George Anthony Sobs On The Stand While Casey Shows Him Disgust and Detachment

  George Anthony knew that this would be one of the hardest days with his one time lover River Cruz  coming into court and with being interrogated on the stand about his alleged sexual abusive towards Casey , That is why he came dressed with a black jacket to shield himself from Baez’ verbal slings and arrows . He had never  bothered to  dress in a jacket  before even when Caylee’s memorial took place. Initially Casey shot daggers at him as you can see in the photo above. Later she looked at him as though he was a zoo animal with a curios objectivity. There is no doubt that she despises the man. George came across very defensive which was a turn off to many in the jury.He also appeared petty, This is a man who calls the police because of missing gas cans but does not  report a smell in the car. There is no excuse for someone in law enforcement. Casey looks disgusted with her father in many instances with her  tight jaw and down turned lips George showed a lot of arrogance and anger as he tried to spar with Jose Baez. He appeared someone condescending. In looking at that exchange it made the jury see how arrogant and condescending he may have been towards Casey. Casey looks at him with complete disdain  as Baez brings up the topic of molesting Casey when she was 8. George turns red and purses his lips while Casey shakes her head No. Then Jose tells him how in Florida in is life in prison for molesting a child indicating that he would never admit to it. Casey looks hurt and upset as though he may very well have molested her. This was the only emotion she showed. he has only anger and digust towards George. Like Casey, George cried only for himself. He cried when he spoke of the suicide note. SOme of his tears were fake as we can see above. and some of his tears were real,   like the one above where he sobbed , Casey could careless. She cocks her head and looks on with an objective curiosity as though she was observing a zoo animal. Note his down turned mouth and furrowed forehead the the veins popping  out. This is raw emotion on his part. If Casey could not show a tinge of emotion and empathy towards her fathers obvious breakdown it shows how much she hates ,This indicates that she has shut the door   on her father. Did George feel guilty about the way he treated her? He said  he did  verbally in the jailhouse tapes. What did he feel guilty about in the suicide note? Was it that he molested her? Maybe, maybe not. Only the two of them will know for sure. Whatever the case, something happened to make Casey the way she is.


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  1. The ONLY HUMAN BEING I care about crying is Caylee. Did SHE cry when she died? The whole Anthony Family Circus can cry until the cows come home. Did that baby cry when she was in distress right before death?

  2. If you were listening carefully, he felt guilty that he let caylee down…and wanted to end his life to be with her!

      1. Yes, Dr. Glass of course he felt guilty about Casey too! I would too as a parent if my child did something like she has done, I’d would be feeling guity, as in what did I do wrong?? What could I have done better as a parent raising her to prevent this??
        Dr. Glass your sooo way off with George!

  3. I have to agree….George is an emotional mess, and I do NOT buy it that he molested Casey. She is a sociopath. SHe hates her mom, too. It is an act.

      1. And since we know that Casey always lies about pretty much everything, and that George has always consistently & emphatically DENIED that it ever happened… I feel pretty confident about the fact that I believe George!!!

  4. Jose Baez was despicable using George’s suicide attempt to “prove” George was implicated in Caylee’s death when he knew the context was the complete opposite. I wonder if any of the jury feels the way I do about this unscrupulous lawyer and his dirty tactics. But he only shot himself in the foot as he now opened the door for the jury to see what he “confessed” to in his note.

    I don’t doubt the Anthony family is dysfunctional like many others. But I’ve seen nothing to justify what Casey did to her daughter. Because there is no defense for what she did.

    1. I agree. I’m a lot some of George’s guilt stems from whatever happened the day they threw Casey out of the house with little Caylee. He believes he failed that child. Devastating!

      1. George failed no one. Each of us is responsible for our own actions. Casey is a grown woman. Even if she didn’t have the perfect childhood, at some point she needs to rise above her raising – we all do. Casey needs to grow up and stop blaming everyone else. Casey failed Caylee.

  5. I disagree with you Dr. Glass, George’s emotions were real–he is crying for Caylee and for finally admitting to himself that his daughter murdered his granddaughter. No matter what one thinks of George, his character, his lies…today was a real reflection of the incredible sadness he feels and the fact that the family (no matter how screwed up they are) have been ripped apart by the actions of Casey.

  6. That’s the absolute most raw emotion we have seen from any of that crazy family. As a mother who lost a child in a car accident, George was crying for Caylee not his suicide attempt. There is no way that man knew back then what happened to that baby although he might know now. He might know for a fact that Casey did something…

    1. His seemingly strong Christian faith would certainly have made him believe he could see Caylee again…..I bawled like a baby when he said he just wanted to see Caylee again.

      1. Me too, Libby, could have bawled like a baby but I was at work. Had the tears and the big lump in my throat, that was very emotional. He wasn’t acting.

      2. I’m getting teary eyed now, just thinking about his reaction today.
        I also have to say, way to go George for letting your true feelings for your __?__ daughter, come out.

        ¤Fill in the blank, so many mean, nasty, vile, names came to mind, I just don’t have the time to put them all down

  7. I agree with you often Dr. Glass, but I have to disagree with you here. I have the impression that Casey was angry with George because he wouldn’t throw himself on his sword to save her. He refused to lie about abusing her, which upset her. She gets this way every time a family member says things that go against what the defense is trying to claim. While I don’t think George is a saint – and I know the guy is capable of lying & has done so at times – I believe he was the most heartbroken over Caylee & is trying to do the right thing here.

    When I watch that video of Caylee at her birthday party, she keeps going to George for protection from the creepy guy singing to her. Cindy keeps blocking her, turning her around and giving her a nudge to go near the guy singing. Eventually Cindy picks Caylee up & makes her be right next to the guy, though it’s obvious Caylee does not want to be near him. It’s uncomfortable to see Cindy’s actions, but Caylee constantly looking toward George & trying to walk towards him several times shows me that Caylee knew who her protector was. I think George knows that, and I think that’s why he tried to commit suicide. I don’t think he was lying when he said he felt he let her down. I think he knows how dysfunctional his wife & daughter were, but thought he could shelter Caylee from it. I don’t think he thought it would ever get this bad…and who would? I know of very dysfunctional families out there, but they don’t end up with a dead child. If they did, our justice system would be beyond capacity.

    1. wow…someone else who saw the same dynamics in the birthday video. I WILL NOT SAY WHAT I THINK ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CASEY AND GEORGE BECAUZ I JUST CANNOT TELL. but i agree she thinks he owes her!!! and at first i thought she felt he owed her becauz he had committed the ultimate sin and an eye for an eye. but the more you see her expect everyone to be disgraced if it will save her that changes my opinion of her dad. now i think he might have been the only person who could see thru his daughter becauz she was somewhat of a mirror and he would call her on it. she hated that and usually ppl like her hate the ppl in their lives who will not drink their freaking kool-aid.

  8. I absolutely love your opinions and your blog, but I have to disagree with this post. I thought that George came across as honest and sincere. He seemed like a grieving father and grandfather who has finally come to the realization that his daughter killed her own child. His emotions came across as genuine, imo. All of the analyists on TruTv agreed, and the ones who were in the courtroom said that some of the people in the “audience” were crying along with him. I think that it’s a travesty that the stupid defense team is pretty much calling him a child molester on national tv. Also, I think the one who was being condescending and arrogant was Baez. He was clearly trying to antagonize George and make him upset, and I think that the jury will notice this. The defense is almost ready to rest, and they still have not shown anything that even remotely backs up the theory that they laid down in their opening statement. I hope and pray that the jury does the right thing by convicting narcissistic, sociopathic Casey ang gives poor little Caylee the justice she so rightly deserves.

  9. I honestly felt that George was being honest today. I could see that he decided to stop lying for his daughter and tell the truth. The few things that seemed dishonest to me were small things like the tape on the gas can. I do not believe he ever molested Casey or Caylee. I could see the pain he felt in admitting that his daughter killed Caylee, whether he said it out loud or not, and I saw Cindy’s reaction to his testimony. She ran out that door like her butt was on fire and then treated him coldly for the rest of the day. This marriage, in my humble opinion, is over. I applaud George for being honest about this situation to the best of his ability, and I felt his pain. It can’t be easy facing the fact your daughter is a killer.

  10. I Usually agree with you Dr. Glass ….. But now I am ” so” confused by your assessment of George. It “is” okay if you change your mind on what you wrote… we are all human….

      1. The problem with that is that Casey was a grown woman. They didn’t have a choice of who kept Caylee. If they had tried she could have pressed charges. Regardless of how often Simms referred to Casey as a girl, she is and was then a WOMAN. And I know that anyone that tried to keep my kid from me without any proof that I was unfit would have been arrested.

