Did Casey Dispose of Caylee The Same Way Cindy and George Disposed of Their Pets With Plastic and Tape?

After listening to Cindy’s testimony I was sickened. A chill went through my body as she described to Jose Baez how each pet was disposed of when they died. Cindy wrapped some in a blanket and even wrapped one of the pets in Caylee’s hooded towel, put it in plastic and tape and buried it.

When Casey was four and Lee was six their dog died. Cindy said that the dog was wrapped in plastic and in  tape and buried in the back yard while they conducted a ceremony for the dog.

Perhaps the sight of the dead dog in plastic and tape left an indelible impression on Casey’s  sick developing mind.  She even assisted  or watched her mother in wrapping the dogs when she was in high school.

So when she killed Caylee, she did the same thing she saw her mom do with the dogs- wrap Caylee in plastic, put (duct) tape over her mouth and nose and bury her. At first she wanted to bury Caylee in the back yard where the dead dogs were located. That is why the cadaver dogs had a hit in the Anthony back yard.

But for whatever reason it didn’t work out to bury Caylee there,  so she threw Caylee away in the woods with plastic and  duct tape.  

Cindy’s testimony helps explain what Casey did. I am sure that Cindy thought she was protecting Casey as she relayed these stores about how she disposed of her dead animals with plastic and duct tape and blankets. Casey also used a blanket with Caylee- a Winnie the Poo blanket.

She doesn’t realize that she sealed Casey’s  fate. If I was a juror I would say to myself ” That is why she used plastic bags and duct tape and that is why there was a cadaver dog hit in her back yard and that is why she tossed Caylee in the woods.Cindy;s testimony would seal the deal for me.

George also testified and lied about not remembering how the dogs were buried. He showed multiple signals of deception. The main thing which came out of River Cruz’s testimony that is super serious  for George is that he already knew there was a dead Caylee, yet he allowed people to spend their time and money searching for a child who could never be found alive. To me he is just as bad as Casey and should be prosecuted for lying.

Cindy needs to be prosecuted  as well for her lying. These two Toxic people spawned a child who was even more Toxic than they are.

What also struck me as odd as Cindy relayed the story was her lack of emotion when discussing the dogs. Even though it has been  six years since my precious Lhssa Apso died, my eyes still well up with tears when I recall his death. Cindy was emotionless in recaling all of her pet’s deaths.

Casey was emotionless as well when it came to listening to talk of a dead  Caylee from witnesses.

This mother and daughter duo are two peas in a pod. They are emotionless  about anyone  or anything  unless it involves them. They are both habitual liars. They are both self absorbed and they are both controllers who hate being controlled. In my view  Casey doesn’t need a  needle to punish her.Instead, she needs to be put in the same prison cell with her mother. This way they could destroy each other. www.drlillianglass.com



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  1. First! That was an great analysis….freaked me out….I know what a child sexual abuse experience would give you but not sure about what you would get being raised by Cindy- poor crazy Casey.

    I have buried pets- but never in plastic and certainly not duct/packing tape (seems so cold and impersonal and OCD! – I just used a blanket) – of course I guess the first one was “done up” in that manner from the vet.

    Regardless, like the “crying-judge” said last night on LVM- if George was out screwing-around- during the search and after the find- what is so strange about Casey doing the same thing/having the same reaction? He suggested George should be arrested/incarcerated too- I agree (for that reason and the CSA).

    Cindy description- lengthily description- excruciating longer than called for description- seemed almost sadistic to me…..like indirectly doing to Casey what George did yesterday. Maybe that’s one of their OTHER secrets- we know George is into S&M websites and prostitutes- maybe that is something they have in common (and brings to mind- your mention of the activity poor River engaged in for the first time with George before he dumped her,,,,).

    Life is stranger than fiction when you’re dealing with the Anthony family values clan.

      1. Cindy was trying to create reasonable doubt once again along with the rest of the family.

        Their putting pets in the back yard to throw off human decomp trail of Cadaveer dogs.

        They want to make the jurrors believe it was a family ritual when laying the pets to rest.

        This way the jurrors will think anyone in the house could have done this.

        I’m starting to wonder if Cindy was killing the pet’s to punish Casey at a young age .

        Cindy is very loving and protective of her son , but seems she would be better off without a daughter.

        She never verbally abused Leee growing up like she would Casey.

        Cindy would do anything to be the center of attention just like George and Casey.

        Cindy even mentioned her dogs where sleepy so whe was researching online .

        Maybe Cindy is into munchausen by proxy using pets to get atttention.

        Casey may have been suffering from this as well and additonal mental problems from her parents..

        Maybe Cindy was using cloryform on Casie when she was very young .

    1. When our loving Princess died in 2006..I spent +3,000 trying to save her life..I had to get a Dog Credit card to pay her bill off. They asked us for her blanket and special toy and placed her in a box. That is the way she came home, I do believe she was in a bag wrapped with some type of tape. Now she sits close to my front door, with St Francis watching over her. Tears still roll down my face.. I cried for a good month for her..I still cry sometimes when I think about her. I now have two more dogs,they become like children to you, part of the
      family. They are great losses..I don’t understand how Cindy lost the two dogs within 6 months of each other and seem so
      cold.It also seemed very old when she talked about these dogs and it seemed no one actually picked up on it.

    2. Mrs. Glass we love your blog !

      You are so on the money when it comes to these bad people.

      You make me bust up laughing so loud each time I read the blog.

      We have learned alot reading this blog as well very knowledgeable.

      Tim Miller told it like it was tonight on Jane Velez interview.

      The Anthonys just need to go to Hollywood.

      Love that man he is a true hero to so many in this world.

      Now that George is losing all his hair it’s so thin and falling out .

      Lies and stress can do that.

      You know I would not be surprised if Cindy would kill a animal once Cayce started to bond with it .

      Cindy is very jealous of her daughter in a sick way it shows.

      She detroys her happiness and then she jumps in the rescue her and be the protector.

      Cindy is evil like Casey and I think she may enjoy the sadistic thrill as well.

      I think she may have taken a inocent little girl and trained her to be sadistic for pleasure.

      This is one screwed up family out for money and fame.

    3. It probably confused casey bc they showed more concern about the death of a dog than her. She was getting molested and her mom never cared.

  2. Cindy is the mental case that taught casey crazy things and let her get away with horrible behavior……………..but this does not mean George did it. Who cares if George had an affair. The jurors will see that “possible” affair as a “He said/She said”. So what. George still cared about Caylee and
    casey killed Caylee cuz she hated her mom.

  3. Dr. Glass, you’re implying that Casey put duct tape over her child’s face after she was dead. In fact, Cindy testified that in burying the family pets, she used duct tape to seal the plastic bags.
    If duct tape was put directly on the child’s face, there would be only one reason to do so – to suffocate her while she was still alive.

    1. and IF the tape had been there only to seal the plastic it would still be stuck to the plastic (which won’t decompose for a long long time). The tape was only stuck on the end to the hair mat meaning that what it was stuck to (her skin) melted away from the backing.

