River Cruz Shows No Signals of Deception About Affair With George Anthony But Credibility Is In Question With Regard to Past History



River Cruz   aka Krystal Holloway reached  out to me after I did a blog stating that she appeared to be credible with regard to her having an affair with George Anthony.  I saw a  videotape of her being interviewed by  a WESH 2 reporter and saw no signals  of deception.  She and I discussed her relationship with George Anthony in great graphic detail. At that time I felt she was telling the truth.

She  let me know about her brushes with the law  and her sister’s  serious criminal background as well.   She told me about her name  River Cruz  being a combination of her mom’s last name and a nickname her father called her. She  said she and her sister  Skye both  changed their names  because they liked these names better.  She told me that  that she was reluctant to come forward about her affair  and kept it a secret.  But when detectives came to her house and showed her the text messages and phone call records she came forward.

She also told me she did lie to the detectives and told them she didn’t have an affair when she did  because  she was scared and wanted to protect George because he was married. She  said she  was ashamed of  herself for doing so .  She said she knew it was wrong to have an affair  with a married man.

 I  then told her that lying to LE was a very bad thing and that her credibility would always be in question because of that. She stated she was aware of that.

She told me that she wanted no part of the media and that her sister Skye was the one who sold the story to the Enquirer.

I asked her in April 2010  if George told  her what  happened to Caylee. She told me that George said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. I asked her what kind of accident? I asked if it was a chloroform accident or whether George was telling her that because he was just trying to protect Casey. She said she didn’t know because that was all he said to her. 

She also shared that she met  Cindy  as well and that Cindy was overly medicated. She also said George told her he had no money and could not buy groceries so she gave him a few thousand dollars of her saved money.

River then shared with me how upset she was with all the media attention on her and didn’t want it. She said that the bloggers were saying hateful things  about her. I suggested that she stop reading the blogs and ignore it. She said she was very depressed about it. I then suggested she speak to a licensed therapist in her area. She said she could not afford it. I then suggested she speak to a clergyman.  She said she would seek help.

The next day I became aware  that she had attempted suicide and remained hospitalized for several days. She called me a couple of days later to let me know she was OK.  I  and encouraged her to seek professional help on a regular basis.

Based on the tonal quality and speech content  when I spoke to her over  the phone over a year ago  I did not hear any signals of deception in my analysis.


River was very nervous on the stand. She took many deep breaths and her eyes opened widely. She made several facial contortions  indicative of nervousness. When she spoke of the origination of  her name River Cruz to Baez , it was the same thing she told me a year earlier.

Image wise  don’t think River was dressed well for her day in court. I think she needed to have worn a dress, makeup, and worn  her hair down in my view.


When asked if she had in intimate relationship with Mr. Anthony she did not hesitate and showed no signals of deception and her voice was clear. George looked at  her in anger and embarrassment as there were several times he looked down. Cindy hid her head but did manage to sneak a peek at River.

The same is true when she was asked if Mr. Anthony came to her house. She said he came about twelve times  which  sounded believable.

Here we see George with his finger over his lip which means he wants her to not reveal the details of their affair. He looks down in embarrassment as he knows what she is saying  is true.

Here we  see George hiding behind an audience member when River was asked if she gave him money. It indicates that she very well may have given him money and that he was embarrassed by it.

Here River talks about what George said about it being and accident that snowballed out of control . When she described where  she sat ( (on the floor) and where he sat (on the couch) I knew it was true as she said the same thing to me. When she said she did not ask him anything further I again knew she was being truthful because she said the same thing to me.

When River discusses the money, Cindy sneaks a peek at River again  while George looks up and wishes this was over. There were no signals of deception when it came to her discussing that he gave her money.

She is not lying about being with George during the memorial for Caylee. She showed no signals of deception and told me the same thing. She also told me that they had done something intimately that they  never did before and the fact that he never contacted her after the memorial devastated  her.

She did not go to the media after the relationship ended until the detectives came to see her two years later. This is true as she says it confidently with no signals of deception. She also discusses the text George sent  that  the police presented her with that said Thinking of  You I need You in my life. That proves the affair  to a greater degree in my view.

As she says this Cindy sneaks anther peek.

On cross examination  Ashton was very aggressive when he tried to insinuate that she inserted herself  into their lives for publicity. She said she did not which is truthful as she never would have gone  the press had the detectives not shown up at her door. If she had a plan to do so, she would have done it well before two years.