      2. Caylee would never have been safe if her mother was still around, in the grandparents’ house or wherever. Casey would always have been a danger to her and, I believe, to Cindy and George.

  11. Dr. Glass, I so disagree with what you have written about George today… I think you have spent way to much time on the the phone with River Cruze, and you have become bias. I’m also sure you are wrong about the way the jury sees it..

  12. I couldn’t disagree more with your assessment of George Anthony. He feels and for the rest of his life will know that he should have tried to step in and stop the enabling of Casey and her lies, and maybe Caylee would still be alive. That’s how he failed her,, he knew his daughter had turned into a monster who only cared about herself and he just went along to get along and not make waves. I look forward to the day when Casey goes to prison and everyone forgets about her, she will hate not being the center of attention anymore.

  13. Well, I guess George Anthony didn’t “fall on the sword” as many people thought he was going to just to save Casey. Good for him! Sadly, I may be right or wrong, but IMHO George seems to be the most genuine of the entire Anthony clan.
    I loved it when he said something along the lines, “in my mind one plus one equals two, and Casey was the last one to be seen with my Granddaughter” please forgive me if that isn’t an exact quote, but it was something along those lines and you could bet your bottom dollar is George did “fall on the sword” or help Casey’s defense she would have looked more empathetically upon George during his breakdown and testimony, she was just pi$$ed he didn’t lie and go along like Cindy and Lee did.

    1. Your were pretty close with that quote. I found this and its the two moments that stood out the most to me today.

      “Definitely something happened to Caylee, she’s no longer with us and Casey was the last one I’d seen with her…one and one adds up to two no matter how you try to spin it,” George Anthony said.

      Casey Anthony could face the death penalty if she’s convicted of first degree murder.

      At another point, George Anthony told the court, “I didn’t want to believe back then that my daughter could be capable of taking the life of her daughter.”

  14. He is a sleazy person- and those that are sucked in by him- are projecting their own stuff onto him. He is a known liar and sex addict (S&M prostitution habits) and gambler and fool (nigerian money scheme). He sexually abused Casey and then left her holding the bag today- sold her down the river- which makes him a monster as well.

    1. Personally, I think you are the one with “issues” Deb. You have no proof whatsoever about S&M prostitution habits and yet every day you come on here and say these things. She killed her daughter, whether accidentally or on purpose Casey is the reason that child is dead. Not George. Casey.

    2. I’m not convinced if he did or he didn’t molest Casey, but I am convinced he had nothing to do with what happened to Caylee.

  15. Could disagree with you more and I’m with the majority of the world.

    I’m glad Caylee has at least one person within this horrid family who hasn’t disgraced her memory. Her Grandfather may not be perfect but at least he isn’t attempting to cover up her murder, even though it came at the hands of his own daughter.

    This ‘family’ is in need of very longterm serious mental health treatment and I hope certainly George Anthony will seek it out. I for one would contribute to his treatment and all the more so if he would pursue divorce proceedings from the ‘Chief Demon’ he is married to.

    The two most hated women in America – and beyond:
    1) Cindy Anthony
    2) Casey Anthony

    How’s that feel Sin-dy?

    Cindy wants the world to think she and her family are perfect when in fact the only success she has under her belt is raising and enabeling a sociopath. Truth be told, she could probably be diagnosed sociopathic herself.

    1. Disgusted,
      I agree with you. I think that “SINdy” created most of the chaos and division in that family. There seemed to be no healthy boundaries in that family. Like touching Lee inappropriately on the thigh, badmouthing and complaining about George to her kids (IMHO). (I think she probably underminded George in front of the kids…hence the disrepect he received from KC). Because of her power to control, she emasculated her husband as well as her son.

      I thought the creepiest thing was naming the baby Caylee. C for Casey and/or Cindy, a for Casey, Y for Cindy, Lee for Lee. She tried to create a symbiotic relationship between her, Casey, Lee and Caylee. I think that George was kept on the outside of this relationship.

      Sadly, it seems that by trying to making them “one” she ended up dividing them and lost a granddaughter in the process.

  16. Dr Glass…I usually agree with you…but I am afraid you are way off base in your observations of George today…I think you have been taken in by another sociopath..River Cruze….and it has tainted your view of George….I think this entire family is messed up but I do not think George molested Casey..could Lee and Casey had a somewhat inappropriate relationship..I believe they could, knowing how Casey wants to be wanted by every man..and I thing she came on to Lee when they were adolescents..but I do not believe George ever molested her..I think she hates him because he is the only one who did not buy all her lies. Her mother not only bought her lies, but covered for her at every turn.

  17. With the upmost respect Dr. Glass, I have been following your blog with interest for quite some time, but your analysis of George over the past few days in particular has been completely biased and unfair. This is the very first time that I have responded and while I think that everyone in this family is a nutjob and George himself has lied about certain aspects on occasion, I can say with 100 percent certainty that his emotion is real for Caylee and the defense’s tactic in smearing him and also Lee for the sake of saving Casey is beyong deplorable. I myself am a survivor of being molested by my father and also two of my brothers. I can assure you that in no way would I have had the relationship I had with my Brother or Father the way that Casey did (By her own words and actions in written form and on camera) with my “Molesters”. Time and time again she called them “Amazing” “Her best friend”, etc. From speaking with child abuse survivors, this is near unheard of to maintain THAT close of a relationship to people that hurt you so tramatically that you can even use the theory to be an excuse as to why you partied after your child died. (As they claim).

    For you to believe one person (River Cruz) because you talked to her and she seemed like a “Lovely person, a good mother and was very attractive”, is just assinine. Have you stopped to think that many, many people thought the exact same of Casey? Just because you talk to someone and they present themselves to be one thing doesn’t mean they are that way. I know people that seem to be the exact person you portray and yet have lied, gone after married men for the thrill of it and tried to break of up a marriage. It would be easy to presume that he is guilty by association. I get that. What WAS a married man doing alone at a single woman’s home? I am in full agreement with that. Let’s just say that River DID approach him, befriend him and say “I can understand your pain, I have a brain tumor. Life is short” and they reach out to one another. Really, SHE knew HE was grieving and that HE was married. Either way, for you to say she’s a “lovely” person doesn’t sit well in my book. Why is she suddenly more believeable then he is after taking $15,000.00 for her story after initially denying it? Her “Penis in the mouth” comment has been out there for the last year, so of COURSE Jose Baez will talk about it. It made YOU think he molested Casey “Because River said the same thing” didn’t she?!?!

    AS someone who has participated in many, many counseling sessions and groups over the years, this is the very first time I have heard of someone maintaining such a close relationship with her “Molesters”. I am almost 40 years old and married with kids and I can tell you from my many years of dealing with abuse survivors that anyone who has gone through abuse such as that does not act in the way she does and did. Are they are dysfunctional family? You bet. That doesn’t mean either George or Lee did as they claim. For you to continue to suggest otherwise without proof is appaling.

    1. Well said Michelle, I couldn’t agree with you more!
      And more then this short note could express, but I am truly sorry to hear what happened to you at the hands of your father and brothers. My heart broke while I read your post, a lot of people say it but seldom do, but I will say a prayer for you and your continued quest to heal from that ordeal. I know I am a mere stranger, but I am human and my heart goes out to you. Truly.

  18. I don’t think most people outside of the crazy-house of predator parents can imagine the horrifically sick family dynamics that goes on. Every single day of their life is a lie. Wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. That is the twisted reality. The victim becomes the “family” problem (black sheep) and the predator is enabled by all other family members.

    Just the FACT that Cindy ignored her own child’s pregnancy until it could not be ignored any longer proves she has no real concern for the welfare of her own child. This happens when a child becomes the other woman and is hated by the mother. Caylee became her replacement for the child George robbed her of. But George could not have continued to be a predator if Cindy had not turned away from her child and enabled him to continue.

  19. Today I disagree with your views…..George’s heart is broken, his character has been assassinated by his daughter who is using Baez as her voice…there is shame from the public display he is on who the world has not allowed this grandfather to even grieve his granddaughter without everyone judging his every move…try walking in his shoes for the past 3 years and see how you would feel and react…. would it be so different, maybe it would in some aspects and maybe it wouldn’t in others….what I saw was a broken man who’s eyes are finally opening to the sick dysfunctional life he has lived and just wants to find peace somewhere sometime in this lifetime….I am going to allow him this even if all the pieces of the puzzle don’t fit…he didn’t kill his granddaughter nor did he sexually abuse Casey…his only mistake was not calling 911 when he picked up the car and smelled human decompensation……don’t we all have things in our life called “hindsight”, if only I would have, could have, should have

  20. Oh, God, just let one of the Anthonys cry on the stand and all their lying for three years is washed away. Poof. George is now salt of the earth.

