River Cruz Loses Credibility As She Parades Around on HLN and Gives Interviews To The Press

To set the record straight and to avoid confusion I have always stood  by my body language analysis that River  Cruz was credible about having an affair with George Anthony.  In fact the surveillance footage to show George was at her home confirms this.  George even  confirmed on the stand  that he had gone to River Cruz’ home several times. The text message from George stating that he needed her in his life also confirms this. I also believe the  intimate details she shared with regard to her affair with George and how it ended.

No way do I  believe that there was an accident with Caylee that Casey was covering it up as George relayed to River. But I do believe that George did tell her that it was an accident that snowballed out of control.  I do not think that River is lying about George saying this to her.

 So these two things are the only things I  believe with regard to River Cruz.

After listening to her testimony I  her found her credible about the affair, However, I was disappointed  to hear her say that she went after George.  When I spoke to River over the phone she told me that George came after her. Now in court we find that she changed her story. She told me that he targeted her because she looked like Zanny the Nanny with her hair, being Latina. etc.  Based on George’s description of Zanny  this was certainly  plausible.

Then she told me that it was her sister who had a bad criminal  record who sold the story to the Enquirer.Now we have come to find out that she was involved as well.  In the courtroom we found that River made  four thousand dollars. That disturbed me as she said her sister got the money not her. 

But what  has  disturbed me  even more is that she is now parading herself all over HLN and the rest of the media. This is a very bad decision on her part. It  makes her look like she is just out for her 15 minutes of fame and out to make a buck off of this tragedy. She does not need to say anything else. She needs to put this behind her and move on with her life and get out of the limelight.

Like I told her when she called me, it was a very bad decision to get involved with a married man. This will not be looked upon favorably .  I also told her that her lying to LE  about not having and affair and  then changing her story will always be a mark on her credibility.

But now that she is gallivanting all over the media, it is further destroying her credibility even more.  She needs to back away from any press in my view because she is only a mere distraction and sideshow. Now we all  know George had an affair. It’s history.  But George is not on trial. It is Casey who is on trial for her life and in that regard River nor anyone else is important to this case.  




24 thoughts on “River Cruz Loses Credibility As She Parades Around on HLN and Gives Interviews To The Press

  1. Dr. Glass I couldn’t agree with you more. IMO, I feel that there are also more to the reasons as to WHY she sort GA out. Crystal claimed GA was charming, and good-looking. Ugh, lets not forget married, his granddaughter was missing, and his daughter was in jail for her disappearance, theres media surrounding him 24-7. How can you find a man attractive under these circumstances? Unless, you have alterior motives. As said in an earlier post, I found it odd that Crystal/River was making her presence known in a video, with her amongst a crowd gathered by GA (way before the affair). Shes all smiles, and peers right into the camera. Its hard not to notice that she was seeking attention from the media then. I’m with you when you say this is merely a distraction. Well now its time to move along, Crystal! Ya aint got to go home, but ya got to get the hell out of here!! ;p


  2. I think she’s very angry about George dumping her twice. First, by text, and second by trashing her on the stand. I don’t believe much of what George says about the affair. Most men who cheat deny it. What’s new?

    But he didn’t leave it at the denial, He condescended, River was so below his notice . She was nothing he would ever have anything to do with. He said it was funny (twice) that anyone would think, he George Anthony, would ever stoop so low as to have an affair with this woman with “a criminal background”

    Man, this guy doth protest too much! And he doth talk too much, as he always has.

    I don’t think River is any prize, but George is not in any regard a gentleman! He is, in fact more than a bit of a sleaze.


  3. Penny, I agree with your post. George Anthony is lower than dirt. It was River who stepped beneath herself when she bedded down with George regardlesss as to which one instigated the affair. He is a liar, a conniver and a POS. I DO believe she doled out the money to him too, whether she is on disability or not.