    2. Believe that Casey knocked Caylee out with the chloroform and then suffocated her with duct tape. Her sick way of humanely killing Caylee with little violence.

      Agree that the only thing that the defense did was show how Casey would get the idea of how to dispose of her daughter.

      Dr. Glass wish you had talked more about George “wiping his hands” of Casey after his testimony. WFTV has made an issue of this as George signaling to Casey that he wipes his hands of her.

      1. I don’t agree, it was not an accidental chloroform overdose, it was deliberate, hence the researches for chest injuries, head trauma, broken bones, Casey wanted that child DEAD and was researching how to do it without blood and gore, not with an accidental overdose that went out of control, that’s total bullcrap.

      2. Didn’t say it was an accident, I believed she did it on purpose to “humanely” kill Caylee. Yes, I agree that she did those searches which points to first degree murder.

      3. Juliet I never said it was an accident. Agree with that Casey did the searches, hence first degree homicide.

      4. River Cruz , is eating up the camera.

        She was so nervouse on the stand and her words where stumbling and she looked to Jose at times to bail her out.

        She was on camera interview right after court smooth sailing painting herself out to be a victim.

        I’m not buying it at all !

        She is there to create reasonable doubt for the defense.

        She goes seeking a man who is married by the way.

        His wife is suffering for the loss of grandchild and starts having sexual relations with him.

        Please , this woman is a leach just like all the other want to be reality stars .

        This case is sickening !

        She put her big face on the national enqurior she doing interview yesterday after court .

        She will end up on good morning america who knows what else and she knows this .

        River Cruz is just like the Anthonys a opportunist.

        George took money from her I think George handed her money , but got him some free sexual relations out of it as well.

        Saves a trip to the orange blossom trail !

      5. Sorry Winter, I had read it wrong, I needed to re-read my comments before I sent them and re-read yours, sorry about that. I think we agree. I can see where you wrote it was her way to humanly kill Caylee, I had misunderstood and thought you had meant it was an accident, will read more carefully in the future, thanks for keeping me in check!!!

    3. As stated under oath, neither Cindy or George ductaped the faces of dead animals or threw them into a SWAMP!!

      No that was Casey all on her own!

  4. Thank you Dr. Glass for another fine assessment…However, I disagree that Cindy Anthony sealed her fate. I believe Jose Baez did and he just helped sign Inmate Anthony’s death warrant, leaving those jurors with the impression of the ceremonious way the Anthony family disposed of their pets, that this is a learned behavior the Inmate used and did the same to Caylee’s lifeless body.
    The way the defense/Inmate Anthony geared this trial, it appears to me this was Inmate Anthony’s vengeance to get back at her family as Baez did due to the Anthony family telling their daughter to basically change attorneys. During the jailhouse visits they questioned the Inmate and wondered if Baez was in this for his own reasons to use as a stepping stone to stardom, I believe Inmate Anthony took great pleasure in destroying her already devasted family more than they currently are. I believe Inmate Anthony took great pleasure for her sadistic side of her came front and center.
    For Jose Baez to put all his faith and trust in Inmate Anthony who is an admitted liar and believe for the first time, Inmate Anthony is telling HIM the truth about how Caylee met her demise is abhorrant and most inept. Nothing he said in his opening statement matched any evidence produced during this trial and I can never understand why he was allowed to publicly persecute George Anthony for being connected with a cover up of Caylee’s demise and put on a trial of his own. It reminded me of the Salem Witch trials, what a witch hunt this came to be.
    I hope those jurors are as angry as I am that Inmate Anthony will not accept responsbility for her actions.I have always stated, one doesn’t coverup an accident to appear like a kidnapping/murder. One covers up a murder to appear as if an accident occurred..
    I never thought Inmate Anthony would testify in her own defense, Mr. Jeff Ashton would have blown her to smithereens..and she’s too cowardly to do so. Jeff Ashton isn’t a two year old child…
    I predict a guilty verdict with a recommendation of LWOP. I believe Inmate Anthony is a dangerous sociopath, who needs to be kept out of society for the rest of her sorry life. I just hope those jurors feel the same and do what’s right for the victim, Caylee Marie….God Rest Caylee’s soul…JMHO
    Justice for Caylee

    1. I agree LindaRose…..
      I don’t think she will have a guilty verdict however, I think it will be a hung jury, you have juror #4 who even yesterday was furiously taking notes ONLY when the defense had on the mistress but never takes notes when the prosecution is up there, she will hang this jury. Anyway, I believe that Cindy and George when called into Baez’s office 10 weeks ago and were told that the defense was going to be incest, molestation and that the death was an accident where George was holding Caylee’s dead body, I believe that their sick deceptive and twisted co-dependency kicked into high gear and they agreed to go along with it, fake their horrified behavior and reactions to the public all the while knowing damn well that they were going to “save” their daughter from the death penalty. I believe that they said to Baez, “you do for us and we will do for you” and they all agreed to save Casey with the lying on the stand, whatever it took. Their deception is why Casey turned out the way she did. There is NOOOOOOOO accountability, Cindy and Casey have no conscience, they don’t care what anyone thinks, they have no embarrassment or shame about anything. George is a liar but I believe he has some conscience about things. The women in his life ran his life, he was kitty-whipped by them, but he also allowed it. He is a weak man. But those women are pure evil. I get angry when I hear crap like Casey reads her Bible 23 hours a day, she can read it but she certainly doesn’t apply any of it! “You shall know them by their fruits”…..Hmmmm, that means, their behavior, their agenda, their motives and their heart!!! Murder and lies and coverup? Ten Commandments Casey!!!

      1. I really wish people would stop talking about Juror #4. It’s ridiculous. Even the media is puzzled as to how this rumour even got started. She is a juror like all the rest of them. They will all deliberate and come to the same conclusion. There will not be a hung jury and it won’t be because of poor Juror #4.

      2. Juror #4 said she couldn’t pass judgement based on rumors not that she just couldn’t do it. That’s why she is taking notes.

      3. Oh please, it’s ridiculous (your words) to ignore her (#4) when I clearly heard her in jury selection say she CANNOT judge another. The prosecution didn’t want her to serve but the judge put her through. Each juror is listened to carefully, she will make the difference, it’s against her religion to judge, her words. So if you can’t judge objectively, then why or how would she say “guilty”? Do the math.
        The media saying it’s a rumor, yah right, they are the ones who show case her every single day of this trial so how can it be a rumor when the juror is the one who stated what she could and could not do.

      4. Sorry Winter again, my reply was to Amadeus about juror #4 and how ridiculous it is, lol.
        Also, the juror said it was against her religion to judge another, nothing to do with “rumors”.