    How can anyone not see that the Anthony wet kleenexes are wrung to cause an emotional heartstab and accompanying memory loss in most of us.

    George tried to commit suicide with pizza and beer and a few pills? Not enough pills to kill him, said the responding officer. Enough for a good night’s sleep, the officer said.. And George sent invitations to his suicide to everyone he knew.

    What I recall is he got a gun to kill the persons he thought got his Casey into this predicament. Again, noted by the responding officer who read the 8-page “suicide” letter.Always somebody else’s fault,. Always cover up for Casey

    George was probably going after Jesse, or some of Casey’s newer friends. Cindy, Lee and George, from the time Casey was bonded out pointed to Jesse Grund as the kidnapper of Caylee. Then they included Jesse’s father in the crime. Then, later, Amy and Ricardo and Kronk came into the Anthony gun sites.

    These are reprehensible people with no moral center. They, still, would do anything except go under the bus themselves for their sick issue, Casey. Don’t let the Bibles fool you. “The devil can cite scripture for his own purpose.”

    One can feel pity for them because they lost a granddaughter, but that as far as it goes with me. Their antics for the past three years to cast blame on other people for what their evil spawn did and pose as people who are in denial about the death of Caylee do not a people of good character make. Liars and actors all. Bad actors.

  21. I agree with cls1976 about the birthday video of creepy guy singing to Caylee – yes George was the most sane person she could go to. Grandma kept pushing her to the creepy guy and where was mommy?

    It is upsetting that George did not call the cops at the smell. Did he not call the cops because he called Cindy first and she demanded that he bring the car home? Look what she did when he brought he home. She cleaned the freakin’ car!!! She destroyed evidence!

    Does he regret that he didn’t do his first instinct and call the cops? I think he does.. He was so conflicted back then. We saw that so many times during the past 3 years. Now I think he deeply regrets lieing for Cindy. I think his own fear about the truth helped him go along with Cindy. I think George is now convinced that Casey killed his beloved granddaughter. When he walked to the stand, he looked intently at Casey. His eyes said – I know you did it, I am not lying for you.

    I too feel you have attached to River’s story. Something is wrong there – eveytime you write about her it sounds like some transference of some sort is going on. Just a thought.

    George is not the monster. Casey is.and Cindy may be Mama Monster.

    I think Casey hated him for loving Caylee so much. She has that Borderline rage thing going on. Maybe she has the Borderline Jealousy/Hate thing going on.

  22. Dr. Glass,

    I’m really more interested in your take on Cindy today when she was asked if she remembered and incident when Lee was standing over Casey when she (Casey) was sleeping. The prosecution objected, and while Cindy was waiting for the judge to rule on the objection, her lips were formed in an odd expression. What did that mean?

  23. I have felt from the beginning that Casey IS 100% GUILTY. But as far as the family, I have bounced back and forth like a ping pong ball. All of the BS lies hurled by Casey and her family have left me feeling at time like there are not enough breadcrumbs to find my way home. The families lies have been woven in with them telling the truth at times as well.

    I do feel Casey is 100% responsible. I do not think ANY of her crazy train “defense” is true. Do I think the family has lied? Yes. Do I think Cindy and possible the others should be prosecuted for perjury? Yes.

    But I am worried about George. I hope and pray with all my heart that after all is said and done that he does not make another attempt at taking his life. It worries me that after this trial we may all turn on the news one day and hear about another Anthony tragedy. They are a sick and troubled family, but at the end of the day my belief is that ONLY Casey killed her daughter.

    1. Debbie,
      I do worry about him myself. He is in deep emotional distress right now. I don’t think he abused his daughter or anyone, I think he was the abused for a long time by his daughter. I actually think Casey thought George would take the fall for her this time. When they played the jail visits George said “I would trade places with you in a heartbeat”..In court, Casey started shaking her head NO, and gave him a dirty look, as if to say “No, you won’t , you’re not lying for me”. I just hope he can find peace after this is over.

  24. I disagree with your assessment with George Anthony’s demeanor on the stand today. He came across as truly honest, and his tears were for his granddaughter, Caylee. I guess not all body language is gospel, and we should remember that. I enjoy your blog, Dr. Glass, but on this one you’re categorically wrong IMO.

  25. I actually do have to say I really did find George believable today. I felt for him , he was deeply hurt and it showed. I do agree with most of your observations about the suit being a shield from Baez. He knew what Baez had been accusing him of and that is why he wanted the shield.

  26. Dr Glass I normally agree with you but today you are way off. I think the man truly regrets how he has lied and lied for that crazy daughter of his and his lying wife and finally stood up for himself probably for the first time in his life and spoke the truth from his heart. I do not believe he molested his daughter. If you read her letters she has written in jail to another inmate. you will see that she claims to have had vivid dreams about Lee and possibly her father after watching a movie? This is another LIE she has concocted to cover up her own deeds or to give a reason to her actions to get herself out of a situation she created. As for the affair with this “River Cruz”? She is just looking to jump on the bandwagon of people trying to cash in on their 10 mins of fame and besides…. What does it have to do with the murder of this sweet child? Nothing. IF George said that he believed it was an accident that snowballed out of control he was probably speculating about why his daughter did what she did. Not really wanting to believe that his own child could do something so heinous. I think River just took that and added her own “story” to it. So give me a break. I felt sorry for Mr. Anthony today. He has been beaten down and no parent should have to go through what he has been through in the last 3 years!

  27. Dr. Glass,
    If ever a man shed real tears, it was George Anthony today. My heart went out to him. He’s a henpecked man, agreed. With a domineering bossy angry wife like Cindy, who wouldn’t be. He may have shed tears for himself. I don’t blame him if he did. His family is torn apart, he’s lost his grand daughter, his daughter and no matter how you or I may feel about Casey, I’m sure that George feels differently. So leave the man alone. Let him cry in peace.
    You’ve just lost all credibility with me.

  28. Yikes Dr Glass. I’m disappointed with your analysis of this. George cried on the stand not just over the suicide note, but over truly realizing that Caylee was dead when her remains were found. I don’t think he came off arrogant or condescending – He came off annoyed and frustrated, a man at his breaking point. He is on the stand for the SIXTH time due to Baez’s ineptitude. He should not be forced to take the stand every day. He is clearly at his breaking point, and I will not be surprised if his life ends shortly after this trial concludes at his own hand. How you could say he was only crying for himself is beyond me.

    And I can also understand why he didn’t call 911 when he smelled the car. He knew what he smelled – and he probably just wasn’t ready to admit it or mentally able to handle it at that moment.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since the start of the trial, but today you have disappointed me.

  29. Respectfully, Dr. Glass, I think you’re incorrect on this point. I will definitely agree that George has MANY things for which he should feel ashamed, but I don’t believe that he sexually molested Casey. By all accounts (and the thousands of pages revealed in the document dumps per Florida’s Sunshine Law), George most definitely has not been a model husband. I’d be willing to bet that their marriage was very tenuous, and I’ve always thought that perhaps Casey had some little “tidbit” of information about George that she was holding over his head. That’s why he didn’t make waves. I believe Casey was born this way, BUT, her home life definitely nurtured her sociopathic tendencies until she became the young woman she is today. I think that George suspected deep down from the day he picked up her car what had happened. Look at the jailhouse tapes – he doesn’t look like he’s buying it. Yet, he loved Caylee so much that he allowed the denial to set in, and of course, Cindy bought everything Casey said “hook, line, and sinker”. Remember, it was George’s Grand Jury testimony that allowed the State to issue the warrant for murder. Something he said in that testimony (which will be forever sealed), was serious enough to convince the Prosecution that they had a strong case. As for his failed suicide attempt, it’s important to know that MOST suicide attempts aren’t successful. My daughter has made two attempts – because of sexual molestation, by the way – and she left clues. They are definitely a cry for help – the pain is so intense. It wasn’t surprising to me at all to see George cry when reliving that whole time period. By the way, I’ve asked my daughter if she “buys” the alleged abuse as a reason/excuse to behave the way Casey did for 31 days. She says that there’s no way that any child of hers would be in the same zip code as one of the abusers and if anything, she was be even more protective of a child. So the fact that Casey not only still lived in that household, and allowed both George and Lee to be with Caylee indicates to me that this is just another lie. Finally, has anyone heard anything about a supposed argument (imagine it would have been over the theft of money from the grandparent) on June 15 or June 16 under direct or redirect questioning? In my mind, it was this HUGE fight between Cindy and Casey that is the most plausible motive. I really think Casey snapped and took Caylee away from Cindy. Thanks, gang, for letting me vent. And to Dr. Glass – I really look forward to reading your blog every day!

