Casey Anthony Latest Spin About Why She Won’t Give Interviews For Three Months- She’s In Therapy

The above photo of famed Minnesota artist Dan Lacey’s depiction of Casey Anthony is  from Splash Photo Agency. To me it is  a perfect portrait of Casey with her pouting lips. elfin ears, sideburn curls, bulbous nose, and mishshapen eyebrows. But this portrait may only be a reminder of Casey’s courtroom past as she glams up  and ventures  out in the media in the next three months.

As most of you know by now  I detest spin and any form of media hype or BS . So when I heard that Casey Anthony won’t  be giving any interviews for three monthsbecause she will be seeking professional treatment for serious mental issues instead”  I was nauseated. First of all the kind of professional treatment  Casey needs cannot be accomplished in  few months.She needs a few years at least, if not a lifetime of therapy. In my view she needs to give her interview in three years, not three months.

Jose Baez, her spokesperson turned  manager,  allegedly said Casey is seeking treatment  because :

1. She now realizes that her questionable behavior when  Caylee went  missing  was the result of obvious mental health issues.”

2.  She still needs help to  deal with the  trauma of losing Casey  and “

3. She spent 3  years in  jail in solitary confinement  facing murder charges that “It messed with her head.”

I hate this nonsense becuase it is complete BS and spin in my view . What her handlers are no doubt doing by delaying her interviews  is buying time so that Caseywon’t be as hated as she is now. The time allows the public hatred to die down and soften.  In addition  she gave her interviews now what can she say?  No one would care .But in three months she has a new story as she reinvents herself.

Here’s how I see it. Yes it is speculation on my part but that is what I do in my blog. I speculate based on my objective observations and I am often correct in my assessments. So this is what I see happening durng her interview  after her three month hiatus from the public.

A. She can say she went through intensive therapy and it  finally opened her eyes. She will say how she found out she has Disassociative Syndrome or some other cockamamie syndrome to blame her actions on. How will she explain her cold and callous and evil behavior during the jailhouse call when she ignored Caylee and just wanted lover Tony Lazarro’s number?

B. She will talk about how her dad had oral sex with her every day  and  perhaps how he went into her room and possibly molested her since she was a baby. She will talk about how she detests him and can never be in his presence and how she may have had suspicions he may have molested Caylee. Whether this is true or not she will say how she feared hm and how she was promiscuous because of being molested by him. She will say how she learned this in therapy during her three months.

C. Then she will say how Lee molested her  since childhood and possibly say how she thought Caylee was his child  until   the DNA said he was not Caylee’s bio dad. She can say that she didn’t want her mother to know about her pregnancy because she didn’t want to get Lee in trouble and how she thought she may be having a deformed child. She will say how she wanted to adopt out the baby because she was afraid and didn’t want the reminder of Lee molesting her and getting her pregnant.

D.Then she will talk about evil mother Cindy and how she feared her and how mean and  controlling she was. She will  perhaps discuss  how Cindy yelled at her and hit her all the time when she was younger. She will tell everyone that the Cindy everyone saw on TV was the tip of the iceberg and what an evil witch Cindy was.  Actually there may be a morsel of truth here.

E. Next she will give some sob story about how she misses Caylee and how sad she is that Caylee is gone. This will no doubt be said from the lips of a person who did not cry one tear for Caylee but only cried tears  for herself. She will eek out some smiles and share how Caylee was the love of her life and how they had such a bright future together until her “accident”  and how she was in such and  fear she didn’t know what to do. She will of course tell us why she didn’t cry for Caylee and how it was part of her syndrome. She will also possibly show how Caylee is always alive to her and how she keeps her photo in a locket around her neck.

F. She may even spin it that with the money she earns  from books and interviews, she will start a Caylee Charity for missing children and that all money from any Caylee dolls and  tee shirts will go for this. She most likely will not say that as the Executive of the Charity she will  no doubt  receive a hefty income from it.

G. She will tells us about her life behind bars and how fearful she was and how poorly she was treated with no visitors except for her attorneys. She will tell us what she ate and her sleeping habits and  how her only hope was the wonderful people who wrote her and sent their support. She will use this opportunity during her exclusive  interview to thank them all. Don’t be surprised if you see a little fake tear here.