She was also being honest when she said that she went to the National Enquier who she believed  presented her story in a non sensational way.  Here she stood head to head with Ashton.

Ashton was overly aggressive as he discussed the story being more sexy if she had an affair with George. She calmly said that she did have an affair with George which once again appeared credible  without signals of deception. She said it with confidence.

When Ashton brought up the letters where George referenced  Cindy, it didn’t matter. Cindy knew her  as well.  Even though I don’t see the significance  of this it makes me very upset that River knew Cindy and had an affair with her husband a married man.

 She admitted she lied and she was truthful about lying. Ashton was really trying to push River’s’ buttons after that but she maintained her place as to what she heard George say. She did not waver and showed no signals of deception.

Ashton’s way of  interrogation insinuated that River was a publicity seeker and that she conveniently told the press she had an affair when she said she did not do so. I can understand how he might think that when she lied to LE that she was lying  that  did have an affair.

She was so flustered  by Mr. Ashton’s questioning , that she took off her top. She was honest  with Ashton . When  Baez questioned her  she told the truth about their affair and about how her sister went to the media two years after the affair.

Then it became too much for River. She was asked to read her statement where she said how George said it was an accident and she broke down on the stand.

She is telling the truth. George looked away and crosses his fingers in a prayer like and self comforting position. He knows what he said is true.

The bottom line is that River was telling the truth and showed no signals of deception whatsoever during her testimony. It was Mr. Ashton’s tone   during his questioning and her feeling flustered as well as her previous lies that cast doubt on what she said on the stand.  www.drlillianglass.com


95 thoughts on “River Cruz Shows No Signals of Deception About Affair With George Anthony But Credibility Is In Question With Regard to Past History

  1. I do not understand why people often tend to blame the “other woman”. I was married to a cheating man, and if he had been faithful there wouldn’t have been another woman on this earth that would have been able to make him cheat. Although it does take two to tango, I blamed my ex more than the women he cheated with. If there is any woman on this earth that truly asked to be cheated on, it was Cindy Anthony, . if any woman/wife on this earth asked for or contributed to her husbands cheating, it was her! She is hateful, controlling and condescending, At least George told some of the truth, and I do feel that he was/is the most credible of all the Anthony’s. I do not believe in cheating or lying, it’s just part of the Anthony soup.

  2. Liar Cruz looks like Janis Joplin. George went from worse to dud. Why would he want anything to do with that criminal. So apparently he wasn’t very busy searching for Caylee. And making appearances. He had time to visit this crazy looking woman. She was hiding her true self. She has a sister too. And they both are thieves and con artists.

    1. Tonight during the Vinnie Politan interview, Crystal said that she had only one traffic violation, but said that her twin sister had a record.

      1. She’s lying. Here’s some of her charges. It’s from another website.
        Krystal had a Paternity case in 2002
        careless driving in 2003 – owes $ 80.00
        failure to comply in 2005 – owes $ 68.00
        evicted from apartments in Orlando March 2008
        unlawful speed July 2008 – owes $ 244.00
        refusal to sign citation July 17, 2008 – one day in jail – owes $ 295.00
        suspended drivers license – Dec 1, 2008
        fail to obey traffic control device – dismissed – officer failed to attend
        unlawful speed Feb 2009 – owes $ 249.00
        driving with license suspended Feb 4, 2009 – owes $ 143.50
        driving while license suspended/revoked Feb 12, 2009 – adjudication withheld

      2. These are traffic charges. Who cares. This happens every day. Doesn’t make her a horrible person. She has the goods on the Anthonys and needs to start talking to the IRS and prosecutors. Anthonys took money to look for a live Caylee when they knew she was dead. Why was George putting the money in his mothers bank account? Why did they let all those people and organizations look for a live Caylee and waste all that time. They could have been helping live children when they were looking for Caylee. Anthonys need to answer for all this.

  3. She only said part of the statement. Read the police interview. She told the police that he thought that it could be an accident and that could have Casey covered it up. If she wanted to be truthful, why not just say the whole truth.

    Did she only want to express part of the statement to either get back at George or to play what she thought would be a starring role in the case. She gives an TV interview before her testimony, she expresses her displeasure at George’s denial to the media before her court apperance and then afterwards she is giving interviews on TV again talking about how she “took George to her bed”. To the best of my knowledge she is the only witness who has given a media interview except that crazy Dr Spitz. Seems like she loves those TV cameras.