    A kind caring person will borrow money to loan to someone they care about in a dire situation. Heck, some years ago I pawned some jewelry to loan to a needy friend; (and I didn’t even have a job at the time) who THEN didn’t pay me back and I had to scurry around to come up with the money to get my jewelry back. We live and we learn.

    As for River going over to HLN and retelling her stoy, I don’t blame her for one second. He not only dumped on her, he humiliated her publically. She has the right to defend her dignity, NOT have her little bit of self-estem walked all over. Dr. Glass, you were right to defend her in the first place, even if there are a few slight diviations in her story.


  4. I believe that when George told her “it was an accident that snowballed out of control” it was pure wishful thinking on his part – at the time, he couldn’t accept the idea that his daughter would murder her child, and so he believed that if Caylee had died while in Casey’s care, it had to have been an accident that Casey covered up. I’m sure that he no longer believes that.


  5. I can see your point Heather, but I can also see River staring Cindy down, ANOTHER low-down lyin’ POS. She has the right to hold her head up and walk tall. Did she cause Cindy pain? Add up all her lies and distorting truth, and you will realize Cindy doesn’t feel any pain.

    In a moment of meloncholy, George told River that “Caylee’s death was an accident that snowballed out of control”. WOW! That says it all, no matter what River took it to mean.

    The fact IS that George WOULD cover up Caylee’s death, becvause he DID beginning on 7/16/08. Didn’t he go around claiming Caylee was still alive when he KNEW all along Caylee was dead? River thinks George wouldn’t molest Casey? The hell he wouldn’t! Didn’t he buy a gun to threaten Casey’s friends with, to make them tell him where Caylee was and who took her, when he KNEW all along Caylee was dead? George is a dangerous man!!


  6. It is easy to read things into what one might ‘think’ George “meant” when there’s plenty to go on with the things George DID without digging into what he might have “meant”.

    That’s part of the problem with George & Cindy. People want to believe this thing and that thing, make excuses for them, give them credit for all this great ‘mother’ love and being in ‘denial’ shyt, and pour sympathy on them for all their great grief for Caylee; when the things they DID speak the exact opposite.


  7. I have been a fan of yours for a long time, but when I read your first article about Krystal Holloway/River Cruz I was apalled. I felt you had been totally duped by her and that my dog could read body language better than you! But today’s article where you correct your judgment without hesitation is so impressive to me and I am a fan again. People just don’t “own up” any more. Kudos to you.


  8. Good Morning everyone. Good Morning Dr. Glass.

    River strikes me as a groupie of sorts. There are people who get off being with people who are involved in murder investigations right down to the fruitloops that marry Serial Killers. She is like that. She likes the attention and the more she denied it the more I could tell it was true. She likes being in the spotlight. I mean, who the hell on earth thinks that the National Enquirer is a credible news source. Did her headline come before or after the bigfoot drives spaceship into boston harbour headline?

    The Defense wants everyone to forget about CAylee, It’s almost like Baez is saying “never mind Caylee, this MAN had an affair with River Cruz, that is much more important.” If there is a hell, I hope they have a special room for people like Casey Anthony and those that defend her.


  9. Dear Dr. Glass,

    I read you post with interest. I did see River Cruz’s interview on CNN’s show following the trial.
    What I think differs somewhat. I do think River had an affair with George. I do think George and River attempted to cover it up. Watching the interview on CNN the host allowed her to speak her truth in full. She fully admitted to pursuing George, apologized profusely while acknowledging it was wrong to sleep with a married man.
    I would wager that if George and River were both subject to a lie detector test we would discover that George did take the $4,000 dollars offered to him from River. She admitted she admired him, felt very sorry for him, and George was lookiing for a good time, whilst his granddaughter was missing. George’s suicide note is too strange. He wants to be with his granddaughter so badly. He speaks of her with greater value then he has ever spoken of his wife or his own children. George is infantile in many levels of his personality.
    River admired him, found him sexy, and did want to comfort him, more than likely, feeling sorry for him, and she was vulnerable in that she was probably lonely. Not making any excuse for her, but this was a perfect storm, George and River.
    The $4,000 dollars taken from the Enquirer or whatever tabloid? Granted it never will look good to take money for it. Again, she gives George just about $4,000 dollars becasuse he says he can’t pay bills. Seems like a trade across the table. She doesn’t ask for the money back, she states it was never a loan, but a gift to him.
    She states that there are a dozen text messages that the state had in their possession and they would not allow them to be entered into evidence. They probably cherry-picked the most safe one that revealed the least about George’s sexual desires for River. So the other 11 texts are no doubt more revealing and damaging to George.