H. No doubt her debut  will be made with her having a new look with a  stylish hair do- long , but manageable and full  of volume. She will wear an attractive and appealing outfit that is sexy, and  have a super makeup  done complete with  shaped brows. No doubt she will be in top physical shape and the outfit that is chosen for her  will highlight her figure like Kim Kardashian.

Since Jose is controlling everything,  like who does the interview and what money will be given to Casey,  you can rest assured that he will also control the questions which will be asked. He will no doubt want the questions well ahead of time so Casey can rehearse them. No doubt she will have a media coach to guide her in terms of getting rid of like ums and ands and posture and pacing and breathing on camera. They will do countless videotaping sessions until Casey feels she has it right. But little does she know the body leaks the truth, so we will see through all thlis BS. If NBC wins the bid and Matt Lauer does the interview he will go gentle on her so she won’t walk way. She loves men so she will be all flirtsy with Matt. It’s hard to be tough on someone who is flirting with you.

She will say  she is grateful to her lawyers especially Jose  Baez and Cheney Mason. She will address any rumors about alleged affairs with she and Jose and perhaps tell us the kind of man she is looking for to start a new life.She will say how Jose was like a dad she never had and Cheney Mason was like a grandfather she never had and how MS. Simms was like the mom she never had and how Ann Finnell was like the grandmother she never had.

She will most likely  tell us how her future will involve continued therapy as she learns and grows . She will also say how she wants to finish  high school and go to college and be a lawyer, meet a guy and start a family because she loves kids so much and is a “good mother.”

She will also possibly  tell us how she fears for her life and no doubt  blame Nancy Grace for making everyone hate her. If pressed about her feelings towards Nancy, she will no doubt be instructed to say that her lawyers are handling that. This will give everyone the impression that Nancy HLN and CNN is headed for a major defamation suit, which Cheney Mason also hinted at.

So there you have it! What else could this woman possibly say? Jose will continue to sift through offers on behalf of Casey  and she will be a multimillionaire as will he.

Jose says that when Casey is  healthy, she  will have the final word on where and how her story will be told.  If Casey wanted to tell her story she needed to have done it in a court of law not in the media. That is complete BS. As for how her story will be told,I can tell you that. It will be told exactly as I laid forth in this blog and it will be done with a lot of spin and lost of media  hype. By the time you finsish listening to it, you will feel  sick to your stomach as you se and hear  her in Spin mode.


Exploiting A Dead Amy Winehouse Including Her Body

This photo is the ultimate in bad taste im my opinion. In fact it repulsed me. These are Amy Winehouse’s bodyguards posing with her cremated remains minutes after she was  cremated. To me it looks like a staged photo by one of the magazines who perhaps  paid them for this morbid  shot.

Precious, beautiful and talented larger than life,   and yes addicted and self destructive Amy was reduced to nothing more than a green bag.

If these men were her bodyguards why weren’t they guarding her body from all the drugs she was taking?  Why didn’t they rush her to the hospital if she wasn’t feeling well?   Why weren’t they around when she needed them? Obviously one checked up on her and found her dead. Why didn’t he check on her all night and stay with her?

If any of these men write a book about Amy or get money from magazies to TV shows it will be a crime in my view.

Then there was Microsoft one of the biggest and well-respected companies in the world who tried to exploit Amy. Because of the public outcry they were forced to apologize for their  Twitter tribute to British singer Amy Winehouse that encouraged mourners to purchase Amy’s  music from them.

Now there is also a sickening clothing vendor in the UK who is selling Amy Winehouse clothing. Granted she helped design them but it is wrong to start advertising them when the poor woman has been burned in a crematorium a day earlier. Showing photos of Amy wearing the clothes on her sickly anorexic body is also disturbing. What message does it give to young girls who look at Amy’s overly skinny arms?

The reality was that precious Amy was very very sick. If you look at this photo you will see her distended malnourished belly , her visible and extended ribs, gaunt face, and hair loss which are all signs of  physical sickness.  Why didn’t  someone step in and take charge and help this woman get well? They needed to show her this photo of herself to   give her a touch of reality.