    Did she tailor her response so that the defense would call her? If she said that she would reply the entire discussion, she would be no use to the defense. Big difference between “He believe” and “He knew”. Question her motives.

  4. I do believe River about the affair and that they indeed talk about what happened.

    But — when River read from her interview w/ police, it stated that she had told the investigators that George said “he **believed** it was an accident that snowballed out of control.”

    IMO **I believe it was an accident** is important — it speaks to his wishful thinking that it was indeed an accident, and not a murder on Casey’s part.

    An accident out of control is (for any parent of the accused) if preferable to a pre-meditated act.

    That is how I’m reading George’s statement to River.

    1. I agree the accident idea was wishful thinking. The defense wanted the “accident” as a confession of George’s participation. The state wanted the “accident” to be in reference to Casey’s murderous act.

      However, it was correct for the judge to clarify to the jury that the idea of accident used here, no matter it’s interpretation, is not evidence of anything, especially guilt or innocence.

  5. Errr, Dr. Glass… Under the sixth picture you wrote, “She was so flustered by Mr. Ashton’s questioning, that she took off her top.” Did you mean to write, “She was so flustered by Mr. Ashton’s questioning that she blew her top?”

    You might want to correct that! 🙂

  6. Poor, publicity-shy Crystal. After testifying today, she marched right over to the HLN media tent, saying she wanted to tell her story.

      1. Feel that she was being defensive with the airing of her dirty laundry, but going to the media to defend yourself won’t wash it clean.

      1. Ro, FUNNY. “gonna wash that man right out of my hair.” Why doesn’t she already? There are plenty of fish in the sea. Move on, girl.

    1. Yes, and too bad Vinnie didn’t bother to ask the poor, misunderstood story changer about that polygraph she FAILED.

      1. Justice, she took a poly and failed? When? I would love to know the questions she was asked. Can you provide a source or link?

    2. But wasn’t it ONLY the National Enquirer that would tell HER truth!? Isnt’ that what she testified too under oath yesterday?

      ka-ching ka-ching her and her sister all the way to the bank, cashing in on playing poor George who has the brains of a mouse.

  7. Dr. Glass- Great analysis- thank you! So, my gut matches the facts- I love it when that happens!

    I wish women wouldn’t cheat with married men- its bad for all of us when that occurs- guess she found out the hard way.

    Because other bloggers have mentioned it- I think River is very pretty- almost beautiful- and well spoken and seems to have a nice personality. I think the same is true of Cindy (except she’s so personality disordered she probably makes it hard to put up with her- on the other hand she clearly wants George- BAD- and caters to him- so maybe she presents her best self as often as possible).

  8. I tend to believe George had the affair with River Cruz..He wasnt going to admit it in with Cindy looking straight on thats for sure.Personally I dont care if he did or not,as it probably wasnt the first time he cheated on Cindy.Only thing he would of been better off just admitting it on the stand..No man sends tex messages to women to begin with saying I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE..You can well bet I would not be fooled if my husband came out with what George said…”He needed alot of people in his life”..Not what most wifes would believe George. Truth is there has been so many lies in this case, from so many people, that its impossible to know who is telling the truth and who isnt anymore. I just hope Casey is put away for the rest of her life for what she has done… Its time justice is finally given to Caylee…

    1. Oh no! He would never admit that because Spindy might Chloroform him, or worse, torment him for the rest of his life. He could have gotten away from Spindy the witch if he wanted to, but evidently he’s hopelessly caught up in her web.

  9. After watching River Cruz testify, I believe her story over George’s.

    I think a person can lie like a rug but also tell the truth. The overall credibility of River is impacted, but it doesn’t mean she NEVER tells the truth.

      1. I completely agree. I think (hope) the jury is smart enough to consider their priorities. George lying about ho’ing around does not mean he is lying about smelling the human decomposition or that he is the last person to see Caylee Marie alive and she was in the company of her mother.

    1. But what does this have to do with Caylee’s death? Because all River said is that George “believed” Casey was covering up for an accident that went out of control.

      Does not prove the Duhfenses’ case and strengthens the belief that George wanted to believe that his daughter wasn’t guilty – but he knew NOTHING.

