post it here.. I know Jean was talking about it on HLN but they did not show it at that time.. i would really love your thoughts on that, i will go try to find it.. This article is spot on tho. This is one very sick, evil girl, the looks she gives can be so scary, i shudder to think about what Caylee had to see and go through.. Very very sad
    R.I.P Caylee Marie Anthony.


    1. I’ve had the same stomach turning fears about what Caylee saw in her mother’s face. I am increasingly upset that Cindy & George ‘let her get away with murder’ all those years. Now I hear the Eqqusearch man tell Nancy Grace that george spoke to her as if she knew where the body was!!! Why did they pretend to us, the public, that they thought she was alive? What a weird, weird lie!


  2. I heard on HLN that Jose bended down on one knee by Casey and she stroked his face. It has always been apparent that there was more to these 2 relationship. However with that said, LDB did her thing today and not only kick it through for a touchdown but knocked it out of the park. What a team, LDB, JA and GA, way to go Pros!


    1. Yes I believe Casey &Baez have a thing goin on!

      Baez is a joke, I love Ashton and Linda they love Caylee!
      Awesome job they did for her!!!


      1. Well, it was reported that the prison officials had to tell Baez that he could not fondle Casey as he was doing while in her cell alone. Wow, and where is his wedding ring? Hmmmm. Casey doesnt need to come to Texas, NOBODY wants her here, and I give it a few weeks until she pisses someone off and she will be HISTORY IN TX


  3. Dr Glass, thank you for taking time from your holiday to post for us. I don’t always agree with you, but always read with interest and fascination. Re. Jeff Ashton laughing: at least he tried to hide his laughter with his hand and not flaunt it. He didn’t mean to laugh vindictively; he just couldn’t believe what Bozo was saying.

    JA was wrong to violate the Judge’s order not to show expressions during Bozo’s closing argument. But once JA laughed, Bozo was unprofessional for letting his rage loose in open court. An experienced attorney would have ignored JA and continued with the closing argument. Afterwards, Bozo could have sought video to show the Judge and get sanctions against JA. Bozo is a younger, inexperienced attorney. He will do better in five years, assuming he remains an attorney.

    I saw the HLN commentators discussing Casey stroking Bozo’s face tenderly while he was on bended knee. If true, this is highly unprofessional interaction between attorney and client. I have never let a client get that physically close to me or touch me in that way, much less in open court for everyone to see. There are reports of him hugging her under an umbrella, which was more than a simple hug. I have no proof, but suspect that these two had a non-platonic relationship when Casey bonded out for nine days and spent eight hours a day at Bozo’s office. If true, she can file a complaint with the FL Bar against Bozo for unethical conduct with a client. An attorney is not supposed to have sexual relations with his own client.


    1. I posted about Jean Casarez’s comment in the blog entry made about Casey’s expected rage up above… I think this ‘tender’ moment is bizarre and signals a forthcoming snap… it’s JMHO, for what it’s worth, but all her rage and then this ‘soft’ action is creepy and I don’t trust her one bit. I really do think she has a “Hannibal Lectur” type of canniness and is exceptionally dangerous – it’s just that no one has really seen that part of her – YET.


  4. I do not agree with Mr Ashton laughing in court and I do not care what reason he had, also while I simphatised with Mr Baez, he shoulda know better than to call him laughing guy, Judge Perry is the only hero in this court, like him I assumed all were professionals but up to this point tjhey need to prove themselves in the court and they need to act accordingly.


  5. I was grudgingly impressed with Baez’s closing statement. It was pure poppycock but it was delivered and organized very well.

    Yep, considering what they had to work with, Baez (and Mason) pulled off something impressive. They did some serious alchemy, though the result was gilded poo, at least it was shiny LOLz 🙂

    I’m so deeply biased toward the state that when I watched Ashton trying to squeeze the grin off of his face, I busted out laughing. Every time I see that picture or video clip, I still laugh with complete delight. Ashton blew it and deserves a sanction. He could have stabbed himself or thought of his mother in law, his obligation to the court and the jury in this death penalty trial was to maintain utmost professionalism and he did not do this.

    And poor Baez has about as much control over himself as a Jack Russel Terrier when someone throws a ball.


  6. Did anyone notice how Baez got on his knee and looked into Casey eyes and she stroked his face? I don’t care what they say their relationship is more then attorney/client. I bet if u ask his wife she will tell you how Baez has changed. They looked at each other as if they were lovers


  7. Marcus Tullius Cicero couldn’t have prosecuted this case more brilliantly. The
    Defense Team appears to have neglected to do their homework which is
    surprising if one looks at the combined experience of the seasoned lawyers
    supporting Mr Baez. At times one would think they were indifferent to his
    lack of skill. Calling one’s client a slut is counterproductive especially
    when one’s opponent has not descended ti gutter language. Throwing the
    ” f ” word about even in this permissive era can’t go unnoticed by the jury.
    Mr Mason should give serious thought to acquiring a speech therapist.


  8. I think Jeff Ashton made a serious tactical mistake by laughing at Jose Baez’ closing statements. The laughter seemed not only imappropriate but also condescending – it might have made Baez look like the underdog in the jurors’ eyes, and may have made them sympathetic towards the defence.


  9. Well, today on the 7th of July 2011 maybe HJP can do the Stste of Florida justice and keep Casey in prison for a few more years at least for Caylee.


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