  5. IMO Dr. Glass, To me it was obvious that Cindy described burying those pets in plastic bags, taping them and in some cases with a blanket/towel/toy, just to make the comparison as to how little Caylee was dumped, making sure to throw Casey on the train tracks. To begin with, how many people could remember EXACTLY and precisely how they buried THAT many pets over that number of years? She WANTED the jury to draw the same conclusion you did.

    Cindy & George are very crafty, sneaky, plotting & scheming. They tried hard to cover up for Casey to protect themselves, not just Casey. They are hiding something sinister and evil that they want to make certain continues to remain hidden. In every lie, they are looking out for themselves, NOT casey. rls.

    1. Are you sure Cindy wasn’t being specific to throw her husband George under the bus. I mean for Casey to be free, Daddy had to help her Caylee and rape her as a child to explain her attitude. Cindy has lied, and lied, and lied to protect Casey. The lies are for Casey and themselves, NOT for Caylee.

    2. I totally agree about them being sneaky, plotting and scheming but I would add manipulative, deceptive, always the victim roles, the belittling to everyone, the combative and argumentative nature, the aggressive manner in which they treated the State in all their depositions, this phony act of how angelic, greiving, soft spoken and meek behavior on the stand this trial is truly a far cry from all the defiant, arrogant and agressivenessness they have displayed for 3 years, especially Cindy. She is a manic beotch and Casey is a pure example of spawning this monster. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!!!

  6. River Cruz should have given her testimony and gone home. Inserting her wish to ‘tell her story’ into a first degree murder trial is beyond frivolous. It is not about her.
    I keep ruminating over the atmosphere in which Casey grew up, and wondering what it will take for Cindy to accept reality, and also to recognize her own contributions to this tragedy. George seems to be on the path to self discovery, but aside from struggling with his guilt and depression, he will not change, imo. He spoke the truth when he said he ‘failed Caylee.’
    Both grandparents are so self absorbed, they missed important signals that Caylee was being mistreated and in danger.
    I still think that Cindy was trying to ‘punish’ Casey by thinking she could force her into taking responsibility for her child, when clearly her felonious daughter could not be trusted with a hamster, much less a child. She must think pigs can fly too, if they really try.

  7. Pardon the ‘rls’. It was an error. I have a bit of a problem with leaving posts here. The space for leaving posts is very small. Hard to describe how the words repeat themselves even after corrections are made. Sorry.

    To get back to the issue; I don’t get it, why some can’t see how Cindy & George have helped to seal Casey’s fate while pretending they were trying to help her when it is just the exact opposite. In every word and deed they have done there is a hidden message and that message is to make absolutely certain Casey’s lips are sealed and she cannot reveal what THOSE TWO have done, or if she does, no one will believe her. Everything they’ve done and every word they’ve spoken is for their OWN protection. e her. They are evil, evil peopled.

    1. Yes, I see that inconsistency and trying to have it both ways from both of them, too. Mostly from Cindy, though. For example, their attorney said and never took back, as far as I know, that the parents believe Casey to be not innocent. That info came out in a media blitz the evening before Cindy took the stand to say she did the computer searches. Everything they both do appears calculating to me and I wondered at the time why let the public see them as against Casey and the court see Cindy try to show otherwise on the stand. Mixed up people who are not as smart as they want everyone to believe.

  8. I still believe she chloroformed her to death, accidentally and when the body was decomposing in her car and leaking bodily fluids, that’s when she wrapped the duct tape around her mouth and nose to keep it from spilling onto her trunk. The wrapping a blanket and bagging def shows a connection to the “ritual” used at home to bury pets. Obviously showing her relationship to her daughter as being a pet and not a child. Like a dog, she no doubt lived and like a dog she died. How very sad, they should sterilize this woman so she never has anymore children. As for her parents, no sympathy there, they’ve helped to create this whole scene. I’m disgusted by the fact that Cindy is a nurse and was in such denial to all of not only Casey’s problems but her own. Shame on all of them

  9. Again, sorry about the errors. This site will not allow corrections, and when corrections are made they are posted anyway.

  10. Possibly sociopathic? Having had an experience with one in my life the situation while far worse seems eerily familiar. To the extent the family got involved also.

  11. Does anyone find the number of “dead Pets” this family has had, mind boggling? I thought it was surreal, until I heard a commentator question the same thing….

  12. All I can say about this whole thing is that Jose helped to seal Casey’s fate. What was the reason to have the whole family testify to how they dealt with dead pets? Putting a doubt out there that just maybe another family member prepared Caylee for her burial? I believe only one person did that. Casey A.

  13. Lillian…..your blog posts never cease to amaze me!
    I have watched ALL of this trial , I’ve read dozens of blog posts daily and listened to numerous talk show interviews. You seem to be pulling a Nancy Grace here in which you play add and subtract with the truth. We ALL have our own opinion about this but to inject things such as George Anthony was into S&M is ludicrous! You & Krystal/River are the only two people I have ever heard this from. Not even Baez went here! What is it about George Anthony that brings such “hate” out of you? Are you just a man hater? Was your father a cop? Were you molested by a family member? If you were really paying attention to this trial, you would be like ” Most ” of us and realize that George Anthony had nothing to do with precious Caylee Marie’s death !
    There are no Norman Rockwell families, parents make mistakes raising children. MOST families have some form of dysfunction in it. I doubt that George & Cindy Anthony set out to raise a daughter that would kill her child! I think they spoiled her, NEVER held her accountable for her actions or lies and therefore enabled her to become a narcissist. That is parental failure but it does not make them responsible for their granddaughters murder! Do you have children? If so, are you a perfect mother? Is your child perfect? Can you say you would not lie to take the death penalty out if they were on trial?
    I am a parent of 3 grown children,9 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.
    I’m sure I made many mistakes raising my children but by the grace of God they are at present stable, loving, functional adults that have never given me any grief.
    Also, my children were exposed to the ” yard burial ” of a couple of family pets.
    Yes, they were put into plastic bags and we had a little funeral. I did not see fit to buy a pet casket and a plot in a pet cemetery, in fact that never crossed my mind and this did not damage them mentally! I do believe Casey took this into her plan but let’s not forget that she first murdered her child and NEEDED to dispose of Caylee’s body. She was NOT able to dig a hole with the shovel she borrowed so plan B was to throw poor Caylee into the woods like trash. ANYONE ELSE would have at least BURIED the child in a grave! PLEASE STOP blaming the grieving grandparents for the murder of Caylee.
    Casey murdered this child and we will never know the how or why!
    Why you have taken this Krystal aka River’s word as gospel is also a mystery to me. I’ve heard 3 different interviews with this woman and watched her testify.
    I’ve also heard her tell 3 different stories, and testify saying that both Baez and Ashton “were correct”. She by her own admission ” hit” on this man who was in at the lowest point in his life. She said in one interview she gave him 24 thousand dollars, yesterday it was 4 thousand. Give me a break! She is just another person who inserted herself into this case and like everyone else whose done that, she got burned! She doesn’t want to be in this spot she said then left the stand and headed for a CAMERA!