  10. Rashamon. I think George and Cindy wanted the money she offered – probably as a donation for the search centers and then didn’t deliver so they exploited her crush on George. I don’t think he had an affair. When she was talking about it on one of her interviews she kept averting her eyes and glancing down and to the right – tells for lying. And I believe she has mental health issues. And a drug habit. How does one live in a gated community in Florida without a job? What was she in the hospital for? If she was living with a boyfriend, why would George go there to have an affair? that would be just stupid on both their parts. Unsubstantiated allgegations are horrible things.

    1. Janice with all due respect you have no idea what yu are talking about. They had an affair, She did not offer money for his search centers Glancing down to the right is not indictive of lying, You have to establish a baseline and River’s baseline is eye aversion if you watch any of he trial tapes. hen she sits there not asked anything she averts her eyes. It can also mean embarassment. She does not have a drug habit as she is a good mom t her two kids. She loves them a lot and says they are her life. She is on disabilityl . She was in the hospital tor a suicide attempt when she first came out publically. George said he was there in the daytime so maybe they had theor trysts whne her boyfriend was at work. Maybe her boyfriend didn;t live with her at the time. And Yes I agree that unsubstatiated allegations are horrible things and you made quite a few of these unsubstantiated alegations,

      1. Dr. Glass: I disagree, looking down can mean more than embarrasment. If she was embarrased she would not march over to the HLN tent to give more interviews. Just the fact that she had a suicide attempt also tells of her mental state. That does not mean she’s a bad mother, usually when your down and out with your own health and problems you want to do the best you can with your children. How come Casey couldn’t be a better mom to Caylee since she had what they are calling a bad home life?

      2. Sorry Isabel you are wrong. She was embarassed on the stand. But she may not have felt embarassed as she marched over to HLN, No one ever said she was a bad mother, In fact she prides herself on being a good mother.

      3. Here comes the wild conspiracy theory. She was embarassed, it was very plain to see. She has paid the price for messing with George and his messed up family. Hope she goes on to a better life and stays out of trouble…lessons learned!

      4. Did you establish this baseline during your phone conversation with her? Just curious because I wouldn’t think that a baseline could be established while she was testifying.

        She contradicted herself MANY times on the stand.If she was Cindy, you would be calling her a liar and feed her to the dogs!

        She ALSO lied to Law Enforcement with a simple NO. She did not elaborate, the sign of a liar, so I take her initial inteview as more truth telling then the ones she has done since she sexed up her tale to sell it to the National Enquirer, the only media that will tell HER truth! ~ her own words.

        You didn’t cut George any slack over his suicide attempt.

  11. Oops, hit send too soon 😛 Along those same lines, George lying (under oath) about his affair with River Cruz does not mean he lied about everything else. His body language (to my unschooled eye) appeared to convey sincerity when asked if he molested his daughter. He had different expressions/body language when denying his involvement with River Cruz.

    To me, I don’t see George as a victim or martyr. He’s an imperfect man, rather more on the imperfect side than not. But he did refuse to cover for his murdering daughter.

    I don’t think George’s affair, or lying about it, made any headway for the defense. I think it fell flat, like so much of the defense’s . . .er, defense. All it did was make more fog and distraction.

  12. I don’t think there are any reasons for a man to cheat! Why blame the wife,
    the only ones to blame are the cheating husband and the Ho.

  13. Here is some real deception for you! Found at the site called Hinky Meter. Be prepared to get scared, really scared

    1. Holey moley, that IS scary! If you cover her eyes and just look at her lips, she’s smirking.

      (not to mention that her nose never gets red and her eyes never get puffy and red)

      That is disturbing!

  14. Sorry; but I do not believe Ms. Holloway; If you lied once, you have no other course but to lie again. Why didn’t the police scare her into telling the truth the first time? Also, her and her sister both sound like basket cases to me. Her sister wrote a letter to a judge saying “Ms Holloway had been lying”. Maybe she did have an affair with George, but she sought him out when he was suffering from a tragic situation. Her saying about the “accident” was conflicting with the first time she said it. The National Enquirer is not the paper one wants to be the star in. Why not call the police again and say she lied? If George had been guilty of hurting or hiding the death of Caylee, it would have been in his suicide letter. Why did George get real upset with Casey when he was trying to get her to tell where Caylee was? No sir, I for one do not believe Ms. Holloway!