But Amy was on her own path.She even said how she was her own worst enemy.  Her wonderful parents tried to help her repeatedly to no avail. I have no doubt that her marriage to Mr. Fielder Civil was the start of her demise as she looked very good before he came into the picture. No wonder her father Mitch detests him. Did he get a vulnerable Amy hooked on drugs?

Because Amy was so sick and died such an untimely death she does not need to be exploited. Of course more people will want her music in order to remember this great talent. People who never heard of her are now hooked on her gorgeous voice and amazing  songs which she wrote by herself. There is nothing wrong with that. But exploiting her in other ways is just plain wrong.

Most Women Would Never Do What Obama and Bohener Are Doing

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Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a sex difference between men and women with regards  to communication. In fact I  discuss it at great length in my books He Says She Says and in my book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Men and Women. In fact Kevin Burke did an awesome Boardway play play on it called Defending of the Cavememan which everyone needs to see.

One of the things I mention is that while  men will leave disputes in the boardroom, women usually do  not do so.It has been shown that women as a whole tend to carry over grudges in the workplace more so than men.

And for you contentious types who like to play the “I know better than you game” please don’t write  me to tell me that you are not one of the women who do this  or that you are not one of the men who do this, so and  therefore this is wrong information.  And please don’t waste your time telling me this is sexist . It is in no way sexist. This information is correct and is based upon years of reasearch efforts.

Personally as a woman I happen to  find it difficult to break bread with someone with whom I may be at odds. Obviously this was not the case with House Speaker John Bohner who was very much at odds  with Obama last week.

Last week they were at severe odds with one another  over taxes, the debt ceiling and the conflict in Libya, but  they  managed to put aside their differences for around of golf.

In fact Obama was actually smiling and joking around. This is something we have not seen from Obama for quite a while. Body language wise Bohners left leg  is turned in towards Obama which indicates that there is camaraderie.

While this may be standardizedbusiness practice for many  men in terms of bonding and trying to work out their differences, most women often  cannot compartmentalize in this way as there is often an emotional component towards doing business.

Men and women are wired differently neurologically and hormonally as research has indicated.Thus they react differently. While women have been trained to compartmentalize and have cordial meetings with those they may not necessarily  care for ,like Secretary  Hillary Clinton must do on a daily basis, it is not the norm.

I have interviewed countless female attorneys who continue to be amazed by how the their male colleagues could fraternize with “the enemy” ( the opposing counsel).

A small example of that could be seen during the Casey Anthony case  when Jeff Ashton went on the airwaves afterwards and spoke highly of Jose Baez. In the  courtroom Ashton showed body language which indicated he detested Baez and vice versa. Jose  was also complementary about Jeff Ashton when he was in front of the camera.  But Linda Drane Burdick was mum. I cannot ever imagine her singing Jose Baez’ praises, let alone having a meal with him,based on what went on between them in the courtroom.

The bottom line is that we shall see if Obama and Bohner’s golf game made a difference in terms of whether they can come to an agreement  on some of the most  serious issues affecting  all of us.

George and Cindy Anthony Shopping and Living It Up In The Bahamas


Looking at this photo of  and Cindy Anthony shopping as though they don’t have a care in the world as they are in the Bahamas  sickens me. Instead of being in the Bahamas they need to be in a jail cell for lying . Cindy needs to be in a cell for her chlorophyl and chloroform BS  and other things and George needs to be in a cell for lying about his affair  and other things.

Casey’s life was spared and  is doing well and is safe in the hands of Jose Baez as he tried to get the best deal for her while he is in NYC.  She will be a very rich  young lady in  a short while. 

George and Cindy will be rich  as well with  interview (photo ) payments and book and film deals from the “poor” parents perspective.

In the future there is no doubt in my mind that George and Cindy will be doing more laughing and smiling in the future rather than crying and mourning Caylee’s death. Now the only purpose Caylee serves is as a money making machine.