  30. I am no expert on this case. In fact I have only been closely following it since just before the trial began. I was new to the Anthony family antics that everyone else was tired of already. But today when my husband and I watched his testimony the grief seemed real and raw. My husband and I both had tears in our eyes. I am cynical and not easily taken in by acting on the stand. My (late to the party) take on George is this: He may be feeling sorry for himself, but he loved Caylee and tried to be a good grandfather to her. He may have some guilt regarding her but I would say that guilt is maybe thinking that in hindsight he should have filed for custody of Cay

  31. Dr Glass, this may be OT here but today in court when Linda Drane Burdick was talking with Jose Baez during a break I saw her do something she often does in his company. She pulled her suit jacket closed and then folded her arms over her chest. Protective stance? Is it because she thinks Jose is kinda slimy? She seemed comfortable talking with him but she did “cover up” so to speak. Any thoughts?

  32. Casey is disgusted because he would not admit to her all of her lies, and he did not lie for her like she wanted. I’m sure any parent would feel guilt having a daughter who would commit murder. I’m sure he questions everything he has ever done, just like Lionel Dahmer did for Jeffrey.

    What parent would want to believe that their own flesh and blood was capable of murder? I imagine that suicide is a thought that would run through my head too if I was realizing that my daughter killed my granddaughter and I couldn’t even grieve in peace without the media scrutinizing every word I said and strangers outside of my house yelling, screaming, and making threats. That had to have been miserable, and for a brief moment, he felt suicide could end it. People commit suicide for less of reasons.

  33. Dr. Glass, I think you need to check whether you have some prejudice against George that is affecting your interpretation. Most likely his defensiveness is explained by the fact that Jose Baez is the lowest form of slime and has torn his life to shreds, accusing him of the indefensible. I think that George came off as completely credible today, filled with grief and pain. I was crying myself, watching him, and I am one of the most cynical about the Anthonys. Meanwhile, Casey sat as cold as a stone.

    Later, when the “grief expert” was giving her explanation of how some people are so hurt by loss that they go into denial, Casey pulled out the dry kleenex and went into her routine again. That was pretty disgusting. She couldn’t even work up the pretense of tears for her father, who she has destroyed, but she could for herself.

  34. i disagree with your analysis of george’s crying on the stand… george’s breakdown today was the only time during this trial that i have shed any tears-i felt george’s heart was breaking when he spoke about caylee…what i saw from casey today was when the grief counselor was talking about grief so she took it as her cue to cry– and she she shook her head ‘no’ when george was denying molestation–she also shook her head ‘no’ when he denied it the first time (i completely believe him)… don’t know what her head shaking meant, but i’m thinking that she’s trying to manipulate the jury.. and speaking of manipulating–during the first jail house visits she was so sweet and flirty with her father–imho trying to manipulate him because she knew she had her mother wrapped around her finger, but wasn’t sure about her father… the same with lee… remember how she mentioned something about not wanting to visit with lee anymore after his visits were businesslike and consisted only of questions for her–he wasn’t interested in any more of her concocted stories and lies… at the beginning i was willing to give her the benefit of doubt that this was an accident… not so sure anymore… she is devoid of emotions–other than what she puts on…

  35. I usually enjoy your blogs in spite of your typos and and bias towards George Anthony but your infatuation with River Curz is disturbing.

  36. I normally agree with your comments, Dr. Glass. However, like most of the posters here, I believe George’s emotions today were real. Not only real, but raw. Has it ever occurred to you, Dr. Glass, that perhaps you didn’t “read” something correctly? And…..if so….do you have the ability to say “maybe I’m mistaken”? Somehow I think your answer would be no to both questions.

  37. George Anthoney, is a broken man,and your comments n saying that george didn,t wear a jacket to the memorial albeit shouldnt matter at all–he wore a gray suit with a lavender shirt, Dr Glass,the man has endured the wrath of kc,and cindy,and kc was only shooting daggers b,cuz she was po her father didn,t fall on the sword for goodness give the man a break-and you state he has a lover there are two sides to every story and river cruz is not prayers go out to George.may god have mercy on that evil kc soul——-

  38. Prosecutor Ashton already stated that the suicide note does not say that George molested Casey, so why bother putting that not-so-little jab in at the end of your post?

  39. i think the fact george for some reason FAIL TO CALL 911 as soon as he now conceding to the fact under oath realize/recognize smell of decompensation of a corpse,why would this broken up/clearly devastated/clearly devastated man call immediate the police. Hell he is a police officer for a long time right over 5 or 10 years so WHY he did not call the cops in FLA. i do not get it. i really do not that is suspect to me i do not think he did it NOPE.course not but as a juror in many cases,i look at ALL EVIDENCE,and i find this peculiar,and i hope one day he get some peace,but i am as many crying almost alongside with george anthony i did like FINALLY SEEING CASEY SPEAKS! LOL she was also taking note by note today. she was making angry face other day when nancy grace footage last night prove this,when casey did not think camera was on her,definite has anger issue,but i really believe,she IMO(only my opinion here)in my opinion not sure if she should get death penalty but sure should serve more years in prison.i feel bad she did not love her child RIP CAYLEE MARIE,enough to go out to be a kid still party it up stupidly,but GIVE CHILD TO LOVING GRANDPARENTS. I THINK SHE KILL HER CHILD VERY MUCH BY ACCIDENTAL method,but not intentionally just how i feel thus i do not really think she should get 1st degree. or death penalty,but so sad what she did and naturally has to pay for it in prison.

    Lastly i want to add if i may, the grief expert- counselor was great IMO.

    I do believe casey anthony at one time did love sweet caylee marie by the video.
    i really see it,but i see more love from george and cindy so sad, he really luv her and i wish she let them raise her TILL Her life is together etc. did not have to kill her.



  40. Dr. Glass, I totally disagree with you. George was being sincere… I could feel his pain – and it was genuine. If I were in George’s shoes, I’d probably feel guilty, too. Guilt for the way my child turned out… guilt for not protecting my grandchild. It’s not George’s fault that Casey is a monster. George may not be perfect – but he doesn’t have a record or a history of criminal activity. At this point… I don’t think I would believe a word that comes out of River Cruz’s mouth. SHE is the one with a questionable past — she is an admitted liar, and most likely some kind of scam artist. WHY should we take her word as truth? We can’t…

  41. I too disagree with your post, Dr, Glass. I believe that George was both crying for Caylee and for himself. And with good reason. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to go through such an ordeal. So often us outsiders want to see this type of thing in black and white. Of course he didn’t want to believe that his daughter killed his grandaughter. I can’t even imagine the push and pull and confusion and chaos that such a thing would cause inside of someone. It is so easy to say what we would do or think, when we have never actually been faced with such a horrifying tragedy that was Caylee’s “disappearance”, death and all that followed.

    For you to suggest that it is his fault in some way that Caylee is dead because he somehow failed both Caylee and Casey is absolutely disgraceful. As others have said, he could not have taken Caylee from Casey unless he had the law on his side with signs of abuse and neglect.

    As for River, who cares if he had an affair, really. Maybe he did say it was an accident that spiraled out of control. Maybe it was taken out of context. Maybe that’s what he started to cling to while having a break in denial about his twisted daughter. I think this woman is a liar and looking for her chance in the spotlight.

    I think you’re way off base here. I think what we saw today was the raw emotion of a very broken down and conflicted man who has been through hell. I’m glad he addressed Baez as he did, as he is nothing but a scumbucket.

  42. I think your take on George is totally off Dr. Glass. Is this family disfunctional? Absolutely. Did George have an affair with a person who has an alias. Could be, Like you said Dr. Glass only George and “River” know. I do know that if I was married to Cindy I might. Who cares, that has nothing to do with the death of this little girl. Casey is a sociopath. She has to copy others in order to have any kind of life. Remember what she told her Mom in the recorded phone conversations. Cindy said she had a flat tire and Casey said “that happened to me too”. In jail when she passed letters back and forth with another inmate, the inmate said she was molested, and low and behold Casey said she had been also. And then she heard about another inmate who had a child die from, drowning and her Dad found the child in the pool, and low and behold that is the story Casey came up with. Hmmmm makes you wonder.

