Thank Goodness For the Marshall In Back of Casey Anthony In the Courtroom

 After Casey’s angry scary outburst towards Jose  Baez and Cheney  Mason I  suggested that they always have a Marshall standing in back of Casey.The finally did it. There was always a Marshall behind her during jury selection in Pinellas County. But they got lax back  in Orange County. They figured that Casey didn’t need supervision because she was cooperative and  a model inmate. 

But when she raged at Jose,  I got scared for him.She bared her teeth which is the most severe display  of anger body language wise. When this happens you need to know that something catastrophic nay occur. Casey could have lunged at Jose, bitten him, or even stabbed him with a pen.

If you look at the photo above you will see a Marshall in back of Casey when George was testifying.This could have been a volatile situation as well. Casey  hates George so much and has either convinced herself that he molested her or he had actually molested her, At any rate she could have become enraged and acted out.

And to set the record straight for all you readers who may misinterpret my words,  I have NEVER said George molested Casey. I have no first hand  knowledge of this. As I said before only the two of them know for sure. So for any of  you who insist George molested Casey I say again that only they know, not you.

 For those of you who insist he did not molest her, I say you have no first hand knowledge either. In my practice of three decades I have seen clients who’s father’s  would never be suspected of molesting them. They have been ministers, politicians, army generals, doctors, lawyers, policemen,firemen,professors, and pillars of society.Many of them have even  been self  proclaimed “nice guys” like George. These “nice guys”  have caused their sons and daughters a lifetime of psychological torment. Once again,   only George and Casey know for sure.

As the trial winds down I feel a lot better that there is  Marshall behind Casey at all times. On the day the verdict is read the Marshalls need to surround  Casey for her own safety and for the safety of her attorneys.

  George and Cindy also  need Marshalls near them and watching them like a hawk because of their  history of violence. George was violent with the protesters and Cindy swung a hammer around. Who knows what these two mentally unstable people could do if  Casey is sentenced to death. They could even lunge towards the jury. George has tried  to commit suicide once and he may try it again in the courtroom by lunching towards Casey or even Jose Baez. If he refuses to be subdued, he could be tazed it even  shot.     

Cindy could do this as well. She is so filled with venom and hatred towards so many that she could get ugly and even start shouting  and throwing things.

Lee also needs to be Marshalled. Remember his crazy CMA speech at the memorial?   He is  known  as a brother incest sexual predator  even if it is not true.He  may lunge towards Casey for destroying his life and reputation for good.       http://www,



63 thoughts on “Thank Goodness For the Marshall In Back of Casey Anthony In the Courtroom

  1. I believe the whole family Lee, George and Cindy should have had a gag order since the very beggining, to have now a marshall well it is a overkill on a family that has suffered a lot due to their tragedy and their inability to keep their mouths shut.
    I find it amusing that Casey a pathological liar still has the ability to destroy her family with what she said, with what her lawyer said she said, but her family does not have the opportunity to clear up their name because well there was no one saying lights camera and action when the alleged molestations happen or did not happen, I am shocked that Cindy scaped that accusation, at this rate it seems just more lies from someone who believes all men really want her. But that is just my opinion.

    1. Yes, there should have been a gag order but the defense team fought it and won. They wanted the ability to do the media circut themselves, and did. I’m sure they encouraged Geo and Cindy to do the same.

  2. You’re right, we will never know if the molestation charges are true. I personally find it very hard to believe them, especially with George, since from what I’ve read her accusations started the same way: she would say that brother Lee would stare at her, etc., and though she didn’t have memories of her dad doing this, she “had a dream the other night where he did…”. I read this in her letters to her inmate friend; KC’s assumption was that they were private, as they were hiding letters in books. The inmate thought KC was not normal but was hoping this “intelligence” might help her reduce her jail time & get home to her kids. KC tells a lot to this woman, and while she states what Lee did as fact, she states George’s potential molestation from a dream she had “the other night” which made her “think that maybe her dad molested her too.” It’s my understanding she gave this same story to others, too. You can’t have the same epiphany dream time & time again, can you? Yes, dreams can build, but not every dream can be the first time you realized something…