  14. A simple answer to your topic question is YES and the irony of it all is that her OWN attorney brought it up and put the same idea into the minds of the jury. Sheesh.

  15. Was anyone else shocked at HOW MANY dead pets this family has had? Truthfully, I have never heard or experienced a family who had to dispose of so many pets.

      1. Good one skipper! I think she was practicing the chlorofoam recipe on the yorkies that’s why they were so tired.

        Cindy was looking up chorophyll because the dogs were eating bamboo leaves…what a crock of shit. What would chorophyll have to do with that? I just put in dogs eat bamboo leaves and hit a site that said the chinese heavenly or sacred bamboo is poisonious not you southern US variety. Her lying stupidly is just going to come back around and convict Casey and show what a horror of a erson Cindy is.

      1. Exactly, I’m starting to see that they don’t seem to value the life of these small pets. Maybe in Casey’s mind she put Caylee in that category. Scary~

    1. Don’t they usually have about four pets at one time? According to what I’ve seen and read, they had two dogs and two cats in 2008. I think that’s what’s unusual.

  16. I’m not saying that G & C are innocent, but they hardly need to make sure no one believes Casey. Casey can never be believed, because Casey, couldn’t tell the truth, if her life depended on it. (And, it does.)

  17. Oh wow Dr. Glass, I thought the same thing, as they were describing all the plastic with the pets and the burial I was thinking, cripes, the animals got more dignity (or dognity) with their burials than Caylee who was tossed like trash and garbage into the woods. Mind boggling!!! Heartless!
    Thank you for all your articles, they are so right-on-the-mark, your insight is amazing!!!

  18. Standingintruth- I have to say over the last thirty years I have lost six pets myself. Not unusual for pet owners. As far as dogs eating Bamboo, it’s pretty fiberous and not easy to chew. Gets caught in their throat. I know as my cats have tried to eat it as well as my dog. They spit it out. Don’t think I believe that story from Cindy. Dogs eating bamboo. Not likly.

  19. Soooo many dead animals… do you think casey was testing the chloroform on the pets before giving it to caylee… I mean cindy testified to the doggies being overly unusually sleepy.. which prompted her to “search” as she said she did… *which she didn’t*

  20. We can socially indite the Anthony family but the one who is on trial is Casey. Casey took the easy road and didn’t get a job, using her parents to support her and Caylee. Casey left Caylee with her friend to watch lying that she was going to work when in reality she was clubbing and hanging out with her peer group. Casey stole money from her mother and grandparent. Casey stole money from her friend and wrote bad checks. Casey fabricated the Nanny story and told family and friends that Caylee was with the nanny. Casey told Amy H. that she was going to inherit her parents home, then she wasn’t, then she told Amy H. that her father was on the way to the hospital due to a heart attack and so on in a strand of lies. Casey lied to her current boyfriend about the whereabouts of Caylee saying she was with the fictitious nanny. Casey told her peers who asked about her daughter that she was at the beach or universal or disney with the fictitious nanny. Casey lied to her boyfriend, peers, parents, and police about having a job that she did not have. She appeared to lie to her family about the nanny kidnapping her daughter Caylee and to the police as well. She lied about where she dropped off Caylee to the nanny’s and misled police on a number of wild goose chases. Oh, and lets not forget she told Amy. H that the reason her car smelled was because of dead squirrels and her attorney claimed that it really wasn’t dead squirrels it was just garbage in the trunk. She pretended in court recently to be not of sound mind but was found completely competent by a group of psychiatrists to stand trial.

    She wrote cryptic posts on her facebook, myspace, and lying texts to multiple people. She wrote a cryptic note in a journal. In a 31 day period during the time her child was no where in sight she clubbed, drank, watched movies, shopped, got a tattoo that was eerily cryptic and tended to match the journal entry. She posted photos of her fun, she had sex with a young man, she abandoned her car in a lot and lied saying her father took the car to the shop later. She dodged her family’s attempts to contact her. She changed her story from the nanny took Caylee to her father raped her and her father helped her cover up a terrible drowning accident. She has told people at various times different stories about her parents, brother, family, and even other people who did or did not exist. She has real people she tells stories about and fictitious people she tells stories about. When the investigation of her own daughter took place she lied to investigators, led them down many deceptive paths again and again, just as she has led the court, jury and us watchers down deceptive path’s blaming everyone but herself for her behavior and the disappearance/death of her daughter. Casey has never, never, taken personal accountability for anything during that time but chosen to blame real and fictitious people for all that happened. She was found guilty of check fraud and fined but her parents agreed to cover the cost of the payment to her friend Amy. Maybe the did it to rescue her which seems to be a trend, or maybe they felt bad for Amy who had her money stolen too just as they had had their money stolen by Casey. Their motive really doesn’t matter, it’s what Casey did, what Casey is on trial for.

    In the end of it all it is all subject to speculation as to what part her family played in messing her up, covering for her, cheating with lovers or whatever. Her family isn’t on trial for murder. Her family may well have moral bankruptcy but that isn’t a punishable crime. They may have enabled Casey over the years to lie, steal, and not take responsibility for her actions and be held accountable but that isn’t a crime. There are things people do every day from road rage to stealing candy off the shelf of convenience stores and it goes unchecked. Society is full of dysfunctional people. I work with the public and I see a vast amount of immaturity, anger, and all types of inappropriate behaviors so it doesn’t surprise me that the Anthony acts inappropriately or dysfunctional. They are not on trial but Casey is on trial. Casey was during the disappearance of her daughter and is a legal adult. No one took Casey by the hand and forced her into the decisions to steal money from her parents, so the convenient lie of everything is my parents fault is gone out the window there. In truth what the State’s Attorney and most of us know deep down is that Casey made the ungodly choice to kill her child. Her motivation seemed to be one of selfishness. Casey is the one on trial and maybe her family did enable her but they aren’t the ones who were last seen driving away with Caylee. Casey Anthony is a killer who doesn’t feel any emotion toward anyone but herself. If her father cheated with a woman that isn’t subject to law. Of course there are moral and social soft laws, the ones that we all live by that aren’t enforced but we know right from wrong and so the Anthony’s have broken some of those but they are not punishable in a court of law, like murdering one’s own child is. Bottom line in all the speculation about her family is that they aren’t on trial for murder but she is.

    1. And I do believe that Casey made the decision to wrap her daughter in bags and toss her. Maybe she did learn it from observation but that is a moot point. Doesn’t matter who taught her or what happened to her as a child. Many people suffer things during the growing up years but we all aren’t out there killing, bagging and tossing our children out like trash so we can go play. *shakes head in disgust at Casey’s feigned tragic life excuses* People suffer all kinds of things but it doesn’t make them murder their family/child. Shame on Casey for using things such as molestation as an excuse because I personally don’t believe her and I think it will discredit those who truly have suffered at the hands of a molester. And *shrug* even if it is true that doesn’t give anyone the right to kill.