    I am convinved that River slept with George. I am certain she took the $4,000 for the interview. I am certain she gave $4,000 to George. I am certain that the real motivation for the HLN”s interview was because she felt like a woman with a scarlet red letter A on her chest. She wanted to get her full story out, un-hendered and done live so that it could not be edited.
    Her 15 minutes of fame…. pretty high price to pay, even if she did get $4,000 dollars for her original interview. As she said she has been trashed for the past year, she has been suicidal at times, and she doesn’t want to speak to George because he will not take any accountability ( again George being the immature man that he is)…

    I think the emphasis is being sidetracked by going after River Cruz. George is and was married. George has not stepped up like a man, Man-up.
    River is not River’s best friend. She made an extremely bad decision to have sex with George. And, George, Cindy, Lee become the background.

    Yes, it is Casey that is on trial. But, if we do not learn something from this horrendous family, then there can be no good to come out of the death of an innocent child.
    The family, brick by brick, the parents, their marriage, their child rearing, their values, their character, laid the foundation. Chickens do come home to roost, eventually. Someone called Caylee paid for their daily machinations. Casey is a bonafied malignant narcissist. Sociopathic. The book, The Road Not Taken talks at lengh about how family dynamics create monsters.
    This story is not over. It’s barely begun.


  10. I see the “transformation” of River Cruz as evidence that the true character of a person is eventually revealed, one way or another.

    Character isn’t an all black or all white thing. No one here is the poster child for honesty and 100% altruistic motives. Neither is RC. As her behavior continues, we see that she is displaying dishonesty and exploiting the Anthony’s tragedy to get more attention for herself.

    Doesn’t mean she hasn’t told the absolute truth at times. It’s just that fishing out what is truth and what is not is a PIA and most people are insulted when asked to do that!

    I too have a tendency to throw the baby out with the ole bathwater. Too many lies? Yeah, there may be some truth but bag it, stick a fork in me, I’m done with RC.

    I’ve known people that I know I can’t really trust to tell the truth, so I accept that about them. I don’t feel the need to call them ho’s or paint them black. It’s a “he who is without sin” sort of thing. I don’t have to paint them black, I just have to remember who I’m talking to.

    RC can only be taken with a grain of salt, but she shouldn’t be vilified in the media. Save that for the real villains (like You Know Who).


      1. Media circuses like this don’t tend to bring out the best in people. A person (me or you or anyone) can have parts of our character that aren’t wonderful, and thank God only come out under great stress.

        Doesn’t absolver her, or me or anyone acting with poor integrity, but it’s not worth hating or vilifying someone, IMHO.


  11. Queen Dr.Lillian Glass, Thank you so very much for making this post. I believe in you so very much and find you such an incredible woman..someone that women can look up to..You always speak the truth and I seem to be always able to feel you, your compassion, and honesty, from your words. This post represents my feelings in your words to a “T”.
    Thank you for being the woman I believe in. I one IMO, is the best on the net!


  12. My comment about River/Crystal is why if she gave George this money couldn’t she produce receipts for the cash or check? If she was evicted from an apartment in March and In April had to come up with new funds for first and last month rent..where did she get this money from? Now she is able to loan or give George money, because he says they have no groceries..mind that both set of parents live in Florida..This so me just does not make any sense at all..and what about her BOYFRIEND…where is he in all of this? She says on the stand that she also is involved…This is about little Caylee.