    When I read KC’s letters it also became obvious to me that this is a person who has a very self absorbed core personality, but takes on characteristics of people she’s around in an effort to bond with them. The inmate was religious, so KC became increasingly religious. The inmate loved her children, so KC in turn occasionally talks about Caylee, but spends an odd amount of time talking about how she wants to adopt a bunch of children (yes, this is a terrifying thought). The inmate has man problems, so KC talks about how hard it is to find a good man & slams Jesse & his family for being religious freaks who are so religious that they are “closer to Satan than God.” In reality, I could read between the lines & see that KC was hurt by the fact Jesse’s family didn’t think she was good enough for him. But she spins it to get sympathy & to show the inmate all that they have “in common.”

    It’s because of this I will give George the benefit of a doubt. Now Lee…is another story, but only because KC’s stories regarding him seem more consistent. Unfortunately for KC it’s hard to believe her with so many lies; you don’t know the truth anymore, so you have to assume it’s all one big lie & manipulation.

    1. Carrie, I think those letters are very revealing too. It seems that not many commenters have read them. Casey really reveals a very disjointed personality and I like the way you describe it!

      1. I agree with those letters! George is almost like an afterthought like maybe he did or didn’t. KC states more about Lee. She is very chameleon like she takes on what is around. I think she does it for personal gain. She seemed very scattered in some ways, she would bounce around in her writing like being hungry to go into very deep conversation. Very weird.

    2. I do not believe George molested Casey and here’s why: Casey claimed her memory was fuzzy about whether George molested her or not. Any 13 year old’s memory would not be fuzzy if she had her father’s penis in her mouth every morning. Also the type of molestation was self serving. Either being fondled by Lee or performing oral sex on her dad would not cause any physical problems that would require or show up in a doctor’s visit. She is a known liar and only looks out for herself. In her vortex of evil I think she decided to take her whole family down with her. Also she knows she had her mom duped where Caylee is concerned but George had already figured her out and called her on it. She probably blames George the most for her current situation.

  3. One of the people I follow on twitter from the case made the comment that she thinks that Casey thru George under the bus (with the stated defense theory) because George had testified against her at the Grand Jury trial and, therefore, she blames him for her situation. This makes a lot of sense for me.

  4. Dr. Glass, We heard in testimony yesterday that George ‘bought a gun’ and was going to use it to force people to tell hime where Caylee was, perhaps use it in his own suicide. He brought the gun home to a house restricted from guns because of Casey’s probation. What do you think of the gun story? Was he going to use it to force Casey to speak the truth? Or did he really think someone else was involved and was going after them?

    1. It was obvious by the jail tapes that Casey had her whole family convinced someone had a “live” Caylee and the entire family was in danger if she told who. I also noticed in the jail tapes when Lee was trying to get tips from Casey on who they can trust, she eliminated everyone who could incriminate her as someone to be trusted.

      George had the gun in the wheelwell of his car, not in the house, so it was not “another” attempt to get Casey in trouble as Baez claimed.

  5. Oh Gosh, you suggested it in your blog so they posted a marshall. I stand by my idea that you are not Dr. Glass but part of the defense team posting to see what bloggers feel towards the Anthony family and Casey. If this NOT true, then leave my post up.

    1. If KC lunged at Baez, he would deserve it! He is an idiot and slime – totally disrespectful of the court

  6. Casey has destroyed a lot of lives and reputations. I am surprized she didn’t blame more men for molesting her. I don’t believe for one minute that Lee or
    George molested her. That came about when her inmate friend said she was molested so for Casey to fit in she had to out do her. She is getting back at her father for testifying at the Grand Jury and at Lee for no longer believing her lies.
    From what I have seen of her she is a threat to society and should be locked up for life. This family is no longer united. It is no longer a family destroyed by one selfish, cold hearted daughter. The defense had no defense and came up with a shocker they cannot prove. It is rather sad that a defense team can do this with out proof. Dr. Drew interviewed George’s ex-wife. She said George is a good guy who would not molest his daughter, but he is a liar. Yesterdays testimony looks like George has finally accepted that his daughter did kill Caylee and acceptance is the final stage of grief, but who knows with this family. If George is called again he is subject to changing his story again to confuse the jurors.