      1. I agree, I don’t for a minute buy that she was sexually abused. I have so much abuse in my past and I have NEVER once thought about hurting much less murdering someone. I stopped blaming it on my childhood years ago. Yes, Casey needs to take responsiblity and accountability but she’s not capable because she has no conscience.
        She had no right to kill but she wanted the “good life” and I believe that she thought she was so expert at lying that she truly thought she’d get away with this and everyone would believe her. She even stated in her jailhouse calls that she would fix everything once she was out of jail. The world revolves only around Casey. I think she’s a borderline personality. IMHO.

    2. I agree with everything you said Marianne, I think we are all accessing and blown away how a 22 year old can behave like this, it’s certainly learned from somewhere. Sure, she is an adult and is responsible for what SHE does, not her parents, I believe she has arrested development, thanks in part to her enabling and rescuing parents and I think she is a child, emotionally and mentally. Her parents babied her and her mother coddled and controlled her. I don’t think we are putting the entire Anthony family on trial, people just are just questioning and are blown away about the dynamics and pathology of the family and how Casey came to all this behavior. Your comments are excellent.

      1. I agree Juliet. I think it’s difficult to understand the enabling behaviors of her family and people are blown away by the dynamics of all that has and is going on. This case is important to society on many levels and hopefully we can all take something valued away from it in learning healthy behaviors as families.

    3. I agree 100% with your comments. I do not hold anyone else accountable or responsible for Casey’s actions. Maybe because I’m not a person who has or has had many pets, the number of pets they have buried was shocking to me. Doesn’t go to Casey’s guilt or mitigation of that guilt, just a comment.

  21. “Instead, she needs to be put in the same prison cell with her mother. This way they could destroy each other. http://www.drlillianglass.com

    Sorry, but that statement is very chilling to me. Convict the guilty Casey and lock her up to protect the rest of us. The hyperbole is not warranted.

    1. Now that would be something, Casey and Cindy having to live in the same cell! They would likely get along to spite the world, at least for a short while. LOL. When not fighting amongst themselves, they fight against the world.

      I feel sorry for them and hope one day individually, they will discover they have a conscience, we all do, theirs has been silenced through pride and arrogance. “Pride cometh before the fall.” Not a preachy person but it is obvious.

      1. Yah, if they lived in the same cell, Cindy would tell her what to eat, when to sleep, comb her hair, what she could buy from the vending machine…..but more importantly, Cindy would tell Casey to continue denying everything. All those 2 woman care about are their IMAGES. It’s all about image. They don’t care what we all think but they do care what they themselves think about their images. Sickening.

  22. There testimony yesterday most definitely lead me to think Casey learned how to dispose of Caylee from the earlier experiences of watching how the family dead dogs were buried. I’m sure many children have watched burial rituals for their dead pets and have not used it to dispose a human body. Casey is a dangerous person who should be locked away for the rest of her life. She killed Caylee, she acted alone.

    1. I wonder how these family pets died, I know that children who who toture/kill animals usually grow up to commit homicide. Maybe there is a connection with these dead pets. Who knows?

      1. Meant to say – children who torture/kill animals usually grow up to commit homicide, especially involving small children…Now Casey may have chloroformed Cindy’s dog, maybe just maybe monster mom killed family pets too. JMO

      2. You aren’t the first or last to wonder about this. That is a lot of dead pets! We had lots of pets in my home growing up, multiple cats and dogs and even a blackbird I rescued from the cat. A dog died of old age (15 year old poodle), a cat was hit by a car, and my little black bird Woodstock lived for four years after I saved him. That’s it. So I hear ya, and wondered the same thing . . .

  23. Dr. Glass wrote: “The main thing which came out of River Cruz’s testimony that is super serious for George is that he already knew there was a dead Caylee, yet he allowed people to spend their time and money searching for a child who could never be found alive. To me he is just as bad as Casey and should be prosecuted for lying.”

    WHAT???? River proved NOTHING, other than she is unstable woman who injected herself into a high profile case, far from being alone on that count. She came onto a married man by her own admission, she said contradicting statements at different times, and she looks disheveled most of the time.

    The prosecution showed according to River/Krystal words, written in the police report and likely, signed by River/Krystal, she stated George said (while he was sitting on the couch and she sitting on the floor), “I BELIEVE it was an accident that snowballed.” Krystal claimed she couldn’t talk, she was shocked, she didn’t make anything more of it at the time or she would have immediately gone to the police with THAT information.

    George’s gut knew Caylee was dead, he smelled a DEAD BODY in her daughter’s car, but his mind he didn’t want to believe Casey did it. That is a normal response, he would have rather BELIEVED it was an accident and Casey panicked. He wasn’t sure.

    Imagine yourself in his position, would you JUMP to the assumption your child killed her child, your grandchild. Do you have children? His actions seem like that of a confused, panicked, horrified, need more details sort. Yes, he should have called the police immediately, but maybe he wanted to be absolutely certain Casey was not the hand that did this unimaginable deed. He even threw up when questioned at the police station and he discussed the smell in the trunk.

    George has shown to have a conscience, unlike Cindy. Why are you so DOWN on George? You are not objective but hey, this board is for posting opinions and I consider yours an opinion.

    Even body language analyst disagree because another body language analyst disagrees with your read on River and on George. Cindy is a pretty clear read. I don’t profess to comprehend in full the science of body language but I trust my street smarts and instincts about people. It has saved me from much trouble with troublesome people.

    1. I agree Nancy, I believe that River Cruz aka “unstable Krystal”, inserted herself in this high profile case too. She admitted last night with Vinny Politan that SHE was the agressor and seduced George, yes, he could have said no, but he is a weak man (no excuse) and most men who are vulnerable who are presented with a sexually flitatious woman in his presence don’t have the strength to turn down those advances, their brains, oops, I mean their penis’s (same thing) take over their impulses. I too believe that George has “some” conscience.
      I think too that George is confused, conflicted, puzzled, baffled and that he KNEW on July 15, 2008 with the smell of a dead body i that trunk, he knew Casey did this without a doubt. He didn’t call the police because he was going to “pretend” he didn’t believe this. Cindy denied it more than George ever did to the public.

      1. It is hard to imagine having to live through what the grandparents have had to live thru. In such highly emotionally charged situations, one is running on adrenaline, and one’s thinking is not clear.

        This case is NOT about George’s sex life, it is about MURDER, a DEAD CHILD.

      2. I read that people who believe Krystal will be doing so due to emotional bias, i.e. they have been in a situation where they can project their feelings onto Krystal. For them the supporting facts, the truth, and so forth won’t have any bearing.

        These situations where people project themselves onto others means there can not exist objectivity, the people relate to the facts in a subjective way. It happens all the time, look at how Baez questions witnesses for the State, they are there because Caylee Anthony’s story is a high profile story, they are interested in money, they are seeking notoriety, etc. etc. reasons Baez got involved? Baez e has no experience in dp cases? I believe this case is said to have a record history for sidebars and for other
        reasons due to his inexperience/and or underhanded methods! mo

      3. Bull, it takes two. George is just as responsible for getting involved in an affair while looking for his grandchild. No excuse for both of them.