    Casey is nothing but a lying piece of S—!!!! She brought this on herself and she will be paying the price for her lies She deserves death, but I hope that she get LWOP so she can have a lifetime to figure out what has happened to her.

    1. I see what you mean gramma of 13….Casey is like a mirror. She can only copy/emulate whoever she is talking to.

  43. I think your take on George is totally off Dr. Glass. Is this family disfunctional? Absolutely. Did George have an affair with a person who has an alias. Could be, Like you said Dr. Glass only George and “River” know. I do know that if I was married to Cindy I might. Who cares, that has nothing to do with the death of this little girl. Casey is a sociopath. She has to copy others in order to have any kind of life. Remember what she told her Mom in the recorded phone conversations. Cindy said she had a flat tire and Casey said “that happened to me too”. In jail when she passed letters back and forth with another inmate, the inmate said she was molested, and low and behold Casey said she had been also. And then she heard about another inmate who had a child die from, drowning and her Dad found the child in the pool, and low and behold that is the story Casey came up with. Hmmmm makes you wonder.

    Casey is nothing but a lying piece of S—!!!! She brought this on herself and she will be paying the price for her lies She deserves death, but I hope that she get LWOP so she can have a lifetime to figure out what has happened to her.
    gramma of 13 – June 30, 2011 at 2:03 am

  44. I noticed today when the Grief lady was making her cry she actually behind her tissue was laughing and caught herself and hid it behind her so called tears and tissue. watch it again u will see it. I had it on full screen and saw it. she is such a phoney

  45. DR.Glass, I’m a little confused do you think that Casey’s Father molested her? I was thinking back,maybe I’m wrong but I was thinking when you read Casey’s body language in jail and her shaking her head no meant deceit ? When I read her letters she wrote in jail it was almost like she was pissed at her brother coming into her room touching her and made the comment she was going to knock the shit out of him cause when she told her Mom,she did not believe her so then it was almost like she decided to add her Dad into the situation but she did not remember him ever doing it so what in her mind just because her brother did her Dad must have to??? You would think what she said about her Dad did as far as oral sex before school would have more of an impact and she would express that before the brother.I remember a time with my X got into some trouble and then he came up out of the blue with remarks that he was molested by his uncle,really odd and to this day I don’t think it happened,I feel he wanted to draw everyone’s attention to that instead of the trouble that he got himself into;he was really close to his Uncle and never said anything before or after that period of time.Funny how loving Casey was to her Dad in jail and now??? What the hell he did not hand over control today so all the looks are there for that reason;she did the same with her Mom and brother until they handed her back her power and now they feel loved again but they had to lie to get it and it’s not worth much cause when they aren’t to her advantage ”PAWN’S” then she will once again turn her back on them.This case is really sad cause it’s so many different directions now and no one seems to the main purpose is justice for Caylee. Blessings to you DR. Glass and family on this 4th of July.Have a Safe and Happy one,Cindy Austin-Windham Maine

    1. Well, Dr. Glass and Jose are friends on Facebook! And Deb is obviously a member of the defense team, or maybe Cindy.

      1. I think it’s been found that all the Jose Baez facebook pages are fake. Some people said that a few are really funny ( I think parodies) so don’t put too much into that.

  46. WOW, you are WAY off on this one! Then again, you don’t like George because you claimed he lied when he denied molesting the Murderer on the first day of testimony. WAY OFF ON THIS ONE!

  47. I’ll condemn George Anthony when I walk a mile in his shoes. In the meantime, I’ll judge him from my own understanding, and observing him over the last three years. But I won’t condemn him, like I even could LOL.

    River is a felon. And George isn’t. I believe George, though what I believe matters nothing. River and George, whatever happened between them, is beside the point too.

    I’ve been reading about Lindy Chamberlain, the mother of the baby killed by a dingo in Australia in 1980. The media made it into a circus and man oh man, did the villagers come out with pitchforks. The public hated Lindy because she sat stoically through her trial, and they really hated her because her and her husband were Seventh Day Adventists. The most revolting rumors were started, and it got out of control.

    The only thing I’m comparing here is what happens when the villagers come out with their pitchforks. I don’t want to be part of that. I want to see justice for Caylee Marie. I hope that this family can heal, and god help them, see where they went wrong in not protecting Caylee Marie from her psychopath mother. Good god that’s enough for one life 😦

  48. With all due respect Dr. Glass, you lost a faithful follower. You seem extremely biased about George Anthony’s testimony (not that I am a fan of his or any Anthony). You seem to be completely off in your analysis. I hope you are not offended but I cannot help but feel you are completely wrong. It just seems way off and far fetched. I am following my “gut” feeling and it’s showing your biased opinion rather than your expertise.

  49. I just started watching today’s testimony on my DVR. did anyone on here catch her expression and figure out what she was muttering. It happened in the morning, in the beginning when George is on direct with Jose, about 20 mins in, He starts to reply and says defensively something to the effect of “in 2009 I could not believe that my daughter could be capable of killing my grand daughter” This was in one of those heated exchanges. The Insession cam on Casey show her mouth a short word looked like ‘bastard’ and then she kind of leans forward, covers her face and seems to be talking to her self and shaking her head like “I’m not going to dwell on it” or something like that. After that she really starts glaring at him the whole way through. did anyone else see that? I thought it was very revealing.

  50. Dr Glass, I often agree with your articles. This one is an exception. I have to disagree with nearly all of it. I don’t think he came across as ‘arrogant’ or ‘condescending’ at all. And ‘defensive?’ Good God, who wouldn’t be if they were accused of the horrific things the defense has accused George of? Actually, I think he conducted himself admirably, and I have not been very charitable toward George in the past. I saw a broken man, who cried for his beloved granddaughter, who meant the world to him, and not only for himself as you opine. I don’t believe for a minute that he molested Casey. She is an evil woman who cares for no one but her sorry self. Thank you for listening.

  51. Dr Glass you have your own take on what you see but you did not see River Cruze, only spoke to her on the phone.

    I don’t think this is Dr Glass at all but a source for the defense to judge how the case is going, if I am wrong then prove it to the bloggers.

    And last, what Amadeus said above. Ditto here.

  52. Dr. Glass, You seem quite bias about the whole family, I understand they are dysfunctional, but I feel you are being quite unfair to George., by the way to be such a professional, you should check for typos on your blog.

  53. Dr. Glass,
    I think you are bias towards the whole family, I agree they are dysfunctional, but honestly who has a perfect family, I think you are being unfair to George, you act as if it does not matter what this man has been through. By the way to be such a professional, you should check your blog for typos. Really.

  54. Dr Glass,
    I’ve always found your blog interesting but your comments about George today threw me for a loop. There have been other instances where I didn’t totally agree with you, but for the most part your perception is usually compatible with what others in your field see.
    Today however, it was as if you watched a different trial than the rest of us. Was that just to see if we were paying attention or is it because you really didn’t watch the trial and figured you could write whatever you want and we being “non experts” would never know the difference.
    Well, to test that theory, I just visited a well know body language board, I’m sure you know the board I speak of, it is made up of the top of the top professional Body Language experts, Behaviorist, Psychologists from the FBI and other Law Agencies. Interesting enough, not one of them perceived George’s actions or appearance today as the way you did.
    They also do not perceive River Cruse as anything other then deceitful and an attention seeker.
    Because there was such overwhelming differences in your view from theirs, I posted a link to your blog and asked that some of their experts take a look.
    The response that I got from most was that you are very good at what you do as long as it is simple or common gestures, but when it comes to a complex person or situation you are known to be mostly inaccurate, leaning more towards personal opinion or dramatics to entice the media or sell books.
    Wow, so disappointing to hear this but I’ll still follow your blog, its fun reading : )

    1. We all have different perceptions backgrounds and levels of training and educationv as well as perspectirves. So it would stand to s reason experts would differ, None of then spoke to River Cruz as I have.She is not an attention seeker. Maybe that can be said for her sister but not for her. I believe I am very accurate.

      1. Dr. Glass,
        Yes, it is true that we all stem from different backgrounds and various educational levels….. But Common Sense Speaks Louder then any college degree. How can a person’s body language be “read” over the telephone????? This is absurd.
        Priscilla – MEd, LICSW

  55. I agree w/Dr. Glass. George is lying, about his affair,and God knows what else. Casey is a product of her environment. The whole family ,except Lee, appear to be covering something up. Honestly, I don’t know why there is so much support for George . He wasn’t going to kill himself, otherwise why would he call all his relatives??? If someone truly wanted to kill themselves, they wouldn’t alert others to it because they could possible intervene and send help , which is exactly what happened. George is a no good liar. Wake up people.