  7. they should not let Casey have a real pen, maybe a soft stick with a collapsible writing point, i dont know what they give inmates in prison but a pen is definitely a deadly weapon

  8. Irishman, totally agree with you. I am having a harder time swallowing every blog entry. More personal speculation, than body language observation.

  9. I believe that the spelling is “marshal” for the officer stationed behind Casey.
    “Marshall’s” is the name of a retail store.

    I have enjoyed reading Dr Glass’ analyses, but lately the spelling, typos, and defective grammar have distracted from the meaning of the post. It is hard for me to believe that a PhD does not edit her posts or at least have an intern edit before posting for the entire world to see. Perhaps Dr Glass is telling her observations to an intern and the latter is the one who writes it and posts it?

    I do not mean to degrade Dr Glass in my post, as I have learned much from her analyses. I just wanted to say that if someone in my profession committed all these spelling and grammatical errors, we would not have many clients and would lose credibility with my peers and superiors. I am an attorney and am approximately the same age as Dr Glass.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, FD2011… only takes a quick minute to read through what you have written to correct any mistakes.

    2. I am ashamed of you for that comment – do you know that with these new phones it can be quite difficult to type and sometimes other “fill words” get used. Believe it or not, Dr. Glass is probably quite busy and does not carry a secretary around in her pocket 24 – 7, she is trying to Help all of us out w/her professional expertise in body language on her “Own Time” so shame, shame, shame on you! I love you Dr. G – Please keep up the Great Work you Do!!

  10. Wow, that teeth baring shot is disturbing; waves of hatred must have been rolling off of her.
    Seems that would be damaging for the defense because,iIt won’t be hard for a jury to imagine her responding that way to Caylee.

    Not to suggest that Dr. Glass can’t handle criticism, but when the majority of comments are, rightfully or wrongfully ,filled with personal attacks , bloggers generally shut down the comments option. Please don’t force Dr.Glass to seriously consider doing that.

  11. Thanks FD, I feel like Dr. Glass started out with these blogs but somewhere along the way an aide took over the duties. It is not the same language as before. I still cannot get over the statement of her speaking to Cruze so she knows for a fact she is telling the truth. How can you possibly read body language this way. Too many inconsistencies in these blogs as time goes on.

    1. Evelyn, I totally agree and said pretty much the same thing about a month ago. There is something fishy going on here. Also, the lack of editing is ridiculous.

  12. dr glass you are playing a dangerous game to say only george and casey know for sure if he molested her. To equate what sex act he may or may not have done with river cruz with doing that to an 8 year old girl is outrageous. I have a son now and I am afraid for him when he grows up because I see that any woman no matter how proven a liar or cheat or murderer will be given the benefit of the doubt that perhaps she was assaulted by any man no matter how quiet, upstanding or good he seems.

    George’s faults as outlined by everyone are as follows:
    His ex wife says he is a good guy but had a problem with lying.
    He didn’t have a steady job and shame shame horror horror his wife was the primary breadwinner.
    He is quiet and stoic
    He got angry at protesters taunting him and his family outside his home.
    He smirked and said “that is funny” when Jose Baez accused him of having sex with River Cruz. ( maybe he really thought it was funny because she looks so nasty)
    He tried to kill himself because he blamed himself for not doing more to be a better father and grandfather.

    I see a man who married a domineering woman and raised a son like himself (passive and approval seeking with low education) and a daughter who was raised to be like her mother (controlling and manipulative).

    If George had an affair with River Cruz it would make sense that Baez would have been able to dig up many other women he did something similar with in all the time he was married to Cindy. He has not been able to do so because George is your archetypal beta male who watches cooking shows, stays home and tries to keep the peace.

    My guess is he and Lee are so used to taking the blame for EVERYTHING that goes wrong in that house and he has internalized that role and so he truly does feel guilty and act guilty and evasive on the stand because he has bought the kool aid from Cindy and Casey that if he was only a better man they would never have any problems.