      4. Juliet, Right she admits she was the aggressor..but wants George to own up to being part of it..as if she had no blame her as a woman who took advantage of a man in mourning and grief and pain of a missing child…Mark her with the letter “B” for Bitch!

    2. The only thing that River aka Crystal proved was that she would go after a married man who is suffering the most traumatic time of his life. That’s all she proved to me.

      River’s clear contradictions on the stand prove she is an accomplished liar.

      1. @ NancyB
        Yeah the whole “affair” or whatever happened has absolutely nothing to do with Caylee’s murder by her mother Casey Anthony. It’s a distraction.

        River there is milking that cash cow…. Personally, I think she will find herself on the wrong side of the law within the next two years and it won’t go well with this media-h* who preys on married men who are dealing with the traumatic loss of a grandchild due to their murdering mother – his own daughter!

    3. Thank you! Thank you! I think both him and Cindy knew from the minute they picked up the car what had happened, but they both pushed it out of their mind, as MANY people would. You don’t know what you’re going to do until you’re in the situation, that’s for sure! It took George a long time to come to terms with what Casey had done – I think he must have started to right around the time of his attempted suicide. He showed the other day that he is sorry for the person Casey has become. Cindy, on the other hand, is still in denial, which as a mother I can understand. It will take her longer to come to terms with what has happened, but eventually she will. I hope she can be there for her husband, and he her, because the two of them are going to need each other as they try to get through this for the rest of their lives.

  24. Were I a juror, I would assume that Casey knocked out poor Caylee (with Xanax or chloroform) on a regular basis and left her to sleep in the car trunk–then went off and partied away. On June 16th/early 17th she went to check on Caylee and found her dead. The duct tape was placed to stop the inevitable secretions coming from Caylee’s nose and mouth. What else to do but put Caylee in a plastic bag to initially hide the body-she didn’t want to see Caylee everytime she opened the trunk. Then, as the decomposing smell intruded, Casey had to get rid of the body fast. For her, the woods turned out to be a good place to leave Caylee, because by the time Caylee was found, there was not much left in the way of evidence to show cause of death.

    1. Maybe, it happened that way. Which is still murder. Drugging and putting a child in a truck can lead to death. Premeditation can happen one second before a crime, the moment she shut that child in the truck, drugged, or not drugged.

      Judge Perry stated because of the duct tape over the child’s air passages, he can NOT rule out that the child died by intentional suffocation. I had to stop my thoughts from racing to imagine that scenario for poor Caylee!

      Part of the way Casey gets her kicks, is keeping people guessing, in other words, emotional torture. Don’t expect to hear her tell us what really happened any time soon or even in this lifetime.

      1. Wow Nancy, you sure hit the nail on the head, about Casey getting her kicks by mentally and emotionally torturing people, with her games, with her lies, her manipulations. Jesse Grund or whatever his name is, said she is a diabolical liar.

    2. yes, also if a jury member discounts everything Casey, Cindy, George, Lee and all the other smoke & mirrors fiction from the defense argued and just go with basic facts and testimony of unbiased witnesses I think she will b found guilty. For examples: what the tow truck guy said about the trunk decomp smell(had previous experience with the smell due to nature of his business), what the neighbor said about KC looking to borrow a shovel (couldn’t ask dad for shed key because she did that covertly when neither G/C was home at time), the approximate date of death from MD testimony on Caylees’s remains and lastly the duct tape/other items from home found at dump site IMHO points only to Casey’s guilt via motive (freedom from responsibilty of child and grandmother) as well as having the opportunity to do the crime. And if Prosecution can rebut Cindys testimony about chloroform searches 3 months prior to Caylees DOD than that would also add to premeditation.
      Again jmo.

    3. Oh, yes. She is a murderer. She is responsible for Caylee’s death and should be locked away for the rest of her life.

    4. I don’t believe for one minute that she was drugging Caylee and then found her dead. The reason: She had done researches on the computer about chest injuries, head injuries, head trauma, broken bones and here’s the clincher, a SHOVEL, now why would you need a shovel…..to bury a dead baby, that’s why. She deliberately killed this child, no accident. It was pre-meditated!

      1. A shovel would scoop up the body fluids that were making the stink. Who has to google “shovel”? Casey did as she knew there were dif. types of shovels….she wanted to make sure the neighbor didn’t go and lend her a spade which is exactly what he did because that’s the type of shovel to use for digging up bamboo roots. Shovel is flat across the end; useful for scooping body fluids from the trunk.

    5. mgm, I’ve always thought the purpose of the duct tape was to keep secretions from escaping – it may not have been applied at first, but when Caylee started “leaking” post morten in Casey’s trunk, she probably taped her mouth at that time.

  25. Good afternoon all. Hello Dr Glass. I have to say I am fairly shocked that the defense would toss out something like the pet burials as the last thing the jury heard before the defense rested. I have to say, even though I find the actions of both george and Cindy reprehensible, I don’t know if I buy into the theory that she is what she is because of her parents. My parents were both violent drunks, my father and my brother both had a go at me when I was young and I actually think I turned out pretty ok. I am very wary of people in general and I don’t form attachments well, but I certainly don’t lie or pretend to have a job or anything of the like.

    1. Kelly, many people here agree with your thoughts. Bad parents do not necessarily make bad children, often the children search out a better way of life and succeed.

      There are dysfunctional family dynamics where the enabler needs the codependent, they feed each other until the end. It’s part of the sickness until one party breaks the cycle and gets healthy, whereby, the relationship must then change. Often, the relationship is broken because the healthier one cannot be in relation with the unhealthy party.

      Casey acted alone and she tried to hide what she had done by casting blame on others. BLAME is her game.

  26. For a number of years we lived in a very wealthy part of Florida.
    Many young people had a lifestyle similar to Casey’s, their parents willingly supported them. Casey was not from that background, but desired it, so she lied or stole to achieve it.
    I still maintain that if Caylee had been in a licensed day care, from which other family members could have picked her up, she might be alive today. It is unconsionable to me, as a grandmother, that Geo. and Cindy allowed Caylee to be ‘dropped’ somewhere, and did not have a phone number, name or address for the ‘nanny. They knew Casey was a world class liar, and they are not stupid.
    It would appear that when Casey couldn’t pawn her daughter off on some friend, she had to have her with her while she drove around, pretending to work.. That would drive even a loving mother a little nuts.

  27. “The main thing which came out of River Cruz’s testimony that is super serious for George is that he already knew there was a dead Caylee, yet he allowed people to spend their time and money searching for a child who could never be found alive. To me he is just as bad as Casey and should be prosecuted for lying.”