The bottom line is that any vacation (even if it is given to them by an orange County business man) and anything they purchase in the Bahamas and their autre wealth is because a little girl died and no one was held accountable for her death.

Nancy Grace no doubt meant well by putting this case in the spotlight. But it backfired.By making this case famous and not treating it like under th radar  any other missing child and murder case George and Cindy would not have  been in front of the cameras all the time and  profited off of this baby’s death.

Cindy used the media and was mean and hostile as we all saw . She lied on Larry King and so many other shows where she claimed Caylee was alive when she most likely knew all along what happened. And George was her puppet if you look back at those tapes and see his body language obeying and kowtowing to a loud and obnoxious  large and in charge Cindy.

In the future  you can expect to  see more smiles from George and Cindy as they improve their lifestyle and  in essence profit from Caylee’s hair , skull and bones. Now doubt they will portray themselves as victims in the whole matter taking no responsibility for their actions.

I am convinced that Casey is the way she is because of George and Cindy. We all got a taste of Cindy for three years and discovered she was a hateful belligerent, mean spirited, manipulating, lying individual.

After watching Cindy closely it makes you understand how Casey must have gone through a living hell under Cindy’s roof. The push pull we saw with Cindy in the courtroom could make anyone crazy or snap.

Cindy was so hateful and awful and scary to Casey that Casey even  shared this with Officer Appie Wells. She was so afraid of Cindy that she could not tell her she was diplomaless, jobless, or even  pregnant. Cindy put fear into Casey. She no doubt taught her  how to lie as we saw so many lies with Cindy.

Cindy told Casey she was keeping Caylee and throwing her out. It  made Casey snap. Whether it was intentional or not, the bottom line is that Caylee somehow died on her watch. Whether it was intentional or not, Casey was so angry at Cindy that it  didn’t really bother her that the baby was dead. She was so self-satisfied that she continued  her partying.

I will always believe that Cindy, who set push-pull  behaviors and no boundaries was the stimulus for Casey;s abberant   behaviors.

And George was the perrrienel wimp and liar- a fake Mr. Nice Guy” love me love me” type of person. No doubt the molestation charge was devasating to him, not necessarily because it did or did not happen, It was because it made George look bad in other people’s eyes.

George has a strong need to look good and he passed that on to Casey. Look at how concerned Casey was with her grooming and her hair. Casey was in jail and what is George’s first greeting? “Hey gorgeous”. It is all about looks as he warned her in one of his lame letters to  her that she was looking heavy in the courtroom.

Here is a man that is so conscious of his daughters looks  (as was Cindy as reflected in her jailhouse letters) and weight, yet he didn’t see his own daughter was pregnant. Then there was George’s  alleged online gambling debts, porn site visits, and womanizing which caused Cindy to throw him out at one point in time.

So how could Casey not learn to not be responsible about money, taking other people’s money, run up large credit card debts, and not have any moral fiber by being promiscuous. Her father provided her with this role model.

George and Cindy got away with abbarent behavior.  Now in fact rewarded for it with trips and vacations and money fame and a glorious  upcoming lifestyle. It is hard for me to watch.  

And please don’t email me that you feel sorry for George and Cindy and they deserve some happiness after all they have been though. To you I say, they created Casey and they  indirectly created what happened to Caylee by their lack of boundaries, poor role modeling,  push pull behaviors, creating fear and distrust and lack of accountability  in Casey, and  general  horrible parrenting.

Now George and Cindy have reached out to Rascal Flatts in an attempt to get even more press. It is a mutually agreeable press event as Rascal Flatts wrote the song Going Places which they claim is  about Caylee, To me they may have changed it up for  publicity so they could sell more songs and albums and keep their aging band  in the limelight .

It was featured on Nancy Grace show so it gained some popularity but the lyrics dont apply  Caylee and don’t make sense to me. To me it seems that they did  a song a while ago and now that the Caylee case was so popular, they  applied it to her.  Caylee was almost three not two as  the lyrics reflect. I also don’t think Caylee did all of those activities they suggested in the song as she was too young Maybe they initially wrote the soong for a seven year old and changed it to two because of Caylee.