  56. My thoughts on this family from day one :

    Cindy is the emotional abuser/manipulator/liar/DOMINANT partner/sexual abuser in this family. I have stated this before as I am stating it now. Many many people fail to realize and see the red flags of a mother being this way- it is more common than people want to admit or see, because it goes against all of the societal “norms”( even though sexual abuse/incest is far from any norm- but on the sexual abuse incest spectrum, it is usually a male, BUT can be a female within the household.)

    I do believe that Cindy has in some way participated in sexual abuse/incest with both Lee and Casey, and yes, I think Casey and Lee have more than likely participated in some incest. This still does not excuse Casey murdering her own child, it’s just an aspect of this dysfunctional family. Secrecy/lies/mixed , inconsistent, non existent boundaries. I am quite sure Cindy has used both Lee and Casey in various, nefarious ways to suit her unhealthy needs.

    George- SUBMISSIVE male. I would also bet that George was deeply depressed PRIOR to Caylee being killed by Casey. While many people think George acts in odd ways, if you look deeper, his actions are not difficult to understand at all. I think George catered to Cindy emotionally, he was basically her house boy, more than likely doing the lions share of housework, keeping the yard work done, keeping all the cars washed and maintained. Again, Cindy is the DOMINANT one in the relationship- and while many people think” no way!” because they cannot understand how George, a former LE officer could ever be “submissive” , what many do not understand is that his being submissive to Cindy was just that, in the context of their relationship and behind the closed doors of the Anthony home, not neccessarily with “outsiders” other than Cindy. If George had an affair, which is very likely, it was more than likely due to low self esteem, depression, and wanting to have something he could control, someone to make him feel better about himself and life in general. In court documents released under the “sunshine law”, Cindy’s Mother refers to George as someone unable to find a high paying job, only able to do menial work for low wages due to lack of higher education. He was a LE officer for 10 years, yet Cindy wanted him to leave LE, so he did. Cindy kept George under her thumb as much as possible. While many people may scoff at this idea, it is understandable, since many do not fathom that a male can be emotionally abused just as much as a female can, it is just less common. Cindy was the one in control, of everything, including her children and communicating with them, George was basically on the sidelines and knew what Cindy told him.

    Casey hates her Father because she perceives him as a wimpy male, who her Mother kept in his place. Casey learned from early on to use/manipulate/disrespect her Father, from her own Mother. I do not think George EVER sexually abused Casey, nor do I think George was ever involved in Caylees death in any way. Casey has not fallen far from her Mother’s tree- and in court documents released, Cindy’s Mother states phsychiatric/personality disorder problems in other family members of Cindy. This is still no excuse for Casey killing her own child.

    Lee doesn’t know what to think from day to day. Cindy and Casey are the squeaky wheels in this family, Lee is the invisible son, conflicted about it all. I do think Cindy and Lee know more about Caylee’s death than anyone will ever know.

    Bottom line, I have never agreed with Dr Glass on George. I do think George is a far different person now than before Caylee died , and his suicide attempt. I think he more than likely has had some therapy, is on meds, and has some semblance of clarity about Casey that he never had before.

  57. Dr. Glass –

    I too have enjoyed your blog but feel you are way off today about George Anthony. It seems Dr. Glass that your analysis of Mr. Anthony has become very biased since speaking with Ms. Cruz/Holloway. It was heartbreaking to see him on the stand today and the genuine emotion he was feeling for his beloved granddaughter. What father wants to admit that his daughter is capable of killing her own child? He’s been thru hell and back. Whether or not he was weak and had an affair, I cannot say but I don’t think he had anything to do with the death of sweet Caylee Marie. The fact that he has been thrown under the bus by his daughter and her defense team is shameful. Casey was totally ticked that her father did not fall on his sword and lie for her. If ‘looks could kill’ he too would be a goner.

    1. While it was sad to see him break down, he has enabled Casey during the three years we have seen him, He knew very well Caylee was dead yet he put on a charade. He is part of the problem Casey is where she is today. He knows it as well, Hence his jailhouse statement that he wished he was a better father and grandfather.

  58. The whole family is totally dysfunctional.. What family isn’t? I cannot believe George didn’t lie on behalf of Casey and Cindy.. I can completely understand why he acted the way he did when he was talking to law enforcement behind caseys back and being her friend/father to her face. George anthony wanted to know what the heck happened to his granddaughter. Casey is so sociopathic and delusional she would freak out in the jailhouse videos when George and Cindy asked her where caylee was. I think his logic was to show Casey love and support and that she would tell the truth for once in her life.. Were George and Cindy the perfect parents?… Absolutely not!!! but perfect parents do not bad as caseys life may have been in her “odd” “dysfunctional” family there are many ppl who grew up in far worse conditions that actually made something of themselves. Went to college w a child, got GED, got a job, assistance, and moved out to strike it on their own. I do not feel sorry for Casey in the least. She is sociopathic/ psychopathic monster killer and that is a result of her own selfish actions no one else’s! I do feel like the whole lee immunity thing is extremely odd.. Why does he need immunity? I hope Casey at least gets life and I hope that the prosecution charges Cindy w perjury.. Cindy is a capital b I tch!

  59. Dr. Glass, I watched George’s testimony in its entirety and I have to respectfully disagree with you. What I saw was a man who was pushed to the limit by the defence lawyer’s horrific accusations – that he molested his young daughter – and fought back by refusing to play along and sacrifice himself for her. He knows that Casey murdered little Caylee – and the jury knows that he knows.

  60. Well i thought i knew what i thought and then read here and end up all confused and going this way and that. Everybody is probably right in some ways and wrong in others. I do believe that Casey was born with these traits made heavier by Cindy. George and Lee have always been pretty much invisible as evidenced by Casey not even seeing her dad today.
    When the jury goes into deliberations it’s everyone for themselves and my fear is that someone is just as confused as i am.

  61. Awesome job Dr. Lililan Glass,
    We LOVE YOU, and you have ALOT of followers. We see what you see… George can fool evryone else but he can’t fool me.
    I cry for everything, even cammercial’s and everyone that knows me will say I do. I just wasn’t feeling it with George….Men do have bipolar too right? Well, that’s all I saw in George today.
    Casey was crying cause Dr. Sally must have been drunk chewing on gum to cover up. I wonder how did she smell. I bet she smelt like a gallon of purfume too…
    Casey knows she maybe doomed too thanks to Dr. Sally.
    I’d look and feel the same way for towards my dad or anyone in general if I was molested and violated from someone mainly my dad. It would be a love hate relationship while still young, and as an adult even more if i’m promised everything will be taken cared of.
    George even promised her the house, and Casey was out partying with friends bragging how she will get the house and her parents told her to go out and have fun (party) and to even go get a tattoo.
    Casey has no job, no money, so it had to be that her parent’s were giving it to her.
    Maybe the money came from Cruz when George borrowed the $2,000.00. They were having fianacial problem right? George had to have kept that from Cindy.
    George must have kept alot of thing’s from Cindy. We question why so much money was lend to him for food, when he really needed it to show Cindy he was working.
    It’s eating up Cindy and she is soon to break out more about George when Cruz takes the stand. Cindy will at the end be there 110% for Casey then. Cindy will put it all together and realize that Caylee never exspre from drowning and that George was hiding a worser excuse then Caylee drowning. I so feel he may have been molesting his grand daughter as well, and this is why he never called 911. He was avoiding Caylee from being examed.

    “I stick to my story” that George is the


    George messed up again by giving to much information that he was a detective for homocide, so he knows what’s up and how and what to do.
    casey is like what every one say’s…. a PARTY GIRL. She had it made. Parent’s watching her child that she never wanted to keep.
    Parents supporting Caylee in every aspect, and Casey as well.
    Come on people, It’s obvious that the TRUTH will surface.
    Look, Casey was telling the truth about Caylees dad dieing in an naccident, and now the truth has began.