    Give me a break! The searches were being done in the woods. Did anyone expect to find Caylee hiding in the woods, playing with toys, playing a trick on everyone? It was 3 months later and Caylee hadn’t been found alive. The only logical conclusion was that she was deceased. Anyone with half a brain figured that out. It’s not like George knew how Caylee died, or where her remains were. In his heart he believed Caylee was dead, unlike Cindy who just stopped searching for Caylee 6 weeks before she first testified. This isn’t an omission, this isn’t a lie, George felt that Caylee was dead. So what? Who didn’t? To suggest that he “allowed people to spend their time and money searching for a child who could never be found alive” is ludicrous. Of course they still had to search! There were no murder charges until her remains were found. George should be prosecuted for lying about what?

    I just read this blog for fun. All your credibility was lost when you said that George was faking it on the stand when he was talking about his suicide attempt and just wanting to be with Caylee. But your posts make me laugh and I need some laughter during this morbid trial.

    1. I appreciate your insightful comments. Yes, Dr. Glass’s credibility has taken a sharp turn. imho.

      The way I see it George was in the middle between two headstrong women, Cindy and Casey. Look how meek and resigned Lee appears!

      George chose not to be a violent man in this seemingly impossible situation, and so tried to maintain some peace by silence, as ordered by Cindy, or trying to mediate over and over. Women often complain that men are violent, or bossy, or weak.

      There would be many more divorces if men didn’t try to do the right thing, even when living with TOXIC WOMEN. Have you written that book?

      How about women taking responsibility for their contribution to situations? Not taking responsibility is irresponsible. imo.

      Casey acted alone. Rivers chose to seek George out, her words. Cindy is a controller.

    2. Laugh morbidly until the cows come home, but you must need attention for yourself else you’d do your morbid laughing and turn the page without commenting.

      On the other hand, you bring up a good point about George. He knew all along Caylee was dead, yet continued to hoist the family Petard of Denial.

      If anything, it underscores what a passive, unsmart tool George was back then. Thankfully he pulled it together for Caylee Marie in the last few days.

    3. I agree. The vendetta against the Anthony’s, while River Cruz has done the same behavior (lied to law enforcement, sold her story to the National Enquirer) but the later gets a free ride? C’mon!

  28. Two peas in a pod is exactly right! Truly appalling to treat animals & childen, people with such cruelty. Great assessment of the family dynamics between casey & family. Very sad

  29. I can tell that many of you have followed this case from the beginning and may even be near the courthouse and have seen those involved in the investigation and the trial. I am new to it and while I have heard more than the jury is allowed to, I still don’t know the case well. I thank all of you for your insight into it all. At the beginning of the trial, I was uncertain how much, or if any, help Casey had. As I have watched though, I am confident that Casey acted alone. Here are a few reasons: The entire missing story and Caylee’s disposal was too messy and unplanned. If George had been a help to her..after the fact of death..surely he would have taken care of Caylee’s burial in some way where she was never found and the story would have made some kind of sense. Casey seemed surprised by the process of decomposition…as if she thought she had a solution to hiding a dead body by ‘just’ leaving it in the trunk. No matter what part any of her family played in Casey growing up to be the person she is, and no matter what we have learned about any of her family, I cannot see any of them answering her in the affirmative if she had gone to them and said ‘I am planning to kill Caylee, will you help me’. Right now, the only question in my mind is how will the jury vote.

  30. Could someone please reassure me that Caylee didn’t suffer. I want to believe that beautiful little girl didn’t have to see and feel her mother killing her. If it was
    chloroform, tell me Caylee went to sleep and didn’t suffocate .

    1. I hear you Teresa, really I hope that Casey knocked her out and then suffocated her while out so it was easier. God that is horrible, but I pray that Caylee didn’t suffer, that she died in her sleep, and taken to a better place.

      We will never know because Casey lied about where the body was for so long, most of the evidence faded away. Now it’s Casey’s turn to sit in prison and fade away as well.

  31. p.s. I hope Cindy and George and Lee will be prosecuted for perjury. The whole family needs to be punished. Caylee needs justice.

    1. I just listened to this, thanks Marianne. I heard Leonard Padilla expound more about Tracy’s stay at the Anthony’s. He said the agreement was that if Leonard bailed Casey out of jail the condition was that Tracy would have to stay with the Anthony’s and be with Casey at all times, which ended up being 9 days and 9 nights…..the goal was to find Caylee, period and get infor from Casey as to where Caylee was. Leonard said that Tracy said that Casey cooked for everyone, stayed in her room when she wasn’t at Jose’s law firm all day playing on the computer, Casey would make bead necklaces, bead bracelets, would play computer games, be on myspace, but never had an interest in looking for Caylee…..she could have cared less.
      One day Tracy was thumbing through Caylee’s baby book so when Casey saw this, she ran to the bookshelve and took hers out and said, “you have to see mine”…..never wanted Caylee to have any attention. That’s why Casey blew up at her friend on the phone from jail because her friend (Christine) started crying “if anything bad happened to Caylee, I will just die” and that’s when Casey said, “oh my god, calling you guys, big mistake”, she just cannot stand when it’s about Caylee and not about her.
      Tracy hasn’t done interviews before and she was limited in hers with Ann Curry. Leonard goes into more details, but Leonard is another one that thinks Caylee’s death was an accident. It makes no sense. Not with the computer searches.
      Anyway Marianne, thanks for sharing that.

      1. Juliet thank you, that was extremely interesting and very clear about the nature of Casey Anthony. It’s ghastly and frightening when I think about her murdering her own child. I can’t fathom harming any child. Casey clearly isn’t normal.

  32. Not enough time to read the blog, judt schrolling, looking for Becky’s pic, and comment. This is so so sad. My children are in their thirty’s. No way we had that many pets and seems we were always rescuing one every time we turned around. I have a beautiful little wild one, (looks like Beckys picture) that came out of the woods 3 yr’s ago. She let me feed her, then later, had her 3 litters on my pourch with me right there. This has been 2 rr’s ago, I still cry for the one little girl that I wanted to keep.I did keep her “Big Boy JOJO) and he’s half wild and half brothers inside with our westie. I was able to catch the momma and have her fixed, as well as Jo, but my heart aches for that one sweet kitten I could not keep. Even though she went to a good home. Sorry guys to ramble, but it made me sick to hear of their many pets that most appeared to have short lives.How Casey could go for 31 days , without reporting that child missing, is beyond me.The vet put our 14 yr old rescue poodle down, I have no idea how he fixed her, my daughter took her blanket, she has a head stone, and flowers.I miss her so much.That poor little child, poor little Caylee.I trust justice is served.I’ll read ya’lls post later. Always enjoying u sharing, thanks. Think I’ve told you, “first time blogger”.

    1. Thank Patricia for visiting my posts 🙂

      Yes, the only pets I had die that quickly were hamsters and I’ve owned cats, dogs, and horses in addition to hammies. Hamsters have a lifespan of 3 years if you are lucky.

  33. George did not know that Caylee was already dead. River Cruz did NOT say that. Under cross, she stated that George said, “I believe it was an accident that snowballed out of control.” You must have missed that.