    And before you all jump down my throat let me just say I don’t know these people but I see a lot of my own parents in this family and in our case my mother and my brother are the alphas who split everyone else and dominate and keep pretenses and maintain control. And my dad is a loving man who will avoid conflct as much has a person can but can and does get goaded into getting angry and doing my mother’s dirty work for her after hours of her wearing him down. I for my part have effectively cut ties with my mother as much as I can and try my very hardest to not do the manipulative things she did. I also now have to work doubly hard to have a relationship with my dad because he gets in trouble with her if she knows he has been talking to anyone who she feels she cannot control and who sees through and won’t play by her sick rules.

  13. Whoa, there. Maybe you need a little break from this trial, Dr. Glass. Those scenarios are quite a bit on the edge.

  14. I disagree Dr.Glass. I do not believe George molested Casey and here’s why: Casey claimed her memory was fuzzy about whether George molested her or not. Any 13 year old’s memory would not be fuzzy if she had her father’s penis in her mouth every morning. Also the type of molestation was self serving. Either being fondled by Lee or performing oral sex on her dad would not cause any physical problems that would require or show up in a doctor’s visit. She is a known liar and only looks out for herself. In her vortex of evil I think she decided to take her whole family down with her. Also she knows she had her mom duped where Caylee is concerned but George had already figured her out and called her on it. She probably blames George the most for her current situation. BTW love your analysis! thanks bunches for the reports

    1. The only person who states that molestation occured is Casey Anthony. Remember her? The one with the imaginary Nanny, imaginary boyfriend, imaginary job…?

      And we take her word because….?

      The Duhfense has rested without ONE PERSON stating that they knew George molested his daughter – or that Casey told ANYONE that these events had happened.

      1. Excellent point. It’s ridiculous that Casey or her attorneys have any credibility with anyone at this point.

  15. There is extra law enforcement throughout the entire courtroom. This is to prevent a mistrial from ANYONE in the courtroom, as new directions were issued to those attending (i.e. sunglasses will be removed). This is because anyone having an emotional outburst at this time would cause a mistrial.

    Bill of WFTV mentioned that Ted Bundy also lost it in the courtroom, showing his evil side under his urbane good looks. I believe the photo he referenced is this one:

    Little Casey is just showing her true sociopathic self.

    All this talk of the dead animals – some of them too young to have died from natural causes is not helping the Defense. Just gives room for speculation about how they died and who helped them along to heaven.

    1. Really, I mean the only idea that came out of that is how Casey got the idea on how to dispose of the body. Maybe she was trying to bury Caylee in the backyard and it was going to be too hard, so dump her in the pet cementary. Good going defense!

      1. And that ALL the family knew the routine on how to bury an animal. This implicates that it was Casey not Kronk as the Duhfense said in opening statements.

        Loved Jeff when he asked George: “Did you throw any of them in a swamp!?”

        Only Casey did that when her car got too stinky.

    2. The defense is so dumb! On so many occasions they’ve presented evidence that keeps helped the prosecution.

      And you are SO right, BeckyM. Casey probably did help have something to do with the early deaths of the family pets…

  16. Dr. Glass I feel your professionalism has been tainted by your hatred of Mr Anthony, I think by now you realize you were duped by River Cruz, but you are displacing that feeling of disappointment, and turning it to anger toward George Anthony. I really like you but you really need a break right now from this case.

    1. Anna Rose
      I do not agree that my professionalism has been tinted at all. I do NOT hate anyone so do NOT make unfounded statements. I find Mr. Anthony;s behavior egregious in terms of having an affair with River. I also find her behavior egregious in that she had an affair with a married man. And don;t tell me what I am feeling becuase I can tell you what I am feeling all by myself. Mr. Anthony has enabled Casey for the past three years and stuck up for her when as a police man he knew what was going on. He called 911 about gas cans and not about a dead body smell. I have no sympathy for him or for Cindy for that matter. He had no boundaries with Casey and that is why he and Casey are in this mess. As far as his molesting her goes I have ALWAYS said only the two of them know. Yes she has lied and so has he. I hope this clarifiesmy thoughts on the matter.