    1. Respectfully, I don’t see that as the way life works. It’s not so black and white, person can lie alternately w/telling the truth.

      A person can do questionable or “bad” things and still tell the truth, esp if the person includes open admission they did the questionable or bad thing.

      Gasp, even Casey Anthony tells the truth at times. Rare ones lol. I’m just saying that a person who tells a particularly nasty lie at a critical time can also be truthful at critical times.

      What I see people here understandably wrestling with is RC’s credibility, which is damaged by her reputation and her admission of lying. Understandable!

  15. River Cruz has nothing to do with this crime. Who cares if George had an affair with her.If I was married to Cindy, I’d have an affair too. As River aka Crystal did the talk show rounds last night, she waawaaed about how this has affected her and her children. Then she should have kept her mouth shut. I dont think George made her give him money. If she chose to, so be it. But don’t publicize youself, saying you don’t want publicity.

    1. Exactly. This woman River/Krystal is dancing on the dead bones of Caylee by putting her face on the camera and injecting herself into the case by coming onto George. She admitted taking the first step.

      Was she there for opportunistic reasons? Her actions say, “yes.” Like many others she injected herself into this story. mo from all I’ve heard and seen.

      River contradicts her stories constantly, signs of deception. Glass, has been suckered by one of the best. Wonder if Casey would have also been capable of doing this had she not kill her daughter?

      This trail is about JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE, why would this so called “good woman” River turn the story into a George & her story. Have you heard River speak over and over again about wanting CAYLEE to be the focus. NEVER!

  16. My my how easily some peeps are deceived by the conniving liar George Anthony. Not trying to sound catty here, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions; but it is SOO obvious to me that Krystal was/is telling the truth. As for her marching over to HLN to tell her story, I don’t blame her for one second, that’s exactly what she whould have done. I admire her for trying to gt the truth out there, considering that she was NOT allowed to present all of the facts yesterday during her testimony. Further, I hope she gives all of the meails and text messages to the National Enquirer and they publish every one of them.

    People seem to forget that George lied on day one when he concealed the evience that Caylee was dead and went about searching for a live Caylee when he KNEW that child was dead. He and Cindy both did everything they could to PREVENT that baby from being found, and people would FORGET this? George & Cindy are the biggest liars that ever lived, even worse than Casey.

    1. I agree, George IS a liar. so is Cindy, River, Casey, Lee,Baez. the list goes on and on. But this is not about George having an affair. She failed a polygraph. I don’t want to hear from her. I don’t have a problem with her going to Nat Enq, that is where this kind of story belongs. If she wants to profit off this, good for her. This trial is about the death of a two year old.

      1. Baez was hoping to sex up his trial and deflect attention from his baby-killing client. Didn’t work Baez. River had little to add and it was heresy.

  17. Now I believe Crystal’s story about her affair with George, and also giving him money but a few questions about Crystal Holloway comes to mind:
    What made her persue George? She saw him on tv, knew he was married, knew his grandchild was missing, knew his daughter was in jail. She willingly placed herself in this position, why? She knew cameras were always around the Anthonys, but didn’t want publicity. Crystal made it a point to be around George @ a command center even though noone else was there, this was how they began to talk. Why can I see Crystal staring into the camera, reaching towards GA durin a speech GA was giving?-(just like Monica Lewinski in a crowd to see Clinton, lol) How did Baez’ investigators find her? Why did they find her? Ok, if Skye sold the story @ first, why did she go along with the interview if she didn’t want publicity? What a wonder spiteful sister Skye must be to admit the affair, knowing Crystal didn’t want her dirty laundry aired. Kind of weird.
    I wouldn’t be suprised if we found out later that Crystal Holloway and Baez set this affair up. I’m just trying to use JBs conspiracy tactic ;p

  18. I know you want her to be a good person because you’ve said so many times in your blog, but I have to disagree here. Based on the things you’ve described before, she showed a great deal of deception. She seemed nervous and uncomfortable with the crossexam and did not come across as honest at all. I won’t go into all the signs, because you’ve seen them.
    She may be telling the truth that they had an affair, but I believe there were other lies and ommissions told to make her seem more important and make her story more worth selling.

    1. With her background, I would imagine she is very uncomfortable talking to the police or the state attorney’s office. I think she better get used to it because I foresee in my Crystal ball more time spent with the police. JMO.