  13. I agree with Dr. Glass. I believe her and George had some sort of romantic affair. We’ll never know the details, because they’re both lying about it.

    I believe George said something to effect that he believed it was an accident that snowballed out of control – simply expressing his wish that this would turn out to be an accident, not cold-blooded murder.

    I believe they are equally responsible for the affair – and no excuses for it – cheating is always wrong. If George is not happy with Cindy, let him divorce her then pursue whomever he wants.

    River/Crystal is also a self-centred person – not understanding that whatever happened between her and George is NOT the big issue here. I hope she’s learned a lesson to not go after married men.

    Thank you to everyone who posts here. Your opinions along with Dr. Glass’s have made this blog a must-read for me.


  14. this woman is a $$-grab whore who sold her “story” for $4,000. and I just dont know how much Baez paid her for being on the court. does it matter if george had an affair or george said it was an accident? george also said he didnt sexually abuse Casey, you Baze didnt buy it, did you? besides, does george want to save casey’s life more than this woman does?

    the entire case is Liars Vs Lairs, Baze should be charged for pergury for setting up so many lies. Baze is a man who has no integrity, he didnt pay his own child support and here he is, accusing others “Morally bankrupted”, if Baez is not a rotten rat, he would not have told a very detailed “sexual abuse” tale in his opening statement, and would not have put Cindy on the stand lying about google searches, he is the one who jeopardized the case.


  15. I believe that the policeman father and mother and defense team “found” River Cruz to testify as she did. Without her, no issue of fact would have been created about the murder being an “accident”. If the father or mother testified to it, they would have been arrested. Only a third party could create the issue of fact needed to create the “doubt” needed to get their child off the hook on the murder charge. We saw the wife perjure herself for her child, so why wouldn’t the father act similarly. This was a well constructed televised trial where the cast of characters were carefully chosen and the end result worked out long before the trial started. River Cruz may one day wind up dead


  16. I guess the defense lawyers don’t know the commandments, in particular two, Thou shalt not lie. and bearing false witness. Under no circumstance are breaking commandments exceptable to God. I would urge the attorneys involved to begin by asking God for forgiveness. These two attorneys in particular have no chance before the supreme justice before God the Father, the Supreme Judge, no matter how much advocacy experience they have. They have willingly participated in a lie. They are just as guilty as there client, for all sins are equal in Gods eyes. Poor ms. Anthony has enough begging of Gods forgiveness of her own. But the attorneys are complicate in the crimes they defend. I will pray for all those involved and hope they find forgiveness in Gods’ mercy, the only thing that matters. I urge Chaney Mason and Jose Baez as well as the rest of the attorneys who are celebrating thier sins to go to God for the salvation of thier souls. I know that the victim in this case is already in Gods’ embrace, free from the evils of this world, free from the injustice. She has no memory of this world only the beauty of living in Gods’ grace and love, for little Caylee is with the only Father she really ever had. God bless you all and have mercy on all of us.


    1. Paul, be careful up there on your high horse. It’s a long way down when you fall.
      Mr. Mason and Mr. Baez are not terrible people. The linch mob mentality that is brewing is shameful. That you write it in religious prose does not hide it.
      Things are not always what they seem. Paul. You have drank the koolaid. There is more to this story, the real truth.

      When people use the bible for what you have shown, … this is why the mob mentality is underway.
      I have a wonderful plaque on my kitchen wall. It reads:

      Good Morning !
      This is God
      Today I’ll be handling
      all your problem
      and I won’t need
      your help.
      So relax and leave
      everything to me.

      When we think we know God’s plan we’ve already fallen off His plan.

      Casey did not murder Caylee. Who was that woman Jesus saw differently? ah, yes, … Mary Magdalene.


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