  34. Makes me laugh every time I am surprised with that pic, ha. Hey, last night I tried to visit that site, the long name cheez thing, I never got it to respond, hummm. Maybe with my husband on one lap tpo, granddaughter on another, then me, stuck on the slowest one in the housse. Guess that gives a sad pic of our fam, but we do have together time…ha. I did visit a sight that was new, I have seen this guy on tv before, Levi Page? Ever heard of him? He interviewed “River Cruz” the night before she testified. Man, she was ticked !! I found it at levi page radio blogger. clicked on interview with ” River”.I believe a touch of 6th sence has touched a few things in that court room, not to sound weird.

  35. Mr.Janos,WOW, I checked that out.I have been saying that I feel Cindy is taking notes to hand over to aghost writter , for the book. Hummm, next the movie? Kristin will loss a lot of fans, IMO. My granddaught is a huge fan, due to twilight of course.Do you recall in Caseys bjail letters , she names an actress that she has been told she resembles? She states, I’ll take that, it’s a compliment. I can not recall her name, but can “see” her face, something like Alissa Milstone, sorry no where close. That was first time to check out Perez blog. thx. Hllywood should boycoutt that one for sure !!!!!

  36. Ro, just ask Cindy, I’m sure she will demand Sharon Stone. The more I think of these freaks, the madder I become, sooooo many beautiful children, toessed away each day. I just cant wrap my head around it.

  37. I agree with the fact that Casey probably got the bag idea from her family and tried to bury Caylee but it was too much like work. But you seem to very partial to River Cruz who not only was in a serious relationship but supposedly having an affair with a married man. A woman like this has never done ‘you know what’ with a man until George forced her? Seriously? I don’t believe it for one single minute! She and her sister seem very suspicous to me and in my mind she could have thown herself at George to get some kind of fame out of it. Why else did she do it? She’s much younger than him and he’s not ‘cute’. So why did she get into a relationship with him? Hmmmm.

    1. I agree. River Cruz looks to be at least forty years old, and I find it highly unlikely she had never before engaged in this sexual act that many teenagers are familiar with.

      It’s a common act. She can’t have had much of a previous sex life if this is new to her.

  38. Mr.Janos, i have always thought there will be plenty of books, and movies as well.Yes, you are right , Lifetime is whatever percent you said, , not to mention “true story saturday”. It just ticks me off, closing arguments still days away, and I just cant watch ?the movie”, Lacey Petterson story, quilty of watching, and also felt my own personal quilt while watching, seeing the actor portray Sharon(Ms.Roache”, sitting on the couch, learning of the discovery of Laceys body washing up, even scences of Scotts parents.It’s just so heart breaking, but I think i cant get past the thought of it being little caylees blood money.I guess thats it.I know we both agree that caylee was such a beautiful little girl, being a grandmother, just dont think i could bear to see a child actor placed in a trunk, etc. (combine w/ $ to Cindy).

  39. I find Cindy Anthony frightening. Her frequent switching in character has bothered me for years. What is that? The woman seems mentally ‘off’, maybe Borderline? Yesterday, Judge Perry said if Cindy lied on the stand all of her testimony would have to be stricken from the record. The jury cannot use it.

    The upsetting factor is that more than likely, her daughter was NOT going to get a death sentence, anyway. Did Cindy ‘fall on the sword” for her daughter or is she so arrogant and hateful of authority that she couldn’t help but try to control the situation?

    I don’t know.

    The amount of lying that this family does is mind boggling. They seem to have no Trust for anyone but themselves. It’s peculiar. It’s sad.

    I do hope Cindy gets some jail time for the lying. Judge Perry is a judge of law and order. I cannot see him excusing perjury, no matter what the excuse. And her lying IS an excuse.

    Cindy has disrespected the law from the beginning. She told us the car smelled like human decomposition. Then she cleaned the car with a whole bottle of Febreze. She washed the clothing that was in the car and had death all over them. She cleaned the baby doll. She destroyed evidence.

    Cindy didn’t want the truth. She still doesn’t. She wants all of us and the lawyers and the judge and the police officers to go away. She has forgiven Casey for killing her granddaughter and now she wants her to come home and pretend it’s over. Cindy hates that the Law is interfering with her life. She continues to defy authority AND civility. Cindy not only thinks her thinking is right but she is really angry that we don’t agree with her.

  40. I thought Cindy seemed a little uncomfortable talking about her pets. I think she loved her pets. If its true that they took them to the vet to be put down (one died at the vet) they decided to bring them home for burial that show me they cared about them. Also if true it was the vets that wrapped those pets in a blanket and then plastic.
    Dr. Lillian I hear what you say when you said you still are emotional about your dog who passed 6 yrs ago. I have had three dogs that have passed and I took them very hard. I still miss them. The last one Mitt’s who passed in 2002 took me a long time to not get upset when speaking about or thinking of him. It wasn’t until about 2007 after my family took the leap and decided to bring home a new furbaby that I was able to let go of alot of my sadness. We never buried any of our dogs that was left for the vets but I did are smaller pets and would put them in a plastic bag or two and tied them in a knot.

    I didn’t interpret what George said to River Cruz the same way you did. In her statement to law inforcement she said, George said, “He ‘believed’ it was an accident… He didn’t say he ‘knew’ what happened. If George did know I highly doubt he would have told Crystal.

    I think Crystal is no being fully truthful.

  41. Back to Merideth Baxter Birney playing Cindy – what a hoot! how perfect is that? I guess you remember her in the Betty Broderick movies. And I saw that rebuttle witness trip coming out of the witness box ( I think it was Dr. Goldberger). How embarassing was that for him? I’ve seen lots of people have trouble navigating those steps behind the chair.

  42. They all should be locked-up and I could not believe she was telling the story of the dogs burial either. Dumb ass way to close your case. Baez is a dips_ _ t he is affront to the legal system. Prosecutors have more than enough to charge Cindy and George, question is will they? we will be watching and waiting, for time tells a story.

  43. We have all been asking for justice for Caylee, I think that is actually what has been happening, little by little, whatever they try, it doesnt back-fire by accident… INTERVENTION, spiritual intervention,? perhaps, at any rate, IMO, Caylee’s guardian angel is present in that court room.I will be satisfied with 30 / 40 yr’s. , beat’s a hung jury.I’m just sayin’

  44. I wonder if the tape was placed over mouth and nose to keep decompostion from spilling out. Why would casey drive her car around with a dead body. Knowing she could get pulled over. Maybe she didnt know it was in there.

  45. wouldnt it have been smarter to make caylees death to look like an accident if she was just going to murder her. Almost all mothers who kill their child call right away like an accident just happened. Casey behavior is bizaar its so increminating makes you wonder if she was doing what George told her to do . Leave and i’ll fix this. George just forgot about the duct tape. investigators dropped the ball on this one. They assumed the obvious must be right. nevermind that georges had expertise in this area

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