Here are the lyrics to She’s Going Places:

She was just a baby, barely 2 years old  (She was almost three)

 A story that shouldn’t have to be told

  See that little girl with big brown eyes   She had hazel eyes and Casey spoke of their color

Stole our hearts and touched our lives.

Now we cry ’cause we can’t understand.

You see she wanted to learn to play guitar  (is that true?

Be a ballerina or a movie star

She could have gone so far.

She can be anything that she wants to

She can ride her bike every afternoon

She can laugh and play with her dolls and games

Just like all little girls should get to do

Too young for a life to be taken

But she’s going places.

I bet she’d spend her time skipping rope wasnt she too young for this

Drawing rainbows on the streets that are paved with gold

She’ll ride a Big Wheel jumping curbs

In the parking lot of a great big church

And I wish I could see it all.

But her memory will live on right here

Until I get over there

And see her again.

She can be anything that she wants to

She can ride her bike every afternoon

She can laugh and play in those backyard games

Just like all little girls should get to do.

Too young for her life to be taken

She’s going places.

She can play kickball

Go swimming and see-saw

Just like all little girls should get to do.

We will sing sweet Caylee’s praises

She’s safe in the arms of God’s good graces.

Yeah, she’s going places.


Even if Rascal Flats did it for a Charity Donation, I think they still did it to put themselves on the map. And now this is a good photo op with the group and with George and Cindy getting their additional 15 minutes of fame.

I am sick of people capitalizing off of a dead baby.It is morally wrong. But then again in my view George and Cindy seem to lack any morals.

The Brilliant Beautiful Bipolar Amy Winehouse Finally At Peace



When singer Amy Winehouse rose to the to top of  the music scene she was charming and adorable, beautiful and  incredibly talented. She knew how to sell herself with her beehive doo and cat like painted eyes which was inspired from her fascination with the girl groups of the 60’s.

Before she made it big she had a more natural fresh faced look.   A video of her speaking about her favorite artists and her work showed she was arm and pleasant and extremely self confident as you can se/

Year after year as she performed she became more beautiful and more radiant.

When she did her Rehab video, she was at her peak as you can see in the above photo. It is a shame that she did not do the opposite of what the lyrics in the song suggested and “go to rehab” and stay there until she could function properly.

Amy w. She was quoted as saying that she did not like fame or seek it, She said she was a musician.

But she got fame sought her out as you can see by the crowd at the Glastonbury event . The adulation and the public scrutiny was too much to bear. She began to self destruct.

She began drinking and drugging.

Her marriage to husband Blake Civil Felder may have fueled her drug  addiction. Here we see a zoned out Amy and Blake trying to feed her a pill of some sort off of the tip of his tongue.

Amy’s relationship with husband  Blake ended badly in violence  and in a divorce.

She had several bouts in reahab and stated that she was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. She also stated in the press that she rrefused to take any drugs to treat the condition.

In one very poignant interview she said I am my own worst enemy, The interviewer tried to correct her and said you mean you are your won worst critic. Amy looked at him and said, no I am my own worst enemy.

Amy hanging out with musician Peter Doherty of the group Babyshambles and doing drugs with him proved she was right- that she was indeed her own worst enemy. She admitted to drinking a lot . here was no doubt that she was taking drugs as it was captured on a video on youtube.

From the looks if this photo with the sores on her face  she may very well have been doing meth.She also got extremely thin.

Her face broke out and some of her teeth fell out as a result of the drugs. She smoked and drank in an attempt to medicate herself and to deal with emotional pain she was experiencing.

She ended up in the hospital on several occasions  which may have been drug related. She tried to go out n the road again and was met with boos and hisses in Serbia and other countries when she just stood on state and didn’t sing. her backup singers had to take over.

Whether it was the extreme embarrassment of being booed off a stage, being overwhelmed by performing, not wanting to do it anymore, her heartbreak over Blake, being so severely addicted she couldn’t cope, Amy either did herself in purposely or accidentally.

If Amy would have stopped taking drugs to medicate her  and started to  take  bipolar medication to mediate her , she may be  still be alive.