    2. I also agree. Dr. Glass is way off on this one.She has lost crediability to me. Kathi Belich, also stated on he twitter that “RIVER” was lying about reaching out to the media, as she herself talked to her in the begining.

  19. I think it was silly of George to lie about his obvious affair with this woman. I mean, really! Everyone, including Cindy, knows that he had sex with her. Who cares? It only damaged his credibility further to deny it. I don’t think the jury will judge him on this, but why didn’t he just tell the truth? Who did he tell the lie for? Who does he think he convinced? He got a lot of respect from the public by being truthful about other evidence, he should have carried that honesty through to the end. Oh well, don’t think it matters much in the end and overall I bet George had the best sleep he’s had in three years last night. The truth will set him free. It’s the only thing that will. And with the exception of River Cruz he is doing pretty good.

    1. I see it this way too 🙂 In the same situation, I might lie on the stand to deny an extramarital affair that would threaten the only relationship(s) I have left. WHILE telling the truth about other important things. Not that I condone lying under oath, I can just understand it.

      It damaged his PERSONAL credibility, but he also struck a damn good blow to the defense.

    2. Bees Knees —- ” Everyone, including Cindy, knows that he had sex with her.”

      How do u know everyone knows that? HUH? Logic is missing with that line. Are u omniscient? Hate to disillusion u but many people do not believe Rivers/Krystal. They have good reason to doubt her inconsistencies, past criminal charges and seeming unbalanced nature. Many many people are not drinking her kool aid! Would love to see some polls on this.

  20. I find it kind of weird that the same amount Crystal was paid from the National Inquirer is the same amount she loaned to George. Did she say this b/c her disabilty payments could be stopped, if she has income? IMO Crystal is a bottom feeder. JMO

  21. I don’t care for The Anthony’s one bit,but she said that she started going to that tent everyday and that she initiated the affair,even though she was also in a relationship.She knew full well what The Anthony’s had going on and that it would likely result in a big scandal..So why should she be so surprised that it turned into a big media thing.
    I found her deceptive as well.
    Then she hates the media, but is all over the place after her testimony.I don’t care for George or Cindy one bit,but I don’t think she’s as sincere as she pretends to be.

  22. Please, Dr. Lillian, you make it quite clear in your writings, that you do not like George Anthony, but to favor River Cruz over George is ludicrous.
    After court, Cruz found herself on HLN and this begins her media blitz. She is out to make money, no different than George or anyone else. Cruz is a fake, and an opportunity seeker. Anyone who has studied psychology, sociology, and psychiatry can easily see right through her.

    1. Yep including Caylees *supposed* paternal grandmother. *rolls eyes* I’ll believe it when the DNA establilshes it.

      Everyone making the talk show circuit to make some ka-ching. Crystal better milk that cow before it goes dry.

  23. I’m watching the river Cruz/ Krystal holloway spectacle on vinnie politan from yesterday and all I can say is George Anthony has a type.. Crazy as ^**^ and high strung! I’ll be glad when Casey is sentenced and this is over

    1. Hear, Hear. Let the crazies get off the stage!

      Casey should be taken off the streets and kept behind bars till she is very old and Baez find another profession. What will JP do regarding Baez?

      1. Baez could start producing the “Girls Gone Wild Behind Bars” videos and Casey could help with recruiting the ho’s.

      1. That is hilarious. And he is the sleazy man to do just that kind of show….. probably has left over bikini’s in storage from his previous biz to provide the” WILD Girls Behind Bars!” Mud wrestling in bikinis. LMHO

      2. Ro! Naughty, Naughty! LOL! How about a bikini calender of the woman of Florida Pen? Nice and sleazy for Bozo.

      3. Yeah, Nancy S… I’m sure Baez could dig up a few leftover “eye patchs.”

        And good idea about the calendar, Winter. Maybe he could throw in a few pics of the cafeteria lady!

      4. LOL, no doubt “Bozo” will inject himself in the center of the photo with the “hot pen babes,” believing all the while, he is the new Hugh Hefner. hahaha

  24. Am I the only one that doesn’t think River (or whatever her name is) was all that that truthful and completely convincing? I do believe there was something between the two but I think it was more of an emotional affair than a sexual one. HOWEVER, in every interview, she is obviously mad he wouldn’t call her and only texted (even three years later!!!) and comes across as a woman scorned..and what is that saying, ” hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”??