      1. I dislike that you have to defend yourself- especially when your analysis is scientific and part of your profession- for which you are highly successful and have a great reputation.

        Why can’t people just say they don’t like it or wish it was some other way- or not read them- but unless they are your professional equal they are just foolish to “disagree”- what are they disagreeing on the basis of- their uneducated and inexperienced personal ‘opinion”.

        Your the BEST Dr. Glass- thats for your blog- I’m buying all your books!

  17. I stumbled across this blog and stayed because I like Becky M.’s pitcure sooo much, also, love her post !I am totally creeped out as to how many pets they have “gone through”, poor little things, AND MY GOSH, poor little Caylee.I have no idea who molested who, how many boyfriends or girlfriends any of them had…I’e never thought well of either George or Cindy, they both creep me out, I believe “River” hooked up with him, but perhaps Cindy instructed him if he dare admitt it on national tv that she would pull a L.Bobbitt on her.I trust the jury can piece this crap together enough to keep Casey behind bars long enough so that she cant become the next Octomom with her own reality show.It took one hair for Peterson, I’m just sayin’.Now if they can find justice for
    little Haligeh Cummings as well.

  18. Wow, did my post actually display?! I’ve been trying to understand what the heck I did to get banned. And what happened to Tate, Anonymous, and some of the other brilliant posters?

    Correction to my post above this one: Strike the word “keeps” in the first paragraph.

  19. Casey Anthony has never made a true statement this entire time, theres nothing she could say that would be believable and this defense theory was her story as well. It was all to deflect the attention off her, it was incredible, she’ll probably not get the DP but she also wont be acquitted. End of story.

  20. Dr.Glass, If you see this would you please comment on Mr.Baes tossing his hands in the air, speaking with the judge, ,”Blah, blah, blah, blah?” I would consider that being flipped off if I were a judge in any court room across America. I would also like your opinion on the guy that did”flip the bird”.I’m sure you saw the video of it, he’s sneeky about, like he’s just rubbing his face.As we all know, these folks arent kids.The military is full of our loved ones that are ever younger than Casey, lee, etc. (Regarding type-o’s), thanks folks for always giving me a pass. 🙂 PS. where’s Ms.E.Poet ? 🙂

  21. All the animals dying for such a small family is creepy … has me thinking about Reactive Attachment Disorder. There are so many things about Casey that have had me thinking about that – pets not safe in the home is yet another indicator of RAD. Shrinks will be studying this girl for a LONG time.

  22. There are people out there who will tell a story so many times that they actually convince themselves it is the absolute truth. I have a half sister who is like that. She has caused my family so much heartache and has instigated so many arguments and rifts between our family members that it is unreal. Our mother is nearly 90 years old and I am the only child from her 2nd marriage. The others were grown when I was born. My mom had 2 daughters and a son from her first marriage. Mom’s 2nd child, E, is the one I am speaking of. She is just pure evil. I watched from the time I was a child as she would call our mom with all sorts of exciting, wild, and upsetting lies on our eldest sister and our mom would fall for it time and again. The one telling the lies was always right in Mom’s eyes. My eldest sister “B” has learned over the years that her efforts to have mother believe that “E” is lying on her are futile. In more recent years she has attacked her own children even though two of the three have taken her in and allowed her to stay with them for a few weeks and she ended up staying for months and refusing to leave. She had our mother convinced that her son-in-law and daughter held her hostage. This year, our mother became very ill and nearly died. A month later, she turned on me and actually told me over the phone that I’d done things I never, ever did while Mom was in the hospital. She was totally convinced, too. She even told Mom that I was thrown out of the hospital. My cousin who works there and who was with me each day while visiting my mother couldn’t believe how E could tell such a whopping lie as this. She lies on everyone in the family to each other and has turned many against the others. It’s crazy. Our mother has enabled this behavior by listening and believing her all of these years, but after she attacked me, Mom finally realizes that E must have a serious mental issue. I’m the only one taking care of our mother -the rest live out of town and rarely visit – and she knows my character. I say this because Casey Anthony reminds me SO MUCH of my sister E. People like this can be very convincing. I don’t know what kind of mental illness it is but probably more than one. I’m guessing a sociopath and narcissist. Just as with my sister, Casey is always the victim and always spreading hurtful lies on the family, ruining reputations with completely fabricated lies. I have ended up completely cutting E out of my life, and Casey’s family would be better off doing the same with her, but sadly the damage is done here. They will never, ever recover from the loss of Caylee, the loss of their daughter (no matter what happens to her their relationship with her cannot be repaired in my opinion), and the damage to their reputations, family, and marriage. This family is in ruins and it is a tragedy, but the worst tragedy of all is that Caylee paid the price for their dysfunction.