Her father Mitch was very supportive of her throughout her life and throughout her career, It is ironic that his daughter died the day he was to make his singing debut in NYC. As soon as he found out, he rushed home.

My heart goes out to Amy’s dad and mom and to the rest of her family. Her short life inspired so many with her  music.  It also  serves as a huge lesson to young people that drugs can kill. RIP Amy!

My Mother Rosalee Glass Won ” Miss Congeniality” in the Ms. Senior California Pageant- Lesson Learned

Today July 21  is my Birthday! Four days go I received the best gift. My mother Rosalee Glass won “Miss Congeniality” in the Miss Senior California Pageant . While I always thought she was extraordinary with a vivacious and loving personality, to have others recognize this as well is exciting and reaffirming.No doubt  her body language and  communication skills contributed to her win. I want to share with you some of the highlights of her experience at the pageant because I think there is a lot we can learn from her .

This photo was taken right before she was interviewed by six judges. She was confident and ready to take on  any question. She showed no fear and as you can see below she does not take herself   seriously. She has fun.

Apparently she cracked all the judges up when they asked her  the following question: “Of all the people in the world, who would you like to have dinner with?” Most people would say  Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu, The Pope, Nelson Mandella or some other world leader.  Not Rosalee.  She immediately replied. “Matt Damon”

She was quick to make friends with everyone in the pageant . As you can see by  their  body language  Rosalee and her fellow contestant got pretty chummy and remained that way throughout the pageant and are now dear friends.

She even made fast friends with one of the contestants ten year old niece who helped Rosalee with her makeup.

Then it was time for all the contestants to have their individual pageant photos taken. With her hands at her sides and shoulders back she looks very self confident.

Here you can see her  spontaneous warmth and friendliness which she shared with everyone.

Here she is holding her own with some of her fellow contestants and other beauty queens.

Here she  received her official Ms. Senior California contestant pin. She is thrilled to be a part of everything as you can see from her bright smile.

Here is where she does her solo dance routine at the beginning of the pageant. She had no fear even though she never danced in public before.

Now she shares her Philosophy of Life  which is to be compassionate towards others, to greet others with a smile, to have a positive attitude towards others  and to always think what to next.

Then it was time for the talent section. She sang “God Bless America” and received a resounding applause from the audience. She was humbled as you can see from her body language.

While almost all of the contestants were a bit nervous to find out whether or not they would be winners, Rosalee was relaxed. Her body language said that she was having a great time and was just happy to be there.

Here is a shocked and surprised Rosalee when she heard her name called “for ” Miss Congeniality.” She had no idea she would win.

Here she is with her  Miss Congeniality trophy. She is beginning to digest that she has been chosen for this very special award,

And here she is Miss Congeniality of 2011 of the Ms. Senior California Pageant

So many people came up to congratulate her after the pageant including Ms. Senior America and her husband.

And our dearest friends Joyce and Bill Sharman of the Los Angeles Lakers  came to support her and shared their love. Seeing how much love people showed  Rosalee and hearing them say how she inspired them, touched my heart . The lesson learned from Rosalee is that when you radiate unconditional  love towards others, you get it back tenfold.

I am so proud of her and I am honored and truly blessed  to share her genes.  This Birthday means the most to me. To have a mother who is Miss Congeniality teaches me to be more congenial and reminds me to be more compassionate. 

Rupert Murdoch’s Sincere And Humble Body Language

It takes a big person to admit wrongdoing and an even bigger person to accept a heartfelt apology.

 Media mogul Rupert Murdoch felt so bad about the murdered girl who had her voice mails hacked into that Murdoch ”held his head in his hands, many times” as he apologized to the girl’s parents for his newspaper’s culpability.

The girls parents showed their ability to forgive by stating that they hope that News of the World will now publish the truth and not engage in these nefarious activities.

Besides holding his head in his hands several times which means “woe” and despair” and “extreme  contrition,” when mobbed by  the press  he managed to once again express his sorrow for what had happened. He placed his hand over his heart which indicated  heartfelt sincerity and true sorrow.

He continued to hold his hand over his chest as he turned around, which indicated his sincerity and true sorrow for what happened.