    1. I thought it was odd that Crystal cut George off b/c of these texts (she said she told the guards @ her apt. gate not to let him in). He was busy with Caylee’s memorial, how selfish of her to expect George to put her first. Not to mention he is married. IMO, she got what she wanted from him (a statement about Caylee, to use against him in court, but for the DT). I also thought how odd it was that Crystal initiated conversations w/ Dr. Glass. I’m right there w/ you, I smell a rat.

      1. Agree – a Big Fat Juicy Rat that sells her Truth to whatever media outlet will pay. It will be interesting to see if the IRS pays her visit next year for unpaid taxes on her *earnings* while she is disabled. LOL!

    2. No you aren’t . . . I’m just reading along, and I think you and many others struggle with the context within which River tells her story. The context is that she put the moves to George Anthony, a wretched and vulnerable man, lied to police and then sold her story telling the “truth” to the NE. I mean seriously, ick!

      It is very VERY difficult for someone who has not spoken personally with River to believe a word she says. I’m following my gut and the “tells” Dr Glass describes, and for me, I don’t see a huge amount of deception in her testimony on the stand yesterday. I haven’t watched her other interviews but am aware she’s telling the same story so far.

    3. This is a case about a murdered child and seeking justice for her.

      Yet, Krystal/River and all her different personalities is making talk show rounds about a sexual relationship,

      How does that help this Caylee? What about Caylee? Isn’t it enough her own mother doesn’t care, no remorse shown. Now ugly people jump on board! Ugly inside and out. I see “no such innocence” from Rivers/Krystal actions.

      In one of Krystal Holloway’s interviews, she said she fell in love with George. On the HLN interview, she said she was sorry for having an affair with a married man. She then goes on to say how she stared Cindy Anthony down when she left the court room! WHAT??? She is not showing remorse for something she claims to be ashamed of, so ashamed that she keeps yacking about the “affair” on national tv.

      Yeah, right! Got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya if you believe that nonsense. 15 minutes are up for her, soon the media will move on to another bigger, better story.

      1. I agree, Nancy S. (I always enjoy, and tend to agree with, your posts.. 🙂 ). She admits she made the first move and was quick to defend herself saying she wasn’t trying to take advantage of him during this emotional, horrible time in his life but just by saying that, she KNOWS that that is exactly what happened. And wow, to stare Cindy down…what is that about? I couldn’t believe when she said that! Why torture this family even more?

        Trust me, I am not completely pro-Anthonys BUT I do believe they’ve been put through a hellish situation and lost their sweet grandbaby and her daughter is ultimately responsible for that loss..wow, can you imagine being in their shoes?? You cannot possibly imagine what they are going through UNLESS you’ve been through it. I can’t say what I would or would not do (except I KNOW I would not lie for anyone on the stand, including my own family) so I am trying not to judge their actions during this whole, horrible nightmare.

        The main thing is and always will be THAT A SMALL, BEAUTIFUL child is DEAD and justice needs to be served and the truth needs to be found.

  25. Sorry Dr. today George Anthony put his finger over his lip just like he did when Ms. Holloway was on the stand. The person on the stand was the lawyer for the employer where Cindy worked. How does this mean the same as when Ms. Holloway was on the stand?

  26. I don’t know if they had an affair or not. What I do know by watching HLN is that Krystal lied. Vinnie asked her how many times they had been intimate. She replied 3. He then asked her again and she said 6. Which one is it? She is not consistent. I have a big problem with that. If someone is telling the truth shouldn’t they know how many they had been intimate? Just my two cents…

  27. Dr Glass, I found this woman horrible..and hope she was court ordered to be there yesterday…This was about Caylee and she had no place to air her dirty laundry in front of the world..so she went after George and had sex with him and the worst time in his life.Did he need someone to prop him up…yes..did he need someone to later turn on him..no..BURN and carry the letter A.