  62. Body language is very interested subject…. although know for few people who has trained themselves or have been trained to feel one thing show another.
    I’m not an expert, you are and I deeply respect your opinion.
    However i do not agree with the statement that “something happened to Casey to make her like that”…
    I don’t think that whatever may have happened to her came from her father… You don’t need an excuse to be the slut that she is… Usually our faults as sons or daughters are our parent’s failures…
    If there is a failure in George Anthony’s side was not to put limits to Casey…
    Whoever posted up there that “she was born defective” … that’s right… Dogs have 5 or 6 puppies and they’re not the same… they all born at the same time and still not the same…but with one is “defective” the mother puts it aside and doesn’t provide care and nurturing…just let it go…
    She was definitely born defective…
    Most cases of sexually molested kids, don’t make them the way she is… She couldn’t careless about her daughter, her parents or anyone by herself.
    Did the man lie? probably he did
    Is he guilty of any charge? probably being in denial about his own daughter being a monster.
    Does he cry for himself? I’m sure he does… He may be regretful about not raising her as spoiled as she was….
    Was he upset and “mistreated” Casey? probably yes…but was already too late…
    When we are under so many emotions, we do not know how to react… We have to be in those shoes…

  63. That Cindy & George shouldn’t have spoiled that evil brat so much & beat their kids a** one for lieing & one for trying to touch his sister. Goes to show you how far discipline plays in raising your kids. I can’t wit to see JP & these jurors hand it to caseys a** & teach these other ppl who think they can hurt innocent children & get away w/ it.
    Justice for Caylee Marie coming soon.

  64. How can anyone believe a word that comes out of George Anthony’s mouth? He’s a liar, a cheat and a bad actor. Every one of his answers were construed and had been rehearsed by his attorneys. George even managed to cleverly add additional, unsolicited, incriminating information against his daughter, Casey in his answers. He was obviously following what his attorneys told him to do.
    George Anthony threw his daughter under the bus to protect himself. He knows what happened to Caylee.- as well as Casey does. I believe George molested Casey and definitely had an affair with Crystal Holloway and that she is telling the truth. He did tell Crystal that it was an accident that spun out of control. – His tears were first for himself as he said ,”you’re trying to take this good life from me” and in second place because he loved and misses his granddaughter Caylee- but please remember George is indirectly on trial and potentially faces a ton of charges including contempt!
    I also believe he staged his “so called suicide” after he found out that he was under investigation.
    Come on…He alerted practically everyone he knew that he was going to kill himself? The amount of pills he slugged down with the beer were never enough to kill him- Read the police report! George is definitely involved in some way. George should be indited on contempt in court. He is a liar and he taught his daughter how to lie.

    And why on earth would Casey be crying or feeling sorry for her Father if it really was an accident- and George is lying to save himself from being involved in the cover up?

  65. Great post, Dr. Glass, though it obviously goes against popular opinion. I picked up a lot of deception and acting in George’s testimony.

    I know many people are very upset by this trial, even kind of hysterical, and sometimes it’s hard to set emotion aside and look at things a little more objectively. I personally believe Casey killed her daughter, but I’m not certain it was premeditated. In any case, she does seem to have some very serious emotional problems, and it’s reasonable to consider that at least some of those problems were caused by her parents, from both a possibly chaotic or abusive home and from genetic predispositions. Dr. Drew mentioned on his show a while back that George’s ex-wife said she felt George has that lying gene. That’s from an ex-wife, though…

    Justice for little Caylee and getting a killer off the streets are the most important objectives to me, but I also really want to understand Casey. She’s a puzzle. Just saying she was born an evil monster is a little too black and white for me.

    George seems to be hiding quite a lot. But, as you said, only George and Casey know for sure.

    Thanks for being brave enough to say what you see.

  66. I was saddened and rather shocked to read your negative assessment of George Anthony. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, I disagree with your opinion this time around, as I usually find you ‘spot on’. Not this time. It seems that you clearly do not like George Anthony. But, as our mothers taught us, if you cannot find anything nice to say about him, then perhaps, silence is the way to travel. Cannot believe that you are placing so much validity in what your friend, River, expresses. Come on, Dr. Lillian, shame on you!

    1. No Joan- Shame on you! River is not my friend. She is George;s mistress who reached out. She was believed by the jury when she said George tod her it was n accident that snowballed. Georgearged with baez on the stad and was hostile and the jury didnt like that either. The jury could not stand George. So before you support George, know all the facts. The jury believed her coveed something up. If the car smelled like a dead body why did he not call LE. Put your anger on someon else- like the jurors whyo ake the decision about Casey’s fate- not me.

  67. I’m with almost everyone else. I completely felt GA’s pain today. He was completely consumed with emotion. I don’t think even the best of actors, or liars… ie Cindy, could fake that kind of emotion. Bozo made himself look like the biggest jerk in the world badgering him like that. I hope the jury saw it that way.

  68. Listen up! Enough! ( Lillian Please read)

    George is a victim of Casey’s severe malignant narcissism.

    He is her target! He does not put up with her lies and always confronted her on them. It was Cindy who buffered and backed off George so she “could handle it”. Casey manipulated Cindy for YEARS! George has finally said..”its me or you and its not gonna be me” Casey put him in that situation. He is sick of her lies. I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt leave Cindy after this either, because he is sick of her lies and coverups too! This situation got out of hand because of the birth of the lie by Casey and the raising of the lie by Cindy!

    Cindy is Casey’s narcissistic supply. She supplies her with what she needs to continue to have a false sense of herself.
    Caylee was in the way of Casey having her mother all to herself so she can do with her what she wanted and when she wanted.

    George is a target because he demands the truth (he was a cop)

    LILLIAN: You, of all people should know what this family is and I know you do. I just wish you would report the facts and what you observe as a doctor. Stop with all the speculating and accusations. You can maybe tell what people are feeling or portraying based on body language and no doubt you are excellent at it, but please stick to that. Too many people speculate and then get away from the meat and potatoes of this story.

    Read this article and I know you will agree with me. I would LOVE for you to explain it to your readers since there are so many people who cannot wrap their head around this family. I would love for you to take this article and put it into the context of this family for us I know you can because you have a great way of explaining relavant things. Thank you so much!

  69. I noticed today when the Grief lady was making her cry she actually behind her tissue was laughing and caught herself and hid it behind her so called tears and tissue. watch it again u will see it. I had it on full screen and saw it. she is such a phoney I also cant understand her facial expressions at the time her Dad broke down.

  70. DR Glass,
    “He failed Casey, Caylee and himself.”

    I guess George also failed you since you are unable to see or hear the truth.

  71. Dr. Glass I’m not sure how George let down Casey – they provided for her – gave her so much and look what she has done in return – I have lived with a sociopath – they don’t appreciate anything you do for them and if you don’t agree with everything they say they will turn on you quickly – Casey blames all the bad in her life on everyone else and will never take responsibility for her own actions. I truly believe George feelse guilty for not protecting Caylee – he never molested Caylee – that is just another way of her hurting him.

  72. Dr. Glass, I’m curious about how you interpret Casey’s head shaking “no” when George was questioned about possible abuse?
    Is that a “I can’t believe it and I don’t want to face this” no, or one of those unconscious truths surfacing through body language?

    Emotions are also expressed through vocal tone, so it may be possible to read someone over the phone. the same way the body doesn’t lie, perhaps there are certain unconscious vocal cues that can’t be hidden.

    Perhaps George is the bereaved grandfather here, and yet, unfortunately,Dr. Glass is still correct that molestation can’t be disproved. You’d be surprised what kind of people can be molesters. It isn’t always obvious.

  73. While I normally agree with you, I disagree with a lot of this. George didn’t molest Casey. His body language when he said he would never do such a thing to her, was truthful. He definitely may have choked her out and screamed about Caylee’s whereabouts, but, a lot of parents would react the same way. You can’t possibly read these people that well. You’ve never had any experience with anyone that has been in the Anthonys’ situation. I really don’t get you sometimes. You say one thing than a week later say something that contradicts what you said previously. Make up your mind. Clearly, you don’t know as much as you think. I enjoy reading your opinions and believe you’re very intelligent, however, I think you are slightly narcissistic. Btw, for a doctor and self-proclaimed (no one else calls you this) “First lady of communication”, you have atrocious grammar skills. PLEASE GET AN EDITOR!!

  74. i like this page glad i am joining.and again i am goin to encompass now that i have seen her FULL CREDIBILITY i agree with RYAN SMITH HANDSOME SELF THE ATTY. COMMENTARY DAILY ON HLN IN SESSION TRU-TV,and sunni the other expert lady and i FULLY AGREE,”every 1 was paid”even george,cindy and casey,as defense atty. who i PERSONALLY LIKE,as i will be one soon enuff,i feel this way,Your not able to Undermine her Credibility, whereas;she say honestly ONLY to having a affair,and proof is this a man is not goin to write up on a text! I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE,i miss u come on now.i DO believe her,and she is getting emotional,due to 1 reason,this is alot for her to deal wit as i wish she did not cry LOL HOWEVER,GEORGE never call the actual police when he smell the body come on i LOOK AT ALL FACTUAL and do not just BLINDLY believe,a PROSECUTOR because he is prosecuting the case.from :

    heather-marie rothstein,

  75. NancyS said:
    “It is obvious to witness Casey’s only thought through this trail is to get out of jail, that is all she cares about, nothing else, no one else matters in her puny brain.”

