Furious George Wipes Casey Out of His Life And Goes Eyeball to Eyeball With Baez

When George Anthony walked off  off the stand his body language showed that he was beyond furious. We have never seen him exhibit such anger before. He stared in Casey’s and Jose Baez’ direction and curled his lower lip in anger as he also purse his lips together tightly.


As George continues to walk off the stand he gets even more furious and even puffs air around his mouth  and cheeks as his lips get even more contorted. He is holding back his rage. At this point he feelings like letting loose on Jose Baez, but he is doing all that he can to control himself.

Instead George brushes his hands together as though he is wiping his hands of Casey and Jose Baez. He is saying that he is done with both of them.


As George  continues to walk  his seat , turns his head towards Baez and looks at him eyeball to eyeball.. Baez returns the stare. Baez looks a bit surprised as they are in too close proximity to  one another. It is a too close for comfort moment that could have been a huge problem had George not been in control.

George is letting Jose know that he is done with being thrown under the bus to save Casey and that she is on her own. George has a straight posture which indicates he is confident about the nonverbal message he is relaying to Baez.

Even the Marshalls are aware of this awkward and potentially volatile situation as they are keeping an eye on the situation and ready to move into action,

This verifies that there is no love lost between Baez and George and if they were not in a court of law, things could have come to blows. www.drlillianglass.com


25 thoughts on “Furious George Wipes Casey Out of His Life And Goes Eyeball to Eyeball With Baez

  1. While I am not sympathetic to the Anthony’s due to their lying, I was glad to see George wipe his hands clean of Casey and Co. If George molested Casey, she would have told her story while in jail, not waiting until her trial. George was fed up with being thrown under the bus, and I don’t blame him. Good blog, Dr. Glass!


  2. I can’t articulate exactly how proud I am of George for the strong-yet-genteel (and classy) way he found to FINALLY let Casey and Jose Baez know (My words, not George’s… But I imagine it’s pretty darn close!), “I’m DONE being your scapegoat. I will NOT be your emotional punching bag anymore; you two are selfish and cruel, but I will NOT be hurt anymore – I’m finished… With BOTH of you!!!”

    He then literally/physically ‘wiped his hands clean’, and looked at Jose as if asking, imploring with his unflinching gaze, “Think I’m joking? Just try me if you don’t believe me!”

    Way to go, George!!! So glad someone has finally stood up for Caylee/to Casey & her handlers! I think Caylee is really really proud of her JoJo tonight. =)


  3. I wonder how planned George’s action was…did he think of it before going on stand? That courtroom design still throws me, I expect the defense to be on the opposite side of the room than they are. Yesterday, on TV, there were so many ‘wrapping up’ kind of reports that I saw many photos from 2008…Cindy’s appearance has changed dramatically, imo, in the 3 years.


  4. Just very glad for George that he did this. I don’t see how else he could even have hoped to find any kind of mental peace without simply facing and speaking the truth as he did and really he did this throughout as far as the murder. And to think he cannot even sue Baez for slander. Lawyers are far too protected. Both sides in a court case should search for the truth. The defense shouldn’t be an arena to tell any kind of destructive lie under the guise of “defense”. It’s gotten all skewed.


  5. It’s about time George! If Cindy wants to keep helping I’d wipe my hands with her too,He’s lost most all he did have and Cindy ain’t no prize so I pray he stands his ground and realizes if he loses Cindy over the truth so be it! nothing he hasn’t already lost already. Cindy knew everything but told him not to be negative….she could care less what that man has gone through,she’s like kc..me me me me me!
    Finally…I hope to God he’s done with kc, all he’s went through and to have kc sit there like a damn brick while his suicide note is aired nationally and after everything G and C have done for her,perjury,destroying evidence and she still allows Bozo IMO to steer her to blame George,I pray the jury figured it out and gives the cold hearted tramp lwop? dp is too easy!


  6. A little off topic, I hope that is OK. Is Casey wearing the same yellow shirt she wore Friday? The her def team forget to bring her clean clothes or is this her ‘lucky’ shirt? Or is it a different one completely? I know it is minor, but if they ‘forgot’ her, I think it goes along with the defense not following details in their entire presentation.


  7. Good Afternoon everyone. Good afternoon Dr Glass.

    While I watched this particular exchange it struck me that George was not the george we have been watching and I wondered. I wondered if this was maybe JoJo. Jo Jo who loved Caylee more than he loved oxygen and he maybe got cowed into forgetting that for a minute. I was proud of George when it was all said and done because in the end, when it counted it was George who said “no sir It WAS HUMAN DECOMPOSITION in that car. George is a lot of things, and most of them are things that I find reprehensible but as a victim of abuse I am positive he did not molest his daughter and I am positive he did his granddaughter right finally.


  8. Is it my imagination or are George and Cindy sitting apart in court today? They’ve always sat right next to one another and today it looks like someone is sitting between them. I think Cindy is probably furious with George for acknowledging that his daughter is a liar and murderer.