  28. I do believe that he had an affair with her but i really dont see why this women felt the need to go on tv and talk about it? what are her motives? what is she getting out of it? so what tons of men cheat, and george was going through alot at the time. i dont believe her about the accident. i do not think george had anything to do with killing caylee. lets get real here. it was casey, casey marie anthony, cma wateverrr way u say it .. it was her

  29. Ms. Cruz may be cruising for her own TV show, book deal, etc, just like Bozo, Cindy, Padilla, and all the rest. No one really knows her character unless they’ve spent considerable time with her (most would agree that a year is best). And with all due respect, Dr. G., you’ve only gotten to know River through phone conversations. So no one knows who she really is or what she’s all about. She could be a professional liar like Casey or even a sociopath. George seems to be attracted to those types of women, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up being a nut.

  30. I don’t really care if an affair occurred or not, but I do believe it is odd how “River” inserted herself into the Anthony’s life. I also believe this woman is strangely conceited over her looks, calling herself a “10” etc. when she strikes me as plain bordering on homely. I know that is an unkind thing to say, but I am baffled at this idea she is a knockout.

  31. Oh gee, its sooooooooooooooo shocking for your entry about River’s testimony to be 100% pro-River and once again bashing George Anthony …

  32. I wasn’t sure how much truth there was to Rivers story, but the way George denied the affair was an obvious untruth. He said “thats funny.” Is it??? Also, pictures were shown of the pair together, and their body language looked very close and familiar!

  33. To me personally, I couldn’t care less if George slept with half of Orlando. That’s his business. What I do care about is Caylee… this case is about HER. This case is about a 2 year old’s tragic death at the hands of her own mother. I believe George had nothing to do with Caylee’s death or disposal. I believed it before River Cruz and I believe it after River Cruz… It really bothered me that River had to stop by to tell her “side” to Vinnie Politan. Like someone once said to Joy Wray (local nutcase in Florida)… “what makes you think you even have a side?” River needs get over herself and move on ….!

  34. I believed her until I saw her on Vinnie Politan. She fake cried, she, too, seemed narcissistic. She’s hurting!? She inserted herself into a horrible situation. I never believed the accident bit she told either. Affair? that’s questionable. George appeared to be lying. So, idk! She told the police there was NO affair but then, sold her affair story to the enquirer. It sounds like she realized she could make money. The better the story, more interviews, more $$. I don’t believe she gave 4k to her sister for this story either. ! I believe she told the accident bit so her story would be relevant.. Nobody cares if he had an affair. How did this story “already get out there” anyway? She was the only person that knew for a fact if it happened or not, she could have set up an interview and said, this isn’t true! You don’t confirm a story you want to go away.

    One more question- why is it so understandable that she would lie about the affair & not George? He had everything to lose, she had what to lose? The more I think about it, I think she may be a good liar.

    Dr.Glass, was it not a sign that she was lying when she said, ” he said- I appreciate you never ask”, I said, asked what? He said ” it was an accident that snowballed” but……… I was looking down when he said it an….d” Ashton- “and what?” when I looked up he had tears in his eyes. why did she add the but? U know that was weird & she adds that every single time she speaks. She sounds rehearsed. It doesn’t even make sense. Idk. I don’t believe her now. I let her angry on the stand convince me. I don’t buy it. Would George write his GF a letter talking about how much they, he & Cindy appreciate her. That would make a lover angry. Also, she said there were many txt & the police had them. If there had been a more convincing txt than the defense shared. We would have heard that one. I think the Anthony family is odd. I can see George txting that when everyone they had around began to go back to their own lives. Remember, too, this family didn’t have that many supporters. They had many haters. I still think if an affair happened, River came admittedly came onto a broken man.

  35. Feeling sorry for River is a waste of time, how old is this girl? Too old to be so lonesome that she could grin and kick it with a woman and behind her back screw her man. That is what is wrong with this society now, we don’t respect other women, therefore, there are too many men that don’t respect us because of women like River. She had a man already, if he was not taking care of business, then, he should have been dismissed! What is wrong with women that they feel they MUST HAVE A MAN, and will settle for A PIECE OF ONE, now she wants to cry on TV as if people are disrespecting her. She disrespected herself, therefore, I owe her NO RESPECT, nor pity, hell to the no I don’t care for Cindy AT ALL, but she is a married woman and I’ll be damm if I could be friends with a woman, smile, grin in her face and thn, screw her man. River is a wretched cow that George milked and it is her fault.

  36. Dr G: so all i have to do to get you to stamp me as truthful is to tell someone else something and then tell you the same thing? That is what you said about determining Ms Cruz’s truthfulness in one of your statements above.

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