    Exactly NancyS….how many people believe Casey would sit in Jail 3 years if Caylee drowned in the pool? Bet Casey wishes she would have thought of that sooner!

  76. ok so why WOULDN’T Someone be on the DEFENSE team?i know many who are. i am not on CASEY ANTHONY TEAM myself so to speak,but as a future defense atty. i am liking BAEZ,even if he make a few mistakes that i do believe WILL win a appeal for (if casey file a appeal)BUT I Support not a TEAM but a GREAT ARGUEMENT,etc. and he did this IMO(in my own opinion)by proving GEORGE IS A LIAR just my own consensus.

  77. George is not only crying for himself he cried for Caylee and how his daughters actions and lies have hurt the whole family.
    Regardless if George sexully abused Casey or not I would think his face would turn red from embarrassment I’d be angry as well.
    As for arrogance, the only one besides Case who shows arrogance in Jose Baes. I found it so hard to listen to him while he questioned George. The way he talked to him about the suicide attempt it was as if he thought it was a big joke. Jose is the type of person I wouldn’t mind seeing knocked down a few inches. He’s disgusting.

  78. You said “George showed a lot of arrogance and anger as he tried to spar with Jose Baez.”. Well any normal human would be angry and the arrogance was apart of that anger. I kind of think you have made up your mind about George and analyzed with this prejudgment.

    1. Baez started out polite and respectful and George had an attitude which cased Baez to have an attitude. As fara s George is concerned I do not respect a man who had an affair and sent texts to a woman and visted her home when she should have been looking for Caylee.

  79. I see nothing wrong with him crying for Caylee either. as someone stated. Im a Gramma. I adore my Grandaughter. Id cry forever if something happened to her. Im going to cry for George’s grief for his Grandaughter for many years to come. Im so sorry for his heart break. No matter what He did or didnt do or whomever he did it to. I will always feel sad for his broken heart. Casey is a devil bitch. She is acting like a nephenim…uncaring wicked and evil

  80. I dont care about River, Casey, Cindy, George anyone only Caylee. She needs Justice . She needs her whispers heard

  81. I for one believe George molested Casey. His response to Jose “I would never harm my daughter in that way” was made present tense which indicates he has harmed her in the past “in that way”. Why would he even say that unless he has experience with “in that way”.

  82. George Anthony’s tears were most definitely FAKE! He is a liar with the rest of his family. I did not see one tear rolling down his face. He comes across as an actor playing to the world and people bought it. I did not, saw right through him, that’s because I am not watching this trail with bias eyes and ears as the majority of the public seem to be,IMO were aided by the sensationalism by the media.
    Watching the views on any of the CNN channel networks, like HLN home to nutcase Nancy Grace to In Session. They had a body language expert on everyday this past week discussion Casey, Lee and Cindy, but the days of George.. she seemed to be absent. I wounder WHY? Most likely they didn’t want to ruin that pretty picture they have been painting for good ole George. Lets look at that suicide note for a second, with playing devils advocate. Say he did help with the cover up, this alleged suicide happened within a few weeks after Caylee’s body was found. He may have panicked, so he goes playing out that caring lovable “persona” so many has come to love, in a sweet note. to seal any thoughts of his involvement away from him. He says he failed Caylee to wanting to be with her in heaven.. very powerful? But go back a couple weeks and he’s having a good ole time in bed with another woman almost every night,. with a woman he met at a search part meet and greet? come ON! The day before this, his biggest theatrical act, he lied about that affair using that same “Oh look I am such a wonderful guy” act! I was being there for her.. he throws in that she “Has a brain tumor” and wanted to be there for her in her time of need.. You buy that? come ON! If you look at this mans history you will find he’s not that wholesome grandfather he wants you and that jury believe. That look Casey gave to her father of disgust, angry to me is a justified look to someone who may have molested a child, that being her… her own father, who lied through out his whole life, into hers. He sat on that stand with anger and showed not one bit of care that his daughter may be sentenced to death. He’s just worried about himself.
    His mistress Krystal Holloway took the stand and sealed it for me. She was 100% credible in her testimony, with what she was allowed to share, since the State got away with shutting down any additional information she as you could see was wanting to share. Her tears were genuine to me and she was being real.
    George Anthony is a LIAR! A rat and an molester!
    It disguises me of how many people bought into his fake persona.
    I do believe he molested his daughter Casey 100% I also believe he was involved with the failed cover up of his grand daughter. I am not defending Casey I want justice.. Fair justice. Casey has a horrible defense lawyer, along with an extremely bias judge doesn’t help either.

  83. Nothing has changed between Casey and George since the jail house visits where she appeared to love him so much. Nothing! All that she claims happened prior to the visits.
    Please, don’t forget. Casey’s biggest breakdown yet happened after her mother told the truth and cried on the stand. Casey had a full blown tantrum.

    Casey is a liar. If we didn’t hear from her crazy family, or, if they at least pretended to be “normal”, we would have no compassion for this liar. Her family has nothing to do with this. Since when does controlling liars raise murderers? I know many controlling liars. And We can clearly see who Casey loves more than anything, herself. Noway she would have given up 3 years of her life for her father. Never!

    It’s hard to look at such a young woman and not feel something for her wasted life as well, but then, I remember Caylee. And how Casey just dismissed her life like it never was while she was out “forgetting”. Then, I remember that our parents sins are not our own. Bad parenting doesn’t justify/ excuse our own poor decision. In this case, deadly decisions. No one is responsible here but Casey. Even if her father disposed of Caylee ( lie) Casey moved out. She should have reported him & located Caylee that night. And I think we all know if this were true, she would have allowed her father to do so, then reported him. Completely releasing herself of any accountability. She’s lying! There is a such thing as an evil person. And if Casey truly is free of mental illness, she is evil!

  84. One thing I scrutinized by watching the video of the testimony of the mother and father several times (as well as blowing up the picture with the zoom feature) is that both parents were sobbing and almost blubbering, but there were no tears. The mother kept wiping her eyes, but there was nothing there. Casey kept wiping her eyes during the entire trial, but there were never any tears. From the sound of their sobbing, there should have been copious tears and their noses should have been running, but there was nothing coming out of eyes or noses from any of them. Even actors can muster up some tears, there was nothing from all three of them. .

  85. I think Casey was told not to show any remorse towards George bc it will confuse the jury, but if you show anger than they will have to believe he did something to you. With that said… Did George really believe caylee was alive with the death smell and the hair band. No. so, why did he choose this after the body was found. So I believe Casey actions towards her dad are real. I also believe George molested her. Why did they cremate her? when most proclaimed christians believe in burial. George apologize to casey in jail too Why? he is guilty of something. Casey cried real tears and said you will always be my buddy. She is the victim pleasing her predator. Trying to make him happy. Also in the court room she has been away from it long enough to know what her dad did was wrong. Everyone thinks Cindy was protecting Casey NO, she was protecting George. Listen to her testiomonie with the prosecution she went against casey and the questions would help in defense of george. Did you ever see that shirt, No.

    1. I dont think casey was acting. I truly believe her dad did this. But I dont know about who killed caylee. I find it odd that the steroids were there and defense had to bring that up. what if George told casey he would pick up the car. He told her to leave until he thinks of someway to hide the body. I find it odd on the jail tapes he is like when caylee is found me and you are going to start looking for missing kids. Like we are a team here. yes its odd how she is concerned about her looks and her dad says your beautiful. and cindy would lose her nursing liscense if she admits to casey coming to her about abuse and didnt report it.

  86. Another thing George stated Caylee never mention zanny or talked about her. But in his testiomony he said he asked caylee where she is going and stated Im leaving with mommy and i’m going to zanny’s house. Really

  87. I have a question. Why did Mr. Ashton decide to become a defense lawyer after this case? Why would he a professional person hand it to Mr. baez by his personality. These lawyers are craftier than we think. Do you think Ashton had doubts that casey was the one. I know he wrote a book, because there seemed to be more obvious stuff that he could have asked.

  88. Also, in her jail letters she show disgust at how her parents are going on vacations. she states wonder where they are getting the money? she knows they are phonies

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