    1. I thought the same thing. Also, she called her dad a son of a bitch yesterday. Why is she allowed to behave this way when a spectator shoots a bird behind the attorney’s back and he gets 6 days in jail? Of course I know she’s already in jail but I’m sure there’s some sort of punishment she could get. Maybe bread & water for a few days, lol.

  23. It’s a disgrace that the Anthonys can be talked about like this & not be able to defend themselves. Casey opened her mouth, uttered damaging inrepairable words to the world & now George, Cindy & Lee will never be looked @ the same again. I would never believe anything that came out of that girl’s mouth. She is an evil human being who has brought nothing but pain to her family. It’s all about her & it always has been.

  24. A life of a beautiful little girl selfishly taken away from a selfish, coldhearted woman. Casey does NOT deserved to be called a mother..because she wasn’t one! Casey may not receive the DP..hopefully she will@ least receive a life sentence. Her cell should have wall to wall & ceiling covered with Caylee’s pictures. It’s a tragedy that should NEVER happened. Has anyone else noticed how many pictures of Caylee has circles under her eyes, on home videos she’s not as active as most toddlers? Caylee angel wings came prematurely but,now she has peace & love in HEAVEN for eternally! May Caylee receive justice! R.I.P. sweet Angel!

  25. Sorry guys but I don’t believe an attorney can be sued for dragging innocent people into a case for defense counsel has immunity when they are defending their client (I believe this is correct). More to the point, it is about time guards are around Casey, what made her so special I like to know. She had no visible guards like most criminal defendants appearing in Court, what was up with that? I also let Bill Shaeffer know she should be taken out of Court proceedings directly after Judge recessed for the day like all other criminal defendants, this was bugging me everyday and now I am satisfied that they remove her immediately, however, if I noticed that she is stalling even for a second when it come time for her to be locked up in her holding cell it really get to me and I start yelling at my monitor. I can not wait for the day when the verdict is in and they immediately handcuff her and march her out of the courtroom for GOOD.

  26. hi / ..I had started a group for caylee when she first went missing after speaking through email the very first night to cindy anthony. she has suggested that i pass out flyers but my location being not near florida i said about posting caylees picture on a group. Casey anthony emailed and thanked me and added me to her facebook profile. As time went on and it was obvious casey had something to do with caylee missing i started posting comments casey no longer agreed with. Casey posted on my group and i think she also posted on the group under a assumed name. Anyway the one day the group was talking about if she was innocent what could possibly cause a person to behave the way she had…by not notifying anyone that caylee was missing. I had said sexual abuse survivors that have post tramatic stress syndrome often can block things out that are to hard for them to face like a childs death or other tragedy. I posted a medical dictionary reference to what ptsd was and what kind of behavior suffers show that suffer from it. With in minutes casey anthony joined the ptsd on her facebook profile after seeing several members agree that this would make sense…I have a copy of that facebook post by casey because at the time i went and took a pic of her facebook page. I seriously think that casey got the idea at this point from the group…i can send you a copy of her facebook profile showing her joining the facebook group i followed and went to see if she would post anything on the group..I would love to send you a copy of it for you to see. I have never believed that george molested casey. Also she coincidentally used my first name as zannys mothers name….it made me go hmmmm

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