    1. I noticed that I bet he is also sleeping on the couch. Not sure about divorce this would show that there is a rift between them about Casey’s guilt.


    2. I noticed too that George and Cindy were not sitting beside each other. I was surprised that all the legal pundits on CNN, Headline News, In Session, etc made no mention of that. How could anyone miss it? It was after George’s testimony aboutr River Cruz. I would bet my last nickle that Cindy does indeed believe that her husband had an on-going affair with River Cruz. Then, what woman would want to sit next to her husband. He probably confessed it finally to Cindy, after his final testimony. Then the next day there is someone sitting between them. I don’t think it was Lee. And, then where has Lee been all these past few critical days of testimony????
      Where’s he in the final end time of his sisters likely conviction?
      No where to be found! A BIG “WHY”???? ought to pop out to everyone viewing this trial. Lee’s gone missing….hmmm.

      When there were breaks during the trial George was all by himself in the hallways every time the camera saw him exit. No Cindy by his side. No Lee by his side. No family members standing with him. He’s always alone.

      I, for the record do not think that the state was able to actually, by facts, directly show that Casey did the murder. That is where I think Baez did his homework and did a good job pointing it out fact by fact, photo by photo, etc. etc.


  9. Hey Everyone! I’m new to posting, but not new to the blog! I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions because just when you think you might have it all figured out, you’ll start reading posts and seeing different angles, and that leads you back to square one! I’m not sure what we’ll all do once the trial is over! 🙂 I sincerely hope that justice will be done for the beautiful little angel Caylee. I doubt she’ll get the death penalty, you already know her family will practically get on their knees and beg for mercy for their monster of a daughter. No matter the outcome, nothing can bring Caylee back, but Casey definitely will have to answer for what she’s done one day when her life is over by the ultimate Judge! 🙂


  10. Dr. Glass:

    I have observed Casey taking a sudden single breath of air (almost like a gulp) quite often during the trial. Yesterday I notice these breaths occurring around statements of things she is most likely guilty of. Have you noticed these breaths of air? If so, what are your thoughts on them?



  11. I have to respectfully disagree with the comments approving of George’s ‘gestures’! This man (term used lightly) has proven himself a LIAR, a CHEATER and lacking of ANY paternal feelings, whatsoever.

    His ‘ gestures’ were totally uncalled for ~ his DAUGHTER is facing the death penalty!
    You’re telling me, this devoted father/grandfather? couldn’t stand up for her one last time? This just shows me, he also is devoid of a heart and soul. (which he stated on two separate occasions “I’d sell my soul to the devil to help my daughter”!) Looks to me like he was successful in doing so!


  12. You all WILL see just exactly what/who Mr. George Anthony truly is ~ just hold on for a little while longer!

    What exactly has ‘JoJo’ EVER done or shown us there is one thing to be proud of him for? Please list for me, I may have overlooked something here. He’s lied, (check out the LE interviews, stating Caylee NEVER responded to the name Zanny). While giving testimony in THIS trial, he states Caylee said “I’m going with mommie to see ZANNY”!

    First, he didn’t put the tape on the gas can, then he did, then he didn’t! Which is it Georgie?

    He had an affair (encounter) with KH (aka: RC)! Oh yeah, I’m sooo proud of this married man ‘comforting’ another woman, right when his granddaughter has ‘gone missing’!

    One last thing: George & SINdy have trademarked/copyrighted the phrase of “Justice for Caylee”! Each and EVERY time it flashes up on Nancy Grace’s show, Jane Velez-Mitchell’s show and Vinnie Politan’s, THEY RECEIVE MEGA BUCKS. Oh, now I’m REALLY proud of these ‘grieving grandparents’!


    1. George & Cindy Anthony have lied to protect their daughter. They have lost their granddaughter and are trying to save their child in the only way left to them. Do not fault them for that.
      Lying is not unheard of in this courtroom….don’t you think Mr. Baez lied when he said George molested Casey?
      Very few of our families could remain squeaky clean if we were subject to the kind of scrutiny the Anthony family has received.
      George and Cindy have to live the rest of their lives knowing they raised a child who was capable of lying, stealing and possibly killing. Punishment enough.


  13. I thought it was interesting that Georges suicide note mentioned he was suspicious for the past year about his daughters behavior, but he was being told to “quit being negative.” But then Jose had a great point that the suicide could have all been a set up to free himself of any charges. What is the truth?? Is it possible that Casey killed her child and then asked her family for help in covering it up?


  14. You are so spot on! I thought it took a lot of self-control for George not to slug him one. If it was my dad he would have slugged him. I watched this a few times it gave me some hope for George. I thought he has got to speak for himself and NOT for Cindy. He thinks he is protecting his family he thinks he is doing the right thing. Cindy and Casey do not care about him at all. He has been a doormat for a long time and has no self-worth.


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